Tires Plus

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Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tires Plus

4.82 out of 5
4K Ratings
4 months ago, Mustafe oday
Tire plus is the best
I really admired how well tire plus do what ever you need, one day in the past, I brought acar that I bought that days from dealer, they inspected it and they told me that there is something wrong with this car’s engine and it was true really, I brought it back to the dealer and I get an other one. So I would like to say, you can trust tire plus.
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9 months ago, Glorious Black
Scheduling doesn’t actually work
I tried to schedule an appointment this morning for an oil change, only to get a call back later saying that the appointment system didn’t actually set anything up. Worse, there weren’t even appointments available today! What’s the point of having this on the app if it doesn’t even apply. To add insult to injury, when I decided to just call a different store to see about scheduling another appointment for today, I was able to do so… but when I arrived at the appointed time, it turns out the number listed for the store just goes to a scheduling line who don’t have access to the stores’ records! So yeah, I drove all the way to other store only to be told they had no availability for the next few days. I guess you just have to pray that there’s actually available times for oil changes.
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8 months ago, pizza gone wrong!
The customer isn’t right! Again !!
My wife made an appointment to get two new tires and a alignment on her vehicle. Upon arrival and greeted by the counter staff was told her appointment was for the following day. Which is incorrect, and she disputed that and continued to discuss what she is requesting to be addressed. When she went to pick up her vehicle she asked the counter staff if the alignment was done and couldn’t verify that it was completed. She did get a print out of the alignment that is illegible , the courtesy check list but he could not produce a receipt for the purchase of the tires when asked . Makes me wonder if this place is over charging customers for services not rendered.
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1 year ago, Pd Mutti
Know mileage offhand
App is great except the requirement you know your mileage offhand as you are making an appointment. Maybe an option for “high mileage vehicle”, “middle range”, and “low mileage”. People know off hand if the car is new or barely driven OR old & has gone lots of miles. Since the issue is really about things that are related to high vrs low mileage, and not really the exact number. Other than that the app is just great. 4 stars.
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4 months ago, 24steve
Good app!
I like this app. I can make appointments for whatever service I need at whatever location and time that works for me. Good prices and discounts. Personally I’ve never had a problem with this company.
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3 years ago, Edenfinn
Poor design
I was able to import my previous service records which is a huge plus. Oil change interval is shown as 5,000 miles but manufacturer recommends 10,000. I would prefer to set my own at 8,000 miles which seems to be a good number also for tire rotation. I would also like to set a ‘clean starting point, instead of the various mileages for each little checkup. Who’s going to bring in a vehicle for a checkup in between oil changes anyhow. What would work for me is A) customer-specified service interval, and B) list of services due at that point, based on manufacturer’s recommendations. That would include all recommendations since last service. Those two things would make this app quite useful.
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2 years ago, Diva2Max
Setting Appointments
I have been using Tires Plus since 2016 and enjoy the service, but I wish the appointment setting could be easier and provide a complete service. I have only had 1 appointment come through during the entire time I’ve been a customer.
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2 months ago, Hendersontam
Great customer service and support!
Everytime I bring my car the front end customer service team is wonderful. Always willing to help! You guys Rock!
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1 year ago, Darien08
Tires plus
Makes everything easy for me to get my car fixed and schedule appointment
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3 months ago, BradLee W
Great place, great service, just don’t use the app.
The app does not show correct available appointment times, it does not show correct tire prices, and it does not submit any of the tire information as you have entered it. Luckily Cory at Tires Plus in Shalimar, FL is incredibly knowledgeable and an experienced communicator. Thank you Cory for fixing everything that the app did incorrectly. I will be sure to call the store in the future.
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1 year ago, Yanina Lopez
Best place !
I will fully recommend the service here , no lies everything up front , the prices might be a little high but the service is the best !
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3 months ago, guitarman477
Awsome service
Able to schedule ,work done with no issues
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1 year ago, illwillsag
On it!
I’ve had major issues with my mail Jeep but, these guys never cease to amaze me! They almost always have the cheapest prices and are very efficient!! Great job!
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2 years ago, Fatjoe11
Performance Ford Mustang 50 Years
They scan the diagnostic computer and update the error data on the vehicle. Replacement coil and spark plug for increased power and high performance.
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1 year ago, onlineorderParker
Mustang Tires Plus
I drive from OKC to this location BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST!!! The manager RYAN and his crew of guys ARE SIMPLY the best! I never feel like I get screwed over when I go there like I have at other locations. TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE AND TOLLS!!!!!
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2 years ago, boyfromthedwarf9
Terrible design
Zero people want an intro video or whatever that was. Then you try to turn on notifications. I say "no". Then you ask through iOS anyways, I say no again. Then you say "Hey you can turn our spam on in settings"... Smh. No means no. And on top of that, YOU DON'T ALLOW PASSWORD MANAGERS? What is your problem? I'm asking this seriously, this is not rhetorical.
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3 months ago, saSALMO23
Kia 2020
Kia’s mechanics are professional and take care of my car’s needs. They keep you updated and are honest. I highly recommend Kia of DeLand
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1 year ago, Tracy Tobias
Excellent customer service… very friendly and helpful..Thanks for all you do!!
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4 months ago, VAGemini84
It’s the app, not the store
I love the convenience of booking on the app, but I’ve never been able to look up car service maintenance. It always says try again later, something went wrong.
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1 year ago, USS Enterprise 21
Thanks to the Tires Plus app for quick service appointment enrollment. Over easy to use and 5% to boot. All puns intended.
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2 years ago, Ll Cool W
Every time I go to tire plus I am assured of getting good service. What I really like is their honesty!
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1 year ago, JoyLove01
No amount
The app does not show you prices
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7 months ago, DexterGlass
I can count on the services provided.
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3 months ago, kenny94guerrero
Can’t access credit cards
I was able to look at my credit card once through this app. After that it wouldn’t let me.
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1 year ago, AP-Salem
It is a welcome opportunity be able to schedule appointments on line.
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2 months ago, Heather n Thao
Awesome Team
I really appreciate how much they care about their customers! Thanks Ron!
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2 months ago, Lopez 365
Honest and detailed.
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3 years ago, eevenfl
I agree that you should be able to make a payment through the app. However, many of the criticisms of the app are unfounded by people who don’t know what they are doing.
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4 months ago, Steven Benson
Great app
This app is great
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1 year ago, J.R. Black
App is garbage. Hasn’t synced for two years now. Won’t connect to download service records anymore. Completely worthless even having it anymore.
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6 months ago, Boogydown1849
App and store miscommunication
There seems to be a lapse between the app scheduling and the service center causing scheduling issues
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1 year ago, schwike
Doesn’t work
Go into scheduling and the app continues to tell me that there is a error!! Waste of time to have. I will delete ASAP!!
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1 year ago, aljimy2g
Service Delay
Due to lack of personal at store I’ve been waiting 3 days to replace my tire.
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5 years ago, pomdahl
Service History
I want to be able to export my service History but the app does not have the capability. The app needs to have this capability so all users can have their own service history exported and save to an external source. Overall the app lacks in usability since it hovers under 2.5 stars. You would think the developer would focus on this and make improvements to aid users. Until improvements are made based on feedback the app is just so-so
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12 months ago, Leek mike waste
Vroom vroom
It’s not bad to use 📝
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9 years ago, Wire3939
It's easy to setup an appointment, it just asks for two dates (primary and second choice) and emails you a confirmation. Easy to import your service records (it uses your phone number to match records). This is convenient for easily looking up your mileage at the last service. Just beware that although the app has coupons, and you can schedule an appointment right from a coupon, the pricing doesn't carry through to the store. I assumed it would, but had to open the app and show which coupon I wanted applied in order to get a discount.
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9 years ago, Chuck73839376
Great app!
Great app!! I would suggest you create a section to send notifications about reminders such as an oil change, tire rotations, brakes, etc based on the service records. I know they email this out, but it would be very effective to have within the app because then we can just make appointments from those reminders!! Overall, great app and I recommend to anyone who services their car at tires plus.
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10 years ago, Robert768
Very useful!
I use this app to track my service records and can see all my service history. It is much better than anything else I have tried. Another bonus is that you have easy access to coupons for your service as well. Great app and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses tires plus for their vehicles.
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7 years ago, Eskimo74
Easy to use and nice to track
It's nice to use this to take care of care maintenance, tracking, and more. Friendly customer service as well both over the phone and in the store.
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9 years ago, Boobiesmakemesmile
Getting better still needs improvement
The app is getting better but still needs a few more upgrades like a notification through the app when you schedule an appointment. I think it should show your appointment and send an alert instead of having the confirmation come through your email
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4 years ago, mprentice
If only there was a zero stars rating available
This app has been faulty for well over a 2 years. Scheduled time is 1hr off, schedule on the app for 2:30 and the store gets 1:30. How hard can it be for a company like Tires Plus to put a little investment in their app to correct the time! I’ve selected times that show open, only to get a call from the store that the time isn’t available. Maintenance records aren’t retained. Garbage app. You would thing Bridgestone would invest a little money in an app that works.
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4 years ago, Realtorinpalmbeachcounty
Used to be good, not anymore
I’ve been a Tires Plus customer for years and always used the app for coupons but more important, to track and look up service history. All of the sudden, that feature doesn’t show up. I also used it for tax purposes at the end of the year. The app says check your history page but nothing to click on nor is there any option for it. I don’t need the app since I get mailings on specials, so why have it anymore. I am so disappointed.
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8 years ago, Jojomom123
It works!!
I really like this app. It keeps all the maintenance info for our cars!!! I just wish it didn't change the date when I need to update!!! P.S. For the other review that says the info wouldn't download on the new phone: the info needs to be backed up first on the older phone & then restored on the new one!!! 😀
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11 years ago, HTM07
More than I expected!
Nice that I can download any & all services performed on my vehicles and they are accurate! The parking reminder is also very helpful! Especially after a long day at Disney World! Took me right there.
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11 years ago, kta88
Awesome! All service history
Just put in the phone number you use at the store and....viola!! Its all there. Anything & everything you have ever had done to that car! Genius! A+
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6 years ago, yotg2006
1st to review updated version...
4 Stars only because I just recently download this app & haven't used it enough to toss a '5 Star' on here... It could very well be a 5 Star app... Looks sharp, has all the bells & whistles w/ all the options...time will tell, but my gut says this is probably a good app... ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🤞🏻
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11 years ago, Your Bapu
Next generation stuff
Everything you need to keep your car running smooth is here in this app
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4 years ago, TLC1280
On three different occasions now I have made an appointment through the app and I get to the store and they have no record of my appointment. Very frustrating when you’re trying to take care of stuff on your lunch break and then drive all the way over there for nothing because it’s a two hour wait.
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6 years ago, Ballin on budget
Service when needed
I don't like credit cards but this one card I'll use because you don't know when your car will give out on you.
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11 years ago, GM9999GM
Needs to allow export/e-mail capability for vehicle maintenance history, as well as mileage and it will be a 5 * app. A graph to show the mileage status on a timeline would be awesome but not necessary for 5* and certainly not expected in the free app :).
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