Travel Channel

4.8 (19.4K)
112.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Travel Channel, L.L.C.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Travel Channel

4.77 out of 5
19.4K Ratings
4 years ago, mustang 427 champ
The travel channel
We simply love this channel. Never boring. Always something coming up that we look forward to. Hope this channel never goes away. Should our cable provider discontinue this feed, we shall discontinue them. We stay on this channel all the time. Why would anybody not?? We love traveling, and our national parks. This new virus, however is a bummer, and may not go away for quiet some time. This may greatly curb our travel planes for this year. Stay safe everybody, we certainly do not want to loose anyone to this terrible new disease. We stay to ourselves, best we can do as not to be able to spread this to our fellow Americans. Any of you who should read my post, we hope to see you at our national parks. Our government has obtained so many wonderful places to visit. This simply grows on you for wanting more of this. For now we understand that they are closed to protect us from this deadly virus. Our rv is ready for the road whenever they open again. Jim chapman here, the loving camper.
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3 years ago, Rays Magic Girl
Abusive To Viewers
Great shows but don’t count on seeing the end of some of the shows. The Dead Files gets cut off before the reveal on most episodes and then I switch over to my phone app to see the end of the show. But the app has TONS OF ADS! I literally counted the ads I had to go through…….38! 38 ads for a 43 minute show! Really? No way I will ever subscribe to this channel. I already have it in my cable package, but I want to see all the previous episodes of this show. But I think I am over it. So over it!!!!! Adding to my previous review!!! AKA “Abuse To Viewers” Well you responded with a link for help with the problem. I don’t know what the deal is there. I feel like it was just lip service! When I attempted to click on the link to submit a request, it DIDN’T DO A THING! So I couldn’t “submit a request” what a joke. Why even bother to respond to reviews if you don’t even have the correct information! Usually when there’s a genuine email address or website link, there’s a line under it or it’s blue. Not this time. But I still tried to click on it. With my finger and with a mouse. Perhaps you could be so kind as to recheck your information and try again? Maybe you should click on the link first, just to be sure. Thank You!
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4 years ago, artisticxo
Re-authenticate Expired
I’m currently subscribed to watch Travel Channel & today as I was trying to get on the app.. it said, “The current authentication session has expired. The user must re-authenticate with a supported MVPD in order to continue.” For anyone who comes across this, just go into the 3 stacks on the left top side of the app, go to settings, where it says TV Provider sign out and sign back again. And it should let you watch whatever you were previously trying to see. I give it 5 stars since it was an easy fix and I also wanted to let others know if something like this happens.. just to follow the directions above. Closing the app won’t do anything and you’ll keep seeing the pop up message as I mentioned before. Hope that helps :)
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5 years ago, tammyg1314
Locked out of shows even though I have a tv provider.
I have used this app for about 2 years now. At first every time I tried to use it I had to uninstall and reinstall it to get it unlock all the shows I love to watch on travel channel. It would lock me out of my shows and the live tv portion saying my provider plan didn’t have travel channel, even though my plan includes the channel. I almost just deleted it forever but for some reason it started working properly. Well my frustration has once again returned. I have been locked out of content and live tv once again. The app won’t let me sign out so I can sign back in. Once again I find myself uninstalling this app so I reinstall and start all over again. Each time it deletes all my history and favorites. I love the travel channel but the frustration of the process I have to go thru makes me wonder if it’s worth the migraine it triggers.
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5 years ago, I am the real Lacey
Used to work, but now it won’t activate
Used to work fine then just locked me out. I tried to reactivate across several different browsers and devices. When I enter my Dish Network log in information it gives me an error message that says my online ID/password combination has expired, then directs me to the Dish site where it works just fine. I don’t want to change my password because that may not fix the issue and then I will have to update all my other app log in info. Sent an email to the app contact info and got an email saying they would get back to me in 3 days. My guess is I will never hear from them. Update: I did hear from them, but after the same issue happened with the TLC app and I was forced to change my Dish password. It resolved the issue with both, but why would my password expire for the apps and not Dish? They didn’t have an answer of course.
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4 years ago, Elektro Blues
Everything is fine
Update: Thanks to the developer for helping me out. My problem is gone and now I can enjoy this app. I originally gave it a 1star rating because the app seems like having a glitch, but the developer stepped in and analyzed the problem and came up with a solution. I appreciate it. Now everything is working the way it should. So I changed my rating to 5stars. I have an iPhone 11 and my cable service is with Cox in SoCal. When I try to sign in with my cable service it shows like a loading circle and that’s about it. You can only watch the unlock chapters, and nothing more.
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5 years ago, camsalina
Programs go missing?
So, I love the travel channel line up. But this app makes it hard for me to watch a program and go back to it later. For a few months it would not let me watch half the shows saying I did not have viewing rights/access, and that would flicker on and off. Sometimes it would say that and other times it disappeared and I was free to watch. It looks as though that was fixed, but now when I log in the programming consistently changes. For instance this morning I had complete access to season 6 of Expedition Unknown but when I went back to watch Episode 3 today Mysteries of Jesus, that episode along with a ton of episodes just do not show? Instead it says season 6 episode 3 is Amazing Adventures?? So I am super confused and just slightly irritated. If for some reason my cable subscription doesn’t allow this content well cool, just show that I can’t watch it, don’t make it disappear.
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5 years ago, Shane B
Worst TV Channel App I Have Tried
By FAR the worst dedicated tv channel app I have ever used. Get ready for 6 commercials every 5 minutes. Worst part is it often freezes with 5 seconds or less on commercial 6 of 6, so you have to watch all 6 AGAIN when you reload! THEN when you scrub the video back to where you were (it never saves position) you get ANOTHER 6 commercials. It constantly jumps into the blurriest video I have ever seen (no exaggeration), to the point where words look like fluffy clouds, why does this mode even exist? Even if you pause for an hour it only buffers about 2 seconds of good video ahead before switching back to 060p resolution. Don't bother adding favorites, they don't save on app reload. Also it never remembers your TV subscription so you must login to your television provider every single time. This app literally forced me back into piracy.
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7 years ago, CrystalUnicorn3
I like it, but don’t at the same time
I personally really like Travel Channel, and having it on my phone is great. But, there are something I want changed. First of all, captions. You don’t get a choice for captions. I have gone to the captions button, turned them off, but they still stay there. And they aren’t on time! They are always a sentence ahead of what is being said in the show. Also, ads. Not the ads being there, but “Ad 1 of 6” for example. Some it will say “Ad 6 of 6” on the third ad. Also, they are always showing ads for the HGTV app, Food Network app, DIY app, and even the Travel Channel app. What do you think we’re watching the ads on, buddy?
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5 years ago, Beyondtheskye
Watching for great new episodes!
I’ve had The Travel Channel and History apps for over a year. I like being able to binge watch my favorite shows and check out new shows. Yes, there are ads, seriously people, they have to pay the bills. I get tired if the same ad is repeated too often, but overall I am satisfied that if I want the privilege of these shows at my fingertips, I will have to chill out about ads. For the record, please let the big wigs in charge know that combining 2 old episodes for 2 hours is NOT a “new” episode. Call it a flashback or something else please. Please!
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6 years ago, rpellis
Worst App Ever
I love a couple of the food shows on the Travel Channel, but this app is a disaster! With every 20 minute clip comes 10 minutes of commercials! They even include a counter so you can see that your watching the second commercial in a string of ten. Even worse the geniuses at the Travel Channel have no clue that anyone using the app is watching on a phone or tablet and everything is close up! A 5 second ad would do just as well as a 30 second ad that just makes the viewer angry! Horrible horrible app!
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5 years ago, LeoRAHH88
It’s okay, but I have an idea.
This app is okay. It has way too many commercial breaks. More than what you would get watching it live on cable. And it doesn’t have complete seasons of the Dead Files. I got the app to watch the Dead Files. So it’s disappointing to see that not every episode is available. Also I don’t like that you have to log in with your cable provider. I would love it if I could sign in with my email and pay like $3.99 a month to watch every single episode and watch commercial free. So to the developers!!! Like Netflix but on a smaller scale. I don’t think I’d pay more than $5 for one channel. But I know a lot of people would be interested in that. MORE EPISODES!! & MONTHY SUBSCRIPTIONS (no commercials or less)
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5 years ago, SusyQTTX
Mostly Commercials — The Same Ones OVER AND OVER
I have several TV Channels apps that I love. Yes, they have commercials and yes, they are repetitive, BUT, none of them compare to the 6 or 7 commercial runs every few minutes with Travel Channel. They run over and over and over again. I have gotten so disgusted with it, I put an envelope over the screen, turn down the volume and wait for them to end. If you aren’t crazy about some of their shows, watch them on TV. They have fewer commercials and variety to some extent. I would never try any of the items advertised on the app as Travel Channel has run them so many times it is disgusting. I pay for my satellite, pay for my internet connection and still, I have to watch hours and hours of stupid commercials. No marathon watching with this app.
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3 years ago, CrAzY_77
Commercials Galore!
Way too many commercials, even more so than watching live tv. I’m literally paying for this channel and I’m watching commercials. Now if this service was free it’ll be a different story. Also when you pause on a commercial for a little while, you can’t press play to continue with the video. The whole thing freezes. You have to exit out of the video then go back, to continue watching the video. Though it won’t take you back where you left off. Why is it that I have to activate the service constantly? It’s like at least once a month when I have to activate the service just so I can watch anything. This is such a tedious process.
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5 years ago, Laurenon1982
Needs Bug Fix!!
I LOVE this app, don’t get me wrong, HOWEVER, at some point recently, there must have been an update and boy is it buggy! I have the travel channel (and other channels in this channel’s package - HGTV, Food network, etc) from my cable provider and the app for each all have the same problem - I’m logged in, I can watch live tv for a couple days then it says I need to pay with my provider WHILE IM STILL LOGGED IN! So I have to log out, log back in and then use. It’s a royal pain, I’m almost at the point of not using anymore and deleting the apps. Please help! Also, If the developers could add the current show that’s playing when you his “live tv” instead of just seeing the channel (we selected the app, we know what channel were in), that’d be great. Right now, it’s a TOTAL shot in the dark!
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5 years ago, Emnmm
A Haunting
I enjoy watching A haunting. You could say I watch it all the time. I can just about quote season one, two, and three. I enjoy watching new episodes. Season 10 is great! A bit confused because on idgo they already have season 4-10 they cut off 1-3. I think there no longer going to show A haunting. Keep up the good work - on keeping the old episodes, so we can watch them as many times as we can. Thank you for creating new episodes. Can’t wait to watch more A haunting on Travel Channel.
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5 years ago, glamstress jenni
Love the travel channel but dislike this app
This app seems to have a problem all the time. As soon as one thing is fixed something else comes up. I would have to log into my account every time I opened the app. Then it was loading issues. NOW, I’ll watch one episode on the app and then when the next episode is loading an error pops up saying that I need to add the Travel Channel to my cable package!!!!! So frustrating because sometimes the app lets me watch my shows and sometime is doesn’t. Once the error message comes up the app no longer works. I have to delete the app completely and then re-download it. I’ve never had this much problems.
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5 years ago, Cupcake14112
Overall the iOS and tvOS apps are descent. My one complaint would be the number of commercials and repeat commercials. Sometimes while streaming there is an inordinate amount of commercials during the show. There are now six (6) commercials every break and sometimes four (4) of those commercials will be the same commercial repeated in a loop. I understand you make your money with advertisements, even though I pay for the channel since this is a cable channel... but I can only watch the same Dell or w/e commercial so many times in a row.
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3 years ago, Max Westhus
Poor app quality
I have an iPhone XR and when i try to sign in with TV provider there is just a loading wheel and nothing happens even though the app has access to my TV subscription in settings. ______________________________ In the meantime I’ve realized that I need to be on my TV provider’s network to sign in and I was in a different state at the time so I take my rant back, Travel channel is fine but in my opinion is the least optimized app out of all Discovery programs, still great content though.
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5 years ago, kjblair2
Awesome Customer Support
Not only do I love this app because I can watch my favorite shows through it, but they also have outstanding customer service. When this last iPhone update caused some playback bugs in the app and I emailed customer service, they not only responded to let me know they were fixing the problem, they later emailed to let me know it had been completely fixed. They were prompt, courteous and efficient!
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4 years ago, beserkkitten
Travel Channel Commercials
I truly love this channel a lot. I don’t love the commercials. Usually they happen about every ten (10) minutes. You have to watch at least six (6) to eight (8) each time. On top of that they are the same commercials always! Sometimes in each break you can watch the same commercial three (3) or more times. It’s a form of brainwashing. I honestly thought it was stopped when subliminal messages were stopped. I feel people should be warned especially when young children are watching. Their little brains absorb everything. Shame on you Travel Channel!!!
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5 years ago, Gtxhuyrchhdesgn
New review .. better so far
The only way to get this and discovery app to work is delete download again and have to put all cable info again if you don’t use app for couple hours it won’t even open just shows a spinning loading screen apparently been like this a year from the reviews and the developer just doesn’t care....... Just redownloaded app and its working so far cross my fingers it stays .. would love a picture in picture feature to an update so you can watch and do other things on iPad
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3 years ago, JimJoe Donut
Just ok now.. there removing episodes
It WAS awesome until they started pushing for the discovery plus. I purchased that too and it really needs more content. I figured you would have a lot of episodes just for the discovery plus platform but I was wrong. The travel Chanel app is inaccurate comparing it to the travel channel website. Episodes are all out of order and it’s even missing a lot of episodes that should be in there. I’ve noticed it’s missing 2 episodes of the holzer files and it’s also missing episodes of ghost adventures and the dead files. I’ve only noticed those so far... please update the app more!!!
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7 years ago, RowRowRow
Can’t watch full episodes
So I’m writing another review because now this is happening at every episode of every show. It cuts off the last 5 minute of the show. Every time. There is no ending. I believe it is because the ads will over play and continue playing into your show time. So once the 7 ads are done you’ve gotten showtime cut off the end of your show. If it glitches and there are more ads then there are supposed to be then you are just screwed. This is extremely frustrating. Please fix this issue. What’s the point of watching a show if the last 5 or so minutes are cut off?
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7 years ago, ConcettadiBovino
Oddest thing ...
For some reason the app glitches when you pick “more providers”, it takes 30 seconds and then when I type in RCN it can’t find it. It’s found it before just fine. Even if you type in Verizon it says it can’t find it, so it must be some sort of bug. I hope it gets fixed. Update: The oddest thing: I redownloaded the app The because I remembered one of the notifications asked if I wanted it to use my RCN subscription. Before I said yes and yet it didn’t work. So this time I said no and I was able to find RCN under “more providers” and log in, no problem. Weird.
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5 years ago, C.kay.col
I’ve been able to watch live tv and full episodes for months with my suddenlink subscription and now out of no where you are no longer allowing me to watch episodes off my app because suddenlink isn’t a listed provider?! 😡 Update 8/8/19: Thank you developers for responding. 👏🏻 we’ve been able to enjoy watching travel channel with no issues for a while now! Granted my review was back in November I appreciate the response. 😁
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5 years ago, Lucinda47
The Bestest!
The Travel Channel has such a wide variety of interesting, exciting and insightful offerings that it’s hard to pin down what we like best about it. From Q&A, facts and conjecture to his adventures in the world’s deepest waters, caves, deserts and rainforests, Josh Gates makes everything he touches a gold mine of information and excitement sprinkled with levity and laughter. From ghost hunting to fascinating stories about museum relics and global sites of interest, The Travel Channel is our one stop channel for great entertainment.
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3 years ago, Notamused63
Suddenly freezes
Been using this app for quite a while on my iPad without a problem. Now it freezes whenever I open it. A blue circle appears in the middle of the screen and remains until another screen requests my cable info. However, while the circle remains, I am unable to do anything. Totally different from the reliable app I was used to. I’ve deleted and loaded the app three times with limited success. It behaves for a day or two, then the blue circle appears and I’m back to square one. The iPad OS is updated and compatible with the app, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’m ready to ditch this.
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7 years ago, ENotez
You and Optimum mad at each other ?
I tried it over and over on your website and even went as far as downloading the app to watch Ghost Adventures but I can’t even get the log in page for Optimum to load anywhere. Every other providers log in page pops up and the same goes for the app. But when I press the Optimum button, it tells me on the website “the connection has been reset” and it can’t be my connection because I have other things running in the background and in your app, it’s just frozen on the “please wait while we send you to your provider to log in” screen. Come on guys. Fix this ASAP. Especially before 9 tonight. NEW EPISODE ALERT !
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5 years ago, Samlin101
Mountain monsters new season
Hello, Travel Channel Go is a great app and I am very happy with all of the different shows available to watch. Mountain monsters is my favorite show and I and very happy that was brought to Travel Channel. The most recent season was great and always fun to watch. I would be very pleased if you guys could continue to show mountain monsters and renew it for another season. Mountain monsters is very entertaining to watch and I would like to see at least one more season of it. Thank you.
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5 years ago, LV Weasel
Can’t sign in - issue was resolved
Very frustrating, I can no longer sign in to watch locked programs. I was able to a couple of weeks ago but now I can no longer sign in at all. I just get this circle that spins and does nothing. Please fix it. This issue has been fixed. I have been able to sign in so thank you so much for fixing it.
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3 years ago, 13GhettoDolphins101
Great Channel and App, but not a great streaming service.
An issue I have is why you don’t have the option of using a tv provider alongside a subscription service, as I would rather pay directly to Travel channel then pay for a full package from Dish or DirectTV. Other than that, there are no issues with the quality of the app itself, the ads aren’t a problem whatsoever so I don’t see why people are complaining about them, but a travel channel app exclusive payment model would solve that issue alongside gaining more customers.
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5 years ago, Emily334143
Keeps on going
I love the travel channel but 2 things bother me. My biggest issue is with falling asleep while watching. You just keep playing episode after episode. If there are no more episodes then it goes to next show and does the same thing. It should be a choice not automatic. Is there a setting to change that? I understand you need advertising but it’s like watching live tv. So maybe shorten the time and keep to 4 commercials.
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3 years ago, lilithliddell
Inaccurate Timestamps
So I love the Travel Channel, and this app helps me keep up with my favorite shows, but over the last week I’ve noticed that there’s an issue with the time stamps being cut off early and not working properly. No matter the actual length of a show, every show length says 41:58 and will go into “next episode in …” at 41:00. It’s not terribly an issue but it’s just a very annoying bug.
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3 months ago, Ronzy1
Great shows, awful commercials
Downloaded it to watch a specific show then saw there’s a lot of great things. The commercials though… I can’t stand every five minutes having to watch 2 1/2 minutes worth of commercials. And they’re the same commercials throughout the show. I guess that’s why the app is free, for me I just can’t sit in listen to ridiculous ads that insult one’s intelligence.
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5 years ago, PSYCH PhD
Thank you, Travel Channel, for all of my favorite shows! My only complaint is the amount and length of commercials . I understand commercials bring in revenue to keep the shoes going and pay personnel to maintain the APP, however the commercials are just a bit too much; can you reduce the length and number?? That would make me very happy- this is just my humble opinion. Again, THANK YOU for all the great show, I love them and the APP!! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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2 years ago, Spaceforce8
Wanted to finish
The channel has great shows but you cannot watch a show on your iPad and cast it to your TV without an additional commercials. You need to view a 3 minute commercial and if you stopped it on the casting and went back to your iPad there is another commercial again. It doesn’t keep place where you were when you go back from a pause it starts in the beginning again also it’s very hard to watch a show to the end without freezing up it needs lots of work from the developers it’s terrible
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4 years ago, JT013081
The ads are annoying
I understand you have to pay the bills. But, I literally just watched 5 ads on a break. 4 of these ads were the exact same ad over and over. If I have to watch Mike Bloomberg one more time I’m gonna harm myself. Love the programming though. It just this Bloomberg ad over and over and over! If I was gonna vote for him I wouldn’t now just out of spite! For the love of god can we a new advertiser or 2 for this app. Ghost Adventures Rocks!
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5 years ago, Criss322
Bug fixes
I don’t know what’s going on I was able To watch my shows yesterday and now it’s not letting me for some reason it’s showing a red key on different shows on when I click on th it say check network provider idk if it’s crashing or what not but I’d like for you guys to fix it ima give this a low rating until my issue gets fixed
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5 years ago, JDix89
Locked Episodes
So I have Directv ultimate package and have regularly signed in and watched episodes on my iPad. But now, I says that I don’t have a subscription for it and cannot watch locked episodes. That’s strange since I have no problem watching the same programs on Apple TV. I’ve had issues with this is the past and it fixed itself but not this time. It’s a decent app overall but as far as locking shows goes when you pay for the channel, this app is trash.
Show more
4 years ago, Hgplaya
Wish it worked better
I love to stream shows on my phone, but even though it says the shows are free with my cable subscription, it usually only lets me stream one show, then locks me out. I go into the app to register my Uverse subscription but it still happens. Hoping for a bug fix soon!
Show more
2 years ago, ladye8833
Travel go
I love watching expedition Bigfoot and the secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Those are two of my favorite shows on the Travel Channel. I also love ghost adventures are always exploring some interesting facility or venue. The Travel Channel just has a lot of interesting programs that always keep me entertained and coming back for more.
Show more
5 years ago, MJSummergirl
Sort of fake review
I love Travel Channel but it signed me out 10 times within 10 days That was 100% fake I love the app Ways you can get 5 stars is to try and put a little bit less adds(I know you have to put them for money purposes but just try to take off at least two in each episode), the app really did sign me out but only once, and when people are signed out they should be able to watch more shows. BTW Thanks for the response!
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4 years ago, boobieville
Will not load
I enjoy the travel channel go app. However, it will not load and give me an error. Whenever I watch an episode and finish it, the next episode will not load. It’s been doing it for some time now. I have to delete the app and restall it in order for me to watch shows and it is becoming an headache. Also, I have to reload in to watch the shows that is lock every time. Help
Show more
3 years ago, Some Guy#48297
Way too many ads.
If I watch on my phone I get hit with 6 or 7 ads. Which is expected. But if I cast it to my tv anytime close after seeing the ads, I get hit with 6 or 7 ads again. Also, I was watching an episode of a show and it started me back from the beginning even though I was half way through. Hit with 6 or 7 ads for fast forwarding. Literally 10 seconds after writing this review I tried to rewind to find where I left off. 6 more ads.
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5 years ago, sblood1994
I recently downloaded the app because travel channel is my favorite with all my favorite shows. I was using it this morning perfectly fine and now that I’m trying to open the app it says “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” and when I try to connect it using my own data instead of WiFi it says “the operation couldn’t be complete” and yes I’ve deleted and re installed the app many times.
Show more
6 years ago, RemmyMa
After the update around the beginning of November 2018 my app both on my phone and both Samsung TVs were not registering or allowing me to sign in. Last time I had an issue, the tech department was GREAT! They emailed me instructions to find a resolution to the problem. Their was even follow up the next week to check on everything. This time, WAY different. My response email said along the lines of: sorry, we just merged with another company (or maybe it was changed operating systems?). But ultimately they informed me that I would not be receiving any help at all. But enjoy my day.... lovely
Show more
4 years ago, DisneyRider
Travel Channel not about TRAVEL anymore
The 2 stars are generous... the app barely works in Apple TV. It’s constantly locking shows even though I have Direct TV and I’m signed into both this App and the DRTV. I’ve had to uninstall and re-install the app 3 times now to get it to work. The Search Option is basically worthless you type in “Tokyo” easy enough right?! Nope “no results found”. There are a handful of shows from when Travel Channel was about ACTUAL travel. Other than that they need to change the name to “Ghost BS Channel”.
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3 years ago, Last of the Blast's
Mountain Monsters
I really like pretty much all the shows on the travel channel but I would like to know why this channel nor on discovery + I can’t find all the episodes of mountain monsters I’m paying for discovery + and I can’t find every episode anywhere. I think the people are entitled to watch what they are paying for and right now that’s the farthest from the truth but you’ll take my money
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5 years ago, Carol2015
Way too many repetitive commercials
Commercials every few minutes, the same commercials sometimes 3 times in a row. Do you people really think that reinforces the products being advertised? I refuse to buy any of them just because of these obnoxious commercials. I see others complaining. So far you have done nothing about it except give lip service. I definitely get the impression you don’t really want to fix anything. In fact I will be surprised if you print this review.
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