Tucson Festival of Books

2.3 (6)
9.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Star Publishing Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tucson Festival of Books

2.33 out of 5
6 Ratings
12 years ago, Karebear68
Great app for volunteers...I used it while volunteering in 2011. Looking forward to using it again on my iPhone. One problem: any time I try to access the list of authors, the app crashes! A fix by next week would be helpful
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4 months ago, Dong Hubango
Fast, responsive, and thorough.
This app has undergone noticeable improvements in the last few years: it is now functional, lacks glitches and lag, and has all the features one needs to ride the hype before the Festival.
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5 months ago, Dr Sara V
Genre, author sort is WACK
You can no longer sort authors by genre. Also I cannot find the daily schedule. I mean, maybe there’s a way to do it? But it’s no longer intuitive. This version of the app is trash.
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5 months ago, danaz99
App won’t let you add events to your calendar. Keeps telling me it’s because I haven’t given the app permission. Okay, but there’s no way to do that.
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12 years ago, Questrala
Constantly crashes
I am giving this 3 stars but that is generous. The app crashes regularly and there are large portions of data missing (for instance, the authors list is empty and every update that runs crashes the app). Future versions also really need some search capability and a map - preferably location aware. Maybe this app has that already under INFO, but that's another part of the interface that I can't access without a crash. I will forward crash logs via the support site if possible. Thanks for at least trying - it's not easy to manage apps like this that center around an annual event...but please put more time and testing into it next time! It really needs some help.
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14 years ago, tucsonjhall
Forward thinking and well-executed
I missed the event last year because the concept didn't capture my imagination. This year, I attended and what an amazing event. I can understand why people come from around the country to attend. Then I found this iPhone app that laid out the schedule in a concise and precise manner and I'm off to restart my objective-c programming. The perfect use of a small application to fill a need for those of us who don't like carrying around newspaper-sized schedules of events. Very well done!
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8 years ago, BlainaGuy
Tucson Festival of books
I have been attending the festival Since 2009 and was excited to use the first app when it became available. I am sorry to say that each iteration has been a step backward in it's ability to make the festival available to the user. This year's app (2016) is almost useless in this respect unless you are interested in only one category of books. Two changes would dramatically impact the usefulness of the app: (1) the ability to view in landscape, as phones are much larger now, and (2) provision of a simple grid showing each day of the festival with the ability to touch a lecture to view detailed information.
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10 years ago, Thomas - W
Even worse than the last 2 years' versions-the developers of this app would do well to spend a couple of hours studying usability in software. Just to name a few things that made this app a mess: there was no map of the campus (to see where buildings were located, some people may have figured out they are labeled in Google Maps as a workaround), insanely long lists of authors, events, etc. were not sortable alphabetically—only sorted in the default chronological by event time, etc. This app was did not keep up with the frenetic pace that the event demands–I hope U of A can get some beginning programmer college students to do this next year—with a few hours of work they could totally destroy this pile.
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6 years ago, Beren_Camlost
Every update gets worse
Used to be a pretty good app. I mean, sure, it crashed a lot, but it was really useful. It let you compile a schedule of events for the weekend, categorized by author or genre. But then they chose to upgrade in he name of “improvement”. The problem was the update took away the only thing that was any good about it in the first place. With each year’s update it fails to bring back the one thing I truly want in it: the ability to make a convenient and searchable timeline of where and when the panels and signings are that I want to attend. I’ve gone back to paper and pen, which sadly is an upgrade over this frustrating app.
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9 years ago, rimjournal
Worked great in 2015
Before this app was buggy, now it works well. I went down the author/venue lists and added events I was interested in. Then could easily see what was in each time slot and where the venues were for my final pick. Because the info was on my iPhone, I did not need internet access during the Festival. Now that the Festival is over, I still have the author info on my iPhone for reference.
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7 years ago, Desertkat
New app no longer has personal calendar?
I have used this app in the past years to keep track of which events I am interested in seeing so I know where to go next. Suddenly the newest update no longer has a personal calendar? I can no longer flag what I might want to see and pull up my personalized list? That was the most important part of this app. I hope you will be adding that capability back into this new version!
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12 years ago, LarsThree
Downloaded and almost promptly deleted
Knowing that the TFOB website would be popular, I downloaded the app... warily. I'm not a fan of the AZDS app, and this was developed by the same crew. My skepticism was well-founded. As has been mentioned by other reviewers, the Authors tab crashed the app - repeatedly. Another big beef - many of the events I clicked on listed no venue. What could have been a useful tool was rendered useless by bad design. The physical newspaper schedule saved the day. Bummer, guys.
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13 years ago, Trippio
Would be 5 stars if event panelists were linked to their bios. Very good.
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12 years ago, Letplane
Good start
You can only search authors, events and exhibitors alphabetically. This app will be handy if you already know what you want to find. It would be much more useful if you could search by genre. I would also love to see a map of the event that could be enlarged to the size of an iPad screen.
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12 years ago, mustangfilly
Good concept, Bad execution
Love the set up of the app and being able to put things in my festival. But the app keeps crashing when I go to the authors list!
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11 years ago, Hurri47
Update or reinstall?
First I let it update from 2012 to 2013 versions, but then I couldn't figure out how to edit or delete favorites. Deleting and reinstalling the app gave me a clean slate that seems to be working OK.
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14 years ago, Cactus Flower
Tucson Festival of Books
It was a good app except for one flaw - it wasn't updated. When I checked on Sunday for times and programs, the app had all the info for SATURDAY ....not a good thing!
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14 years ago, CommSon
Good start
Good start & definitely better than their web site for ease of locating event info. Five stars if author & moderator names in event listings linked to bios, and if all events contained a one-sentence (or more) description. Some require too much guessing.
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2 years ago, Yes.we.can:)
No info about, or link through to tickets
Going just by this app, you would not even know that some of the events require ticketing.
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14 years ago, azstarman1
Useful, but needs linking to calendar
The App would be really useful if one could choose an event and have it (name, time, place) entered into the iPhone/iTouch calendar!
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14 years ago, The Irb
Tucson Festival of Books
Great app! Used it all weekend!
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7 years ago, StrawHousePig
There's no standalone map.
A map is there, you can find any location when picked from the list, but you can't find what's near. Dumb.
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1 year ago, dkaman-
Couldn’t be more disappointed
Very disorganized app. Difficult to navigate.
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13 years ago, JD-ologist
Could be So Much Better
I didn't end up using this app because it was mainly a long list of sessions and it was just easier to use the printed schedule, as we could mark interesting sessions and see more details than this app provided. My advice: 1) add a search function, 2) allow me to mark sessions as favorites so I can view my own custom session list and not have to scroll through the entire list each time, 3) allow filtering the list by time - no need to look at sessions that are over, 4) add a map - since this app didn't have one, we had to get a paper schedule anyway, 5) leverage the Internet and include links to author websites, etc.
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10 years ago, Next Action Hero
Can't update my app
Seems that whoever wrote the Obamacare website is designing the iPhone app for the Tucson Festival of Books. There are in fact some iDevices that CAN'T update to the iOS 7, and other individuals who WON'T update to it, and yet this particular app REQUIRES it. So those with older devices and those who refuse to update to the iOS 7 are stuck without being able to use this app. And of course the app is made solely and only for the iPhone. It is not universal for both the iPhone and the iPad, just like the University of Arizona's own school app. Last year's app left much to be desired in leaving out a grid or way of finding events. I still had to rely on the printed paper that proliferates at the festival. I was hoping that the app would eliminate the need for such a thing. I find it disturbing that people at the University of Arizona, who are supposed be on the cutting edge of education, can't even design an iPhone app that does the job it's supposed to do.
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