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User Reviews for Tillys

4.58 out of 5
244 Ratings
4 weeks ago, TBoy#151131
I see lots of people complain about the app but I don’t have these issues.
The app is great, there’s super good deals, and Tilly's always carry’s such good items. what’s their not to like? I’ve never had any issues with the app other than on my last purchase my cart just disappeared so I had to check my email for my receipt, and to see if my order went through. It all went through and my order showed up in a timely manner!
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2 weeks ago, Nurse 08
Great clothing can always find something
My son loves it
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2 months ago, Graphic_lov
It’s Ight
The website is slow and I wish the payment was easier like on Nike where it’s more simple to make a payment or cancel a order. But the clothes are good so it’s worth the trouble.
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4 months ago, Dahlq613
Can’t share your items
I when I shop I always find stuff I think others would like or I want feedback on an item from a friend. Can’t share other than a screenshot on this app. Really annoying
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2 months ago, twindham19
Unable to checkout
Buggy app and it gets stuck on the loading screen when trying to review cart and make purchase. I’m unable to purchase on both the website and app due to getting stuck on the loading screen
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2 months ago, Cutieeeee12345678910
Can’t see more than the first page of items
After you press the button to load more items, they never load. It’s just stuck. It used to work just fine, so it must be from a recent update.
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3 months ago, NicD0304
Great App
Great App. Love how it is fast and stores my rewards.
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3 months ago, Polyvore fan girl
Sign in doesn’t work
The sign in doesn’t work and the whole app is slow and not a lot of options or anything. I hope they make some updates!
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2 months ago, Diablopapichulo92
Great variety
Love the styles and prices of all the clothes but overall app performance is horrible I can't add anything to my cart have to use the brower version
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2 months ago, App eater 2000
Can’t even log in
I love Tillys but i can’t login. It just says “unable to login try again” everytime
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3 months ago, UmarAbb
Best app ever
Very easy to use
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2 months ago, GOATS WINNER
T shirts
Awesome as fucl
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2 years ago, Shalby1090
I love it
My favorite store is now an app! I love the Tillys app. It’s so neat. The only bad thing is it takes about a minute to load. But I don’t care it’s amazing! The app is so cool! If you sign up you get rewards and it tells you about deals! Inside the app there’s multiple things you can pick from there’s sorted out through different styles. There are so many different styles I love it. This app is the best. I feel like I can buy so many things without even having to go to the store. And there’s free returns so if I try something or I order something and it doesn’t fit or something happens with it I can always always return it for free! I LOVE IT ❤️💜💙💛🙃☀️💕😃
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6 years ago, Audrina dorman
Worst customer service ever if I could give zero stars I would
Order from them about two weeks ago and they lost my package and didn't even get back to me and still haven't gotten back to me with any information about my package and beyond over Tilly's everything will time I order with them there's some problem in there never willing to fix the problem I bought a present for someone the gift is now lost half the day of the birthday and now what am I supposed to do wait two weeks to get something to give someone late really uncool and they are very unprofessional they are no help whatsoever and are willing to do anything for the customer like overnight shipping or something for everything they've been through on top of all this I have to wait for them to re-order something until they're in finished investigating a problem they never looked into until I called them they were fine as long as they had their money they weren't worried about at the product ever got there or not . I will no longer be shopping with Tilly's due to the fact every single time I have ordered from them there's been nothing but problems and even when the order still hasn't been shipped out they are not willing to help you it's beyond ridiculous they need to get their customer service together
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9 years ago, MomPoe
Poor customer service and App
I have been trying since November 2014 to link my account to the Tillys app. I am registered online, can access my account online, and see purchases under history for only online purchases. But when I attempt to sign in on the app, it says "unidentifiable email address". When I try to just sign up as a new account on the app, it tells me my email address is already a registered user! Over the holidays I was unable to use some promos they had because I couldn't access the promos on the "unidentifiable" app. And I can't add any Hookup purchases either, even though it shows the Hookup rewards is registered to me online. Any help from customer service? Nope....I've sent three emails since December, called the customer service number twice and they were just as baffled as me. All I was told was "there's been a glitch with the app". Not impressed, and not impressed with the lack of response to emails or further follow up from customer service. Don't waste your time with this lousy app...the employees at my local stores are extremely helpful and polite, which is why I continue to shop there for my sons.
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3 years ago, 😜😎Purple Claw🐶🐬
Crap App, Figure it Out, Tillys
Look, I love Tilly’s, so I downloaded the app. I’ve only been using it for half an hour but already I’ve got a bone to pick! This app is awful! It is glitchy, laggy, and way too slow! When I press something, I have to wait a full ten seconds before your app registers that! And very often I will enter the app and be glitched right out, or click an item on my wishlist and be taken to another random one. Glitchy! Also, the sign in process is not user friendly! I had to enter almost five different emails until it worked, and even then, no real app perks! Also, why does every time u try to wishlist an item it takes u to the wishlist? I know the item I just wish listed, i don’t need to see it again, I want to continue shopping! Currently I have to exit wish list, type up my search, enter all of my filters, and scroll until I hit where I was before! This is a problem! You have gotten countless reviews telling u these facts. Get your act together Tillys or I’m done!!
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5 years ago, OC Pilates
The people have spoken!
I love Tillys - I’ve been shopping there since one of the original stores in Fountain Valley had Tilly behind the counter. I’ve got 4 teenagers that also love Tillys so I shop there now more than ever. The salespeople are pretty great, the inventory is usually ample, and the selection is what they want. So, why oh why can’t they get it together with their app? I mean c’mon Tillys - join the 21st century, bite the bullet and figure it out. You have countless 1 star reviews - HELLO, that’s a sign! Its telling you that what you are doing is NOT working. Not sure if Tillys nephew is running the app department or you feel bad for the guy in charge but you need to clean house and start over. Using my Moola bucks online never works, the logging in and out and user friendliness of the app is abhorrent and outdated. Its gotten to the point now that when one of my kids sees something they want online - I just google it and find it at another retailer. Figure it out Tillys - because the people have spoken!
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1 year ago, fortnite.on.my.chromebook
Love the store, not the app
i love Tilly’s! i don’t have a location near where i live, so it was awesome when i found out they had an app. the app has really awesome deals and i like the general display, but it’s really buggy sometimes. i don’t like that i’ll get frozen on a screen more often then not, and can’t get out without closing the app. i don’t like that after i view a product and exit the main page that lists the products like it, im sent back to the TOP of the page with all the products listed under the category i was looking at. i also can’t send links of products to people, i can only share on social media. the email button doesn’t even work! just genuinely a clunky app, and i hate that it’s more of easy access to the WEBSITE then a separate APP.
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7 years ago, briahershey
Tillys has always been my favorite place to shop always will be. Tillys is for juniors. It may be expensive but there clothing is neat, in style and definitely would spend 20-40 on a pair of black leggings because the quality of the leggings are good. The only place I ever get my leggings!💗 Cute clothes and workers are always great to you I've never been to a Tillys and walked out unsatisfied at any Tillys I've been too.. Out of state even. They always greet you when you walk in and are especially really helpful and will answer any questions you have! Definitely would like to work here!
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6 years ago, LBerning6
Very Disappointing
Yeah new app is useless, it works just like the site. The old app what much faster and easier to navigate. 1. App signs you out and you have to log Back in every time you reopen the app. This happened after 3 hours of shopping and it did not save the 20+ items in my cart. I won’t be completing my order now or shopping Tilly’s going forward anymore. 2. Ridiculous navigation, page works like web pages, when you look at an item and go back most of the time it pops you back to the top. Time consuming and frustrating when you’re looking through 1509 tops! 3. Free shipping gone. 4. Continue to get an erroneous error when attempting to connect rewards account. Created new rewards and got another that email is already in use. Support provided no help. 5. Slow slow slow 6. Navigation is horrible and if you tap the wrong area it will take you back to the home page to start over. New menu is horrid. Too many clicks to get where you want to go compared to old app. Very irritating all together. Since the site and new app are the same, Tillys lost a many thousands a year Customer with 4 kids. Store never has the same deals as online or selection.
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10 years ago, Pandora's Riot
Inconvenient and time consuming
This is the single worst app I've tried. I love Tilly's and will continue to shop online but the app is cumbersome and inconvenient. It doesn't allow you to see all if a category (for example, sale or women's clothing). Instead you select women -> tops -> sweaters -> cardigans. Then you have to go back out and select women -> tops -> sweaters -> pull overs. Why not have a convenient way to view all tops? The same is true for pants. You have to click through 5 or so links to see leggings and then go back out and click five more links in order to see jeans. Then pants. It's all very annoying and time consuming. I appreciate the ability to have a refined search but that's what the search box is for. A browse option would be nice. Until then, the app is more trouble than it's worth. Shop from your PC instead.
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2 years ago, Han197611111hmn
Restart after looking at an item
This app is absolutely frustrating to use. I click through levels and add filters to look for items and, when I click on a particular item, I can’t close it out or go back to the list of items I was just looking at. The only back arrow takes you back to the major categories (women, men, kids etc) and I have to drill down and reapply the filters again. It’s a retail app feature that even the most basic apps have and it’s ridiculous that a company like Tillys doesn’t have this feature. I can’t imagine the UX team missed this and I can only imagine that it was pushed out like this to meet deadlines or that an executive felt some other feature was more important. This is a huge flaw though. After thanksgiving, I was ready to knock out a ton of Christmas shopping and spoil myself because your sale was awesome. But, this issue made the user experience too frustrating because I was trying to shop for different people and needed a variety of items. I really hope this gets fixed soon. It definitely should have been a priority before the holidays.
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5 years ago, dmn904
Such a bad app
Genuinely the worst app I’ve ever used. The most annoying part is having to log in every time you open the app. The app doesn’t allow you to use any saved information from your iPhone (address, phone number, payment information) along with not storing your login information. When you sort items by price then view a single item, don’t press back or else you’ll be taken back to the very beginning of the category as if no filters have ever been applied. Additionally, you’re not able to edit items from the cart view. To edit your line items, you have to continue to checkout then edit sizing or remove items. While doing this, the page will become very glitching and have to load several times to adjust your cart.
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3 years ago, Lexi_Dove1
I love Tillys
I love the app Tillys I would give it nothing but good reviews on everything, except for whenever I sign into my account on the app I get logged out of my account every time I leave the app, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but it definitely happens to me, but other than the one little thing I would give Tillys a five star rating, I would definitely recommend this app it’s an overall amazing app and it’s probably one of my favorite apps and I go on it everyday so I would 100% recommend this app it is AMAZING
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5 years ago, vealcultet#2263
I’m sorry it has to be this way
I am a true fan of Tillys, always have been always will, but when I got the app, boy was I disappointed. I can believe that they could create something that worked so terribly. I mean the app is glitchy and proves to be the opposite of what an shopping app should be, easy and clean. Living in Minnesota, I only have the Mall of America store to make Tillys purchases, so I often resort to online buying and so when I heard there was an app I was ecstatic until I discovered how poorly he app worked. I have to log in every time which is annoying and there is a very confusing setup of two expanding tabs and two Tillys label banner on the top of the app. I am sorry it has to be this way, but the app is trash and it needs to be better or you’ll lose a lot of business.
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6 years ago, ashliebear
Crappy clothing
I would give no stars if google would let me. I used to adore Tilly's but now they make clothing that is not durable in the slightest. We bought my husband a jacket and the first wear a couple of buttons popped off. We didn't think too much of this since we'd never had an issue with Tilly's items in the past. A few weeks later we get him a couple pairs of shorts and they fit well in the store so there was no need to keep tags or receipts when we got home with them. First wear for each pair and the seams gave out in at literally every seam. When we contacted Tilly's they said they couldn't do anything if we didn't have the original tags on the clothes along with the receipts so we ended up just wasting money on crap. Never will we ever buy from them again it's been awful!
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3 years ago, eighthwndr
For such an up to date store with such cute clothes, I just find it so hard to wrap my head around the fact that the app/website could be so out of date and just awful. While it does get the job done, there are too many different tabs and pages and you have to keep logging in over and over again every time you select something. It’s just so difficult for so reason. It really is about time someone took a look at the Tillys apps layout. Especially during these times when shopping online is needed. The design makes you feel like Tillys doesn’t want you to use it. Its gotten to the point where i dread online shopping here just because of how bad it is.
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3 years ago, Samantha Loves Tillys!
I LOVE Tilly’s but the app could use some improvements
I absolutely love shopping at Tilly’s, but I feel like some features on the app need improvement. For example, if I click an item to look at it and then when I am ready to continue shopping, it always brings me to the top of the page. This makes me upset sometimes because then I have to scroll until I find where I left off. Tilly’s could make this better by bringing you back to where the last item you looked at was instead bringing you to the top of the page. Other then that, the Tilly’s app is great!
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4 years ago, only.azn.in.sc
I love Tillys
I’m actually from the central coast, I moved last year and I miss my home. But what makes me feel closer to home is all the Santa Cruz gear and Vans I found at the actual Tillys store by my house! But I wasn’t happy how they didn’t have my size sometimes. But found this app and I now find my size and online only styles all the time! Who doesn’t like having a unique Vans or clothing that you don’t see in stores?! The app can be slow at times, but I don’t care since I find all these great styles, shoes and deals.
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5 years ago, zid1232275
this app is soooo bad i swear. i love tillys dearly but the app is terrible. i submitted to get my password redone months ago. never got an email. i check the spam... nothing!! you have to log in every time you open the app. it doesn’t make you use an email so i just filled a cart up with things i like (yes i do that) and then it deletes everything the next day! it bothers the crap out of me when you use the back button and you wait a bit cause you think maybe you didn’t actually press then press it again and it takes you all the way back cause it finally worked later. And also you have to scroll all the way down after looking at an item. Always glitchy too. Tillys you’re great in the stores!! Fix your app please!!
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1 year ago, kaylasoftbal#27
Terrible app
I love Tillys so much but the app itself is so bad. ❌1. Every time no mater my wifi, the app never fails to crash. My items in my cart always disappear and I loose all the cute stuff I was going to buy. This also happened for all of my saved for later items. ❌2. I have to login to the app every time even though i press “remember me”. ❌3. It also gets annoying when you click on an item and when you want to go back to the other items in the same category it takes you ALL THE WAY BACK to the top and it gets super annoying to have to scroll back down to the place I was at. ❌4. Even though all of the complaints, the app has still yet to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Nickelpup
Cracker-Jack Prize App- Waste of time!
Usually I don’t like to give reviews, but I feel I must... While attempting to purchase some new shoes for myself, husband, and 13 year old, I was only able to place 2 pairs of shoes in my cart - ended up 9/10 times I would try and place a pair in the cart it would say quantity not sufficient. But then when I went online I was able to purchase them - what a JOKE! Plus, I absolutely despise that when I click the back button it doesn’t take me to exactly where I was on that page - I have to scroll back down! Sadly, due to the time I have wasted in attempting to use this app, I would have to say that this is one of the worst shopping apps ever! I love Tilly’s, but my opinion is starting to change.
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10 years ago, tinseltune
Just one small problem...
This app is great! I love Tilly's and have always shopped there. The only problem in the app for me is that whenever I exit out of the app it will show I still have like 2 or 3 notifications even though I went through all my inbox and new messages in the inbox. It is just kind of annoying to have to see 2 or 3 notifications on your home screen even though you already went through all the new notifications. Please fix this! It is still an amazing app and I love it! Go Tilly's! 5 stars if you fix this problem! :)
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2 years ago, Kaykat111
App needs some fixing
This app makes shopping a lot harder than just using the website. It’s not user friendly and needs some updating. Let’s say you want to look at shirts, you have to click on like 10 different buttons just to get to “tops” then if you click on one to look at it, and then click back, it takes you all the way back to the first page before you added all your search filters. EXTREMELY frustrating. There’s also a few others things like that that make it difficult to use.
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4 years ago, JBOII 7
Tillys App
Tillys is one of the best online shopping apps out there. It is very helpful and very easy to use unlike some of the other shopping apps that could be very hard to find what I’m looking for. But with the Tillys App I am able to find everything I want with always great deals with shopping with Tillys. They always have what I am looking for and new products which is great with great prices, there is nothing that dissatisfies me. I love this this app and would recommended for anyone.
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6 years ago, aqw27
Worst App Ever!!
The app used to work quite well...NOW, I can't even order an item I want. It tells me to select the color and size but won't let me add it to the bag!!! So frustrating! I've tried closing, deleting, logging in/out and it still won't work. How do you expect people to shop online for Black Friday if you can't add items to your shopping cart?! You used to be able to click on the 3 lines and a widget would pop out to so you can select what items you want to view...jeans, jackets, leggings etc. Now it just stays greyed out and I have to type what I'm looking for in the search box which pulls up everything for men, women's and kids! I tried going online also and it still won't work 🙄Please fix!!!!
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11 years ago, angelicalopez27
Tilly's app
I am a Tilly's loyal customer. I love their clothes especially Full Tilt brand! I found out Tilly's has an app for iPhone and iPad. I have a iPad mini and I thought I would give Tilly's a try. It turned out a bummer! Tilly's app isn't designed for iPad! It is blurry when you zoomed it to fit to the iPad screen. Also you need to make an account but here is a catch. You need to sign up Facebook account which I don't have it. It doesn't give me the options to make an account without the social media website. The features are fair but I think it will be different if you have an account. I think there are lot of rooms to improve on these features and add the account options! This is my first disappointment I have experienced with Tilly's.
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5 years ago, darlene-ashley
It’s great people are just lazy
Everyone is complaining about how the three line widget is gone and you have type well don’t be lazy and type in ‘WOMENS’ or ‘MENS’ in your search then what you like will show up all these people are complaining about how you have to type but for my family and I, we use it and it is perfectly fine, and we have no complaints about it. it is the perfect app I LOVE it and I would shop online at Tillys everyday if I could!
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6 years ago, tuesdaylane
Glitchy app
First of all, I love tillys clothes. But using this app on my iPhone 7 is so stressful! I’m a frequent online shopper, and this has to be the hardest app to shop with! It never remembers your information, so you have to log in every time. It never saves where you were scrolling if you click on something to check it out, making you scroll all the way back to your spot after you put something in your cart. But the worst part is the “back” button they give you to use while your shopping, is very glitchy and doesn’t even work most of the time! And that is the only button they really give you to maneuver the app! I wish they would fix this!!!
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4 years ago, rilly its nick
Wow people can complain about anything
So I have a 12 yr old athlete who poses as a surfer and a 10 year old daughter who gained weight rapidly last year. They r both super conscious and trying to find themselves. Why would I argue or exhaust myself at our crappy little mall anyway. (I love to shop) Hahahah I love this app! I’ve set it to their styles sizes and when there’s a sale I get notified. What’s not to love??? Don’t be rude or that lazy people
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6 months ago, Brencull54
Slow and buggy
The app never remembers your login even when you check the remember me box, and it takes ages to switch pages and switch to your cart. Also if you are scrolling a click on a specific item, it goes all the way back to the top when you hit the back arrow, such that you have to scroll all the way back down and this can be annoying if you were far down the page.
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1 year ago, valleyoaks77
Too many issues
So I absolutely love Tillys which is obviously why I downloaded the app. I was excited to use coupons and look at items on sale, but there’s problems with that. Say I’m on Women’s Shoes. If I tap an item and then hit back, it doesn’t take me back to the shoes where I had left off. It takes me back to the homepage and I have to scroll forever to find where I had left off. Also, I tried tapping the womens swimsuit sale, but it would show me Mens shorts ?? I also tried numerous times to add my birthday and every time I go back to my profile, it disappears. This app has way too many issues and I honestly don’t recommend it.
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4 years ago, EliiiC17
Log in
The app is great overall. Honestly. I use it a lot before going to the store and buying what I want, but there’s one thing that gets to me and I am not sure if it bothers everyone. Everything I leave the app, I’ll have to log in again. If only it had like a “remember me” or “stay logged in” option so we won’t have to re-enter our emails and passwords to get in again every time we come back to the app. I don’t know, that’s something that bothers me a bit. But again, the app is great!
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6 years ago, Cruzy G.
Re Log in and super glitchy
I don’t know why everytime you go out of the app you have to log back in every time.. like i can switch back to safari and go back to tillys and i have to log back in and re search the product. another thing is you should add the tap the top of the screen to go all the way back up it makes it more easier when sometimes forgetting about the back to top button. Also the app is super laggy and the fact that you guys are a great store you should at least have a decent app that’s easy to use and is convenient. there’s so many more things that need to be fixed but i’d be typing for hours. please fix!
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6 years ago, @coffeequeen
Major bug fixes needed
The app is a slight step up from the mobile app; at times it can run quickly. However, most of the time it takes forever to "catch up" when loading the photos as you scroll. Additionally, the app crashes a lot. I couldn't check out with PayPal at all because it would crash my phone every. single. time. (even after uninstalling/reinstalling the app and restarting my phone). The only reason I continue to use this often frustrating app is the free shipping. **also some of the super glowing reviews in the App Store are OBVIOUSLY planted by the company.**
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5 years ago, zoey wozniak
disappointed, please fix!!
i recently went to a tilly’s at a mall that was about an hour away from my house, (there aren’t any that are closer to me) i liked what they had at the store but i wasn’t planning on buying anything at the time. i wanted to see what they had online so i got the app. boy was that a mistake! it’s VERY glitchy, when you sort the prices (low to high/high to low) they don’t actually go in order, and when i click on stuff it either glitches and goes back to the home page or it won’t let me scroll through to look at the other pictures of the item. very disappointed in this app, please fix!!
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8 years ago, Fabulosa oh game
I use to love tillys but from today on I absolutely am frustrated with tillys I will still probably shop there but it just makes me really upset I don't want to hate on tillys or anything they're a great company I am just a little frustrated right now because I have waited a week and a half for a penny board I got which was nothing like the penny board that I ordered .it's green orange and yellow the one I ordered was Aqua with mixed wheels and this one is totally out of shape, it's scratched up it still has a store tag on it the paint is scratched up the rims have orange paint all over it these wheels are scratched up the plastic is scratched up it doesn't even look like a real Penny board !!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, orejenjebebenr
App could use some work
I absolutely LOVE Tillys but this app is not the easiest to work with. For example every time I leave the app refreshes. I am not logged into my account and everything I have saved has disappeared. Every time I come back to the app I have to find everything I like again. Also after I am done adding something to my cart and I want to continue shopping it takes me back to the top of the page, so I have to find where I was all over again. I love the store, but not the app.
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4 years ago, hea222745
App is not user friendly
Reading other reviews I find that this has been a problem across the board. The app is difficult nesting impossible to navigate. I have lost count of the times I have lost my place while scrolling through items. On top of this, my first order was never shipped and I was able to get a refund but I was not alerted until the day it was supposed to arrive that it had never been shipped and was out of stock. I do not understand why their would be items not in stock available... Regardless, if you could just fix the apps interface it would be 3000% better.
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11 years ago, Keeping it Kevin
Exceeded My Expectations
Love the app! It makes shopping really easy to use! I ESPECIALLY love the SALE category and the ability to search from the lowest to highest price. I really love that! Love the multiple pictures on shoes too! And I love your emails you send me there really informative and straight to the point, it also kinda feels like reading a magazine for mostly guys which is Awesome! The only thing I would change is, yes ... The Facebook sign in but other that that this app is pretty amazing!
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