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User Reviews for TruckSmart ™

4.67 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
1 year ago, usmcnla
App is okay, locations not so much
They’re either understaffed or dirty or system glitch. I’ve emailed their customer support but their response is to the location. If there is an issue with the location and we can’t get help, then that’s where customers support is supposed to support you. I had 3 shower credits. I used one and the other 2 disappeared just like their customer support. I’ve since decided to do most of my fill ups at Loves or Pilot/Flying J. I only use TA if it is a remote location and have no other option.
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2 years ago, 19RTS73
Too buggy (for iPhone anyway)
Did anyone even test this prior to release? Upon signing up, I was asked for my birthdate. A date picker opened up, but there was no indication of which month or year it had defaulted to. So I picked a date at random to learn that it had apparently defaulted to 2003. So, to get to my actual birth year, I’d have to just keep track in my head of how many times I’d have to click to get back to when I was actually born. I’m pretty old, so that would take too long. The app now thinks I’m 18. Whatever. Why do you need it anyway? Once the wonky date is in there, there is no way to edit it because you aren’t allowed to use the keyboard, just the useless date picker. Moving on, I wanted to reserve a shower at a location a little under 100 miles away. The app defaults to locate within 50 miles. The interface looks like I can change the distance to 100 miles, but nothing happens when I click on it. So I tried disabling location services to trick the app into letting me tell it myself which location to search for, but the shower reservation module won’t work at all if you don’t allow it location access. I’m all out of workarounds and so far I’m not impressed. EDIT: It looks like you can’t actually make a reservation for a shower; the app just allows you to get in the shower queue. In this case, the 50 mile restriction makes sense, but the app shouldn’t refer to this as a “reservation” since you can’t select a specific time slot ahead of time.
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2 years ago, Jonicraw
Great Start, Not Ready for High Demand
Been using this app for 1.5 years since it launched with pumpsmart. Throughout the covid frenzy, made such a easy to pump function possible. However, beginning in January of 2022, I noticed bugs and glitches that were occurring more and more often. Specifically pumpsmart functions. When peak fuel time occurs (times when truckers are fueling at the same time in lines across the nation) the app simply gives up and goes brain dead. It spins and spins, and spits out a no card on file message (which simply means it timed out due to too many truckers using the same function which slows down the sever). App developers, please update your sourcecode & servers to handle the HIGH DEMAND of truckers fueling at the same time. It may cost to upgrade servers but how much more lost business does it cost due to slow or broken tools?! This peak time is 3pm-6pm CST for fueling. Only way around this glitch is to fuel before or after these times. Company drivers are filling and clocking off so the pattern makes sense. But being unable to fuel when all my cards are digital can be a dangerous situation for a fuel card. FIX IT! Invest in your tools and your clients will be grateful.
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5 months ago, Canute73
Fuel receipts will no longer download from app
Your app is no longer allowing the download of fuel receipts. Recently when I go to view a receipt (from ANY device) I now just get sent to a blank screen. Some of us haul extremely high security freight and our trucks can NEVER be left unattended. This means that in order to go in and get a receipt we must now wake up our codriver to watch the truck/cargo while we go inside. As we have absolutely no intentions of waking up our codriver every time we fuel this means that we will have to start fueling at non TA/Petro locations until you get this fixed. (Fortunately us owner-ops have the option to spend OUR money elsewhere) Also the “app support” button on the App Store goes to a “not found” page, the app itself no longer appears to have a feedback option, and when I attempt to use the “contact us” the button at the bottom just continually returns me to the “contact us” page rather than sending the message (and yes, all required fields are filled out). It’s almost as though you don’t actually want to hear from your customers unless that “customer” is a mega carrier corporate guy negotiating a fuel contract that will force drivers into patronizing your locations.
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1 year ago, greenjas
Can no longer use app to reserve parking
After spending $40 in store on products and food plus over $400 on fuel, with all free parking spaces being taken up, I get woken up at 11pm to be told I have to move my truck because I parked in the reserved parking space. No trucks waiting to park as their are plenty of reserved parking spaces available. There were over 60 spots available with 13 spots not paid for. Not a single truck was claiming they paid and needed my spot. Anyway, because I was parked all the way in the back of the parking lot, I have spinal stenosis and cannot walk that far to the front of the truck stop, I tried paying online since there was an invisible long line of trucks waiting to take my parking spot that had already paid, the app does not allow you to book online. Tried to call reservations over the phone, they were closed for the night. Thanks for waking me up when I have a departure time in 5 more hours and I apologize to the invisible trucks that paid and are waiting for me to move my truck so they can park. By the way, there’s an open spot right next to me but I guess an invisible truck is already parked there too.
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2 months ago, CompanyDriver
Good app, but…
It appears the corporate policy recently changed where the points and shower credits accrued drop off after a short amount of time! 😡 This is a deviation from the policy which existed for a very long time where the rewards stayed on the card indefinitely. As O/Os, my spouse and I would do the majority of our fueling, showering, etc., at TA/Petros since there was incentive through fuel discounts to use this chain. It worked for us because we go home every 2-3 weeks to check on elderly relative and take care of the homestead, spending generally 7-10 days. We recently discovered that the $325 plus equivalent of points was deleted from our card due to this new policy. We feel ripped off! Needless to say, we will be fueling at PFJs from now on since we retain all the rewards we’ve accumulated and don’t have to start from scratch every time we leave home. How very disappointing! 😡
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4 months ago, dkmdk07
This app is terrible in every sense. I can't understand how such a big company in the 21st century manages to produce such poor quality software. It has never worked properly. Now, on my iPhone, I can't even choose to reserve parking with points; it only allows payment with a card. Yet, this option is available at the terminal inside the gas station! Fire all the developers of your lousy software and rebuild the team. Look at how competitors' apps are designed and function. Not to mention that half of the pumps don't work. They've stopped issuing cards, so I have to enter the number manually, but the pin pads don't work either—the buttons are stuck and worn through. Is there any quality control at all, or at least a shred of conscience? I'm shocked by this company; run away if you can, although unfortunately, my company uses them.
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2 years ago, azcardnlz1
Only a few bugs
For the most part, the app works well. Lately, the app has been issuing instant showers to the wrong location, so I have to double check every time. Also, the fuel option needs lots of work. There should be a way to enter ALL the needed information on the app, not just some of it. Check with the other two major truck stop chains. Theirs works much better. Also, if I do use the app for fuel, I’m not given an option to enter my Ultra One card number and I don’t earn points or Ultra Credits when I fuel. So I stopped using it for fuel. I love how I can open my shower door with the app though. No one else has that and it saves having to touch a keypad.
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1 year ago, King Tooty
Cannot reserve parking through app
This is a decent app, except for two significant malfunctions. You cannot reserve a parking space through the app. When it comes time to confirm what you are attempting to purchase, it will not let you finish the purchase. Customer support has said to delete the app and reinstall it and everything should be fine, but that has not been the case through two efforts. This happens to be the most important aspect of this application to me and therefore I give this app one star. It is literally the only thing that I need this app to do edit will not do It. The other malfunction have to do with typing in the information to fuel at a pump. That option has never worked for me, but it’s not that big of a I don’t care about having to get out to type in at the pump all my information.
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2 years ago, Pendergrassmd
Total Failure
Before the overhaul of the app, I had access and control of my account. For the last two years, I have not had control of the app at all. Could not reset the password nor could I regain access to any of the app. Starting this year, I now have no access to my card info so I went into a store to check my points etc and it now there’s no access. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in points and shower credits and to top it all off, I keep getting emails to change my password which I cannot do anyway due to the website also being incompetent of proper function. I’ve done all I can and am still getting nowhere. Guess I’m just never going to earn any more points or showers since I get the biggest discount with ta/Petro but once a better one comes I’m done stopping there.
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2 years ago, Ruslan_rasta
Idk why this app is highly rated
This app give pain for truckers, everything is buggy, who ever designed this app probably never uses it himself, always bugs and crashes, to sign up, use of app and website are different, app won’t let adding me my fleet card, just doesn’t do nothing after you type the card number, just keep pressing next, to see that nothing going on. This app doesn’t reserve even 1 star, if there would be negative -5 I would glad to give that.
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3 years ago, Jacek_the_ultimate_buyer
Not fully implemented into the TA / Petro shops
I like the app but the ‘request in-bay service’ feature is completely useless. No matter how many times I use it they never pull an work order for my, I have to physically walk in into the shop anyways. I asked several shops about it and they have different excuses, ranging from, oh they don’t regard this, they didn’t get the info or the info they get from this reservation system is insufficient (no dot #), so it’s like making an reservation that gets omitted anyways. It’s frustrating and you should just remove this feature since your locations don’t know how or have no will to use it.
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2 years ago, nunjabuzinezz
Most superior Rewards app
TruckSmart is by far the most superior rewards app on the market. The only thing I would add to it is an option for a barcode to be able to scan your rewards card at check out. If this option is available already I haven’t seen it. I do all of my rewards from this app. I truly love the hands free shower option. Really a true reflection of how much Petro and TA care about drivers more than other stops out there.
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6 months ago, Hanging dry
Nothing for free here.
I've been using this app on and off since 2010, why because of the discount my fuel card gives me ON FUEL no other reason. i feel this place only cares about collecting your money and gives you back nothing for free. I also used Pilot/Flyingj through this time and i get over $200 of free stuff for fueling, unlimited showers reserve parking have to pay for or used your points. Love's truck stop unlimited coffee and showers after so much gallon of fuel and still getting points for fueling but this place Nothing for free also what's the point of having the app if you still have to go to the kiosk if you need to use your points y'all can do better than this make some changes.
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3 weeks ago, Handyfreight
I love the app for the convenience. Network stability seems to be the weak link because many TA’s on my route have poor internet service. I shower at TA or Petro 100% of time and fuel about 75% and have always gotten what I need. The free coffee voucher is somewhat problematic because you need to print off a ticket and the kiosks are occasionally down. Waiting for upgrade to just use my iPhone to redeem free coffee.
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9 months ago, Navsing
Good app but need to fix some issues
I had very bad experiences with this app. But it’s getting better now. I use this app to start fuel pump, booking showers and use points to buy merchandise. I have only one issue with this app now. With the app I can buy reserved Parking but I can’t reserve my parking with points. To get parking by using points I have to go personal inside store or I have to call online representatives. It will be great if we can reserve parking with points on app. Other than this issue I’m satisfied with this app.
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3 weeks ago, OTR Tx Driver
App does not work
So I downloaded this app to generate points. I even have my credit card on it. Useless you can’t pay for anything with the app. Also the TA I stopped at, monitor to prepay for a shower did not work. Laundry area had to get quarters to wash instead of being able to pay with a card at the laundry area. So you can’t generate points if the app at the locations don’t work. I’m deleting this app since I can’t generate anything. I’ll visit TA just for the restaurant inside. Nothing else. I’ll fill up at flying J when you generate points for the showers. I also went in the app to complain after filling it out it prompts you to call. Annoying.
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2 years ago, raodwarrior1233567
Does anyone read these complaints on here
Need to get app fixed so we can reserve showers been a problem for at least a month now. You would think with record profit you hire someone to fix most of the problems between app and most fuel pumps having issues of working smh 🤦‍♂️
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2 years ago, Adrian Cires
Orders showers in other places but yours.
It seems like this app is ordering shower sometimes from the previous place you ve been at even if it is located thousands miles away. It happened to me twice already. It would be great for you to be able to cancel the shower you ordered in other place or to fix the issue with gps location. I mean i went to the register and they gave me a free shower but it would be great to avoid this embarrassment.
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1 year ago, gabrieelhc
Is ridiculously surprising how useless is this app for a big company that is across the country. I tried to reserve a simple parking spot through the app and the webpage, and I was not able to complete my reservation. I couldn’t type, see the options given. I tried to call the store, and they gave me a number to reserve my parking. Sadly, they only work during office hours. TA/Petro, “ponganse en la bola(get in the ball)” you need to get up to date, or you will stay in the past. I will admit that’s the only reason why choose to go to your competitors, for not been up to date.
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1 year ago, jerryhamilt334
The App was good, 8 months ago???
The app was improved until it does not work at all. Did the Geek Squad just screw it up on purpose? If so, let’s go back to the old version that actually worked, sitting behind a desk all day will never prepare you for attempting to reserve a parking space when you’ve been held up at a shipper that does not allow overnight parking and you have no where else to go! So far this app has cost me more in parking tickets than I’ve actually paid to park in 2 years! If you can’t fix it, just remove it OR AT LEAST MAN THE PHONES 24/7 UNTIL ITS FIXED.
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2 years ago, truckingsamvega
December 2021 Update Broke PumpSmart
After the most recent update the app is having trouble retrieving my stored fleet card data and that is preventing PumpSmart from working. It keeps telling me I don't have a fleet card added, but when I submit all the information it won't accept it because it says I'm trying to add a duplicate card to one already in my wallet. Typical buggy corporate app. Has some useful functionality when it actually works though.
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2 years ago, RowdyYatesMMA
App is terrible.
Compared to the apps of the other truck stops, this one is terrible. It’s great when it works, but that’s only about half the time when you’re trying to use pumpsmart. The shower queue always says no showers in queue but then you end up having to wait.
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2 months ago, Billy Black Mack
Electric unlock
I love that a shower attendant at one of the petros one day showed me I can unlock the door from the app by hitting the yellow bar on the app after I purchased the shower vs manually entering the number. Keeps you from having to remember when to add a * or # in the sequence. Thanks shower dude!! Ps I gave him a $5 tip for that awesome info👍
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3 years ago, DEC224
App is causing my iPhone 11 to dim the screen…. Again! It started last year so I deleted the app for months. Reinstalled it and it’s been fine until last week. I cannot have the app running for more than 2 minutes before it dims the screen, yet when I check my settings the screen brightness is all the way up. I have to close the app and it still takes several minutes before my screen brightens again.
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11 months ago, Bearfoot16
I get a lot of hearing about other truck stop rewards but in my book the best are here. It may take some time to get to Platinum and I still want a jacket, but I’m happy with it. I’m not happy with price gouging or customer service at times but all in all I’m good.
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2 years ago, Landstar's
Nasty shower
This is about the shower at the petro in Little Rock Ar. So the app gave me shower 6 and it unlocked the door I went in and the towels was dirty and the light was out in the shower part the. It took me 10 + minutes to get someone after I had to go to the fuel desk. They cleaned at it if you really wanna say that and 1 towel that’s it. This truck is one of the worst petro’s that I deal with. Jeff M
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3 years ago, Fred's pics
Poor company
This app works occasionally but you definitely can never contact this company on the app as it will only give you error messages when trying. I’m pretty convinced the TA doesn’t care what you think of them.
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2 years ago, Rhicoinc
The App UI is outdated and it’s buggy
I was trying to add a payment method and it won’t allow me. It doesn’t give a reason, whenever I click next nothing happens. I had a payment method before and the pumpstart would not work.
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2 years ago, Catahoula1
Slowest app
This app is great for checking points balance but the pump start doesn’t work have the time when it does its slow pilot and loves app are way better and faster than this app either there computers are slow or there are a lot of bugs in the app plus with pilot and loves u can put all the info in like product cash advance other products it’s like they hired a first time programmer to make this app
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2 years ago, OGTrucker
Great app
It’s been a couple weeks haven’t been able to pull redeem ultra one points in app to pay at register. Not sure what’s going on but would be greatly appreciated if you’ll can fix that bug….
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2 years ago, Wally emp
Not quite
The app is very user-friendly designed, when it works it’s great, probably 20% of the time you can’t get the fuel pump to authorize, I’ve had it authorize a shower at the wrong location three times, and had it not at my points and credits multiple times, I use the reserve parking quite often and it usually works fine
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1 year ago, Palm trees305
Sound bug
I typically like the app but after recent update there a problem where the truckerpath will give directions and turn down my background music and never turn the music back up. It is a very frustrating bug.
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2 years ago, Wilsoh2
Fleet card
I don't know what has happened with the app, but now it is extremely slow going to the next input screen. It deleted my personal and fleet card payment cards on file. Fleet card prompt has no where to enter a number. Only the "next" tab is there and does nothing when it's pressed. I've deleted and downloaded the app multiple times. I've logged in and logged out multiple times. Nothing changes the condition.
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10 months ago, Anne Marie C
WTH since the last update!
I can not use reserved parking. I am unable to add a credit card at all! This makes this app practically worthless. It was an ok app before. Not good or great, just ok. Maybe pay a professional to make a great app Or even a good one. I can’t even find a place to link my UltraOne card. It needs to be able to be done on the app. Using the kiosk is very 2002. Do everyone a favor and stop dragging your feet into the new millennium. It’s not that new anymore.
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2 years ago, JP Munsayac
Its a joke!
This app is more complicated to used. It takes time before it take you to the screen page if you want to fill up your tanks and also time that your payment information is not showing and when you try to pit your card information that already in the account, app keep saying that the payment information is duplicate. Well why not showing up on the app when its already there.
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1 year ago, ThePerfectWave
Birthday Issue
When Signing up is asks for your birthday but will only allow you to put in the month and year but won’t allow you to put in the date. It will auto put in the current day of the month….
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2 years ago, TashiGonpo108
This app has so much potential. If only it didn't keep "disappearing" my Comdata card/fleet payment info! It shows that I'm not within a mile of a PumpSmart pump *when I am sitting at that very pump*. The app should be allowed to trade in Ultracredits for meals, but no. The app should be used to trade in platinum coffee rewards, but no. The app IS USED FOR SHOWERS AND EVEN UNLOCKS THE DOOR!! YAY!! The good qualities could so outweigh the bad with some more coding, resources, and, well, simple intention. PLEASE FIX THIS TA-PETRO!!!
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2 years ago, rob-n-amb
Starting to dislike the app
Just keeps crashing or never connects, can’t find my profile…. But when I go in and check it out profile is good! Think IT needs to do some magic or I believe I’ll start going back to LOVES! For the last year or so has only been TA!!!🤔
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1 year ago, Trucker Duane
Still can’t reserve parking in the app on iPhone.
The new update fixed some things, and you can get to the next screen for payment, but I still can’t confirm payment because the buttons for that disappear are 1 second when the confirmation screen opens. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app thinking that would help. No luck. Y’all need new app developers.
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2 years ago, devildog2097
Just a small bug
I’m not sure what the issue is, but I haven’t been able to use the reserve-it for the past couple of months. I fill out all my info but it won’t let me proceed to checkout and reserve a spot. I’ve updated the app to the most recent update and I still can’t. Other than that, the app has been great.
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1 year ago, just chris b enough
Almost there
Overall great. 2 things I’d like to see: add ComData card compatibility to pump smart and let us get points when we use the app to fuel. It’s easier than having to operate the pump especially in winter or when some idiot punched it and broke it and that way I never have to worry about losing my fuel and reward card.
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3 months ago, islandb13
Not seeing my receipt
For some reason lately when I pull my fuel receipts from the app it sends me to a page where I’m not able to see the receipt. Just blank white page. Please fix this issue. It’s been happening for a while now. I’m using IPhone. I now have to walk into the Truckstop for a physical receipt
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1 year ago, Dan Abda LLC
App has problems
Some days the parking reservation works, most days it says manager credentials authentication error or whatever. Also, can never see showers anymore nor reserve a shower through the app. Literally the only things I use the app for besides the rare receipt that I lost for fuel, and I have to walk in store and waste time only to find out theres a wait or theres no parking. This is the only app that doesnt work out of pilot/flying j and loves. Come on.
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2 years ago, THE-MuddyPaws
This app alone makes me not want to stop at a TA. It's painfully slow, can barely identify where you are and the map feature is worthless. Why would you have the map open showing every TA in the country? Why would you not have it limited to the ones around where are you are at? Every other fuel station app has a better map. Take a look at pilot and make yours better. This is a horrible app.
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1 year ago, DevonAlchemystic
Ok was better. A few versions ago
For whatever reason with the last two updates paying for a parking space through the app has become impossible for me I have deleted and re downloaded and issue still isn’t fixed
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1 year ago, iRonin69
Do you have DUMB developers?
I see so many complaints about disappearing button “CONFIRM” while trying to buy reserved spot trough app, and it from beginning of November 22??? Do you have idiots in your developers team. I have a suggestion to you, fire them all and hire a better team! Its not a f…ng kindergarten, professional drivers can’t buy reserved parking of your already overpriced spots! I think its a time to consider to switch to fuel trough Pilot/FJ! At list their app works flowlessly!
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1 year ago, GTRyan
Used for years now it’s not working
Went to about 4 different locations and could not get a shower due to an error. Usually means there is an issue with location, but looking at app all my profile account info is gone even though I am signing in with an email.
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2 years ago, gsgshajajjhgve. suwuis
Bad rewards
Bad app and bad gas station. I'd rather go to Lovers or The Pilots because I've filled up fuel from TA 4 times and didn't get points. When I talk to the person inside the gas station, he tells me as much as I can do anything. He told me to speak to customer service and when I spoke to them several times he said I spoke to the gas station employee Supposedly, when I put my number on the station hardware, I take the points automatically
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2 years ago, andyengy
PumpSmart feature is not working properly
Sometimes I can use pumpsmart feature to make cardless payment. But most of the times it is showing me that like I don’t have any fleet card. And when I try to add my fleet card again into system it’s giving me an error and shows that I can not put duplicated card, I already have it in my account. So please fix fleet card and pumpsmart feature in the application or servers.
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