Touch of Modern

4.5 (24.7K)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Whitehawk Ventures, Inc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touch of Modern

4.52 out of 5
24.7K Ratings
4 years ago, soninuva
Great Site, Good App
First of all, I love ToM's business model, product selection, and customer support. The few times I've had problems with an order, I've received a response very quickly (usually in less than a day), and the customer service rep took care of it efficiently. The app itself, though, could be slightly better. It's not bad, and there's definitely been improvement (such as the added categories sorting, and filtered views). Another tweak would be the ability to create lists. Definitely a favorites list, particularly since some products are edible, or degrade with use (such as soaps). With that in mind, it would be hand for it to have two views: in stock, and out of stock. Since the lineup changes to feature a variety of products, and some recur, while others do not, this would be easy to check instead of having to go through the whole inventory periodically to see if a desire product is back in stock. This could also help maximize purchases, as there are occasionally products that I would like to purchase, but either don't have the money that month, or have already spent more than I desire to in that month (I, like others, budget my spending on non-essentials) but would purchase in the future if I know it's in stock again, and can easily find out when it is.
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2 years ago, guitaristablu
Great products, poor delivery system
ToMo does a wonderful job curating their produce. I have generally been delighted by my many purchases. Many of the items I have purchased from them I have like so much that I have bought additional units to gift to friends and family. I recommend ToMo’s products without reservation. The delivery process is a different story. They use Fed Ex and Fed Ex is not particularly reliable. My most recent experience is typical. I was told my order would be delivered on Wednesday. It wasn’t. According to their tracking, my package was not even in my state. They then indicated it would be Thursday. Nope. Still not in state. The then said delivery was pending but they did not know when. That was the status until it was finally delivered a week after the original date. According to their tracking, my package spent 4 days in a location a 15 minute drive from my house. I know that COVID has caused understandable delays and that is fine. I resent being given a date for delivery when they know that they cannot get it done. This has been my experience with my last four deliveries. To sum up: ToMo good, Fed Ex bad.
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4 years ago, Insanezane24
I love Touch of Modern!
This app is great! So many awesome things to look at and you can find some super awesome deals! You can also end up paying double or even triple what it’s worth if your not careful so make sure you google everything befor you buy it to make sure your getting an honest deal, that being said that is NOT Touch Of Moderns fault so if you do find something that is advertised way over priced do not let that reflect of Touch Of Modern. That being said the app is super easy to navigate and it’s super fun just to look around so even if your not going to buy something it’s still worth downloading and at least checking it every other day for new products and new deals! Touch Of Moderns customer service is absolutely amazing too they are on top of it when you email them It’s never taken more than 24 hours for them to get back to me and clearly have proven time and time again that they have always done everything possible to help me.
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4 months ago, AchillesTheOne
Chronicles of Dismay: Navigating the Erosion of a Once-Stellar App Experience
After dedicating over 8 years to this app, the recent plunge in user experience is disheartening. The escalated shipping charges coupled with the prolonged delivery time of 3-4 weeks for an order reflect a stark decline in service quality. The disconcerting trend continues with instances where my orders languished unshipped for more than 5 weeks. Upon contacting Customer Service, I encountered a nonchalant response, merely urging me to endure another week before reluctantly canceling the orders and initiating a refund, an ordeal lasting a staggering 8 weeks from the initial order placement. There's a fundamental flaw in expecting customers to actively monitor shipment status; the system should autonomously cancel and refund if a status remains stagnant for 5 weeks. Regrettably, the lamentable experience extends to the Customer Service domain, which appears to be compromised, perhaps in a misguided pursuit of operational efficiency. In a consumer-centric business, prioritizing post-order customer service is imperative. The cumbersome process of updating a shipping address epitomizes the inefficiency that has marred recent interactions. The wearisome and frustrating encounters of late compel me to bid farewell to this app. Deleting it is a prudent choice as I redirect my energy towards endeavors that respect and value my time and patronage.
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5 years ago, Poseidon61
Unreliable, poorly managed.
Touch of Modern (TOMO) has some interesting product lines. Unfortunately, they are mediocre in the management of their vendors, on the behalf of their customers. After placing an order, it is common to wait 2-6 weeks for an order to be filled and shipped. This wait period before shipping is “as advertised” when placing an order. Shipped orders then take a week or more to be delivered; albeit having paid a shipping fee that is more than what priority shipping would cost. Finally, and this is were they get the heading of “unreliable”, it is not uncommon to receive confirmation that they received your order and that its being processed, only to find out after you contact them weeks later because the order has not shipped as scheduled is “delayed” and will another 3-4 weeks before they’ll get your order shipped out to you. In other words, they don’t manage their vendors well, or have a effective tracking system of orders placed relative to orders received from the vendors and then followed up when shipping the order to their (TOMO’s) customers. I’ve actually had TOMO’s customer service people lie to me about orders that I placed and then weeks later were not filled by the vendor. After multiple cases of such, I’m moving my business away from TOMO.
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1 year ago, Djtwray
Horrible Service
First I tried to cancel my order once I figured out my Christmas gifts wouldn’t be here before Christmas. I was told I couldn’t because it was a special order at a low price. I was told 4-5 weeks for delivery on 2 separate orders. One item came in but it took over a 5 week delivery. The other two items never came. When I tried to reach out to customer service they looked at the wrong tracking number and half way read what I wrote to them because they sent me the same tracking number for the item that had already been delivered. I tried to explain I was talking about the other two items I hadn’t received. That took another week until I received an email stating my items are definitely going to be shipped but the warehouse had delays. This was after the already promised 4-5 week delivery. The very next day I received an email that my order was cancelled because the warehouse couldn’t full fill the order! I received a full refund but the frustration and back and forth was ridiculous! I will NEVER recommend or order from this company again and will be deleting the app from my phone. Also the only thing I ordered was phone chargers! It shouldn’t be that hard to get two phone chargers shipped.
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5 years ago, Neenee1987
Shipping Time
Maybe it’s time to start sending P.O.s before the sale is complete or even before the item goes on sale and then set a limit for the number available. That way it won’t take so long for people to get their items. This is the second time I’ve had to wait longer than your estimated 3-4 weeks for my item and there is still no end in sight for the last order I placed. At this point, I’m not interested in ordering anything else from Touch of Modern until the shipping time is fixed. You guys have some really cool stuff, but it’s not worth it if I have to wait 2+ months to receive it. And then when I inquire about it, all you’re willing to do it give me store credit for my shipping cost. The amount of shipping you guys do, shipping should be free anyway. Also, if something is going to be late, take the initiative and update people’s orders so that they aren’t sitting around wondering where their order is because the system still says it will arrive no later that 3/7. This shouldn’t be too hard for you since the system should be set up to handle updates to delivery date by item instead of having to go into each person’s individual order. Completely disappointed.
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5 years ago, AdaMarie156
The products are great looking but.....
I am amazed at how the products look on this site and for the most part they are probably pretty cool, but...... THEY ARE ALL ALWAYS SOLD OUT OR THEY ARE WAAAAAY TOOOOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON!!!!! I can’t believe you cannot find or make items that meet in the middle on price, that you advertise to all people on tv and such! You’re selling a table that I can build myself for $20,000?! WTH?! And not just that but your selling electronic’s we the buyers have to pay to install them after buying them from you and most of the kool ones like the cloud thing needs to be installed in a new home during the last faze’s of construction or you need to remodel your house to have it a working deal and that after you’ve already spent thousands on the products themselves! This site is a joke! And if you wanted to make it better for people then actually do it! Don’t mislead people! I just can’t wait till some poor bloke buys your cloud before it was sold out or whenever it’s available again and then after spending all their money on it and then realize that they have to reconstruct their house to install it and they have to buy the installation kit too! Lol and then they sue your A S S! Lamest app ever!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Amethyst69
Stellar app & unique product line
From affordable to luxurious, this app has the best & newest products that hit the market. I’ve see products in this app which I’ve never before encountered, especially techie furniture pieces n such found thru this app at least 9-12 months prior to seeing the products anywhere else. Which says a lot considering I have a severe shopping addiction. Purchased a multi-tool key that i have legit used as a wrench, a screwdriver, box cutter, and even boasts an incognito one-hitter for medical cannabis! Item arrived in record time & was exactly as described. Your team is definitely on point with finding the newest releases & most unique to hit the market items. I even find myself, at times, browsing this app with no intent to purchase anything, just to see what y’all list for sale next. That is how I wound up with my key-shaped multitool keychain. Best impulse purchase EVER! So, thanks for that! Lol Keep doing what your doing TOMO!
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3 years ago, Ellie, CO
Premier Selection and experience
Design and ease of use is very important to me. So organized and easy to navigate. Makes shopping fun! While the target audience for this app and store is towards men, I love its selection and not the same old same old that other online app sells. It is higher end price wise, however, it showcases new innovative products across various categories. I’ve purchased consistently from here and response to an inquiry is always prompt. Read how they purchase in bulk and lag time in delivery disclosed. Amidst pandemic, all estimated delivery in my case has been met, no complaints there. I particular appreciate they don’t sell “JUNK”. This is one of the few online gem in app and great purchaser experience in my opinion, for the higher end market. I also appreciate they geared their selection a tad towards the male market because there ain’t many and absolutely best site when shopping for gifts for the men in your life.
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7 years ago, LAGold27
Coolest way to shop this decade
I first started using TOM a year ago to buy a pair of shoes. I downloaded the app thinking it looked cool, but it would be one of those apps I never got around to even opening. Well I opened it and as I scrolled through the various items I realized I wanted just about everything they sold! The TOM staff clearly spends a significant amount of time diligently selecting every item they sell. I have probably purchased 20-30 items throughout the past year, never had an item that wasn’t exactly as described and always high quality. I have never seen anything like it before. I wait for my “ding” between 9pm-9:10pm each night to see the latest deals and glorious new items! P.s. - if you hiring IT staff, let me know, I can only imagine working at TOM as a mans’ dream come true, with an office full of the coolest products vendors send you to test out and hopefully get the TOM stamp of approval to make it on to you elite app! Anyways, thanks for all you do!
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3 years ago, Akbsrb
Amazing items horrible shipping practices
The site caught my attention for the unique items they carry for somewhat affordable prices. However EVERYTHING I have ordered from this site has had ridiculous, sub-standard shipping time tables. Weather my order was large or small the shipping was a complete joke. At the MINIMUM I have waited a month for my items to show up. A MONTH. When there estimation was 1-2 weeks. This was back in November. It has gotten worse and worse. I recently was told my latest order would take 11 weeks to arrive, and I’ve already been waiting 1 month. So I am done with touch of modern. I can’t buy for gifts or just settle my self with mindless internet shopping, when I literally won’t be receiving the items even in this year. I tried contacting them to ask where my things where after weeks of waiting and they asked me not to buy from them anymore. So disgustingly rude when all I was doing was inquiring into where my items are after a crazy amount of time and patience. So insane! Especially when you think of how most business operate now a days. Shipping being so basic a principle to most internet based stores. Apparently not for all.
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5 years ago, Skywalker@1948A
I haven’t received any items as of yet but the items on your website are very impressive and the prices ate more than reasonable. I’m sure that you’ll be hearing from me Z Everything I have received from your company has been exactly what I was hoping for. Your customer service department is fantastic. I still have some items on order and am looking forward to receiving them. I’ll be back!!! Your products and service are over the top. I can’t give you anything but five stars. I’m continuing to purchase items from you with absolutely no problem. Keep up the great work. I haven’t stopped purchasing, but that’s only because you continue to offer quality products at more than reasonable prices If every company with this large a customer base ran as efficiently as yours, shopping would be much more pleasant all around. Great The quality of your product and service is excellent. I can’t say enough about it. As long as this continues, I’ll always be a loyal customer I know that I’m not your biggest customer but I’m still happy with your products and services. Second to none Always impressed, and I can’t say that about many other companies that I deal with When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is open your app to see what’s new. Never disappointed I have nothing to say other than kudos for this magnificent app. Always a joy to look forward to
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3 months ago, Bailey/5
4 items ordered and paid in full/ zero items received!!
Please read before ordering on this app. This could save you $$$$ THOUSANDS $$$$!!! Maybe others have had a better experience on this app. But mine has been horrible. The last 3 items I’ve ordered going back to June of 2023 all show they were shipped as far as Touch of Modern is concerned. The businesses will creat a shipment label which through the automated system tells Touch of Modern it’s shipped. When I go to track the shipment It reads, “shipment cancelled”. I’ve tried notifying Touch of Modern 4 times through various methods. I’ll get a generic email reply the following day basically stating, shipping can take longer than expected. I’m coming up on a year where my orders have just gone ignored. I’ve asked for Touch of Modern credit or any type of credit, refund to make this right. All I get is automated responses saying the same incorrect information. I’m not unreasonable, I understand Touch of Modern is just a middle man. I’m just asking for a fair resolution.
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2 years ago, Jason Howlett
Very cool
I love this app. Yes some items can be expensive but they are extremely unique and you'll find something for everyone even the most discerning of tastes including someone you can never find that wow gift. Despite a few expensive items the majority of them are reasonably priced and add a sense of flair that will go perfectly with the hard to shop for. The featured items accentuate unique the personality. This app is truly a must-have for finding that perfect guy gift and for finding the perfect accent for the home that both men and women can enjoy together. Not to mention the amazing deals you will find on items ranging from 50% to 70% off. And with updates you're always in the know of the latest trends so for a change you are the envy and become the trendsetter. With people constantly asking that is so amazing where did you find it and where can I get one. :)
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6 years ago, Winston_W
Love this place - can’t stay away!
My favorite online retailer. Touch of Modern carries a unique, fascinating, and often heavily discounted inventory of products ranging from the technologically sophisticated to traditional, hand-made objects displaying the highest levels of craft skills. Touch of Modern provides excellent service, fast response to questions or concerns, and immediate help with problems. Recently, an item I bought failed after a few minutes of use. I wrote to a customer service associate who immediately responded with a number of options. I chose a generous store credit offer which was highly satisfactory. Thanks, Derek! Purchases arrive in good time for the most part. I’ve never minded the delays I have experienced. It takes time to create or build a beautiful object. I’ve never had any problem with deliveries. Great website - easy to use. Overall, an excellent experience.
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4 years ago, Serius-ly annoyed
Run away!!!
This place is a total sham. My item arrived broken and they’d only give me in store credit. Whatever, I’ll just buy something later on. I got on the site today and my credit expired in 3 hours! Again I was like, “fine, I’ll find something”. So I found a new product that I would never typically buy but hey, I couldn’t find anything else and I’m on a time crunch so ok. I got on the checkout screen, hit apply credit and was like “do I really want this” and looked up my second choice item. I decided I did and clicked the shopping cart and purchase items button. Wham bam done... Only, my credit didn’t stay applied. So now I’m contact with support again. If they offer credit again I will scream and report them to BBB or maybe dispute the charge. I’ll look into what action I can take. Maybe all I could be able to do is warn others... regardless my credit has expired and I still bought a useless item. We’ll see what happens. Don’t think I even gave permission to keep my card on file either but who knows. They’re tricky SOBs so just exercise the utmost caution when buying from here because if they can, they will screw you.
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4 years ago, envisean
I was a fan for years, but beware...
I’ve been a ToMo customer for many years. The tides have slowly been turning in terms of slow shipping dates and the straw that broke the camel’s back was the most recent interaction with their customer support team. I was reviewing a product and wanted to check total pricing through adding it to the app. I accidentally ordered too much of the product and ultimately didn’t want it. I filed a customer support request to cancel it right after thinking that would honor it as I cannot imagine the order was being physically fulfilled already with the upstream vendor. ToMo dragged out the response timing and declined to refund me stating that all sales were final. I wasn’t asking for a return. Nothing was even shipped yet. I realize now that ToMo is often syndicating products from many other vendors at times at a markup and don’t have control over managing their customers’ orders. If customer experience is important to you for the rare occurrences and exceptions, I’d recommend you look elsewhere. I’m choosing to move my business elsewhere.
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5 years ago, BrianKann16
Killer App!
This App “says” it is directed towards the modern man. I’m a married - straight - man exactly 50 living just outside Chicago. I have spent the majority of my career in the extremely dynamic AEC business (Design/Build) (Architecture, Engineering, Construction). Working daily with uber-opinionated designers (most for good reason). People with defined and refined tastes. But this includes many talented women, too. So I just wanted to make that point, which very well could be made with a bit more emphasis in my industry. BUT, not with exclusivity, for sure. NOW THAT I HAVE UTTERED ALL OF THAT, let me boil this ALLLLL down to this: if you like ‘Sharper Image’, ‘Brookstone’, and ‘Hammacher Schlemmer’ then you will LOVE this. And so, to those other stores I mentioned, THIS is their “Warning Shot”.... because ‘A Touch of Modern’ has it all figured out, and more. Great job ‘A Touch of Modern’! Please, never stop aiming for perfection. Brian Kann
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3 years ago, Awesome Guy #1 The Best
By Far One of the Be$t
I remember downloading Touch of Modern around the time it first hit the App Store. The name and look of the app was subtle, but strong. It designed and presented itself just as new and unseen as the items shown when pursued. Throughout the years my choice of descriptive words have only elevated when I talk to other who haven’t had the pleasure of purchasing from this incredible company. I highly recommend people with the most simple of interests to the most unheard of to give Touch of Modern just 5 minutes of their time. I would bet anything you’ll find that 5 minutes will turn into 2 hours. Followed by a consistent check-in of the app to find even more interesting items then there was when first looked through.
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5 years ago, Pathfinndr
Horrible experience.
Be forewarned that this merchant does not do refunds. Store credit only. Note the atypically high number of bad reviews for this vendor. I bought a leather jacket in a size larger than my normal one, because that was the merchant’s recommandation. When the jacket finally arrived (approximately one month later), it was still much too small. I checked the item on the TOM store site, and saw that it was still available in one size larger than the one I ordered. I contacted the store via their contact page, and requested an exchange. I was told they could not exchange, because the sale had end and the item was no longer in stock. I replied that I had just checked and still found the item in the larger size. They sent me a new link, now showing « Sale Ended ». They offered a store credit, but could not refund or exchange. Apparently, many people have had good experiences with this site, but avoid clothing items, due to their store-credit-only policy, otherwise you may be out a large sum of money, and end up with a. Item you cannot use.
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3 years ago, T.I.F.S......
I really like ToM but be prepared to wait multiple weeks past expected delivery date
I’ve order from ToM multiple times and I’ve always been pleased and happy with my purchase/interaction...however please be aware that orders can take multiple weeks longer than the original estimated timeline, and to make it worse, if they do take longer it will be up to you, the purchaser, to contact ToM and get an update. My last order was over 4 weeks past it’s original delivery date and I was never contacted or notified. Only after I raised an incident ticket (twice) did I receive the same auto-response/canned message that they had “unforeseen shipping delays”. I completely understand that sometimes things go wrong and take longer than originally estimated. But maybe be proactive in communicating that with your clientele so they don’t feel it’s completely on them to find out what’s wrong/get updated timelines/etc. Solid business model all the way up to the final step and then they drop the ball completely.
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3 years ago, MrsGee00
So far so good
Haven’t been using app long but used online access a bit over a year now. Great products. I have not had any issues with any order ( about 10) thus far so I have not had to contact customer service. They update me on my order status automatically and timely. Ship in reasonable time or otherwise will inform you. Products have been quality and designed for its intended use. I’ve ordered a variety of products from accent lights to magnetic stress relieving and other tech gadgets to self defense tools - pocket and pen knives and security shelf. I wish the window to purchase was a bit longer but many of the products tend to return so I have not missed out on anything I really wanted yet. Some prices are still a bit pricey but overall prices and products are great. Two thumbs up from me.
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3 years ago, E Ely
Love the products but not the customer service
I bought different items from them which I love them all but if you have an issue with one item; good luck you are on your own. I bought two wireless chargers but they came with the wrong USB; I emailed and nothing no response; I emailed them two more times and I got an email back which I couldn’t reply asking me if the issue was taken care of, well....... no until now I am still waiting for the email back. No person ever emailed me back to find a solution. I would recommend this app to my friends but I haven’t since I don’t want to be responsible if the get the wrong product. I bought more item since then but I am always hopping for the best so I might just stop all together. I gave it 4 stars because I do love all the products I got but it would of been 5 if customer service was effective.
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6 years ago, Ditch Logan
Overall... Truly Great Shopping❣️
I’ve been a rather active shopper on this site. It offers a wide variety of unique items, often with a discount. I enjoy their selection and offerings on the whole. Also they allow you to use a variety of charge cards, so processing a deal isn’t all that difficult. My one recommendation would be to consider carefully what you’re preparing to buy, as most items can’t be returned, and often take an (extended) period to receive, but “usually” within the delivery window listed. They offer quality items that are well produced overall. Often they will re-offer items that they once had online, so if you like something, place it in your “saved” items so you can see it once It reappears. All things being equal, I truly like this site and the products they offer... my rating: Recommended!
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5 years ago, Captbi
My input
All in all I think your products are fine. It’s very frustrating that the products take so long to get to us though. I know I am like most people, when I buy something, especially today over the Internet I want it now, I don’t want to wait 2,3,4 weeks down the road. I think that’s a flaw your business plan as I know many people including myself end up not ordering something just because of the lag time. I understand why you do it but it is a problem for many people who I discuss this with. I have many friends who I’ve introduced to this site and feel the same way. Also, several of us were wondering why the women’s lingerie has disappeared from your pages. Our wives really like it as we do and are a little disappointed that it appears you know longer carry it. Just my two cents.
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4 years ago, jorgeliudSancho
Some of the items featured do not look exactly like the advertised items, for instance knives (mostly what I’ve purchased) they either don’t match the color in the description, or the sheath is not the color advertised, I have even received a couple that weren’t even sharpened before shipping. The most frustrating part is having to wait SO long to get your items, somehow everything else I’ve been ordering (despite the pandemic) has promptly arrived with minimal delay and there’s items I’ve been waiting well Into TWO MONTHS! I have been waiting to receive an Axe that was supposed to be a Mother’s Day present that hasn’t even shipped from the manufacturer, this was a purchase triggered by a credit I received as the previous knife I ordered (a birthday present) came in and was nothing like the advertised item. Back when they first started the items were great and I didn’t mind waiting a couple weeks but this feels more like WISH lately.
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2 years ago, CWilly2.0
Really amazing items - way too many not in stock
I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from TOM and always been satisfied with the item based on the description once it arrived. Even had a couple of lost items along the way during shipping and the customer service department has been more than helpful and even issued a refund without any hesitation. The only negative comment I have is the large amount of items to view, but very limited availability in stock, especially in the suiting and suiting accessories department. I’ve spent way too much time scrolling to find stuff I like only to find I can’t purchase anything due to being out of stock. Huge supporter, I just wish the stock wasn’t so bare or the out of stock items weren’t shown until available for purchase.
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6 years ago, Dplutt
You get a 3.8
I have had the app for a few years now and purchased things a number of times...I rate the app closer a 3.8. I have order items on here and have waited and waited for the items to be later cancelled, which is very frustrating!!! There are a lot of cool things on to buy but you will wait a while for things to come. I have also had items come that just don’t fit and it just seems like to much of a hassle to send items back. With all that said I do like the apps functionality and will continue to buy things from the site. Maybe a little bitter about my purchases I was really looking forward to getting and never received...they did give me a 15-25$ credit but that was after 3 months of waiting and I would have actually paid them $25 to get the items I originally purchased
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6 years ago, NYSilk101
This site is geared for men but I have found a lot of interesting items. Special deals and quality products will keep you looking everyday. What I like most is the example of the products and how they can be used or what they are used for. This app is like non others. While the prices can be pricey. There is a budget item for every type of financial pocket. The email response search for delivery items is also great. You don’t have to listen to a recorded line and the responses time to get a message back is reasonable. This is one SALES PLACE WHERE I don’t mind NOT HAVING A LIVE REP. I am only a few weeks in and already making my second purchase. THERE ARE SOME REALLY COOL AND INTERESTING items out there. You can’t go wrong with this app.
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2 years ago, Snuffy's dad
Great products, SLOOOW SHIPPING
I have bought many things from the site, all sorts of cool and unique items. Head-to-head price comparisons show they’re a little cheaper despite most being high ticket items. The problem is you were impulsively buy something and not get it for months later. It’s truly impressively slow, to the point that you have so much time between when you bought it to when you get it, that you often will regret that impulse purchase of a goblet made from a real horn… you think… ”Maybe I really shouldn’t of bought it… Well maybe it’s not even gonna come… Huh, I got a package, I wonder what it is…Oh yeah… I bought that thing like last year!!! I don’t know. Cool stuff, pricey but usually better than if you bought it directly, but man their format of middleman before you get it is painfully slow.
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2 years ago, ndricimp
Sale items are a big scam.
Sale items are a big scam in here there is no sale, I saw Aqua Sonic Duo Pro that had this huge sale like and idiot I went and got it because why not it’s seemed like a great deal, wrong should have checked other retail places I did that only after ordering it (they sneak in the final sale right below on a small button that you have to press in order to see it) and saw that the “sale” price was actually the retail price of the item in most of other places, I actually used to like this place and their products but this is discusting to lie like that the sale was put from 400$ to 80$ I should have known it’s a scam it was too good to be true but I trusted it because I never thought that I would get scammed in a place like this, and I wrote to them 4 days ago still silence from their part as I have been clearly scammed I will take care of it with my bank if they don’t respond which I don’t think they will.
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1 year ago, thescream3
Poor Customer Service
An error was made regarding my shipping address and payment method when I checked out. I immediately contacted customer service to make them aware my old address and invalid payment method were used in error (literally within seconds of submitting the order) Unfortunately the only contact was via email - no phone number is listed. Within minutes I sent them an email stating that fact. The response was they would check into it. Well, they certainly did. The result was they found a way to adjust the payment method. However they did not address the shipping information at all. They dropped the ball and the result was I was charged for the items that I still have not received.I supplied this feedback and have not heard back from them. Evidently the money was more important to them than a satisfied customer. I will not place any more orders through this site in the future.
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6 years ago, Ky1Qua!
Good selection; terrible shipping
As the title states, the selection of clothing and miscellaneous is outstanding. This app makes shopping more fun, and I check it daily. You’ll see various styles and seasons of clothing, suits, accessories such as ties, watches, glasses, etc, and a lot of other items ranging from furniture, axes, swords, flame throwers, magician kits, both classical and modern art, drones, office accessories, motorcycles, new technology, athletic gear. There’s something for everyone. I’ve purchased leather jackets, sunglasses, shoes, dress shirts, smoking accessories, and other random items, as well as my favorite piece of art. Most have been great purchases; a few of the clothes have been the wrong size. Many items are out of my price range (I’ve seen a $140,000 watch), but here and there I find a steal. 80% off from quality dress shirts, etc. A small flaw is that some of the clothing brands don’t do a good job of portraying sizes. The main major flaw is the slow shipping. For example, I ordered 3 summer dress shirts on May 9th with estimated arrival on May 31st. It’s now 2 months later. July 6th. 1 of the shirts was delivered in June. 2 of the shirts haven’t even been shipped yet. The shopping is great and made easy for whatever you can think of, but don’t expect to have your items anytime soon.
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Love this sight
Always cool exclusive items truly appreciate my only 2 issues which may be a deal breaker for some is the wait of the items sometimes a few weeks and most items have a no refund policy so can be tedious to get a simple refund should an item suddenly become defective however the company does communicate and give you feedback via email and try to speak to merchant on your behalf . So I keep them at a 5 star for the effort and overall pleasant experience with what I’ve ordered. They also saved me money on some expensive watches which was amazing they get seriously nice high end watches for the watch aficionados and other awesome collectible arts!
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7 years ago, Chris_j77
Wrong Item Sent + Horrible Customer Service
So I ordered a new ceiling light from this site. They sent me the wrong item(no biggie, people make mistakes). I called to report an issue and they had me leave a voicemail. I also emailed them with my issues. It's been over a week, I have called numerous times(their phones hang up on you after 30 minutes of waiting and say tot try again later). I have texted them on 10 different occasions and still nothing. I had one person email me back saying they would escalate the claim on the first day, but still haven't got one response since. This is completely ridiculous to not even get a response nor action being taken. I would highly suggest using a different app or site to shop from! These people are pure hell to deal with and clearly can't run a business properly. They do not value their customers what so ever, and I have never been treated this way after purchasing a very expensive lighting fixture.
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1 year ago, S in Carson City NV
Worst customer service ever!
I placed an order October 25, 2022, and product has yet to be delivered as of February 1, 2023!! The original estimated shipping was 2-3 weeks. I have reached out to customer service approximately 6 times and mostly get an automated email saying they are experiencing “longer than usual processing times…and be patient”. I did receive one response from a person Dec 12, 2022 saying the order was “…in the warehouse, preparing to ship…”, but nothing since. Twice I received messages that the response was “being escalated”, but still the order which was ordered as a Christmas gift, has not yet been delivered or a refund been offered. I have ordered several items from TOM over the years and they have been delivered within the expected shipping time listed at the time of order, but God help you if there is any delay!! I am unlikely to order anything in the future given this experience! Buyers beware!
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3 years ago, ihatecmb
One of the sketchiest apps out there. EVERYTHING you see on this site can be ordered elsewhere, and I highly recommend doing so. I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering something from this site and, after 2.5 months of waiting, I found out that the product never even shipped. I asked customer service to cancel my order since the app advertised it would ship within a month. I was put in contact with some dunce named Ben who said “No, according to our terms and conditions all sales are final” despite the fact that I had not received the product, and no actual “sale” had been made. I looked through their terms and conditions and found NO mention of not being able to cancel an item before it ships. Therefore, the customer service agent “Ben” completely made up this rule and refused my refund. Just an all around sketchy app. The products you get are over priced knockoffs anyway. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!
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4 years ago, MaskedVillain
Be very veryyyy careful about using this app
There were many sketchy issues, but I’ll cut to the point. I ordered headphones that took over 5 weeks to ship. I contacted Touch of Modern 7x, asking questions about the order, requesting refunds, asking more follow ups. Touch of Modern doesn’t actually have ‘customer service’. It’s not a tech company that sells products. And it has absolutely no safe buying options — where if you spend $5,000 on something — and it comes in the mail totally broken or defective, you will never hear from them again. You can’t return anything. You won’t get a refund if they’ve shipped it (period). And you will NEVER be able to reach a human being (or even a robot) — regardless of the fact that there is a ‘contact us about an order’ button. Beware. Be careful. Try to find the thing elsewhere before taking the risk here. I’ve been talking myself into ‘wanting’ to use the app for several years due to these issues. I’m done.
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3 years ago, Bulletforthebraindead
Super cool accoutrements
Everything I have purchased from them has been as advertised and I have yet to get a faulty product. If you read the fine print it usually says 4-6 weeks for delivery. I have found that to be untrue. Well except for one piece. Normally they all take about a week it seems. Or that has been my experience. I love this site, but BEWARE!!!! I find that I NEED most of the things listed. It is easy to just run amok spending! But as you would then have a bunch of bad assedness to use, wear and lounge upon, it might not be all bad. Some of it is not for me, just not my style, however most of it is. I can’t say enough good things about them. AND they have great customer service. I love this site.
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3 years ago, Bugaboodi
Poor customer service
I bought a toothpick projectile toy thinking it was quite interesting. Immediately afterwards, I continued to shop and found a better version—one with a laser. So, I wondered how could I have not seen this better version before I bought the original. That was weird. I did not want 2 of these items and tried to cancel my order from 2minutes prior—but no option to do so. Nobody in customer service was available (poor service)so I had to send an email. So, since I could not seem to talk to anyone, I ended up buying both—my original and the better version. I hoped that when they got back with me that they would cancel my first order or give me a credit. No!!! When they finally responded one day later, they said “All sales final.” Well, no thank you. I probably won’t buy from here again. Poor return policy, no option to immediately cancel order, and delayed customer service. Boo.
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6 years ago, California City Kid
It’s been a while since I was able to see quality items
I am amazed at the high quality items that are displayed on this website. It is definitely worth the time and money to put quality back into my lifestyle. Oftentimes you settle for what you think you will be happy with. I’m going to wait from now on it’s worth it to have exactly what you want and not something else that you though was something like but not really what you wanted. I would rather wait for the real time item and not be finished with second hand items. That don’t add anything to your way of life. The items I see are exceptional quality items and I am amazed at how much they really cost.
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3 months ago, VCele$
Flush your $ Away , THIS IS YOUR WARNING
You must be brain dead if you think you are going to get anything that you order on this website accurately or remotely on time. I believe any positive positive reviews are fake as every interaction I’ve ever had has been miserable. However, I keep coming back for more punishment and throwing my money away. I have learned on my last experiences that this is it. Be forewarned that this place Touch of Modern is as bad as a ordering from China yourself. Their Customer Support is also lazy, lackadaisical and just gives you the runaround. It’s literally somebody behind a computer I believe probably A.I. of some sort that answers every question with a question and does not get or give any resolution to concerns you bring up. Currently trying to dispute items on my credit card. We’ll see how it works because modern doesn’t want to do anything.
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4 years ago, CiprianOne
Excellent finds, particularly in the smart home area.
Occasionally, this app/its offer gives me the thrills when I find the little tech items that really improve my home and make my life more efficient. ToM is the only place for me to do online shopping and not be bored. I wish there were less classical watches offers, and a better filter of the Turkish vendors, which seem to dominate the apparel area and are poor quality, but all in all I am actually very happy with the broad spectrum of items an sale and the back office management of the store. The service has always been impeccable for me and I have been using this app from Day 1, when it was a very small business.
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6 years ago, Tomb_Raider
Great looking products with hidden secret
I’ve used this app for about 1 year, mostly because of all the cool looking gadgets. My first order was actually a gadget that broke within 1 week. My second purchase was a pair of high tops that looked great on the app but arrived about 6 weeks later from China that were the lowest quality show possible that didn’t fit. My third, and last, order was a cool looking shirt that also arrived on a slow boat from China and was literally the cheapest possible material that also did not fit and was promptly thrown in the trash where it belongs. I give this 2 stars because I’m sure there are some actually decent products on the site but after 3 consecutive total fails, I’m done. Deleted the app and strongly encourage anyone to give this a miss, it’s not worth the risk that you are going to get some rejects from a cheap Chinese warehouse.
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6 months ago, JasonW From SF
Takes a while to ship
Most of the things offered here are nice, but it generally takes a month or so to ship. However, the most recent orders I made in October was not shipping until June of next year, but they never informed/updated me. When I wrote to the customer service, to their credit, they replied really quickly; although one of the rep was pretty condescending and didn’t even look at the correct order I wrote in about. Most of the customer service was really nice though. I’ve been shopping on here for at least 10 years, but this most recent purchase experience is making me reconsider coming back to buy things on this website again. Maybe if they updated me on the shipping situation when there is a delay, I might come back again. The app design is pretty nice.
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7 years ago, Shwilliam135
Overall great app
This is a great app for impulse buying, especially with the 24 hour specials and store credit sales. I had only received one damaged product in my many purchaces, to which they quickly took care of by replacing the damaged art piece. It also takes a bit longer than I’m used to for my items to be received, but for the prices and deals they offer it’s well worth the trade. This app has so many new sales each day that I am always finding something to favorite. General good quality and cheap prices make this app a must have. And the range of products is all over the place, so it’s simple for anyone to find something they like.
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5 years ago, jazmine1978
Marketing win. Horrid shipping. Subpar quality.
Whoever designed the app’s marketing angle is going places because they draw you in with the spectacular pictures and enticing photography, only to send you completely subpar merchandise that is repeatedly mishandled in shipping and almost never arrives in tact. My only and ONLY time using the app, i made 5 purchases. One arrived in a week. The others are going on a month. Shipping has largely been through DHL and every package has been damaged to the point of just absurd. All were gifts and i had to apologize for the terrible handling. Of the things i bought, only one seemed to be legit. Everything else was not remotely worth the price and most didn’t even come with instructions so i feel confident they were knock-offs! Kudos for getting over on me. Truly amazing marketing to cover-up a disastrous drop shipping scheme. Deleting the app once i receive my final product. If ever. Smh.
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4 years ago, Artzenin
Nice, But...
Is the app and website design amazing? Yes. Is the content for sale a must have depending on what you’re into? Yes. Are the prices ridiculous? For many items I have seen, yes I find the payout too high. This is cleverly for nobles, princes, queens, and anyone who simply can afford them. The sellers/stores may disagree with me but I’m sorry, some of those items are not worth 3K, and above. There were a few items I saw that I agree with the high price, due to the cutting tech and labor, but there were also just too many smaller/medium items that are not worth the prices I saw. In general, great store, questionable prices—either route, you need to be able to afford Touch Of Modern, and if you can you will be pleased with what you purchase.
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4 years ago, Jh369999
great shopping site but . . .
This is an interesting shopping site with some unique items, however, the imposed time limit on your shopping basket can really add to shipping costs if an item doesn’t ship for free. Shipping times vary widely, from days to weeks/months so if you’re shopping for someone else for an event like Christmas or a birthday, be careful. All of this information is in the description, they aren’t hiding anything, but many times we don’t read the entire descrition, so make sure you do! This and the return policy - you can’t return anything - is why I gave 3 stars instead of 5. Having said that, I have bought several items from drinking glasses to jewlery to sheets and have been happy with all the purchases except the sheets which I thought felt really cheap.
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