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User Reviews for Tri-Rail

1.93 out of 5
151 Ratings
2 years ago, PreciousBx
Needs Improvement
I travel from Port St Lucie to SoFlo and it would help to have an app that does more than look at alerts on delayed trains. App is very basic and crashes when trying to look at train schedule. Does not allow to create Tripa. Should also give option to access commuter account and view account online balance, activity, etc without having to travel to a station kiosk.
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4 years ago, BH199812
New User Interface On Point!
I’m an avid user of the Tri-Rail Live Tracker and when I logged onto the app I was surprised at the amazing the new look of the app. Much more responsive and modernized. I love the “My Ride” feature. Something I look forward to in the future is the ability to purchase a digital ticket using apple pay (preferably) or credit card. This way we not only save paper, but for those who don’t have time to stop to get a ticket can easily buy one ahead of time and show the digital ticket to the checker. Overall, great job!
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4 years ago, Rolo108
Finally back on track
Really glad to see this App getting attention again. Some repetitive items in the GUI, but overall returning to function after a time of neglect. Schedules are back up and running, and tracker seems a lot more solid and reliable now. As to the complaints about delays, transfers etc., understand the App does not run the trains. That’s another topic and place (not disagreeing with some of those complaints).
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2 years ago, Snowman5471
Very useful
This is a great app that shows you where Tri-Rail trains are and how long. It also gives schedules and a fare calculator for travellers. There is also a ‘My Ride’ feature that will tell you where and when your train is boarding. It is useful for commuters and helps the traveling public. No issues with crashing at all. Great app!
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2 years ago, Chris.Szabolcs
The Tri-Rail system rocks but this app is garbage.
The Tri-Rail system rocks but this app is garbage. Getting up and down the eastern side of FL is super easy. The network of trains and stops are perfect for commuters or tourists, but this app- that was obviously contracted by the government to the lowest bidder is awful. Every time I try to look at a schedule or estimate a fare it crashes, it has no method of purchasing fares or using a smartphone to have a digital ticket, and it isn’t responsive to inquiries. I like Florida, and I like the state government as much as one should like any government but an app that services the most densely populated portions of the nation’s third most populous state should be a little better. The redeeming qualities are its relaxing colors and the live train tracker. Enjoy the sun.
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2 years ago, tnhbt
No critical information shared on station construction
At the Cypress station we encountered construction barricades and fencing which isolated access to the trains from the east side of the tracks. There was no notification on either the application or website. This is critical information withheld by Tri-Rail. I was told by their representative “they don’t have to share information such as this with their customers.” How difficult is it to share critical information to the traveling public through their application or website via notices? Really?
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3 months ago, dan100567
Useless tracking
App has potential however it is very laggy when giving information about your train. The “live tracker” is completely made up. The train was late several times and the app shows that it is there. I hope apple removes this app from its store because that will be the only way it gets fixed. If you can’t keep track of your trains I will definitely not put in my credit card information to buy tickets on the app.
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1 year ago, WriteEd
Almost worthless
One of the most important features of this app is scheduling. The app will not load schedules on my iPhone 12, although the other features seem to work correctly. I'm a fan if the Tri-Rail system, but I need to be able to access the timetable. This should be a pretty simple bug to squash, but it remains alive and well. Ugh.
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3 years ago, Maxwellp101
HELP! Issue with app crashing when trying to find my train
Absolutely love this app! Wish it had Apple Maps support with the transit feature to get off at each station. Is there a reason my iPhone 12 Pro Max keeps having this app crash? What do I do to fix this I tried to delete and reinstall. Wish there was a way to buy tickets through the app and add them to my Apple wallet.
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12 months ago, AirmaleFL
My Wish: Apple Card Support!
I take the train regularly and I wish there was Apple Card support on the app for monthly EDP passes and for Tri-Rail Easy Passes. I don’t carry a wallet any more with digital wallet technology. The app has improved over time, and tapping on/off and digital wallet support would improve this leaps and bounds!
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1 year ago, cxlx07
Delay with tracks
When I get to the station. I looked at the app but it doesn’t seem to tell you and accurate track number when I put the information going from south to north. Overall, it is very handy to know which time the train will be arriving.
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3 months ago, carldude
No app has felt like it stole my money quite like this one.
It was INCREDIBLY EASY to accidentally buy a Tri-Rail one-way pass and miss the message that it AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATES AND THEN EXPIRES IN 4 HOURS. I have an early flight out of Miami tomorrow and wanted to buy my Tri-Rail ticket ahead of time so at 10:06PM I purchased the ticket for $7.50 and it auto-activated and expires at 2:06AM… there are no trains coming through Delray at those hours, and it still let me buy it? And there is easy way to get a refund or credit…
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2 months ago, Dave33110
Needs improvement
This app could be good but it fails in many respects. The live tracker is completely useless, the train that arrived to my station was not even visible on the live tracker. There is no Apple Pay and the system to enter your billing information is horribly inefficient; the address picker couldn’t pull up my address, and it also wouldn’t work for PO Box billing addresses. Additionally, it should be way more clear how to purchase a ticket.
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5 months ago, Jasz618
So sad
Its 2023 and to have an app that is a mhaor transit for south floridians constantly crash when trying to get the basic info avail is so sad. My kids can play Roblox app without crashing yet this is for commuters, travelers etc. I am hoping a real update for the app is near. Im looking to get mobile passes as I get off too close to time of train arrival and cannot 👎. Hope I make my train on time to purchase at the station prior to its arrival 😒
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7 months ago, Elmo307
Crashes every time-a waste
Every time I try to pull up a schedule with departure station and arrival station and weekday the app crashes every single time. Also registered for payment online through the app and does not allow you to complete your payment because of a stupid field of an address field that doesn’t work limited only to Miami addresses?? Need to fix this it’s useless.
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6 months ago, NenaCH
The App is a disaster the service is good
Considering most people use cell phones to operate these kind of services, must say they app is worthless, useless and very frustrating. It crashes simply by trying to look up a trip schedule, that says it all about the service! The design for the use of passes with Uber should be improved, it is a great feature but hard to make it work!
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2 years ago, Gypsyjazz121
Continuous crashes
Glad the trains run better than the app. It’s a good app overall, but the app crashes every time you open the schedule (which is the main reason you have the app tbh). Hopefully they’ll fix it in the next update, but it’s been going on for awhile now
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4 months ago, Bellc09
Crashes every time you tap to look at the schedule
What is the point of the app if you cannot look at the train schedule? Every. Single. Time. Press “look at schedule” the app crashes. What a waste. A magnificent waste of time. Please fix this. I travel from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm regularly and need to set up transportation to the train, this is worthless to me if I can’t even see the schedule.
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3 months ago, sicbejcifnsbbgcksnfka gcks fel
Put the money in, modernize
This app, which is operated by third party Miami Dade transit, lacks from an app you would expect from a private company. It comes off as a dated and lacks a modern, user friendly user face that you would expect from a regional transit service. But then again, maybe it is exactly what is expected of a government or quasi governmental agency that likely will say at least we have an app.
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1 year ago, rammjet156
App Needs Help
Went to Profile to save a credit card. Entered street address where I have lived for 39 years. It then wants me to tap on Full Address and find my address. None of the listed addresses were mine. Not even the correct city.
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3 months ago, KVander610
The schedule function does not work. When you enter your departure and arrival stations it kicks you out of the app. Not at all helpful.
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3 years ago, Billie_
Schedules are Broken
Trying to view a train schedule (which is almost the only purpose of the app) causes the application to crash. New iPhone, updated iOS, latest version of TriRail App... still can’t use it after months. Save yourself the headache and use one of the other “unofficial” apps because they actually work.
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2 years ago, _snilloc_
App crashes
The app crashes when I look for schedules or when I try to set up my ride. Only next to arrive, the live tracker and the alerts seem to work. Try to do anything schedule-like and zap it’s done! Crashed!
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1 year ago, SC: briacheeks IG: lowkeyybria
App crashes every time
This app is the worst app ever created. The app closes when you try to look at a schedule. You can’t buy digital tickets like they advertise. Only thing you can do is see if your train is delayed or track where it is. They need to do better. Too many people depend on this train.
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2 years ago, 12345234127542
Live Tracker
Love the live tracker feature. I am able to see exactly where the train is located and it’s status.
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1 year ago, R_LEWIS
Is it possible to fix this app?
I’ve had this app for years now and is extremely unreliable. However, Tri-Rail system is great.. Just wish SoFlo would catch up to the other major metropolitan and get a reliable app for us to access. Every time I try to pull up the Tri-Rail schedule, the app crashes.
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1 year ago, FGdriver85
Emergency rider
This app is great. Let me know if train is on time or delayed. Florida Tri-rail is super great. Thank you for letting us know the trains ETA. Helps know when to be exacted at destination. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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4 years ago, chachakiki
Love Tri-Rail
Tri-Rail has gotten much better over the few years I’ve been riding Tri-Rail. I would like to know if Tri-Rail could put credit card readers on the ticket machines?
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1 year ago, CharlesTasker
Winner of the WORST app on the App Store
This app has been written specifically with the intention of being THE worst app on the App Store. It is shocking in every respect. It can’t even display the schedule! And buying a ticket it is incredible just how badly they have done it. These developers should be ashamed of themselves.
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6 months ago, jnkemp
App Crashes
The app is completely unusable because it crashes any time you try to look at a schedule. Is anyone even still working on it? Totally useless until the bug is fixes.
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1 week ago, theireverywhere
Basically useless
Crashes every time you try to pull a schedule. Your better off just going to the website and buying at the station.
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9 months ago, rolltidecole
Won’t send email confirmation garbage UI
Terrible app. Won’t send email confirmation of sign up. Can’t buy a ticket. Horrid Ui.
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7 months ago, JJBJ scuba
Schedule function
3 years later and the schedule function still doesn’t work. Shuts the app down every time.
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5 months ago, PrincessPunzee
Crashes every time I try to move forward with purchasing a ticket. As soon as I choose my departure and destination station, it crashes.
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8 months ago, pcwow
Should be helpful, but isn’t!
The most important feature of the app fails miserably, it crashes every time you try to see the schedule or plan a trip…
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1 year ago, Egola100
Terrible app, won’t even let you purchase tickets. Such an easy function to add
Terrible app, won’t even let you purchase tickets. Such an easy function to add
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1 year ago, Patrick Argast
Since last update the app crashes constantly on iPhone
Since last update the app crashes constantly on iPhone
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2 years ago, c1957
iPhone 12 user. App crashes when searching for schedules. Tracker does not work, stuck on 'loading'. Shouldn't take years for an app of this nature to work reliably. App is useless.
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1 year ago, Alex Kirillov
This App is garbage
I guess the government awarded it to some people without prior experience for the lowest bid possible. It crashes all the time. You can’t look up the schedule - it crashes. You press “Live” button - nothing happens. Train timetable on the map is just not scrollable to the bottom if it’s content. Logsoff you randomly, so you have to retype your email and password everytime.
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10 months ago, zxrbzx
App needs love
Crashes when you try to see schedule. Can't buy tickets ahead of time. Obviously no one working for it ever use the app.
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1 year ago, Maflaya2
Crashes all the time! August 2022
It crashes all the time. Cant see a schedule at all. It’s been happening for over a month. Can someone Recomend another app ?
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2 years ago, Carbon cat
iPhone 12 user
This app is totally useless- can’t load, and if it loads it crashes when trying to search schedules… deleted!
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4 years ago, B 🌮
App doesn’t load
Latest update has broken the app. It is stuck on the main screen with the loading icon going round and round. Please fix ASAP. Looking forward to the new UI. I’m on an iPhone X iOS v12.3.1.
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5 months ago, StrategicDM
App crashes when looking for schedule
App crashes when looking for schedule
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2 years ago, Itz Me Now
Please Fix The App!!
A total waste and completely worthless when the app won’t even open after downloading it!!
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1 year ago, Slice machine
App crashes every time
Every single time I enter departure and arrival stations to view the schedule, the app crashes. An absolutely awful app
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5 months ago, Dug fun in
App closes every time I try to search schedule
Every time I try to look up a train schedule the app closes on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Ihate this game
Schedule Fails
For over a few months the schedule feature causes the app to close. Nice going TriRail. Plan to fix it anytime soon?
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3 years ago, Kcm757B787
App Crashes
The App crashes when try to show schedules. App is again unusable. This seems to happen whenever there is an iOS update.
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2 years ago, JetHawk2020220
App Crashing
App keeps crashing when trying to do anything schedule related.
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