TIER - Move Better

4.7 (3.3K)
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Current version
Tier Mobility GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TIER - Move Better

4.72 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Solar enthusiast
My preferred E scooter
TIER is my favorite E scooter in Munich. There are a lot of them around, which makes them easy to find. I like the deck, which is quite a bit larger than the Lime scooters. (I have big feet). The suspension is the best that I have found, which makes for a more comfortable ride over bumps and cobblestones. I also like the fact that it has turn signals, which I have not seen on any other scooter brand. I wish there were a way to make it go faster than 20 km/h! Maybe with continued use, it will unlock that feature? It’s just a little too slow, and usually slower than many cyclists riding in the bike lane.
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2 years ago, Icedteafanatic
My mom and I were walking back from the changing of the royal guard, in London And I saw a TIER scooter. At that time I didn’t know they were as bad as we know now. So I asked my mom can we rent a scooter. And she said yes. First we had to download the whole app that took 20 minutes to download, Then after that we had to sign in, which took about 30 minutes due to their terrible ways of doing stuff. So we were finally set up after 50 minutes, and I start riding the scooter and it doesn’t work! Then I said how about we just park it so my mom clicked end ride, but it said we were not in a parking zone which is understandable. So we follow the TIER map to the nearest parking zone, and it says again that we are not in a parking zone, which that is only the second time so we aren’t too annoyed yet. So we follow the TIER map to another parking spot and the parking spot just keeps moving away from us, so we just keep trying until we’re at about the 15th time trying to park this thing, So we are really annoyed. I contacted customer service and they said the nearest parking spot was 4 miles away from us. My mom text him back saying 4 miles away, very very annoyed by then. So I text the customer service again saying can you please just end a ride, he says yes which we are very happy for, so now the ride ended and it is 3 PM, and we started at 1 PM. So due to the terrible app we missed our train ride to Paris and our whole lunch.
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4 years ago, FuturamaRules
Do not download with a US number
PLEASE READ THIS My family and a I came from America to visit some other family members... we went to Oslo to try on of the scooters and we chose Tier cause it looked kinda cool compared to Bolt thats probably why I rated 1 star instead of 0. Anyways... me and my family waited three hours for this app to download because we have bad data and we entertains ourselves by throwing a packed up bolle around a parking lot. Finally it was done loading. Than we found that this app thought we were criminals and accused us of fraud and suspended us after we had put in each of our phone numbers multiple times. Then we tried another company “Void,” and it download fast and there was an easy set up for a low price. And it was so fun! My point: don't use this awful company... use void or support another brand especially dont use if you have a US number. My aunt said she used Tier one time and she got like 3 precent on her scooter and it would not let her take a new one... what a waste of money! Im still surprised she even got past the sign in.
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4 months ago, JennECRiv
I love it so much, I named my bird after it
OK, I know that title requires context. Let me give you the details. I live in Europe and my sister came to visit from the states for a milestone birthday. We rode Tier scooters in Germany and France and had an absolute blast. She braved the streets of Paris on scooters (before they were banned) and I was petrified, but we did it. We made core memories wandering European cities and trying to park these d@mn things in the right zone. We had so much fun that my pet bird, which hatched the day after her birthday, was named Tier as in homage of our time together scooting around Europe. This happened a couple of years ago and I still scoot around my city on Tier. There are other options, and it’s true, those options may look newer and fancier, but I stick with my tried and true Tier. It’s never let me down.
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2 years ago, gailziggy
Great Bikes, horrible app
I would choose these bikes over any of the other ones that we have been riding in Copenhagen for the last three weeks, but there is constantly payment issues. I have no payment issues with the Lime, Bolt, Voi or donkey apps, but this one constantly tells me that my payment didn’t go through I change my payment method then it will go through and then the next time the payment won’t go through again it locked me out of the bikes. It’s not worth the effort even on Wi-Fi I have been trying to redo my payment method I’ve tried every different credit card I have that have been working fine with the other apps and they won’t take this one. So unfortunately the bikes that I would prefer to ride which are these I cannot ride because of the app issues. Even with the upgraded app.
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2 years ago, Charlie737373
Worst app I’ve ever used. I found a scooter, it was apparently “not available”, used the map and went to the location of the first closest scooter, there wasn’t wasn’t on there, next closest scooter same thing, nothing there. I did eventually find one and took it home, only to find out that I needed to use a designated parking location and there were none anywhere close to my destination. Went back the way I came to a “parking location” and it still wouldn’t let me check it back in. I had to move it around until the GPS believed I was close enough to the “parking location” and walk home…. Save yourself the time and effort and just call a cab or walk.
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3 years ago, RcS1993
Phone chargers on scooters super nice
I have been traveling around Europe for a couple weeks and using these scooters to get around has been my go to because of their convenience and ability to charge my phone as I go from place to place. Def recommend over other scooter brands for this reason. Most other companies don’t consistently put phone chargers on their scooters.
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8 months ago, Nekroarka
Parking Zones Not Usable
We just got TIER scooters in Bristol, replacing Voi. One issue makes them unusable. Previously, parking zones had a capacity that was clearly listed in Voi (e.g. 10 scooters). When a parking zone was full, it was clearly listed as such. While it could be an annoyance to find an empty parking zone, it was easy to tell where the nearest one was. In TIER, a full parking zone looks exactly like an empty one in the map. You can only tell it’s full once you’ve parked, tried to end the ride, AND scanned the surroundings. This means you must go to each parking zone, one by one, hoping it has capacity. I spent 15 minutes trying to do this this morning and will not do this again. Adding to the frustration, you can’t access the in-app chat help during a ride to contact support—the menu is hidden. You can eventually find a phone number to call, and ultimately the phone support did help end my ride but this was a frustrating and time consuming process. Unfortunate, since other features of the new scooters seem pretty good.
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2 years ago, vanHooton
So easy…
Save your legs and take a Tier… I am a new visitor to Budapest and needed to get to the train station. Google showed me where it was Tier got me there. It took a few minutes to log in and create an account. And my 70 year old legs were saved for a more enjoyable purpose. As they say on the interweb … just do it… I say you won’t regret it. Just drive safely to preserve the sanity of those around you.
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3 years ago, (((bcjbcj)))
Great transportation option
This was my first time ever using this. It’s been great! Your phone will charge while you are riding, and the customer service is excellent! As a brand new customer to this service and to the city, I made a huge mistake and went into an unauthorized zone. I called, and they helped me out immediately. They were very understanding and helpful.
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9 months ago, Shuma100
Parking area is full
When you finishing your ride and want to park within parking area in Krakow you need ride additional time to find the parking area which is not full. Because each area I tried was full and it is impossible to parke there, you need to find another. So I rided about 7 minutes and tried to find parking slot about 20 minutes that was not full. Finally I just dropped the scooter random place since I was hurry and they charged me for 1 hour. So that is terrible that you need to ride far away to park it.
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1 year ago, DelusionalProphet
Fun and easy
I was in Paris for my 59th birthday, in case you’re thinking these are just for kids. I didn’t want to keep spending money on Ubers so I downloaded the app and rode these scooters any time I was going between 1 mile and 6 miles, which is most of Paris, depending on where you’re staying. Never had a problem, and I really enjoyed myself.
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1 year ago, BMWsRus
Love it that you can park nearly anywhere.
Competitor, Bolt, doesn’t stand a chance against Tier. Bolt only allows you to pause and end your ride in designated inconvenient locations. Two thumbs up for Tier for continuing to allow their customers to park where it is convenient for their errands and shopping needs. Tier for life!
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2 years ago, ahmsan
Lack maintenance and VERY expensive !!
Having seen so many of them on the sidewalks in Riyadh, I told myself I got to have a try! It was fun for a few minutes and I noticed that the scooter had wired sounds and slowed down even though I wasn’t near any scooter parkings! Most of them were scattered haphazardly and some were left on the way of pedestrians!! The other thing is that these scooters don’t go cheap!
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2 years ago, dorukane
Worst experience ever
It made me super angry. First it requires for you to enter a card even though you “start a free ride”. It blocked the only amount left in my card and that’s okey but the scooter wasn’t working and didn’t give me back the amount (yet!). I had to transfer money pay credit card etc. and as soon as I started riding another scooter, it slowed worst than walking! I was on the red zone where you don’t need to park I understand but nobody told me it would actually stop. I lost almost 30 minutes trying to figure out that it wasn’t right for me.
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1 year ago, Ex Grain Supporter
Perfect Experience.
Seem less scooter rental. Worked as designed and I was able to easily take in the beautiful views of Dubai. Make sure you’re aware it may reduce speeds in certain areas. I noticed it was basically in a few busy walking areas. And it increases speed with no warning! Don’t fall or hit any poles.
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2 years ago, IslamPackard
First ride across Hamburg was a success
I didn’t die. Admittedly, it’s a low bar, but I’m proud to say that I got over it. I didn’t even get lost enough to run out of battery. The smartphone holder is not large enough to accommodate my phone, which would have helped me avoid getting lost. ButC hey! I’m in Hamburg and I’m riding a scooter. Getting lost is OK.
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4 weeks ago, Jexcel10
Always reliable and affordable
At the moment, seems to be the only reliable and affordable service. Plenty of options everywhere in Berlin. In Hamburg, could do with more bikes for longer distances, but it’s not bothersome
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11 months ago, tandismilani
Tried to use their scooters in Brussels most of them didnt work the accelerator. I had purchased a day pass which i didnt use after realizing most of them didnt work. The team did mot refund my money even tho i asked and didnt use their service due to the lack of scooters and problematic one . Also each time you get on a scooter it charges you a extra fee and takes a fee automatically without your permission as deposit. Customer care was not helpful with issuing a refund for me .
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11 months ago, Dhe Review 2
Parking does not work well.
Anytime I went to a designated parking spot. It told me it was not a authorized spot and may charge me. The Map application does not work well. As I was parking in designated zone, it told me I was up the block. So the map exact location does not work well. Hope this is fixed soon. Cause I live in the big city of Madrid.
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2 years ago, pissedoffplatinum
Terrible coverage.
While the bikes have some nice features like the ability to charge your phone, compacted to competitors (lime, donkey, Voi) the have way too many areas you aren’t allowed to leave scooters or bikes. Our family of four was constantly having to go way out of our way to return a tier scooter or bike, while people who had rented another brand had it much easier. I had to go a mile out of my way to return a scooter from the design museum in Copenhagen.
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1 year ago, ratingboi
Unfair and unusable
Me and family members were planning to ride TIER scooters around one afternoon (which we had limited time, and was our only available afternoon) when we found TIER blocked us from using its services. Customer service was unresponsive and unhelpful, providing us no information on why we were blocked from using TIER services. We lost much time and weren’t even allowed to pay for previous rides. Pathetic waste of time and unfair service provision.
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3 years ago, sk8erbryan
Very good. Better than others I have used
These are new to my city and they are much better than the previous provider. Good quality, available and much easier to use.
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11 months ago, PSMOkizzle
Money and data trap app
App doesn’t persist a map, which means time is spent waiting for the map to load, which costs you money The app doesn’t surface parking spots, which is required to compliantly end the ride. So you spend more minutes biking around town looking for a parking spot that should be visible in the app. But miraculously, every other bike and scooter you see is somehow illegally parked. Makes you wonder why the app let people park where you cannot.
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2 years ago, Innabobinna
So smart. Everything that you need built into one device! From turning signals, to safety zones, a place to hold and charge your phone. Would take this ride anywhere in the world!
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1 year ago, E lsa
I’ve been paying tier for over a year. I can’t stop it the monthly charges. I live in the US so there’s no way for me to call, and the email option requires a scooter number to file an incident report… I don’t have one of those. The number I used was a french number that I used while visiting, and I was logged out of my account with no way of getting back in without that (now mystery and also inactive) number. Beware.
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1 year ago, Ted_Fay
Terrible service. You cannot rely on them.
They suspended my account purely because my bank first texted me to make sure the transaction was legitimate before clearing a charge. This security check by my bank was apparently a breach of Tier’s terms of service from which Tier now says they will not unlock my account, even though my bank cleared the charge. I would not put yourself in a point of needing to rely on them for transportation.
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5 years ago, DJ Blend One
Loved this
The app was very easy and their scooters worked great. I rode this all over France, I covered so much. It was a lot of fun. I recommend this over the other options. Someone who was with me had issues with another company scooter, these worked flawless.
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2 years ago, Al27R
Awesome to zip around town
Very well-built scooter very good brakes solid ride big tires. I felt in control the whole time. And as a bonus there is even a cradle to wirelessly charge your cell phone. What more can you ask for! Thanks TIER!🛴🆒🇵🇱
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3 years ago, Zertiof
Good vehicles, and easy to use
They have a convenient phone holder so you can see the directions while you ride too. Maybe a bit expensive idk
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9 months ago, Jllindy
Easy, convenient
American visiting Germany for the first time. Tried using some of the competitors vehicles but the Apps kept crashing or would reject payment from my American Express.
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1 year ago, misterpoc
Buggy and no support
Parking system is super buggy (they identify a parking on the map then say it’s full when you get there… while there are only 3 scooters parked ; plenty of missing park spots that work with lime or bird but not for tier…). You end up spending more time looking for a parking that you actually saved compared to walking. And don’t even reaching out to support they don’t answer. Prefer other providers.
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1 year ago, Flight Reader
Don’t use if you are foreign
Tier shows up as a “suspicious charge” for US credit card companies. Even if you login to your bank, etc. and verify the charge is legitimate, Tier will suspend your account even after your bank / credit card are verified. You will get stranded if you use Tier. Download one of the other apps from a company that will actually work if you’re from a foreign country.
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1 year ago, dee111285
Easy to operate. Parking is not always clear in all areas, causing us to have to drive around longer than necessary. Other areas it is very easy to spot parking.
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2 years ago, Zaandam12345
Left us stranded
Tier locked us out of the bikes and stranded us in the middle of nowhere. We were not made aware of their rules for where you can & cannot go with the bike until coming back to find we could no longer use the bikes. We only went about 3km from the station we picked them up from. It doesn’t sound far, but when it’s 30c out, it is. Shame on you Tier for doing this.
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3 years ago, simplegray
AWFUL - 5 min riding, 20 minutes parking
They must make all their money telling you that you can’t park. I’ve now done 3 rides in Paris and all 3 were quick 5 min rides where it took me 20-30 min to (1) find a parking spot down 3 blocks away, (2) found a parking spot but was told “parking spot full, find another” so had to go about 2-3 blocks away from my destination… all the while being billed full price. RIDICULOUS. And if you want to hang on to the vehicle while you jump into a store real quick, Tier won’t lock it for you unless you are in a parking spot. No chance. So someone would steal your ride for sure. Tier has the worst vehicles and the worst user experience. I’m done.
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3 years ago, LordMufasa
Better than lime
Like charged me $22 because the app didn’t work and failed to end my rental. Ending a rental with tier is super easy and at least in my area of Paris the availability is much much better.
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9 months ago, Pilot rob
Nice product
I wish we had these in the United States as a competition to some of the other companies. Very well-built product.
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2 years ago, Bxjdkgnfj
So convenient & fun!
These scooters are everywhere. Just need to look outside my apartment door and usually 1-2 are there. Allows me to get everywhere in the neighborhood easily / quickly / cheaply.
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12 months ago, MarcianneR
Available, safe, FUN
We decided to give TIER a try during our trip in Brussels and had a wonderful experience! They were readily available, felt sturdy and safe and were fun to ride!
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2 years ago, Fraids
Stay away!!
They are scammy!! Havent used their service in over 2 months because i had such a bad experience and I keep seeing little charges on my card from them every few days. Just got charged 58 cents today for no reason. Only rode with them twice and both times they didn’t allow me to park even though i was in the parking zone. They wanted me to walk in the middle of a highway. The minutes kept going up and i had to wait for a while till i finally figured out how to get in contact with someone. Huge bill that they wouldn’t refund and huge waist of time. Wish i never downloaded tier. Should be investigated for fraud…
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7 months ago, moji shahed
Friendly application
Just make it easy payment with apple pay without any debit card
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10 months ago, whiteshadow -.-
Account suspended
Horrible company. I was traveling in Budapest, Hungary and used the scooters a couple of times. It was fun, but one day out of the blue, they suspended my account for “breaching terms & conditions”. I read the terms and conditions and have not breached a single one of them. I reached out and asked which one of them I broke, they didn’t know and simply said they’re sorry. Way to lose a customer.
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11 months ago, tiblier5
I ran an Internet and I was very thankful it did not shut down on me and let me finish my ride until I found Internet to pay for my ride
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11 months ago, tito12384
Worked great on our recent Germany vacation
We recently went to Germany on vacation and I was able to easily use Tier scooters in both Hamburg and Kiel. Highly recommended!
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2 years ago, оалртшв
So easy to set up. Only took a few minutes then I was on my way. Will definitely use again and recommend to everyone I know.
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1 year ago, Birdytunes
First time
Didn’t really know how all of it worked- figured it out after downloading app - at 55 years old - I had a blast
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2 months ago, Dalton642
Great experience
Downloaded quick, used immediately, overall great experience
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1 year ago, GeorgeinUK
More transparent pricing please
I was charged 20 AED for a 10 minute ride. My first time trying this thing out. But the charge was not mentioned at all I had to check my Apple Pay to know who much was I charged. Seriously it said on the thing get a free ride. But the ride was not free. Come on? I deleted my account. I will try others.
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10 months ago, the app desapeer
Not Trusted Company
Your scooters was parked in a restricted area therefore we couldn’t use it unless we move it to normal area! The issue here is I have to walk 100 meters to parked your scooter outside the restricted area in order to stop charging my credit card!!! This is not our mistake but you charged us without using the scooter and we tried to refund but we couldn’t. This is NOT TRUSTED company
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