trivago: Compare hotel prices

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trivago N.V.
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User Reviews for trivago: Compare hotel prices

4.78 out of 5
180.7K Ratings
3 months ago, mermaid grandma
Fast and easy…
Before I found Trivago, I was frustrated. Spent hours and hours and came up with no results, and 6 pages of notes. nothing that we liked. There maps were off or difficult to read, the others you couldn’t even see the Parthenon or where the Spanish steps were in Rome. Then I tried Trivago ….best map….easy to set up filters…easy to see rooms, loved the tags of prices on the map…could see where Parthenon is and Trevi fountain… booked a hotel…thank you
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1 month ago, Tug0war
Lost 244 dollars to one of their “Major booking sites”
I recently went through Trivago to book a hotel in Tampa. It led me to a booking site called Algotels. I paid for the room, but never got a confirmation number, so on the day before I was supposed to leave I called them to cancel. They said they would refund me and I ended up booking through the hotel website. They confirmed my room and gave me a confirmation number. Then I got an email mail from Algotel not only refusing to refund me, but they gave me the same email confirmation number I booked MYSELF through the hotel. I complained to Trivago and they said they couldn’t do anything because it was a 3rd party site. BEWARE! Trivago does not hold these 3rd party sites responsible, nor does it seem like they vette any of these sites for legitimacy. You are out on a limb, once you make an interaction. I may not get my money back, but at least I may help someone else from making the same mistake. UPDATE: Trivago vettes ADVERTISERS, not booking agencies. My mistake. What are people downloading Trivago for? Advertisements? Folks there you have it, straight from the source itself. Again, learn from my mistake and save your money.
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6 years ago, DanielC918
False information
Don't trust Trivago! They obviously don't make any effort to make sure the information they provide is even remotely true. When you're on the road, and need to find a place to rest for the night, use another app. This one is crap. The name and address were correct, but they put up pictures of a completely different hotel. They show rooms, bathrooms, and lobby completely renovated. They put language right up front that there have been no recent negative reviews for the property. Then they highlighted a bunch of reviews saying things like: "very clean and modern," " the hotel is only 1 year old," and "really nice and clean," but after we booked non-refundable, we arrived to a dirty, worn out hotel with broken furniture and creaky beds with springs barely contained by the thin sheets. The elevator was out & several of the fire doors were busted: super safe for our young family. The towels and wash cloths are falling apart, and "non-smoking room" apparently means they sprayed Febreeze, or more likely, some watered-down off brand air freshener.
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3 years ago, Artist Anne
Glen Iris Inn
Our very small room was on the third floor and the air conditioning didn’t work. It was a hot day, mid 90’s. It was oppressive. The tower fan blew all night. I used wet washcloths to cool down. They weren’t able to change our room since they were at full capacity. No mention there was no air conditioning when I made the reservation. The grounds are poorly kept, weeds growing taller than plantings. The waitresses were not well trained. Please, management, train your staff! We had to ask for everything, like cocktail napkins and please light the table candle. The place is poorly managed and could be a dreamy destination. Our dinner table was bare. No tableware, candle never lit, no flowers. It was a sea of brown bare tables with no life in the room. Our dinner was mediocre. We will never stay here again. I hope they follow through with a reduced charge for the room. The waterfall and walkways are stunning examples of nature and engineering. Worth a drive to see it. Stay somewhere else.
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3 years ago, RDWharley
Hideous password criteria
Where do these apps come up with such ridiculous password requirements? 12 characters? The most a password needs to be for an app like this is eight characters! Get in the Flippin real world! I won't be using this app that's for sure! Update! Just heard from the developer that basically said they take security very seriously and had no interest in even addressing the concern I expressed. Typical arrogance of a lot of tech companies. Think they know better than their customers. For heaven sake's this is a hotel search engine! It's not my bank account! Even my Chase bank account password is a normal 8 digit password. Travelocity, Priceline and others do just fine with 8 digit passwords that don't require a PhD to encrypt! Like I said. They won't be getting my business. When will companies ever learn to listen to their customers?
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6 years ago, davinmma
Sometimes good sometimes not
I was placing a hotel order for a hotel in my area, and when i found what I wanted and I clicked on the listing, the listing gave me the amount and I placed the order... PROBLEM: when I go over my reservation, the hotel showed up in another state even though I ordered the correct listing for my area. I had to call the hotel directly and report the problem. And then I had to call Expedia because trivago gave me a listing by Expedia and so I had to get a refund for the reservation because it was in another state which I never requested. The app is NOT always reliable. Always double check your listing has the correct address, not only in the search listing but also at the time of payment.
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7 years ago, MikeLMA
Great when get past some bugs
If used in a certain way, it is very frustrating (see below). However, if you don't use it that way, or know how to get past it, it is a very useful app for the visual hotel ratings alone. My only wish for enhancements would be for it to take Apple Pay and consolidate a payment, so I would not have to create accounts on a bunch of different sites. ---- past review ---- BUG: if you use the "map" to define your search area, and it is zoomed out about 20 miles across, then go to "list", and change sort to "price", it messes up their SQL and includes motels from hundreds of miles away. In addition after that happens, if you use zip codes starting with "0" like those in Massachusetts, it will search SPAIN. Once it gets confused, you need to kill the program and start over. KLUGE TO GET AROUND THEIR BUG: Zoom map in to search about 5 miles and do the same procedure and you will get a list of local hotels sorted by price. You just need to repeat the process afew times to search a larger area.
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2 years ago, laras19
Trivago, the most useful travel site of alll
Of all the travel sites, Trivago is the most useful and the easiest to use. Its provision of pricing and other comparative information compiled from numerous independent travel sites makes Trivago the one indispensable site to consult to formulate travel plans. The site even provides feature-by-feature comparisons of hotels and other travel-related data. Trivago not only indicates the site offering the lowest price but the best deal, thus helping you narrow your options and choices. Trivago will definitely save you time and can clearly save you money as well.
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6 years ago, MQK
Never Again!
They booked a room for us and charged $270 to my debt card. We arrived at the Hotel to find that there wasn’t a room available after all. I checked my account and there were two charges for $270 each! We called Trivago. They said we’d get our money back in 7 to 10 days. We still haven’t gotten it. This is theft and I’m going to file a complaint about Trivago with our bank and/or lawyer. On top of that we had to deal with a non-English speaking person. I asked 6 times if I could speak to someone who spoke English. The women didn’t seem to understand me and completely ignored my request. I would strongly recommend against Trivago unless you like paying for a room you never stayed in. I gave them one star only because zero was not an option.
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5 years ago, CocoMonster777
Easy and very helpful
I love this app. It’s flexible and user friendly. Information (maps, hotel details and user ratings) and wide range of options to choose from makes the shopping process practical and easy to use. Highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, shadaitv
Trying to cancel the reservation
I Called the number they provide to cancel my reservation Expedia clerk told me I couldn’t do it and I was going to get charge the 2 night anyways. He told me that was the hotel police. Well I end it up traveling and staying at the hotel since we were going to get charged but I went ahead and ask the front desk lady about their police and she told me that trivago is the one that will charge the two night if I would call the hotel directly and make reservation with them without getting trivago involved they will be able to canceled for me at no charge but since I did my reservation thru them They couldn’t help. 😵 I’m getting erasing the app after finishing this.. from now on I will call the hotel directly....
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5 years ago, JackieBeeMD
False advertisement!!!
This company completely lacks moral integrity and concern for their customers. I am writing this on a drive home from out of state after a hotel room that I booked at the Omni Providence Hotel through Trivago was not available when I arrived at the hotel. It was OVERSOLD - ie I paid for a room that was not available. This is OUTRAGEOUS and WRONG, and I am in shock that this company offers such lies included in their business model. I will NEVER be using Trivago again, and I recommend everyone stay away from this scam. And to top it off, they do not even answer their customer service line!!! I am having to put a stop payment on this because no one will speak to me from this scam of a company to refund my money. WORST APP EVER.
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4 years ago, Techno-nut
Like the search, hate the waste of screen space
The latest version of the app keeps the large search criteria box open and blocking a lot of the screen near the top, very annoying and distracting. Bad on the iPad Pro, terrible on the iPad. The little map button at the bottom is annoying too. Get them both of the results screen, make them slide up or sideways, or put in a thin menu bar they can drop down from when called upon. They do not need to be on the screen the entire time you are scrolling thru all the results.
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4 years ago, Fireguy36
I give Trivago a one star because you can’t give them a zero or less. I booked a hotel through them and tried to cancel due to the COVID 19 pandemic. They said they can’t cancel and I had to cancel through another site called Cancelon. Cancelon would not answer the phone and the system puts you on hold for 60 minutes prior to hanging up on you. This attempt was made 4 times with the same outcome. I ended up disputing through the credit card company and Trivago recharged me stating I did not cancel in time. If they answered their phone calls I would have been well within the time frame. HORRIBLE BUSINESS.
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2 years ago, 3;6tgd
Tried to make a hotel reservation and once I gave payment information I could not locate any type of confirmation. Logged on to your site and it said no stays so I called hotel to see if they had a reservation for me and they also said no. I waited a day and checked again with the same results. I then made other arrangements. Two days later I get a confirmation for a reservation i am not able to cancel so now I have two. I will never recommend this site. I am out almost $260. No way to contact and get a response from anyone.
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4 years ago, rootisntworthit
They lie, do not use Trivago!
I am planning a trip for my wife in I in downtown Austin. I usually use Priceline but after seeing a recent commercial multiple times about how Trivago finds you a cheaper deals than normal sites I decided to give it a try. I entered the exact same criteria I used in Priceline and the first hotel that popped us was $63 dollar more per night that priceline, the next was $127 more per night and another was $97 more a night. So no, Trivago doesn’t not give you a better price. They are just hoping that their users just blindly believe them and are too dumb to check for themselves.
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1 year ago, Egsands
Not enough information
I usually travel with my pet, therefore I am always looking for a pet friendly hotel. Lately I find that hotels that post themselves a pet friendly places, charge more than a second person for my pet and on top of that if my pet is over twenty lbs. he is not allowed at all inside the hotel. Booking should post this restrictions on their app as to avoid making reservations at these places.
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5 years ago, Driver18
Ambiguous and deceptive
First time using the app, booked a room that I needed for that night (7-13). Got a confirmation letter from the hotel for a reservation 30 days away. I called the hotel directly and was told they couldn’t cancel or refund my incorrect reservation and I was to call Trivago for help. Since there is NO PHONE NUMBER for customer assistance I emailed Trivago and after 9 emails and 3 days I still have no resolution. Trivago is pointing the finger at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn is pointing the finger at Trivago. Very frustrating to say the least. Stay away from these thieves. I’m sorry I gave them a chance. Never again.
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5 years ago, Don the pirate
Booked a room with two queen beds through the Trivago app. Took me to Expedia. I put in two adults, and three children, and there were the two queen beds and a sofa bed. The sofa bed was mentioned two places in the description, under the “two queen beds” room. No sofa bed. Desk clerk: You did get the correct room. Only our king bed rooms have sofa beds. I have to admit it. They got me. I thought the two references to the sofa bed meant that I’d have a sofa bed. Booking through the Trivago app left me with no email, no record (within the app itself), and no evidence on Expedia.
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9 months ago, Scripps Coastal
Turn logo has a good side overall but when it comes to the filtering, there should be an option to put just the city that you want and not the surrounding areas. Example: when searching for a hotel in Manhattan New York, it keeps giving me hotels in New Jersey and I don’t want New Jersey. I just wanna know what’s in Manhattan area of New York Alice
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2 years ago, 808Robz
The right time
I’m glad I saw trivago, they try to the accommodate what’s best for you an your family an there’s variety’s. You get to choose an if you can’t find a place convenient there’s always a next. Just plan ahead an trivago will help out
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5 years ago, MrZJK541
Even the staff can’t believe the savings I get!
I was able to get 2 nights at a nice hotel in a 2 person suite with a whirlpool bath for a price that even the worker who checked me in was surprised at the price. Use this app to find some of the best deals for hotels and amazing prices. I could not be happier with this app.
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5 years ago, Greg- Union, KY
Love the Map Feature
I really enjoy the map feature. It allows me to find the perfect balance between price and location. Sometimes, by going a little beyond my target area, I can find an even better rate that justifies the extra distance. Brilliant!!
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5 years ago, 2016_Silversdo
Marine Morris
Extremely easy to use and I like that, nobody needs to be checking out places then after several minutes one finds out there are hidden fees and charges, or you end up with nothing like you wanted, like I said, on the road nobody needed a hassle.
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5 years ago, Wind635
Easy and cheap
Very easy to use and got s great deal. I booked 3 months out because I tried same venue last month but all good deals were gone. I paid less for 8 days than I usually pay for one night. So easy and easy no cost cancellation too.
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3 years ago, Peoria, IL
I travel an average of 300 days a year with my work. I used to use a half a dozen different apps for rooms etc. Trivago has saved me so much time and money with the ease of going to one app only now. Thanks Trivago
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8 months ago, surfski5
While on the road booked a room for the night. When I got to the hotel realized I booked for the wrong day. Now to try to get my money back. I’m getting the runaround. It’s sad that your site pops up a calendar. That is for a week or two in advance versus the day that you’re trying to book a room for.
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5 years ago, windgin100
Very easy to use
I’ve used Trivago several times and find it easy to use and very helpful when you are trying to save money. I don’t stay in motels/hotels often - but use Trivago when I am staying out of town!
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5 years ago, Davem22199
Easy to use
I was able to find the room and location in NYC at the price I wanted . The filter section allows you to easily customize your search
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3 years ago, Junco6745
It won’t give me the right location
I clicked on a hotel and it gives me one in a completely different town. ?? It says the correct address at the bottom but where you pick the room says a totally different address. It looks like this would be a good app. But I can’t use it because of this problem.
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5 years ago, Brianinbmore
Everything but convenient payment at end
Why have an app tied to a device that stores payment method you cannot select from in the app? It is July 2019. Finding good was ok, but then a countdown makes you feel you might lose it, then you have to manually enter your card #. Let’s update the app for convenience:)
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6 years ago, marc359
Hosts fraudulent travel companies
We booked 3 hotel rooms and the company Hotel Quickly then secretly cancelled the booking the week before the day of the reservation and pocketed the entire payment. They don’t offer refunds because they are a fake company set up to commit fraud. It is shocking that Trivago allows them to operate on their app. The hotel could not help and said Hotel Quickly has scammed them repeatedly. Trivago’s app has virtually no customer support to help with any of this.
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1 month ago, SVJC44
This app is a scam
I was planning a trip to Arlington, and I was looking at a certain hotel. First time I looked at it, it was around $489 a night. Next day, it was $613 a night and I booked it. Due to technical difficulties, my reservation was refunded with a $150 credit. Looked this morning, the room shot up to $840 a night! Almost doubled in basically 2 days! Checked Expedia, $490 a night. Screw this app, will never use again.
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5 years ago, speed demon.
I really like this app it has helped me tremendously pick out hotels that I need in the areas I am going it helps me keep from picking a bad hotel and wasting my money. It also helps me get a good deal on the hotel price.
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6 years ago, Mrs. Molar Mechanic
Big savings!
We found a nice hotel for three nights for less money than a comparable hotel nearby for only two nights and much more money! Thank you for the bargain!
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5 years ago, Skyie Corp.
I have tried all the hotel find apps for our corporate needs and trivago works the best and has the best deals hands down. This app is a one stop shop for our corporation from now on. Very satisfied.
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5 years ago, SNT312
Trivago makes it easy to locate all the hotels in the area your searching. Their site allows travelers to seek what they are looking for and book the hotel they want for the night at a very reasonable price.
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5 years ago, Flatlander39
Reliable information.. easy to use
I find Trivago to be a very convenient way to book my travel. It examine many sites and seeks the one that most closely matches my needs
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5 years ago, Islander1986
Trivago is helpful and easy to use!
The commercial is right on point. The deals are there and the app is easy to use to book your hotel. Thank you!
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5 years ago, travelerinpain
Not Happy
This is the first time I’ve used this ap. Won’t do it again. Just pulled in to my hotel. No one told me that it is undergoing extensive renovation. The front entryway is blocked by workers and their vehicles. Elevator is not working - maybe it will later as someone is on the way over to fix it. $140 a night (with taxes). Very unhappy! Now I’m really worried! Both of the nicknames I entered (part of each was ‘unhappy’) are taken. Is this a sign?
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5 years ago, COLRB
Booking is easy and reliable. Gives one a great deal of peace to have such issues settled before leaving home. Frees up the mind so one can enjoy their travel so much more.
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1 year ago, tatay @ anak
great app❤️
This website is the only one that gives you flexibility of your budget. I love using Trivago to search places to stay.
Show more
9 months ago, Binky8332
Trivago is the best place to find less expensive lodging . I have used it many times and will recommend it to all my friends. 5 STARS
Show more
5 years ago, barryc2000
The easiest navigation you will do on your Trip!
This user Friendly App will give you the greatest Selection of Accommodations to pick along your trip. Thanks T
Show more
5 years ago, Eagle4two
Last minute Hotel
Great app! Found a last minute hotel reservation for $100 less than the going rate for top national hotels. Thanks, I’ll keep coming back to this app!
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5 years ago, HappyinRaleigh
DJ in Raleigh
Great aap! I have used it hundreds of time and it never fail me! It takes me to the location of the best deal, once I choose the property that I desire. It simplifies my life when I travel! Thank you Trivago!!
Show more
5 years ago, Rugger1310
Easy process
Looked up hotels checked other sites came back and was finished in under 5 minutes
Show more
5 years ago, Mtpocits
Redirects Incorrectly
Click on San Diego, do “map” view, focus down on Mission Beach area, redirects you to LaJolla and show “no results”. Do the same for Mssion Beach, drill down one time, redirects to LaJolla and no results. Worthless app. Just tried Glendale, AZ. Same result. Dbl click down, redirects to Sun City AZ with “no results”. Aaarrrggghhhhh
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3 months ago, Bad bad bad and mor baf
Poor business
Very unhappy with Trivago. My reservation was made, my credit card was charged and I needed to make a change. Can’t reach the third party company m, Algotel, to make the change. I never received a confirmation email so I am out $160 . I’ve spent more time trying to communicate but the layers of communication are ridiculous! Never again!
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3 years ago, jillco27
Don’t use!!
I had chosen a certain hotel, and when I received my confirmation e-mail, it was a completely different hotel! Not only that, but when I called that hotel, they didn’t even have the room type I reserved, so I would’ve had to pay way more to the hotel to get the actual room I reserved. I am disgusted. Never again.
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