TripIt: Travel Planner

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3 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for TripIt: Travel Planner

4.83 out of 5
258.3K Ratings
2 years ago, WorkALittleTravelALot
Favorite App
I travel often both for business and with my big family. This has been a game changer. Not to have to print out anything and have everything in order with added details on telephone numbers, weather, directions links. besides the ease of just forwarding play tickets, car rentals, hotel and flights, it takes a cruise itinerary and put some in the correct day saying where you’re going and when you get off to the ports and when you have to be back on the ship etc. So excellent. A side benefit I found now that I’ve been using it for 10 years is I have a whole travel journal right here in the app. Can look up previous hotels, miscellaneous companies used for transportation and whatever. Request for the developers: when I have a listing of flights etc. (particularly for more than one person), the apps at-a-glance screen does not have the name listed. So you have to go into that plan and scroll down and Click under passengers and in that page it’ll show you who the reservation is for. It would be much more convenient to have the name on the first or second line for a quick reference.
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5 years ago, PreskitDave
Freakishly frustrating and sometimes great.
User interface is inadequate from iPad and iPhone. No ability to copy(duplicate) an event. No drag and drop. No ability to have overlapping vacation schedules and keep the entries separated between two users. Unable to add some details for some events, for example, an end time not available for some activities. Notes not available to add in some events. Unclear interface caused me to accidentally merge two different vacations into one “trip”, losing duplicate records which had extensive comments added. Under a cruise ship port (e.g. The port for Athens) overwrites all port notes for other ports on the same cruise. Look, if you are going to another port, why would you want to a) loose your comments regarding transportation in Venice and b) what use would Athens transportation have on the day you are in Venice. I have loved this software. I’ve used it for a half dozen trips or more. The software successfully imports most airline tickets, train tickets, and hotel reservations, etc. via a simple forwarded email. This part is very elegant in creating a calendar of a trip. It is really useful. Just travel alone or have the exact same itinerary as anyone you travel with. With this combined trip, I want to pull out my hair.
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2 years ago, PennCCRN
I adore TripIt - Sharing Trips with others needs work
I adore TripIt — I’ve been using it In some form or another since way back in 2008 - yikes I’m old! It really is effective in getting itinerary into one app and then integration into my device’s calendar is also great! I really like the auto import via a gmail account (usually the app has been focused on flying but I’m thrilled that the train itineraries are a bit better - especially Amtrak) I will say one area that really needs to be streamlined is sharing plans with non-TripIt users. In the app there are a few options, all of them not great. In the app, sharing a plan results in a mumbojumbo of unformatted texts, the iMessage feature doesn’t seem to be accessible to non TripIt users although they can see the thumbnail. I know inner circle can see plans but I think there needs to be a more streamlined process. What I do when sharing plans as a work around? I simply screenshot and message. Perhaps that’s all that needed in a future update! Anyway like the product some areas could’ve streamlined but this is definitely one of top three apps I use for travel!
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5 years ago, AIM Fan for Years
Two basic functions done well, the rest of the app is unimpressive
This tool began as a master itinerary planner. You email them your itineraries from multiple sources (hotel, airline, restaurant, etc.) and it puts them together into a trip plan. This function is strong even if some small details (like sending a subsequent updated itinerary may lead to two of the same flight showing on the same date, which you then have to manually edit) can be trying. The other strong function is the points tracker, which is informative but not as critical as the trip planning tool. However, other functions sound good on paper but don’t have the usefulness a discerning traveler requires. Take the seat tracker for example. If you book a premium economy seat on BA and want to search for an outside aisle seat, you can search for aisle seats in front of the wing, behind the wing, or anywhere. This cabin can be both on and behind the wing so there’s no way to narrow the search appropriately. And if you want a premium economy cabin seat, you have to add the cabin to economy rather than say you want only premium economy. If you want an outside aisle seat (not a middle aisle), forget it - that’s not an option. So this app is the epitome of good intentions poorly delivered. But still worth using if you don’t expect too much.
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5 years ago, funnybone MIA
Great App but Pro edition not so much
I travel a lot (103k to date 2019) and my corporate travel is through concur so TripIt is a vital app for me. The interface and 90% of the app is fantastic. However, the pro part is where I have a tough time warranting the $48 membership. After nearly a year use of this App through all 103k and 93 flights I can say that Pro is not worth the price. 1. Point tracker is worthless considering most airlines/hotels/car rentals all have their own apps and typically have the most current data. 2. Go now works in US but it is rare that it works international and you have to have the app “always” on to work feature. 3. Security wait times I think the number of airports this actually tells you info for is very limited 4. Lounge fairly useless for frequent travelers who have access to airline specific 5. International info, quick reference guide is nice but certainly not worth annual paid membership alone 6. Share with family/friend, would be worth it if they didn’t require a Pro membership to view it! 7. Flight change is worthless to me because everything needs to be done through my corporate travel agency 8. Flight delay I have found the airlines own apps to often be more current
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4 years ago,
Tripit is unbelievable
I don’t know what we would do without Tripit. Just our last trip, waiting in an airport restaurant, we sat next to a couple who was headed out on an extended trip. Eventually she got out her “file”. You know what it was. A printout of every email and snail mail confirmation she’d received for their trip. It had to be 2” thick. She rifled through the pages looking for the answer to her partner’s question. Outrageous. It’s like I’ve often told my wife about auto GPS’s, “it’s a good thing they were invented because it was just getting to the point where we could not possibly keep up with the twists and turns of the highway system.” Well we couldn’t possibly keep track of all our travel plans either. With all the changes, delays, incentives, connections, delays, gate changes, travel would be a nightmare. Like my car gps, I no longer try to figure out the route, i just take the turns it tells me to take. Same with TripIt. It’s like having a personal concierge at my side making the right decisions for me and telling me where to go when. Awesome app, get the picture?
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3 years ago, CrispyWheats
Tripit saved my holiday
I have never felt compelled to write a review about an app before but I wanted to share my recent experience. My friend and I were scheduled to fly out on December 26 and in the middle of the night (1:45 am) I heard the distinctive alert from the TripIt app. I woke up to see that my morning flight had been canceled. I looked at my emails, the app from the airline, my texts and there was not a single notification from the airline. I confirmed on the airline website that the flight had indeed been canceled and that leg of my trip was completely gone from my itinerary. I realized that if I waited to get to the airport any other flight options would have been gone. This gave me several hour lead time on all of the other passengers to be able to find a great flight alternative. In addition, I rely on putting all of my plans in the TripIt app which helps keep track of confirmation codes reservation numbers and keeps everything in the correct time zone. I will never not use this app when traveling.
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6 years ago, Memphis Willie
I pay premium each year. It’s great that it syncs with concur. But, manual addition of trips is pathetic from an interface perspective. It also merges trips rather than creating new trips when bookings come over from concur. Mixing trips because the end date of one overlaps with beginning date of next. For example, tonight I had to manually separate two trips. I had to execute the move option three times. Each time it looked like the flight and car were moved to a new trip. I would then look but no new trip in my trip list. I would refresh. Still no trip. I would go back into the original trip and the mixed travel plans were still there. I moved them again. Eventually, two new trips showed in my trip list but were empty. The original trip which was mixed had all of the bookings still in one trip. One more move and it finally stuck. Mail in feature of adding flights, hotels, and car rentals does usually work. If it were not for that feature, I would cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, Scroffle
Helpful in many cases but may get confusing if you change bookings
My original review of TripIt was negative, and I did not expect to continue using it. TripIt was not too helpful when I had to keep changing my bookings due to New Zealand Covid regulations. Frankly, Covid has thrown a scanner into just everything. However,8 have now recognized that this is a good app and is pretty darn helpful on a stable itinerary, which, with good luck, will be the case soon after 2022. I’ll use TripIt on my next trip later this year, & I think it was the frequent changes I’ve had to keep making to plans due to wild New Zealand Covid travel rules that threw off my initial experience with TripIt. I will say also that their customer satisfaction people contacted me after my initial review to help with my TripIt issues, and they did it in a very timely and impressive manner. So now I am at four stars - maybe five stars after next trip. However, I still think that this app is terrific for travel plans that don’t change, and is problematic if you do have to make multiple changes to travel plans.
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5 years ago, cdebriyn
Travel Scheduling at its finest!
I enjoy using TripIt. It’s easy to forward confirmations to the planit email and update an itinerary. I travel every other week and gives me flight notifications almost before the Airline sends me their notifications! Only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is because I wish there were additional options for the itinerary. It’s great for reservations and confirmations, not for activities.... I used this when I went to Europe twice and we literally had a schedule for every part of the day including working out. I wish there were options of..... workout, hiking, drive time, and a way to move the activities around throughout the day rather then put a specific time. Also would be nice to delete ALL the sections that don’t need to be fill out. It’s a tad clunky to use TripIt on the computer and sometimes it doesn’t save or update my entries. I was a little frustrated at first, but just constantly save my updates. Overall, I enjoy using it. But I also wish I could share the itinerary with people without them having to pay for it. That’s a bummer.
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6 years ago, CarolynBali
Customer service is lacking. Many bugs
I used TripIt pro for two years very happily, and then somehow my ex partners email address became associated with the account, And it kept requesting his password which I did not have access to. It was impossible to purge his email address from the account, so I let my subscription run out so that I could start completely fresh. I even neglected the offer to renew at half price, and bought the full new subscription for $49, to avoid any association with my old account. When I went to begin syncing my new TripIt pro account with my iCal and other options offered, it informed me that the function could not be completed because there was already an identical account using my email. There is no way to get real-time assistance from a live chat or call anyone. If you have a problem you have to wait a couple of days for them to email you back, and even then there is no guidance to walk you through fixing the problem. I’ve wasted many hours of my valuable time trying to get the service that I have paid for. Very disappointed and frustrated! 😟
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2 months ago, Gloria from Seattle
Simplify your life
Love this app! I used the free version for the first year and recently upgraded to pro version. Free version is more than adequate to keep all sorts of things. Pro version included access to maps of airports and warns you if your fare dropped. I had no idea that my airline would refund the difference if my fare dropped in price! Why is this app better than you keeping your information on whatever calendar method you are currently using? Because all your data goes in automatically by you simply forwarding your email from hotel, airline, concert tickets to the app. In addition to description, dare, and time, you have confirmation number, seat number, address, phone number, website all in one spot. Adding something where there is no email to forward? I added my cat’s vet appointment and under venue I entered animal hospital name. App added address, phone, etc. Try the app. It is free and intuitive. You have nothing to lose. (I have no financial incentive here. I just like the app.)
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2 years ago, HaroldLC216
Security Blanket
I have been using Tripit since 2017 and I love this app. I am fully retired now and I travel to Europe a lot more. This app tells me when to leave for the airport and gives me updates every step of the way. I’m notified of changes flight changes before the airlines post them for the general public. I recently took a trip to Switzerland and was notified before the airline posted it. Before we got off of the plane I knew which carousel our baggage would be delivered to. My wife previously thought I relied on the app to much and was always trying to prove me wrong. Now she quietly relies on the information provided by Tripit. It’s like traveling with security blanket. I use pro version, which comes with a subscription, but for just a couple of dollars per month is well worth the cost for me. I really like that I have an accurate record of all my travels over the years and no longer have to guess when I went where.
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2 years ago, Banjopeggy
TripIt is my “Go to” for planning and seeing big trips!
I’ve been using TripIt for several years no - snd just love it. When we take big vacations there can be LOTS of bookings all associated with the trip. This app (and its website version) allows me to take all of my confirmation emails from various bookings (flights, rental cars, hotels, paid side trips, etc.,) and send them to be entered chronologically into my one trip itinerary. Each day I can look at it and follow along with it being the repository of ALL the details of those bookings (times, dates, addresses, seat assignments, confirmation #s ) in just one place. Obviously you can keep your printed copy of all that as supporting documentation. But this keeps it almost paperless. Lastly you can edit any entry w/ extra info if it makes something clearer , or you can even hand enter anything that doesn’t have s corresponding email. We love it and depend on it! Thanks TripIt!👍
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6 years ago, Johnnyd23
Making Live Easier and Organized
This is a great app and it has worked for me 98% from the time I downloaded it for my iPhone. I travel 25 weeks a year and this has made me more organized and efficient. I email my air, hotel, train or car rental confirms to Tripit and with in minutes it's all on my iPhone. To have a single place to have ALL of my travel info is a dream. I use to be in the back of a cab and the driver would ask "What is the address of the hotel?" I would have to open my briefcase backpack find the file, find the hotel info and tell the guy, then get to the hotel and go through the process again at the hotel when they can't find my confirm number. Now I look at the specific trip on TripIt and it's all there. If you are a business traveler this is an awesome app. I was so impressed with the free version I upgrading to the paid version. Thanks TripIt, keep the updates coming, it just keeps getting better and better.
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2 years ago, Joyous 123
This app made me 600$ due to fight delay
I have had this app (free version) for several years and really just use it for basic construction of my itinerary. I have always found it helpful. I’m Sure it can do so much more but I haven’t taken the time to learn everything. THIS APP PROVED ITS WORTH ON MY PHONE FOREVER! My flight from Paris was delayed over 3 hours. Little did I know that there is a law (206) in the EU that reimburses flyers for delays over 3 hours. After we got back to the states, a day later I got a notification from the trip it app that United probably owed me money (600 euro). After I googled what this notification meant I started the process with United to get money for my flight delay. United is making good with offers of 600Euro or 1000$ travel credit. I would NEVER have known this if it weren’t for the trip it app. I am still amazed that trip it sent this notification. I tell all my friends about trip it!
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6 years ago, jciek
Good travel App but can be improved
The app is good and practical. Since WorldMate's discontinuation (the best App that was available to manage trips in my view), TripIt Pro is the App that I find to be the closest to it. After trying many others that are available in the App Store, I found TripIt to be the best one out there. Well thought with good features. However, I would suggest two improvements to it: 1. To allow flight searches from within the app. No need to have the option to buy tickets from within the app but it would be very helpful to be able to search for flights independently from any saved trip (this option was available in WorldMate). 2. It would be very helpful to have the possibility to add trips' information on already existing calendars without having to subscribe to a new one (currently, one has to subscribe to a new TripIt calendar). This is particularly true when your calendar is accessible to your assistant and/or colleagues so they can check your availability.
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1 year ago, 88ames
Unhelpful Customer Service
I used to love this app, especially after I upgraded to the pro version. However, the app no longer acknowledges my subscription even though I have been paying the annual dues for serval years now. I logged out & back in, I even deleted and reinstalled the app, but no luck. I contacted customer service and they requested proof that I paid for the subscription as my account is only showing I am signed up for the free app. I sent in multiple forms of proof of purchase and their response was for me to log out of & back in to the app. I informed them I had already tried that and they have not been able to offer any further solutions. Find another travel app…if things go wrong for you, the support team will just have you running in circles. Update: per the developer’s response, it is obvious they did not read my entire review. Especially the part where I stated that I had already informed the support team that their recommendation didn’t work. Take this as further proof to not upgrade to the pro version. The developer & support teams do not listen and do provide any help. Save your money!
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6 years ago, Pierre V 007
Worth It!!
I love this app in Pro version! It works as a concierge, travel agent, reminder, and will even give alerts if you are elegible for a better fare. This feature alone has paid for the annual app multiple years. The app will even remind you when you should leave for the airport to allow time for traffic and check in. If the gate changes, you get a reminder. It will provide you with a layout of the airportI so you know where to go. The app will also let you know of available lounges within the airport. It also keeps track of your mileage reward program with airlines and hotels. You can share your trip itinerary with friends and/or coworkers. A new feature If traveling out of the country, it will provide you with vital information so you know what to expect exchange rate, type of electrical adapters you may need, etc. I have only touched on a few benefits, there are a lot more. Well worth it!!
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3 years ago, jwhitsell07
Great App, Needs improvements
This app has been great as I have been planning a family trip, however, it needs small improvements be be 5-Star. (To be fair, I did purchase the upgrade version) 1. Add attendees once as “Travelers” and allow us to connect to every activity/event instead of having to re-enter them - You could allow us to add to the app, then link to the trip, then choose for each activity. 2. Connect directions to maps (Add ETA). Map view directions have not been working 3. Add ability to customize “Add a Plan” 4. Connecting accounts to “Point Tracker” does not always work I’d recommend trying the app and using the basics. 5. Once you set a location, it should keep directions from one place to another. 6. Reservations that have multiple parties should be able to be updated The above items should be apart of the upgrade IMO, but definitely worth the purchase especially for large travel groups (we have 14 traveling with us on the first trip I used this app for).
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10 months ago, ETEX Sharon
Favorite Travel Planning App
I have used Tripit since 2017. In that time I have planned 58 trips, for a total of 319 days, 4 countries, 101 cities and 40,800+ miles. I love this app because it allows me to keep everything pertaining to each trip in one place, including travel documents, like passport and drivers license information, all information about reservations for lodging and my daily itinerary. Reservation confirmation emails are automatically imported and added to my itinerary. Past trips are saved so I can always look back to get information that I can use to plan a future trip to the same location. The Pro edition has even more information, such as flight information as you travel. I don’t fly very often, so I have not tried the Pro edition, but I am sure it works as well as the basic version. I would definitely recommend it.
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4 years ago, Super Hybrid
Works really well during Covid-19
This is the best trip assistant app ever!!! I’ve been using this app from when they launched and always loved it so far. In this COVID-19 situation traveling is not the same. Flights gets canceled, rerouted, delayed all kinds of things happen. This is what just happened. Delta canceled one of my international flights. I found this out because TripIt warned me. Delta never mentioned anything to me. I’m a “Diamond, one million miler” status but Delta never notified anything. When I got the flight cancellation notice from TripIt and nothing from Delta I almost thought TripIt might have made a mistake. I logged into Delta web page and site enough my international flight was canceled. I was able to switch to alternative route so I’m ok but I’m amazed by the promptness and accuracy it TripIt. I already could not trace without TripIt. Now I can’t even plan without TripIt. Love this app !!!
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1 year ago, Emory_2001
Unfriendly data input, not intuitive
I have a love-hate relationship with this app. It’s great once you get your info in, and I like that I can attach digital tickets and documents to it. But the data input drives me bat$#!t crazy and needs serious improvement: 1. When you input the start date of an activity, it would make sense for the end date to default to the start date you used, since many activities start and end the same day. But it keeps your default end date as TODAY’s date, and you have to adjust it from today, just like you did with the start date. 2. Worse though, is whenever I need to edit the start time of an activity, it TURNS BACK the activity’s date to TODAY. OMG, who on earth thinks that when I’m editing an activity time for a trip that’s dated for 6 months from now that I’m suddenly having that dinner TODAY? It also reverts the end date to TODAY, at which point I’m pulling my hair out and about to throw my phone out the window.
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9 months ago, Atl trvlr
Oh how I love thee!
I’ve been using Tripit for umpteen (OK, maybe 5 or 6?) years to keep track of our trips. We are retired and travel very frequently. It’s difficult keeping track of all of the details, but Tripit does the heavy lifting for us. Most of our airfare is booked using points, so I had never had occasion to use the price protection feature where the app “supposedly” pays for itself. Well guess what? It does! Today I booked a trip using an ecredit, and lo and behold, a few hours later I received a notification that Delta had reduced the fare for my trip by $130. I used the link provided by Tripit, contacted Delta, did an on-line chat, and boom, received a $130 credit on a $1507 fare. Hey, the app was worth it before, for serving as a repository of all of our travel information, and keeping it straight. Now, it truly has paid for itself. I LOVE this app.
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3 years ago, Mike-India-Kilo-Echo
Love TripIt
I have been using this app for many years and love it. I am a die hard trip planner and like to have everything and everything related to the planning easily accessible in one spot from anywhere. This is really the only app out there that comes close. In the past, I have used a combination of Google calendars, word docs, and powerpoints - this replaces everything. Even while on the trip, we continue to update details in TripIt so we have a journal of memories that we can enjoy later… I also want to call out the excellent tech and customer support that is offered. Very easy to ask questions and provide feedback by opening tickets through the app. The support team is very responsive and actually addresses the questions, rather than provide generic canned replies. The only thing that would make this better are: 1) Incorporate a “To Do” checklist for planning. There’s usually a hundred things you need to do like, Make kennel arrangements for the dog, Request mail hold, etc) 2) Be able to hide certain information when sharing the itinerary. Many times I want to send friends or relatives a link with overall itinerary info (dates, hotels, air, etc), but not necessarily share details like booking numbers, costs, and notes that are entered.
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6 years ago, Tigerldy
Love this App!
I plan my own vacations, including transportation, rooms and tours. It’s so easy to keep it all organized with a TripIt. I just forward the confirmation emails (no explanation needed) to TripIt plans and they list it all in chronological order, with all the details, so I can view it on line or print out the list. I get an alert when it’s time to check in for my flights, along with a link to the airline’s sight. Recently on of my upcoming flights was delayed (after check-in). TripIt informed me that I couldn’t make my connecting flight, and gave me a list of alternate flights. It was sooo easy to change my flight, because I had all the information I needed. I even get a notice if I don’t have accommodations at a location for which I booked tours. And there’s so much more! I highly recommend this service!
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4 years ago, Joan of DC
Bad calendar import feature!
Love this app, except for calendar import feature, which imports WAAAY too much stuff — and I can’t delete the crap from my calendar!! Today, I reserved through SpotHero a parking spot in a garage in the city where I live, and TripIt put TWO calendar entries on my iPhone calendar: one, an all-day appointment for a one day trip to my own city (WTH?!?), and the second an appointment to remind me when to pick up my car. There is no way to remove either appointment, even after I deleted the trip on TripIt. There is no way to adjust which emails TripIt will turn into an itinerary and put on my calendar. The calendar import feature is very convenient and I don’t want to turn it off, but it appears the app only accommodates an all-or-nothing selection on that point. I have no apps linked to TripIt, so this is definitely a TripIt issue. Please make this adjustable and smarter!!! My calendar is too cluttered with real stuff to make room for fake itineraries and appointments.
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6 months ago, PaulaW007
Best travel app to see your travel itineraries
All you have to do is forward your travel emails to TripIt and the app does it all! Have EVERYTHING in one place: plane, trains, rental cars, hotels, restaurants reservations, museums, you name it! Easy to find anything while traveling. Ultra easy to use (there’s another option for the app to gather reservations directly from your email but I use several emails so I like the forward option). You can also add other travelers to your itinerary and you can also share the main info without showing your reservation codes (“look mom, these are all the hotels where we’ll be staying in Europe”). An absolute MUST HAVE app. Bonus: at the end of the year it shows you how much you traveled and by which transportation means and to how many countries and cities. I just LOVE that feature.
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2 years ago, jfm001
Invaluable App
I travel halfway around the world every month, and not always through the same airports. This app is essential in getting me to my flights on time and to the correct terminals and gates. I will often take up to 4 flights one after the other passing through as many countries, the interactive maps are key to me not getting lost when wondering through new airports where the signs are not in English. I also use it to check that my flights and hotel bookings are in the correct order and on the correct days, as changing the date line on these long trips means that I will check into hotels before I board flights (if in the same time zone). I’ve been using the pro version for a few years, and I am completely happy with the service and features.
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5 years ago, David_Dawson
Most flexible trip organizer
I have used this for more than five years. I’ve tried a few other trip organizers and always go back to this. I am still amazed how quickly everything automatically, magically gets added to this app. That’s the most important thing, flight times, layover lengths, etc. The logistics of the flights should I mostly use it for. It even automatically imports paid shuttles on one end or the other of the flights. It really couldn’t be easier to use and a ton easier than searching for emails. There are a few notes and related things sometimes but I would like to add and it’s easy to add them manually. I add, for example, a restaurant in the airport to visit, or the first destination I need to hit after a flight, or location to pick up ski passes, related things like that. This app is so flexible.
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1 year ago, fwyneken
The best travel app by far!
I have used a number of travel apps over the many years for both extensive personal and professional travel and Tripit is by far the most comprehensive, accurate, and ubiquitous application for organizing all of my travel plans. I use the free version of TripIt for several years and then paid for the Pro version due to the extensive features that were available. Regardless of what platform I am on, I can get my data, add or edit it as necessary and can forward it to other interested persons. I can usually forward my travel plans to other Tripit users as well as sending them by email. Gate change information is often faster than I receive from various airlines. Hands down the best available travel app on the market.
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3 years ago, fastturnz
Useless App
On my last trip, this app signed me out so frequently that I never had easy access to information when I needed it most. As a result, I was left standing around at busy airports trying to remember a password so that I could know where I needed to go for my hotel or frantically trying to sign in to the app so I could check in for a flight. In addition, there is an app for Apple watch but when the phone app signs you out, you no longer have access to information on your watch either! This app actually made my fltravel experience worse! If you want to be that guy (or lady) holding up people at a busy airport while you look up information, this is the app for you. If the developers would at least make an option to adjust how often this app signs out, include a facial recognition feature, or eliminate signing out entirely, the app would be 1,000,000 times more useable. In it's current state, the app is unreliable and adds another annoying step to the already complicated task of managing business travel.
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4 months ago, Zy1yZ
A good app for planning travel with a group that has some pluses on a big minus.
I’ve been using KAYAK for a while to plan and share trip information, but it isn’t a perfect tool, so I thought I’d try TripIt for a while. It is easy to add your plans to TripIt, just forward it reservation emails; Kayak does this too. You can also enter or change details manually. Tripit is somewhat better than kayak for this. With TripIt, it is easy to share a trip with participants who can update the trip with you (e.g. one person works on transportation, another on lodging, etc). The whole trip collaboration thing is easier with TripIt than KAYAK. The subscribed calendar support in KAYAK is much better than TripIt. With KAYAK you can see all your trips, including flights and lodging, on your device calendar. I can easily see how my trips fit into all my other plans. Other people can see my trips on their calendars too. I just share a calendar link with friends and family so they can see where I am and how to reach me on their own device calendars without using the kayak app at all; they like that. Tripit also supports subscribed calendars, but doesn’t include the detailed plans. This is a showstopper for me; it should be straightforward for TripIt to improve their support, but until they do, I’ll stick with KAYAK.
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6 years ago, spnowels
Perfect way to organize travels!
I’ve been using this app for 2 years. My husband and I travel a few times a year and have found that this app is our “go to” way to organize ourselves. We can share the itinerary with each other and our friends and family super easy. It’s a perfect way to track as much or as little details as needed. I love how easy it is to reference and especially love the clean print out I can print!!! I do wish there was an easier way (cleaner way) to track expenses for reference or an option to include in the final summary. There is an area where you can add total cost under “Booking info” ... currently I’ve been adding under “Notes” so it will show up easier. We have not found anything better than this app to coordinate, track, record and share our trip info.
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2 months ago, WildWoodsman34
Great app
TripIt is a great example of how a well-done app can make your life way easier. I travel a lot and the ability to have all my flight, hotel, car rental and more in one spot, assembled by trip in chronological order, is amazing. No more searching my email inbox at the reservation desk for reservation numbers that I received months earlier. No more trying to remember WHAT car rental agency I booked with for that trip. It’s all assembled under that trip header in the app. In addition, I often receive alerts about flight delays or changes from TripIt BEFORE the airline notifies me. Those few extra minutes can mean the difference between catching another flight or missing my connection entirely. I recommend this app regularly, especially to those who travel a lot.
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12 months ago, MartyMacWorldWide
Keeps me Organized and free from Worry
Tripit keeps my travel plans organized. I love how it tracks each element of my trip and as those elements are complete they are grayed out in the trip list. Confirmation numbers, addresses, hotel and travel, museum tickets, restaurant reservations, you name it, are all in one place. I starting using this app in 2016 for a vacation and have used it ever since for both business and personal travel. I have noticed that if you send itinerary plans via email to the app and there is a coincident trip registered (say, for a spouse’s trip over similar dates) the app doesn’t differentiate destinations but only time periods of travel. Still a great app. I have told friends, family, and colleagues about this app and I recommend it without reservation.
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5 months ago, Sharp11Girl
It’s handy but the Pro thing is not worth the money
I’ve been using this app for several years. I have been a general user and a Pro user at different times. I don’t see much benefit in being a Pro user. Airport maps can be googled, and I’m not sure what the other “Pro” benefits are, but it’s not much different from using the app without that. It is nice to have all my travel stuff in one place, but I used the Notes app to keep track before I had TripIt; TripIt does save a little time, when it works. Unfortunately it’s “import plans” feature doesn’t work a lot of the time, even when you would think it would, like when you make a reservation to park at LAX like thousands of people do every week. (I reported this over a month ago and it still has not been fixed) Anyway, in my opinion the app is worth using, but the Pro benefits are not worth paying for.
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2 years ago, Toolmaker85
Good but still falls short.
Love the app concept but still falls short of being totally the app to use while traveling. Love the updates that come faster then the airlines giving gate changes and flight information. Love being able to store my documents in a digital age of electronic tickets and check ins. But this is where the app falls short. I have the pro version yet I’m limited to 25 downloads. I go to Europe so between flights and entrance tickets I’m over my allotted downloads. So I need to search for another app where I can have all my downloads under one trip. I also wish the note portion was more interactive and fluent. I don’t like having to hit the edit button just to see the limited viewing area of the notes. It would also be great to have interactive buttons so after I visit something it’s like a check off list. Otherwise the notes are not the best.
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1 year ago, thelusive
Simply amazed!!!
So I just came across the gem today, and I’m very impressed actually blown away. It tells me to email my itinerary and it’s gonna automatically going to on this on the app for me, for FREE?! I’m like this can’t be real. Someone is gonna sit there and put this information on a schedule for me for free. Ha ha. Within one minute after I email one itinerary after the next, it’s already uploaded into the app in sequential order from my flight to the days I’m on my cruise to the hotel, before and afterwords everything. Like how!!! I don’t know how they have a program to do this and I don’t care. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I guarantee it ha ha absolutely love it can’t wait for more goodies that I will find using this wonderful app, thank you so much for making my life a lot easier.
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3 years ago, SemihTheStud
A Must for Avid Travelers
I travel 150k miles a year and this app makes my life so much easier before and during travels. Oftentimes, I know my flight is delayed before even heading to the airport because of pro features. I also know how to navigate complex airports when connections are tight. But my favorite (and free!) feature is when something is booked, it’s automatically in the app as a trip, and trips with multiple bookings, multiple destinations and legs are all organized nicely in order so I always have the full picture. When checking in or renting, I have the confirmation numbers right there so I never have to search through emails or print anything. If you want a more organized travel experience, I highly recommend this app.
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2 months ago, Maya PS
Has everything EXCEPT airport maps
I use this for every trip I take, I have been using TripIt for at least a few years now. It’s so much easier to save all the info I need for a single trip so I can see my flights, lodging, event tickets, etc in one timeline with confirmation codes. And I just forward all of the confirmation emails to the TripIt auto-email, and it populates all the info into the app for me. And I do all of this for free, which is wonderful. The only real feature I think it lacks is maps for airports. It has the standard Google map of the location, including some of the shops, but I think the intention was for it to show the internal maps provided by the airports. If it had those (and maybe a way to open the digital tickets in-app like I do in Apple Wallet) I think it would be a perfect 5 stars for me.
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6 years ago, Bbpromanage
Easy Trip Planning
Most all trips weather they be for work/aiding a need, educational/exploratory, or just leisurely/vacation. you can bet it will require a great deal of planning, coordination, and communication to pull it off without a hitch. That's why I am very glad I found trip planner, as a father of six amazing children, any trip can quickly escalate into a huge undertaking. Tripit makes the entire production of planning a successful journey seem easy, as a simple, and even fun, application to log every last contact, phone number, reservation, confirmation, to the last detail. it doesn't stop there! Once the trip begins Tripit is still there to help, not just as a reference tool, but provides safety reports for each event based on it's local crime stats, provides directions and maps one with simple push, gets you from here to the next activity on time. Now the icing on the cake, it even assists you in capturing, documenting, and organizing the amazing experience each event brings, by providing individual notes sections, ane even a place to store photos within each event. Tripit is definitely a must have app when planning any trip. Because it allows you to focus on the experience, while Tripit is handling all the plans! And MORE!!! You're my personal Tripit planning assistant!!!
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5 years ago, Staylor
Just a leisure traveler...
I may not travel as much as others, but maybe that’s why I need this more, to organise me like a professional. I love the ease of just forwarding confirmation emails to TripIt, and having all of the information imported automatically. Not just confirmation numbers, but ticket prices, web site info, car type, etc. Every item shows in my regular calendar, so I never have to enter anything twice - especially helpful when there are changes! The notifications are a godsend when there is a flight or gate change - I get them before I get the airline’s - once I was able to rebook the last two seats on another flight, and I know it’s because I knew about the cancellation a few minutes before the rest of the plane. I use this for everything!
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6 years ago, Aonmmom
Did I ever live without this?
Been using TripIt for years, so excellent, essential travel app! Every complicated multistage trip organized everything in one place, can't tell you how great it is. Every time I head to the airport I'm thankful everything is in TripIt. You know what's funny? I didn't write the above review, it was suggested by TripIt when I finally, after YEARS of use, took the time to rate it. But it's so true. On my last trip, a 7 different airport, multi stage college tour with my teenager, I was raving to him about TripIt, how different it used to be to travel without it, all the flights, the rental cars, the hotels, the airbnbs, everything in order with all notes in one place. I would never want to give it up. This is the travel app you want - I promise!
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3 years ago, bpieka
Great for price reduction alerts and check in reminders
If you’re a frequent traveler, this is for you! The free subscription is great to keep track of your travel plans, especially when coordinating plans with other people. The You can link your email account and TripIt will monitor automatically for me reservations or you can simply forward reservations to an email address to be added to you itineraries. The pro subscription it worth the money. It monitors for price drops in fairs - this has already paid for it self a few times over for me! It will reminder you to check in to your flight 24 hours and 5 minutes from your flight. This is great if you fly southwest and don’t have auto-check-in status.
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5 years ago, Spin_Dr.
App doesn’t work well with Southwest
The TripIt app is good, but has a few flaws that needs to be addressed. First, it doesn’t play well with Southwest. One thing I hate is having to check-in on my flight for Southwest. The TripIt app used to paste my confirmation number into the Southwest checkin field. TripIt now opens the Southwest app and you have to go back to TripIt and copy your confirmation number and then go back to Southwest app to paste the confirmation number into the Southwest apps checkin field. This is a pain and not worth paying a premium. Secondly, gate change notices during my last flight where delivered 15 minutes after boarding my flight from Louisville to Los Vegas. If I wouldn’t have noticed a bunch of people get up and leave the gate I would have missed my flight.
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5 months ago, sperrin2017
Seriously the BEST travel app in existence
My husband and I travel a ton. I travel a lot for work, and then we travel with our two young children multiple times a year. I used to maintain Google docs and manually update all the details to make sure we had a stress free trip. This replaces all that manual work, and it’s SO CONVENIENT to see everything in one place, in chronological order. Sometimes it even gives more information than you get from the airline apps. I can’t tell you the number of times my husband and I talk about how great this app is. It’s literally every trip. Our last trip my husband said he’d delete the mail app on his phone before he’d delete trip it. Just download it. There is nothing better out there.
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2 years ago, CharmLady
Don’t leave home without TripIt!
Before I retired, I traveled extensively for my job, and TripIt was the only way I could keep track of where I was going, which hotel I was staying at, what rental car company I was using, and which events I was required to be at. All of this info also synched to my Google calendar so I never booked meetings at the same time as I was flying! Now that I am retired and doing a lot more leisure travel, the same situation’s are remedied by TripIt. I now I’ll keep track of everything including leisure activities. As I am planning my international travel, with the upgraded version, I have access to multiple resources regarding each country I’m visiting, for example, what the COVID requirements are. I don’t know what I would do without TripIt.
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5 years ago, CMD925
A useful tool to keep you updated - Update
I had been using World Mate until it was withdrawn from the market. Was at first reluctant to use TripIt pro but after a week I couldn't remember all the flights, rental cars and hotels booked by our travel department. So I enrolled and was pleasantly surprised. Timely push notifications. Timely reminders. Accurate notifications. What more could one ask? After all it's not supposed to travel for you. You still have to do your due diligence. I have now been using TripIt Pro for over a year. It is my fundamental go-to for all things related to travel. Want a gps-driven map? Press the address of the hotel you’re booked at. Want to be updated on gate changes? TripIt Pro sends you push notifications with latest information.
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2 years ago, App store reviewer 120211
Hang for planning, sharing, and archiving trip details
I’ve been using TripIt for nearly 15 years to organize and share my travel details with companion travelers and at the same time with family members at home. Much more efficient than spreadsheets or emails because everyone always has access to the most current info. Handy flight check-in reminders and other features too. Plus it’s great to easily be able to look up older trips to answer those questions like, “what was the name of that hotel we stayed at in that place back in 2012” or, “when was it that we took that trip to xxxx” I recommend TripIt to all my friends and family when we’re talking about travel. 👍👍
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