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User Reviews for Thrive Market

4.89 out of 5
205.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Score checker
Beyond Impressed
I was somewhat skeptical about using a grocery delivery service. We have used, and actually like, make at home meal delivery services, but have had issues with the ingredients upon arrival. I had concerns about the shipping of my ordered products prior to receiving them from Thrive. No need to worry, I ended up being so incredibly impressed with the care and attention that went into the packing of my shipment! The individual that prepares your order actually hand signs the inside of the flap of the box, in my case Shelly! Thank you Shelly, you’re attention to detail, and pride in your efforts did not go unnoticed! I’m a huge fan of what this business is doing, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of services they are providing during our current National crisis. I feel it should be noted that the company’s CEO sent an email to their customers thanking them for their understanding about delivery delays related to the extreme volume of orders being placed due to the pandemic. I’ve never felt delivery intervals were even remotely excessive, and would say the opposite actually. Our orders were processed and shipped very quickly. Additionally, the message also said that he, the CEO, would be donating the remainder of his salary for the year to the Covid-19 Relief Fund! Keep it up Thrive Market, you’ve convinced this former skeptic, and my family is truly appreciative of the services you are providing us. Thanks to the entire Thrive Market team!
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3 months ago, Organicgrrrl
Worth it for three reasons
First, I do get fantastic savings on a ton of staples I use all year round. Second, there are a lot of products I can't get anywhere else, which are simply the best. The Thrive Market label offers products which are better than anything I can find anywhere else. And at great prices! (For me, items like the only *organic* low fodmap marinara sauce on the market, which also happens to be fresh-tasting and delicious. And one of the two hands-down best wheat-free pastas on the market -- Thrive Market Organic Elbows. Plus, the only other wheat-free pasta I've found to have both healthy ingredients and great flavor, is also available at a great price from Thrive. As weird as it sounds, the organic green banana fusilli taste amazing! And I discovered that on Thrive, as well.) Third, Thrive is clearly doing its best to reduce its environmental impacts. In a world which is set up to make that a huge challenge, I appreciate companies like Thrive, which continue to strive to reduce the negative impacts of doing business in the modern world.
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2 years ago, JoliebeanXx
Healthy groceries in one place
I love the products Thrive Market offers. I have discovered things I never knew I needed… haha! You’re also able to search based on dietary needs which is fantastic! The only problem I have with Thrive is that it guarantees lowest prices, but I’ve found that not to always be true. Especially with meat…. My grocery store has a large selection of humane raised meat products for way less then what Thrive asks for (including wild caught, tested seafood) on top of having to spend an absurd amount of money to get the free Frozen shipping. For just me and my husband, I find we are losing rather than saving money in most cases. So, I find if I price check at the grocery store against Thrive market prices, I do better saving money. I just don’t have the time to constantly be doing this, so sadly I’ll be saying goodbye to Thrive. However, I’m in an area that has lots of ethnic groceries, healthy options, and cheap store prices so I am blessed with that. If you are not, and you have the money, Thrive is for you (and if you don’t have the money, Thrive does offer a price match if you’re able to find a product priced for less than what their price is). In summary, I’d be a loyal customer if meat prices were less, frozen shipping had a lower limit, and if they actually had lower prices. Perhaps if they had a small family vs large family subscriptions, with different free shipping limits and so on, then this could work for us.
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1 year ago, Mahandeep Kaur
Beware of subscription fees, SUPER HARD TO CANCEL
Annual subscription fee just got charged. Any money you might save with this service just goes to paying the subscription fee which is early impossible for cancel. It’s SUPER INCONVENIENT, obviously purposely designed that way so you get frustrated and quit. You must search how to cancel, then unable to do so via the website you must click a chat button which brings you to a chat bot that keeps asking questions and trying to sell you the subscription that you desperately want to cancel further increasing frustration, the. It makes you wait saying there’s about 26 people in front of you, then after waiting a long time checking back neurotically the screen appears to disappear and you think you have to start all over so you reclick the “chat” button and there’s the screen again but this time no longer counting down customers and it takes a really long time to get help and I’m still waiting and it hasn’t been resolved. Furtermore, there’s no sound on the chat so you can’t go about doing something else expecting to hear alert, you have to keep starting at the screen unable to use other apps or do other things. Seriously beware. Horrible customer service, horrible interface, horrible abusive customer treatment. I’m pretty sure the only way this app has a 4.9 rating is that its chatbots artificially boost the rating. Super scammy company.
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8 months ago, Drew Elizabeth
Don’t forget about the auto-renewal!
My problem is the customer service and refund policy. After noticing a $59 renewal charge, I asked to cancel my membership and refund the charge as I clearly have not used the service anytime after the auto renewal date. However, customer service refused the refund because I surpassed the 30 day mark of my renewal, I was at 37 days. As a hospitality manager in customer service for the past 20 years, I find this approach problematic and urge your team to find appropriate resolution to keep your new and old customers satisfied. Had my membership fee been returned, there is a good chance I would have returned at a latter date and also referred your services to others, as I have done in the past. This service is great if you don’t have a local grocery store that carries healthier options. I really enjoyed this app and the products. The only reason I cancelled is my go-to items seemed to always be out of stock so I ended up going to the grocery store anyway. But now I am even more disappointed due to the customer service I received. Forgot to mention, the customer service agent ended our chat after I asked for the corporate contact information to share my frustrations, hence why I am leaving this comment. They told me there was no corporate contact. Funny.
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8 months ago, e2strella8
Expensive and Doesn’t Do right by customers
This grocery store markets itself as a “cheap” food store but, it is anything but that. Do not fall in to the trap of it “saving you money” because it will not. I’d log on with intents of buying something but, I was always able to find it cheaper in my own stores at home. I literally only made 1 purchase within the month that I got the membership a year ago. I got zero benefit from this account. I did not realize until a month and a half after the “auto renew” charge that my membership was re-upped. After a back and forth exchange about how my account has been inactive for over a year and please refund me my money and cancel the membership they refused to give me one. They were unwilling to make any exceptions. Apparently, an angry customer who is locked into another year is better then someone who can share their positive experience with the business. I will make sure that people know they need to be very sure this is a membership they want before signing on bc once you do you’re locked in for the year and likely it will cost you way more money then you intend to spend at a regular grocery store or local farm. Don’t do it and do not expect the company to do right by you as a customer because they will not.
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12 months ago, college dyslexic
I cannot rave about this app enough
I saw the adds for Thrive all the time and with the way the economy is right now I thought I might as well check it out and I cannot stress enough how amazing this company is. I’m 24 so for my entire adult live I don’t remember a time where getting groceries wasn’t a big chunk of my paycheck. After I added a few things to my cart I went to go see what the price was at to see how much more I could add and the total was so much less than I expected it to be! I was able to get so many more items for less than I would have at Walmart/Kroger/Publix etc. Not only is it much more cost effective, you’re able to donate some (or all) of the money you did save to a family in need! So if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily need cheaper items but you’d like to give back, you can get your stuff here and donate the extra money you would have spent at other grocery stores! Which I think is absolutely amazing. 10/10 highly recommend
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4 years ago, Natasza3
Best grocery shopping EVER :)
When I subscribed to their yearly service they had a promotion going on (so even though I spent $59 on the mbrshp they actually gave me $30 off my food order so it actually was a great deal for me). I specifically chose Thrive b/c they treat their staff like family & they’re not laying off all their workers & that actually means a lot to me; of course (just like everyone else) they’re trying the best they can with what’s going on & of course (like everybody else) they’re going to run out of some of the items I bought [it’s not like I’m buying magical mushrooms and unicorn hair from them to cure my cancer] we are ALL in the same boat lolol I’m not gonna die b/c Thrive can’t ship my fancy non GMO beef jerky on time; they say their soooo sorry I don’t know how many times on their website & send late night sweet personal emails (you can literally hear the CEO pulling what’s left of his hair out b/c he’s so stressed out). Point is; they’re a great company, they’re honest, hardworking, love what they do & share their great healthy stuff others :))
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1 year ago, Lorainzepam
Found Thrive during the pandemic, staying forever!
It was such a godsend, having a full market of healthy foods online, delivered to my doorstep. And they do so many things to keep me coming back: Great prices, constant sales and discounts, freebies and incentives, stellar customer service online, and new products added regularly. Any special needs? They’ve got you covered. From gluten free to vegan, plant-based to paleo. Keto. And not just food, they’ve got all the best cleaning supplies, body care, beauty needs, beverages, baby and pet stuff…everything! Please do yourself a favor and check out the Thrive app, you absolutely will love it. I rarely go to Whole Foods anymore, and I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s since joining Thrive (seriously, it’s been YEARS, and I was a hardcore TJ’s shopper). The clincher for me (besides saving serious dough), is the fully recyclable, reusable packaging. I’m demanding that from all my online stores from now on, it’s time, people! The store of my dreams.
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5 years ago, Ms. Ramirez BA
App and store failed expectations
I heard that Thrive is Costco meets Whole Foods- doesn’t seem like it. I’ve been vegan for 10 years and shopped at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco over other big chain supermarkets (Safeway). I know a thing or two. Let’s talk about the market. The prices at Thrive are the same as Sprouts. Moving on to the membership. I got a free membership being a veteran ($60 value). If I had to pay, I don’t see that I would actually save much by shopping at Thrive, unless I shop here 4-5 times a month with at least one product purchase per visit. Then it may be worth it since they have this Thrive cash back program. Products ship within 24-48 hours. If it’s the same price as buying at the store, I feel free shipping is expected. Also, if the local stores are offering the products at the same price and you can pick it up immediately, why bother ordering online? Now the app. There’s a filter for some things, but overall the presentation of the products is not organized. The presentation feels overwhelming and puts you in a maze. I used the search button to get what I needed and bounced. Overall, I would say Costco or Sprouts have the same or better deals. I wouldn’t recommend Thrive Market or the Thrive app.
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2 months ago, Ladylilak
Unreliable app, unreliable ordering
The app itself crashes *all* the time. The search function does not work (for example, I search for “organic peanuts” and it suggests instant coffee). The autoship service is frustrating to use and incredibly unpredictable. More than half the time, items I have skipped show up anyway. And even more frequently, items I order do not show up. I don’t pay for what isn’t sent, but I expect to get what I order! The most commonly “out of stock” items are frozen items, which messes with my shipping costs - I order enough to get free shipping, and the order goes through, but then if one item isn’t available, I still end up paying the same price for less food because now I have to pay for the frozen food shipping fee. I have had one product in my autoship order every month for two years and have only gotten it twice. You would think the company could plan ahead and see who has pre-ordered, and make sure they have it in stock. That being said, I do like knowing that the products I get are natural, and some of the prices are better, when they are in stock.
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6 years ago, cmkendall
I was very excited when I read in the description that it is possible to filter products viewed by things like, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, and dietary needs. I downloaded the app to find that you can only filter by one or the other of a handful of static categories. It is not possible to combine categories. In my household there are gluten and wheat allergies, nut allergies, dairy and soy allergies and more. Mostly I have to buy meat and whole fruits and vegetables. However, the industry is expanding to include options for people with such allergies and it would be great to be able to find them more easily instead of spending hours reading labels in the grocery store. I thought this was the answer to my prayers, but it isn’t the way it is currently set up. If the filters could be set-up hierarchically (i.e. I could customize it with nuts being primary, then gluten, then dairy, etc) and multiple items excluded, that would be the answer to my prayers. I’m sure it’s great for people who just eat GF or whatever, but doesn’t solve the bigger dilemma. Will keep an eye out for updates that might go this direction, though!
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6 years ago, Sarbear1116purple
Enjoyed it... but
I highly enjoyed thrive because of its easy to use app and deals! I was very pleased with the products and prices, but their customer service? Not so much. When I decided today to end my membership because of my own finical reasons, instead of being able to simply tap a button to end it, they make you enter a chat with customer service to talk about why you want to end it. At first I was okay with it and told the lady what I enjoyed about the thrive, but I would really like to end my membership for my own personal reasons. She then proceeded to try and convince me to keep my account. She offered me more deals and keep going on about how great the app was and telling me lots of stats to try and sway me. I was getting annoyed at this point because I just wanted my membership to end! We went back and forth and back and forth with me asking to please just have it ended and her telling me why I shouldn’t. When she finally ended my membership she was very rude towards me. Definitely rubbed me the wrong way! I love thrive but wish they would just allow their customers to end their memberships without being badgered or made to feel bad!
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5 years ago, Coachwebb
False information, snake oil salesmen
I placed my first order online. I noticed it came with a “free” thirty day membership that you could cancel at anytime but would automatically charge approx $60 in 30 days. Given my hectic lifestyle, I wanted the opportunity to try the service without the commitment, so I immediately tried to cancel. If I was happy, I would consider joining. But since the fee was set to automatically charge upon 30 days and I didn’t want a surprise fee, I decided to cancel the membership, then make my decision. Then things really went south. First, the cancel button in the app takes you nowhere. Second, I went on chat to cancel, which was a tedious process with slow response times. While on chat, I was actually told that I couldn’t cancel until 5 days before my 30 day membership had expired!!! False!!! That was not in the agreement. And if that’s what you’re telling people, I truly hope you get subjected to a class action lawsuit. After much debate, they finally agreed to cancel my membership. I went ahead and cancelled my order too. Who needs these headaches and snake oil salesmen? NOT ME!! Looks like some great products. But, your business model and integrity needs some introspection.
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6 years ago, YaGottaLuvMusic
It’s the little details that matter
What differentiates Thrive Market to its competitors is how personal they make each package feel. On the box, the teal and white design make the box stand out. I love their quote, “Let’s Thrive,” in a beautiful white font that pops on the brown cardboard. They package their items very creatively and securely too! For example, in my large box filled with 9 items, they minimized the amount of plastic used in the box (very eco-friendly) and used the perfect amount of stuffing to keep everything in place. It demonstrates how they are support a healthy lifestyle AND a healthy environment. When I ordered pasta sauce, I thought how they wrapped it in paper wrap that had little holes to supress any impact was very innovative. The bright teal interior makes the package feel like a Christmas present every time when I order too! Finally, the cherry on the top was when I saw a handwritten note on my order form saying “Thank you” - Macayla. Keep thriving Thrive Market!!!
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1 year ago, Ecomaven
Love Thrive Market!
I have been buying from Thrive for about a year- I'd guess they have tripled their products since I've been shopping here. I feel like products are vetted so I don't have to do as much research, which I love. I have recommended a couple of products that I enjoy and all 3 have been added. I'm also able to find most of my gluten free/dairy free products for a great price. The addition of the app is awesome! I love it because I'm able to use it when I'm shopping and am then able to see if it's something I want to order and wait for or buy right now. Love the shopping list feature too, making it easy to add my regular items to my cart. Would be great if they added a price scanner function to the app but it's still awesome without it. PS- the Thrive market roasted garlic tomato sauce is the bomb! Great price, great taste. Don't often make my own anymore this is so good!
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4 years ago, rpkjr83
I want to like Thrive Market...
But, they are not making it easy. I’ve been using Thrive Market for over a month now and so far I am not impressed. I love the products they offer and the prices, both which convinced me to get a membership. My first order came quickly and with no damaged products, and that was the ONLY order so far that has come that way. With each order, their “processing” time has gotten increasingly longer. Its now taking a week or longer for me to receive my orders and half of them have had damaged products in them. The first time it happened, I did contact them about it and they were very responsive and refunded me the damaged goods, so there’s that. But its happening far too often than it should. Its been 4 days since my last order was placed and it hasnt even been touched yet. I really want to like this service but their turnaround time and handling/packing of goods has been subpar. I would not recommend a membership at the moment, I would give it a few months and hope they have caught up with the demand.
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6 years ago, lookslikeiwin
Easy to use, great for stocking a healthy pantry
My hubs and I started an AIP diet this year because of my thyroiditis, and our first month was more expensive and more demanding than we were able to maintain. We ended up cheating more than once, often without me realizing it (herbs w/“may contain” labels, for example). We also overdrafted about $150 and had to take it out of other important savings. With Thrive’s already discounted prices, first free month of membership and extra 20% off of our first three orders, I was able to stock my pantry with enough grain and nut free flours, coconut wraps etc to last me the first harrowing month of pure AIP. I also got a little makeup! I am also comfortable making my purchase knowing that I can place another order with all the same discounts this month, if I need to, and if I wait, maybe I can get some new epic bars for black pepper reintroduction. The app was pretty easy to use, though it “favorites” items as I scroll sometimes, and changing the number of items in your cart can get screwy. I may have missed an item because I was trying to decrease 2 to 1, but it changed 2 to 0 instead and took it out of my cart. It did it twice, in fact. At least one of those times I decided I could find locally and didn’t add it back to my cart. I hope they start carrying more variety, but I was pretty happy.
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11 months ago, Aretha Willis
Kinda scammy and elitist
I just signed up for thrive and started shopping from my list, 1st item was a simple cake mix- but they don’t have a normal organic cake mix. They have keto cake mix, paleo cake mix, sugar free cake mix and protein cake mix and several options for all the above. So when I went to cancel 5 min after I signed up I was told I couldn’t get my $12 back (you have to talk to someone and it’s like they’re selling a time share they don’t make it simple or easy to leave). It’s too bad the offerings and services are not approachable for normal people who just want organic staples and goods. I’m sure for people who follow trendy diets this fits the bill…but if you’re just curious to check it out and you’re not into anything fringe, be prepared to pay $12 to browse and then be haggled if you want to cancel. 2 stars for the latter. I took off a star for service, a star for product options and a star for a bad refund policy. I’m sure these are very nice people with passion for what they do. Just missed the mark for me. What can I say, Beautiful gowns.
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1 month ago, EJK26
Satisfied, take a read.
Sometimes I wish I could match guarantee before buying items, you have to buy then receive credit back and to me it just seems a bit much so I rather go to the grocery store for my pasta banza noodles. I always check, but for the most part 95% of the food is cheaper than the grocery store. I would say always do non GMO verified filter along with non gmo feature because sometimes modified food starch or small ingredients can slip into there making it not so clean. I do enjoy the filters, the pre-grocery list and the low prices. If you love this app, get the “Bobby approved” one so you can know what you’re eating!! The shipping experience was great, they listened to my note and everything glass was wrapped secure. Everything I have bought has been overall 9.2/10. I hope this helps someone
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4 years ago, MaryD888888
Shipping experiences are unacceptable
The app works well. Thrive Market itself is great. But unfortunately they use a shipping service called Ontrac that is very unreliable. Sometimes an order will arrive quickly, but other times it can take 8 days or longer. I live in the greater Seattle area, so it’s not like I’m out in some remote location or anything. On 2 occasions, Ontrac deemed my package as “damaged” and chose not to deliver it without notifying me. It’s too bad that Thrive can’t get together with a decent shipping partner because then they would be a great option. And yes, I have talked to their customer service many times in regards to my problems with Ontrac. But the problems continue. I am currently on day 8 of waiting for my last order to arrive. Who wants to wait 8 days to receive groceries? Maybe if you plan ahead... I gave 2 stars because the app itself works fine and because Thrive Market itself is decent, but I can’t give it any higher stars then that when their shipping partner is horrible (and their whole business model is shipping groceries).
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3 years ago, 456Emily123
Grown to really love shopping Thrive
I am so grateful for Thrive! Recommended by friends… I was skeptical at first. I found the website ( I used solely at first) a bit cumbersome. Now that I have gotten used to it- it’s great! What is even easier is the App that I recently added !! So convenient to use for reordering and especially deals ( which I tend to focus on). The quality of the Thrive brand staples I use is second to none and the prices cannot be better!!! I especially recommend the marinara, nutritional yeast, &coconut aminos. The free items are a nice feature to try new products. The packaging is usually great (quick, free & well packed with minimal & conscious packaging as possible. I am also a fan of Vitacost, although, these past few months I have shopped at farm markets for fresh and here for the rest. Pretty pleased with how it’s going!Thank you!
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3 years ago, CaliRya
Great service, some tech issues
Overall, I like my experience with Thrive Market. The deliveries ship quickly. Thrive brand food is fairly good quality, great prices, and lots of organic options. The app has a nice design and is easy to use. I haven’t come across many bugs. There are a few opportunities for improvement, though. I don’t like the unsolicited, spam promotional push notifications and don’t see any way to opt out of those specifically. Unfortunately that means I had to disable app notifications all together, which limits the app functionality. Apple Pay also disappeared as a payment option, unfortunately. I contacted customer service and they said they’re working on it, but that was months ago. Also, I’m disappointed that the app appears to want to track me across apps. Especially since I pay for membership, I’m surprised Thrive Market may try to track and target me with third-party advertising.
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8 months ago, NAIDpack
My Market
Thrive Market is a blessing. With grocery stores carrying more and more food with bioengineered ingredients and GMO it’s getting hard to find safe food to buy. I came across Thrive Market doing a search for organic foods. I gave them a try since I wasn’t sure about how shipping my food to my door, especially frozen items, would be to my satisfaction. Absolutely no issues at all. I was very impressed. Nothing was crushed or leaking, all the frozen food was solid frozen. All the glass items were individually wrapped. This is now my store for my families food. And so many new items added weekly it’s actually not a chore to do the grocery shopping, it’s actually something I look forward too. The prices are very good and lower than what I was paying at the local grocery stores. Thank you Thrive Market!!! Truly a blessing!!
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4 months ago, Kmckiern
It’s true, it’s amazing!
I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to subscribe to Thrive Market besides life is busy… but, let me tell you how pleased I have been since I made the new relationship with Thrive Market. Our orders have included cleaning products, pantry staples, organic snacks for the kids (us adults, too) and even household items. Almost all of the products we have tried have found their way on the auto-ship order because, the products are just that good! The app makes shopping so convenient that sometimes I think, “am I done with that already”? Any issue I have ever had (which wasn’t a big issue) was easily resolved through the app. — SO EASY! This app receives all the stars from me and my family! We are thriving with Thrive Market!
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5 years ago, iguessimsteph
Charged without my knowledge
I signed up for the free trial a few months ago, then cancelled it a few days later because the service wasn’t something I was interested in. I was charged the yearly fee without my knowledge, so I contacted Thrive Market and got refunded for the charge. I thought I had deleted my account and removed my card details, but a month later they charged me the yearly fee again. I contacted customer service (through my account), and they said that there was no account associated with the email (while I was logged into the account). I don’t understand how they charged me when they had no record of my account. Now I’m waiting to be refunded again, and will need a letter from the service so my bank can refund me for the overdraft fees I was charged, which would not have happened if the service had not charged me at all. I do not recommend Thrive Market AT ALL. Their customer service has been helpful with taking care of the issues the service has caused me, but that obviously does not make up for the hassle I’ve had to deal with.
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4 years ago, Deesapointed
If you’re hoping for groceries during Covid, you’re out of luck
I was hoping to get things delivered during the Stay At Home order in my state. We have gotten one delivery so far (very slim stock to choose from). We couldn’t browse until we paid the membership fee. Had we known how little they I had, I wouldn’t have paid. I thought about cancelling, but they do normally carry a lot of products that I like and have trouble finding. So I’m keeping the membership... but we literally have not been able to order anything for at least 2 weeks now because they have “limited their hours,” “stopped accepting orders,” and similar language that provides no clue about when they might reopen. I check daily and each day it says they are not accepting orders at this time. I understand things are horribly unusual and difficult right now, but can’t they provide better communication about when they might reopen? I paid a fee!!
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5 years ago, lcfitmama
Love thrive, app is not great
Thrive market is awesome, I love it and have used for years. This app though, the autoship functionality is weird. The products all only have an add to box button, which adds it to a new order, not to my autoship. On the iPhone, I can only see the current items in my autoship for the coming month (still not sure how those products got into autoship since there is no button to add things?), and it doesn’t show the total price for the month. I also can’t see future months of autoship. The app on my iPad is a little better bc I can actually see total prices and then up to three months of future autoships, BUT adding products still doesn’t work. There’s a suggestion box of things to be added based on previous orders, and this seems to be the only way to add to my autoship but it doesn’t affect all future months for some reason, and this is a terrible way to be able to add items since it’s so limiting. Looks like the app is just not working well, I’ll try it on my computer but really, the app should work.
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5 years ago, CuteMariMari
Shady tactics
When you sign up for the free trial it isn’t actually free because they hardly ever let you leave. There is no delete your account button, there is no cancel membership button, you can’t ask for a refund for stuff just by clicking on certain links. You have to try to find a person to talk to or email them. I emailed them about a 3 weeks ago to cancel my membership and they said they would and it would just take a bit to change and that I wouldn’t be charged, but when my free trail was up they still charged me 60 dollars. I messaged them an asked what happened and they claimed it never happened. I still have the emails. They tried to tell me they could just give me half a refund about 30 dollars since I did use my full trial and some other stuff about how that’s how it works, but I’ve seen another person talk about how they only give refunds 5 days AFTER you do the full trail. I was adamant about what happened and they said they did issue a refund, but I don’t see anything in my account yet. So I’m not sure if it will happen or not. I’ve seen others say it didn’t for them. In all honesty. You can find all these products for cheaper at other stores in person, or online that don’t require a membership. If you like this and it works for you. That’s good, but there are cooler businesses or individual sellers to support that don’t treat other customers like crap, are honest and helpful, and are willing to work with you. xoxo
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6 months ago, CHRISTYISSWEET
Not the best prices or service
Thrive is very costly for a year membership, the same price I pay for Costco in which I can get most of the items thrive sells for cheaper in bulk sizes there. Thrive says they price match but they do that by giving you thrive cash. The thrive cash expires after 30 days which is also super annoying because mine always expires due to me not remembering or needing an order yet. Customer Support also offers very little help and just says all problems are your fault then ends chat. They shipped the laundry detergent squished in the food and it leaked all over. So they gave me thrice cash which of course expired. I enjoy some of the items and being able to order them to my door since we live in the country now and not near many stores that carry the items. Otherwise, I think thrive can be a huge waste of money and a headache 99% of the time.
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4 years ago, Latoya W. Cali
Not too impressed
I have issues with the auto ship feature. They don’t make it easy or obvious to choose the date you want your monthly box sent, so I ended up deleting my entire auto ship box and won’t use it. It shouldn’t be that difficult. I even looked up FAQ and still couldn’t figure out how to do this. When you click manage auto ship it only gives an option to skip a month, but not to change the order date. Also, I noticed my first order shipped right away, but the second order is taking longer. For a paid subscription, I’d appreciate some consistency and 24-72 hours is too wide of a range in my opinion. If I was ordering complex things like meat and produce maybe I could understand. I ordered simple in stock products. I have access to stores that sell all the products I use so I probably won’t use this subscription after the pandemic is over due to 1) App not being user friendly enough and 2) Service not being fast enough.
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3 years ago, RaeG123
Not much cheaper than my local stores and hard to anticipate deliveries
While I appreciate the quality of food options and user friendliness, I find myself comparing prices often to my local Whole Foods and King Soopers. Often times, the prices are the same or the difference is minimal. However, with Thrive unless I spend a certain amount each shipment I have to pay shipping as well. More frequent than not it’s been easier and cheaper to buy from my local stores. This is a great alternative for someone who lives where local grocery prices may be more - but that is not everywhere. Additionally, it’s hard to know when you are going to receive your shipment. I meal plan for the upcoming week and find myself having to plan earlier the week before in hopes that my shipment will arrive by the following Monday. It’s been an ongoing guess which makes meal planning difficult. If you are a meal planner, plan the meals with ingredients from Thrive later in the week just to be safe.
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3 weeks ago, E.m.Torres
Best prices and it’s delivered
I live in steamboat springs Colorado and the cost of living is outrageous and I am able to get the products I need for cheaper and products that I can’t find in my town, I find on thrive. There customer support is just awesome the very few problems I have had over the 3-4 years I’ve been a member, were resolved immediately there was no hassle , no arguing , no problems they make it right and they do it immediately like I said customer support is amazing. The product selection keeps getting bigger and offering now frozen options, meals etc just can’t say enough good things about thrive. Highly recommend for any one but for people especially dietary needs/ restrictions. Just love the company !
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4 months ago, speechworld
Difficult to navigate options
I ended up with tons of items I did not want. The Remove button did not work for weeks. I tried to "chat". The bot kept giving topics unrelated to my need (" need to remove items") (" why do I have auto ship items separate from items ordered?") ("how to cancel all orders and start again?") ("I need to speak to a human"). As my order date approached I kept trying to get assistance and the phone number listed on the app was a prerecorded voice that eventually hung up on me. Today I was given, by the chat bot, a functional customer service number. Thank goodness my double order was able to be cancelled!! I will start again next month and see how it goes. The amount of time I spent on a poorly designed chat bot and nonfunctional phone numbers I could have driven the 35 miles (1 way) to an organic market😵‍💫 which is what I am trying to avoid in the first place.
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4 years ago, draganfly
Thrive App use from iPhone five
Even using my still small screen it was functionally visible to me and very fluid in button click on what I wanted. The App picking up on the desktop login history is essential because I probably wouldn’t use it for a huge list just cause desktop is easier to do price comparisons, for renewing prior purchase items and specific items it is great. I did forget to use my coupon for thunderbird bars, but no big cause I’ll probably be getting them more than once. The free samples from the website are a great addition to an online store, there is always an unknown when all you can do is read about things I really appreciate them from your store and product lines. Thank you have a great day.
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6 years ago, Jones1117
Attempting to cancel is a nightmare
I got a deal to try Thrive and get 20 dollars off my first three orders. Put a reminder in my phone to cancel the membership before it billed me. When you enter PayPal as your payment, it automatically just charges again, does not take you to the PayPal screen so there is no way to change between payment methods. When you go to cancel, you have to “request” to cancel, and then spend 20 minutes repeating yourself that you want to cancel while they try to give you another 30 days free and bully you. No, I don’t want to go through a 20 minute passive aggressive guilt trip again. I liked the rewards, how fast the shipping was, and how even though I am spoiled in an area with hard to find specialty products, they had sizes of items and varieties that I had never seen before. I would even consider renewing to use the service but I wouldn’t want to go through the cancellation process again.
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1 year ago, Sabewena
App flaws
The app frequently freezes, even when it’s completely updated (and my iPad is only a few months old, so that’s not the issue). It especially happens when I’m trying to change my Autoship order. Also, the Autoship order page is completely inaccessible within the 24 hour window for changes before shipping. I’ve taken to just cutting things off the list permanently (when it lets me) and getting it at the store. I prefer to control when I spend my money on something. Especially when money is tight. Update: the same flaws above still apply, but now it doesn’t add things to my autoship. I keep trying to add staples that are better price here than the store, but it never shows up in my cart. Again, I guess I’m just going to get it the store and pay the extra 20 cents
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1 year ago, Narni J
Thrive Mkt Inspiring & App a big plus!
I believe that this is my first review of the app and I know I have said a lot of high praise (I do feel that way), but I want to say that I have not been able to use the app because of medical issues and simply lack of ability to use it, so in the sense of being fair I am going to update my review after I use the Thrive site and app but I will stand by my 5 stars right now just because I am so impressed so far I joined the first time I saw what they were about and what they stood for. Thank you for reading and I hope to be updating my review soon with important info that will help others wanting to be more informed and positive about our lives and others.
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4 years ago, AZ expat
Has been a 5 star rating until adding annoying pop up
I’m a frequent customer and have enjoyed the app and the service for a long time. However a recent update to the app is very annoying and should be removed or be selectable in a setting. When you add something to your cart it now has a pop up suggesting that “Members also love these” which you must swipe away to continue shopping. Even worse it also does this when you just try to add more of an item to your cart! If you’re not quick enough the pop up will occur for each increase! If I want to see what other members also like, I would ask! Quick reordering is now a PITA.
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6 months ago, WorkingMama11
Great app! FINALLY healthy food I can afford!!
Update- I've been using this app years and still love it! The best prices and curation of healthy foods for me and my family! Don’t think twice, get Thrive! First review- It's intuitive for a first time user and has lots of neat features that I keep discovering! I like how I can add things to my shopping list, reorder past orders, and that I can easily sort by categories of my lifestyle/eating preferences. It's like I get to make my very own customized version of the app. Plus it's so beautiful when it opens - I love the animation!! :) FINALLY a way I can buy healthy foods, save money, and have convenience of shopping no matter where I am! Thank you, Thrive Market!
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5 years ago, Wsly87
Cancellation is hard
Once I found out they don’t stock cold vegan cheeses, I wanted to cancel my trial. #1) It’s annoying that you require a credit card for a free trial. You are relying on me forgetting and an automatic charge to my card. #2) In my app, I located the cancel trial button. But, when I hit it, it just refreshed the page. #3) Buried in the depths of their actual website is the cancel button. I found it, hit it, was asked about 19 times if I really wanted to cancel. I hit a teal button, only to see a message that read “we’re glad you’re staying!” Oops. I meant to hit the text below it, the text that said cancel that wasn’t a bug shiny button. How about letting people make up their mind about staying or going and making it easy to make that decision? Don’t you want them to stay because they like your service, not because you tricked them into it?Nothing will turn me off faster as a customer than these types of business practices.
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1 year ago, London's Jules
Great… Until Terrible Customer Service
I live in a rural area, so Thrive Market was a great way to get some quality groceries that I can’t find in my local grocery store. However, I am now cancelling because of the terrible customer service. There was an issue with the majority of my most recent order being delivered (I have never had an order split up before now), but FedEx has had it in their last location for over one week. It took ages to get someone from Thrive Market to look into it (their phones don’t work & you have to go through a chat bot to get to a… chat bot?). I was supposed to receive a follow up email with a solution (I never did) and when i went back to the chat bot, they “left the chat” when I asked about getting a refund for the missing items. Planning to cancel membership now, which is really too bad.
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7 years ago, Sharon Ewing
Thrive market app almost accessible
I’d like this app except that the buttons in the cart do not speak their purpose. You have to sort of play with them to figure it all out. So for example if you are looking at an item in the cart, there are three buttons associated with each item. The first button removes the item the second button subtracts One quantity of the item and the third button adds one quantity to the item. They don’t tell you that though they just say button button button under the voiceover Interface four Apple’s iPhone, which is specific to the visually impaired. If you fix that everything else speaks great including the ingredients to your items and the “Why I should love it”. Terrific job fix the small stuff thanks
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11 months ago, magmch9581
Obsessed. If you care about ingredients and what goes into your body, you need this.
Thrive market has so many organic, non gmo and good ingredient goods. Not only do they have food but they have cleaning products. And believe me I checked the ingredients on every item I put in my cart and they have wonderful options. The discounts are well worth it. I live in a bit of a rural area so there’s not much for organic shopping out here so it’s so nice to get the important staple’s delivered right to my door. They didn’t have milk but I’m hoping that’s temporary. I’d love for them to start carrying the brand “Attitude” which is EWG certified and I just love their products. I’m still so happy that I decided to try it!
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3 years ago, majicfngers
Makes grocery shopping easy!
I’ve been using Thrive for about a year now and it’s made grocery shopping easy and eating healthy and restrictive diets much simpler. I no longer have to go to different grocery stores, health food stores, etc. to get what’s on my shopping list. I have also ordered some of the meats from them and they’ve been delicious, although one time an order came in where the plastic wrap had cracked I guess from being so frozen. They were great about refunding me for the meat I ordered. All I had to do was send them a message along with pics of the packaging. I recommend them to everyone I know.
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2 weeks ago, kissanthrope
Obnoxious to Cancel
I used to love Thrive Market and probably still would if I hadn’t had the worst experience trying to cancel my account. First of all, you should be able to cancel whatever account/thing you’re paying for on your own - having a system that requires you to chat with someone/AI just to stop paying them is pretty gross imo. But then, to also not take no for an answer by attempting to convince me to stay is predatory. I had to say cancel my account over three times. No means no. If I can’t cancel on my own and I’m required to talk to someone - I should absolutely not have to keep begging you to cancel. This happened months ago and I’m still upset about it. This type of behavior is what’s wrong with capitalism. Typical corporate greed. Thought Thrive Market was one of the good ones until this happened.
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4 years ago, summerizko
Making grocery easy during quarantine
I enjoy using Thrive from time to time! Everything is organic and non-GMO. The customer service is great and they are always available to chat. This is my third order but I have to say the second order that I placed I never received it. I was furious because I had planned my weekly meals and there were a lot of things that I ordered to use that week. Apparently lasership had lost my order and I had to call lasership when they had told me the package got lost. I contacted Thrive which they had no idea. They had only able to compensate $10 thrive credit but I feel that it wasn’t enough. Well, we are still quarantine and while I understand that was out of their control so I just drop it..
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2 years ago, Sdilll
DO NOT BOTHER- Unethical, Deceptive Business Practices
After struggling with sensitivity to chemicals, I decided to do the month trial of Thrive Market. I ordered a few products to try. Later I noticed a shipment email for an order that I did not place. I also tried to cancel before the trial was up and received an error message on the Thrive’s website. When I contacted the company, they responded that they automatically place customers on recurring orders (you do not choose or confirm this option). In fact, you have to go into your account and turn auto-recurring orders off. They also charged me for a year’s membership and instead of rectifying the issue, they claimed that the unopened, non-perishable order that was not placed by me was “ineligible for return.” Thank goodness they offered me a discount coupon for my next order… 🙄 To conclude, I’d avoid this business at all costs. Terrible customer service and unethical business practices aren’t the foundation for a trustworthy company. Also, I wasn’t impressed by many of their products and a lot of their products require bulk orders and the “discounts” are minimal considering that and the fact that free shipping is only available if you spend large amounts of money. Highly recommend that you avoid this company.
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1 year ago, Ocean Hebelavender
Not cheap and not for vegans
Here are all the issues I had with this app 1. It charged me upfront for the annual subscription when it said it would not. 2. There is an order price minimum for everything. Frozen boxs have to be over 65$ along with pantry items. If you want one box of hot pockets well to bad because they are only sold at two boxs a time (this goes for most items) 3. A lot of the vegan food I got a the grocery store is not on here. If your a vegan you don’t have very many options at all so if your looking for vegan meat good luck they don’t have it, if your looking for vegan cereal they don’t have it and so on. 4. No fresh produce is sold here like advertised. 5. Its a massive headache to checkout. It says I can’t check out because others are ordering before me or someone else has that item in their cart. 6. Your items all arrive at totally different times. This is not ideal as if you plan your meals they won’t all arrive in time for you to meal prep. 7. I ended up spending more on here than I would at the grocery store and I didn’t even get any of my normal food staples.
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12 months ago, redlulu
It’s ok
Thrive has a few items that seem like a good deal and that I can’t get other places. Otherwise, I don’t like that everything comes in small plastic pouches. I’d love bigger sizes and more sustainable packaging - especially since I’m ordering by mail instead of just going to the store. I don’t want to and don’t order frequently enough to cash in on the Thrive cash. Sometimes the free gifts are great. Often they are not. So while you get a “FREE” gift, your choices are something you’d never consume. The guaranteed lowest prices is not always true or is true by a few cents. Prices are similar to Whole Foods. The Thrive house brand is decent. The GF pasta is not. I order about once every couple months. Frankly, I’d rather support my local economy instead.
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