TravelPirates: Travel Deals

4.8 (8.4K)
200.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Holidaypirates GmbH
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TravelPirates: Travel Deals

4.81 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
5 years ago, MH50099
Basically for NYC users only
This used to be my favorite app for the last few years. I would find myself checking it several times a day, and I have scored some pretty great deals. Unfortunately, few months ago they shifted their focus mainly on departures out of NYC. They also don’t seem to be bothered with people’s feedback asking them to go back to including other, major cities like they used to. Will be looking for a new app, unless they go back to the old structure in the immediate future.
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6 months ago, Nicki benna
Thank you
Because we often spend hours trying to find and plan the perfect vacation, then wind up not planning anything at all. This app makes booking a quality trip so much easier ♥️
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5 years ago, wesofit
Great app however,
While the app works well, once you click on the deal and attempt to scroll through the dates/locations and prices it becomes overly sensitive that it opens the browser link before you can begin scrolling. The moment I touch the screen to try and scroll after getting off safari from it being automatically opened to go back to TravelPirate, it thinks I select whatever date and opens the browser again. Highly annoying and upsetting.
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6 years ago, AllieCav
Honestly my favorite app I have
I never write reviews, but this app has helped make my travel plans so much easier. I love the notifications about random price drops, and it also truly helps make travel affordable and actually possible!
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6 years ago, Souljournee Travels
TravelPirates-what would I do without you?!!
Not only have I been able to travel to destinations I would never have imagined thanks to you TravelPirates, but you keep me laughing and entertained with your clever post titles!! TravelPirates, you’re a friend in my head!! 💞🛫
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6 years ago, fond of gym classes
Best app ever
So many awesome trips have come from this site! I can’t recommend it more highly, seriously the best and most used app on my phone. We travel a ton and people always ask how we can do it and TravelPirates is first place I send them!
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6 years ago, Marlena911
I’m a travel agent and I use this app!
This is one of my secrets. I swear these are better deals than any other app and well, I use it to book my customers sometimes too!
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4 years ago, FarhanUmer
App not working
App crashes when i try to scroll down to see other deals. I am on iOS 14. On IOS 13 it used to work fine. I really like your app and check it out regularly for deals. Let me know when you fix the issue and i’ll update the review to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, falsaquimera
Need more Latin America deals
I love this app! The only down side is that deals for Latin America barely even show up. I don’t just want to travel to Europe and that seems to be their focus.
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6 months ago, Amatob4
Useful App
This app has opened me up to traveling to places I never thought of heading to before.
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6 years ago, Karli04
Great app....but too many glitches
I live this app! It’s perfect when you want to travel on a budget. But since the update the app keeps glitching. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app twice. Can we please get this fix so I can keep enjoying the app!
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5 years ago, Eyecandy304
Great app
Only downside for me is there are hardly any deals out of Atlanta which is the busiest & largest airport, so I don’t really understand that. My niece was lucky enough to book a trip to Paris from Atlanta for dirt cheap. Please find more deals from Atlanta
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2 years ago, Caicaismom
Some filter updates
Can we get one of the filters to be a home airport. Also can we get the filter to only allow so many miles from destination entered.
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6 years ago, angelikahays
Great website
I like that website for all my booking needs all my flights I did find here
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2 years ago, DIVINE Perez
They change they not the same
I used to love this app as well but not anymore they used to send me deal from New York City to Europe before they change I got a lot of deal send by what’s app they stop doing that they came back sending deal by what’s app but is not from my departure city and all deal is not usa dollars.
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6 years ago, ImRuss247
what happened??
so this app was great about posting deals from various cities across the US. i’ve book trips thanks to the deals posted here... but recently, the past few weeks/months its only showing deals out of New York... pretty useless to all other states. soon i will be deleting this app and looking for a replacement. PLEASE FIX
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5 years ago, mmd92624
Been on several Travel Pirates trips....
Been to Belgium, and Italy, and headed to Nee Zealand next month. I’ve had the best experiences finding reasonably priced trips that fit my schedule!
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5 years ago, grillyy
The best travel agency!
I love TravelPirates, this travel website have great sales to many places . I always helps me a lot when I’m planing vacations.
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3 years ago, pyneyshit
Duplicate notifications
Ever since the last update I have been receiving two notifications for the same thing at the same time
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5 years ago, montazha
Poor features
I like the website and the concept of this app but some things are just not intuitive like why can’t I just create an alert with the given departure airport only. I just want to get all alerts if a deal is available from ATL.
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6 years ago, Shopaholic___
Prayers Answered
I have been waiting for this app so I can get alerts quicker. One of the best travel apps keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, chells2
It’s a great site with great deals. Would love to see more personalized offers based on where I am located. So more flights out of San Francisco.
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5 years ago, mamamiathree
Once you choose a destination you’d like to explore it is difficult to scroll. No matter where I put my finger it takes me to another page instead of scrolling. Quite irritating.
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5 years ago, Studweezy
Haven’t used it yet but I hope these are the right prices
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4 years ago, pissedoff frustrated
Not the greatest
This site has many limitations and unless they have a deal that may or may not apply to one’s situation, the rest of the selected deal are not any better, if not much worse, than other sites with one exception, the site is not user friendly at all.
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6 months ago, Stacyann Anderson
You make life so much easier to travel grateful for this app
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5 years ago, ruben00005
Great app
This application provides great information about traveling and great prices.
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6 years ago, CK081999
Used to great, now only shows flights from New York
This used to be the best app for finding travel deals, with flights originating from multiple major cities. Now it only shows deals from New York City. So 5 stars if you fly out of NY, everyone else, look for a better app.
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6 years ago, settingsun2091
New Yorkers aren’t the only travelers
I used to enjoy this app but at some point in the last 6 months or so it started to only show vacations and flights from New York. I understand that it would take a while to find deals from EVERY US city, but at least include Chicago and a west coast airport.
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5 years ago, B_Jj.
No more green dots
Travel pirates used to give the cheaper flight by the green dots on the calendar. Now when you try to choose dates the green dots aren’t there and makes harder to find “cheap dates” to travel
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4 years ago, Fbarraza91
App is worthless
Redirects you to a safari etc page to book whichever flight. Might as well save ur memory space and just use the mobile site.
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5 months ago, Texasjackd
Great App!!
So easy to use and has amazing deals!
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5 years ago, Sassynights
This use to be one of my favorite apps where I could always plan a quick trip. However, lately they only show deals departing from NYC. Since I haven’t seen a change I’m deleting the app, no longer beneficial to me.
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6 years ago, QueenLeo3030
Crap App & Service
App not showing any deals from my city but website does. Even when I filter it only shows offers 3 years old. I submitted a support request dats ago. Still no response. Highly UNrecommended! Deleting ASAP since no one helps.
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5 years ago, Oucctriina
Good but
Please show deals from more cities than NY. You Never show deals flying out of Philadelphia.
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6 years ago, Unfourgetable
Love this app and it's LEGIT
I've flown all around the world with travel pirates. I'm so grateful for this app and it's 100 percent legit.
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5 years ago, G gib
Really Great if you live in New York
I suggests tailoring deals to your user’s location otherwise this app only serves those who live in NY. I would give 5 stars if I could see the deals in my area.
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6 years ago, aresish
Do not honor prices
They falsely advertise prices and when you try to book it the prices are not what they are promoting the “error fare” is a lie they cancel your flight after you book it. Don’t waste your time on this app 👎
Show more
6 years ago, gkoblasz
Only from NYC
This used to be a great app, one of my favorites. Unfortunately they must have lost some good employees because now it’s complete crap unless you live in NYC as that’s pretty much the only departure city they list these days. Very disappointing!!
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6 years ago, Tta_tti
Keep up the good work!!
The deals are amazing !!!
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6 years ago, OutsideNY
Great site but please offer trips outside New York
Great site but unless you live in New York it’s not useful. Please expand offers to other cities like LA, Dallas, Chicago.
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5 years ago, *ZIGGYZ*
Amazing deals and so easy to use! Love it!!!
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5 years ago, takemtname
Only deals from LA or NY
This is used to be my favorite app but now any flight deals shown are from NY or LA, I scroll and scroll and scroll and don’t find any deals from any other major cities . Very disappointed.
Show more
5 years ago, asdgyicsrc
Horrible app
You can’t leave the app to go check a note or a website because it makes you start over. Who are the developers? Who is in charge. Amateurs.
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6 months ago, Rilswt1
Fantastic trip finds
Show more
5 years ago, mkarpf
Improve the app
My suggestion to improve this app is to make a tool where people can sort the deals from their departure city. Many times when I will check the deals, the price is complete different from where I live. I believe many people has the same issue. Thank you, Michelle
Show more
6 years ago, solreymar
Love the app! Would love to see more travel solo deals
Show more
12 months ago, TamiHoff
Doesn’t work
Just downloaded it and it just shows a beach photo but doesn’t do anything else.
Show more
4 years ago, izzoale
My favorite app
Nice and smooth
Show more
4 years ago, #TAGA
Ms T
Best B place to find remarkable deals on travel
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