Times Square Live

4.4 (49)
70.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
EarthCam, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Times Square Live

4.41 out of 5
49 Ratings
12 years ago, Tim Jones
Great App, high quality streaming
This is a great app for those people who want to be in Times Square but can't. I have calculated that there is only about a 30-45 second delay between the camera and real time. Three of the six cams are streaming while the others are refreshing. Ones that are streaming though are high quality and they barely skip. Overall, a cool app.
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7 years ago, Don.S.
Awesome App
I’ve been using this app for years and my wife and I love it. We are both from east coast but I was in the military stationed in California so this app gave us a chance to see normal people in NY. We both are from NJ and this gives us a chance to see some of the places we once visited when we’re back east. I love the fact we can just log in day or night and listen and watch people. I wish you guys would have some additional live cams in Jersey on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant NJ at Jenksinson’s Pavilion or Seaside Park boardwalk cameras already exist there all you would need to do is link up w/their servers and of course their permission. Thank you for keeping this alive and operational thru out the years! Don
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3 years ago, Radrrrrr
Every day
I have been using this as long as I can remember….every day often. Having been there several times I can see the changes over the years. People wonder about at odd hours, I assume they are workers going and coming from hotels or restaurants. what happened to Jamaica and Ricks cafe?
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3 years ago, master-david
Thank you it’s working again!
This app had some problems recently but the developers responded quickly! I love watching the webcams. Now 5 stars again!!! 😁
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6 years ago, Jiffy_
Virtual crossroads of the world
Some of my favorite streaming cameras from Times Square available 24/7 whenever I want to see them, and all the hall of fame stuff from Webcams too. 👍👍
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6 years ago, jganto
Love this app!
I just downloaded this app and love being able to watch NYC without having to travel there. Great purchase.
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6 years ago, Ed011010
I just love having 24/7 access to live cameras in the busiest place in New York City.
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6 years ago, eclecticuno100
Times Square Live
There was nothingLive about this app! I god archived videos and photos. Not at all what I paid for and thought I was getting! Just purchased it this morning and want my money back!!
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7 years ago, Miss_Daisy_
I thought this app would work better ... WRONG
I bought this to open my favorite, Times Square street cam. Again, it doesn't work. Refund or upgrade please.
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5 years ago, Miranda kennedy
This app used to be live: what happened?
I Loved loved LOVED this app and now it doesn’t offer what it initially represented nor any updates! So terribly disappointing! Please update, revise and add content, developers!
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6 years ago, richie116
Best app ever
Whoever made this app did a great job
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6 years ago, Natalierhay43
New favorite app!
I love NYC so this app is perfect for me!
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5 years ago, Bearsmom515
Thumbs Down
Downloaded this today and really enjoyed it. Now nothing live loads. Don’t waste your money on this scam App
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3 years ago, 3744
The new updates don’t work !
It was a good app now with the new update it’s worth nothing. So try fixing it
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6 years ago, hhrrgg10
Great app!
I love this app!
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2 years ago, cramyouj
Very good app
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15 years ago, egadgetboy
Weak start
Weak start on porting an old favorite over to the iPhone. While the program does offer landscape mode, several of the cameras have quite a bit of compression (hard-to-see video). I was also disappointed to find that, even though 8 cameras are available to view, one cannot choose which feed to display...and they flip automatically from camera to camera, so by the time your eyes adjust and you find something interesting to view, it suddenly flips to the next cam. Finally, video is streaming...but VERY slowly - even over WiFi, so it's the source feed not my phone. Less than a frame of video every few seconds, so combining this problem with everything mentioned above, I currently value this app at less than $0.99. I hope the developer will use my financial contribution to make some major improvements - and soon. UPDATE: Lowered my star rating as cameras have been blurry lately, and still no software fix to cure the myriad of problems described above. VERY frustrating to even try to watch...
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15 years ago, Gadgetman1305
Live Action!
After watching the Mardi Gras cameras for a couple weeks I was thrilled to see another offering from Earthcam! I have enjoyed their cams on my laptop and now I can see them almost as well right on my iPhone. Hopefully there interest in developing iPhone programs will give us other opportunities to watch the world from our little corner of it. I hope they develop a program for Key West soon, another exciting place to keep our eyes on. I believe this is a sign of good things to come for those of us who enjoy streaming video from exciting places. Well worth my two bucks!
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14 years ago, Glamcore
Getting a sneak preview before i head out to NY this weekend! Awesome!...and you get current weather conditions as well! Only things i would suggest would be zoom ability, smoother transitions and movent and maybe even audio that would be crazy! Id pay more for all that! But seriously if your thinking about it just get it...way cool!
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15 years ago, jatteam
True sweetness! Love it, looks better on my pod than on my pc! Going to NYC in 2 days, will take a pix of our group using this!!! Then I will update this comment. Ok it worked great in front of Fridays for group photos, but the connection was bad at time square and it just wouldn't work there. Still a good app and still love it! Like a mini vacation in my pocket!
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14 years ago, Bama-Buddy
Nice But Viewing This on a PC is Much Better
This is a pretty cool app. Viewing Times Square is nice. My one complaint is that the live cams are slow on the app. Still, it's a good app from the little amount I have used it so far.
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11 years ago, Davidbiz
False advertising
Only three...occasionally four of the cameras are live streaming and they hardly ever load!! The others are still images that all show dead of night, even while the video cams show broad daylight! Reported numerous times but the bottom line is that they DON'T CARE! These are all available FREE on desktops. This is just rip off way to extort money from mobile users! Even if you go to the website through mobile browser, you are blocked from watching cameras. You are forced to buy the app!
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14 years ago, AndreCamargo
Great views of Times Square
Wonderful quality, many camera options. It will be perfect when they add sound reception on its cameras. Its a well worth app purchase. 6 months since I bought it, I am always checking it out. I LOVE IT!
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14 years ago, nwbrusman
Excellent app..... Well worth 1.99. Very happy with the results, runs smoothly, fun to watch people live. While my mom was in the city I told her to go to a cam and I saw her while we were on the phone, if you live NYC you need this app.
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12 years ago, Carolxxx
Lots of fun
Especially interesting to see today because of Hurricane Sandy going through area. Webcam shows very few people, little traffic, lots of rain. All cams do not work just 1-2.
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14 years ago, imanthonyviola
Great cameras.
Every camera is great except the crossroad camera should always be focused on the coca-cola ad and the new years ball camera doesn't work buts it's worth what your paying for
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15 years ago, Ipfoneuserr
Pretty cool app
I ve bought this app when it just came out. I love it I even use it when my friends go to times square I can see them live it s fun
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15 years ago, ChrisBray
Wow great!
I'm a GM in Times Square and love that I can keep an eye on things even when I'm not there. It would be great to pay a little more to have control of a camera for a couple of mins (zoom in and out) Thanks!
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15 years ago, Weatherguy
The best live cam out there.
It would be nice to have the sound like the main web site, other than that perfect.
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13 years ago, Librarydiane
I enjoy this app, but...
...I wish the broken camera would be fixed! I do enjoy looking in on the view near a McDonald's. This site will be especially fun on New Year's Eve!
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14 years ago, CCinCT
I've had this app for 6 months. 99% of the time it is just showing still shots. Even when there is video, it is choppy. You might be lucky enough to see a person take two steps as they walk by. Same with passing cars. All it's good for is to check how busy the city is.
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14 years ago, Southeasern Coast
Very Disappointed
I have a great iPhone with plenty of gigs so was excited at the possibility of enjoying the live streaming Times Square Cams. Unfortunately now that I've paid and installed only one cam of the many selections mentioned is actually live! All the others stay freeze framed. For $2 I was hoping for more. I'm very disappointed - feel ripped off.
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14 years ago, Pop Pop Paulie
I Agree, Does Not Work!
Yes I have an IPod Touch 3G with a 32gig. And just like the Aug 26th review by another purchaser, does not work. I am better off using my PC for this program & it's free. Your company should credit any purchaser that has similar problems. Then you can sleep soundly at night knowing you have done the honest thing. Think about your customers, not you wallet.
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14 years ago, Barbiedaul
May 7th view
Quite interesting on may 7 th when time square was evacuated... I saw things that CNN did not show. Its also Fun to watch a busy fun city on a normal day. Fun app.
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14 years ago, godzilla7
Guilty Pleasure
I know it seems cheezy but I just love checking this app throughout the day. I live in Vegas but my heart's in NY. This is just a fun way to be connected. This is not rocket science ladies and gents - it's just silly fun.
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15 years ago, gpapadakis
It is what they say it is. Works great and excellent quality cams. Cool way of seeing the city and checking out friends when their in town.
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15 years ago, Srt4jon
Pretty neat!
I am actualy going to new York in a few weeks so i'm going to stand infront on the cam haha! works good though I saw it advertised on a web site and thought it was kool as an app form
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14 years ago, Kenmed
A window to home
This is a must for those new yorkers living through out the world!!
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15 years ago, Mutebowwmute
Few mins behind...
Upgrade so it really is "live" no less no more it shouldnt be all chopped up! get it crankin and get true live video feed via wifi. Great start though and neat app..... Lets see some upgrades!!!!
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15 years ago, haikucoyote
Quality camera but slow frames
The quality of images is nice & the energy of NY is captured, but streaming video it is not. Slow and choppy on some cameras & nonexistent on others.
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14 years ago, Cuddly611
I love this app! I enjoy seeing it from time to time just hoping to be one of the people walking the streets of ny.
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14 years ago, Markiemark1218
Cool NYC cams
It's ok wish you control the cameras a lil more hopefully in future updates but otherwise it's ok not worth 2 bucks maybe a dollar
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15 years ago, Jjjjjdog9090
In need of an update.
It is EXTREMELY laggy and unresponsive. Don't waste your money or your time on this app unless they update it to a reasonable speed of "streaming". They shouldn't even call it "live", because they are just still pictures.
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15 years ago, NatIveNewYirker
Great app!
If I can't be there this is a great way to check out times square at any time.
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14 years ago, Jantroo
Jantroo M
This is one of my favorite app, very easy to use , nice and fun, I love it , I would rate it more than 5 stars. Thanks maker,
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14 years ago, cartermeyers
Couldn't be happier looking down on all those little people.
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15 years ago, Ruggedly
This is a great app!!
This is simply the best webcam app!! it's always good to see the big apple, the clarity of the cameras makes this easy to enjoy.
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15 years ago, Jeffrey K.
Takes me to the city when I want to go
Very nice. Makes me want to move east.
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11 years ago, Techmatt816
I just hope nobody can see me on the screens in TS. I waved on the camera just to be sure and someone waved back. Creepy.
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14 years ago, shawn 31
Great app
I love this app . I love NYC and times square . I been there 5 times . This reminds me of the fun I had there
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