Trendyol: Fashion & Trends

4.8 (38.4K)
183.8 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trendyol: Fashion & Trends

4.77 out of 5
38.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Zehra Stara
Loving it!
I think I use Trendyol for almost everything from my cat’s needs to my swimsuits, on a daily basis ☺️ The app is super user friendly and the velocity of the deliveries and returns are amazing🙏🏻 Also the customer service has always been there for me whenever I needed them. Last but not least, I have never received a wrong order, it seems like they have a great control system over the orders. Use it, recommend it, you won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, mojde erdem
Problems with account
I have a big problem with the app and the account I made. I made an account near a year ego and I ordered a lot from this app. My account just got deleted somehow and I had a small amount of money deposited there. I tried to login but it didn’t work out. I tried to reach you by the number you have write in your site but it didn’t still work. I had returned an order before my account was deleted and the message just came which was saying we Successful returned you order , which means the money of that order it’s in my deleted account now . I don’t know how to reach my money so I write this wishing you will see it . I hope this will at list work
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1 year ago, Moe MIO
English front end
I love the service provided by you, however I don’t and can’t use the app since it’s only in turkish language. I do use the site where I can use google transactions just to order. I don’t think it take much to have multiple languages for the app and now more and more foreigners are residing in turkey I think it’s time to do that
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1 year ago, Ilhamaqas
Fix your never ending bugs..
Please, you guys probably understand that a lot of ppl in your app.. its online shopping, but always problem with downloading.. sometimes it doesn’t show pictures, at all. No reverse.. it cant change when i turn my ipad.. i mean.. ok, but downloading? Sometimes you search and find between 1000 things “that one” and that moment dungggg.. it says some error occurred.. Well i hope you fix it one day🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, R$I
Its a great shopping app but...
I started using trendyol just recently and found it really easy and useful with a variety of items to choose from, also categories are great and helpful but if you can only add the ((((English))) language option it would make it more useful bcuz not only Turkish people use it.. thanks for the great discounts .. I wish you could take this suggestion into considering.. thanks again.
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10 months ago, kingjoseph306
Lots of LIKE
Hi Dear Trendyol, I use your application for many reasons, the most important one is the user experience is awesome. Another one is your resposibility about customers like me that living out side the Turkey is wonderful. I have just one request please revise the time duration for changing staff or change the size of cloths so extend from 14 days to 21 days. Best Regards.
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2 years ago, poorreturnpolicy
Poor Return Policy
Big disappointment. I’ve been using this app for a very long time. I've shopped a lot, bought things, and sometimes I return things. I had no problems since my last purchase. I ordered the Fakir Turkish coffee machine but it wasn't working well. I tried to return it but they said I should go to the service center first and get a report on the coffee machine and maybe get a refund. I felt they are scamming me. Why do you have to do this? It's not my fault. a seller sent me a broken machine but I can’t return it. This is so stupid. It was my last order from trendyol. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, thefluxshow
About translation to English
Please can you at least have a translation language...yes it is a Turkish shopping app but not only turkey people use the app to please English is a popular language and it will help us to shop more thanks, I always have to use a translator to look for what I want then sometimes it brings a different thing..please give us option to change language ...I love the app, it’s helpful
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5 years ago, Emerauldvenus
Great so far
Making my purchase was very easy. My products were delivered quickly surprisingly quickly. I haven’t tried the return function just yet but when I do on that exactly how I feel about it. The products are there didn’t fit me I have a high-quality and worth every cent.
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1 year ago, soldoutfortheONEwholovesus
Low quality
If I put my country location as Turkey I can only buy items in the Turkish language which I know a bit but feel like error is highly likely in the process. The items that I receive are cheap many times and don’t have good instructions or fit together well. I guess the lesson here is don’t buy the cheapest items on the site but only from brands that you are familiar with.
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2 years ago, 19881988z
Last update
Hellow the last update yesterday very bad the old version was very good the countries you The countries that you specified in the application, I do not live in any of them. I am used to shopping from the Turkish language and to stores, as in Turkey, I live in a country neighboring Turkey, and the currency in which I shop is the Turkish lira. You have to make options so that I choose the currency I want and the country I want the application is bad Very now, as the program is of Turkish origin, and for the language, put options for it, not on countries
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3 years ago, nesgur
Easy to use the app
I have been using the app since day one. No other site can beat their prices on several different products. I also find the mobile app super easy to use. Thank you...
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9 months ago, irenfereshteh
I just found Trendiol and I think it is the best app to buy. It is very diverse and excellent. It helps me to have everything I need in the shortest time. It is a very good option for those who are very busy. One of the best positive points of this program is the Argani return conditions that are available to the customer
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2 years ago, tasha kirabo
Please add English language
I have used the app and got what I ordered for though it took me so much time as I have to translate each word to know what am doing. Most foreigners we don’t understand Turkish please put that into consideration and make a language option, at least English is used by the majority.
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5 years ago, a-len🌸
So helpful
It’s one of my best shopping apps! I love how you can find quiet everything in one place .. my only complaint is that you can’t change the app language as you can only browse in Turkish , Waiting for the next update
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2 years ago, Seda Seven
Issue with country selection
Today Trendyol app automatically redirected me to select a country and “Turkey” was not an option. I live in the U.S. but I shop for Turkish brands or for items that aren’t available here on Trendyol. It was lovely to have access to Turkey’s Trendyol shop on my app, however I can no longer do that. It only gives me options from Europe. Please fix this issue.
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2 years ago, Mo Elsaaiti
Add English language to the app
This app is very useful, I’m asking you to add English language because it’s a international language everyone can understand it. This app also used from people all over the world and not everyone understand Turkish language, I hope you take this comment in your consideration. Best regard!
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1 year ago, Stuck on Zinio
Great app
Reliable Quick delivery Just wish they have the following service : letting the cargo company pick up the item that is to be returned . Otherwise , highly recommended
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3 weeks ago, paata78
photo search!!
I think that if a search engine with a photo is added, it will be easier and better
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4 months ago, jojika
I’m using this app in Turkey, but how can I change the language into English? There is no option for the language and everything is in Turkish
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2 years ago, Nesdem
5 stars from me
I am one of those who hesitates to shop online. I have been using trendyol for 2 months and so far I had great experiences with purchase and refund services.
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1 year ago, Kamo122
English language
I knew more people used the Trendyol app in Kurdistan, north Iraq. But the Trendyol app we use only in the Turkish language if you can add the English language, of course, beneficial than Now for us. Thanks.
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10 months ago, Nareemannaro
Not real sometimes
I bought a dress a few weeks ago when I got it it was not like the picture I ordered size large but when I measured it,left chest area was, so tight and smaller and different from the right side of the chest area terrible design are terrible cut and terrible fabric. It’s totally different from the picture.
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3 years ago,
It is one of the best web markets which provide different marks with convenient price. They send customer’s shoppings fast and has commitment about their work. Thank you
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2 years ago, Kelebelik
Amazing selection
I can find almost everything I need from here!!! Very efficient good quality delivery and communication is on point. Keep up the great work. Her şey çok güzel
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3 years ago, AYA ALHAMADANI
Customer review
Very convenient prices and a lot of nice item options ,my only wish is that terendyol starts to send all ordered items together in a one estimated day and one package instead of sending each one a part .
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2 years ago, sh4bnam
help please 🙏🏻🥺🥺
I always use this application and it is in Turkish. But when I updated, it did not show me in Turkish today. what should I do?🥺🥺🥺
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2 years ago, wolf3883
You can find things in here way cheaper than shopping malls
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4 years ago, GiveMeABreak!!
Horrible customer service! So many times, I’ve had items delivered broken, in pieces and customer service does NOT do anything. They say they’ll follow up on the order and get back to you but NOTHING. Also, they won’t allow you to leave any negative comments under the product review. They reject the review. Only allowing positive feedback is very very misleading!!
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5 years ago, saturday bella
Please English language
I like a lot of things but I can’t buy nothing because of a language please make it in English too
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2 years ago, The.Nick.Name
We Need English Added !
This is a great app and supplier of many wonderful things but it is only in Turkish and nobody foreign that speaks English or any other language can understand it without constantly having to use a translator for every step. PLEASE add English and other languages to help !!
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2 years ago, shirinlirezapour
Thieves! Don t shop here.
I bought bags and clothes. And paid for it. I received an email including “you received your parcel”. But i was at work and i didn t receive any thing. And when i called them, they said we gave it to you! That is your own problem! Don t shop from this site. They are thieves.
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2 years ago, Gochum777
Bug fx
This version is not good as the latest version, update is not good, we cannot use it in Asia countries, and we can not select Turkish products, please fix bugs as soon as possible . Thanks advance
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2 years ago, lipglock
Issue with the latest update
I join other comments about latest update. No Turkey in the list. I chose UK just to see what it will look like and everything is different. All other products are gone except women clothes.
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2 years ago, fotobalooga
The app is of a great use I’m guessing, but there’s a huge problem for non-Turkish speakers as there’s no way for you to translate the app into English or any other language which makes it impossible for non-Turkish speakers to be able to use it. It would be a great help if you can add this option to it!!!
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3 years ago, arrivedercifrog
Doesn’t allow bad comments
The search function is really bad, it can’t find anything you search for and brings up unrelated results. Also they don’t allow bad comments. I tried to comment on some order I received many times they rejected it over and over.
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4 years ago, Baharchiik
Quite great
The clothes have really good quality and they are not really expensive. But they don’t allow you to use pictures when writing a review.
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2 years ago, djvgckvgvkvtxkb
can’t order from United states
Why i cant use this app from united states
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2 years ago, pouyatsh
Change language
How can I change the app language to English ?
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6 years ago, kamaspartan
Unfortunately it doesn’t support multitasking
When app is running if you left the app for 3 mins when you come back it restart and goes to the beginning,it’s annoying please fix it
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1 year ago, Gvancats
Please add English language in app
I like Trendyol very much, but Trendyol use not only Turkish, but other people. Please add English translation too
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5 years ago, sawa995
This is the best shopping app but it would be much better if you add English language!
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2 years ago, sahar the witch
Still language problem
You must add at least English language to your app For every part specially description
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2 months ago, supervix3n
Account & Data Loss Problem
All of a sudden, I login with my usual email address and I have no order history, no address no payment information at all. Same issues with the website too. Please fix this Trendyol
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7 months ago, serhan911
I love using trendyol. Where i can trust with everything. I highly recommended
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2 years ago, Khaled Almahini
It’s very nice and good handling
I am Tourest from Kuwait and I enjoy contact with trendyol they bring my food and clothes with care .
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2 years ago, Reem saeed
Have another language choices
I wish if u can have it in English or Arabic
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2 years ago, great ehab
New update to trendyol app doesn't work with iphone and the list of countries in the starting page after update doesn't contain turkey ??
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2 years ago, Bisph
English language option
Great apps always need English language Option. Please promote accordingly.
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4 years ago, Rihamsarakbi
No picture when reviewing
The application is very good and easy to use .. but I was shocked that I can’t upload a photo when I review an item I purchased . Photos are very helpful for reviewing!
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