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User Reviews for Tradesy

4.86 out of 5
50.4K Ratings
4 years ago, chrissyrds
Selling fees are too high and it takes forever to get paid
The Pros for using Tradesy is that listing an item is pretty fast and effortless. They have a great response time if you have an issue. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with returns as Tradesy accepts all returns and as long as the item was as described, you get to keep the money that the item sold for. Tradesy will resell the item on its own. The Cons for selling on Tradesy and using the app is that if you have your notifications turned on, you will get too many marketing notifications throughout the day. The seller fees are also exuberantly high with no explanation as the selling fee is 19.2% on Tradesy while it is only 10% on eBay. Tradesy also charges sellers a 2.8% transfer fee which should be free considering that they are already getting 19.2% commission. The worst part about using Tradesy to sell your item is that it takes forever to get paid. If you have a good reputation selling on eBay, your funds are available immediately for use. Not on Tradesy. It can take 3 weeks to get your money and there really is no justification for this. They should have a buyers review or rating system like all of the other selling apps and if the buyer is happy with their purchase, your funds should be released immediately. A few years back they would release your funds within 3 days after the buyer received the item. Now it is 3 weeks which is not at all fair to the seller.
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2 years ago, ChristieKay143
Pretty impressive
I’m new to this site. So I’m not sure how much my review means yet. But… so far I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the customer service. It’s been beyond what I’ve expected. These are relatively big purchases and my first purchase on here…. I made accidentally. Thinking I was buying one thing but I purchased the same exact thing from a different person. Anyway… I’m leaving on vacation and my original purchase wouldn’t have made it on time. This site allowed me to make adjustments to my purchase and re-issued my initial coupon! It really meant a lot to me. I can’t wait to get the two items that I purchased. It’s exciting because these are things I want it for a very long time… I just haven’t been able to afford brand new. Finding this website has been extremely exciting.
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5 years ago, 5ftqueenie
Lots to love, lots to not
First the good: for creating listings it’s my favorite app. Love the number of pictures, the space allowed for descriptions, super easy and user-friendly process. The bad is bad enough that I don’t list or open the app as often as I could. First: there is an issue/bug with their pricing assessment (“sell faster, sell slower scale). New with box/tags designer items that retail for over $2000 that get a $1-$2 low, high range. Yes, that means Tradesy assesses top “value” as $2. This has happened many times. What’s up with that? You can still list at your own price, but I have a hard time believing this does not effect the algorithm for visibility/staff pics/featured items, etc. It likely is interpreted as price gouging. Next: no feedback for sellers. How can buyers put their trust in me? Third: the interface for seeing your earnings after a sale is terrible. Lastly, this BIG and not necessarily related to the app, but it takes forever to get paid. A month or more. Even when buyers contact me about being in love with their purchase. This is the main reason I don’t list on the site as much as I could. It’s even slower than it was prior to their commission hike that promised to improve seller’s experience. The “transfer fee” adds insult to injury given how long the payments take. I know others have voiced all the same issues, I guess Tradesy doesn’t care enough about their sellers to make some very necessary changes.
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5 years ago, OnePetunias
Tradesy Fan
I’ve been a big fan of Tradesy for years and still continue to love the site. I’m mainly a seller and although I don’t do as high of a sales volume on here as I do other places, Tradesy has been a trustworthy, reliable place to sell my unused wardrobe items. I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over be last several years and I’ve overall enjoyed my Tradesy experience. The reason for three stars have been the marketing notifications that I’ve been getting. I have all of the notification settings turned off aside from getting messages from buyers but still continue to receive marketing material in the form of notifications. It feels icky and when they pop up I get super frustrated thinking it’s something bag actually needs my attention. Tradesy has helped me declutter my life and closet but the notifications are having the opposite effect and are adding clutter to my digital life. Not conducive with a digital detox. Also I have to voice my disapproval of the fee changes. The 20% doesn’t bother me and seems to be pretty standard. It’s the 2.9% fee on top of it that doesn’t sit well. Lump it in with the 20% and I’m fine with it. I understand it’s purpose as a part of your business model to incentivize buyers but it doesn’t work for someone who just wants to minimize their life and use their earnings elsewhere.
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2 years ago, smity82
Bad business practices
How does this business has almost a 5 star rating when almost all of the reviews are 1 star!! Something to ponder. First of all this company has no way of reaching a customer service rep via phone. The only way to contact them is via email. I purchased to expensive prices of jewelry on the same day the order was placed I messaged the sellers to ask them to cancel the ordered due to misreading the description of the pieces and discovering they were not the pieces that I wanted. I have messages the sellers at least 3 times and have never heard from either seller. Then after reading Tradesy policies further the seller have to respond whether the item is still available for sale. Tradesy doesn’t even have possession of the items they are selling and don’t know if they are still available yet they already charged my credit card the whole amount. Unlike The Real Real their competitors who have possession of the items and know they are in stock when you buy them and also allow you to return the merchandise for a full refund where as Tradesy will only give you store credit. After I spend my store crosier I will NEVER do business with them again!!! And I would strongly advise buyer beware. Check out The Real Real before you spend your hard earned money with a company that is working with an antiquated business model.
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6 years ago, Pina Records
I’m a newbie in this re-saling thing. What I totally love about the app is that when you sale an item you are not getting it back just because it didnt fit or the buyer just didn’t want it anymore. As long as you are selling an item as described and %100 authentic you won’t be expecting any returns because tradesy will sell it for you. It is so simple to list an item and the shipping options are just perfect. Now what I’m not happy about is the commission fee they charge. I have read several reviews and every seller is upset about this super high rate. %19.2 is not inly high but pretty unfair, and after dealing with this fee you have to pay and extra %2.8 for transferring your earning into your account. I know Tradesy does the work and it works like a charm but considering the millions of dollars WE CONTRIBUTE to produce I SERIOUSLY recommend you to give it a serious thought about lowering this rates. You are loosing valuable sellers and It’s not like the app does everything to justify that %20 LOWER YOUR COMMISSION RATE AND NAKE TRANSFER COMPLETELY FREE. Ps: like I said I’m new in this while thing but have already sold $10k in premium designer things. However I’m seriously consider using another platform if you guys keep the high rates.
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6 years ago, Nicole_____
Horrible Customer Service
I’ve been selling on other online platforms for quite a hike, but decided to give Tradesy a try. I listed several items, and then got my first sale. Yay! My item was a new with tags boutique item that was already almost sold out in my other shops. After I sent the item to the buyer, I ended up receiving notice that the item was being returned due to damage on the item. More specifically, they stated that the Heels on the bottom of the shoes were coming off..? Um ok?? What? No. Not even possible. So, as I’m waiting for the item to be sent back to me, I emailed Tradesy asking questions as to WHY this was happening on an item that was in pristine condition. Nothing. Crickets. No response... I sent another email, and still have yet to hear back. This was over 2 weeks ago, and there is no reason that this company only protects the buyers. What about the sellers??? It seems that they will offer a return on any item for any reason, which is not fair to the seller. We shouldn’t be expected to take returns because of someone having buyers’ remorse. That shouldn’t be our problem. This whole app seems like such a waste. What is the point of being a seller on there if sellers are not even protected? Too much work goes into packaging and shipping and uploading photos, etc. Sellers get no respect on this platform.......
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6 years ago, AllieFBaby
Takes 29 days to get funds as seller
I normally don't write bad reviews, but I feel like it's getting out of hand. I have been using Tradesy since about June 2016. From that point til now Tradesy has RAISED its commission TWICE that I have noticed and has lengthened the amount of time until seller received fund. My last sell was Jan 19th which I shipped out same day. Today is February 6th and I still don't have the funds but the customer has had the Christain Louboutin shoes since Jan 22nd. I just don't understand WHY it takes so long to pay out the sellers. Tradesy doesn't realize it's business structure is similar to Uber/Airbnb where it kind of needs its sellers to survive. I also sell on Depop and Poshmark and would recommend both over Tradesy especially when it comes to getting paid. Another thing Tradesy needs to work on is customer service. When you are trying to contact this company be prepared to receive emails filled with the same text in the FAQ section with no attention to your specific needs/account. If Tradesy could lower their commission, fixed customer service, and time until payout I would be more willing to continue to use it. I literally have one thing left that is listed and I REFUSED to add anything else. I will just sell new stuff on Depop or Poshmark.
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3 years ago, Loopypanda
Sales have slowed to a crawl
This is not the app it once was for me. In fact, there are some major programming issues that they’re unable to unwilling to address. I’m trying to sell my wardrobe basics that honestly are “high end” to a lot of American households—not everyone can afford J.Crew and Coach. All the marketing emails I get are irrelevant—I don’t buy Louis Vuitton purses at the frequency they are promoted. And the whole concept of “trading in” what I won’t wear to buy what I want is broken if my “under $100” items don’t sell. It wasn’t always like this, once upon a time I had decent sales on Tradesy. Commission increases may have killed them? It just feels very scattered. Either be exclusively high end and split off the other “lower end” business (see Grailed for a men’s example), or recognize that people need low cost basics as well. FYI, as of 9/4/19, of the 551,984 active clothing listings, 48% are under $50, 75% are under $100. I’m also not thrilled with paying a “safe transfer fee” to receive my money to my bank or PayPal. If I’m paying that, I expect a faster transfer. Finally, buyers can return for any reason. What is preventing them from “borrowing” something for 4 days?? I just had a dress returned with deodorant in the armpits...
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4 years ago, Erinleaerwin337
Not what you think
This app was great when it first came out. Since then all the things that they offered have gone to the wayside, making this a far inferior sales app. If you are a seller look Elsewhere, they are worse than any other app. They say they take returns so you don’t have too... but they have so many rules and refuse to take darn near everything it’s pointless. Buyers are free to buy, wear, reattach tag (or not) and easily return.. anything under $150(which is more than half their items)... you get screwed with funds deducted from your account and an item back you can no longer sell as new. This is like a free rental app to buyers. And it is hurting sellers. They take forever to pay out... 21 days plus another 10 to transfer the funds... an entire month... eBay is instant! Sales of my expenses luxury items has drastically declined as well. As a seller, I get far more services elsewhere for a far lower fee. Even consigning on the RealReal is better than here now, as they can fetch higher prices. So sad to see something that was good in the beginning change their policies so much to the point that they are irrelevant to the luxury and designer goods sales market. Don’t waste the energy listing here.
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5 years ago, Sabs57
Fees/App on IPad/Payout Time
First off: I love selling on Tradesy. I’ve been selling a few years on the app. The customers are great and the customer service is superior to all other platforms! However, the fee of a bank transfer (2.9%) on top of the commission fee (19.8%) is excessive and more than most platforms. Printing/IPad issues: I would love the option of being able to print from my phone or iPad app without having to login into my laptop/PC. I’ve tried several times to make it work - it doesn’t. Printing from browser on IPad - the label is not centered (upper left corner and smaller than the normal size. Further, the only way to withdraw a payout is via laptop/android phone via the app or having to login via browser. You cannot click the down arrow on your sales to show when to expect payout on your iPad. Payout: waiting 21 days for your payout is just ridiculous! There is absolutely no reason for it. If it is for luxury items, they should offer an authentication concierge for these sellers/buyers. Otherwise, for all other items, the 21 days should not apply. It’s absurd.
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4 years ago, sc05150
Sellers Beware!!!!
I was iffy about Tradesy from the start but had a few transactions that went okay... and then it was all down hill from there. I have to say in my opinion there is little to no seller protection and they make return decisions in completely arbitrary ways and have no communication in their return departments. Seems like they make it up as the go. They hold funds and don’t release them without specific requests and basically you have to watch every single transaction like an absolute hawk to make sure things go the way they are supposed to. Plus the time periods to release money and transfer it is lengthy and makes keeping track of things next to impossible. Additionally, they take a 19.8% commission from you right off the top and it costs another 2.9% transfer fee to get your money out but if you have a return they make you pay back 100% of the purchase price so you lose double the money - which frankly is insane. I have taken all my items down and will not be using it anymore. I would advise you not to risk your money or items by going through Tradesy. Poshmark is a much much much safer bet for all parties - buyers and sellers. Best of luck to you all.
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6 years ago, Ohlala Alana
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve never posted a review before, but this app warrants one. I’ve been selling on other sites (Poshmark) and although their seller fee is 20%, I’ve had no problems and all my money has been transferred into my bank account within the week of sale date. Tradesy has bumped up their sellers fee from 9% to 19.8% within the year I’ve been selling on it. Not to mention, it takes up to a MONTH to receive your money from date of sale. They promised with this new increase in seller rate that they would have faster transfer times, yet, my sale was made on 10/18, shipped the package 10/19, was delivered on 10/21, and as of today’s date 11/07, my money has not been deposited into my bank account. On top of the 19.8% sellers fee, there is a 2.9% “safe transfer fee.” Aka shady business because it needs your social security # and sometimes, and sometimes not, will go through. Customer “support” is generic answers and unhelpful. I’ve made 5 sales and made about 1k and then promptly removed the rest of listings to take my items elsewhere. Cannot comment on purchasing on this site because I refuse to give them any more of my money.
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5 years ago, FataMorganNY2017
Cropped pics on the app/bad seller protection
Besides a hefty fees they charge for selling items they also developed an app that has a built in God complex- it automatically crops out pictures of items I list when there’s no need (pics are standard size). There’s no such issue when I manually upload listings through their website. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Also- when you sell an item you have to wait up to 21 days for them to release your funds. It took over 2 weeks with the first sale I made (from the delivery date) for the funds to be available, and with my second sale it’s been over a week since the item was delivered to a buyer and still no funds are released. In these 21 days of buyer having my item in their possession I have no idea of what they are doing with it (wear it out for an event, do photo shoots with it). Btw- Poshmark gives a buyer 2 days (from the delivery date) to accept the item and after 2 days automatically releases the funds to the seller- which is a reasonable policy to both the buyer and a seller.
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5 years ago, Jeni0722
Going Downhill
I have been using Tradesy for a few years as a seller and as a buyer, but the fees keep rising and now it’s the platform with the highest selling fees that I use. On top of the 20% commission that they already receive off of your sales, you’ll have to pay them 2.9% more when you want to withdraw your own funds. Seriously? Also recently I’ve been getting a ton of annoying notifications along the lines of “Your $100 off expires now”, which is a complete scam, because when you click into it it’s always like “$100 off when you spend $1000” which is hardly a deal at all. Not to to mention, I’ve turned off all the notifications for this app except for alerts when my items sell, and these notifications keep coming. Please stop! Update: Will be deleting the app due to the spam notifications. It’s a wonder how the app can have an issue going on for this long, especially with all the commission you guys make off of sellers. Coding is not that difficult and hiring the right people can easily solve this problem.. Surely you guys aren’t lacking in the funds department to have someone address the problem.
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3 years ago, Nella NM
Great for buyers, not so much for sellers
It’s a bit of a love and hate relationship with Tradesy... as a buyer, I enjoy the sales and ease of use (as well as authenticity and returns guarantee) of the tradesy app. But as a seller, the commission feels are much higher than other consignment apps (they had raised their fees twice since I first joined), and they also charge a transfer fee (regardless of transfer method, including those that should be free). It was also really difficult to get in touch with a customer representative. Maybe it was just that one time, but when I did get in touch with someone, the representative was extremely rude about a potential sale- the buyer and I had both agreed on a price, but I was unable to change the price on an item due to some technical difficulty on the app. After a full week of communication, the representative finally responded (very rudely) that she’s only helping me because the buyer had requested help, not because I had requested help. I had since removed all my listings on that platform.
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6 years ago, AliRobin1991
Thieves and liars
In the past I bought other products from Tradsey, didn’t really have a problem at first, until this last time. I recently ordered a handbag from this app that was worth $1100 when I try to contact the seller to find out what my tracking number was and if they were even going to send out the bag I got no response , and when I got in response from them it was a fake story, but funny thing is my bank account surly reflected Tradsey taking out the $1100 payment. Absolutely fed up with this seller crap fed up tirelessly trying to get the seller to respond to me I decide to contact customer service. One thing you will learn with this company is that they do not answer their phones hell they don’t even have a phone line, just an email address the you will never get a response ! Ladies please read The Better Business Bureau responses from the other people buying from Tradesy , and I can tell you there are much more frightening stories than mine and if I were you I will run fast and keep whatever money you have in your pocket because this company promotes thieves and liars I will never use this app ever again!
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4 years ago, Bey hive
Bought damaged item and have keep it
I bought a high price item from tradsey and the stitching had come undone the pics that the seller had posted were screen shots most likely from where they had purchased. Tradesy did not contact me and sent them back to me the buyer and said this does not match the pictures she had posted. I had taken pics of the item received within half hr of receiving them time stamped. Then i spoke with customer care and hes asked me to list them again on their site . They not only take a huge chunk of your earnings but also dont pay you for over a month this will be the last time i use this site, the item i bought was over $500 this is not acceptable.
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1 year ago, man ska bah
Deleting my account!!!
I’m a new seller on Tradesy and won’t be using this app again. I sold a luxury item on this app and have been having issues that I'm not satisfied with. First off, when the buyer purchased the item she also purchased a prepaid shipping label. I packaged the item very neatly and shipped it off the very next day with no delay. She received her item quick and was very satisfied and excited but the issue is the fact that I had to wait an entire 7 days to receive my funds AFTER the item was delivered to her house which frustrated me because why?!? Not only that, the fact that Tradesy takes 20% for the sale is a bit extreme. On top of that, after the 7 days I waited I have to pay another 2.9% to transfer the money to my bank unless I’m spending it on Tradesy and have to wait ANOTHER 5 days for it to go to my account. How is this okay??! What takes so long?!? It’s annoying and it frustrates me so I’d rather not sale anything on this app ever again!
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4 years ago, Jnew36
As a seller
I enjoy selling on the app, the only two challenges is the extreme length of time between selling an item for funds being released then the length of actually receiving the funds. I only list 25% of my items on this app due to the extreme length of time before receiving the funds, I can’t get other sellers to start using the app due to my experience. Once a seller receives an item, after a few days they know if they would like to keep the item or return the item. I appreciate protecting the buyers but not sure it’s worth sacrificing at the sellers expense. The other issue is the fees, it’s more expensive to sell on this app compared to every other seller app, it’s a double hit to earn less plus wait weeks to receive your funds (in my case I’ve yet received the funds within the timeline listed on the payout, I always have to send a message to get my funds released).
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6 years ago, Allie7228
Tradesy is absolutely horrible. I have been using similar apps for YEARS , and just recently decided to try Tradesy. For starters, their commission Fee is 19.8% PLUS an additional 2.9% to transfer funds to young bank (roughly 23% ) , but that is not even the worst part, they hold your funds for nearly an entire month (21 days to be exact) even after the buyer has received the item. I made a sale on November 27th, and JUST received my payment today December 22nd !! There customer service department is nonexistent! You can email them until your face turns blue they will not reply , and their phone customer line is open for only 4 hours daily. Even after funds are released they still take another 3-7 BUSINESS days to reach your bank acct . Compared to similar sites this is horrible ! The only semi good thing about the site is they do not issue returns often (for example if the item does not fit the buyer or they no longer want ) they only issue refunds if the item is inauthentic! That can be a good or bad thing depending on if you are buyer or seller !
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6 years ago, Luvmeirahbug
Love/Hate Relationship with Tradesy
I love finding designer treasures here and I have found some items I really, really cherish. The payment options are good and I feel confident items are authenticated before listing. I wish there was a way to save my preferred searches or get notified when new listings that match my favorites are created. I have sold just as many items as I have purchased but the lack of having someone to talk to when there is a problem as a seller or as a buyer is beyond me. It takes a day to two to get any help by email and God forbid you need to correspond back and forth by email—your issue will take a week. Extremely subpar especially considering the absolutely ridiculous 19.8% selling fee +2.8% funds transfer fee. As you can imagine, sellers have begun increasing sales prices astronomically to cover the monies they are losing. This used to be my favorite place to buy and sell but now I’m looking for something new.
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5 years ago, mswendysmith
Great Platform for Higher End Items and Buyers
The big con is that you have to wait up to 21 days for your earnings from sales. According to the support staff this is something they are working to improve. I’m sure this is causing them to loose business. Outside of that, I feel that this is the best platform for selling higher end items. You interact with serious buyers, and you don’t have to waste a lot of time with buyers trying to lowball you like they do on other fashion selling platforms. One big plus for me is that they do an excellent job of keeping the platform free of non-fashion/accessory items. For example, Poshmark claims to be a strictly fashion/accessory platform, but there are a tremendous amount of items that don’t fall under these categories. In comparison, the Tradesy platform has a very professional and classy look to it. Also, once you’ve made a sale, their process is very streamlined and easy; plus sellers on this platform aren’t expecting you to do a lot of extra work, like gift wrapping and cards - just proper packaging like you’d receive from a department store. For those that are frustrated by the customer service on other fashion selling platforms, Tradesy is the place that’s got this figured out. Their customer service is superb. They are very responsive and professional.
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1 year ago, adavis80gt
Recent Change, 2 Stars to 4 Stars
I gave this app a bad review a couple of years ago, because it used to take almost a month a times to get your money when the buyer only had 4 days to do a return. Never had a return, so that was crazy! Recently, they have changed to getting paid 7 days after the item is delivered which I think is reasonable, so I am upping my stars. The commission fee could be lower, but it isn’t that crazy from what other apps like Poshmark charge anyway. The PayPal transfer fee is a little annoying, but it’s all for “security” purposes and whatever. Pretty common these days. Easy to list. It doesn’t ask you to fill in a thousand things like eBay so overall it’s gotten better! I use it for my more luxury items and they sell better on here than anywhere else. It’s a keeper!
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5 years ago, Sinner4567
Tradesy you love to Disappoint me.
Tradesy is actually a great place to sell your items. But the AGONY comes after the sale. The item is shipped to the buyer then the long wait to get your money. It’s a painful slow process for this day and age. It takes 7-15 days for your funds to becomes available to withdraw. But then there’s a catch! Wait! Just when you think you will get your money that you just send over to Paypal this morning it takes them another 7 business days and by business days I mean only business days to get to Paypal or your bank. We all know how Paypal works so we know this is plain not right. So about 27 days later after the item is sold your money is available but they have alas taken another 3% which Paypal also takes another cut! So items here are priced to include all this miscellaneous fees. We know you need the money Tradesy but surely there are other ways to make Money. I have to think twice About shipping an item out because of the appalling service from team Tradesy.
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4 years ago, sjayro
Takes forever to get paid
This is a decent platform to sell your product on, but don’t use this app as a means of income. It takes sometimes almost 2 months to get paid because you have to wait 21 days after the sale for them to “release” your funds. After you select to have them direct deposited, not only do they take a small percentage of your sale as a “safe transfer fee” but then it takes another few weeks for those funds to be deposited. It seems like all of this is designed to make you not want to withdraw your funds and instead spend it back on Tradesy. Also, don’t fall for the “free shipping kit” scam. They take forever to mail it out and send you continuous emails to remind you to ship your item, when In fact you haven’t shipped it because they haven’t mailed you the free shipping kit. Again, decent platform but it seems like there are still a large amount of kinks to work out.
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4 years ago, AshleyGeewizz
Purchasing vs Selling
It’s not that I don’t like this app, but selling on this app is very frustrating. I sold something back in July (July 8th to be exact), and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY FUNDS for having sold that item. It has been over a month. I understand that there needs to be a timeline in which the buyer can authentic the item and decide if he or she wants to keep it or not, but this is ridiculous. This is not the way this should work. The seller has to wait 21 days to receive funds, BUT it takes another 7 days to transfer funds to your bank, PayPal, etc. They do it this way I guess to promote more sales on the app, but I disagree with this workflow. This is not how a business should run. The buyer has had the item for over a month now and I still have not been paid. Buying on Tradesy I highly recommend! However, I will not be selling anymore on this app.
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5 years ago, Danieltalavera
Returned item
I have been an avid user of tradesy but recently I sold a gorgeous vintage piece that was in over all great condition I shipped to buyer but then two weeks after got an email that it was being returned and I wasn’t going to be getting paid! The only thing that was upsetting was that I had spoken to the buyer if the item and she told me specifically that she was looking for a suit for an event she was attending soon. Once I got the Chanel Suit back then realized that it had been worn! How is it possible for someone to use and return an item especially when it could have been sold to someone who would have really wanted it during that time! It’s upsetting and irritated that I did all that work to prepare the suit to ship. I just don’t get how it takes over a month to get paid either, I know a lot of people vent about this in particular as well.
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4 years ago, NiinaBalleriina
The reason I am displeased with Tradesy is due to a recent transaction in which I had previously selected shipping through Tradesy, however the buyer contacted me asking for a faster shipment and instead of waiting for Tradesy’s bag to arrive I switched options after item had been purchased and selected to “provide my own” when doing this there was NO INDICATION that upon changing shipping option I would not be entitled to the shipping funds ergo Tradesy kept the shipping money for a package I provided. Customer service did reach out promptly however employees didn’t really provide a solution it was mostly a “GOSH thanks for the feedback”. I will be closing my account after the transaction as I am utterly dissatisfied with the situation and I know this means nothing to the company as there are thousands of other users, but I want to make a statement as to how dissapointed the circumstance has made me. However the app does run smoothly - the developer does deserve a 5 star review.
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5 years ago, Dsleonard63
Best Online Consignment!!
Tradesy is a fantastic (designer) online consignment store! I’ve been using Tradesy since 2012. This is my “go-to” shopping place whether it’s a gift purchase or personal. Plus, I’ve sold numerous pieces on this site. The customer service is impeccable. Early on I purchased a handbag & the buyer labeled it as “authentic”, but was far from it. I don’t remember the designer, but I remember the experience. I called, then returned it per Tradesy’s request. Within just 2-3 days I rec’d a refund on my credit card. There was no interrogation about the flaws I noticed. Just incredible service. Six years later? I’ve not had any issues with the merchandise and I’ve made “a lot” of purchases since then. Do it! Check them out!!
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4 years ago, Brittbrat525
Love the app hate the selling fees and wait time.
I gave this app a 4 out of 5 stars and I would have given them 5 stars if the wait time to receive your money after you have made a sale and it has been delivered to the buyer didn’t take 21 days to be available and also once you transfer is over it takes more than a week to get in my account. It also has crazy selling fees where you have to list your items higher than you want just to get the amount that you are looking for. I love this app and never have a hassle with my buyers and it’s truly fantastic but this is the only complaint I have and if it can be fixed would definitely rate this app 5 starts cause I do truly love it.
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5 years ago, Alexis's request
Tradesy is the real deal. I have been listing my personal purses from my closet and also purchasing items from other sellers... each time I have an interaction with someone it has been fantastic. I will say I have never had a bad experience yet. I have personally connected w each of my Buyers and Sellers... A quality place brings quality people... that’s what we’re all looking for kind, quality, honest people Their Customer service is always always there for any questions, concerns, returns, they’re just fantastic. The group of people on this site are all in the same boat : wanting to sell and buy luxury items without any hoopla or nonsense. My personal experience is exceptional.... A+
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2 years ago, Tiny chef tiny game
Unacceptable return policy
I can live with their high fees because I can adjust my selling price. The unacceptable part is their return policy. Selling on Tradesy used to be okay because Tradesy took care of all returns. But, they changed their policy now that allows buyers to return item for ANY reasons, back to the sellers. There are many non trusted buyers out there that will return after they used the items, they damage it on purpose so they get refund back to their credit cards instead of Tradesy credits, etc etc. And sellers ended up with items that are not in the original condition. So, Tradesy have no protection for the sellers whatsoever. No reviews available for sellers or buyers so we don’t know if the buyer is a good buyer or serial returner. In summary, it’s very uneasy experience selling on Tradesy.
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4 years ago, JacqulineM
I’ve used Tradesy for a few years now and it has it’s + and - just like everything does. But one thing that’s kept me from selling on here recently is the % of the $$$ THEY keep - it’s way too high vs. other selling apps..Also the waiting period for getting paid is extremely long. Like about a MONTH long. It’s ridiculous! When I discovered Poshmark I saw what a huge difference it is for the seller because I get paid once my item is delivered to the buyer! The buyer has to accept your item once it’s delivered to them (they do this within the app, it’s super quick and easy), then the funds get released to you. No waiting an entire month - such bs. I don’t think I’ll be selling on Tradesy again :/
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5 years ago, PA255294
Great app, but is it worth the wait?
I just started using Tradesy and it was quick and easy to use. I sold my item in no time. However, I didn’t realize how long the wait is for the seller to receive their money. I thought you paid a transfer fee, 2.9% to be exact, for the money to be in the account same or next day. PayPal doesn’t even have a fee unless you needed it ASAP. I guess my fear about this stems from other negative reviews about how long it takes to receive the money on tradesy, up to 21 days, and then to transfer the money to your actual account can take up to 7 or more, depending on what method you picked, days. So basically about a month. Which is a little odd, to wait so long to be paid when the buyer gets to have the actual item in no time. This is perfect if you don’t need the money now and are willing to wait.
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1 year ago, Issues!
Don’t sell on this platform. Sellers will buy your new item, and wear it and return it back to you. Tradesy will accept the item that was new, and now is used by the customer who purchased it, and allow the customer to return it back to you. When you open up a case against them they won’t take accountability for their negligence. It’s all about making the customer happy no matter what. I sold a new coach handbag on there, and it was returned back to me used with marks, wrinkles, and stains on it. The customer claimed that it didn’t fit their style after they used it for a couple of day’s, and Tradesy allow them to return it back to me. Tradesy is doing everything they can to not pay me for my Coach handbag. For example, we will give you $15 back, or you can relist it and we will bring down the sellers fee. Lawsuit is coming your way Tradesy!!!!
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4 years ago, Pascha199085
Very disappointed
I would like to share my experience on Tradesy. I am new on this site but have sold on other sites such as Poshmark and Mercari for many years and never have any issues! I made first sale on Tradesy But buyer returned the jacket saying the tag wasn’t attached which was a lie. She should of contact me and ask to accept the jacket back and I would. She didn’t have decency to include a tag in returned package which stops me to resell the jacket as new with a tag. Tradesy never updates me on progress of my sale. I spoke to customer service Jason who I requested email with tracking number which never arrived after he said he will resend. This was my first unfortunate experience with Tradesy who doesn’t protect sellers rights. I will close my account with Tradesy as soon as I can. I will stay with reputable company Poshmark where I sold for about $5000 for the last few years! Just want to say live and learn. Regards, Mara Matarazzo
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4 years ago, DawnA😊
Fees and payout time
I’m new to Tradesy and thought I would give it a try since I sell on EBay Poshmark and Mercari. I’m okay with the 20% commission fee since it’s pretty standard but to charge another fee to get my money transferred is crazy! It should be a part of the 20% already charged. And then there’s the payout time!! Wow! 21 days to get my money to even be available when the buyer has it within 3-4 days of shipping. That gives all kind of time for problems to be created then you have to wait more than 7 business days to get your transfer even when it gives you a date you still don’t have it by then. For some this is their business and to wait over a month to get paid is just crazy. I won’t be selling on here anymore not worth the hassle when there are so many other easier and great platforms to sell on. Get it together Tradesy you aren’t the only option for sellers!
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5 years ago, Tassy901
Wouldn’t sell with them again
As of today it’s been a month since I’ve made my sale and I still haven’t gotten paid. It took longer to sell my item because there no way of sharing your items or anything. Its like an ordinary resale website. The only advantage this app has over other resale apps is the shipping kit and to be honest I’d rather deal with the headache of handling shipping on my own. It doesn’t take that much effort. The app itself is beautiful and they take a 20% fee with an additional 2.9% transfer fee. It’s so not worth a 2.9% transfer fee. I’ll never post with them again after the amount of time that it took to sell and get paid. Not recommended. Poshmark takes two business days to transfer money and there’s a lot more features that help you sell quickly. I’ve sold so many more things on there in just a few months compared to this app
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5 years ago, ChantelCeCe
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore!!
I used to love Tradesy. But I don’t anymore. Here is why...I have bought and sold on Tradesy. It use to be fairly quickly that you received your withdrawals. But now, I sold a wallet almost a month ago. 24 days ago to be exact. I still haven’t received my money from Tradesy. A week later I sold a Michael Kira purse. I still do not have my money from Tradesy. While someone is enjoying my gently loved items, and has paid Tradesy trusting that they would properly disperse the funds, has not done such. It is a scam and once I receive my money from my sales I am deleting my account and app. You are gaining interest in your accounts with my money. You won’t anymore. You are the worse service available. I may even report you to the FCC. I am furious about not receiving my money. I pray it gets to me really soon or I’m taking legal action. DO NOT USE TRADESY!!! If I could rate zero stars I would.
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5 years ago, ms Hally
Used to be a great experience
I have been a seller for over 4 years. In the beginning, I really had confidence in the system. Over a period of time, the swindlers come out and find way to scam the seller. I’ve had fake addresses, no responses on emails and frankly, if I’m going to sell one of my $2000 purses, I’d like to have confidence in the process. The final straw was a buyer who bought a brand new pair of Dolce Gabbana shoes (she also bought 2 other pairs of my shoes, including Chanel so, I know my size fit her) and it was apparent that she didn’t like them because you can’t return “if you don’t like them”. She proceeded to break both the heel taps off to say they were defective. Tradesy sided with her. I ate the shipping costs AND had to have my own brand new shoes repaired. I made purchases and several turned out to be fakes as well. It’s just a poor experience now. It’s clearly a”good gone bad” period, end of story!
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4 years ago, tobeyv
After selling an brand new unisex/women’s Yeezy sweater with tags on tradesy the item was returned by the buyer (who apparently did not do any research or read my description stating it was an oversized fit) tradesy then held my sweater and money for about 20+ days. According to tradesy even if your item is returned they will still pay you but that was not the case for me. They returned my item back to me claimed my sweater was a mens sweater. After sending them a few emails (with no response) proving to them the sweater was being sold as women’s at many stores they finally responded that the sweater had multiple sizes (men’s and women’s) and I had to prove which one it was. Uh there is no way to prove sweater gender on a unisex sweater. I’ve now given up and vowed to never sell of buy on this app again. Anyway be careful selling with tradesy they will use any loophole they can to not give you your money.
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5 years ago, hfmgoijct.
I recently referred a friend to get a Goyard bag from Tradesy. She had never used the app. I had had good experiences so I was excited for her. Sadly, the bag that she ordered was NOTHING like it was pictured or described. The bag had been so used that it was virtually see through. It had been advertised as “gently used” and nothing could be more far from this truth. She received the bag while she was traveling. So when she got home and contacted Tradesy the customer service she received was atrocious. They gave a rote response and kept repeating how she needed to contact them within 4 days of receiving the bag. They did NOTHING to remedy the situation. I get policies it is clear Tradesy is only in it for themselves and has no care about helping their customers. This woulda even been an easy situation to fix but they chose not to do anything to help. I will no longer be using Tradesy and I will warn others about them.
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4 years ago, XxdramaxX
Easy to sale hard to get your money
So they helped me get the item to a seller. I will not get started on the % taken. 19% for tradesy the. 2.9% to transfer funds to PayPal. It’s the time frame. The item made it to the buyer and over 3 weeks later money on the tradesy account. Then another week to transfer to PayPal. Then PayPal will need some time to transfer to the bank. In my case tradesy made $900 off the sale of 1 item. It’s been 30 days and I have not had $1 to spend yet. Still pending, pending, pending. I feel if you are getting your cut then the process needs to be faster. I get that is the buyer doesn’t like the item then you have to allow time. But the buyer should be able to check off that they like it to get it going faster. The time with the % taken is a bit too disappointing together.
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5 years ago, kostagara
High Fees and extremely late payments
I’ve been using this app for over a year and I’ve Purchased couple of items through their platform. Although I didn’t have much issues as a purchaser, as a seller however, these guys are absolutely horrible. First and foremost they take almost 20% commission of your already heavily discounted sale price. Secondly, the platform automatically drops your sale price by another 15% and guess who takes the hit, us as the sellers. This option is set by default which I didn’t even notice. Very tricky. Thirdly, the whole authentication process is a joke. They never even looked any my watches for sale as I could sold a fake one and the customer could’ve never caught that. Forth, they take another 21 days after you’ve already delivered the item to the buyer to release the funds. Oh wait, they don’t actually release it rather they allow you to transfer it to bank account or PayPal which takes another week before you see the funds. (Still waiting for mine to come by the way) Lastly, the charge you another 3% to transfer your own hard earned funds. Ridiculous!!! Bottom line, I do NOT recommend this company for selling your items. I’m going to look for other platforms for selling my stuff.
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5 years ago, adm210
Zero bang for a lot of buck
Not only are tradesy fees way too high, but then you pay more fees to withdraw/transfer your funds. No matter if you transfer to bank, cc, or PayPal. And...takes forever to get your funds after selling. About 3 weeks AFTER the buyer gets it and ANOTHER 2 WEEKS waiting for your fund transfer to go through. (Plus time waiting for them to ship you packaging and your own shipping time). So, about 2-months from the time you sell. Also, they do formatting to your listing including the pic and the "title/subtitle." On several occasions, I don't like what they did and you cannot change it at all. I emailed them repeatedly, but no reply. I.e. Was selling a Movado Bold and they determined title as Movado Midsize and subtitle gold... no mention of "bold" so if searching for a movado bold, my watch didn't come up. Way better resellers out there that are less fees AND better quality.
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5 years ago, BrynnandBleu
Used to be better...
I have been a member of Tradesy for almost four years. It used to be much better. They continue to raise their commission fees (they used to be the lowest). However my main reason for complaint is that it takes 21 days for money to be released after a sale. This huge delay makes no sense especially when the item is non-designer. Even so, funds should be released no more than one week following date of delivery unless an issue has been reported with the item. In addition, Tradesy takes an additional 5-7 business days to transfer to an account or PayPal, and takes an additional 3% for the external transfer. Having to wait a month to get paid for something you sold is beyond ridiculous! Poshmark releases funds right away and there is no transfer fee.
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6 years ago, luxshop
High commission rate and missing funds
Tradesy just became greedy and raised their commission rate. They stated that they will keep managing the features such as handle returns, however, there return inspection team have huge problems. They will return the item for you for any reason if Tradesy doesn’t not want to keep the products even the items is as described. Sellers also beware of the available earnings, I have found so many times that my available earning was in a negative balance for no reasons, I emailed and called them, the answer they gave me is the app has bugs and they couldn’t give me any reason why they money is missing. They literally just stole my money and I’m still waiting for their response. Not mention they hold your money for such a long period before they release. High commission rate and missing funds. Not recommend to sell in this site.
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5 years ago, Lovedarkness
Total scam
I cannot believe this Tradesy team approved a return by the buyer when the only reason they are returning it because of wanting an original receipt from me for my $5000 like new Louis Vuitton purse that was work only 3 times and sold for $2000... this buyer harassed me multiple times threatening to return it because she wants the receipt and this is after FOUR DAY max policy of when you can return an item. UNBELIEVABLE. I will never do business through this company again. If the purse returned to me is not in perfect condition exactly as I sent it I will sue this company. What kind of company only sides with buyers who will likely return a fake to me considering how many times they’ve tried to personally convince me to get me to give them the receipt?? THERE WAS NO SIGN OF WEAR on this purse. If the buyer caused the wear and tear I am not accepting and I will reach out to my lawyer about this. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP
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4 years ago, DeLaSalleBBALL
I have been happy overall with Tradesy but am becoming leery about prices. Specifically, I have concern that quality control over selling prices is lacking and that there is no adequate follow up when flags are reported. There is a gold 4mm David Yurman emerald bracelet that purports to be on sale and, even at the sale price, is $800 over the regular price for the exact bracelet at high-end department stores or David Yurman on line. I have reported the unjustifiable sales price three times and also emailed the seller, named Na, to no avail. Additionally, Na claims to respond in 24 hours to emails yet it has been over a week with no response. When this type of dishonest selling is permitted on your website it results in shoppers questioning the integrity of your business. Thank you for the opportunity to review my experience.
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