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User Reviews for Timeshifter

4.69 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Sashazur
Works GREAT!
I just used this app for the first time for traveling from the USA west coast to Greece, a 10 hour difference. It’s easy to follow the recommendations - the plan before I left started 2 days ahead, telling me to go to bed progressively earlier by a couple of hours, and to avoid or seek light by no more than 2-3 hours difference than when I would anyway. It also told me when to drink or avoid caffeine, but I usually don’t do coffee, and mostly ignored that advice without problems. The only part that was a bit difficult was sleeping on the plane, which I’m very bad at, plus the plan wanted me to sleep until only an hour or two before landing which is basically impossible since that’s when the lights go back on and people start getting ready to arrive. But I took melatonin (as the app advised) and a Unisom and did manage to sleep several hours regardless. Once I landed the plan continued for another 3 days, but again with nothing crazy or challenging. I can’t say that I had no jet lag at all (I still felt like my body was vibrating at odd times), but the difference really was remarkable regardless; there never was a time when I felt like a zombie or wanted to sleep or stay up when everyone around me would be normally doing the opposite. I’m definitely going to keep using this app. I also love the pricing structure - the first trip is free and then is pay per trip which is very sensible.
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6 years ago, ggfnyc
I’m sold! This app is amazing!
Recently flew from JFK-HKG-ICN-HKG-JFK. I was worried because I usually get pretty hard with jet-lag, even on flying shorter distances - and I really had to hit the ground running when I arrived. Well I can honestly say that I never experienced any jet-lag effects during my trip - or upon my return. . My colleagues were all complaining and they would hit a wall at around 3-4pm and complain that they woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. Meanwhile I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. One of the people I was visiting in Seoul, even commented on how refreshed I looked, given I had flown almost 20 hrs the previous day. I followed the app as close as I could. I also utilized those blue light blocking glasses when I was supposed to be avoiding light - but couldn’t completely control my environment. Regarding melatonin, I find that most people take too high of a dose. I would start with a 2.5 mg dose prior to sleep. If I woke up at least 4 hrs before I planned to - and felt I would have trouble falling back to sleep, I would take another .5 to 1.0 mg dose and would fall right back to sleep. On my outbound 16 hr flight to Hong Kong, my flight departed at 9am - and the app instructed me to sleep the first 7 hrs of the flight. Taking the low dose melatonin each time I woke up (approx) every two hrs - really helped. Will definitely subscribe to the annual plan and rely on this for all future long-haul trips.
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5 years ago, EastEndPghPetiteGurl
Follow it & REALLY works - recommend to All
I came across the name of this app in an article and have since come across it in more online articles since downloading and using it. I was doing some simultaneous research on my upcoming trip to Europe (from the US) and also on helping my mom reset her circadian rhythm, as it’s become a major quality of life issue for all of us. I downloaded it onto my iPhone, for this first free trip, And was determined to use it as an experiment because I remember in the past having terrible jet lag upon arrival in Europe. I admit that I followed it to a T and started following suggestions on the app starting four days before departure. I know from experience that I was in a much better state of mind upon arrival. I’ve recommended this to friends and family, particularly for the distance that you have to travel, specially for those that travel often and or for business purposes. I really appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the app with the visual cues and also the ability to read more and learn why and how things work. Because I plan to do more traveling in the coming years I will definitely purchase use of the app. I have them for their review online and found more information and research behind the app and I’m sharing this with my mom who really needs to reset her circadian rhythm but has no guidance on that. Kudos to an exceptional app that is extremely user-friendly!
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1 year ago, MAfromCaliFanGirl
Never have I traveled from the US to Europe and experienced ZERO jetlag. I always plan for 3-4 days at the beginning of the trip to feel awful. It's a waste, but I didn't think there was any way around it. I found this app and followed the plan before my trip. It sounded difficult, I will admit, waking up progressively earlier each day and then, on my redeye flight, napping intermittently. Honestly, I felt pretty good during the process. Surprise! Then when I landed in Europe I hadn't slept very much for the last 24 hours, but again, SURPRISE I didn't feel bad! I went to bed at a normal time and slept through the night. It was nothing short of amazing!! Those first few days of vacation where I had planned to be tired, suddenly I was adding in additional things to see and do. I had free time and wasn't experiencing ANY jetlag. But, for some reason, I decided to ignore the app on the way home. Yes, it was foolish. It's been 6 days since my return and last night my sleep schedule is finally fixed. I will NEVER take another trip without this app. They are smart to give you the first one for free because you will really understand what a powerful tool this is. Jacob, never change this app, please. I don’t know how I ever traveled without this and I shudder to think about losing track of this amazing process!
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5 years ago, WorldTraveler88888
Zero Jetlag - Recommended to EVERYONE
Incredible! I had ZERO jet lag on my trip to Singapore from San Francisco. I had to an important site walk and business meeting in Narita airport during my transit on the way over and needed to be laser focused - no issue. While in Singapore, I was in conferences all day from 8am-6pm and then dinners out with colleagues. Nada! Here I am writing from San Francisco with not a single minute of jet lag. The only thing I would change is that your app assumes you can sleep on the last 1.5 hours of a flight. That’s typically when all lights come on and they do meal service. There’s no possibility of sleeping when this is happening. I had to move my sleep window up to account for this. Please consider this adjustment. But overall, WELL DONE! I recommended this app to basically everyone I know where I work....and we all travel a lot!!! Writing as an update having used Timeshifter for the second time for a business trip to Japan. You all have done it again! I have ZERO jet lag and have recommended this app to all my colleagues. I call Timeshifter my lifesaver and don’t know how I survived without it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was able to do my work with laser focus during my 4 days in Japan! You guys are THE BEST!!!!!!
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1 month ago, Scooter12160
Definitely Helped
I discovered the Timeshifter app while researching how to prevent Jetlag. My wife and I were planning a trip to Portugal and Spain and I was concerned that we would suffer from Jetlag. I have never traveled internationally before, so I was worried about this. The Timeshifter recommendations are easy to understand and make sense, and it’s nice that they provide you a daily breakdown of what to do. I found it impossible to remember everything, so it was nice to be able to refer to the guidance they gave whenever I needed to. I won’t say that we followed the recommendations completely, but I’d say we were close to 90% and following their directions. We been able to follow 100%, then my probably would have been better and I would’ve given a five star review instead of a four star review. that’s not fair, I’m always reluctant to give to anyone or anything. we didn’t follow the advice as much on the return trip because we were traveling from east to west which is easier. All we had to do was stay up later and sleep later. Our results on the return ship were a bit muddled because I caught a cold and so it’s hard to tell whether my fatigue is due to the illness or because I didn’t follow the directions or because the directions didn’t work.
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5 years ago, 1969mj1117
It Worked For Me
Like others have mentioned in their reviews I learned about this app in an article and decided to try it. I used it for a trip from Seattle, Washington to Sydney, Australia where I went for a two week vacation. Sticking to the plan took a real effort but it paid off. For example, at one point on the plane all the lights were off and everyone was sleeping with masks over their eyes except for me. The plan on my app told me that I needed to be exposed to light so I was the only one on the plane with my overhead light on and the TV screen in front of me on as sources of light. Later, when everyone woke up and the lights came on I had to go into a blackout phase where I had to put on my sleep mask and limit any light that I received. So yes, it was an effort. But I didn’t have any symptoms of jet lag when I arrived and I felt like my body was already on Sydney time from the moment I landed. It’s been fantastic and I’ve been telling other travelers about this app. I’ll be using it for my trip back to Seattle. I leave on the 18th and the plan has me starting to adjust on the 16th. It’s really cool and it’s easy to understand the science behind it. You should give this a try if you want to avoid jet lag.
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2 years ago, Cosmosis8
Really worked — I was a bit shocked
My jet lag has been so bad historically that I have felt it wasn’t l worth it to travel unless I had over two weeks because half of it would be lost to jet lag. So I tried Timeshifter on my first travel since the pandemic — two weeks in Ireland flying from central PA. In the three days leading up to departure, I followed the program exactly, including caffeine and melatonin, light exposure and sleep times, even though parts of it made no sense to me. I actually emailed Jacob thinking there might be a glitch in the program, and he explained that the scientific basis is not intuitive. Directions were very clear and It was generally easy to follow, though getting light in darkened plane cabin can be challenging. I would have been thrilled if following the program had reduced my jet lag by a couple days, but I can honestly say it was insignificant, barely noticeable. I was enjoying myself completely from the first day there, and adapted to the new time right away. Leading up to the trip back home, I followed the advice, but not quite as closely. Jet lag entirely manageable. I am functioning normally. No issues.
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9 months ago, Brendogusa
Changed my life
I travel internationally for work between 8-10 times per year, typically shifting between 9-12 time zones. I have tried it all over the years, NyQuil on a plane with a glass of wine (NOT RECOMMENDED), trying to pull an all nighter before my flight, trying to drink coffee to stay awake after traveling, trying to read when I wake up in the middle of the night, and many more. I’ve been really struggling with jet lag for probably close to 10 years before United introduced me to this app. It changed everything for me. I have some mild jet lag, but it doesn’t compare to what I experienced in the past. I can get off the plane and go straight into a meeting now and be able to think clearly and contribute. I can go to dinner with customers and not be thinking about how much I just want to go back to the hotel to sleep. Most importantly, I can sleep from day 1. I may wake up and stir a bit at night, but I can fall back asleep and be ready for the next day. I cannot emphasize enough how much this app had made a positive impact to my work, my mental health and even physical health.
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3 months ago, Big C3c
I’m sold!
I traveled overseas overseas many times in my 20’s and early 30’s. Jet lag was always an issue no matter if just a few hours difference or up to 12. I hadn’t been overseas for about 15 years and with a trip from the United States to Central Asia 10 hour difference I was wondering how I would handle it now in my 50’s especially since we had a one week turnaround. A friend mentioned Timeshifter and the first trip free offer. I gave it a shot. Couldn’t believe how good I felt on both ends of the trip. I tried to follow the plan as well as possible. We landed in Asia early in the morning and I had no tiredness or desire for a nap during a long first day. I never woke up at odd hours during the night. On the return home I got in bed at 2am and woke up at 7am totally refreshed and ready for a day with the wife and kids. My only complaint is that Timeshifter didn’t give me a plan for dealing with the spring forward time change 😉I’m totally going to purchase the service for any future trips that cross multiple time zones. Thanks Timeshifter!
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6 months ago, Kite the Great
No jet lag, for real!
I tried out this app based on a recommendation in a travel forum online, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it worked out. Followed the plan (which was easy to do) leading up to our trip from California to Paris (a 9-hour difference) and experienced absolutely no jet lag upon arrival—perfect. For comparison, the last time I went to Paris ten years ago, my friend and I kept coming back to our accommodations to fall asleep in the middle of the day…so, yeah, HUGE improvement with Timeshifter!! My party and I followed the plan a little less precisely leading up to our return home because of packing and flight prep and so on, but we all still experienced only minimal jet lag at most. I’m super impressed with this app and have been recommending it to all my friends like it’s my job haha. I will definitely be using this on my next international trip because seriously, it’s a lifesaver—you get to maximize your time at your destination without being plagued by inconvenient fits of exhaustion or wakefulness. I’m a fan for life!!
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4 months ago, Staccato P
Invaluable Aid for Long Trips
Timeshifter gets my strong recommendation for transoceanic and other long trips. I have previously used Timeshifter for trips to France, Scotland, and Spain, with good results. I had never been able to follow its recommendations completely but enough to achieve some pretty good results. This week, I left Florida bound for New Zealand, first flying nonstop to Los Angeles, then connecting flights to Sydney, Australia and Auckland, NZ (that third flight added travel time but saved us thousands of dollars). Despite a total travel time of 36 hours from leaving for our home airport to checking into our hotel in Auckland, when I awakened after sleeping a little less than the recommended ten hours, I felt very much the same as when I normally get up at home. I I did my best to follow the plan and managed it better than ever before, but not perfectly. But having insignificant jet lag after such a long trip across the international date line was amazing. I find this app a must and will continue to use it and recommend it.
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8 months ago, Grogu-Baby Yoda
Amazing App
I used this app for my nearly 28 hour journey across different time zones with an overall time diff of nearly 11 hours. I was going Eastward across the globe all the time. It is one amazing app. I am half way through my journey and will be headed back same route this time Westbound for nearly 26 hour journey. Not sure if this app works better going East to West or going West to East. Will know soon. Stay tuned. 👍 *** Update: Came back state side. This app was unbelievably awesome. Had a connection in BLR then another one in FRA and another in IAD. Back home at around 8pm and went to bed like a baby. Next day was just as usual. Absolutely no sleepiness during day time. My only suggestion to users is that try your best to align to the recommendations on caffeine and light exposure. Also it is very important that you wear an eye mask while sleeping. It surely helps a lot. Overall an awesome app. Absolutely recommend it for time-zone travellers. Noe next travel is just across 3 time zones. So not sure how it will work across only 3 zones. Let’s see.
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2 years ago, apkop09
Surprisingly great!
So we’ve tried this app twice. Same route (halfway around the world, Thailand to USA), a few years apart. The first time, we did not follow it well at all, (had a 5 year old with us!) and of course, had jetlag. Couldn’t sleep at night, wanted to sleep during the day. The second time, we thought we better give it a good shot, (now had 7 yr old, who was excited to get up at 1 am!) and since we’d done the same route before, we would know how well it actually worked. And it worked great! Beyond the plan, we kept taking melatonin for 5 nights total into our trip. It was SO NICE to get to our destination and home and feel good. I will certainly keep using it in the future. Of course it’s a bit difficult the day before you leave, because you may have to get up early or stay up late, but dealing with that is so worth it. This time we even picked our flight based on what the app recommended. Try it and do your best to stick with the plan, you won’t regret it.
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6 years ago, _jefe
Entered travel details for a trip from Eastern Timezone to Japan and was provided a plan. The plan delivered guidance on when to sleep, seek/avoid light, caffeine, and take melatonin (which I substituted with Tylenol PM without acetaminophen). I followed the plan closely, but didn’t really do anything special with light aside from be aware of light around me and make small adjustments such as opening or closing plane window. I arrived in Japan and actually had energy to explore some the first night there and got a full night’s sleep. My first full day in Japan I felt completely normal despite the 14 hour offset, and the normal feeling persisted for the entire trip. Upon return, I again followed the plan, and had normal energy for work my first day back. Coworkers were actually surprised by my alertness. I’m a very routine oriented person and don’t typically adapt so well to changes. This app is amazing and completely worth the in-app purchase, gave me an extra day of vacation and extra day of productivity upon return. Also very well designed.
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5 months ago, Move those feet
Surprised by the results
I downloaded Timeshifter 2 weeks before a trip from New York to Singapore and Hong Kong and I’m happy to say I had no jet leg arriving in Asia and minimal jet lag on my return! Three days before departure, Timeshifter began suggesting small shifts to my schedule; less caffeine in the afternoon, and an earlier bedtime. During the 19hr flight, I loved that the app kept track of the time and date changes. It was helpful to have a schedule during the flight; when to watch movies, when to avoid caffeine, when to take a melatonin and an hour later, a reminder to put on my eye shades and ear plugs. It even made recommendations for the short 4hr flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. I like that the first trip is free and that I can pay per trip in the future because it suits my needs better than an annual subscription. I highly recommend this app and have persuaded several friends to download it and give it a try.
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5 months ago, prrs5
What was once a struggle is now a breeze!
I’ve lived overseas for the last 25 years which has meant LOTS of trips back to the US to visit family on both the East and the West Coasts. I struggled with jet lag, really struggled! Even after all those years. Then I read about this app and tried it. LIFE CHANGER. Going to bed earlier or later (depending on direction of travel), caffeine/no caffeine, getting light and avoiding it at certain times have made me a human being when I land and ready to enjoy family and friends. I’m alert for meetings! The app could not be simpler to follow. Simply add your travel dates and flight info. I get notifications on upcoming activities (like getting lots of light, get ready for bed, etc.). The app is simple and the graphics are fantastic - at a glance I know what I am supposed to do and when. If you don’t experience jet lag, I’m jealous! If you do, this app will change your life!
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2 years ago, Christiane Wolf
I’m impressed
I just came back from a trip to Germany to Los Angeles (9 hours time difference)and used the app for the first time. Going to Europe is usually ok for me but coming home messes with me. I literally downloaded the app and typed in my flight data as the plane was shuttling to take off. (Bonus: you get the first trip for free). I followed the instructions pretty closely throughout the flight and the following 3 days and are happy to report that I had nothing but a few minutes of being tired during the day (the doughy jet lag feeling) each day and some night waking which I used to meditate until I dozed off again. No melatonin, no nothing. Just the wake, sleep, bright light (try to be outside)/no light and caffeine/no-caffeine schedule. I’m very happy with the result. The app itself is super user friendly, beautifully designed and gives scientific data if one is interested. Definitely a keeper!
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1 year ago, Kitt1gsggs
Timeshifter is a game changer!
Timeshifter is a game changer! I have become an unofficial ambassador for the app among my friends, colleagues, acquaintances at the airport and anyone who even remotely mentions travel in passing to me, so much so that my husband teases if I have some secret shares with them. (And no I don’t) That is how much I love the app. I tend to have terrible jet lag - I am talking like a month long jet lag. I even struggle for a month with daylight savings time change. I have done two round trips with this app - one a 3 hours time shift and another a 6 hour time shift. And boy, was the difference night and day! The suggestions are not too difficult to follow and make a HUGE difference. I am so excited to travel more, because of the app. That’s how much of an impact the app has had for me. Request to the creators of the app: Please give us something that helps with daylight savings time change.
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2 years ago, PamK 4040
Great app!
This app was recommended by a friend who traveled from the UK to the USA (West Coast - California). I used it for the opposite, California to UK. The app took into account what my usual sleep schedule is and if I wanted to take melatonin. I chose not to, didn’t want to risk any side effects. I followed the app’s instructions beginning two days before my trip, sometimes wearing sunglasses in the evening and not at all during the day. The app didn’t know that I couldn’t sleep sitting up on a plane, neither did I, but I managed to get some rest during my first day to catch up. By the second day I was out site seeing, visiting with family and enjoying my trip without feeling sluggish. The app also said not to think about what time it was at home, the UK was my new time zone. I found that very helpful. I would definitely recommend Timeshifter and will certainly use it on my future trips!
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5 years ago, Shemblue
Timeshifter works!
I went in my first and furthest trip I’ve ever taken from San Francisco to Bali, Indonesia. I stumbled upon this app after looking for other possible jet lag soothers. This program seemed a brilliant and natural way to support via the body rhythms. Although it did take a little attention and focus, starting the program a couple days before I left really prepped the mind/body to know it was going to be on Bali time. I actually felt myself shifting after the first day. By the time I arrived in Bali (23 hours after leaving SF) I was feeling great! Slept normally and the whole trip I had fresh energy. I will say the return to SF I wasn’t able to follow as closely due to the darker environment on the 11 hr plane ride, but even focusing and following as much as I could, I still feel mostly adjusted after awakening this morning. Oh, and the customer support was awesome!!! Thanks Timeshifter! I’ll use your app each time I travel the world!
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2 years ago, stopstopstophere
Worked great!!
Used it for a trip from Maryland to the Czech Republic, a time difference of 6 hours and had no jet lag issues. I am an experienced traveler but had never gone to Europe. Prior to the trip, I had spent 30+ days in South America and had been back for less than a week, so it was kind of like an extra hour difference because of the time difference there. I followed the Timeshifter roadmap as best I could, which was about 90%. The hardest part was sleeping on the 7 hour plane ride to Dublin on the first leg, but I rarely can sleep on a plane. Despite that, I didn’t skip a beat after arriving. I did take a morning nap after a morning jog about three days after arriving, and that may have also helped. But we were lounging around that morning as was. I’ll use this app again for sure and would recommend it highly based on my experience.
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2 years ago, EclecRecCollec
Easy - and effective!
I downloaded Timeshifter based on rave reviews from friends - and I’m happy to add mine to the pile! I was traveling from LAX to Copenhagen and was super concerned about jet lag as I was scheduled to run a relay race just hours after landing (oof). It was quick and easy to set up the app for this trip, and I followed the recommendations (light exposure, sleep/wake times, melatonin use) pretty much to a tee…and ran my fastest 5k ever just hours after getting off the plane in CPH, no jet lag in sight!!! I’m on the back end of the trip now and once again followed recs for my return, and I’m absolutely delighted to report I had a full, normal night of sleep and jet lag on day 1 back. The graphic interface is great, as are the science-backed explanations - and it’s worth a few bucks to have the algorithm do all the math for me. I plan to use this for all overseas trips!
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2 years ago, Definitely Not Brittany
No jet lag for me :)
In the past, traveling internationally always left me with almost debilitating jet lag that would last for a week, sometimes longer. As I prepared myself for an upcoming flight which would require 20+ hours of travel one way and a 9 hour time difference, I searched for the antidote to jet lag. Enter Timeshifter! Cautiously optimistic, I input my flight info. The app generated an easy to follow plan detailing when to go to sleep, when to wake up, when to nap, when to drink caffeine and when to avoid it. I also opted in for the melatonin usage, although the app indicates that melatonin isn’t required to avoid jet lag. I followed the plan to a T round trip and I am thrilled to report, I did not experience symptoms of jet lag. What? I’m still blown away. 10/10 would recommend if you are looking to avoid jet lag.
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1 year ago, RoxyFan
Like To Sleep On Long Flights
Have used the app for two long trips. It was okay, but didn’t notice dramatically different results from just toughing it out. The biggest drawback for me has to do with the flight itself. Because we’re older (77), sitting upright in sardine can conditions is a non-starter. I have some history of blood clots in legs but am otherwise quite fit. Compression socks are super uncomfortable. So, we splurge on business class and pick flights that are during our normal sleeping time so we can just lay flat, take a pill, and wake up at our destination. This has gone completely against what Timeshifter was telling us to do. But we followed all the other instructions before and after the flight as much as is possible. Perhaps this major disruption of the prescribed routine was the cause of our poor results. Perhaps a feature could be built in to the app that would allow user to sleep away the boring hours of a very long flight without disrupting the program too much?
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5 years ago, Kaydee Monty
When your flights cancelled
So I began following Timeshifter to the T days before my trip took off. One thing I wasn’t expecting was to have my flight turned around in route because a guy on my plane had a heart attack. That delayed my flight by a day and threw my Timeshifter calendar off. I was freaking out and tried reaching out via message in the app. They weren’t very helpful. I was surprised to find however that I still had an insignificant amount of jet lag! It worked great. I guess the days of time I had out in paid off in the long run and the one days hiccup hadn’t altered me. I’m flying back now and had another flight delay due to poor weather 😵. Because of this my plans are off again. I’ll see how it works. My advice would be be prepared to PAY for this app because chances are your trip will change-it’s life! But it’s also worth it if you fly a lot.
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5 years ago, jgrant987
You Can’t Lose
I first saw this app at a business travel conference, as I’m in that industry. Before giving it out to the travelers I manage, I wanted to try it for myself. I was doing a one-week work trip to Spain from USA. It was so easy to accurately set my flights that the trip was set up in 30 seconds. It then started sending me reminders in advance of what to do for reducing jet lag (it told me, “in 30 minutes, see some bright daylight,” for example. I did as close as I could with the plan, but not perfectly. It helped me re-adjust my body so that there was no yawning during meetings and so on. I consider that a success. I will use the app for a two-day trip to China next week and expect it will be just as efficient. And the support when I have chat questions is excellent. It couldn’t make it any worse - I recommend trying it.
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5 months ago, mmcjk
Unrealistic and Impossible Suggestions
My chief complaints are that it recommends infeasible and impossible ideas. It recommended sleeping in to times that would make me miss flights. It also recommended I get sunlight when the sun was far gone into the evening. It also recommends timing melatonin too late, against sleep doctors recommendations of 2-3 hours before bed— the app would say 1 hour before bed. For the most part the notions are pretty simple— adjust your sleep by 1 hour at a time starting a few days before your trip. To me the app isn’t worth the cost of that already known premise. I’m glad I had a free trial. I could imagine for those that don’t want to think about the complexities of a many weeks or months long trip across many times zones that this would be helpful to consolidate that planning in an easy fed-to-you manner. If I was doin 5 time zones all over 5 hours apart in a single month—I might consider the app.
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11 months ago, KFN788
Really works
I did my best to follow this app for a recent trip and did notice my jet lag was significantly better. I didn’t have a lot of the normal side effects and I didn’t have to be perfect to get good results. It was really helpful on the actual travel days when it provided some structure and guidance on how to get through those long flights without feeling worse for wear. It also is more personalized than I was expecting. Finally, I want to shout out the pricing structure. You can subscribe, but if you’re an infrequent traveler, you can pay $10 for a personalized jet lag plan (first plan is free). Anyone trying to cut down on subscriptions will appreciate the pay-as-you-go model. The app is pretty, functional, and simple to use. I think it’s good value and will be using it in the future.
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5 years ago, Stelios_K
Goodbye Jet Lag! Great Design, easy to use and it works
Tried out Time Shifter after a friend of mine highly recommended it. Being a frequent traveler and living in NY... every trip back to Europe was followed by a hideous 3 day, zombie-like, mid conversation dozing off, jet lag. After trying everything from Boise canceling headphones, over dosing on coffee, use sleep pills and much more... I Had nothing to lose but TimeShifter a shot. Long story short. IT WORKS! Arrived in Europe and was up and about. Obviously one has to follow in order for it to work. Although I didn’t stick 100% to eat because life happens, it worked. I felt a tiny bit of tiredness the day of arrival but back on top of the world in the morning. I highly recommend trying it. The next test run will be traveling to Australia... if the Jetlag can be avoided here as well... sign me up for a lifetime membership please!
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5 years ago, 1010TSJS
Fantastic App for Travelers
I can’t recall where I heard about the Timeshifter app but it has been fantastic! I often take 7-10 day trips to Europe. Before using this app, I’d be on a new time zone just long enough to start to get acclimated and then find myself back home and severely jet lagged. Now, we’ve all experienced the not so subtle jabs of coworkers who didn’t get to take vacation when we returned from our trip tired and barely functional. Not anymore! No one can even tell that I left the country. I come back and hit the ground running. It’s easy to use and best of all...it really works! Sure, sometimes I look funny wearing my blue-blocking or sunglasses at the prescribed times but I’d rather that than the feeling of jet lag and lack of productivity of the past. I’m sold and have a been touting the benefits of this app to friends and flight attendants.
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2 years ago, FujoSana
Really works! But could get even better.
This app does what it says. Even if you can't follow the "prescription" to a T, it still helps in overcoming jet lag. If I were to rate the importance of the different items, I would say the caffeine planning is by far #1. The melatonin and light recommendations are 2 and 3 respectively, only because the light recommendations are often difficult to follow in the "real world". I have used this app on trips from South America to Africa, Asia to South America, and every direction and every locatoin in between. The big piece that is missing is meal timing. There is quite a bit of research on food and circadian rythm. It would be great to have eat/fast recommendations included, perhaps parameterized by the users tolerance for different lengths of fasting. That would make this a slam dunk!
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5 years ago, ShannonKelsey
Worked amazing!
I’ve never written a review on an app before, but I knew I had to for this one. I had never been out of the country and was headed to Paris which is a 9 hour time difference. I do really terrible with no sleep, so I knew I had to do something to help beat jet lag. Before I left I followed this pretty religiously and to my surprise I experienced zero jet lag! We landed at 8 am and had a full day ahead so granted I was still exhausted, but I slept through the night and was perfectly fine the next day. On the way home I didn’t follow it as closely because my schedule was jam packed and it wanted me to sleep until 11 am when I had to be at the airport at noon, which just wasn’t realistic. Regardless, even following it a little bit seemed to really help! I will definitely be paying to use this on any future trips abroad.
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5 years ago, travelluvver
Great app, easy to follow and IT WORKS!
I just completed an 18 hour flight to and from Singapore, spending a week there. I conscientiously followed the app’s recommendations on when to sleep, when to have caffeine, when to ensure that I was exposed to bright light or/and ambient light, and (with the help of a few sleeping aids at night since I’m a poor sleeper in any time zone :-)), I did not experience any jet lag. Especially on the return trip, I didn’t want to sleep when the app said to sleep, but I did, and I’m feeling really OK and it’s almost bedtime now. I also did not experience any tiredness in the middle of the afternoon, no hangover feeling when I woke up, both things I’ve experienced when doing this trip in the past. My traveling companions and I really think it’s great to have traveled so comfortably. TRY IT!!!! You won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, samiam 1972
Excellent Results
Timeshifter was recommended to me by my cousin who travels a good bit and I used the complimentary first trip for my last international itinerary from Atlanta to Paris. I followed the advice and guidelines presented by the app regarding (1) light, (2) caffeine, and (3) sleep time using melatonin (as closely as I could given the hour of my flight to Parus), and I was amazed to find that I had little or no jet lag during my first day back at work yesterday. Usually, international travel from west to east kills me and it takes me three or four days to get over it. With Timeshifter, it was as if I didn’t even have a time change. The only negative for me is the price, which I find a little high ($25 for an annual subscription or $10 per trip), but since I travel this route a few times a year, I might just make the investment. Bravo.
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5 years ago, HowdyDonut
Incredible. Zero jet lag.
This app is absolutely incredible. You enter your flight details and preferences for adjusting your schedule (whether or not you want to take melatonin, etc.) and the app produces a plan. The plan is straightforward and easy to follow with pictures that communicate when to sleep, when to see light, etc., all aligned with your flight plan! I used this app on work travel from Texas to Kenya, and even though there was an 8 hour time difference, I felt none of it on either leg of the trip!!! It was amazing because I needed to be alert upon arrival. I’ll also add that I had some questions before my departure, and the team has an in-app feature to chat with them to which they respond within a couple hours! Great team and incredible app. I will be using this from here on out!
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6 years ago, Jdreese
It really works!
I travel a lot and there are all sorts of tricks folks recommend to manage jet lag - I was looking for something that was actually proven in an research type of way (I’m a technical guy). I tried Timeshifter on my recent trip from Houston to Guam since I was crossing dateline - i plugged in my flight schedules and dates for the trip and it gave me a nice detailed plan when steps to take each day (including days prior to travel and after return). It also sent me me regular notifications of each step while I was on the trip What I found was that if you follow the recommended sleep times, light, and caffeine intake/avoids - it really made jet lag a non-event. I didn’t quite follow it religiously - I might miss the sleep times by an hour or so and light recommendations are sometimes not easily accomplished BUT even with this effort I found myself easily adjusting to time zones and more importantly the return home was really easy. My colleagues were all dragging about and saying I’m so tired - I was like I’m not - let’s work! So I guess you can called me a true believer in timeshifter and will use it in my long trips always. PS I asked several questions along the way and I always go a response from them very quickly - that’s nice
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11 months ago, ArtD675
Unreal! I'm a believer!
I'm 62 years old and am very sensitive to changes in schedule and travel especially. One trip two years ago to Europe was a nightmare for two weeks - I just couldn't adjust. At my wife's encouragement, I tried timeshifter for a trip from the US to the Philippines. I followed the program as closely as I could and the result was nothing less than miraculous. I EXPERIENCED ZERO ENERGY DIPS while I was in the Philippines from Day one! In the past, I would have moments where I had energy and the next moment Id'd feel like I would die if I didn't get rest - that NEVER HAPPENED ONCE on this trip and it was a 12-Hour shift! I am a timeshifter evangelist and am telling everyone I know to use it. Thank you for creating such an amazing program.
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3 years ago, Kiesla
36+ hours of travel across 12 time zones - NO Jetlag
At first I thought “no way this is going to work,” but I figured there was no loss in trying. Afterall, this was my honeymoon and I wanted to minimize my jet-lag. Boy was I happy I used Timeshifter!!! (My wife chose not too. “No way an app will work,” oh boy does she regret it) I travel a lot for work and get minor jet lag just going across the US. This time, we were literally as far from home as we could get without going to Antartica. Our one way travel was 36+ hours, across 12 time zones and just one out of three flights was 17.5 hours. ZERO jet lag when we arrived and easily gained back an extra 1.5 days that would have been lost to jet-lag. Even more impressive, and to be honest, I was a little hung over when we left for home and I still had ZERO jet-lag when I got home (40+ hours later). The next day, I was back at my desk with client meetings at 8 am and feeling great! Unfortunately my wife elected to be the “control group” and is battling horrible jet lag. Unable to move. This app will stay in my Travel routine. Will absolutely swear by it. Thank you Timeshifter for gaining back time and allowing me to enjoy our destination honeymoon to its full extent!!
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4 years ago, C.Foxwood
It Really Worked!
I had a 23 hour flight from the East Coast to Australia in January, the longest segment of the trip was 15 hours. Learned about Timeshifter through an magazine article and gave a try. I had problems setting up my initial flight on the app and lost my free trial. I contacted Timeshifter and Tony promptly replied and assisted me through the setup and restore by free trial. Once setup, the app was easy to follow, with various alerts telling me when to adjust my exposure to light and when to sleep and nap to aclimate to the 16 hour time differentce between the US East Coast and Australia. I followed the program as best I could. Though I have near flown this long, I was pleasantly surprised, I was alert and pretty well adjusted to the time difference with insignifcant jet lag. I think it really worked!
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5 years ago, fffffjjjjejejebduehd
This is a game changer
I can’t remember how I found this app but we recently had a trip to Europe so decided to give it a try. I have been many times and always suffered jet lag both directions. My husband had never been overseas. We followed the plan pretty closely. It was harder to follow once we got on the plane but we did the best we could. I was a little sleepy when we arrived because I didn’t sleep well on the plane. But I wasn’t exhausted. We went to bed at the recommended time. The next day NO JET LAG. I kept thinking it would show up but it never did! We did the same for the return trip and also had no jet lag. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t know how great the app is because he has now not experienced jet lag. This is a great app! Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.
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5 years ago, Sschow
Follow the plan and it REALLY works
I have used this app 3 times now for trips from the US to Asia (+15 hour time change). It is fairly difficult to follow the plan to a T, but the more you follow it the better it works. For my trip to Hong Kong I woke up my first night there at 7am ready to seize the day and never had a backslide. My most recent trip I was unable to follow the plan very well and I had a more difficult time adjusting. The hardest part is avoiding/seeing light at the right times but that is the most crucial! Wearing sunglasses indoors until noon on the day before your trip is a small price to pay. Oh, and the $10 per trip (since I only take 1 trip per year) but it’s worth paying the $10 vs pounding energy drinks to stay awake all day! Give it a try and you’ll never go back.
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2 years ago, Kashalot
Game changer!
I’ve been doing something similar to what this app does for about a year. Trying to time my food intake and sleep pattern immediately before and during the overseas travel to help me adjust to the local time zone. Saw the difference. But this app takes it to a whole new level! Makes it easy to consider and control additional variables such as light exposure and caffeine intake to make the transition super smooth! I live on the west coast of the US and used the app while traveling to Belgrade, Serbia. Today is my fourth day in Serbia and I was never even close to crashing since I’ve been here. All my work meetings were smooth and I’m feeling fully adjusted now. Wow! Highly recommended for anyone traveling across time zones.
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5 years ago, Lindsey785
This app is a lifesaver!!
I recently traveled to Geneva (9 hour time difference) for a work trip. I downloaded this app and used my free trip (skeptically) on the advice of a European colleague. It wasn’t complicated, but suggested that I get light (or not have caffeine) at times I wouldn’t have normally done so. I felt so good upon my arrival in Geneva that I went for a run and slept the whole night on night one (which has never been the case on previous trips to Europe)! The ONLY sign of jet lag that whole week was a slight difficulty sleeping at night...next time I might take the melatonin suggestions. But I felt alert and awake all day through several days of work meetings and then came home and felt terrific from day one back home. I will never travel long distances without this app again!
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3 years ago, lisalee133
A very helpful app!
Used thjs app on a trip to/from Atlanta- Hawaii. More than 12 hours in air travel with 3 hour layovers each way in Seattle. 6 time zones. The app flawlessly walked me through when to avoid light, when to sleep, when to use caffeine, when to make sure I was taking in as much light as possible. It gave me reminders that were very helpful. I'd previously used Ehret's Overcoming Jet Lag for the same purpose and it had helped as well, but it is a bit more involved and doesn't have an app! The app is a game-changer. I had very little jet lag either coming or going; it was a non-factor. Very pleased to have had this app recommended to me and plan to use it anytime I have to cross time zones in travel.
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9 months ago, WSP2020
TimeShifter Really Works
I am a physician. I read the foundational research used in this app in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine some years ago. Too complicated to use that data raw but perfect for an app. Well this is it. I have now used it four times - to/from SE Asia in Feb and to/from Spain in Sept. Worked well every time even though I could not follow it perfectly. My wife, a technology skeptic, did not use it. I was WAY less jet lagged every time. I highly recommend. I used to use the Argonne jet lag diet the military supposedly uses but with only minimal benefit. This is much better. Maybe I’ll combine the two next time. Buy the full year subscription for $25, not the one trip (one way not round trip) version for $10.
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4 years ago, Seahorse One
Yes it Works!
I recently completed a month long trip that included legs from the west coast of the US to Australia and back. I followed the instructions about 90% on the way there and about 80% on the way back. I had little to no jet lag the way there, a bit more on the way back but I actually used that to my advantage because I needed to get up at 3:30am anyway to drive to Los Angeles and arrive before traffic hours. I work for myself from home so it was less difficult to do the light restriction part in the mornings two days prior to departure that involved closing drapes and wearing sunglasses than if you worked in a typical office environment. Did I mention how tough it is to read a computer screen with sunglasses on? 😉 I will use for future trips, absolutely!
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2 months ago, DreamWeaverFun
I never write reviews for an app but had to for this one. I recently travelled from the west coast of the US to Vietnam for a two week vacation. I was nervous about being jet lagged and missing parts of the trip or being too tired to enjoy them. I put my info in to the app - followed the plan almost exactly and had no significant jet lag there or upon returning to home. I will always use this app for long distance travel and have been telling everyone I know about it. My buddy did the same trip 6 months ago without the app and experienced significant jet leg the first couple days there and for about a week after returning. Simply put - follow the plan and enjoy the trip jet lag free!!!
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3 months ago, Wedge18
I’m sold
I started using this program a couple of years before it became available via an app. To the extent that I follow it, I get excellent results. I use it mostly for vacations. I usually follow the pre-travel program rigorously before outbound travel but not very well before return travel; I give higher priority to enjoying my vacation. Particularly impressive was my experience when I spent 35 hours, and two overnight flights, traveling from Seattle to Botswana. My first afternoon in Botswana I took a game tour with some tourists who were amazed that I had just arrived and was functioning normally. I had gone to Botswana to work and had scheduled a recovery day before starting work. The recovery day was quite unnecessary.
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4 months ago, ATLDeniseH
I’m Telling Everyone About This!
This easy to use app worked great on a trip from ATL-LAX-SYD and return from AKL-LAX-ATL! I found the app very easy to use, and the suggestions for sleep, caffeine, light, dark were straightforward and really not disruptive to my normal routine. I can sleep on a plane but my husband cannot, yet we both arrived in Sydney feeling great, with NO jet lag. We napped a couple hours only because the app suggested it. Then we were feeling good for the rest of the trip. Of course we used it on the way home. We were both a bit more tired on the way home, maybe because it was hard to follow light/dark/caffeine prompts when going from hotel to airport, in the airport, and our seats were more cramped on the return flight. But still, I was dreading the long travel and Time Shifter definitely helped! I turned on notifications and loved the reminders like to “avoid bright light as much as possible next 3 hours”. It was kind of fun sitting at home drinking coffee till 1p with the shades down, lights off, and sunglasses on, LOL. I used it for one trip free and I’m definitely buying it for future trips.
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