Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery

4.8 (53.8K)
289.8 MB
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Current version
Albertsons Companies, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery

4.82 out of 5
53.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Real Kish
Glitches sometimes
I love the app especially since I don’t get the paper sale ads anymore. I love the easy access to clipping the coupons. I dislike that I have to go through them individually. Why not just give the clipped deals to us automatically., that’s why I gave the app an 4 star. The older we get the less we want to have to do with apps. I know that’s the way of the world now but to make us older people have more convenience clipping coupons we don’t want to keep doing. It would be nice to go to the store give your phone number and automatically see the savings you didn’t know you were going to get ie… hey the Starbucks coffee had a $2 off savings and I didn’t have to do anything but provide my phone number because I’m one of the rewards recipient. Also why don’t Tom Thumb just go ahead and give us the free item on Wednesday instead of waiting for Saturday to offer us a freebie. If I have already did my grocery shopping Wednesday, I don’t have time and doesn’t want to go back to the store for one free item.
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3 years ago, CIMKAT5
Customer Service deserves a raise!
I’m finally able to use the app after 2 months of trying. I still think it was much better before. It was much easier to use, but I’m kind of stumbling around through the new app. Better than nothing I suppose. A big Kudos to the customer service agents who tried tirelessly to assist me. I didn’t expect them to be able to fix a broken app, but they tried every last option before passing it on to those who might be able to. Earlier today, one of those agents called me back to follow up and asked if I was able to use the app now. I had talked to her weeks ago on a call that lasted well over 45 minutes. I wish I could give her a commendation. She was so patient and helpful. So were all of the other agents I spoke with every time I called for assistance. I can’t imagine having to deal with all the upset people calling all day. They all should get a raise for taking the brunt of a mess they didn’t cause.
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3 years ago, Shannon2900
This new version is worthless
This updated version is completely horrible. You can no longer view your rewards as it shows you have zero. You can hardly ever clip a coupon, everything is catered to app online ordering only. If you are not ordering on the app that this is pretty worthless. It is the most un-user friendly app I have used in a long time. I love Tom Thumb, and I loved the old version, please get this fixed and make something more user-friendly. The old version I would have given five star review, this version barely deserves one star. Plus I’m always having to re-sign in and it doesn’t remember me and then it tells me my information is wrong. Please get this fixed
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11 months ago, Theeyesoftexas
Pharmacy almost unusable!!
The old pharmacy app worked fairly well. The new one is almost unusable. I need to manage prescriptions for my husband, adult son, and elderly father. They must each make an account before I can manage theirs. My father no longer has an email or a mobile number and you’re only allowed one person over 18 per email/phone. Therefore he can’t have an account. Many elderly couples share an email/phone:can only one of them have an account?? Why can’t the user control auto-refill for their prescriptions? That is not a privacy or legal issue. The old app sent me text messages with 1) customer name 2) drug name 3) amount due. The new one does NONE of this. I have permission for drug name but it’s still not there. No quantity is given so I can’t check GoodRX. The archive function doesn’t work. Notifications aren’t dated so you don’t know if it’s a new refill or one you’ve already picked up. I could go on and on. This is maddening! I’ve been a loyal Tom Thumb pharmacy customer for over 20 years but I’m seriously considering leaving. Please contact me for further information. I would love to be a part of the test group for any changes to the app.
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3 months ago, Jolly ol Saint
Worst Grocery/Pharmacy App in the Industry
I have had to uninstall, then reinstall this app more than 10 times to get it to work. I’m done. As others mentioned before the older app worked fine for users, especially for pharmacy. Often times you can’t even log in to navigate or the pharmacy section does not appear. The deals in the grocery portion don’t work when your in the store. And the rewards? I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and have never gotten any actual rewards. I have worked with customer service multiple times and after over a year, still the same issues. So the response will always be they will be working on fixes and improvements, but not a single change since the beginning. I have finally decided to move my whole entire families prescriptions elsewhere because this app is not reliable or functional the majority of the time. It’s a shame because the pharmacy staff is wonderful in the Lewisville location. Gonna miss them, but I need an app that actually works as I have many prescriptions to manage.
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11 months ago, [[[[[[[[[[[[[[:
Tom Thumb could do better
Update: The few times I have tried to place an order for pick up, I regret it every single time. It never fails that I end up getting charged double the price for the order, bc my items are substituted for other items that I did not ask for. I completely stopped shopping at Tom Thumb after their last major update to their app that was not userfriendly, which was really unfortunate bc Tom Thumb is my closes grocery store, but target and Walmart are just more convenient to shop. I recently tried coming back to Tom Thumb after more than a year of not shopping there and it is still not up to par with the online shopping of target and Walmart. Not even close. If you order a pick up order online, Tom Thumb does not start pulling your items until right before your pick up time. I ordered my groceries 3 days before my pick up day, by the time it was ready to pick up my order, my items were not ready and half of my order was canceled bc it had already sold out the past 3 days prior. Why are you selling the things I have already paid for!? Target and Walmart could never.
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3 years ago, dingo8528
New app updates are RIDICULOUS!
I hate the new updates. I can’t use the app unless it’s updated. It use to be when looking at the sale ad you could zoom in to read the fine print. Now you can’t. The scrolling down to see the next page is RIDICULOUS! The page breaks aren’t even visible. What’s the point of updating this app only to make it worst. Since the update, I haven’t tried using any other of the features I have found so helpful in the pass. Tell those GENIUSES to STOP trying to make things better, because they are not doing it. They only make it worst. I would love to see this update removed and revert back to an older version.
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5 years ago, Mittens01@
Awful updates!
I liked this app better when the “weekly ad” tab worked exactly like the “just for you” tab. I would go thru & add items to “my list” & on my list I could see the items from the weekly add & the offer & price. Now if I want to see the offer & price of an item I selected off of the weekly ad, I have to go back to the ad to see what they were. Since their atrocious “updates” I have not been able to use “my list” as before and have not been to the store as often as I would like to & have missed out on sales they’ve had. I guess one or more less customers do not matter to Tom Thumb.
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3 years ago, ppponk
Terrible home delivery
I have had my groceries delivered for about a year. When TT had their own delivery trucks service was great. Now the service is terrible they were suppose to leave bags on front step. Oh!! No!!! One bag was on the front step and each bag after that was placed behind that bag all the way down my sidewalk. I’m handicapped and requested my bags to be close. I had to wait hours until my daughter came by to bring them in. I had meat eggs and frozen food in the bags. I couldn’t even use my walker to get out side to put the bags on n roll to the kitchen. I’m terribly disappointed with TT! Their delivery service is -10 at this time. I’ve changed my order to competition only use TT for a couple of things.
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2 years ago, Submommy
Good app… but
The app itself is good. I have a problem how Tom Thumb wait until the weekend to offer the consumers a free item with clipped coupon and gives us two/three days to redeem it. If I have already did my shopping Wednesday or anytime through the week I don’t want to come back to Tom Thumb for a free item that they don’t have anyway. I wish you guys would back and include the free item along with the other digital coupons on Wednesdays when the new sale starts. Old people don’t have time to keep running to the store. :(
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1 month ago, DrLRon
Pharmacy section is useless!
When Tom Thumb had its standalone pharmacy app it worked perfectly. For years! Now, since it’s been incorporated into the grocery app it has become useless. I order refills for me and my wife and they don’t get ordered. Active prescriptions are inexplicably archived and sometimes just disappear from the lists. The most annoying thing is the rest of the app works pretty much perfectly, much like the standalone pharmacy app worked in the past before this stupid merge. Either get a team to fix this ridiculousness or bring back the standalone app! What’s the point of having the app if I end up having to call the pharmacy every time to straighten things out? If the plan was to make things easier or ‘improve the customer experience’ then you have FAILED. MISERABLY!
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7 years ago, Shananigan7399
💩 Sync & List - App Help?? Where???
It’s great to be able to create My Shopping List apart from my Added Offers on my iPhone, but the same function doesn’t appear to work on the iPad. Then once I got the list all set on my phone, hubby clicked sync and all of the Added Offers moved and synced as well as any items I had added in. However, any items that I had added from the Added Offers List to My Shopping List did not show up on his list!! I was going to try to find Technical Support to ask for help, but right up there in the top right corner where it says App Support in blue? That just sends me to another Tom Thumb home page that I’ve been struggling with figuring out for quite some time today. I’m a fairly technical person, and so now I’m feeling pretty grumpy!
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3 years ago, Karen Rippetoe
My to go store.
I really like going to Tom Thumb on Northwest highway and Centerville in Garland because is convenient, the weekly adds have great sales, stock on Organic items and I like the manager. She efficient and always on the floor helping the registers run fast. The App for the store always gives us great coupons also. The pharmacy makes it easy to pick up your meds and they text you when is ready for pickup. Carlos and the person in charge are always easy to talk to and always have an answer for my many questions. Overall it’s the store to shop with no hassles.
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5 years ago, Grandma Gig
Tom Thumb Renner and Custer RICHARDSON
This store is very convenient for me. A couple of the people are nice but others act like you don’t exist and I’m talking management people. The message I get is it’s not a happy place to work. I want to shop at a friendly store where people appreciate that I shop there. The stock of food is many times out of what I buy and some items they quit carrying. If it wasn’t so convenient I’d shop somewhere else. I do like the Just for You but it sometimes it’s confusing as they’ll have the same thing for different prices.
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3 years ago, Dan928472829
What did they do to you
New app is terrible, last 2 times I’ve gone to the store none of my clipped coupons have worked... on top of that now there is a confusing shopping list + coupons section that you have to toggle back and forth to remember what your shopping list is. Today I received a notification that I was receiving credits to apologize for the app not working on my prior trip.... I applied the credits to my account for a savings coupon and... yep you guessed it, it didn’t work! So I’ve missed out on probably $20 of savings in my last 2 trips. The old app was not pretty but it worked very well- this app is essentially useless, i will have to switch stores now because the app was the only thing that makes shopping at Tom Thumb worth it.
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1 year ago, Michele Hill J
Tom Thumb Excellent 5 Stars!
I've been coming to the Tom Thumb on Randol Mill and Fielder for 20 years. The store is very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. The staff works hard to make sure the store looks good! When we had the Ice storm, my family had food to eat because the employees were at work and ready to assist. They really care about their Tom Thumb customers! The vegetable section is always fresh and well kept. The deli is delicious and the deserts and cakes are always fresh. The prices are excellent if I'm buying a cheesecake or strawberry Boston cake, it taste like a million dollars! The meat and fish section is top of the line, the sales are amazing! The rewards members and weekly sales are the best no comparison to any other grocery store around! Thank you for making me feel safe when shopping at Tom Thumb! I have a nice feeling when I walk through the door! Thanks again, Michele Hill
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5 years ago, Amethyst Dawn
Didn’t realize what I was missing....
I often forget my password on phone apps or am in too big a hurry to shop when I’m there, but now that I’ve actually taken the time to check out the app because of the Monopoly game I realize how much I could have been saving so easily had I known better. It’s just too easy to save if I just take the time to open up the app whenever I’m in the store - I’ll be sure to make the effort from now on, what was I thinking? I guess I was just not knowledgeable enough to know better before. Now I know!
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1 year ago, Shopcam
Tom Thumb rating
Tom Thumb APP is easy to use and I can use it to shop in Albertsons when I am in McKinney. Allen does not have an Albertsons. I have tried the Kroger APP, but they list way too many items to scroll through to find the item that is on sale. Also, at Kroger you have to use your key fob unless it is on the APP and I don’t know how to add a cell phone number to the APP if you have to show it on your phone at the register. At Tom Thumb, I just type my phone number in at the register. Easy!
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1 year ago, Afunny94
Rewards AND points left before next reward
Make it easy to find how many points are needed before next point is available. Currently points are easy to find if they are less than one reward. Please display both the rewards and leftover points in that same spot. I’ve stumbled over someplace in the app that has remaining points but it is buried in a strange place. Please make it much easier to find. And put both together on the same line in the app.
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2 years ago, Maryiam Ahmed
You get treated like Royal
You get welcome when you enter great customer service front desk manager is so friendly and store is always very clean produce people are very helpful I have to return an item one time no issues I love to shop at Tom Thmb page all the time and also I must mention the best part the Pharmacy I get the coupon after 5 proscription and it is 20% and the pharmacy staff and the pharmacist are outstanding I would say the best Grocery store to shop is Tom Thumb Page Thanks Tom Thumb keep it up.
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3 years ago, Superincumbent 
Lost ability to filter coupons by category
UPDATE: Bumping up to 4 since adding Deals by Category. ORIGINAL: Only refinements are All Coupons (Coupon Center) and Personalized Deals. No way to filter the 280+ coupons by category. One would have to scroll through the full list in order to check them all. I do not care about Personal Care or Household Items, and in the past I could choose to not view those. No more. Can’t wait for more grocery options to come to my neighborhood. Stuck between Albertsons (TT), Kroger and WNG. Blah.
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5 years ago, JPhel
Good app
This makes shopping so much easier than trying to use a paper list and juggle paper coupons. One thing I would change - for the Weekly Ad, go back to the listing, like it used to be and like the Just For You section. Trying to pick through the pictures is really annoying when I can look at the pictures in your paper ad and then just go down a listing and pick the items I want. Or is there an option that I haven’t figured out???
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2 years ago, josborne31
Very basic functionality
I recently moved to an area where Tom Thumb is the best (in my opinion) grocery store available. Perhaps my previous grocer had outstanding IT people, but they set the bar high. My wife and I frequently purchase groceries online. Because we’re in the same household, we’d like to share one account. Tom Thumb doesn’t make this easy. Ideally, we’d have separate usernames that lead to the same account. If she orders groceries, I can pick up (or vice versa ). But the reality is that my app leads to my account, and her app leads to her account, neither of which are connected. I also shop in person from time to time. Because employees can’t know everything, the app would be immensely helpful if it could tell me where specific items are located. If I need some canned coconut milk, which aisle should I browse? The app doesn’t currently tell me, so who knows? Lastly, I’ve had repeated issues trying to subscribe to Tom Thumb’s annual delivery service through the app. It fails and tells me to try later.
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6 months ago, Search bar1
Search Bar not working properly
When I search for a particular food item, all the results are in bulk, prices ranged between $40 to over $100. It is not showing me any item in store to purchase. However, if I go to “buy again” it shows the items available for purchase. Please fix the search bar/ results. This is a time saver; instead of me having to scroll through all of my buy again items. (Hence, Tom Thumb and Sam’s are my 2 main shopping stores, so I have a lot of items to search through.) Thank you
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6 years ago, Momofcubs
Good App, store sells expired food
I am a loyal customer of Tom Thumb and utilize the app on a weekly basis. However, my local store has expired food at full price and combined with non expired food. I have to be extremely careful in what I purchase. There have been two instances I didn’t look and purchased items that were well past the expired date at full price. I enjoy the Tom Thumb stores but would prefer to not deal with the time consuming return process if an expired product is purchased.
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3 years ago, ycoop5
Jorge is the sweetest and most helpful!
I went in to return propane tank and have never done before. Not sure where to go etc. Jorge stopped me in parking lot and immediately took my empty tank and brought me inside to buy a new tank. He loaded one up for me and Waited for me to pick up a few groceries. He brought the new tank and I was on my way. He called it VIP service. Super nice and friendly and so helpful. All with big smiles!
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1 year ago, Dakotas Solutions
Problem that keeps Tom Thumb from a 5 star rating
The sales requirements are not clearly posted on the shelves. Also many times the sales that are posted are out of date. I feel like I often get ripped off by my local store. I feel the sales are often to complicated and common folk think they are saving money but are not. Also, the scan feature on my app often does mot work in the store. When the steps to save money are complicated I feel like it’s intentional to make more money for store. I thought that bait and switch or if a sign says something costs an amount the store is supposed to honor that amount andthen remove the sign.
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3 years ago, MRK103
Worst app ever!
Poorly designed, features don’t work. Exchanged many emails with “Grocery Delivery Staff” about Monopoly deals not appearing. They responded as if it was me not using the app correctly. Choosing items you want to buy in-store is very user unfriendly. I understand if you are ordering for pick up or delivery that you need to pick the specific item, but it is not necessary if you are shopping in the store. In store shopping should be the first option you choose, and then the actual variety should not be necessary. For example, Sparkling Ice is on sale this week. To clip the coupon you have to view items and pick the flavor. Why is this necessary if all the flavors are on sale.
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2 years ago, PantsRFine
Scan feature doesn’t add items to “List”
As I run low on an item, I would like to scan the barcode of that item to add it to my “list” for in-person shopping. This app adds the item to my “cart” which doesn’t help with in-person shopping. I have activated the Scan Setting to “add offers automatically to my list”, but nothing at all gets added to my list only to my cart. Now when shopping, I have to switch back and forth between my “list” and “cart”. Scanning to add to the list was a nice feature of the original app. I miss it.
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3 years ago, Rxnjsquir
Worst update ever
Tom Thumb was my main store for many years. When it became part of the horrible Albertson stores it was no longer my favorite store but i still bought some things there. The digital coupons to get specials was not pleasant but was tolerable. This new labor intensive clumsy update has gone too far and I have deleted it. There is nothing this store has that is worth the time wasted using this dinosaur. Sorry Tom Thumb but you are not the center of my existence and not worth the time to write this review. You were better off as a Randalls Store. Albertson is a loser. I pray for HEB stores to expand this far North. The committee guiding your public relations and image created a major fail.
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7 years ago, Passionate Patriot
Thrilled to have a grocery store right across the highway!
We have been regular customers since day one. I love all of the clearance areas on deli food, frozen goods, meat and bakery. Love the gas discounts and earning the 20% grocery discounts on 3 prescription purchases. Being seniors and always looking for away to stretch retirement dollars, we are big Tom Thumb fans. The only thing missing is discounts on produce close to expiration as Kroger does.
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3 months ago, Jennafer Crawford
Pharmacy coupons for 20% off on groceries
My husband and I have been with Tom Thumb Pharmacy for over 10 years. The new change from paper coupons to the APP is a joke in trying to redeem your 20% off groceries. I have gotten no help from the business office, because no one seems to know the process. We’ve done two big shoppings in the last two weeks that should have saved us $80. I feel sorry for your elderly patrons who are getting scammed who rely on their discounts! Y’all need to fix this problem. It’s disgraceful!!
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1 year ago, Jamye M
Good When It Works
I love shopping at Albertson’s and Tom Thumb, and I want to like their apps. But they are often very, VERY slow to load. I try to “clip” coupons ahead of going to the store to shop. Many times the app just grinds away and will not load. It is not the fault of my internet, which is otherwise very fast. This is frustrating. When the app works, it is easy to use. But it is so often down that I cannot give it a good rating. Please fix it!!
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11 months ago, Schrodycat
Money and time saver
This is one of the most useful shopping apps I’ve ever used. Intuitive transitions are built right in. For example, I can review the sales pages, click on the items in the ad, and then add them to my list. It even shows me what’s in stock at my local store! Also nice rewards, including gas discounts.
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2 years ago, telocchi
Broken beyond all belief
Website to go with it DOES NOT WORK Ok guys I’m not going to view the ad/populate their list on a tiny phone screen with those tiny spots you have. Works fine on the app, so I go to login on the website for my lists and “no account exists” so i go to make one “phone # already in use” which is it guys? I put in a “delete my account” to fix this and “we can’t verify your identity” and no action is what I get back. I am doing everything I can to avoid kroger’s terrible self checkout only pilot and all I see from this is that Tom Thumb doesn’t want my money either
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2 years ago, Uninspired nickname
NEVER will I shop at Tom Thumb again
Maybe it’s local to my store (Keller TX), but I will never shop at this store again - let alone use curbside pickup. Everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. My entire order was given to another customer. By the time we had them return to the store, I found that most of the items were incorrect, or “subbed” with unreasonable choices. I then had to myself go inside only to find that all of the “out of stock” items were available, and with plenty of reasonable substitutions. I will not be shopping here again.
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5 months ago, Was a loyal shopper
Tom Thumb
I’ve been trying and trying, and I’m not able to get any of the good deal that I used to get because it keeps saying you are having trouble with your app. I’ve deleted it and download it again, and nothing works. It worked for about one month and that’s all. I’m really I’m very disappointed. I was shopping all the time but you’re making me go somewhere else, not sure what to do. I even asked at the front desk and they couldn’t help me as they said they had some trouble and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t even for them.
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1 year ago, PatrickWells2879
Gas rewards seemingly non existent
I routinely spend over $100 at Tom Thumb every week, and have yet to have a single reward go through at the gas pump. Even when it says that I have a reward in my account on this very app, once I enter my phone number the reward doesn’t seem to exist at the pump. I do have my phone number linked to the account so there’s no reason that it shouldn’t recognize that I have a reward. Convinced at this point that the gas rewards are actually a scam to lure you to their gas pump and then you go ahead and get it since you’re already there anyway.
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3 months ago, Case #08596428
Tom Thumb For U App
Have shopped at Tom Thumb stores forever and used this app for years to clip coupons and earn rewards. Several months ago my login no longer worked and my access denied. I spoke to customer service several times to no avail. I was given a case # and told it would be forwarded to the technical dept. Have never heard back from anyone and am still locked out. Very frustrated with this company and it’s lack of customer service!!
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2 years ago, Mel C5
Please stop changing this app, it’s to frequent
Now after the last update, the wallet app member card does not recognize anymore at the self check out. It’s such a hassle, I have scanned everything thing and get to the end the self checkout won’t recognize the app member wallet card. I have to be move to a register by the clerk and have everything rescanned. This happens frequently when the updates are made to the app. This irritates me so much and causes me to waste so much time. Pleased fix this and check that it’s working before an update is release. It went from please scan your card before scanning your items for self checkout , then a change to after you scan your items. Now it totally doesn’t recognize the card in the self checkout. This has to stop or I’m going to stop shopping with Tom Thumb, I don’t have time like that to waste in the store
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3 years ago, Mama3dawn
Go back to original layout
I agree with the updated version being harder to use!! I liked being able to see my coupons and add them to my cart so they would be applied. The new version is confusing on where to find the just for U coupons. Other than the updates that ruined everything, I really loved the app!!
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1 month ago, Will-is-sexyy!
App does not function…
I’m signed into my account but it refuses to load anything in the “member” tab - like my previous purchases won’t load at all. Tried reinstalling the app, connecting to wifi and data, restarting my phone… nothing works. [Latest version of app and iOS on iPhone 13 max pro] Also, I dislike those little help boxes that pop up on everything to explain how the app works (which I guess could be helpful for the elderly) but I just find them super annoying. There should be a button to shut them off
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3 years ago, SpinWizard
Can’t Even Register
Long time -15+ yr - user of Tom Thumb app. I can’t even register on this app. I tried different email addresses, different phone numbers and nothing works. And of course there’s no contact number to call or email for tech-support. Even deleting the old app and reinstalling the new one did not work – which is the lowest form of updating in the app world.
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2 years ago, awwvi
One of the best place to get your produce products
Everything in the store is lovely. I love the attention from the cashiers they always try to help you out. What I don’t like from here is the customer service from some of the personal from Sturbucks. But there’s also a lady who is sweet a very nice person sometimes.
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5 years ago, Mansfield, Texas
Apply coupons
Coupons should automatically be applied to purchases if I purchased an item with the last 6 months so that I don’t have to click on items every day! But it is much easier than hand coupons! Thanks
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2 years ago, brookedyyy
Rewards need an overhaul…
There’s absolutely no reason why, after spending enough to earn a reward yesterday, why my reward must be claimed AND also expires today. The fine print literally says you can use it until the end of the month but the reward says it expires today, a week before the end of the month. Customers should have more than a day to claim and use their reward. Overall just disappointed with rewards and the app, and it makes me more reluctant to want to shop at Tom Thumb in general.
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7 months ago, jec00
Disappointed in app
I too have struggled with the app redesign. I much prefer going online and putting in my email and password. I can then see the deals on the products I like and use. Your app takes me to where you want me to go (categories I don't use, products I do not want) instead of where I want to go. You want to sell sell sell. I want to buy selectively. Plus your rewards section of the app is useless For finding out my rewards and using them. Again. You are not being straightforward with here are your rewards, here is stuff to use them in. Simple. Easy.
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1 month ago, Tim the tool man Thompson
Best Service and prices
This app is amazing and super convenient. I just moved to Texas not too long ago and I have yet to buy a vehicle. using this app and with my employee discount, I save money while making sure I have the supplies I need. Great quality of food with great prices, in this economy I can’t beat it. I love it.
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3 years ago, Texasprof
Go back the way it was
The search algorithm has lost its mind. It can’t find things that you =know= the store has in stock. It said there was NO Ozarka water. No types, no sizes. I can’t browse the frozen pizza unless I know the brand, size, and ingredients. I’m going to start shopping at Albertsons and hope they haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid.
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1 year ago, Nutrition Queen
The store has become outstanding. I never expected a neighborhood store (in Garland) to be so outstanding in selection, service, cleanliness, and atmosphere. They have everything from economic pricing to up-scale, shelved to fresh, everything gorgeous to my amazement. It has become difficult to shop elsewhere.
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