Trucker Tools

4.2 (1.4K)
69 MB
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Seller LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trucker Tools

4.18 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Inks74
Nathaniel Stratton
I’m an owner operator but I’m leased onto a company that handles all the booking of loads for me. Occasionally there is a need for using the reloading portion of the app and it is very helpful when needed. Mainly I find the app very helpful concerning routes and fuel optimization. I constantly use app for knowing where the scales and scale houses are located on each route. I also can easily find rest areas without any problems. These people at Trucker Tools are absolutely trying their best to help the industry in becoming more easily user friendly for new O/O, seasoned vets and brokers, I love that they are easily reachable and will address any problems with the app I might run into. Thank you Trucker Tools!
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1 year ago, singhsation
only good for tracking
I’m on a load by CHR and I’m using the TT app for tracking. I looked at the “Loads” feature and I just had to say that if you’re going to brag about the app being a convenient way to look for and book loads and is a time saver, then maybe make this feature a little more user friendly? Sadly, you can only look for loads one day at a time and god forbid if you have to change the date to look for loads on a different day, you have to tap on the screen 7 times just to change the date. SEVEN TIMES. I have a feeling that this feature is hardly used in the TT app and if someone is using it, they’re most likely in a bind or are forced to use it. BUT, if they went out of their way to leave positive feedback for this feature, then they clearly don’t know what a great app to search for loads looks like. TT is a decent app for tracking purposes but other than that there’s nothing to brag about. Hopefully someone will read this and make some changes.
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4 years ago, Kllong
It’s good
I’ve used this for years, I especially like the Route Optimization. I use it when there is a missing truck driver. I also use the axle calculator and even showed it to DOT once after loading and scaling at a mill, I had written the weights down and there was no CAT scale near. Would y you know we wanted to see axle weights. It worked. Today when I tried to put my route in for the current trip, the app could not find a truck route.
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4 years ago, BigJdallas
Trucker Tools is the Best!
So I have only been using Trucker Tools for almost a year thanks to a suggestion from Driven trucking. Im still Saving my pennies in order to buy my own Truck, but was able to still use the app in order to navigate and look for fuel routes. I wanted to familiarize myself with an easy to navigate app so that when I am able to purchase my own truck I will be in the know and ready to rock and Roll. Thank you for making a very easy to navigate tool. Josh Dallas, Texas
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3 years ago, surly trucker
You need to make it so your app doesn’t track people when they are not doing a load that requires tracking, on iPhone I can select to allow it to track ONLY WHILE USING THE APP but it insists I set it to always allow, which means even when I’m not actively under a load, I received a message from my phone that macropoint tracked my location 36 times in the background because it’s set up the same way as this app no doubt is, I also know you will claim otherwise and most likely that will be a lie. I should not have to keep installing and uninstalling apps from MY PHONE because of these apps intrusive nature in order to safeguard my privacy.
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2 years ago, driver DT
Could be better.
The app works mediocre at best. It would be a whole lot better if they would actually design it or fix it so it would not lag and freeze up even with perfect service while you’re trying to edit or update your dwell times, your comments on a load and scroll through each stop. Also with it always tracking it drains the battery down on your phone quick. Also the constant notifications about a load track that is going on becomes annoying.
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5 years ago, Zeus_77_DR
Very Helpful App
This app is really good and could be better. One of my most favorite features is knowing what truck stops are up ahead and if you click On Route even better. Some locations are a little off but still great sometimes even better than what my Rand Mccnally and Garmin would say about what’s coming up. Must try and use. Hope you guys update soon. Truckers give it a shot.
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4 years ago, Lady Tumbleweed
Recent updates have made this app unusable for the purposes I have. Mapping is not accurate. Load tracking/ finding is no longer working. No response from their IT in the message section about the problems. Excess data usage was an issue before the recent updates. On my phone screen the app stays actively using location while it’s sending wrong information to the brokers; several miles even states away from the actual location. No answer at their telephone number anymore. Maybe another company that is closing??
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1 year ago, Adamsupercub
Best App for Drivers!
This by far is the best app in the industry. There’s so many great features. It’s nice to have not just when tracking a load for a broker but even when you’re not on a load. You can easily find and book loads and utilize so many other tools the app offers and all for FREE!
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3 years ago, matthew541998
Not sure what’s changed
There’s fewer truck stops on here than there was maybe a month ago, for instance the circle K at exit 33 off i20 in south carolina is no longer on here. Also, it doesn’t tell me what fuel cards are accepted anymore. Overall still a good app though.
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3 years ago, Five-"O"
Trucker tools review 🚛
This is an excellent app! Very helpful and well designed. The layout is very user friendly. Every truck driver should utilize this extremely helpful app... I especially enjoy the “Magazine” section, very interesting and insightful. 🚛🚛🚛 I would highly recommend this tool to all drivers!!!
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5 years ago, Thegreatunobolio
I am a logistics specialist for a brokerage, we have an asset and power sides . This is perfect for me as a broker. I don’t have to bother with worrying about updates, every 5 min it pings and gives me where load is tracking, plus when done with load they can scan bills straight to me , how does it get any easier
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4 years ago, wolf trucker
They messed up perfectly working app!!
I’ve been using this app for 4 years. Now the app is constantly crashing after last update. The only true functionality was the diesel finder. Now its all messed up. bummer!
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4 years ago, aliwsh
I don’t believe why do use the camera on this app
Why the used the camera on this app .... what they needs ...? Also the tell me to Loaded and Unloaded as my offering me $100 after i get done they call me me back and they said We will pay you $50 after i get done .. This is kind of money hungry ... very bad broker really should not trust this people’s...Shameless full disrespect 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻... but still i think why they was truck me 24/7 whyyyyy . Why the didn’t tell me thy used the camera without Permission ....
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4 years ago, this site app
App support will not respond
I have sent repeated messages regarding a notification I receives whenever I submit a quote for a load “looks like you are working with a broker” please advise why this notification is popin up, I am not a broker nor am I working with a broker. There seems to be a problem because in my setting the App continues to place multiple brokers, I continuously delete them but they seem to automatically replaced once I click back into the settings! Can someone please respond?
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1 year ago, ASAP197
Usually stuff that is free,probably is horrible 1.It’s slow to load loads 2.It doesn’t save your spots where you would like to get a load 3.It’s keeps sending you emails about loads that you clearly have posted for a truck’s previous days ,for previous dates 4.The fuel finder isn’t to bad if it would stay open 5.Even if you find a load a lot of the posting are wrong what should be for a Reefer is posted for a Van so that’s a waste of time 6.Some brokers use this for tracking,which isn’t to bad 7.Most of the bid loads,you will never hear back from It not fair to compare them with DAT,or Truckstop Because they charge, but if you compare them to Uber Freight,JB Hunt RXO,then they are not even in their not even close
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4 years ago, Vadwoosh
This application is tracking you 24/7
This app tracks your location when you are not on the load 24/7. I have tested it for over a week now without being assigned a load. And then they sell your personal information and location to advertisers and 3rd party scammers. Also this is being used to manipulate the market prices. Don’t feed the system, delete this app right after you finish your load. Stop enabling “them” from spying on you.
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2 years ago, turn buckle
Lousy app
Truckers tool truckstop locations the very worst app I have ever seen if you ever get to the truckstop sites it will bring up 100 gas stations with one diesel pump and no truck parking that’s not a truckstop I need to know need to truckers tool truckstop locations the very worst app I have ever seen if you ever get to the truckstop sites it will bring up 100 gas stations with one diesel pump and no truck parking that’s not a truckstop I need to know where I can pull in sleep get a meal this is ridiculous
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6 months ago, Wpayne2002
Continuing to track my location.
Tracing continues when it should STOP tracking. The security on my iPhone caught them tracking me 52 times in previous 3 days when tracking should have stopped 3 days earlier. I followed their instructions and they still tracked me during my personal time. They don’t pay for my phone bill but use it for their benefit. Wonder what else their doing that we don’t know about
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4 years ago, why so shady
Owner operator
I used the app on a load once and then had other freight brokers calling me and tracking my movements even when I wasn’t on a load. I even had someone call me offering me a fuel card and showed me a map of every truck stop I had passed along my route. How invading is that?.... Be very skeptical about the apps you download on your devices. Some are very intrusive and can read your personal information and emails. Total violation of your privacy.
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3 years ago, Yes,No
Not the best
First I don’t see the need just to track a truck when you don’t have any information on the loads that you are on , besides where you picking up and dropping off. Other that no pickup numbers. And you still have to call in just to verify you picked up or finished unloading, but that is not what bothers me. It’s the lack of information.
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4 years ago, yukon_cornelius43
Almost the best
Trucker Tools has been one of the many apps I use on a daily basis to get through my day. I also enjoy reading the magazine articles when I can. It’s optimized for simple redirecting and fuel solutions. Thanks to DrivenTrucking for getting me on board and suggesting the app.
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4 years ago, Randal 1951
Not helpful
Customer requires it but I can’t read it. It’s like a stack of cards with only the top 1/8” showing of each card. If you have a suggestion, I’m listening. Developer response helped. App is still a little busy and for me at least not intuitive. Could be a generational thing. I’m older than dirt as the saying goes.
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7 years ago, Raentn
Very accurate truck stop information
I have been using this app for 3 months. It's very accurate and has great information. I definitely recommend it! Keep up the good work!!!
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3 years ago, azul trucking
Looking for a job
I have 2 box truck 26 ft and willing to get more trucks .just i need to found someone to make my small business growing thank you
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1 year ago, TechSavvySam
Fundamentally Flawed and Doesn’t Respect Privacy
I try to use this app from time to time to find backhauls. It has fundamental flaws that make it a time waster. First you can’t restrict the pickup date to a single day. I don’t sit around for days waiting for a back haul, so why are you showing me multiple pickup days? Second issue is the app doesn’t show loaded miles. AFAIK, this is the only app that doesn’t. One other note is you MUST turn on location services for the app to work. This is a privacy violation and brokers use this info to see number of trucks in an area to drive rates down. This issue alone drives rating down to one star.
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4 years ago, Gia1130!
Load search
Please fix the load search. This new update made the load search almost impossible. Doesn’t let me choose the origin for a load search only allows current location and takes forever to load
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3 years ago, Melissa Fana
Best tracking app
I dispatch and use trucker tools a lot to look for available loads and track the drivers. It’s hands down the easiest most up to date app I have used.
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8 months ago, !!!Good Morning
Cell phone
You brokers are to stupid when it comes to cell phone laws, no matter if a company gives you permission to call a drivers phone that does not give you the right to call said cell phone you have to have written authorization from the driver himself to call a cell phone if no authorization was given it is illegal to call.
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2 years ago, Phatmanz
Doesn’t work
I tried registering my dot and mc number and the systems keeps saying to enter a valid number. I tried to send an email to support and got a system error message. Can’t even contact support. Disappointing. Not sure why nothing seems to work but I deleted the app. Many other apps out there that do the same thing.
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4 years ago, Threxx23
Decent but needs some MAJOR upgrades!!!
I like how you can send quotes, BUT don’t like how I need to go open maps to figure out the distance. I also don’t like how every time I send a quote I need to renter my contact info. No refresh search page or pick a distance to a pic up and distance with in the of a drop. No back haul search tab.
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4 years ago, trker4trump
Junk spyware
Good thing I used a crap email address the amount of junk I’ve gotten is unreal. These apps are nothing more than data farms to sell your personal info. Brokers obviously don’t care because you still get hounded even when they make a big deal about using the app. Use at your own risk or put it on a junk phone and email that stays with your truck!
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7 years ago, Nanny's Sunshine
Transportation consultant for poultry brokerage
Love this app. Use it daily the mileage app is my most used part. The actual mileage is perfect for giving an eta to customers , getting rates for loads etc. Love it
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3 years ago, bad Supervisors
Invalid everything
Trying to get loads and it ask for information. Everything from my email, telephone number, and company name when trying to edit this it just keeps saying invalid and I can’t look up loads.I don’t know if it’s a computer glitch or not but I’m not having a good time with this
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4 years ago, BLee1116
One to watch
This app is going to become the number one app for the trucking industry in the future.
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2 years ago, The biggest load of crap!!!
This app notifies all the brokers where and when your truck will be empty! THIS KEEPS THE RATES DOWN by letting the brokers know how many trucks are in the area!!! Same as MacroPoint!!! Stop allowing the brokers to hold the rates down by tracking your trucks!!! EVEN UBER AND LYFT ARE SMART ENOUGH TO CUT THEIR TRACKING OFF AND MAKE THE RATES GO UP!!! DELETE THE APP FROM YOUR PHONE, THE BROKERS WILL PUT YOUR INFORMATION IN AND ALERT ALL BROKERS WHEN YOU WILL BE EMPTY AND WHERE!!! BE SMART!
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4 years ago, Flatbed driver 88
App seems to a great tool
I recently add this app to help with fuel and route planning and it seems to work great.
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3 years ago, Monster Man TN
Good loads
I really like the app. You can find great loads paying good money. The only problem is the app is trash. It keeps crashing. You’ll be in the middle of searching for loads find one then the app goes blank. Smh.
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4 years ago, wickedpissah69
Complete junk.
I had to download this app for detention purposes and after putting my info in the screen goes white and that’s it. I’m a company guy and within a few hours of putting my info in I have had a handful of brokers calling me. This app sells your information and tracks your every move. Very intrusive app. Deleting as soon as I get to the receiver.
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2 years ago, Leftlayne
I see you all still haven't fixed the blank white screen after looking at a load and trying to go back to your load search. Only way to fix is completely close out and start over. Not good.
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4 years ago, Cuz I Can Twice
Had my iphone icloud account and all connected emails hacked out of Dallas tx after using this app for load tracking, besides the social group of people looking for gay sex with truckers, in a world filled with hackers this has no security so if you want some random logistics firm connecting to your phone well thats your choice i am very careful what i download and you should too
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7 months ago, ArtJeck
Delete this app after each use.
This app is tracking you 24 hours 7 days a week even if you’re on vacation or home. You and your family not safe if anyone has access to your every step. Avoid downloading it.
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4 years ago, app crashes on iphone 7
App broken on iphone7
Does not work on iphone7. Tells me I’m working for a new carrier (I’m not) and that carrier info does not match what I have in settings. When I try to choose one of the two carrier suggestions and select the update button the app crashes. Also tracking on Iphone 7 has not been working all the time
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5 years ago, Hereismyname
Come on really!!!!
This could be a great app. Some of the icons in side the app don’t work. Some of the icons in side the app if you click/touch it goes to the next step but there is no way to go back to the previous step. You have to close the app and start over. Also seems slower than some of the other broker apps.
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1 year ago, bored to death 1965
I'm seriously disappointed with the app.
I had to use it for a load, so the freight broker could track me. It worked fine until I was loaded and had left the shipper. I could not get it to track. I arrived at the receiver 3 days later. It still showed me at the shipper.
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2 years ago, CosmicCuban
App doesn’t work at all!
I put in all my info and then the screen goes blank. If I leave the app for any reason it stops working. I used to use it a lot for loads but it’s become impossible to use I hope there’s a real update soon. Please respond
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4 years ago, LM4Photo
Very Useful
So many great tools for today’s trucker, the truck stop guide alone makes this ap worth the download.
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2 years ago, dejavu u
Not Working
Screen blanks out and stays white. Important fix. I have customers requesting tracking and I have to delete and reinstall. White Screen
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2 years ago, Vendomax
Worst trucking app
I have 6 trucking apps on my iPhone and somehow trucker tools drains battery and cellular data more than all of my apps combined. Every time I’m done using it have to go to settings and block all permissions(location, cellular, background refresh) Drains battery super fast.
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1 year ago, Mujo haso
I would not recommend this app.
This app doesn’t end tracking after load is delivered. You have to multiple times mark as load completed. Keeps tracking after load is delivered.
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