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User Reviews for Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips

4.8 out of 5
349.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Mrwilliams2u
Good place fro family
I have stayed at this particular RIU twice now and have stayed at others in Jamaica; this was more fun in 2018 when they had a club on site and foam party. They have renovated now, and the property is better, but it seems the food has gotten worse and entertainment not as good. I would recommend RIU Negril, the more expensive one, since they have two; this will give you access to both properties since only one has a good pool. RIU Ocho Rios has an adult pool with a swim-up bar, but it’s a bunch of kids in it splashing water in your drink and some teenagers at the bar drinking alcohol. If you want a family place that you can have fun in, this is it; if you are not looking to be around many kids, avoid it. This property is very clean, and they keep it that way; I did not feel as harassed by local salespeople as I did the last time. The staff was friendly for the most part. There is no AC in the elevators, and the bottles of alcohol that were standard in the room have been removed. The gym is relatively small. I would rate this place a 7 out of 10. It’s a decent resort overall.
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3 years ago, donnaray
WHY keep changing things????
I knew it was a mistake to click on “update” without waiting a few days to read the reviews - which I was sure would be terrible - because they just keep on changing things and making it worse for NO REASON!! I can’t understand why they think ANY of the recent changes are improvements - they moved things around AGAIN so it’s unfamiliar! Nothing on the home page is relevant. Can’t even FIND MY OWN reviews now! Why is everything so HUGE? They’re wasting space & making me scroll way too much… This is the FIFTH time I’ve updated this review in 30 minutes - every time I try to do something I keep finding more horrendous changes. Are they honestly going to make me click on “read more” for EVERY single review? OMG!!! Now instead of just having 2 search lines so I can type in the name of what I want to see and the location directly below it, it I have to click on something else to get the location box to show up so I can type it - an UNNECESSARY EXTRA step! Then, there are multiple restaurants with the same name in this city, and you don’t show me the address anymore, they all just say the city, so I have NO IDEA which one is correct!! They have absolutely destroyed what used to be a helpful trip planning app & it’s just awful now. I’ve never used yelp but it’s time to consider it... Did the people who created this ridiculous redesign ever try to actually use the app before they released this crap to the general public?
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2 years ago, 146)!7994
Unbelievably Disappointed
Paid A LOT of money for my extended family of 7 to enjoy Ruth’s country dinner. When we arrived there was NOWHERE for us to sit. There were 2 seats we were able to find (@ different tables) and nothing else. The man who was to be singing/performing offered to disassemble a display table (card table) and gather some random chairs to accommodate some of my family which was super nice, but I felt like there should have been enough proper seating options for us. The girl setting things up was also so apologetic and tried to help best she could while my teenagers stood holding their plates and ate standing up. I went strait to the front desk where I was told I might find Julie (who I was told was in charge of these dinner reservations). The girls there gave me Julie’s business card with a cell phone and other contact info. I texted her and got an auto response letting me know that they had received my message and would be in touch. That was 3 days ago and still no contact from Julie or anybody for that matter… when I arrived back at the venue, someone had set up a table for my family in the blistering sun (to leave space for entertainment in the little left shade) with enough chairs and a proper table cover. I went to serve myself and there was maybe about a four of a cup of corn left and NO dessert left except watermelon. Just over all a huge disappointment and for the money I paid, just completely unacceptable.
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1 year ago, Le Petit Girl
Le Petit Train and Awful Experience!
just now NEW My husband and I thought we would see sights of Marseille and a beautiful cathedral/church. Unfortunately, the train was not on time and we had to wait almost an hour for the set up, along with groups who needed to fill the early trains. Okay, so we waited patiently. The tour up the hill was not very interesting, except for a small part being along the coast. Only one side could take photos, but really nothing outstanding to remember. When we finally arrived at the cathedral, we were all very happy! It was so crowded on the streets and very trashy looking, but the cathedral was beautiful! We enjoyed that part and only that part. When you want to return, you wait with a zillion others without any line formation or someone organizing a way to allow people some sort of way to get onboard. This is where we had a French man verbally accost us. He yelled that we were pushing small children and those in strollers…he kept yelling it loudly. A few American men also started yelling at us, one trying to body slam me until my husband got involved. This incident could have ended so much worse except for the fact that we are very fit even in our 70’s. Please have safety protocols in place!!! Someone could have been hurt badly, as this French man was totally out of control! There is no need for things like this to happen; hire more people and keep people safe!
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6 months ago, Starrfriend
Happy Camper
I was disgusted with Jetline Vacations to Iceland. I landed there at 4:30 in the morning. No one was there from the bus company to greet me as I was told and I was never informed the name of the company. After searching for over an hour I was told to check out this desk where no one was there. Then when someone finally showed up I was told where to get the bus. When it dropped me off 6 blocks away from the hotel at a bus stop, I was told another smaller bus would come by to pick my husband and I up. Never happened. We had to drag a broken suitcase by the airlines uphill on cobblestone roads for 6 blocks. I was nickel and dimed for everything. American Airlines messed up big time causing me to miss my flight with Play airlines to Iceland. I was charged $250 per person to get onto the next flight the next day and was charged what turns out to be an extra thousand for the vacation. The Northern lights tour was horrendous. The guide told us nothing and did a very poor job. Unfortunately, I did not see the lights while other guests said who they used for the tour kept changing locations to guarantee seeing the lights. Those guests on the same night did. Nothing picked us up at the hotel. Was lied to saying the bus terminal was within walking distance. I can go on an on with the numerous disappoints but it all boils down to one thing. Never never never use Jetline Vacations.
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5 years ago, Spunky Traveller
It’s a very useful app but has some flaws
I can’t leave home without it as it helps bring the world to me. Reviews and recommendations are typically spot on. However, it can be a bit clumsy when it comes to searching. I put in day trips/tours in Dar es Salaam and I keep getting safari results for 3-15 days. Not sure what part of “day” the app does not understand. Also, I booked a trip that has not existed for about a year and was none refundable. When I tried to cancel on the app, it warned me that I would lose 100% of the cost. I reached out to the tour operator via WhatsApp and fortunately, they were gracious enough to inform me that they no longer do that tour and will fully refund. TripAdvisor needs to stay on top of operational tours. Finally, whenever I book a tour through TripAdvisor, things generally go smoothly except for when they don’t. The reply button to the tour operator contained within the confirmation email seldom works. All in all, I enjoy using this app as my go to travel companion. I don’t even need to research ahead of time (I know, lazy right? ;) and the idea that I can travel on the fly and have TripAdvisor app do all the legwork is ever so appealing. It would have been 5 star but for all the issues listed above!
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3 years ago, Galphas
Used to be great, now almost useless
Trip Advisor used to be awesome for exploring for things to do in an area we were visiting as a family. I found so many great attractions, outdoor sightseeing locations, tours, etc over our years of travel. Searching in the map view and browsing lists was easy and productive on an iPad, actually much better than their website. I was shocked to find that the interface has now been redesigned in a way that makes the app terrible for finding what I need. I’m literally at a loss as to how I’m going to search for things to do on our upcoming vacation because I’m having so much trouble finding the information I want. Note to developers, using blocks to display info is horrible UX design when trying to browse long lists. It seems that the app has been redesigned not with the user in mind, but for some other goal, maybe highlighting those things that will bring in more $$ for Trip Advisor. Weirdly, the App Store ratings are also worthless for this app because almost none of the recent good ratings are about the app. Instead it is a bunch of ratings of businesses people presumably found via Trip Advisor. The ratings of the app itself appear to be substantially lower. Is Trip Advisor doing something to encourage this user behavior in order to obscure their poor ratings? Very sad if true.
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6 months ago, MisterSkywalker
The service is EXCEPTIONAL
Peep the scene: Date night… I have a reservation for 6PM. We arrived closer to 6:15 because of traffic. I’m greeted by a amazing hosts who walks us up to the top floor to see their colleague and she gives us an option to sit by the outside to watch the sunset while we eat! Of course we take it. We are immediately greeted by Raul and Santos. This two were TOP TIER. From drink suggestions to food recs… they Delivered the glory! We order drinks and food. Raul informs us that food will be 25 mins and suggest we walk around the restaurants to take in the full experience. We do. We take pictures and get the best of the best. Before we know it Raul tells us our food is at the table. We have an incredible meal. The Salmon and Seabass was delicious. For dessert Santos suggest one of the specials. We agree. He comes back to inform us that they unfortunately are out… BUT WAIT… he suggests a Honey Dessert…. And it’s Phenomenal! I say all that to say! Absolutely I’ll be suggesting this to my friends and All the staff here are great! Thanks Raul and Santos! Scored a big one here! Shout out to Gilbert too. He was cool peeps!
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6 years ago, Teddy bear babe
Love this app but use improvements
I use this app almost every time we go to a new city to find what food is good and where to eat. That being said there are some improvements I would like to see. 1. For vegetarians and vegans the app can be a little difficult to navigate. One change I would like to see is in phrasing and searching filters. There is a difference between vegetarian/ vegan restaraunts and a restaurant having vegan/vegetarian options. The app currently does not show the difference which can be vexing. 2. Another change I would like to see is in the search. Often times i go on here to find food between point a and point b but currently there is not a way to search along that route or slightly off from it. Yes you can go through each address and see but for tourists this can be difficult and additional time to your task. It’s a good time to mention that even if these changes don’t occur I will keep using the app but it would be nice to see a change to help support those of us with different diets. And not just non-meat eaters but, gluten free eaters, paleo people or even those that have a lot of allergies to food such as nuts, milk, eggs and more.
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7 years ago, kueso
Hector’s in Mazatlan
This Was not a fine dining experience as we expected. I would’ve felt more welcome at Burger King and been better taken care of. Our whole experience from ordering to checking out was less than 45 minutes. The waiter took our drink order and we only got one Cube of ice after requesting a full glass. After he brought Iceless tea, I ordered a glass of red wine and never received it. The prawn spaghetti was good as was the risotto. I had the lasagna and Stouffers makes better. We were served our food & received no further attention from any of the waiters despite asking for ice and salt and pepper. We asked several times for the check and when we finally received it, we paid part in pesos and put part on the credit card. We told him to put 605 pesos on the card and he came back and had charged us 620. We will never go back here again. There were people at every table when we arrived but by the time we left 45 minutes later the place was relatively empty. People did not seem to be enjoying their dining experience either.
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3 years ago, #notruelanefan
If I could give "INFINITE" Stars I would!!! AWESOME, THE BEST, ENLIGHTENING, DELICIOUS FOOD (The Vintage, Joey K's, Basin Seafood & Spirits, Dat Dog, Mahony's Po-Boy Shop) MOST PREPARED, KNOWLEDGEABLE/FRIENDLY/ENGAGING/FUN Tour Guide, Mr. Roger Magee II who also graced us with a tour/introduction to the Phenomenal/Breathtaking Art Work of Mr. Terrance Osborne while we took a break from EATING; this is truly a "FOOD" and not a tasting tour, we needed it because at this point, we were EDUCATED,HAPPY & FULL!!! Below are some pics of the GREAT DAY we enjoyed/had on our MAGAZINE STREET FOOD guys have set the "BAR HIGH"...I can't imagine any tour that could rival this "exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think experience we had/enjoyed!!!...P.S.....I converted my beautiful daughter & my younger, diva sister, thanks to Basin Seafood & Spirits to OYSTER eaters (work on making them!!! As you can see, I could go on and me leave you with this...if you want to have a "Time of Your Life Food Tour" this is THE ONE and, btw, if you book the 11am slot, consume only coffee, tea, water for breakfast because you will be EATING, not tasting
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5 years ago, TiNyJALEPENO
I found many people to be rude for no reason
I suggest looking elsewhere and honestly reddit is much more helpful. I posted a couple things, but they were simple questions about atms. People then told me I should research and soon I would be asking about shootings where I am staying? I don’t get how I can be so stupid for simply asking about the atms and which ones to use because people’s cards were being read and used in Indonesia. I then went on to read multiple reviews and I was really taken back by how many unnecessarily rude people are on there. Some people on there do ask naive questions, but the point of the app is to help people. Anytime I told someone they were being rude my comment was deleted by the staff. I’m not sure why because I never cursed I just told the people they were being unnecessarily rude and pretentious. But maybe pretentious was taken as not following their guidelines? Because technically I called them a name? Not sure. Anyways besides people being not very helpful I also found reviews to be lacking. There are so many spots I went to in Puerto Escondido that were amazing and not mentioned. So I would suggest speaking to locals wherever you go. Trip advisor may be helpful to some, but honestly I think reddit is much better. I thought Yelp was bad, but this app and it’s staff are in no way helpful.
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5 years ago, Sue Ban
Always use TripAdvisor! Helps so much in travel advice .
We try and take a yearly vacation and visit new place in our travels. As some, we save to have the best time, see as much as we can for great value. It’s always so helpful reading others experiences and thoughts. our trip to Germany last year we found amazing tours to several castles in a luxury coach. Trust me I was skeptical about spending a little extra $, but ready several different takes on it we were sold. Thank goodness we did, the other bus was packed as we had only30 people. It was amazing! We also used the advice of a smart travel in St. Lucia. A private van took us all over the island that the cost of a busy tour bus would of. Plus we we’re head of all the buses, so we beat the crowds. We even use TripAdvisor for restaurants when we head to different cities through the year. Yes, people have different likes but reading other reviews helps us find some awesome handed treasures. I could go on and on, but you just need use it, it’s a great way to help with some many things. Make your life easy be advised😎
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4 months ago, MizzM1964
Where do we begin ?
To say our tour was an amazing and adventurous day would be very accurate BUT it was the attention to detail provided by our guides (DK and Ismael) that makes this tour stand out ! From the minute we were picked up at hotel until we were dropped off it was nonstop enjoyment. The level of detail and historical facts provided by both guides made the journey so very interesting. Upon arriving at site each step we took was met with excellent guidance and utmost concern for our safety. The waterfalls were breathtaking and most enjoyable along with our “spa” mud bath. So rejuvenating 😊 !! Guides offered to take pictures of us enjoying ourselves and relaxing without us ever having to ask (DID I MENTION SO MEMORABLE). Our lunch was delicious and oh so surreal … to indulge in a Costa Rican lunch along side the majestic waterfall took one day to make as a memory but it will last a lifetime. The drive back, the conversation, and experience is something my husband and I HIGHLY recommend. Paddle 9 and our gracious guides made the day simply terrific …. PURA VIDA ✝️
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3 years ago, Annelivonia
Now Sapphire
Where should I begin ? Our second attempt for my daughters (#DrumSobodos) wedding was still filled with anxiety of traveling with 70 people during a pandemic. All of the staff of Now Sapphire put us at ease from the moment we arrived,until the day we left . It was well organized, with special precautions that made it easy for breakfast , lunch & Dinner . The staff was exceptional ! Everyone took great care of our wedding guests. The welcome Party was above and beyond what we expected . Denise the wedding planner did an Amazing job ! The wedding was absolutely spectacular. We could not have asked for a more perfect night ! Kudos to all the waiters , bartenders , room service , entertainment staff . And always those seaweed removing guys who were up before dawn ! Eduardo ( breakfast ) was the highlight of our morning . But there were many who also went above & beyond, Israel , Poncho , Manuel , Jaime , Christall , Ricardo ( lemongrass) Fredrico , Giovanni , Jose ( reef ) Pedro (Hibachi) Julian , Ismail & Eduardo ( wine Cellar ) . We have traveled to many places , but nobody can compare to the staff at the Now Sapphire. Thank-you !
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5 years ago, Bob WW
This is the best place to find ratings and details about hotels, restaurants, etc.
I evaluate most of the hotels, restaurants, and local sights on TripAdvisor. I only rarely have to give bad ratings since I have checked in advance on TripAdvisor. By reading many reviews you can quickly get a good idea of each rated place. Note that some reviewers are always negative - either they are never satisfied or they are so grumpy that they have brought out the worst in everyone they meet. When hundreds of visitors have given a place “excellent” or “very good” ratings, usually the few bad ratings are due to such trolls. I usually do read several negative ratings - bad days do occur and there are flaws in everything and it can help you to notice those flaws - but if most people liked it, I will probably like it too. I have used “Yelp” at times for restaurant reviews (sometimes searching sends me to Yelp). It is ok, but I have not usually found it more convenient. I am less familiar with it - and I have never posted a rating there. If I have to sign in each time, this is the last time you will hear from me.
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9 months ago, Shed Tofino
Amazing food, drinks, atmosphere, and staff!
First time in Tofino and I already want to return for the vibes alone. After a long day of travel - continuing our PNW roadtrip from Panchena Bay to Tofino - my girlfriend and I were looking for dinner spot that could meet all of usual desires: good atmosphere, good eats, and good drinks. The Shed hit those and then some. One of the liveliest spots in town (in a good way), we loved our time at Shed! We sat at the bar and immediately fell in love with our new favorite restaurant in Tofino and it’s staff. Specific shout out to Kyle and Roberto, who were behind the bar; they not only gave us great suggestions and served incredible drinks but also made us feel right at home. So much so that we might change our plans and return tomorrow! The food we ordered - a great blend of high-end and casual fare - matched what we already thought was an amazing experience. Would highly recommend Shed for anyone traveling to Tofino. Consider yourself lucky if you also get to meet the friendly faces behind the bar as we did!
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7 months ago, Aruba Daisy Girl
Eagle Aruba Resort
This is our third year in a row staying here. It is quieter and less busy then high rise area, which we prefer. Rooms have full kitchens and hotel is across the street from Super Foods grocery. Nice to be able eat a light breakfast or leftovers for lunch! Pools are really nice - one is more for kids with shaded splash area and water slide. Middle pool has built in lounge chairs and is the place to be for happy hour. Other pool is more adult and has a cool waterfall. We actually use the more kid oriented pool and enjoy it. Don’t have to fight for lounge chairs here. Hotel is a block from the beach and they have their own area and will golf cart you over if you like. Hotel is smaller than a lot and easy to get around (flat!) if walking is an issue. All the staff are great, Pablo and Travis are super friendly out front to help with luggage, getting taxis and driving the golf cart! Be sure to pop over to La Cabana next door for the amazing dessert place that has cheesecake and other delights. La Cabana also has a casino.
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8 months ago, DanoZ+
DC Bus tour
The tour was in a nice modern bus that started at 8:30 until 4:30 and hit most of the top sights in DC. Excluding Washington Monument, Spy Museum, Arlington Cemetery. Our only complaint was the guide who walked 100 yds ahead of everyone in the group as we went from site to site (Korean War, FDR, etc.) and seldom took the time to explain anything that we passed in the Bus other than the mandatory sites and they were covered in speed speech as the bus ambled by!. Lunchtime at the Pentagon mall across the Patomoac was a waste of 90 minutes..when we could have had lunch in DC proper or they could have given us an option for box lunches. Drop off at the Library of Congress was a ho hum except for the viewing of the Dec of Independence docs which were fascinating. overall our guide could have made the trip more interesting and personal (versus staring at her cell phone while we walked or sat there while we experienced the sites.) The tour as on Monday Oct 30th. Trip Advisor uses third party suppliers and my guess is that they have little input as to the credentials of the guides. PS: Totally opposite experience was the tour of the Capital. Our guide was sensational!!
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5 years ago, javierappleid
This is “legal” scam now!?
I just changed phone and was trying to open TripAdvisor in my new one and just realize this craziness.... be aware... it doesn’t sound correct or even legal (but I guess that if the ask persuasion and we, the users, granted, then is on us.... one of the options to signing into TripAdvisor is using my google email/account... TripAdvisor request me roc ALLOW them to be able “to see and download all my google accounts emails addresses”!!!!! What is that!!! How is that to use an app about things to do or where to eat in any given area I need to pay that service with my privacy and the Privacy of the people that emails me!!!!!? Be aware! We all are used to the “scroll down and agree” and select box and agree to be able to use most accounts and apps now day... must of the times are about fair use of apps and legal reasons..some other times is about allowing the apps to use our location and maybe cameras and being able to storage photos in our devices.... so we go ahead and click allow or agree just because we are so used to trust as no other way to get around or as part of the process... but what TripAdvisor is doing asking permission to see and download our private info... doesn’t sound right!! At all!!!
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6 years ago, Soflaguy63
Love the app, however...
I have used the Trip Advisor app for years and found it to be very helpful. However, in this era of stored data abuses, I find it annoying that I can not erase my recent search history. Some will argue why this is an issue so I will share an issue that a co-worker had with the Trip Advisor app. My co-worker was planning on surprising his wife with a romantic mid-week trip at an oceanfront resort 40 miles from his home. He used Trip Advisor to find the best accommodations available. He has the Trip Advisor app on both his iPhone and iPad. After determining that this type of trip wasn’t in his budget, he decided to wait and save a little bit of money each week. Well, sometime later, his wife was using the iPad and Trip Advisor to research a restaurant in the area for a family dinner. While she was in the app, she noticed his history. She was also noticing that he was taking money from their savings account (money he was saving for their romantic weekend.) Anyhow, my co-workers wife’s man hating sister had her convinced that he was having an affair. No need to keep going on this story as I am sure you all get it. Once Trip Advisor allows search history to be deleted, I will amend my 2 star rating.
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6 years ago, Island Sparkles
Great App But Could Use Improvements
I use TripAdvisor quite often to review my experiences at hotels, restaurants and attraction areas as well as read the reviews of others when deciding on areas and places to visit. It would be great if TripAdvisor would add cruise lines to their portfolio of things that can be reviewed as I am getting ready to take a cruise and would love to share my experience when I return. I have had some difficulties when trying to write reviews for locations or places that are not yet listed in the app. This has been very frustrating as you do not realize that your review will not get published until after you go through all that effort to write the review and include pictures etc. Additionally, I would like to see some incentives or benefits for members that take the time to write all of these reviews to inform the general public of their experiences. I have written 105 reviews, and I have not yet received any type of incentives i.e. discounts to restaurants, hotels, attractions etc. Granted, I do not write these reviews for any type of reward. I write them because it benefits me when I read others reviews when trying to decide on things to do and places to go; however, I just think it would be nice for TripAdvisor to give some sort of gesture to show that they appreciate what we as reviewers do for them. Overall, I do enjoy using this app and will continue to use the app as needed because the benefits outweigh their need for improvements.
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3 years ago, bxtgs
Huff House Inn and Cabins
Can’t say enough nice things about this inn. It is one of the best places we have stayed in this or any other country. From the start, the communication was excellent. The staff worked around our schedule to accommodate us. The main building in the inn is historic and charming and the staff is courteous and helpful and always ready to make things as comfortable as possible. The breakfasts are generous and delicious. There are fresh baked cookies every afternoon. We asked to keep wine in the kitchen refrigerator and the answer was “of course.”. We also stayed in the hotel building, where the rooms were large, comfortable and equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and gas fireplaces. The grounds are lovely and have several sitting areas as well as two hot tubs. There is a guest laundry facility that really came in handy. The manager on duty when we were there was Jeremy and he sets a highly professional but also welcoming tone for every guest. We would happily return to Huff House any time.
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12 months ago, AFoodman
I would give 6 stars if I could!
We had the good fortune of spending the day with Sorhay one afternoon in June 2023 with our 3 teenage boys. Sorhay started our tour off with a culinary bang and kept the energy and the food flowing! We learned so much about the Panamanian culture, history and cuisine through our time spent with Sorhay. She engaged our boys while catering our tour to whatever we decided and altered on the fly to suit us. Her enthusiasm and passion for Panama's food scene was addictive and we were just so happy to be along for the ride! Her party bus was so comfortable and accommodated us all, rocking with music while we cruised through every inch of the city! We covered so much ground and soooo much food! Our endlessly hungry teenage boys finally had to surrender - I think Sorhay would've kept going all night! She even had chocolates dropped at our hotel! She is a treasure and we couldn't recommend this tour and her company more! One of the highlights of our whole trip to Panama for sure!!
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2 weeks ago, MonocoRiva
Better than barbacoa
Four of us had a dinner after going to the cinema for a first time at this new eatery in Eagle. Driving up, you could see similarities and certainly the doors and a lot of the interior treatments are reminiscent of Barbacoa but cleaner and simpler The view to the pond that it sits on is spectacular from the moment you walk in the door and the Chyhulyglass light in the main dining room, is very simple, with main class, being opaque, and the sea creatures in color. Definitely would like to see it at night where it would show up even more Two people had the fish and chips. One gentleman had the scallops and I had their baby back ribs and all were quite delicious. Although the scallops were not a hit, but I never tried one, but they did look very good. definitely would like to go perhaps, it was suggested that instead of going to Chandler for Christmas Eve dinner, we might stay a little closer and eat at Coa delDelmar for Christmas Eve this year
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5 years ago, Hearing in LA!
Great app but tired of some of the questions
I like the app and have used it for both evaluating and reviewing restaurants, hotels, and things to do all over the world. It is fairly easy to use but have found 1 issue that was only cleared up after I sent a message to Trip Advisor. When adding a new location of any type, a website or social media listing is shown being “optional.” I have found that if the new location does not have a website or not listed on social media, TA will reject the listing without explanation. This was very frustrating after going through all the detail of listing 2 new restaurants and having them rejected without explanation. There should be a note requiring website or social media address before going through details of a new listing. A point that not only perturbs but concerns me greatly is I am totally offended by constantly being asked if a restaurant offers halal food. It is very discriminatory to single this out. I do not nor will I ever eat this food so stop asking me this offense question!!!!
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4 years ago, Crazyfamilyoffour
Great App
I’m enjoying planning our families summer day trips and weekend trips using this app. For longer trips, I appreciate the feature that allows me to place certain attractions on different days of my trip. I would suggest however, being able to view only the events and attractions listed under a certain day. For example, I plan a 5 day trip to Washington DC that includes a total of 49 (!) attractions that I have divided as I wish to see them amongst the five day stay. It would be great if I could click on day two for instance, and only see the attractions and events that I planned for that day so that it would be easier to see where the locations are on the map and it would be more efficient to rearrange my itinerary according to attractions and events that are close to one another. Thank you for adding the “add note” section for each attraction, as I use to write in hours of operation and cost of events so I can see it at a glance.
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4 years ago, JMToole
Horrible Customer Service
Apparently in using Trip Advisor they don't stand behind the reservations you have made through their app. I made a reservation and paid through the Trip Advisor app that I have used many times. Upon the hotel arrival of my out of town workers the reservation wouldn't go through. Apparently, Trip Advisor uses another company called Cancelon to process all of their payments. There was not a soul to be found at this Cancelon company to assist with anything. Their phone lines rang and a recording came on saying 'number not found'. The lady, who I could barely understand, from Trip Advisor could only say that they don't process the payments, Cancelon does. I WAS NOT using Cancelon to make reservations...I was using Trip Advisor! My confirmation email came from you, TRIP ADVISOR, Not anyone else!! If you use someone else that's between you and them! I am OR was a Trip Advisor customer, not a Cancelon customer. I'm sure this has to be happening to other people. Trip Advisor, you need to put something on your app to let customers know reservations apparently can't be made through you at this time. I get it, there is a whole lot going on in the world right now, but please take the time and LET PEOPLE KNOW!
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6 years ago, frequent TA user
Really helps RVers, more & more as people utilize
In travel, this app is priceless! Particularly traveling to a new destination, helps tremendously with restaurant info. and directions! Ditto for events, attractions. Much better than Around Me, which we hardly use anymore. Even at home, we use it when the inevitable question “where should we go eat?” arises. Especially when wanting something other than our usual go-tos. Breakfast lunch or dinner, or even Happy Hr. it sure helps. Can really tell a difference in the App since we retired 3 years ago and began more extended RV trips - more RV parks and public campgrounds being listed and reviewed, all the time. Pictures help soo much as well as specific site info., amenities, when trying to find a place to camp. And Especially when looking for a place to eat, sightsee or shop for fresh seafood/meats in a new place, we find TA invaluable. The more people use and review, the better it gets. And the app updates have made it better. Keep up the good work, TA!
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5 years ago, RSK848
Trip Advisor App
I love the Trip Advisor App. It is easy to use and has a wealth of information. You can find information on hotels all over the world, destinations for travel and activities once you get there amongst so much more. There are recent reviews on the modes of transportation, restaurants and attractions. Therefore, you will read useful information and opinions. Just go to the App Store and download the app. Who knows? You may even become a reviewer of the places you've been, the sights you saw, the meals you ate at the many restaurants, or you can introduce new places or tours not listed, and Trip Advisor will research and verify there is such a place, notify you, and then you can write a review. How cool is that?! You can introduce not only the readers on the site to the new place but also you have introduced Trip Advisor to it! Use the app conveniently to find your travel needs easily or to just find a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner, then read reviews on it. Enjoy!
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2 weeks ago, Isthisanicknamethatyouwillaccept?
Good site, ok basic app
Reviews are pretty up to date and reliable. Search results are fairly comprehensive for hotels and restaurants. Customer relations is good: they make you feel you belong. The app is really basic, no linked searches (radiuses from found locations, etc). Update: March 2016 - downgrade to 2 starts. Very annoying that the app is forced upon the user when trying to read reviews on the website (and logging in here brings you no benefit and the inexcusable burden of re-searching for the same content) I realize this is not uncommon app behavior, but come-on: be the Southwest of apps and don't ruin the experience just because all others do (you know what I mean: luggage fees, seats without legroom to even sit down...) Update 2024: Still kicking, still my number one go-to place for travel and entertainment. Still hard to search (even your own reviews: by location or year): why can’t we do that? Still let me raise the rating (though I don’t know how the website works)
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3 years ago, Spaded/Ace
1 Stars for intrusive practice
Honestly it hard to rate something that is not optional. I wanted to stay on their website but the website keeps spamming you with to continue please download the app or create a account. It’s not a recommendation it’s forced down your mouth. With that being said apon downloading the app, if you think you do not get to create a account now that have downloaded the app think again! More deceptive practices. You still have to give a email creat user an experience that takes 4 minutes out of your time an ultimately should be optional. I don’t want more companies with my email filling up my promotional tab. Over all a 1 star and experience from the start. Trip advisor sets the mood right away with deceptive business practices. They do not stand out outside of other websites for providing additional or unique options or the hidden gems you get to know via word of mouth. Generally I never give a 1 star review however in this situation I believe it is warranted and just until they give you a skip option in the app for account creation, or change the deceptive wording on their website that collectively is false marketing.
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4 years ago, jelainec
TripAdvisor is Fabulous
I had never heard of TripAdvisor until 2 years ago when my brother and his wife came to Cleveland. When I didn’t know how to get to Slyman’s (for the best corned beef and pastrami), my brother looked it up on TripAdvisor. Then when we were hungry for dessert (specifically custard), he pulls out his phone and looks up nearby custard/ice cream sellers and discovered Weber’s (the best vintage custard and ice cream!!) and Mitchell’s(fabulous gourmet milkshakes as well as marvelous ice cream)which we ended up indulging in on 2 different days! I was able to learn more about Northeast Ohio in the short time my brother was in town simply because he had a TripAdvisor app as his ‘go to’ for anything he wanted to see or do in the area! As soon as he went back to Texas, I got the TripAdvisor app for myself and have been thoroughly enjoying it and the places I have been able to visit and recommend as a result of his complete trust in its reliability and complete access to all the travel information he needs!!
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11 months ago, biochar
Well cared for horses, beautiful area, attentive guides
All the animals on the ranch are rescued animals including the horses we rode. They are clearly well cared for and the horse vet (“Dr Horse”) even rode with us. Emphasis was placed on treating the horses well and making their job easier. Loved that! There were approximately one guide for two guests. We were guided thru the walk to the ranch and around the Mayan jungle on the horses with interesting stores and facts. Our guide, Paula, was energetic, fun, easy to hear and understand. The cenote was refreshing and private so just 6 of us from the tour were swimming. They did not rush us and even though the tour says 2 hours, we were there for 3 hours. We even heard about and tasted Mayan chewing gum made from the sap of local trees. I highly recommend this adventure. They offer professional photos for $40 and the chewing gum ($5) but no pressure to buy them and they allowed us to have our phones and take photos along the way.
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5 years ago, kamabesu
Viking Cruise Venice to Athens
What a remarkable 10 days. It was our first Viking Cruise and it was wonderful. The team that puts together the off ship tours is truly 5 star. The advertising on PBS is spot on. You really do have magical moments with the people of the country you are visiting. It is special and intimate. We had an operatic performance in a villa in Venice. The owner welcomed us to his family home of 700 years and served Prosecco from his vineyards. The performance of famous arias and duets was worthy of The Met. Bravo Don’t miss a day of touring they were all equally spectacular. Food off the ship is much better than on. The Italian Resturant was good. The Chefs table,poor. How many ways can you steam cod? How many courses can you embellish with “espoma “? I guess the answer is unlimited. Our Jr Suite was very spacious and the perk we especially used was free laundry and dry cleaning. The free mini bar was so so as it had lower quality liquor offerings. The crew was fabulous. Very kind and attentive. We look forward to our next Viking Cruise as the tours run seemlessly and are high quality.
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6 years ago, Groovy mini
Wonderful accommodations and great staff!
We stayed at Melia Cozumel over three weeks last month from February 24th through March 12th, 2018. Everything was fantastic, want to give particular high marks to the following employees: Hilario, the beach waiter who was always eager to bring what we wanted- we dont usually drink much but probably did on the days he worked:) Alicia our maid who remembered that we need extra waters for medication etc.. Alberto the waiter in the buffet area who is so friendly and taught us Mayan words , like “show-pee” that means finished, all done. Hassell went over and above at the concierge and the other girl, Tania, was very helpful to assist my calling the airline to extend our trip and help with Spanish translating. Sandra from the office did a good job setting it all up for us. Bryan was very helpful with my printing a few important documents, so patient and calm. Martin, the younger waiter at breakfast was very polite and refilled the coffees quickly. Tania helpful at concierge. On our last night, Jose at at dinner buffet with good with the wine refills. Antonio at breakfast always came with more coffee and water. Those are the standouts I took notes about, although I have to say not one of the staff were ever rude, the activities team was funny and friendly and even though we didnt participate in anything but maybe Bingo once they made us feel welcome if we wanted to. Another enjoyable stay and we look forward to next time! Thank you!
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5 years ago, rekampam
Love The App Except . . .
One of the best Travel Apps available, with access to helpful reviews to help make better destination decisions. And because reasonable reviews help us make travel decisions, we also like to post solid reviews that might assist others. The one real difficulty with the Trip Advisor App is posting photos to reviews, even one’s own reviews. It seems that even when following Trip Advisor’s own HOW-TO directions, it is difficult to successfully add photos. Either the app wants access to all (thousands) of the photos on our devices, or using the “Profile/Intro/Upload The Photo/Add a Location Tag” method allows the app to see only the few photos in the “Camera Roll” and “My Photo Stream” folders, but will not allow access any of the specific “Albums” on our phone or tablet where individual trip photos are stored. If it wasn’t for the photo posting obstacle, the app would get 5 stars. It would be great if a simpler and more straightforward method was available for adding photos. Thanks very much.
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6 years ago, Dawn3547
The ratings they give to those who review is a scam!
I have submitted nearly 100 reviews over the years which I have enjoyed doing but what bothers me is the “rewards” and badges given to those who review and the badgering they do to lure you into making more reviews to be “the top reviewer in your area”. Or, “you are 2 reviews away from receiving Photographer status”, etc!!!!! I write reviews in order to share my excitement or dissatisfaction with a place of service. The place has to be pretty bad for me to complain- the businesses we review can make or break someone’s business.... that’s a serious responsibility. I take re Jewish g seriously. My reason for 2 stars for Trip Advisor is the giving of rewards for which nothing is actually given. It’s enough reward for me to be able to help a fellow traveler but be straight with your reviewers. If you award “trophies” at least back them up with a small discount on a hotel, or a meal, etc! I am a member of many rewards clubs for gasoline, restaurants, or shopping venues. These are great perks and command my loyalty. Wouldn’t that be nice if Trip Advisor extended this appreciation to its reviewers? Just saying........😁
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5 years ago, iachimo1
Dependably yummy!
December 2018: Took 2 out-of-town girlfriends. Very tasty lemony chicken breast with capers, rice, grilled asparagus (nightly special) and HGF burger with fries. Creme brûlée delicious. Not too noisy. Late October 2018: Took 7 out-of-town childhood girlfriends. Ultimately it turned out fine BUT a near fiasco at first: our reservation was lost (even though we’d called twice); we ended up after a 30 minute wait asking to seat us anywhere; we ended up as a table of 4 up front and a table of 3 in the very back. Fortunately, everyone liked what they’d ordered: lasagna, a shrimp and pasta dish, chicken, bison burger. Sorry can’t recall more specifically, but basically from the menu. The waitress gave each table a dessert gratis and we loved the creme brûlée! Early October 2018: my companion and I loved our late dinner at the bar! Bison burger for me was tasty, not greasy, nicely topped with cheese and lettuce and tomato. Companion’s chicken sandwich was goodly sized, nicely fried and well seasoned. He really liked the fries too. Wonderful bartender- can’t recall his name, darn it! Lucky to have this in lil ole Weaverville.
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10 months ago, Photography World
Expert Advisors!
I had a wonderful time in Orlando, thanks to the great advice from Tripadvisor. Here is my review of some of the attractions I visited: SeaWorld Orlando: This was a fantastic place to see amazing marine animals and enjoy thrilling rides. I loved the Dolphin Days show, where I got to see dolphins perform incredible tricks and learn about their conservation. I also had a blast on the Mako roller coaster, which was fast and smooth. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the park was clean and well-maintained. Universal's Islands of Adventure: This was a dream come true for me, as I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Marvel comics. I felt like I was in the movies as I explored the different themed areas and rode the immersive attractions. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was especially magical, with the Hogwarts Express, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley. I also enjoyed the Jurassic Park River Adventure, where I encountered dinosaurs and got soaked by a huge splash. The Incredible Hulk Coaster was another highlight, as it launched me into a high-speed adventure. The Wheel at ICON Park: This was a relaxing and scenic way to see Orlando from above. The wheel was huge and impressive, and the capsules were spacious and comfortable. I got to see the skyline, the lakes, and the theme parks from different angles and heights. The ride was smooth and slow, giving me plenty of time to take pictures and admire the view. I highly recommend these attractions
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5 years ago, slamminpam
Lothian motorcoach trip from Edinburgh
My friend and I took a day tour with Lothian motorcoaches out of Edinburgh on 27Sept2019. Our driver was Ian and guide was Scott. Being the handsome lad he is, Scott really should have been in a kilt! Our day trip was to Loch Lomond, The Trossachs and Doune Castle. Now, being the Outlander fan that I am, when I found out this Castle was used as Castle Leoch in the Outlander,I was definitely all in. Thus trip did not disappoint. Scott really should be a stand up comedian. The “history lesson” was delivered in such a way that it was never boring! He had us all in stitches!! I would definitely recommend this trip and make sure to get Scott, if possible. Now, the “icing on the cake”for me was when Scott chased me four blocks after I got off the bus to return my purse that I had left on the seat!! Lord... what a life saver this man was! I will say, the ONLY thing that could have made this trip better, was for Scott to be in a kilt!! I mean, it IS Scotland after all. Pamela D. Florida. USA
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5 years ago, dmnurse2016
Historic Scotland Explorer Pass
We were gently pressured to buy the 5 day Historic Scotland Explorer Pass on our visit to Stirling Castle. The ticket concession seller described how we would be saving money and “avoiding the long lines” to buy tickets to enter Edinburgh Castle or any of the 77 Historic Scotland places. We spent 3+ hours enjoying Stirling Castle and had a decent lunch there. 2 days later we went to Edinburgh and entered the Edinburgh Castle. It was cold, windy and very uncomfortable after 1 hour doing the guided tour and the castle guide suggested a pub for lunch instead of eating at the castle cafeteria. We went to the one he suggested, warmed up and returned to see the rest of the castle. When we attempted to re-enter the castle, we were told that our “pass” entitled us to ONE visit to any of the sites. We explained the NO ONE had described this limit on the pass. She then went to page 3 of the pass and showed us the fine print. We were then told even though NO ONE had warned of this limitation on the pass, that if we wanted to go into the castle after our lunch break, we “could buy another ticket”. We decided not to be ugly Americans and left after letting them know we thought it was quite unfair.
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3 years ago, "Juanito"
TripAdvisor is both good start AND ending!
I have long used TripAdvisor as one of my starting points when planning, or even just thinking about travelling. The information is almost always timely, especially when there is current information from contributors. Unfortunately, as I am a “Digital Dinosaur”, it has been a challenge for me to upload specific/designated information and some long-labored-over documents have yet to be accepted/published. This is very frustrating to me, especially when my information is very current & relevant. Also, I dislike not always getting instantaneously published, unlike some other competing websites. Oftentimes, once I’ve completed my odyssey, I need clarification of particular details, which I can find at their site. I both use and contribute to TripAdvisor. I highly recommend it, and it certainly gets my “Wheel of Approval!” FULL DISCLOSURE: I also own a bit of stock in this fine company,
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2 years ago, TasRacin
Best Day Ever
I had the privilege of being on this fabulous tour. Brett was prompt at my AM pick up and he was super kind enough to drive to Port Douglas to do so! He was fantastic at informing us about all the amazing flora and fauna and the amazing landscape of the Tablelands. We had a small group so it was good to get chatting and getting to know each other which I appreciated as a solo traveller. I wont go into detail about the tour because its detailed on his website but please know that I can’t stop telling everyone I am meeting on my travels about this wonderful day out, the excellent food and drink and the growers and owners who are so passionate about the area, their products and our environment. Top quality products, top quality tour! Thank you so much Brett as your tour will stay in my memory for a very long time. A must do if you are in the area!! Amazing tour and I highly recommend, Thank you so much Brett and Team.
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5 years ago, DaddyOBest
Could be Better
Several flaws that should be fixed for smartphones and some for pcs. Major flaw is adding quick bites to eating establishments. There are no rules on this and restaurants are changed to quick-bites because of someone’s answer etc. By doing this, they are no longer listed as restaurants. Major problem is if you are looking for a great place to eat, TA searches restaurants by default!!! Guess what? The favorite eating place you are looking for doesn’t show up because it is quick-bites. The only way around this is going through several filtering screens and click restaurants and quik-bites when doing a search. I didn’t find this for 6 months and always missed great restaurants. These restaurants missed had order at the counter, bring out your food and refill drinks sometimes but were called qb. I even ran across places that took your order at the table but were labeled qb. TA please fix this and have an easy to find suggestions area to alert you to these problems and many more with feedback given to reporters.
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5 years ago, Khshmhmh
Club Regina Cabo
We have been visiting Club Regina, Cabo for many years. We love it all. It has become our home away from home. From the moment that you think about traveling to Cabo Club Regina, everyone is committed to trying to accommodate your every request. If possible, they will make it happen. Olivia Galeana,Raintree Vacations. Carlos, Roberto,Francesco, front desk manager, supervisor, staff. Our housekeeper, Rocio. All our cartlitto drivers, Emelio, Israel,Manuel, Xavier, Alonso, Gato(please forgive me, I think your real name is Eduardo, Andres,Jorge. Altura restaurant staff, Ulysses, Daniel, Ignacio. Activity Staff, Angel and Rubie. Monica,Concierge. Alexandra, RCI rep.. All the pool support staff, you work so hard to accommodate all your guests and some guests under appreciate you! I will never underappreciate you! All the buildings,grounds,maintenance who keep things pretty and working. Club Regina offers traditional design and decor with an Amazing View for your rest and relaxation. We can now use Uber without too much hastle all around town. I’m certain it will improve in the future. There are so many terrific folks throughout We Thank You all for your hospitality, gracious service and commitment to your guests. We especially look forward to our future visits. Whomever I missed personally thanking, Please accept my sincere plan to improve my memory for names. We look forward to our next visit in the near future. The Hanson’s
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6 years ago, blueeyeddarlin
Bill’s Front Porch
Hidden Gem in Wilmington especially when you get to see and hear Folkstone Stringband! Lucky enough to be at Bill’s Front Porch when they had live music with a phenomenal Bluegrass Band named Folkstone Stringband! Beers are housemade and the new “Christmas Pants” is smooth and not too sharp. With the romaine lettuce scare, salads are a little slack but still delicious 🍁 quesadilla s are delicious especially the brisket. Their cheese dip is house made but is a little floury not cheesy enough . The craft brews are great with a variety of taste experiences. From the sharp citrus based IPA’s to the smooth new Christmas brew called “Christmas Pants”. By far the smoothest of all the craft brews Bill’s makes. Two members of the waitstaff are the best I’ve encountered. Lindsey and Sandy are some of the best waitstaff I have had. Attentive and on top of everything. Ask for them, you won’t be sorry. They are great!!! Overall Bills is a great eating and drinking establishment, Good food and beverage, but add the great music of Folkstone Stringband and you have a winning combination!
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6 years ago, gene and ilana go to Asia
A day for me in the air on China Eastern Airlines
Ilana and I were so excited about our first trip to Asia. Thailand and Cambodia were a dream we’ve had for what seems to be forever. But truthfully I was dreading the long flight. The longest part was from JFK to Bangkok and I imagined us getting there and losing another day sleeping off the jet lag. So we booked our travel in business class for the first time. It was a delight. The service was excellent. From the moment we checked in. Their lounge at the airport was very comfortable. The food on the plane was beautifully prepared and served and the lay flat beds were amazing. We slept 11 of the 14+hours to Shanghai and after a short layover we were on our way again for the final part of our trip. We arrived fresh and ready to tour an exciting city. And it was a pretty good deal cost wise as well compared to the price we got for business class on other airlines. Over all, a great start to our 2 weeks in Asia.
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4 years ago, Opn7
This app has a wealth of information. However it can be quite frustrating to locate that which you need to know. For example, I tried to find information on the multiple parking facilities a t Guadalajara Airport. It wasn’t apparent, other than a few reviews mentioning parking at a couple hotels. Then, when using the search function, it kept taking me to an “airport west”, that seemed to be far away (New Zealand?). Still not convinced parking the info wasn’t there, just I couldn’t find it. A pet peeve - why does the app keep asking for access to my location? I wasn’t looking for something near me, nor can I remember using it for something near me. While I’ve been to this location, I’m not there now., and I’m perfectly happy to enter the location of interest. Are they selling location data? That would be a privacy violation in my view.
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3 years ago, kjljkkk
The lobby was a big disappointment.
Not used to staying at hotels that are so simple. There is no luxury here. Besides, the hotel they advertised is not the hotel at all. The hotel with the beautiful pools is the one they show in the pictures. Seaside suites palms are dated and just okay. So if you are looking for luxury this is definitely not it. We were up graded by our travel agency. Thank God for that. Would I had stayed at the regular suites that are far back away from the pools and the beach. I believe a 3 start would have been too much. Lobby was like something you see at a M courtyard, If you know what I mean!? But hot. First day here, I know we will not come back. You have to walk everywhere because the little golf cars only pick you up at the lobby. Oh and by the way seaweed is horrible you can’t swim in the beach and the smell is horrible as soon as you get outside of your room it smells pretty bad. Maybe that is Mother Nature and no fault of the hotel. I don’t know if they can’t do anything about that.
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