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User Reviews for Travelocity Hotels & Flights

4.77 out of 5
428.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Hazem1000
Protection plan
I thought two air plain tickets from Boston To Tampa FL, we were not sure of our return date so we spent extra $50 for flight protection. We tried to change the return date 1 day earlier, after I was on telephone line for 1 hour and 45 minutes on hold the agent told us the change is not possible, simply because we bought those tickets at the cheapest price, now why would you sell me a protection plan if you can’t change the dates if I wanted? I filed a claim through their site, and they started asking me why did I want to change the date ? and proof of employ Something Ridiculous, that finally made me just leave the claim page, and write this review. My advice to all people who use Travelocity not to buy the protection plan because it’s nothing but a Scam .now if Travelocity has a good ceo or who ever reads those reviews should Reimburse me that $50 without any questions. Bottom line I’m not gonna use their service any more .
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1 year ago, Isabella1974
Beware. Scam alert
I had a cancellation last year from catching Covid. So I got a credit for my. Flights. A year later I was ready to use my credit and began to book my flight with a Travelocity agent. Not sure if customer service was in the US. Everyone was friendly but had a difficult time communicating. That was ok. The worst part was having the agent book my flights using my credit, which didn’t give me any savings at all, since they charged $90 service fee per flight. I ended up paying $350 dollars when the original credit was for $285. If that doesn’t sound sketchy. It gets worse. They charged my card (after spending 1 hour with this guy) and they NEVER sent me my itinerary!!! What?!? Yes! I checked my spam, checked everything and NO confirmation on my delta flight. I even called the airline, and they said they couldn’t do anything because the third party handles everything when you book through them. I immediately called Travelocity again and since I had no itinerary or confirmation info, they said they could not help me. Not only did l lose my credit, I was about to lose what I paid for the new flight. At this point I just called my credit card company and filed a fraud case. I was refunded immediately and they opened a case that went on for a month, but ruled in my favor. Truly the worst experience I ever had. No more booking companies for me. I go straight to the airlines where I just pay my way, and can pick my seat at no extra charge.
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1 year ago, J@kes5
This company dishonest when it comes to airline credits. We had canceled credit with American through Travelocity. I initially used part of the credit for a trip to Orlando. After this there was $665 each for both my husband and I remaining. Also, the link for me to access the credit disappeared, and I now had to go through a chat agent to use the remaining credit. I’m guessing they take away the access in hopes you forget to use it. Anyway, I found a flight to St Thomas for $1980 (total for both of us) on the Travelocity app. Immediately I tried to book this with a chat agent. According to them the price was $2600 - basically negating the value of one credit. If I had booked the flight myself it included seat selection, but their more expensive flight was random assignment. Upon inquiring why the price difference compared to what was advertised on the app I was informed prices change quickly. Strange because when I went back in it was still advertised as $1980. I tried again the next morning when I found the price for $1880. Same go around different agent. I then asked if I could book the flight myself and have the credit applied and refunded after purchase. You guessed it, that’s not allowed either. I have already reported this as a scam to the BBB, and I am also considering reporting this to my states attorney general. I have seen that Travelocity has been involved in class action lawsuits. Lesson learned.
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3 years ago, C3G5P7
Don’t’s such a hassle!!!
So they messed up my reservation with the airlines and it literally took me over 3 hours on the phone to get it resolved. Actually, it took me over 2 hours of trying just to get to speak with a person. Not because they are busy, but rather because their automated phone system won’t put you through to a person without an itinerary number. Guess what, I had an itinerary number; however, the itinerary number they emailed me for my flight didn’t work. I literally had to book a rental car and use that itinerary number to get through on the phone to get my flight issue resolved. After being on the phone for an hour getting the flight mistake resolved, the resulting airline credit didn’t show up in my account, so I called them again. They said it would have to go through their team and someone would call me within 2 hours. Still haven heard from them 7 hours later. Looks like I’ll spend another hour on the phone with them. If I didn’t have to use Travelocity to get my airline credit money applied to an airfare, I would absolutely never deal with them again!!! It is almost impossible to speak with a person and even when you do get through they aren’t exactly attentive to getting things resolved. May not seem like a big deal, but imagine trying to get an answer/fix to a problem with a reservation and you were short on time. Not so good!!!
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3 years ago, Tpatejr
Confusing refund experience
I reserved a hotel room and needed to change it to the week prior. I called the hotel who said that needed to cancel through the Travelocity app. I did so with a virtual agent. At the end of the cancellation and a discussion with agent a ballon popped up to select the one o wanted to cancel along with a question ‘cancel then?’ I chose the one I wanted to cancel and thought it was complete. A full month later I received an email reminding me of my stay. (???) so I cancelled again… this was the day before the stay. I contacted the virtual agent again and told them I had cancelled. One hour later on the chat they told me I hadn’t confirmed. I told them What had transpired on the chat and asked why it had not been canceled. They told me that I had not confirmed and that I would not receive a refund. There was no recourse other than to contact the hotel. They were sympathetic but said they had not received a cancellation. They do not process the transaction until I check out- which I won’t be - the transaction would not go through so they would not receive the funds from Travelocity. They offered me a discount on a future stay. Basically Travelocity would keep the $ from the transaction. I think the virtual cancellation is confusing and too casual. In the future I will book with the hotel directly.
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2 years ago, ALGJ89
Horrible customer service
Our flight was delayed from our first airport, causing us to be to late to our layover flight at the next destination, after speaking to the airlines I was told Travelocity had to change the flights for me due to I booked through them and they control the tickets. I tried for 6 hours to get any sort of assistance from Travelocity, begged for someone to please just tell us what we should do or what would be the best course of action. I was ignored then after asking 5 times for a call, I was placed on hold &hung up on. I asked again for someone to return my call so I could get assistance, I NEVER received another call, asked probably 20 times. I went through the live chat, asked for 6 hrs straight for assistance, received absolutely nothing. I was told originally that basically I was lying, then that it wasn’t their problem, then just ignored. Asked for some sort of reimbursement so we could get another flight, told no- not Travelocity’s fault the flight was delayed. I wa s literally in tears as we watched everyone else in our situation easily get it fixed through Expedia and Priceline, yet we were stuck because Travelocity customer service is literally the worst of any type of company I’ve ever used. I will NEVER use this sight for any reason again and urge you all to avoid it as well. I begged them for 6 hours for help and received NONE.
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3 years ago, Michelle4242
I have been a LONG time Travelocity user. Even when people tell me that Travelocity is antiquated, I still stuck with them. Until a few months ago, we were on the road and went and booked a room for the next town we were coming to. Somehow Travelocity switched the reservation to a few days later instead of that day. I went to the hotel to check in and they said they didn’t have a reservation. I tried to contact Travelocity, but it was the middle of the night and the message I got said they were checking into it. We were exhausted so I went ahead and just paid for a room at the hotel we were at. At that point I didn’t realize they had switched the date. Long story short, Travelocity insisted on us paying for the reservation for a few days later, even though it was their app that caused the date to change. So Travelocity, you have permanently lost a very long time customer who has booked many many hotels, flights, rental cars and trips through you. I will delete the app after this review and never look back. Hope stealing $100 from a long time customer was worth it! I would avoid using Travelocity at all costs. Because it will end up costing you money. If they will do this to a long time loyal customer, who knows what they will do to anyone. I wouldn’t risk it.
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4 years ago, Ktolliver
This is my first time ever traveling and I decided on booking through Travelocity. At first it was smooth sailing. Unfortunately with the covid 19 I had to cancel my original trip which was simple. I then had to wait on the phone for 2 HOURS to reschedule a flight and was almost charged $3,000. I literally was put on hold at least 7 times and during each time the agent picked up the phone there was a bunch of laughing and yelling in the background. Finally after 2 hours my flight was rebooked. I just got a notification my flights got changed so I contacted them through their virtual agent thinking it would be quicker. WRONG it took just as long and was nothing but a head ache to change my flight so I didn’t have a five hour lay over. First I was told it was $200 then was told there was no fee. Finally I was told there w re no flights with short lay overs. At this point I gave up. I ended up contacting my air line directly and thankfully my air line switch all of it over on the house without any fees because of how much of a hassle Travelocity has caused me. I will never book through Travelocity again.
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2 years ago, Atheenon
Don’t use this service! Deal directly with the airlines!
I have used this service many times and it has worked good till this most recent booking. In February of 2022 I booked a flight to San Diego for 7:00 AM in a Friday and even paid a premium to fly back later on Sunday so we could go to twitchcon. 3 weeks before the convention I check my flights to see if there have been any changes and WOW!!!! My 7am flight is now scheduled to leave at 7:58 PM!! Needless to say this was not going to work so I called and although everyone was very “understanding” and I was told I would hear back within 72 hours it’s now a week later and I have had to cancel my trip, I’m out $500 for the flight that I’m not going to use and the cost of the ticket to the convention and still no help from Travelocity. In fact I’m on the phone with them right now and on hold as I write this. Don’t use this service!!!! Go directly through the airlines!! You may still have problems, but at least you will be dealing directly with the company that is causing them instead of a third party!! I would have given 1 star for this most recent thing but I have got good trips on the past.
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7 months ago, Mudcat47537
If you ever have an issue you are on your own
I rented a hotel for 2 nights through Travelocity Nov 3,4. We stayed the first night and the room had bugs in it I actually caught several in a water bottle to show the clerk. We of course weren’t going to stay the second night. The morning of the 4th I showed the clerk the bugs I had caught and told her we were unhappy and would not be staying our second night. The clerk said I would have to get my refund through Travelocity since that is how I paid. I contacted them later on the 4th to start a claim. The guy was nice and said he would have an answer within 72 hours. The next day I received an email stating they could not get a return from the hotel and that my claim had been denied because the hotel had not contacted them back. I contacted the hotel with no issues and they again said I would need to go through Travelocity and they had not received any communication from them. Back and forth emails got nothing but apologies from Travelocity but no help whatsoever. I will no longer use them and recommend you don’t either. Yes it is convenient and may save some money but if you ever have an issue you are on your own with no help.
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4 years ago, Jaw621
Terrible service
I understand with the climate of today, it cannot be expected to be business as usual. With that in mind, I have been on a trip in Australia and with the airlines starting to shut down and government now issuing a warning for travelers to return home, I have been trying to contact Travelocity to change my flight home. No luck on phone or through on line chat, even though trying for the last several days. Airline won't let you modify ticket if you bought thru a 3rd party such as Travelocity - says they (Travelocity) have to change it but you can't get through to Travelocity to do that. On Friday (3 days ago) I received notice my return flight was cancelled. No word from Travelocity and still Couldn't get through via telephone or online. Ended up going through a booking a return flight on Expedia - waiting at airport now. One leg of the new flight was cancelled and within a couple of hours Expedia sent me an email with a rebooked flight leg. Let this serve as a lesson - I will NEVER use Travelocity again.
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2 weeks ago, Bat Traveler
Nothing to write home about
Arrived to find out that having a shuttle to the airport does not equate to being able to leave my vehicle there and catching the shuttle to the airport. I’ve never had issue at other hotels with this but maybe the definitions have changed? My assumption is that you arrive at hotel via your car and you catch shuttle to the airport, leaving your car. Oh well, lesson learned. The hotel looks dated and is in need of a refreshening. One elevator was out of operation. The second one had buttons that were iffy to operate and sometimes would not engage. Hallways were dark, carpets dingy and in need of replacing or at best a serious steam cleaning. The room had all the amenities one would need. Pillows were small squares and I prefer standard pillows. One side of the bed had no power to the outlets near the phone. Again, the hotel did the job for the night but nothing to write home about at all.
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1 month ago, jax1984oz
Crappy hotel
So I was traveling to Texas for my daughter Basic Training graduation but on the way we needed to stop and rest. I reserved a room at a hotel I thought would be safe a week before we were to leave. It was $164. I seen they had a 8 star review so I thought it was good. Then the day comes we get to Little Rock. We pull in the parking lot there is a active drug deal going on and homeless people in the parking lot with grocery carts full of there stuff passed out in front of hotel at closed down gas station. I didn’t even feel safe leaving my car. I went on the Travelocity app to cancel my reservation but you cannot cancel through the app. A week later I tried to get the matter resolved after I got back home. I had to wait 72 hours only for them to tell me I have to follow this crappy hotel’s cancellation policy. What do you mean? there was no way to cancel. So I went online looking for a new hotel while I was there and found out that the hotel was only $60 a room through Google. So Travelocity charged 100. I will never use this app again. this company are thieves and is not about customer service. trust me you’ll see them going out of business soon.
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3 years ago, Stylinmom73
Ms Stewart
I was in the middle of an emergency situation and needed a flight and chose Travelocity during this COVID pandemic due to the fact if there was any reason I couldn’t keep my reservation and cancelled within 24 hours of booking I wouldn’t loose my money and be charged. WELL!!!! That was the farthest rest thing from the truth. My flight didn’t get used and it was booked and cancelled within 12 hours of booking it and Flight was thru American Airlines and I got confirmation it was cancelled but my credit card got charged over $500 and I appealed and My credit card did dispute and they said flight went on as scheduled and I chose not to fly and therefore charged me full price without even offering a voucher or refund. American isn’t an airlines that requires cancellation directly with them when booked on Travelocity so I cancelled on Travelocity site. I’ve been battling with them since September 2020. Especially during these hard time taking a hit like this when all the advertising says free cancellation within 25 hours and you do and your still screwed. I won’t back down. This is wrong on many levels and would not RECOMMEND this site to anyone as their slogan is FALSE and they DO NOT STAND behind THEIR word.
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5 years ago, Sally0730
Not impresssd
App is super slow in updating my travel profile information. When trying to add my family members it takes forever. In addition, for the key required fields like date mm/did/yyyy, the app requires the slash marks but doesn’t populate then itself, which is very annoying. Also find the app super buggy when trying to look at trip information. I just added in trip details about where I want to go, such as hotel area for the place I am traveling, but it doesn’t save. It is very difficult to change the default (eg Cancun airport defaults to Cancun vicinity, whereas I want to change and keep hotel area to Riviera Maya). Also would love to be able to click a setting like, Only non-stop flights, to make mu searching more consistent. Long story short, is that the website is way easier and more efficient to use.
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2 years ago, the power of OwO
Condado Plaza Hilton San Juan
I wish there was an option for no stars. Sorry for the long post ahead. After traveling all day, we arrived at the hotel at 4:30pm. We were told the room was not ready. So we went and had dinner in the hotel restaurant where the food was not very good and very overpriced. At 6pm still no text that room is ready. I go to the desk and told still not ready and it will be another 40 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager, Luz Rosado who was very rude. At this point, I have decided that we were not going to stay and called Travelocity to change hotels. Now it is after 7pm, Travelocity is not able to get through to Condado. So since I am on the phone with Travelocity, I take my phone to Luz Rosado and she states they have to call the hotel directly. Travelocity is on my caller ID and I tell her they have been trying to call for the last 40 minutes and no response. The Travelocity agent on speaker phone can hear how rude she was and quickly changed our hotel. I have traveled a lot and have never had to wait 3 hours for a room or experienced such rudeness. We are now staying at La Concha and it is far more superior.
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3 years ago, Summie 👸🏾
Terrible customer service
Absolutely horrible customer service and 0/10 user friendly website (mobile app) I have been trying for 5 days to book a reservation for my family of 4 adults , 1 child and 1 infant . When I try to book online it tells me I have to call because making a reservation with an infant . When I call they instruct me to go online as they do not have representatives that can assist on the phone . So I go to the live chat. On 6 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS, I provided my travel information for all 6 passengers , with desired destination , times , etc only to have the agent leave the chat as soon as the information is provided . This has been such a frustrating experience. We are getting closer to our travel date and still have not been able to book. I went into my account and noticed it has 3 itineraries for the same trip and details . So does this mean the trips did process when I put my card info in the first 3 times? Even though it gave me an error saying the card didn’t go through? I tried to ask a live agent but my question got ignored until agent left chat. Traveling should not be so difficult .
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2 years ago, Jack3:4999999
I will never use this app again. I had booked a hotel room back in November for March for a concert for almost $300 dollar and payed extra for insurance but we found out a couple days before the concert it was canceled so I called letting them know that we are not able to go because of this since we live out of state of where the concert was supposed to be and they told us that they will charge double for and the person who I spoke to in the phone was not able to give me any straight answers as to what I can do. He said that there was not any supervisor that I could talk with. When he gave me the phone number for the additional insurance I paid extra for in case of a situation like this, it led me to a medical alert company in which was a recording of someone speaking and would not let me speak to an actual person. I am extremely frustrated and feel like I have been taken advantage of. I will make sure to post my review of Travelocity on my social media as well as google reviews. There is poor customer service and lack of communication which is a cause for misrepresentation on your behalf.
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5 years ago, Yuk to ads
Poor back up for problems
Made and then canceled hotel reservation over a month in advance. Received confirmation email of cancelation. I still have both those emails with Travelocity. Then on original reservation date was charged by hotel. The second day a second charge was placed on my credit card. I Called hotel-that said the reservation was never canceled. Called Travelocity. Spent almost two hours on the phone. No satisfaction. They told me they would be back to me in 24 hours. 12 days later I received an email from Travelocity that informed me the hotel would not reimburse me. Travelocity wanted me to send them proof of the charges so it could be dealt with further. They never once offered reimbursement from them as a possibility. To date I’m bank stopped the pending 2nd charge from clearing and reimbursed me for the first charge while they investigate. The results my bank gave me took 5 minutes to get those results. I will never use Travelocity again. Once I get the final clearance letter from my bank I will delete the Travelocity app. My suggestion is be very careful using this organization. I will maintain those emails.
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4 years ago, fristrsted
No customer service
: I wish I could get some customer service from Travelocity now. I’ve been a member for over 15 years. I have three flight tickets in Europe that I paid for through Travelocity. I need to cancel all three because the conferences I was attending in Europe have been cancelled. I tried canceling them my Travelocity app and couldn’t do it. Two of these trips I actually purchased travel insurance through you so I called the number provided. But they couldn’t help me until the flights were actually cancelled. Then I would have to submit claims for each one. What good is there in purchasing this travel insurance when you have to take all these steps to cancel and get refund. Others seem to be able to cancel trips with no problems since the Corona virus has caused cancellations for most events through the summer. Usually it is easy to do my bookings through Travelocity but these cancellation procedures are extremely frustrating. In the past, Travelocity has been able to contact me if they needed to reschedule one of my flights. Why can’t Travelocity help with these cancellation requests I have now?
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4 years ago, mirnarn1
Bad service
I made travel arrangements that could not be kept due to the travel limitations set by my state as well as the World Health Organization yet Travelocity said I could not have a refund. They disregarded what is going on around the world with the Covid Virus. The customer service is lacking with Travelocity, I could not speak to anyone after several calls and being kept on hold, and when I finally did she basically had nothing to say except “you will not get refund!” Completely bad business considering that we are told by airlines and our president not to travel due to this virus and Travelocity doesn’t seem to care about our safety. They just want to keep our money. I will never do business with Travelocity and I will advise everyone I know. When business is back as usual Travelocity customers that have been taken advantage of and disregarded will have opportunities to take their business elsewhere. I had reached out to my airline and my resort and they said no problem to reschedule or cancel without any penalty realizing it was all due to the Covid19 virus but Travelocity didn’t care!!
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5 years ago, Hoony9012
Hard to get refund!
My friend got interview schedule at CA, so we booked full package, flight hotel car, and paid on Travelocity website. Next day, we received the email that the flight cost increased. Because we didn’t have enough budget, we tried to contact with phone number given on the email we received. Agent said we need to contact ‘service center’. I put the booking number on the phone and waited for ONE hour. Hung up. Called back to ‘alternatively contact’ and explained the situation. They keep saying that I need to contact service center. Called again. Waited on line for another ONE hour. Hung up. Lined up again and waited ONE more hour! 24hours 7days is a LIE unless they ignored my call. Because of 24hour refund rule, I downloaded this Travelocity App, and contacted the agent through the message. Finally, I contacted the agent and explained this situation to him, and they gave me the Full Refund! Agent was very nice. I really appreciate to him. Result was good, but we were exhausted during the process...
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2 years ago, horrible bef
Horrible bed
I am not one to leave reviews good or bad. However, I am so unhappy with our stay, I must say something. After my family suffered a double loss in four days, we drove 4 plus hours from our home to attend a family funeral in Abilene. We booked a double bedroom so my 76 year old mother could stay with us. She settled nicely and went right to sleep. My husband and I had the worst night sleep in a hotel ever!!! Our bed was like a bouncy house. It was the worst bed I’ve ever tried to sleep in at a hotel. I really thought for Marriott standards this was a safe choice for us. This bed was not anything like any bed in any hotel. Needless to say we endured another sleepless night after long hospital stays, waiting rooms, and faced the funeral of our family member with no sleep and total exhaustion all while paying over $123 for this awful pleasure. The next morning I inspected my 76 years mothers bed and it was very different! So, Marriott Courtyard Abilene we part ways here and I will take my business elsewhere that has an actual bed that can be slept in!!!
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4 years ago, BrianP318
Corona Travels
Had $2,000 worth of flights (2 tickets) from ORD to RSW. With all the beaches, restaurants and “Stay Home orders”, we were in need of cancelling our trip. I tried calling Travelocity everyday for a week and a half as our trip approached in an attempt to cancel our tickets. There phone systems said they were down and unable to take the call and to fill out the cancellation request form and that we would receive a confirmation email with information stating if we got a refund or credit from American Airlines. As time passed, I never heard anything. On three occasions, their phones didn’t say they were down but had “over 2 hours” hold time. I wanted to ask someone if the cancellation was being processed as it needed to be done prior to the departing flight. I held on hold for a combined total of 3hrs and 14min. All three times, the call just dropped me from it (not a reception issue) and i never heard from Travelocity. Not by phone or email. My flights were never handled. I ended up holding for over an hour to speak to the airline directly and handled it myself.
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6 years ago, Tizoooo
Wrong app/ not useful
Be careful when u are booing the hotel specific when it says all inclusive! I booked all inclusive hotel in Cancun /Vila del palmer Cancun luxury beach resort and app said room is all inclusive. Right after I purchased it, I received the confirmation email from Travelocity and thanks God I usually don't check, but this time I checked and I couldn't find all inclusive package in my reservation. They charged me too much for just regular room. I called costumer service and I was almost more than 2hr and 20 min on the line with them without getting any result. They said u can changed ur room and buy the other one which is $1200 more than this room that u reserved. U guys be careful when u are booking any hotel for out side of US in this website and specific with this app. I am very very disappointed with their costumer service and this app:(((((
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3 years ago, JuliaTeresaRios
If I could give 0 stars, I would! But obviously if I want to spill the tea I have to rate some kind of star. Where do I begin? The 5+ hour hold and then hang up in the middle of being serviced… then having to call back again and wait for another 5+ hours. I’m not kidding, I really wish I was. Or the going in circles, constantly putting me on hold, to read some kind of policy that I’ve heard many times but really doesn’t answer my question. Or the fact that I’m waiting on a $2,325 flight refund that was credited instead! My husband and I have been trying to go to Fiji for our honeymoon for over a year but due to the pandemic we are not able to. We have to cancel not because we don’t want to go anymore but because now Fiji is in level 4 for no travel as of 5/27. I have even proposed if Travelocity could use my airfare credits to book another flight to another destination that is open but they have refused and insist that we use our credits. It is impossible to use our credits for this year (which the deadline is 12/31) due to my husband and I not being able to take time off work. The summer is the only time we can travel and unfortunately we weren’t able to due that this summer because Fiji is in level 4 for no travel. I am very disappointed with the unprofessionalism I have endured with this company and the lack of support and communication from customer service. Do not use Travelocity to book any future travels.
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3 years ago, Kathleen $1777
Done. And done again
I have been booking with Travelocity for years and most recently I had a huge problem. I booked a car in RDU and called to cancel. Now I certainly understand that rental agencies have been hit by COVID I’ve never had a problem with a cancellation. I called 72 hours in advance to cancel and was told I needed to call the car agency who advised me they had no control over 3rd party reservations. I called Travelocity back and they informed me that my reservation was cancelled, it was not. I called today and was told by what seemed to be a distracted agent that my reservation could not be cancelled. I will never book with Travelocity again and $60 seems far too little to loose a customer. I can and will spend my money anywhere elsewhere
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4 years ago, Welcome4awhile
Not very good.
1. We were looking for flights to and a hotel in Boston. The airline has the best deal; $20 less than Travelocity. 2. we were looking for flights to DCA. The flight was priced the same as American Airlines. We decided to book through Travelocity. Mistake. Immediately after pressing the confirm option, our itinerary never arrived (We received a notice on the screen stating that our itinerary would generate later. Please check in a few moments “. 12 hours later still no itinerary. Checked the credit card and there was indeed a pending charge to Travelocity. Called Travelocity customer service to address the issue. The rep was friendly enough but ultimately could only tell me what we already knew: The flight was not booked and that the hold on our card would be removed with a week. Meanwhile we’re down the original amount on our card while still having to book our trip. I’d recommend going through the airline or hotel directly. They usually have the same if not better deals.
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5 years ago, <~Katie~>
My partner and I planned a trip for this past weekend. After booking a hotel, we stumbled upon one that was a bit closer to where we were traveling and was cheaper. I cancelled the booking for the first one and received a cancellation email saying I would be issued a refund. Then I booked the new hotel which was very nice. After our stay, the next morning, I noticed that I was charged for both hotels. I called the one I cancelled and asked what had happened and they said that they didn’t see my hotel was booked through Travelocity and to call them back, not promising a refund. If my email says “cancelled with full refund from hotel,” i’m not expecting to still be charged. But the hotel we stayed in was very nice at a good price and we had a blast. Travelocity just need to work on their communications to the hotels so consumers don’t have to deal with this situation, because now I have to take time out of my day to handle something that should have already been handled. I won’t be using Travelocity anymore for this reason.
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4 months ago, RCDCh
Be careful about tricky defaults!
Travelocity, which I have used for about 20 years, suddenly seems to have installed options for nonrefundable vs refundable hotel rooms. And it defaults to nonrefundable. So if you are not super careful and you expect the hotel reservations industry to work as it has your whole adult life, you will reserve a room as “nonrefundable,” and when your plans change you try to cancel and then get told your cancellation costs a fee equal to the room charge already imposed. And if you call the hotel the hotel will tell you it is out of their hands because Travelocity does not pay them until the day of stay. So I conclude that Travelocity keeps the money. What a scam! They should at least default to refundable, and you must consciously click to nonrefundable. I will be arranging my Travel elsewhere than here or Expedia, its parent company, because they essentially tricked me and took my money for nothing.
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3 years ago, sandonlo
Could not get in contact
After a death in the family, my son who is in the service booked a flight from Europe to attend the funeral. So, I booked two rooms at the hotel. He called and asked us to stay until Monday to get him to the airport for a return flight. My first itinerary had us leaving on Sunday. Tried to contact Travelocity to change reservation; could not get in contact with anyone. So, canceled that reservation and set up a new one. Luckily that worked. Then son’s plans fell through. App said I could cancel his room before 6 pm but again could not get in touch with anyone. Now I’m trying to determine if I cancel the last two nights on my reservation. Still having the same problems. Will not use Travelocity again.
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4 months ago, kappiolani
I don’t remember when I downloaded the Travelocity app but I ran across it in my apps a couple of days ago. My mom died unexpectedly and she will have services in a community that’s just outside of New Orleans proper, in Violet, LA. My searches online (Google) as well as within my 3 membership apps (Bonvoy, Hilton and IHG) gave me few options and most of them were not within a close range of the services. The Travelocity app however had hotels and Airbnb’s that ranged from $99 and above and the locations were within 6 miles of my sister’s church. This is phenomenal news and it’s going to make a difficult time for my family (most of whom are coming in from other states) a lot easier! Thank goodness for the Travelocity App!
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3 years ago, Gojo0401
Smoking room and canceled room 2 consecutive days
This has been the worst experience attempting to book rooms in my life. We booked our stays a couple of weeks ago. The first night we were given a Smoking room when we didn’t ask for one and even looked at the app to see if we could specifically ask for a non-smoking room. My wife and one of my children both have asthma flair ups when near smokers so we were unable to stay, there were no rooms available in over 100 miles and we had to stay in our vehicle at a rest stop. The second night, after we had driven 10+ hours on the road with 2 small children, we were 30min from our second location when we received a notice that our reservation was not accepted and our room is unavailable. This is unacceptable. Travelocity, fix this problem…we are again without a hotel halfway to our destination without a place to stay to recharge and stay safe while driving.
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2 years ago, watley71
Flight cancelled
This is the worse company to book through. When you are booking a flight you need to go directly though the airlines. My flight was cancelled weeks before and if I hadn’t gone in to add luggage then I would have never know. Then when they rebooked they said it was a one stop flight and it was actually a two stop flight causing an extra two hours to my flight. Had I known this I would have never said ok to this booking. Then after hours on the website and phone call they say oh it’s only two more hours to your trip and it’s non refundable. Well if I had my original flight that I booked this would be fine but they told me inaccurate information and are not willing to fix their error. They even said it won’t help to talk to my supervisor because they won’t fix their companies error either. Think twice before you book through Travelocity for anything if you want them to stand behind flights.
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6 years ago, Jodynelligan
Jody N.
Stayed at bikini beach resort, Panama City beach Florida. Travelocity falsely represented this resort and what it offered. I pick this resort based on what was offered and it having close access to the beach. The room was dirty. We had no running water. It was outdated. No internet access. No balcony. No pots/pans in the kitchen that was supposed to be fully stocked of utensils etc. there were a few forks. 2 plastic bowls and plates. The shower rained all over the bathroom. Construction on the hotel all over. No gripes on stairs my daughter fell down them and injured her hand. The showers by pool didn’t work. The room dafr had a broken off key in it. Parking was at your own risk if you could find it. My kid was offered drugs by another patron of the hotel. Do not stay here. 783. For 4 days was a waste of money. AND you have to rent your beach chair.
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3 years ago, DyUmi
Travelocity canceled flights without consent
1. Booked flights on a Friday and received confirmation email stating that my trip was confirmed and did not need to reconfirm; 2. Saturday Travelocity sent and email twice asking to reconfirm (fishy); 3. Sunday checked app to see that my itinerary was canceled without my consent; 4. Called and told that my child’s name is too long for the ticket even tho the app accepted it; 5. Had to rebook exact same flights, dates, times, seats, pay extra $260 for rebooking tickets (closer to my trip date) and travel insurance not eligible for “new” booking!?! All this and extra to shorten my daughter’s name on her ticket in a span of two and a half days. I think they could have given me until Monday to contact them. I mean my trip is not for another two weeks and they only gave me a little less than a Saturday to respond to a suspicious email... :( All I was offered was, “I’m sorry this happened to you.” If I could give negative stars... I definitely would.
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5 years ago, cousin Reids dad
Golden Parnassus golden staff
My two adult children and I just returned from Golden Parnassus. It has been our third vacation there. The food is both good and plentiful, the drinks flow like a river and the staff is second to none. Their staff is always eager to accommodate your every need . Special shout out to Fonsi. Fonsi is the most amazing bartender I’ve ever seen. He is an absolute machine behind the bar. You never wait for a fresh drink! He is also extremely cordial. He is a big reason why we are return visitors. His intellect and humor are worth having a drink across the bar from him. It’s amazing how he switches from English to Spanish as needed. Bar body shots use to be fun but for what ever reason they were not allowed on our last trip, I’d like to see them return.
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2 years ago, Weg16
Delete the app/don’t purchase through Travelocity
Worst flying experience ever using Travelocity. My travel time was 28 hours after I got 5 emails saying my flights have been changed over and over. When I would call and ask about rescheduling my flight, I would get left on hold for an over an hour and then get disconnected. There was no reason we should have a layover of 12 hours in an airport when there’s other flights available. Some of the reps would assure me that they would look into it and call me back but would never call back. I feel like they would leave you on hold forever hoping you hang up and they don’t have to deal with it. I called multiple days and try to chat online and every time they just acted like they couldn’t help me because they don’t even on the tickets themselves. I have used several different travel sites, but I will never use Travelocity again.
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5 years ago, Moneymaker0211
Your support team doesn’t actually know how do use the app or can’t answer questions. They take way too long when someone’s on holiday to get back to you and by the time you get your answer that time has passed for you to take advantage of any tours. People that man the phones are not from the United States and read scripts. You need to do something about your customer support. You have way too much competition to be handling your business this way. I’m absolutely disgusted and disappointed since I’ve used Travelocity for two hours almost exclusively and can’t get help using the app we’re getting help with customer service on particular tours and answering questions are not listed in your descriptions.
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2 years ago, Norwayherewecome
Saved our vacation.
Air Canada cancelled our flight, the first leg of a trip to Norway. They sent an email 6 hours before the flight promising a follow up email with an alternate flight that never came. We left for the airport on faith, but Air Canada was unavailable by phone, had no one at the desk at the airport, and the website offered only an option to cancel the trip and not to reschedule. Luckily I booked through Travelocity and contacted them right away. Three Travelocity representatives and their supervisor worked for FIVE HOURS and finally got through to Air Canada and got us an alternate flight for the next day at the original price. FIVE HOURS. Thank you, Travelocity, for saving our vacation.
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4 years ago, Never is the dark
I have been trying to get a hold of Travelocity since March 12th about cancelling a flight that was supposed to take place on March 14th. Because I have tried every avenue and no response I am extremely frustrated. I had to call American to cancel directly and they told me that Travelocity would be able to extend my flight for a year due to the COVID-19 and that I just needed to get a hold of them. I realize these are very tough times for everyone and I would really appreciate to at least be acknowledged that someone is looking into this and will get back to me in a timely manner. Instead I just keep getting automated information telling me that I need to speak to an agent whom I can’t reach. It’s funny how then can answer emails texts etc when you want to make a reservation but can’t answer for a cancellation. My husband books a lot through you and I’ve never been so disappointed.
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6 years ago, swimgirl18
Great app, even better company
This app is very user friendly and never crashes. The search functions make it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. I love using the map to find hotels because it's really easy to filter and manipulate. Travelocity itself is such a great service. It makes it so easy to plan your entire trip and there's always discounts, especially when you book things together. Their customer service is also incredibly helpful and generous. I had an emergency while abroad and with one phone call they helped me work everything out and get as much of a refund for my flights as I could. I only had to pay a cancellation fee to the airline.
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2 years ago, honeycowboy
Support to Manage Reservation Changes
I have been a frequent user of Travelocity, and really my last experience has been very dissapointing. Due to a major force i had to delay my trip to FLL For one day, but my wife was still able to travel as original plan. I did call Travelocity to request support to let her pick up the car I had reserved and prepaid and answer was that was not possible to make any change, so only loss the money or cancel reservation and I am getting only $80 out of the $180 that was already charged to my credit card. My frustration is that was not any intention to look for a solution as I was needing to use the car as originally was planned. Options like to provide an authorization letter to let my wife pick up the car. In summary i lost $100 and will need to spend more money to use as transportation
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4 years ago, 27384725
Please never use this app
First off they changed my flight to earlier in the day without telling me or changing it on the app so I missed my fight and they basically said it’s my fault????? So I wasted money on the flight going to the airport parking hotel and I had to go back home. I booked another flight and when I got to Florida I go to get my car that I booked from this app.....paid for it and everything! I get there it’s a place called “right cars” they would not give me the keys because I wouldn’t fall for their BS and buy the expensive insurance when I have proof I have Allstate ! So basically I lost money for round trip flight and my car for 7 days ! They are the worst please go through companies directly because travelocity will tell u to call the companies and they have nothing to do with it and then when you call the companies they say to call travelocity and they have nothing to do with it!! It’s all a scam
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4 years ago, pmayland
Complete Scam
Worst owner ever. This lady pretended to be so many people it wasn’t even funny. She refused to issue me a refund even though it is literally on her await message if you call them that they honor all of their vendors cancellations. At first she tried to trick he into saying I canceled first, even though President Trump cancelled the airline for March 26th. Lufthansa Airlines told me she was flat out lying and told me to tell her that she should call Travel Control, Travelocity’s Boss, because Lufthansa issued the go ahead for the refund . She called and said I was correct, was going to issue me a refund and hung up on me. This happened twice before I called my credit card company to dispute it or take them to court. Either or I am fine with. I have everything on recording and she willingly knew she was being recorded and lied right to my face. Unfortunately I have to give this heap of junk 1 star or it would get 0. I’m sure the rest of the ratings are all her personalities too.
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5 years ago, FranField
Wonderful customer support
Since booking my trip through Travelocity, I have been impressed and thankful for the ease of comparing options and then keeping the itinerary in one place. However, when an airline cancelled my flight a few hours before I was to be at the airport, I was thrown into a tailspin. I contacted customer support at Travelocity and I was astounded by the help I received from Miji (my apologies for probable misspelling). She worked tirelessly to explore various options with me, stayed an hour beyond the end of her shift, and ultimately got me and my daughter to the airport in the nick of time to catch two flights, flying standby, to the end result of being able to keep our college visit appointments. Thank you!
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4 years ago, ChinkUhBlaze
Would rate no stars if I could.
Currently sitting at the airport, and have been for the last two hours, working to get the rental car that I ALREADY paid for. And even though I paid for it and that transaction had no problem going through, I needed another $200 once I got here, on top of them running a credit check. After being denied for the credit check, they tried in a different name. So we go from $200, to $608. Once I asked for a refund to go to another car place to just get to go to the hotel that is waiting for us, we are told it will be about a month before funds reach our accounts. I am on a six day vacation after being an essential worker this entire pandemic. It is my birthday week. I have not even seen the hotel I will be staying at. My flight was a total of 3 1/2 hours. And I’ve been at the airport since 7am. It is currently 4:30pm. Do not book with this company. It’s all a run around.
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2 years ago, Cee DLS
Travel Safe, Travel Right
I have used Travelocity for years and I have never been disappointed. The places have always been friendly and attentive, and the service has always been good. I have had issues with small things and emergencies that have needed attention to but every time Travelocity has resolved it. I think their prices are reasonable and you rarely have to go somewhere else to find what you need. I will definitely continue using Travelocity and letting anyone who hears me know that they are the way to travel. I believe if you try them once, you’ll do so twice and even three times #enjoy and you’re welcome ☺️
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5 years ago, Peppermintpatti942
Great for searching and/or planning a trip but useless for anything else...
Planning and booking a trip was fine but because my son contracted a viral infection 3 days into a 3 week trip and had to make an emergency return flight, the app was useless. Spent the better part of the day-more than 8 hours-on the phone with customer service trying to make arrangements. In the end it cost me an entire day of my time (and stress) and an additional $1000 (on top of the original $1700 for the 1st flight) to bring my son home. When I went back to the app to file a claim with the flight insurance I’d purchased, all of my flight info was gone and couldn’t be retrieved. Thankfully, I’m old school and manually document everything so I’ll be calling the insurance company directly. If that goes smoothly, I’ll raise the stars in this review. But buyer beware: this app needs major improvement!
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2 years ago, Shai Foy
Utter disappointment
I am an avid traveler and share my experiences on Google both good and bad. My background includes hospitality and for years I would run into every situation you could think of but we always took care of our guests, especially in an emergency situation. In this event, I used Tralveloocivty for the first time “ever” and lost over 300 dollars due to illness. I requested a credit or a date change, not a refund, and this was the response: Unfortunately, after multiple tries, we weren’t able to obtain an approval from the property manager to waive the cancellation fee. This means the current rules and restrictions for your booking apply and a refund can’t be granted. We’re really sorry about this; we always try to contact suppliers and advocate for our travelers in these situations. Properties often have strict policies around refunds, and there’s nothing more we can do in this case. Again, we’re sorry that a refund wasn’t possible. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Regards, Rose J. mnlrjardin1 I contacted the property and they said I have to contact the 3rd party, which is a complete run around. I didn’t want anything free, I just want to move my stay or receive a credit for a future stay. This adds so much insult to injury. Shai Foy
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