4.8 (2.3K)
35.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tillys

4.82 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
10 months ago, TBoy#151131
I see lots of people complain about the app but I don’t have these issues.
The app is great, there’s super good deals, and Tilly's always carry’s such good items. what’s their not to like? I’ve never had any issues with the app other than on my last purchase my cart just disappeared so I had to check my email for my receipt, and to see if my order went through. It all went through and my order showed up in a timely manner!
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1 month ago, coding rules 415
Great app and store
I love Tilly’s and all of their clothes. The app was really easy to use. The one thing about it is that on some items the size guide does not show up when you press on it so you have to go to another item to find your size. Other than that it’s a really great app and would recommend. 🩵🩷
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3 months ago, Stell4!!
Ok I love this app so much it is so nice because the format of the online shop is amazing. I have not been able to find a in person store yet. That’s why I give it a four, but I love their clothes I see so many influencers have it and they look amazing and I wanted to try it out in the shirt I got was it was perfect and that’s why it’s not a five but I absolutely love this app will be getting more stuff. I hope I can find an in person store though.
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6 months ago, Luigigone
Items not available
I selected 3-6 items extra during my online shopping, I noticed some products were not available but still appear on the website. Bummer, however, while continuing my shopping experience I noticed 3-4 items were not added - couldn’t be added due to “customer not valid” issue. Not sure what this means but the items I selected were clearly available! I’m very disappointed as I’ve already missed on a few other sale items and now they’re gone. Meaning they either have low stock or only one of each item displayed.
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4 months ago, Adam from Mo
Happy customer
Ever since PAC sun fell off, if it wasn’t for Tillys and urban outfitters, I would be completely lost. I love the store, love that you guys do Afterpay the only issue I have with your store is that I literally want everything.
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8 months ago, Mel529
Horrible searching
This app is terrible! It’s always crashing, takes forever to load items no matter what network or WiFi I’m on & whenever you hit the “back” button after viewing an item, it never takes you back to the last spot on the page….It takes you back to the top, reloads, and you have to re-look thru 100 of the same things you already did. Not efficient at all, frustrating. See you in the store instead
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5 months ago, 💙Kendra💙
I love this brand’s clothing and everything is amazing, but every time I use the app, it gets frozen/my wishlist or rewards points or my previous orders will disappear. This is very frustrating and whenever I refresh the app to resolve the freezing, something will disappear from my account! Great website and clothing, but this app seriously needs to be fixed.
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8 months ago, TheWildestHog
Way smoother than the website
This app is definitely ten times better than using the browser, my only issue so far is not being able to pull up specific brand names on certain clothing brands but other than that it’s great!
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3 months ago, SheaAH
dear tillys,
your new app is amazing so much better than having to use safari! i noticed a few little bugs but one specifically being that in the app, when you go to read the product description, it does not allow you to click to read the “full description”. this is crucial to read for most buyers because we like to see what size the model is wearing to compare for ourselves. which i’ve noticed doesn’t fully appear in the description, only some of the description and then it is cut off. this would be awesome if it could be fixed ! thank youuuuu!
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6 months ago, Angelenn2
Best stop for all the family favs!!
I love the quality, the selection and my kids love the brand choices! Definitely one stop for all the family wants!
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8 months ago, satxdavid
Stole my money
Took like $200 from me with no order processed or received. decided later that I would give it another try because my girlfriend likes items from the store. Same thing. Another $200 stolen with no order received or processed. Very unhappy as I am struggling financially and could have used that $400 on something else my girl and I need. Nothing makes me angrier than being stolen from.
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7 months ago, SylviaO0
The best
So glad they finally made and app! Works so much better than website
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11 months ago, Graphic_lov
It’s Ight
The website is slow and I wish the payment was easier like on Nike where it’s more simple to make a payment or cancel a order. But the clothes are good so it’s worth the trouble.
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1 year ago, Dahlq613
Can’t share your items
I when I shop I always find stuff I think others would like or I want feedback on an item from a friend. Can’t share other than a screenshot on this app. Really annoying
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5 months ago, cra-c123
For teen girls
It’s THE place for teen girls. And honestly if you shop the deals you can get a lot for the money. 4 for $25 tops… can’t beat it! And I have to say that they wash well.
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4 months ago, Jae0330
wishlist issue
just recently downloaded the app yesterday and I added everything into my wishlist and just now my wishlist is empty. I dont want to look all over again just to have it empty again
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4 months ago, FL Lori's Ipod
Thank you for having this bag available in this color! Whoop!
Thank you for having this bag available in this color! Whoop!
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6 months ago, Rikkiminime
Love it
Place is easy to shop for super cute stuff. All of my kids love shopping here. Has all the “cool” brands the kids love.
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3 weeks ago, Deleted all progress!!!
Kinda glitchy
Blanked out sometimes and just kept showing the same exact thing
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4 months ago, topher6158
Your sales associates need to be trained to pay attention to the details when placing an online order for their customers!!!!! I had to order online in the store at the Galleria in Roseville today because the store didn’t have my size. I asked the sales associate to order a pair of shorts in a size 28 and he ordered it in a size 34.
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12 months ago, twindham19
Unable to checkout
Buggy app and it gets stuck on the loading screen when trying to review cart and make purchase. I’m unable to purchase on both the website and app due to getting stuck on the loading screen
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1 month ago, Luis chavarin
Easy money
Fast and easy service
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3 weeks ago, Judgemental Yoda
This app is so trashy when I tried to make an account it kept saying wrong address fix your address etc when I literally typed it like the first half it my address it already had it listed down as one of the places. This app needs some deep reworking
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7 months ago, S Tessier
Always the best customer service!
Great customer service!
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6 months ago, COMABOT
Glitched items
It doesn’t update availability very often. I tried to get a backpack and it didn’t give me a response to why I couldn’t complete the order then I took the bag off and it worked very odd.
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4 weeks ago, Abby.J.C
I hope package come in soon around June, when is my package? Coming?
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11 months ago, Cutieeeee12345678910
Can’t see more than the first page of items
After you press the button to load more items, they never load. It’s just stuck. It used to work just fine, so it must be from a recent update.
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2 months ago, abininagail
It was great! I’m super excited to receive my order!
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10 months ago, Nurse 08
Great clothing can always find something
My son loves it
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2 weeks ago, wood peker
Easy to navigate
Found what i was looking for easily
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3 months ago, nsnisnex
Always fast shipping and great clearance items … thanks again
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7 months ago, AMG.21
Great sale
My son only wears Santa Cruz shirts so I appreciate when this brand goes on sale
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3 months ago, Jsherbahn19
Great app I love it. You can find anything you’re looking for
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7 months ago, Johnjasses
Easy to access and best selection with all brands for the best price!
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8 months ago, Lipgrease
Love the store but this app is awful. Blank white freeze screen constantly
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12 months ago, Polyvore fan girl
Sign in doesn’t work
The sign in doesn’t work and the whole app is slow and not a lot of options or anything. I hope they make some updates!
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12 months ago, NicD0304
Great App
Great App. Love how it is fast and stores my rewards.
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11 months ago, Diablopapichulo92
Great variety
Love the styles and prices of all the clothes but overall app performance is horrible I can't add anything to my cart have to use the brower version
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11 months ago, App eater 2000
Can’t even log in
I love Tillys but i can’t login. It just says “unable to login try again” everytime
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5 months ago, 209justin
No problem!
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9 months ago, Tina.kanawati
Very user friendly and I love it
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4 months ago, Jacob_r_clay
I have always loved Tilly’s and always will!!!
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12 months ago, UmarAbb
Best app ever
Very easy to use
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1 month ago, Mfmama10
Address issues
Cannot make online purchases due to a glitch in the address system please add Phoenix, Az to your senders list.
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1 week ago, KAgfghjj
All I need to say Tilly’s is good great and I love their clothes
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6 months ago, RN Ja C.
Convenient to shop and amazing choices
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7 months ago, Adrismancera
Keep it up
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2 months ago, chugugchugug
Love tilly’s and the new updated app <3
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1 month ago, Manolo_19
App doesn’t save stuff to cart
Cart goes empty after adding a lot of things
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6 months ago, Abbytt1234
The app is glitchy
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