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User Reviews for Book Flights, Hotels

4.67 out of 5
35.7K Ratings
1 year ago, yarimar22
I can’t live with out Trip
I am only going to write one review , I’ve been one of the lucky ones that can appreciate the era of Ctrip to now trip. I lived in the time as an expat I couldn’t get tickets if it want directly from a carrier in 2014. It was frustrating to say the least , when trip developed the English version it’s become a travel changer. It might not be perfect for some , but I can appreciate the work that has been done. Now all , the new features and upload of people’s travel pics is amazing. As a travel enthusiast and vlogger I love sharing my pics and thoughts. Over all thank u for this amazing app , that really makes traveling easier for us expats.
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5 months ago, Gai Young
Usually dependable, but really screwed me this time
Hello, I signed up for a flight with my previously filled in credentials, and for some reason trip did not transfer my middle name when they bought the tickets. Because of this I allost missed my flight, as it didn’t match my passport information and China requires a middle name. The agent I talked to refused to change it, and they also refused to talk to the airline receptionist, to come to a reasonable and timely solution. Instead, they told me to cancel my flight- mid transfer, pay a fee of 90$, and then rebook a more expensive and later flight. I was waiting to board my flight, and I had already paid and everything told me not to do this, because it was unreasonable. The app wouldn’t let me manually change the information, even after 4 requests, it rejected them saying the airline disallowed it, even though the receptionist had given me specific directions of contacting trip to change it, so I knew the airline was actually fine with this. This was absurd, to be left without a flight despite the ‘cancellation insurance’ and really hurt the app for future flight purposes for me.
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1 year ago, brandijaymes
Holiday inn Southeast in Plainsboro, NJ
This hidden gem hotel provides all of the amazing amenities of the Crown Plaza Princeton ( which is basically attached to the holiday inn on an amazingly beautiful 27+ wooded acres featuring extensive running trails, a beautiful pond and multiply fountains and waterfalls….. not surprisingly, the IHG/Crown Plaza is frequently the site of weddings as well as conventions of a less romantic bent…. I was a guest at Holiday Inn/IHG Southeast for the Fall/winter of 2023 and was very impressed with their newly updated rooms ( renovation was completed on the Holiday Less than 6 months ago and the rooms have a splashy , bright, modern look that I actually prefer to the Crown a plaza , all while sharing the amenities of the aforementioned hotel….. it’s truly a great value! I’d like to conclude with a special Thank You especially to Jothathan as well as the other entire front desk staff who made my staff exceptionally comfortable, they were friendly and went above and beyond throughout my entire stay …. The housekeeping staff is also extremely helpful. Thank you for a wonderful stay! Bari WoodmaN NY,NY Solo Traveler
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4 years ago, Tapper69271916393010
Don’t listen to their policies on COVID-19
While their policies state they will assist or refund or at least help in SOME possible way regarding flights and the COVID-19 virus, I’ve found this was not the case at all. I was trying to get home and ended up stranded at an airport in LA after a transit country changed their policies on allowing foreigners through, and so was unable to complete my flight. I called Trip and was helpfully told they would get me on the next flight they could. Hours later, I’m still sitting in LAX without a phone call. I had to book a hotel and eventually another flight, still hearing nothing from them. I was stranded in LA for three days while they couldn’t be bothered to send even a single automated or otherwise update that they were working on a solution. I called numerous times, and each time the support I received was progressively worse until I received emails that they closed the ticket because it had been too long! They didn’t take any action but closed the ticket because they couldn’t come to a solution??? PLEASE. If I could, I would leave 0 stars for this company. DO NOT USE THEM FOR TRAVEL. I recommend any other booking agency or the airlines directly. Don’t get screwed over like I did.
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2 years ago, Amanda0888
Worst Travel experience Ever!!!
Two days prior to my vacation ending I was notified on of my flights home was canceled and moved to a later time which made me miss my connection flight to my final destination, I was told there was nothing they could do after asking if I could get on a different airline, or keep the second portion of my flight and only cancel the one that was moved, I was told that was not an option and so I had to cancel and find a different way home, I had to call several times to get my second portion of my trip canceled and the cancellation submission was declined every time, I had to purchase a ticket from a different airline to get home.. I want my refund! and yet again on the day I was supposed to fly out I was sent an email saying my refund and cancel was not submitted. When I called I was told I had to show proof of my other airline purchase so they could request, for the 3rd time, to get my refund. This is the poorest form of customer service I have every encountered, I will never book through this site again! It not only ruined the last half of my vacation but cost me a second airline ticket and rental car to get home!
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12 months ago, ——jrhg
Very confusing user experience to book a train in Korea
I get to know about this app because when I search for train in Korea, it was the top from the search. I thought that this is an official train booking app that is directly connected to Korail, the Korean railroad system. However, when I went to the station and trying to issue the ticket, the kiosk said the ticket is invalid. So I couldn’t issue a ticket, and needed to rebook it through the official kiosk system. When I reach out to the customer representative (which took a very long time), she or he said they cannot give me a refund because the ticket was valid in their system, even though it was actually invalid in the kiosk. When I ask them that instruction was also very confusing, they said it’s because I cannot read Korean! What’s the purpose of this app if they are pointing out that I cannot understand foreign language. What a fraud. I don’t recommend using this app when you are traveling Korea. You may just want to use the official Korail app, which is the authorized system to book the ticket. I wasted all the money and time.
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4 years ago, natt100%
Hello everyone, I book the hotel with this app they charge me 157$, I type in and searched for a specific locations putting name of a specific hotel in Philadelphia, I find the price I was looking for and I booked, I got confirmation of the booking, I was busy somehow I haven’t got time to look the confirmation, later on I was about to drive to the place I open my email I realize that there was a mistake, the app book me hotel in Atlantic City in New Jersey states totally different location from one I have booked under same hotel name. I call them up and explain them I told them I need to get the hotel on location I searched and I booked because I am in PA not In NJ, they told me they can not do anything. But they will send the request to IT department to check if is the app error the will refund me, guess but I got email that I searched for Atlantic City and they not refund me which was aspected. This app is junk do not book try other app which are much better and trusted. This a is outside of country and not trustable. Be careful everyone...
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2 years ago, luacheia22
Not a good app
I have purchased couple of tickets to take my 6 year old to Disney with this app and it was the worse experience ever I had. They sold to me tickets for a full flight with the Spirit airline. Never assigned me a seat and when I got to the gate to board the airplane, the airline didn’t have seats for me and my son. I think agencies should not sell tickets with a full flight. I have purchase these tickets sometime ago to take advantage of the price. Which made me very much upset. Because I couldn’t fly and they couldn’t take my luggage from the plane, my luggage was missing the whole time I was in spring break and still missing. It has been 9 days and the baggage still no sign. This is all because I was not in the plane I was supposed to be. It took me 11 hours to get to Orlando, when was supposed to take little over 2:30 hrs. Frustrating. Should not sell tickets with a full flight.
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3 years ago, Belugalove91
Best travel app
This app is awesome! It’s tells me everything about my booking in one convenient place. It is updated in real time. Ex: will Give change of gate number or plane delay as it’s being announced. (If you travel abroad and don’t speak the language, this is SUPER helpful). It’s also sends warnings around potential hazards weather that is predicted for your area of travel. Also connects directly to Apple and Google maps and your Apple calendar 😃. The customer service on the app is also wonderful! The only thing to improve would be letting me know if foreigners are accepted at hotels. We’ve been turned away a couple of times after COVID in mainland China.
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6 years ago, ShanghaiGirl
Exceptional Customer Service
I have always been pleased with trip’s ease of use, especially living in China and not reading Chinese. But recently their customer service really impressed me. I’m traveling to Vietnam over Chinese New Year/Tet and I booked a hotel back in November. The hotel fell under new management, who refused to honor my booking. The trip staff offered a good alternative at a better rate. I didn’t take it because I had some specific amenities I wanted that the new hotel didn’t offer. I found a new hotel and trip sent me a good amount of money as compensation, even though this was not their fault and I had not pre-paid for the room.
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5 years ago, uberhuber88
Awful, do not use!
This is the worst hotel service I have ever used. Our card was charged by the service provider for our room and the service card that they sent to the hotel declined. The customer service provider could not figure out could not understand what was going on and wanted us to pay for the nights at the hotel and then have the service refund me for my charge, even though I already paid the service. If the provider could not pay for my room after I paid them. How could I expect them to refund me. Not only was this bad but the customer service was awful she hardly spoke English and was very rude to us after I refused to pay the hotel for the room I already paid the provider for. Now I have to dispute the charge to the provider because I ended up paying the hotel for my room. Luckily they gave it to me at the discounted rate. If I could give 0 stars I would. I’m convinced this is a scam. BEWARE!!!!!
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6 months ago, سيدرشاد
Badly being scammed by this app
3 weeks ago I bought 3 return tickets with this application with the insurance of flexible date changing for the flight, and i paid 35$ for each insurance and at the time of selling the insurance for me, they were saying that all costs of the flight date changing will be only 135$ at anytime before departure. Since last 3 days i have been talked plenty of time with the customer service and they wasted too much time and at the end they ask me 940$ for the flight date changing even though they sold me the flexible flight date insurance. And their excuse is that insurance was not covering the fare and taxes, so what does an insurance means then? They scammed me so badly and they are just wasting the time. Please never ever trust on this app. Is not trustworthy specially for people in the USA. I have proofs and screenshots how they are scamming. I am super disappointed and sad.
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1 year ago, Erik100486
Does not work!
Do not book Legoland California tickets! I purchased 2 adult and 1 child pass, paid for it, got confirmation in email. Arrived at park, opened the App to show the tickets and mysteriously shows it was cancelled. I quickly booked a second time, paid for it got confirmation email this time I kept the app open and refreshed and within a couple minutes it says “cancelling”, just like the previous one did. Paid the regular price at the park entrance, and hoped I would get these passes by the time the confirmation email guarantees but nope. We’re an hour passed their guaranteed time and there’s nothing that can be done. Try calling their customer service, they’re in Singapore time zone. How’s that going to help? Tried emailing customer service. I’ll be calling my credit card company to file fraudulent claim. Can’t believe this is even an app on the apple App Store.
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3 years ago, SHH1994
Money scam
Seriously do not book anything with this app. I bought plane tickets - our outgoing flight was cancelled. They were not able to make any accommodations, or find a new outgoing flight. They did refund the outgoing but said they couldn’t refund my returning flight. (What?) so I had to buy my own outgoing flight. When we got to the car rental place, we thought we were good to go. I booked the car through trip with my card. My boyfriend was going to be the driver. This was set up ON TRIP. When we got there the rental place said we would have to pay extra since the card didn’t match the driver. We couldn’t get ahold of anyone from trip to explain why we’re able to make that reservation but all of a sudden it’s a problem. If you enjoy paying for things just to have to buy a different accommodation - then trip is the app for you.
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2 years ago, Informed0pinion
Opaque pricing and spam
Taxes and fees are not included at the top level of searches, so the actual costs are not known until the purchase process begins, making it tedious to compare prices outside of Trip. Otherwise they send a surprising amount of email spam, all of which cannot be switched off. Ultimately I didn’t find Trip to be more useful than competitors such as Booking, and unfortunately a bit annoying. Solid and responsive customer service, but I deleted my account. UPDATE: Developer responded with “We regret to learn you are not satisfied with our pricing”. They didn’t get the gist and ignore the spam topic, which is not matching the claim of placing “great importance on the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers”.
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5 years ago, J.D.Yates
Worst customer service ever
Today I experienced the worst experience in dealing with customer services. Tried to contact them through the chat function on line, waited 20 minutes still no response whatsoever. Next I tried the customer service phone number and got hung up on twice and all I was asking for is how to find a receipt for what I had paid for when I booked the room. I used to believe the Chinese folks were respectful and were great folks to deal with at least here in the USA they are, but when you call the support folks in Hong Kong it’s an entirely different story. At least the hotel did confirm my reservation. Now I’ll have to make sure that they were paid. I’d rather pay more from other hotel websites than ever deal with these folks ever again. I wished I could rate them with a negative stars especially when it comes to customer service.
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5 years ago, Juliebuggerz770
Extremely Revolting
Overall the absolute worst website I have ever used in my life. The complete lack of empathy is both disgusting and sickening. I will strongly recommend that anyone uses ANY other site. I am revolted. The website automatically put in a date for my stay which was three days BEFORE the date I was actually trying to stay. I didn’t notice the date was wrong until I got my confirmation email and saw the dates. I called customer support about 30 minutes after making the reservation and they told me that there was nothing they could do for me. They ended up taking $100 out of my account. I was extremely upset and disgusted. Customer support was no help and this site is NOT to be trusted. I would highly recommend anyone to never use this site. If I could give this app a negative rating, I would. I am disgusted and beyond upset.
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6 months ago, Mp production
Great app, with great benefits….
I used this app alot when it comes to booking hotel and flights… this app give me some great deals on hotel, flight… also benefit like free loughe every calendar year when u made enough booking… the only thing i didnt like when ít comes to flight booking, ít doesnt give u instant confirmation, u gotta wait couple hours, sometime 1-2 days to get ur flight confirmed…. Other than that everything was easy to use on this app, its fun when u can do some challenges and get rewards for it too… i mostly use this app for all my booking from now on…
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5 years ago, SKSprinesskitten
Incredibly useful
This app is VERY useful. I’m not much of a planner so to be able to book a plane ticket the night before and a hotel at the airport AND have all the information I need (ticket information, hotel check in info, even arrival and departure card info for international flights) located in one app has only added in my inability to plan ahead...which I love. My only note would be to have tabs on the top of each hotel selection... so instead of scrolling down each time a hotel is selected; users can quickly access reviews, hotel amenities etc.
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2 years ago, Sirikina
Cost more in the end.
The idea is good but if there is anything that happens on the flight or anything changes you will be stranded. They do not offer any kind of support and using them creates a situation where the airlines also just pas the responsibility. I used the service and a flight got canceled. The process to handle the cancellation was horrible - I did not cancel It the airline did. We are now more than one week into it and no information comes back to me I have had to call each time to find out anything and they are still saying it will be 6 to 10 days more which is what they said from the start. 6-10 days waiting in a city for a resolution is ridiculous. So you have to pay a lot extra on the day if there is a problem. Don’t use this service what ever you do
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4 months ago, jackdajew
Was super app – now just great.✈️🏨
I’ve been using this app for well over five years with great results. I use it to take about four trips a year to different places. I normally get my confirmation within two hours. But if I book with multiple airlines, it sometime takes a few hours longer. I just booked my latest flight and hotel and everything worked out great. I noticed that I no longer have the option to select sending it to my Apple wallet or to my calendar. The option put the flight information into my calendar with the date and times of the flight. It also put my hotel information for sign in and sign out. It also put the ticket information into my Apple wallet, which was convenient when I went to the boarding gate. These options was very good and made the program nice and easy to use with my Apple iPhone. So, 🙏🏻can I have them put back in or what are you going to do. I still enjoy using the app.🫶🏻👍🏻👊🏻🤛🏻🤟🏻
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3 years ago, Nope. No. Dont.
Don’t ever book through this company. I checked them out after the fact they’ve had several issues and have multiple complaints filed with the BBB. I booked my daughters a round trip flight, they spent $100 going to and from the airport because they never notified us the fight was cancelled. No other flights were available. This is even after they paid $60 to check a bag so they were out $160. When booking they claim they protect your info so they put all of trips info on not yours meaning if you had to rebook, be notified of a flight change etc it goes straight to trip who also did not contact us. There is no one to call when things go crazy and it still has shown the flight took place when it didn’t. Don’t fly this these people.
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3 years ago, Agent Sands
Misleading Hotel Booking
I booked a hotel for 2 nights through this app and unfortunately found this app to be terrible. The photos of the rooms shown on the app were incorrect and misleading, not of the actual room we were booking, but of a significantly larger (and more expensive) room offered at the hotel. It turned out the room had no microwave or refrigerator, unlike the picture, and overall was much more cramped, less than half the size of what was pictured. The Trip ad was deliberately misleading with the photos used and I otherwise would’ve passed up this room for the price. I find those kind of tactics unprofessional, disrespectful and devious. Booking through any other site or even the hotel directly if this is the kind of deception you get when using Trip.
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12 months ago, T Kyle
Don’t bother trying to book train tickets through them, they are totally unreliable, and if the train is booked up before Ctrip gets access to your tickets, then you’ll be left in the lurch just like we were, since we weren’t told that the tickets were canceled until we were at the station, less than two hours before the train was to depart, and there were no more trains that day. Yes, I’m promised a refund, but it could take a week and a half, what are they doing with that money in the meantime? They’re unreliable. We had to book all new tickets for the next day, and it cost a lot more money. I used this app because it seemed convenient and reliable. Don’t make the same mistake, do your homework and get your tickets from a more reliable.
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3 years ago, cfromspec
Old, tired and not for a fun vacation
We stayed 5 nights at the Westin Tampa Bay. The only good part was a bartender named Jimmy. The service stunk, the amenities did not exist and the room service??? What’s that? When we asked for an alarm clock, which was actually needed as there are FEW electrical receptacle in the room, we were first told “oh yes, every room needs one of those.” Followed by it will be delivered later today, then “oh, that’s not happening for you.” Add that to a hairdryer delivered because, yes that too was missing, with no working plug. All this for an average nightly fee of $200? Oh, let’s add in the soccer teams with kids not controlled by parents or hotel staff… lobbies are really practice fields, right? Well, what’s not happening is we will never stay here and we suggest no one else should either!
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1 year ago, Octavedoc
Failed to alert need for Covid test
Was I surprised when I arrived at the gate to check in and was told I needed proof of vaccination for a recent Covid test that was negative. Luckily, JFK has a vendor who offers the service. It was a big hassle getting back onto the air train and go to the other terminal but I made it and my family were tested and we were all negative problem is because the $550, I could’ve had this done the day before and put it through my insurance. The other problem is not being able to choose my seats two months before the flight. And when we were able to, they were just handed to us, and we all had to sit separate this occurred both going and coming back from Brazil I wouldn’t recommend using this app
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2 years ago, mshreve0410
False advertisement
This app help false advertise a hotel. They showed a hotel as a clean and nice place to stay with my family. When I got to my room they locks was broken on the door sink was broken dirt was all over the walls and the room smelled of weed. I had my mother and my two babies with me. When I went to the front deck the woman was rude put me and my family in another room and that room the ceiling was falling in. On that side of the hotel people was smoking weed and was yelling at me for just walking into another room. I went to return my keys because I wasn’t staying there with my family and I told her about the rooms and the guys the front desk laughed at me and said they would hurt me. I left and reported the place this app told me they will give me a 15 cent refund. THATS IT!!!
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4 years ago, Its Mitchy, Bi*ch
Thankfully Shocked
Can not believe that with all the travel industries facets that in this dawning tech era world we live in there isn’t a single third party company whom has the ability to maintain and uphold the highest values of ethical business, provide exceptionally superior customer service, while also maintaining sovereignty as a bargain travel site with truly the most inexpensive discounted rates and full total disclosure of their expectations as well as the property’s. Love this site and have literally deleted and closed accounts with all of the rest.
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2 years ago, Stephanie Thompson
No stars
The communication that you have with your “contract airlines”, who cancel flights without alerting you. Which makes it even harder to communicate with the airline, which gives you the “ you need to speak to your travel agency. While waiting 10-14 business days for a refund. Is a Insult. Which makes you not even want to be a customer. While being told “ relax “, over your money. Is a insult. Meanwhile your stranded in the airport forced to spend more money to complete a trip. Is unprofessional, and makes you wonder did I just get scammed. Not to mention customer service agents over the phone that don’t even sound as if their in the same country .To understand your concerns. Never Again. The first time is always a forced lesson learned‼️
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6 years ago, tatttyy_
This has been the worst customer service I’ve ever received. The app is glitchy and the call center is in China. I had a emergency in my Family and was unable to cancel my booking the calL rep I spoke was rude and unhelpful just repeating the same words back to me over and over even when I asked my next steps and asked for more help he kept repeating himself. I’ve emailed this organization twice and they had the same rep call me on the day I was suppose to leave for my trip asking me for proof and being so inconsiderate it maybe uncomfortable I had to hang up the phone. Please do not book from this site you will have nothing but issues if you need to reach out or confirm with anyone and all Hotels will refer you back to these people who have no desire to help you.
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4 years ago, Froginchinna
What happen?
I love this app. As someone who lives in China this app has proved its worth many times over the years. Sadly though it seems that as soon as a crisis comes they aren’t prepared. I was suppose to take a trip but because of the Coronavirus outbreak I was unable to. I canceled my hotels and one round trip flight without issue yet when it came to the international round trip I was told to call customer support. I chatted from the app and the guy said he would start the process and it would be done in 24 hours. It’s been 21 days and I was JUST told the cancellation process was stopped because they don’t cover it anymore. Without my flight cancellation I can’t proceed to cancel my other activities has had already paid for on my holiday. Each time I’ve chatted or called I’ve been told it’s being processed NEVER that it wasn’t going to happen. Poor customer service in a time of need. Poor communication since each time I was told I would get an email and I NEVER do. Will go back to using other apps that aren’t as easy to navigate but have decent service
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4 months ago, myd0j0
Useless notification crowding out other apps
I have 0 trips pending. Yet, unless I’m in the app, it is the only notification allowed in the bar. Close the background and it still persists. Other apps can’t seem to get in there unless i delete Trip from my phone. So I did. I then reinstalled it, and what do you know, still no relief. I’d love to send a screenshot of the other apps I’m actually currently using while this garbage notification trashes up my notification bar. There’s some reason you think i want your app in my face when I’m not using it and have no need for it?
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7 months ago, 维基百科啊
Absolute scammer
Normally they never issue flight ticket in 1 minute. I was using this app for the first time and I booked the flight for wrong date. I realised my mistake right away and applied for cancellation in less than 30th seconds after the payment and contacted their helpline where I was told to wait for 2-3 minutes after that another 3-5 minutes. After that I was told you ticket has been issued so now you will have to pay cancellation charges which are almost 80% of ticket price. When they were issuing /processing the ticket my cancellation request was already submitted in the system. But as it’s a complete scam so they told me to wait and issued the ticket instead of helping me.
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4 years ago, rvicr
Okay app, questionable service
I think the app runs well and is simple and really easy to use, especially if you travel in Asia a lot. They have a cancel button for flights on the app but you still have to call in and hope someone is available, so I’m not sure what the point of having that button is. In fact, most things end up getting directed to the customer service phone line. Last time I tried cancelling a ticket I couldn’t get anyone to answer me and when someone finally answered they were pretty rude. Only reason I use it is because they take my Chinese bank card smoothly. A shame considering a year ago the customer service seemed pretty great.
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2 years ago, Thecrimsonchinn
Terrible customer service
Literally there’s always something whenever booking trips through this app.. from check in issues to baggage.. This last incident was the cherry on top. I booked two round trip flights from Barcelona to Rome, paying for baggage through the app. When we got to the counter we were told we had to pay for the checked bags AGAIN even though we’d already done so, and showed them on the app. I contacted Trip and was told I would be refunded in 7-10 business days. An entire month went by with no word/payment. I inquired again and now they’re saying I won’t be refunded at all. So I don’t recommend this app, and will not be using it anymore.
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2 years ago, Jam Holl
How we got a free room upgrade !
My mom got a $86 a night room for 2 days upon arriving we found out there was no hot water, so we called customer support and the lady refunded us and used the money we previously payed and upgraded us to a $170 a night room for the same price! If you’re wondering how we got this room same price, they payed some of their money to get us a more expensive room for our inconvenience full kitchen!
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1 year ago, CaliSean
Doesn’t let me choose my passport date
Overall ok app but the app doesn’t let me choose correct passport expiration date. It automatically sets the expiration date minimum 6 months after the departure but my passport expires two weeks after my departure and I never had any issues traveling back home like that. I couldn’t use the app to book my flight because otherwise I would be providing false information if I choose wrong date. Also many countries and airlines don’t care about passport expiration date, the app shouldn’t restrict us.
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2 years ago, Lollipopsareawsome
Refused to refund even after speaking with hotel manager
I inadvertently booked a room for the wrong night and immediately called a trip representative to let them know. Since the reservation was confirmed (which happens right after you book online) they said it was non-refundable unless they could confirm with the hotel manager it was okay to cancel. The representative called the hotel manager directly and I witnessed the manager say the reservation could be canceled while I was checking in. The next day was told now written proof would be required. Totally getting the run around so they don’t have to refund my money. I do not recommend this app or company. Total rip off!
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4 years ago, Bahaskia
Bad customer service!
I’m normally not writing reviews but it is a must to come express my self here for other customers or passengers. I’ve been treated so badly with this people that works here. Both of my flights got canceled and I called tons of time just to put me on hold for the next 10 mins or so.. frustrating if you’re a traveling that is on a tight budget because the moment the table shakes you’re in big trouble to either rebook new tickets or get stalk in airport terminals.. the customer service is really not doing well too, the calls we place consumes lots of money yet still they keep you waiting for a very long time that I had to hang up the call! I understand the flight fares are quite reasonable but Incase you something pops.. get ready to spend money on new tickets or what have you. So far.. please improve the customer care service and handle us properly. We are spending a lot of money on tickets and doesn’t wanna spend more on calling you again!🙄
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3 years ago, kapop tree
I booked a hotel on the incorrect date due to the app switching the date. I showed up to the hotel who said they could not cancel the room or refund my money and I needed to contact the app. The app customer service then says they have to contact the hotel for “permission” to refund my money. I tried to cancel pretty quickly after booking the room there is absolutely no reason even a partial refund shouldn’t be issued in a situation like this. I never write reviews but because I just lost out on over $100 I feel it very necessary to write this and warn others that whoever runs their customer service has absolutely no empathy or concern for how their customers experience ends up.
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3 years ago, Insight09
Convenient (Expat abroad)
CTrip makes booking flights supper easy and straight forward. I live in China and it’s not always easy to communicate or make travel arrangements. However, now that ctrip has a new price alert option it allows me to take advantage of affordable prices that are suitable to my budget and schedule. CTrip is becoming by far the best way to book and arrange trains and flights. Especially if you are an Expat living in Asia.
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3 years ago, DCBone19
Great prices but no so great Customer Service!
Great prices on flights and several options available. However, if there is an issue even when airlines change their itinerary, be prepared to invest many many hours of your time calling, following up, trying to find a way to resolve it.... You can never speak with the same customer service representative and even if you ask to speak with a manager, they avoid transferring the call and then will tell you that isn’t available. Customer’s status (silver, gold, platinum, etc) means nothing to them.
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3 years ago, RTraeg
Best customer service ever!!
Im not one to leave reviews but iTrip has far surpassed Travelocity when it comes to their user friendly App as well as their customer service. I made hotel reservations through iTrip, the transaction was fast and no-nonsense. Two weeks after booking, I had to cancel part of my reservation and iTrip refunded me, no questions asked same day!!! I will be using iTrip from now on.
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3 years ago, gdlafalb
Terrible customer service
There was so many problems with trip.. so stressing never have I had a experience like this. I ordered 2 separate flights from this website for starters I was double charged for the first flight and then the second one ended up getting cancelled after getting delayed all day. Everyone got refunded but because I didn’t order it from the actual airline they are saying it’s non refundable? The flight was canceled completely out of my control and I spoke to the airline they have refunded the money but it went to trip and they won’t help me!!! Do not do service with these people
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3 years ago, savlatt
Easy, efficient, safe
IHave been using this app for over two years now and everything seems to be up-to-date they give you a warning if the hotel may have specific rules or regulations. I enjoy that I can read others reviews and also look at pictures of the place as well as the location/ nearby areas.
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1 year ago, Osctbr
This is the worst travel application on the planet.
Both times I booked with this application I have had nothing but problems. I booked a flight from Dallas to Bangkok on Japan Airlines. There is a connecting flight in Japan where it is at a different airport. I have to arrange ground travel from one airport to another and what not informed this before purchasing the tickets. It also has a connection that is too short for baggage transfer. So this means I will travel through 12 time zones on three different flights and when I arrive more than 24 hours later, I will have no checked bags to pick up at baggage claim.
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2 years ago, Adam's by ticket
Do not order from them they take your money and move on to take someone else money! Buying Insurance is a waste of money .Bought flight tickets to my son and flight was delayed by 2 hours he missed his connection flight . No refund was given no rebooking another flight for him. We had to find him a different flight , rent an hotel room and pay for a different flight. Horrible customer service!!! Email them try to call them they never answer the phone or they put you on hold about 2 hours and than uou get disappointed ,they ignore you , never return phone call.
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2 years ago, devinrich7
Scam. Avoid!
All of these 5 star reviews are bots. A quick google search will show you true reviews (1 star across the board). My flight was cancelled by the airline and they took 9 months to refund me. This was after paying a premium for “priority” customer service (including expedited refunds). After contacting customer service 7 times and getting nowhere, I eventually received my refund, BUT it was sent to an old account. I had asked them to update the refund information beforehand but they refused to do so. Since then, Trip has withdrawn the remaining refund back OUT of my account and is refusing to acknowledge it despite my bank statement. After giving proof to customer support and being told multiple times the case is being “tagged as important”, their conclusion is to say that my “refund has been issued and may take 30 days to process with my bank”. If you value your sanity and don’t want your money stolen, AVOID!
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3 years ago, shireen sharkas
Great deals and excellent customer service
First of all I looked everywhere to make sure that I’ve got the best deal, then an emergency occurred and I had to cancel my reservation, the customer service was really friendly and understanding , they fixed my problem in no time. Will definitely book through this app every trip without any hesitation.
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3 years ago, Adougs777
So far so good
Initially I was nervous to book with this site because of all their negative reviews but, I booked a hotel in New Orleans for a great price. After I booked, I called the hotel directly to confirm my reservation and to receive my confirmation number. In the days following I checked my reservation on the hotel’s site and it was confirmed. I’m giving it 4 stars for now, I wanna see what my check-in experience is like. Will update in 3 weeks.
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