Turkish Airlines: Book Flights

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Turkish Airlines
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Turkish Airlines: Book Flights

4.65 out of 5
57.3K Ratings
2 months ago, semasker
Big help from Manager of ADANA Sakirpasa THY
This review is to express my gratitude to your wonderful staff in Adana. My sister was in a coma at Mersin Toros Hospital, and it was possibly the last time my teenage daughter would see her aunt alive. Unfortunately, her flight was canceled, causing her to miss her connecting flight to the USA from Istanbul. Being a minor, she couldn't travel alone to Istanbul to spend the night at a hotel. Thankfully, your associate Filiz stepped in to reschedule my daughter's flight. She was incredibly kind and empathetic towards our situation. She contacted her manager, Ilker Şıvgın, who went above and beyond by arranging a room for us at the Anemon Hotel in Adana and providing round-trip transportation from the hotel to the airport. My daughter safely made it to Istanbul and then to her final destination in Boston. As I rushed to the hospital after ensuring my daughter's departure, I received the devastating news of my sister's passing. I am profoundly grateful for the support from Ilker Şıvgın and Filiz during this incredibly difficult time. Their help was invaluable.
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5 years ago, chalovska
I lost a very important business because cancelled Turkish Airlines flight 1029
I lost a very important business for distributions and sales representative services, lost cost around 20K because Turkish Airlines just cancelled my flight, the Turkish Airlines flight number 1029 in April the 30th. from US to Bulgaria. After 5 hours spent in the phone calling several times for help we notice that some technical problem was facing T.A. However NO body at Turkish Airlines did care for us and just transferred my calls to different departments but no any real help. My wife and me were forced by the circumstances to accept a new traveling date but we lose 20K and the business anyway. Also we arranged for transportation to the Airport already for the original day and we lost that money too. We had to stay at hotel and spent money until finally get a flight. No body told me sorry for the inconvenience, or ways to be reimbursed or compensated. A rep from Turkish Airlines told me “no sense to claim back for it because Turkish Airlines will give you NO any compensation” to you not anyone. I understand now that there is a normal practice NOT to take care customers. Sorry but you are at your own when doing business with Turkish Airlines. not recommended this airline for you or anyone that look for serious and formal service. Your money in not valuable, not worth at TA. I will not recommend this company nor use anymore.
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2 years ago, mbclimber
Why in 2022 are passwords limited to 6 characters?
Tl;Dr App is fine I guess, but nothing special. Turkish Airlines accounts are insecure and you'll probably lose your data when they are eventually hacked. 6 digit numeric pass codes are a sign of a company that doesn't take security seriously. I hope this changes. My problems with their system have little to do with the app and everything to do with their lack of security. 6 digit numeric-only pass codes are laughably insecure. Even if they manage to salt and hash them with something secure like a couple thousand rounds of bcrypt (which I seriously doubt as anyone who could engineer this would have the common sense to not have this stupidly insecure password policy), most modern GPUs could chew through these hashes in minutes to hours. If they take this attitude towards their password policies, I imagine the rest of their system is built on antiquated security policies. Because of this, I imagine that it's only a matter of time until their system is hacked and user data leaked, if it hasn't already happened. The app is fine, I guess. It appears to have basic functionality and allows booking of flights and managing reservations. So it receives one additional star for this.
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1 year ago, Banker,banker
Needs work
The app is “clunky”, not intuitive at all; had a problem entering password in order to join the mileage problem, gave up since it would not allow it. Also, the time lag between one page to another, way too long so one does not know it is is stuck or ? Tried the web site which is way worse and it really does not work. On both, it should not take 20 minutes to book a ticket. Let’s get some IT people to work on it. I was almost ready to chose another airline with almost identical price.
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5 years ago, MarnieGee
Useless App & Bad Customer Service
I agree with other reviews stating that the app interface looks nice, but the app is not useful, and Turkish Airlines’ customer service is deplorable. Basic functions like checking in and selecting seats are extremely difficult or impossible to arrange. If you call customer service, it is very difficult to reach an actual person, especially outside of the US. When we tried to use the app to check in for our international flights, we received a notice from TA that there was a problem and we needed to contact the TA “call center.” TA provided no information about how to reach the call center, and we couldn’t find any on the website. After several expensive international cell phone calls to random TA numbers, we couldn’t reach a person. We had to get to the airport extra early (as did everyone else on our flight who had the same problem) to make sure we were still booked on our flight. Then, on the flight, the flight attendants disappeared for many hours, never offering water or taking away trash. All around, a disappointing experience on TA. They need to improve their game considerably to be competitive.
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3 years ago, anaplasma
Reservation managing system not working
I made a date change for a reservation. The system indicated that the change was successfully completed. However this information was incorrect because both the email reservation update and the web page still showed the original date. When I repeated the operation, this time I got an error message indicating that the date change I wanted to make was not possible because the flight was already changed, even though it was not changed. In summary I was not able to change the date of the flight online even though they system indicated thatI could. The worst is that when I called thy, they did not know why this glitch happened. Moreover, they did not care that their system was not working properly. They did make the intended change on the phone with a fee although online date change was free, the one that did not work.
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6 years ago, ნემო
Important futures unavailable
First of all, this application is much better than previous version, but still impossible to add flights purchased through external agent, impossible to add flights to apple wallet, when I add flight using booking reference, the system can not associate it to my membership number or contact information and can not save it in application. Another thing is upgrade - I can not find upgrade future in the app. In general I do not like comparisons, but Lufthansa group or United apps are much useful in regards of flight details and customer options. Please, take a look at it and update the app accordingly. I also agree with majority of TK customers regarding awful ground stuff Also, I would like to mention TK behavior related to seat selection and WiFi service - Do you know how much profit you have from TK*G customers? Why can not you make seat selection and WIFI free for them? UA upgrades all their *G and upper tier members automatically to premium economy. Ok, TK abolished comfort class, there are some other perks you can motivate your customers with. Being good in the air is not enough any more, do not you think so? Anyway, wish my favorite TK all the best and hope sometimes your app will be best as well as your other services like IST TK lounge Best,
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12 months ago, Emre697
App doesn’t generate boarding passes and continues to show unsaved data
I checked-in online, filled all the additional documents needed; passport numbers, everyone’s birthdays (corrected one birthday because the ticket I bought through the app had somehow uploaded a wrong birthdate and deleted other birthdates for other passengers) etc… found the printable boarding passes, saved the pdfs and printed them. When I tried to follow the email link to the app to the mobile boarding passes for mobile wallet, the app asks me to check-in again. All the document numbers I saved on the website didn’t show. There is just terrible web infrastructure at thy and the app shows this. You also cannot report your problems to thy, you have to generate a “feedback” form, they get back to you in 7 days… can no one over the phone actually solve your problem? Why do I need to wait 7 days??
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1 year ago, Nomadusa
Basic app to frustrate you
It should be called frowns and frustration. Its hard to log in, frequently loses your smiles and miles number. It wont remember your flights even if you select remember my flight. Its not intuitive, hard to add co-passengers, it wont recall the passenger you ate traveling with, it super hard to upgrade or select seats, even when you pay in advance, and it loses your flight info when you close the app. You need to enter all the data again, and for your co passengers. And having to re-enter the codes and the e ticket to check your flight info is super annoying. Doesn’t give you flight updates or gate info or notifications. It is as if the app was designed to waste your time and frustrate users. All it seems to do is allow you to add and pay for exta baggage.
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2 months ago, Scriptx
Nothing like an airline app…
The app is very basic and dumb in more ways than one. Once logging in you have to type the e-ticket number and name in order to manage your flights. If there are more passengers then this has to be done for each one… So once the flights are displayed and if you are purchasing seats the app won’t let you select passengers and seats then pay for the whole thing… You have to do this for each passenger, flight and seat individually… This is really dumb and time consuming… Also, the app won’t recognize the e-ticket numbers even when you’re logged in. With some luck it might recognize that within another hour or next day. Once these issues are fixed and the app will actually function, then I will add more stars but for right now I can’t recommend this app.
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5 months ago, Frequentflyer29
Very Cumbersome
This app is very difficult to use compared to other airline apps. I travel frequently with many airlines and always use their apps. This is one of the hardest ones to use. There seems to be a lot of bugs with it as well. For example, the app told me my seat selection was complete, but never actually saved it. I even checked on it the day of my flight and it still showed my seats as confirmed. But when I got to the airport, they said the seats were never confirmed and I didn’t get my seats. There seem to be similar glitches of entering information and the app asking you to enter the same information again and again. It would suit them well to look at other airline apps and find ways to streamline this one.
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5 years ago, FreqFlyer23-09-2019
App not the best, but gets better
Initial versions were clunky. I fly very very frequently, I used the app several hundred times so I am now used to it and know how to get around its quirks and make the best out of it. But yes, generic out of context error messages are very annoying (when you try to create a boarding pass, etc) and sometimes you need to enter the same data multiple times, some data you cannot enter and certain areas just exhibit bad software development. However overall the app is moving in the right direction. And by and large does it for me.
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6 years ago, Nokhethah
Bad customer service
TK customer service is so bad. My flight was canceled due to problem in the plane. When i tried to get the refund it was nightmare No one was knowing what to do. Starting from TK staff in my departure city, TK main office in Istanbul and TK phone customer service and TK Kuwait office. Now they have to email Istanbul office with my case to find a solution. Not sure why they have a manager in this office since he is not empowered to take decisions. One more thing, TK main phone no in Kuwait, no one picks up the phone. So we have to drive for the office
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1 year ago, Rchen1997
Clunky and hard to use
No ability to check on flights that were purchased through a travel agency or through credit card like Amex. Website and app are both very glitchy - I have had to call the customer service every time I wanted to do something simple like add mileage rewards number because they did not associate my rewards number with the ticket even though it was provided through Amex, add passport number even though it was provided through Amex, or even select seats. Other airlines are a decade ahead on their apps and websites. I am very concerned about ease of use during the actual travel and that I will not receive timely updates on my flights.
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2 years ago, Kbear sf
Just awful
The app looks nice and stylish but simply does not work. The user interface was designed by someone who has never used an app before. Even simple stuff simply does not work. To enter your address you have to use scroll wheels. But the scroll wheels for the cities aren’t complete. When one of the major cities in the US…one that TK serves… is mysteriously not on the list? Sometimes the list goes a thru P. Guess it’s )$&@ off for the rest of us. The password you need to set up is Numeric only But they don’t tell you that. None of the other indicators that you have made a choice show up where you expect them. Check boxes don’t look like checkboxes and there is nothing to guide you. Let’s hope aircraft maintenance is held to higher standard
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2 years ago, Alex of Albany
Turkish air
I always Enjoy traveling with TA and the App is great. It works well in the USA and in ISTANBUL. I had problems with buying a ticket in the city of Samsun and I had to go to the local airport. According to several travel agents that is the only place in Samsun to buy a ticket. I bought a ticket from Samsun’s Airport. Plus, It cost 150 TL for taxi one way and 150 TL on the way back. The App also doesn’t well in Cairo. Overall, the app is good but the process in buying tickets were a problem. Tourism in Turkey is wonderful and I love. Train the train …. Some employee are not motivated to make the process easier and faster.
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2 years ago, Taralynna
Almost a great app
I love the color and layout of the app but it has some glitches. Every time I try to add a mileage program it erases my state and forces me to re select it, then the city. Then after I save and try again it repeats. Also signing up for the mileage program was a pain because it only accepts numerical passwords but it doesn’t tell you that so your pulling your hair out switch browsers trying to figure out what the problem could be. I also find it frustrating that I don’t receive any flight confirmation or acknowledgment for a few days. If they fixed those thing I would really enjoy the app.
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6 years ago, Abithagail
Turkish Airlines has proven to have the worst airline service in the entire world. Not only are the online check in portals and apps dysfunctional, but the issues I have had trying to do simple things like choosing seats are unending. Now the airline has moved my flight from Barcelona to Istanbul forward by 11 hours - a flight I booked five months in advance. The change causes me to miss my connection to Los Angeles by over 6 hours! These flights were all booked together as a single reservation. The fact that Turkish would move my flight forward without consideration of its impact on my missing my connection is unspeakable. I will never, ever book flights with this airline again. They have proven to be a nightmare through every segment of the purchase, check in, and costumer experience.
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3 weeks ago, VictorDanielAlcoba
The worst experience
I bought flexible tickets, paid $1700 for 2 round-trip tickets, decided to cancel the return tickets, and they only offer me $68 for my tickets. What kind of madness is that? How can they only offer me that amount after paying so much because, according to them, I used my outbound ticket? And how much is the return ticket worth? They offer a guide in Turkey or accommodation, but when I asked for accommodation, they told me it wasn't possible because the layover in Turkey was over 8 hours. It's incredible all the hurdles and tricks this company has. As if that wasn't enough, I have the option to change my plane ticket, but when I click on it, it doesn't allow me to change it to any other route.
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1 year ago, chilldude314
Terrible server and web design
The app kept crashing and setting up anything on an apple device whether it’s MacBook or iPhone it doesn’t work properly. The page keeps reorienting and moving around while filling out the form. I was not able to scroll down when selecting my personal information it was stuck on the city, and country selection boxes. Everyone in my group had issues with it and I was only able to make mine work by using a mouse from my PC to be able to select the right country in the drop down box. ALSO the main website doesn’t recognize the accounts my friend am I have made….thank GOD the app let me sign in or I would be screwed….this needs major fixing.
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1 year ago, jrf320
Terrible app
I have never dealt with such an unhelpful app. I have been trying for ten minutes to choose seats for me and my husband on a round trip with two flights each way. No matter how many times I pick our seats for the four flights, when I finish and click on continue, it shows me only three of the four flights. Plus, each time I try to find the flights, I have to put in my reservation number and last name and then I move to a screen where they ask me again for the reservation number that I just put in. I only hope their business class service is not operated by whoever designed this app. And this app is a huge improvement over the website.
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6 years ago, lalout_72
Much better than previous version
Much improvement on previous versions but still has a few quirks and bugs. Doesn’t let me manage my booking without entering my ticket number. Each time I enter the app or navigate within and return to manage my booking. Quite frustrating. Need to enter it once and it should save for future use. Love the fact you can book rewards flights (although a couple of minor bugs) and love that you can request special assistance from the app. A little clunky on the navigation but an overall improvement on the main web site and what was on before.
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1 year ago, Lcalho04
Love the app
Gave a 4 star but would rather say 4.5… only issue I have with the app is it will sometimes say operational error, but for the past 3 years I’m able to use the app well for the most part. Sometimes I just need to close and open the app back up once or twice and then it’s fine, but just updated it today so will see if the bug was fixed. I love Turkish airlines for the most part, so if your app not working, online works as a great benefit as well, just log in and it’s as you’re on the app.
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2 years ago, MJ75050
The drop down menu when selecting your stats in the US doesn’t work!
After putting in your credit card information, the app asks you for your address. After selecting your country as the United States, it asks you for your state. However, the drop down menu for the state is blank while your scrolling until your reach the very bottom which only contains American territories and Canadian cities. This error seemed to occur after I tried to use the “touch once to automatically find and fill out information” feature. The info that was automatically filled was incorrect so I needed to change it and then I experienced this problem. Please fix this bug.
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3 years ago, jelmas333
Service Going down
I called several times, it’s so hard to get connected to someone. When I finally get connected the person can hardly understand English. I was traveling with my mother but I couldn’t purchase tickets at the same time. They try to charge me to sit together. I purchased 4 tickets. We are flying together on 3. So that would be 1800tl extra just to sit with my mm. Are you kidding me???
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5 years ago, AntonStr
Does not generate mobile boarding pass
Flying a few times already with Turkish, the app refuses to generate mobile boarding passes. It just says “Due to operational reasons” or “Your flight is not suitable for mobile boarding pass”. How’s a flight to JFK or to Istanbul itself not suitable? Tried everything, through the website, got a new phone even, nothing. And good luck speaking to anyone at Turkish. The Facebook group chat just told me to get the paper pass at the airport and that’s it. Also the app refuses to remember that I have an upcoming flight. I have to manually input the reservation number each time I want to check my flight or when I have to check in, it never says I have upcoming flights. It’s a joke.
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2 years ago, CatLoversFriend
Payment issue is sill not resolved
After the latest updates there is a payment issue with international credit cards. Despite the fact that I have repeatedly reported the issue, developers could not get the details. Here it goes. Using iPhone XS Max I have iOS 15.2 and the latest Turkish App. After the payment address details entered and two continue etc the App goes back to the payment details again. Enter the address again, same infinite loop. Whatever it is there is not an error displayed. What is up with that?
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5 years ago, 1ragincajun
Really? You want a real review? Ok.
In flight, Turkish Air is fantastic. On the ground, not so hot. First example; check in in Houston, Tx IAH March 3, 2019. Business Class, the rudest person, female, handling the highest paying customers. She asked me if I was going to buy a visa on arrival. I looked at her and said I don’t need a visa for UAE, at that moment she became a jerk. I wasn’t treating her like she was stupid, I just pointed out a fact. I then Gave her my United Airlines Card and he said when I asked, “yes I applied your number”. For almost a month now I’ve been dealing with your incompetent 24 hour help personnel to get credit for the flight. In all it’s just not worth it. I may not like Emirates or Qatar Airlines as much but I don’t get a hassle from them.
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4 years ago, GQRhythm
One of the worst apps/websites
Dad is flying over seas via this airline. We go to sign him up via the website. When it came to the part of the application to select a password, there were no prompts or guidance. Every attempt at trying to type a password failed because when you’d go to type it would backspace. Turns out the password is a number only option. But because there is no prompt or note to tell you, it leaves the user thinking that there’s something wrong with the site. In addition when attempting to do this process from a desktop browser, the browsers password manager attempts to insert a password as any new and up to date browser does. If the developer of this site would have done their job, the browser would have taken the necessary steps to ensure this wouldn’t happen. Finally after figuring all this out and the account was created, we went to add his flight. Even after attempting to do this, his flight doesn’t show up under “my flights.” There’s a lot to fix here.
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5 years ago, Harossi
Useless and waste of time.
For one more time, after all the updates, even though I booked my ticket on the corporate website, the app doesn’t issue the boarding pass. Even when I checked in and received my boarding pass via the website, the app will not show it and it asks me to check in again. After trying to check in again via the app in hope that I will get the birding pass on my Apple wallet, the app shows a message that due to operational reasons I have to visit the check in kiosk at the airport in order to get my boarding pass... What is the point of having an app when it doesn’t do the basic? You are better off using the website.
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10 months ago, hope.at
irrelevant subtitle
Turkish Airlines subtitle is Hotels & Car Rentals. How irrelevant is this! Does Turkish Airlines expect us to book a hotel or car rental OR do they targeting other categories? I believe they should focus on their core business and not direct users with irrelevant categories. I am sure there are tons of feature they can highlight. Other than that, the app is useful and showing real status of delays and changing gate numbers. Easy to to book a flight on the app and book a seat.
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7 months ago, Hasoviro
User friendly app
Using Turkish Airline app on my phone to purchase a ticked was very easy because of the intuitive user interface and clear instructions provided in the app to navigate the multiple steps when choosing the flight dates/times and selection of options. Well done. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Sergenick Mad Russian
Interface Needs Work
The Turkish Airlines website looks nice and seems to have many features. However, it has some problems: 1. It makes you enter information multiple times when it should only be once. For example, I paid for my seats, and I had to enter all my credit card and address information twice. 2. I tried to use the camera option for my credit card, and it crashed the website. I had to start from scratch. 3. I tried to select an exit row, but it says you must be between 18 and 65. I’m within that range, but it wouldn’t let me choose that seat and kept displaying that message. 4. You cannot use an electronic boarding pass. They make you print one at the airport. 5. Even though my United number was in the record, they could not see it when I checked in, and I had to provide it to them. This interface needs to be improved.
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3 years ago, pistofkristof216
Only problems recently
There’s no option for my city, “Los Angeles,” to put in my correct address. Kinda a big one to forget!Also whenever I try to manage my upcoming flight, which had a slight time change to 20 minutes after it previously was scheduled for, a pop-up shows says that my flight has been canceled or modified and I shouldCall customer service to either request a change or request a refund. This is not necessary because my flight is still happening and the time still works for me? So basically I can’t get into my flight until the day of at the airport I guess
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2 years ago, Msalahaldeen80
Payment issue
Hi - I tried many times to pay with my credit card issued by UAE / HSBC bank but it didn’t work and I called the agents from Turkish airlines and they also couldn’t do it , called my bank to check if there is something from their end they said “ no transaction hit the bank expect for the $60 to hold the reservation “ so the issue is from your end and as of such I would kindly ask you to refund back my $60 since the issue from your end not mine. Fyi, I’ve tried this thru the app 8 times and twice called your agent department in Turkish airlines and they couldn’t solve and advised me to write you for refund.
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5 years ago, Nw1020
Turkish Airlines is TERRIBLE. We have had the worst experience with them!! They cost me time, money and wasted my precious vacation time. Customer service is TERRIBLE! Staff is TERRIBLE and the fact that you have to submit and e mail or “feedback” and wait days for a response that doesn’t even answer questions is INSANE. Forget talking to a manager or anyone competent who can solve a problem. We had the worst experience and asked to be bumped up a class only on the way home only to be denied after “investigation” although all of their investigation was incorrect. I would never fly this airline again in my life and I will tell everyone I know to do the same.
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2 years ago, EV-traveler
Miles and Smiles interface •Gets in the Way•
The password does not seem to be stored on my Apple keychain. As a result, I deleted my miles and smiles account. I’m pretty sure that’s not wants Turkish Airlines wants. I am glad I made my reservations well in advance so I could deal with this problem and still get my ticket on time Excepting that feature, the app works quite well, though it could be simplified with a word or two of explanation. It would be important to see the words “review these flights” and choose the one you like best when your app suggest the flights. Programmers can use their own software easily, because they know what each entry actually does, but users are confronted with too much guessing. I realize this makes me look incompetent, but combining that with the miles and smiles goof up and the resulting unresponsive buttons wasted a lot of my time.
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10 months ago, Cnjgdtiln
Awful application
The worst mobile and web application I’ve used thus far in my travel experience. The scrolling for country selection, state is frustrating to say the least. Also in the past 2 months I bought 4 flights for 6 people including myself and paid for seats when I’ve checked into the flights there was none of the seats I’ve selected and paid for available to me. The mobile and web application are in need of a desperate renovation. It’s saddening to see such a big airline such as Turkish airlines have this poor of a platform for its passengers.
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10 months ago, b2--4
Difficult to navigate seats selection and pay
Hard to distinguish among available seat options, they all look black. Also I had to re-enter cc details for each leg of my flight when I wanted to select my seat, so all the cc info and address had to entered a second time. I made one error in entering my cc number and then had to re-enter my address info, I then went back to look at my seat and had to again re-enter my address. I entered my address three times. This process took far too much time.
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6 years ago, Ex pandora fan
Clunky and confusing
The app looks nice but the user experience is bad. It doesn’t follow the native swipe to go back iOS experience, when you check-in for a trip and want to go see that trip again you have to always provide your PNR and surname, when you use “My Trips” feature, it’s the same; the trip doesn’t persist and if you click done or navigate away you have to do it all over again. It didn’t allow me to create a boarding pass, and gave no reason as to why I can’t create one.
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1 year ago, Someguy619
Worst Airline App
Every time I open the app I have to entertain all of the air names and tickets numbers to manage reservations or check in. That’s even if I CN get in the app with light the “Technical Error” issue. Also, it’s automatically assigned me and my family of 5 seats away from each other and we have 3 small kids. Called twice and the customer service stated there is nothing they can do even thought there are more that 30 seats open on the flight. I will definitely be deleting this app and not flying Turkish Airlines ever again. Horrible app and customer service.
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2 years ago, vonnylove
Bad customer service
I’ve had two missed connecting flights because of late departure. When I contacted customer service they were very rude and unprofessional but at that time I was told that I would have to conduct my concerns and requests by writing an email. When I did this I told them I had missed 2 flights and that I Am requesting some type of compensation for the inconvenience and hardship they caused. I got a response that said they could not compensate me in anyway. I was extremely disappointed due to the fact that I’ve chosen to fly with them for my international flights.
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5 months ago, ARVilleda
Your System
Dear Manager/Supervisor; This is my first time in Turkey and I want to apply for a promotion-discount 20 or 25% but your system did not allow, I tried several times and Form Feed Back was always the wrong thing and making me delay for booking. Please permit a make good for the future, since this is my first time visiting your country. Thank you
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8 months ago, Wiggen
Nice, but not secure
This app works nice and hit all the important points in airline booking. But…. Do not include any sensitive data! Turkish Airlines not only allows easy to hack passwords, but it requires them. Whether you use the app or their website, your password will be only 6 numbers. No special characters. No letters. No caps. Just 0 through 9. And only six of those digits. Now, it seems like the combinations of numbers is endless, but only a matter of seconds is required for computers to guess. Do not give them your importance details!
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3 years ago, mimsnow
This app makes booking so much easier especially that you can do everything on your own and don’t have to call them! The call center is sooo bad representative tend to be a little rude and unhelpful so this app made it much easier now I book my tickets from the comforter of my own coach without even a laptop!
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5 years ago, Dimitra Iakovidou
Amazing experience!
I flew with Turkish airlines last summer for the first time in my life. Over all it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! Amazing crew! Delicious food! Spectacular service! The cleanliness of the aircraft! Super clean bathroom! There was a hand lotion! - THANK YOU! and a flower in the bathroom! Did I mention how clean it was! I can’t stress that enough! DELTA, watch and learn! The crew was super attentive and on top of everything - with a pleasant smile on their faces! Did I mention the goody bag they give out that has a toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, sleeping shades, SOCKS and SLEEPERS (I’m still shocked)! I can go on and on but I need to go to sleep because I’m flying TURKISH AIRLINES again tomorrow! 😁 I wish one day I get to experience their first class flight! 1000 BRAVOS!!!
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8 months ago, Traveler 29
Elite Plus
I gladly admit that starting with my travels years ago I have chosen Turkish Airlines as an excellent airline company and until now I have been a loyal consumer of Turkish Airlines. I see that you are working daily to improve our/consumers' conditions and serve with the highest professionalism, which is much appreciated. Wishing you all the success and many travelers on board. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Tahiti beach girl
Didn’t allow online check in
Bought ticket through Expedia and could only pull up travel information through ticket number. Would not retain ticketing information so had to enter it for myself and my husband every time. When it came to check in for flight, I would scan our passports and it would say information saved yet I could not continue the check in process via my phone. Had to handle all check in through airport. Ugh!
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4 months ago, Koikoi5394
Worst App
This has got to be worst app. I have been trying to join their mileage program but no success. The app doesn’t allow you to enter info for their required fields. Same problem experienced via browser. Who does that in this day and age of technology? I have seen online reviews about this problem that date back to 2017 (thats right, 7years ago, smh !!). Who does that in this day and age of technology? This is a big airline and should invest in technology. For this reason,I will not purchase a ticket with Turkish Airlines. I will take my business elsewhere.
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11 months ago, EagleCA
IT department is very lacking
Both the app and the website are disappointing to use. You get halfway through and it freezes up, or suddenly apologizes for not completing the most very basic of task. Trying to use the website just automatically reopens you to the app that doesn’t work. Deleting the app and using the website freezes up, then gives you access denied messages. Two start for pretty pages, but both in g more because they don’t work. 2 days now.
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