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User Reviews for Trainline: Buy train tickets

4.91 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
5 months ago, CoolUnicornzdon'tcry
Saved my trips many times with easy intercity routes!
Unlike national rail apps, Trainline prefers to suggest intercity routes rather than big brands like TGV or EuroStar, which makes it exceptionally easy to bypass problems on the track. It’s helped me many times to bypass cancellations or construction by approaching the city from a different direction. The best part: the route is provided already, and all the tickets can be bought in just one click. The downside is that this preference for intercity trains with lots of transfers isn’t ideal if you’re trying to save time, if you’re unfamiliar with navigating train stations, or if your train is delayed. If you need direct routes, they can be found on Trainline, but you have to search carefully.
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2 years ago, Justicialism
Buyer Beware
If you’re not an EU or UK citizen *don’t* use this app. I spent thousands on it in Europe, including $600 tickets for a Thalys train that was cancelled. When you click through the refund on the app, it says you must contact customer service. So I did; Trainline says they’ll talk to Thalys. Thalys says you must apply for the refund through Trainline because that’s where the tickets were purchased; Trainline then sent me an email that Thalys rejected the refund - even though I have screenshots and communications from Thalys telling me I was entitled to it. Making matters worse, Trainline refused to provide any documentation, explanation why it was rejected, communications with Thalys, nothing. All for a refund that Thalys own materials say we’re entitled to. I had to pay hundreds more to complete my trip. I’m now having to spend hours figuring out how to apply for Thalys mediator and bring a claim in the EU, and all because Trainline refuses to provide any information. This would be consumer fraud under US law; but because it’s a British app, you can pay hundreds and receive nothing. Bottom line: buy your train tickets direct from the provider or face the risk of complete loss.
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4 years ago, Sketchypenguin
Online travel agency during Covid-19
If you want no help and lose your money, use this app. Its convenient when buying your tickets, its a pain when asking for a refund. I live in the USA, and bought train tickets for our trip in Spain. When our trip was cancelled by Renfe(Spanish train operator), I initiated a refund process with Trainline. Trainline responded that I should call Renfe( its a long distance call for me$$$), to get a refund. I was able to finally got hold of a Renfe call-agent after several days of attempting to get in touch with a Renfe agent($$$), and was told that, I should get hold of my travel agent because all tickets during our travel date was cancelled and was refunded back to our pay-source irrespective of ticket type. So, when I communicated again with trainline. Guess what, I was again advised to call Renfe!!#%#%%*+*\\|*%%#%^*$$$@@:;;(##%%%* My 2 cents, cut out the middleman and go directly to the service provider. The service provider all have online footprints now. So when travel plans go awry, you only have to deal directly with the provider. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!
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5 years ago, schlieve
Payment Not Accepted & ZERO Help from Customer Service
After working to purchase train tickets twice, the app suddenly stopped working. It says “oops” every time I try to submit payment - I’ve tried multiple different credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal and none work. Yet I’ve used those cards in numerous other places with no issue and spoke to the card company and there is no block on my card. I reached out to their support two days ago and the customer service rep sent a generic form of info to fill out, then said he didn’t know what was wrong and was sending it up the chain. ZERO follow up since then. He also said them to purchase over the phone instead. No thanks, I have no interest in giving this company my business. Will purchase at the train station, directly from the train company instead. Avoid this app, it’ll just waste your time and frustrate you. A quick google search shows I’m not the only one with this issue either. Some from years ago yet the company still doesn’t seem to have a solution to their problem!
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2 years ago, Marko9000
Great app, until there’s a problem
Ive booked multiple tickets through the app and loved the ease of use. The problem Ive come across is trying to take kids into Belgium from France. The app gives an error message whenever I try to book my kids tickets. I’m sure it is a country related issue where kids might not need tickets to be on the train/bus or something like that. The problem is there is no clear guidance on how to proceed within the app. I’ve contacted customer service. They are good to respond within a day, but through email only and once you reply, it takes another day for a response and as of yet, after three separate communications over a week, I still have no solutions on how to proceed. Even a chat line with a customer service agent would be fantastic but the current form of email only, 24 hr window for response is ponderous at best.
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2 years ago, Nince021
Useful in so many countries
I’ve travelled within countries as well as cross-border between Germany, Belgium, UK, and Austria and this worked beautifully everywhere. I love that I can use ApplePay within the app to buy e-tickets including Eurostar and they worked in all the countries where etickets are accepted (UK often requires paper) but between countries as well as within each country without having to look for a ticket kiosk. I only wish it showed which platform the train was departing from but still a must-have app.
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11 months ago, Glases123
Better to buy the tickets at the station
Used on a trip thru Europe. Useful for searching the train schedules. Buying tickets thru them is a bad idea. App sometimes changes the stations you are searching (for no apparent reason). Once you purchase, you are out of luck- nice gentlemen at customer service empathized with me because ‘no one likes to lose their money’ but the ticket policies are up to the train and Trainline can do nothing even if the tickets were purchased a few seconds ago. At least the app could prompt ‘you are buying tickets to leave in one hour from a station 1000 km from your current location. Are you sure?’ Wrote off those tickets and bought at the station- cheaper base fare, no ‘service’ fee, and the machine defaulted to start the trip at the station where I was. Don’t see any reason to pay extra to buy via the app
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3 months ago, Charles River
Some serious UX issues
First of all, the best value it provides is the convenience to buy tickets in the palm and seamless integration of payment with Apple Pay, and maybe discount tickets sometimes. But, it has a few serious UX issues need to be addressed. 1) unable to save companion passengers info. It becomes annoying that every search you have to reenter them. 2) it somehow saves the dates and stations of the last search, and if you are not being careful, you can end up buying the wrong tickets. It happened to us that we end up buying tickets at the spot in the train station, but the tickets are for two days later. Luckily the ticket inspector on the train gave us a break, and we just let the wrong tickets expire. 3) on the return trip, it tries to charge about 9 euros booking fee, so we went to the ticket office, and was able to save 30 euros. The train is about to start in 20 minutes, so ticket agent may be offering a discount, but this is not reflected on Trainline app. Anyways, I will not use this app anymore for spontaneous tickets. But it could be useful for planned travel when not in a hurry.
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10 months ago, nunuv yurbidniz
Don’t trust them!!!
I used this company to purchase tickets from Italy to go to Germany and to return. the Italian train was canceled and this company said you can’t get a refund from us because the trains you had to reschedule in Germany had nothing to do with the trains that I purchased in Italy. so if you have to reschedule tickets because of one company but they’re booking everything separately for you, you will be screwed. and then they refuse to even give you a refund for their service fees, it’s ridiculous. It says you can easily reschedule and Manage the tickets to their app but you cannot. when you go to click on manage or reschedule it says that you have to call their customer service, the number doesn’t work, or you have to email them. by that point your travel plans have already been disrupted you will be forced to purchase additional tickets and you won’t be able to wait for their customer service team to respond to reschedule your tickets. This is just ridiculous. Do not ever use this app and I will never be using this app again I’m gonna use it to find out where the tickets and the trains are but I will never purchase through them again.
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2 years ago, rcallan9
Great app to not use SNCF
Ridgeland tried to use SNCF and It was a nightmare full of errors and bugs The user Experience is great on Trainline. It also allows you to use vouchers and discount cards that you have even if you bought them somewhere else. It’s also super nice to be able to reserve certain seats in advance without having to purchase fully.
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12 months ago, ClevelandNewsJunkie
Easy to book, impossible to cancel
The app works very well for booking train travel, but I attempted to cancel to pre-booked train tickets that were “refundable”, the app malfunctioned in both cases and would not allow me to cancel travel. It referred me to a bad number for customer service, leaving me only email. Since email is only checked every 24 hours, they didn’t honor the requested cancellation. The Trainline contact information does not appear on the website, and the referral number provided by the app was incorrect. As a result, I did not get my refund. when I eventually reached the call center after endless emails, they were of absolutely no help. If I could give zero stars, I would.
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2 years ago, craig2042
Better off somewhere else
Sure booking your trip is easy, but the app shows the train number and not the line number or platform when looking at your journey. On top of that, I purchased what I believed to be first class tickets for my departing and return trip, because I selected first class. When I boarded the train I was informed that I had second class tickets and had to pay €106 to “upgrade” my ticket, which I had wanted to be first class anyways. I recommend the DB navigator app in Germany as it has more information and clear platform and train information. Do NOT book with this app, honestly even the terminal at the station will be better.
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4 years ago, cfdnelson
I just bought 2 additional tickets for the same journey. my son and his friend missed their connection due to train delay in the Netherlands (on their way to Paris France) I called trainline right away to exchange the tickets for the next available train. I got a voice message saying that due to COVID19 phone calls were not being answered and all question answered online(did not know you could catch COVID19 over the phone). They were stuck in a countryside town, train station was closed and no ways to exchange their tickets for a later train. They bought new tickets and will have to get reimbursement via internet. We will write a review on the process. Otherwise buying ticket is easy!
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2 years ago, Wandering Minstrel I
Beware: Cancellation Technically Impossible
The promise made in the app is that you have several hours to cancel for a refund after booking. However, cancellation is technically impossible while the ticket is in a status of ‘creating’, which mine was for several hours after my purchase. I needed to cancel and I was unable to do so before the cancellation window expired. I tried to reach out directly for support but there was no chat or call option easily available. If you are going to use buggy software with your business you need a reachable support team. Very disappointed.
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7 months ago, Joe D456
UK nightmare
Trainline does an exceptionally poor job communicating that when taking trains from EU to UK you need to arrive early and go straight to customs. Because of this I missed my train, along with 20 other people. The station had many attendants ready to handle this, because 20 people miss every train because of this poor messaging. I thus missed my connecting train in London and had to buy a new ticket at 600% the price. Trainline customer support was no help. In fact their phone number just went straight to voice mail regardless of how many times I called, forcing me to use their text chat.
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2 years ago, DnRShow4Eva
Very convenient app that saves you time!
Used this app for the first time recently on a two week, criss-crossing trip in Italy. Worked very well in finding trains, times, and decent prices without once having to consult ticket booths. Only issue is the live tracker function can be a bit off sometime in terms of the platform numbers and schedules but I would say it was about 90% accurate, which is pretty darn good.
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11 months ago, SoundGeek
Never buy a train ticket from this app
Bought a OUIGO train ticket from Paris to Marseille. We arrived on time and expected to have a seat. We went looking for our seat and there’s no Carriage 18 on this train. It looks like we got the correct train to Marseille which left the station at the exact time we were supposed to be leaving. The train only has 10 carriages and yet our ticket says Carriage 18. There’s a carriage 8 with our seat number but he showed us a ticket for theirs. So we are now stuck here on this train to Marseille for 3+ hours without a seat at this super hot carriage. Never again!!
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3 years ago, Eat right!
First time taking the train within France, then to and around Italy. Wow, what an easy experience with this app! And the best part, our train from Marseille to Nice was delayed, when I reached my location I had an email informing me of a credit due to me because the train was 40mins late! Wow! Very unexpected. They don’t do that in the US so this was a welcomed treat!
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2 years ago, lets-go-rangers
Terrible process
The app appears to have a sleek user experience until you need additional support. Tickets take hours to generate. The window of making changes would have passed after the tickets were generated. No contact info anywhere in App. Found chat through website. After going back and forth for 20mins they can’t do anything about seat assignments. Then asked me to contact train station. Doesn’t know contact info for train station either citing they are just a retailer. What’s the point of this App? Maybe good for browsing.
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2 years ago, mitzuo
App cost me lots of money. They never acknowledged to the issue.
When I purchased a train ticket, the number on the ticket provide by the app did not match the actual train number that I was to take. Therefore I missed the train. Because it was the last train of the night I had to stay overnight in a hotel. The cost of a taxi to/from the station, hotel and new ticket was significant. I emailed the company yet never received a response. In conclusion, this app is not accurate. It’s not reliable. It’s not responsive and could end up costing you a lot of money.
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3 years ago, gtillz
App is fantastic but it doesn’t have a map feature
The app was laid out in a user-friendly fashion. However, being that I am new to the area, I do not know exactly where some of the train stations are. If a map function is added, it should be accessed by the “View journey” button in the “My Tickets” tab. You should also be able to access prior to purchasing the ticket to ensure accuracy.
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12 months ago, bobstong
Beware! App appears to make false purchases
Have not used this terrible app since before 2020 and all credit cards have now expired. Seeking to reserve train tickets now but never purchased any. Then magically nonrefundable tickets with incorrect date appear as purchases; no idea why. Most outrageous flaw is that Apple Pay now appears as valid form of payment though I never added it and obviously it did not exist when i last used this app. I strongly advise against launching this app until developer corrects these serious bugs. IMO Trainline is dishonest and unethical.
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2 years ago, Noestey
One stop shop. I have only used this in France for a hand full of journeys but each time was flawless. The tickets were dollars cheaper than on Omio and no more expensive than the first party websites. Simple UI, easy to navigate. Terminal locations for connections quickly uploaded.
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2 years ago, Mike6294
Essential app for taking trains in Europe
Excellent app for taking trains in Europe. Some features could be a bit more refined, like consistently including carriage and seat numbers on train tickets (for DB trains they are in the confirmation email only) it live platform updates, but all around a must for train travel in Europe (EU + UK)
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11 months ago, nowheremanphotos
Hot Garbage
We purchased multiple tickets through their system. Some tickets came through email as an attachment for iwallet which worked GREAT. Other tickets came through as a link to the app. These (1) had different train times in the header than for the body of the ticket and (2) didn't always show up on the app but as a download to print or just not at all. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this system. It’s confusing, inaccurate, and just an all-around frustration for my wife and I. Zero stars.
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3 months ago, Scottaald
No customer service
We are at the train station and need help, the station says that since I purchased from this company I must call this company. This company has no phone number to call for help. They have an email, but for immediate needs, email is them akin to snail mail, not possible. My advice is to just purchase your ticket through the national rail system for the country you are traveling through. This way, if / when issues arise, you can get immediate help at the station.
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4 years ago, simmybinker
Fatal coding error
Here’s a fun trick the app does: say you search for a train ticket for the next day, but you’re conducting a search just before midnight. If, by the time you make your purchase, it’s past midnight, it automatically books the ticket for the following day. So it doesn’t lock in a specific DATE, it uses “tomorrow”. Which is idiotically ambiguous. Then, when you want to reach support; they have no option for that either. So instead I just paid the train company an additional 25 euro to have my ticket changed to the correct day.
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1 year ago, Hotelmotelholidayin
A godsend!
I actually forgot my wallet at home in the US and all I had with me for a 6N trip thru London and the UK was my Applewallet. Being able to download the app and buy train tickets right on my phone totally saved me! App was easy to use, schedules were clear—even for a visitor!
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2 years ago, EveryNameTaken8
Life saver!
This app is so useful. It makes booking tickets easy. No need to print tickets and it gives me peace of mind timing my trips. My favorite feature is that it shows you which stop is next in real time so no worrying about missing your stop!
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2 years ago, Guyinaventura
Best app for Europe travel
I’ve been traveling all over Europe this summer and my cousin who lives in Paris told me about Trainline and it’s so easy to find the train you need and pay for it with Apple Pay and the tickets on your phone and everything works! I love it!
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1 year ago, katod27
Easy to use
I don’t travel that often by train, but when I do I use this app to get tickets. Easy to use timetable to see options, I use Apple Pay and digital tickets, no problems.
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2 months ago, Jib2012
Long time user losing patience
Conceptually love the app but don’t know what’s happened recently - you click on the day you want and it takes you to the day before or after and then it is a battle selecting earlier/later trains to get to where you hoped to get at the beginning of the process. Something ain’t right… which is disappointing because this is my go to for euro train bookings.
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1 week ago, jhicks19
Refused Me a Refund
I purchased 1st class tickets from Trainline in Scotland, going from Edinburgh to Inverness. Upon the train arriving, there was not even 1st class seats on the train. Thus, I paid for something that didn’t even exist. When attempting to get a refund, they refused because “my tickets had already been scanned” which I did because I still needed to catch my train. Trainline is pathetic, wouldn’t recommend using them. Go elsewhere for your train tickets.
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10 months ago, Jexcel10
So easy to use
Seriously if there was a points scheme for this app I would be platinum elite. I use this app so much and it’s so easy to use!!! Also, if you need to change, or refund, it’s EAAAASY. it’s my go to train app and it never fails.
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3 years ago, Bonny653683
Gives you random dates not from the day
I booked a ticket thinking it was giving me the dates of today and ended up buying a ticket for in 2 days. The refund you get is minimal against the charging fee. The app should allow you to just switch the day easily if there are confusions like this or make you put the date you want to travel first.
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2 months ago, elginerin
Cannot open ticket in app nor search
I thought this app would be great and instead it is frustrating. I booked trips online and the confirmation was emailed. The email had a link to open in the app, but it would not, only saying that I didn’t have any trips booked. And, there is no way to search using my confirmation numbers to add the trips manually. Seems like a major bug for UI.
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6 months ago, bolzano77
Actual Fraud Problem: beware!!! FRAUD
I downloaded this app and tried to buy a ticket but once I had entered my credit card information I was oddly invited to join a movie service. This I declined, but then was contacted by my credit card company about a fraudulent transaction. I had just been charged 5 pounds by the movie service!!! I was unable to buy the train ticket. This is a shocking experience that they need to fix asap!
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5 years ago, Beast 55( god rocks )
This app is amazing
I live in Switzerland and use this for going anywhere outside of the country. It always finds the BEST prices and extremely easy to use. Highly recommend for europe
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1 month ago, Infrequent traveler 42
Generally ok
The app functions for the most part and is convenient, but the refund button does not work. I recently had a token on a train that was cancelled due to union strikes, but I couldn’t request a refund for the ticket whose departure time (if it hasn’t been cancelled) has passed nor for the connecting train that I wouldn’t be able to make due to the cancellation.
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4 months ago, ridiculous conversion fees
I use OrarioTreni to check and control the time and status of trains in Italy. It has been bought by train line yet TRAINLINE doesn’t give me the features of OrarioTreni. And on iPhone 15, for some reason I am unable to close the prompt to transfer to TRAINLINE. I’m so annoyed that the one app I used daily (ORARIOTRENI) is no unavailable to me. And train line is not a substitute for me. I’m sitting on a train now, wanting the live status of my train. It doesn’t help me…..
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7 months ago, bigtreb
The app threw in random other stops into my search results so I accidentally booked the wrong destination station. Could not exchange my or ticket or change it even though I called within minutes of booking it. Ended up wasting 40 euros for a bad and confusing interface and a company that won’t honor its own exchange policy. Absolutely terrible and unacceptable.
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2 years ago, adamas ranger
Great until No Support
Buy your tickets direct. Trainline doesn’t live up to its ticket sale contract. Says you can exchange tickets, but app won’t allow it and referee to contact website which asks for your email which tells your to wait. How are you supposed to exchange within an hour when the technology and company won’t allow you to.
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2 years ago, Boby green dog man
Excellent. Reliable.
A recent trip to Spain gave us the opportunity to use this App. It is an excellent App. Simple, easy to use. 100% reliable. Much…MUCH better than the Amtrak App in the US.
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2 years ago, Tom C from NY
Easiest way to book
It couldn’t be easier!
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11 months ago, byebye429
Train ticket needs more info
Train ticket I got has no seat number, no carriage number, no class of service, etc. All of that info needs to be clearly on the ticket and it’s not. I had to dig through my e-mail to find that info.
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7 months ago, DynDraig
Worked only once
This app worked the first time used it but now I cannot log in or change my password. All that appears is a blank screen after brief flicker. If I try to create a new account, it says that my email already exists. Online chat was of no help.
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5 months ago, Hanna00700
Honest review of Trainline
This app is very easy and intuitive… until you actually have to use it. Do not use this app— especially if you are traveling in a foreign country!!! It will screw you sideways and make you think it’s your fault, or that you are crazy. I absolutely never write reviews for anything, but I want to save someone else the trouble. DO NOT USE TRAINLINE TO TRAVEL!!!!
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1 year ago, Wren Sinclair
Slick interface, horrible payment experience
Very easy to navigate and plan. Actually getting payment to work is impossible. Tried 4 different ways. Gave up. Take care of your customers or someone else will. ✌️
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3 years ago, App has gone downhill
Refuses all payments
I purchased one set of tickets and went to book for a second trip. No matter which card I use (all with ample funding), the app and the website both refuse payment saying there has been an error. Incredibly frustrating when trying to book a trip.
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1 year ago, Dj.rknz
Quite disappointing; look elsewhere.
Tried to book tickets for Europe trip. Unfortunately, an immature app, poor infrastructure, and horrendous customer service resulted in a substantial waste of time and money. “We are just the reseller” is what they say to deflect responsibility; actually their business is just reselling, so they should try to do it well. Not the case.
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