Toll Calculator GPS Navigation

4.7 (19.4K)
13.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
InfoTalk LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toll Calculator GPS Navigation

4.69 out of 5
19.4K Ratings
7 years ago, JmRr2011
Wonderful apps
This is one of the first 5 apps I running , is the most accurate tolls and route, having option to easy get your trip, just need one upgrade to be perfect,. “Need to create the possibility to add stops on the main map and calculate the entire route” hope they can make that posible. Thanks a lot for what you do for us. Wonderful work. A+ and I powerful recommended this app to everyone.
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7 years ago, Smith and wesson
Tolls are not available
I got this app to calculate the cost of a toll road I took or intend to take. It won’t allow me to switch routes TO a toll road. I have the settings properly adjusted to include toll roads. I work in different places every week and I have to include the cost of tolls so I can be reimbursed. Many times -where I live -it is much quicker to use toll roads. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to be adding in my head the tolls as I go along. I emailed them and he told me that I can’t adjust my route but just pick something close to where I’m going. And asked why would I want to take a toll road?? I never would have bought this app had I known that! This is just like google maps which are free! Waste of $$
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7 years ago, Nonagzone
Not always accurate
This is a good tool in guessing how much money did take up for tolls before a trip. Not always accurate but it is close. I must've missed the part where the app is auto renewed each quarter. I was just intending to try it I did it was not going to renew it but was surprised when I saw another charge on my credit card thank you very much. Also when asked to write a review they will not send you to the app to do a review unless you say it's going to be a positive review. If you say you don't like it they send you to do an email.. How cheesy is that
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4 years ago, stopaskingfornickne
Only one that works for me
Get tolls either way and correct for the days I travel- using for rental maintenance a d works better than all others. Only problem is that I cannot figure out how to download the app icon onto my phone
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7 years ago, Elmonstro78
All I got to say it that this app is on point with any tolls. I travel a lot(New York,Cleveland,Virginia,Maryland, and Chicago) and where ever I go I can count on this app to let me know how much in tolls it will be. There are even other things you can do like in google maps, but just this lets you know where n how much are the tolls.
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7 years ago, I90W
This app has been vary helpful for me to plan my route through the East,It helped me predict and decide the most affordable way to a destination,I don't like surprises when it comes to my pocket and time on the road,It has been a vary helpful tool to my trade
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3 years ago, Jehmilu
Someone, Somewhere is paying attention to help truck drivers…
Someone, Somewhere is paying attention to help truck drivers…
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6 years ago, Big....H
Wrong road a 25hr speed
I need the best possible way to get where I’m going and this map thanks it’s a good funny idea to go through a 25 miles an hour speed zone that’s not getting it me there I’m gonna might as well just get on a turtle I can least get there faster maybe
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2 years ago, Fourwheels!
The app functions as advertised but doesn’t offer much in the way of frills and whistles. The UI could use an overhaul to be a bit more intuitive and present information in a cleaner way. With all that being said, this app will certainly cover anyones needs to calculate tolls .
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4 years ago, Kastagire
Used to be a nice tool...
I liked this tool when I first downloaded it a few years ago, now the free version is so inundated with intrusive, timed ads it’s no longer useful. If it was an occasional ad and then purchase to upgrade to use the more in-depth functions to specify my vehicle, number of axles, etc I would gladly pay the upgrade fee, but you can’t even get a good feel for how the app works because of all the ads.
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2 years ago, battson34
Quick and Helps a lot
I like that it’s quick, so when you are having to make fast decisions you can.
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11 months ago, coolbadguyyes
You should add option where I can put few more areas for directions that would be nice.
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7 years ago, pljnovak
Accurate every time I've used it
I've only used this app a handful of times but every time I have used it the dollar amount has been spot on. Very happy with it.
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2 years ago, Uber Express
New York Trip
I was pleased to see how much the total cost us our trip to the Big City would cost before going.
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7 years ago, lexpost
Nice road trip planning aid
Easy to use for my next road trip, picking route, budgeting tolls, best times to hit the booth. I don’t do as much road tripping as I used to but very handy to have when do.
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7 years ago, riverdolphin
Accurate and Easy To Use
I have use this application several times and I have found it to be accurate. This was a good buy.
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6 years ago, Dj11725640
This is the best way to find out how much you going to spend I just would like it to work as a map as well will be much better
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7 years ago, Kevergon
For truckers
Excuse me, the routes for truckers does have Warnings of Low Clearance Bridges? Below 13”6’? Also routes that says No trucks allow? Or something like that? Please answer my question.
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3 years ago, Hughro
Hard to access
I thought I had paid my subscription but when I try to use it it tells me to open Apple maps. . When I do that nothing happens. So I can’t use my toll finder.
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7 years ago, Asttiac
Good app but it doesn’t have one important feature
Good app but it doesn’t have one important feature: You can’t adjust your route, they offer couple routes and you can’t change it. It’s bad. And this app non-accurate sometimes
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7 years ago, Priscilla0819
Love the app! Works fast and gives great route options. Worth the money. Only wish it can open the same route when opening your navigator but overall, awesome!
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6 years ago, Ivan9788896
Used the app which I paid for. Showed me no tolls, paid $150 instead.
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7 years ago, Toll hater
Toll help
After paying like $30 (surprise!) to drive in Oklahoma this app worked well. Only used a couple times but so far so good. One weird tip though... Change app icon pic- it looks too much like Apple maps and I keep hitting wrong button LOL
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4 years ago, Abhay0305
Very nice but should include ez pass option and GW bridge not included
The app is nice but would be nice if it included ez pass option. Also, some tolls, like George Washington Bridge toll is not included while coming from NJ to Manhattan.
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5 years ago, Redbull623
Ad scam
Downloaded it because of the reviews but it doesnt function at all. Ads pop up but you cannot exit out of them no matter how many times you press the X or how long you wait. Ive reinstalled the app and restarted my phone, all it does is play an ad and freeze on it.
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6 years ago, rqbassman
Doesn’t do it’s core function (Dallas, TX)
Living in Dallas, toll roads are almost essential to get around the vast suburbia. None of the toll road exits (DNT, Bush, etc) even show up on this app. Those that do, have outdated pricing. They do show pricing for many of the primary all-lane scanners (Ex: Parker/DNT, Bush/Coit), but north of 121 = no pricing. Tex-press = no pricing. Sam Rayburn (121 Tollway) = no pricing. On top of that, it costs $3. Hard pass!
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2 years ago, devlin mccoy
Great awesome gps app better than Apple Maps
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6 years ago, Jessicamd6479
Much needed truck routes
Love the app but I wish they had truck routes built in.
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5 years ago, E rection!
Life was a dull bore before i found this app! Im driving all over the place and you ask “ at what price?”. I had no answer to these questions! It took a TOLL on me!! It really affected me down deep! I needed answers!! And now by golly i have them!! The day of confusion are over!!
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7 years ago, xmtheog
Great app if you need to know how much a toll is
It tells me the right amount for each toll. So it's great for me
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3 years ago, Jwestfall
Great for planning ahead
Estimated $12 in tolls for our trip and it was exactly right!
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5 years ago, DrCraze
Pretty much useless
A bit of bait and switch: appears to be a free useful tool until you get into the app and discover that to compare routes (which is what many people would want a toll calculator app for), you must upgrade to a monthly subscription.
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6 years ago, Lutzbone
Works great!
This app is great! The only thing I wish they’d add is toll discount programs such as the NY Green Pass which I have. Other than that, totally worth the $3/year.
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6 years ago, crazy redneck expediter
Nice app
A nice app that gives you a quick and simple rough estimate on what your tolls will be
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7 years ago, Н198706533457
Good job!
I use it all time to calculate my travel expenses, cool app, thank u.
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5 years ago, DmitryDenisov
All tolls on map
That would be a good idea to highlight ALL tolls on the map. May be even on a separate page.
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6 years ago, App aborts using radar
Survey at map toll request.
Saves money in determining what route to takes. At times to bypass contested city traffic.
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6 years ago, Jdav1001101
Won’t let you switch if you want to switch to a toll route.
If I try to take a toll it wouldn’t let me and ask for upgrades. Very poor! Other apps like this one are much better and let me choose the different routes.
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9 months ago, Truck144180
Inaccurate because the route is not truck specific even after I paid for truck version
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3 years ago, covid4ever
UI Improvements = crashes
unable to open, immediately crashes
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4 years ago, xeeia
Bug (i) information icon
When you click on information Button ( i) it show you all toll details but u cannot go back to Route. What a silly mistake Correct this issue will buy app
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6 months ago, OGAMIK
On time
On time traffic
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1 year ago, @675/qtv
It used to be easy to calculate tolls to and from a location. Now your new and improved app makes it cumbersome and painful
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7 years ago, ALIKHAN1
Great app
This app has proven itself to be accurate and robust.
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5 years ago, Skip102
EZ pass toll fees
It is to difficult to get EZ pass toll rate vs cash or credit cards
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4 years ago, issak hass
Toll Calc
They’re cheaters don’t west your money on this company because the app they’re using is apple and google and you can’t use for rounding as semi truck drivers. Even I don’t think if it’s helpful for cars .so to me west of money.
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6 years ago, jjt57
Says it is free but you need to upgrade to get any information other than a car. It shows Trucks, RVs, Trailers etc but to use them you have to purchase the services.
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5 years ago, jeffy778
Way too
This app has WAY too many sponsors, every time I tried a new route search a ad popped up, you realize that’s not gonna draw people to that sponsor right? You’re just gonna annoy people.
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4 years ago, AVB Fan
Keeps crashing
The app keeps crashing
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5 years ago, JR Transportation
I have purchased this app for a livery purpose and the toll rates are completely wrong. I have sent 2 emails to customer support and haven’t heard back from them. I want my money back!!!
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