Turo — Car rental marketplace

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Turo Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Turo — Car rental marketplace

4.78 out of 5
239.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Margarita79
Love this app!
I used Turo for the first time on a recent trip to Kauai (Sept 2021). I couldn’t find a single rental car on the island a few months before our trip and asked friends for advice and one told me there was an app for cars similar to vrbo for houses. I set up my profile and found a car I liked, and then everything went very smoothly on our trip. I now would likely prefer this to a traditional car rental service, or at least will always compare prices and availability in locations with both rentals and Turo. I wish I’d thought of this! The only improvement I can think of is pick up and drop off. We paid extra to have the car brought to our hotel versus picking it up at the airport. We didn’t need it for our entire trip and it was a few hundred dollars a day, so thought we’d save some money. If the “host” lives closer to your drop-off location than the airport, not sure why it needs to cost more. Would seem better for them as well. So seems like there could be up front discussion of location and then fees set only if the requested unique drop-off is less convenient for the host. Also, our host seemed to not be clear that we’d also paid for pick-up at the hotel (although very clear to me in the booking details) and it created a lot of back and forth messages on date of pick up. App needs to make sure host is clear on locations to avoid hassle for the guest when trying to enjoy vacation.
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3 years ago, beenay15
The Way it Should Be Done
I’m not sure why renting a car before the Turo app was seemingly in the dark ages, but today renting a car through their platform shows that it should have been down this way from the start. You choose the exact car you want, not from a fleet of “Ford Explorer or comparable”. It’s way cheaper than the big guys, by a lot, and this is still including the highest Turo insurance that you can get which covers everything. Many times you can get unlimited miles if you have a lengthy trip. Hosts at this point have many trips under their belts and have reliable reviews that you can trust. Very importantly, the host knows the car and will demo everything in detail instead of just handing over the keys and sending you on your way. Also, while you can get the car delivered, I have not been inconvenienced by a short Uber trip to pick the car up, being that there are now endless hosts using the platform which means a car is never more than a 10 minute drive away. My personal car Is about a decade old and I’d rather not put the wear and tear on it, but I also don’t want a new car payment. My company pays me pretty well per mile when I travel, so using Turo once a month for my longer trips definitely pays off and I don’t mind spending the money being that it really is so affordable compared to chain rental companies. All in all, Turo has really changed the game and you should give it a try!
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2 years ago, Am I Pleased with the Service?
Great Customer Service
Due to unforeseen circumstances resulting from life & the pandemic, I needed transportation for work. Turo Agents & Hosts have consistently taken care of my car rental needs. I’ve been a Turo renter on and off since 2017; moreso now since 2021 as I needed the vehicle to commute from Houston to Dallas for work and due to my responsibilities as a Praise & Worship leader at LOV Nation Church. I am pleased with the service and have been made to feel safe in every vehicle I rent. It is clear that Turo cares about the customer’s health & safety as they appear to have made it apart of their guideline for hosts to follow COVID cleaning procedures in order to list any vehicle. I am also pleased with how Turo does everything in their power to resolve issues if they may arise. I highly recommend using Turo. Their rates are competitive, and, thought they shift according to the market like everywhere else, have been at least 30% cheaper than using Hertz or Enterprise Rent-a-car. Of course, you may have your mileage trade offs since not every Host on Turo offers unlimited miles. Just be calculated on those types of rental parameters to ensure that rental best fits your need or adjust your life according for the duration of your trip. I enjoy this service. Thank You Turo and to every person who has graciously hosted me. I look forward to enjoying renting more vehicles as time goes on for leisure & business! I highly recommend using Turo!
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2 years ago, abcbyuman2
Incredible Service
I don’t normally write these, so you know it’s either super good or super bad. In this case I was blown away with how responsive and fair minded Turo is. I rented a Tesla and paid about $1000 ahead of time. About a month before my trip, the car was unavailable due to mechanical problems or something, I’m not really sure I just got a notification that I had been refunded and my trip was canceled. I was very worried, I thought I wouldn’t be able to rent another Tesla of the same year and model (I’ve never driven one and was super stoked for this!). Luckily, it was super easy to find a help button and choose the option to speak with a customer service rep. I pressed 2 on the call to speak with someone and within 1 minute I was explaining my situation to a real human (something very important to me). Within 10 minutes I not only received confirmation of my full refund, I had also received an additional $500 of in-app credit to use towards my next rental. I was able to rent an even nicer Tesla I wouldn’t have been able to previously!!! Let’s goooo. Outstanding customer service, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to rent a car. Much better rates than the big companies, more flexibility, AND nicer cars. And obviously from the rest of my review you can gather that they have incredible customer service that responds very quickly!
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1 year ago, 1023 stevo
First timers
We are new to the Turo community and at first we were skeptical about renting or car to complete strangers. However after doing more research and becoming more knowledgeable about how Turo vets all renters driving backgrounds, and authenticity; gave us peace and mind about who will be responsible for our car. Being informed about their different coverage options to best fit our needs also a huge plus. The app is very easy to navigate through and with step-by-step instructions, makes it easy check in and out of each trip. We’ve only had two trips booked with our car and at the rate we’re going, i know it’ll definitely be worth the while. Why not make money off your car if you don’t need it at the moment. Before apps like lyft, Uber and now TURO came out; the number one depreciating asset was a car. But now its an investment with being able to create income to pay for your car and make profits compared to constantly putting money into it. This rating is 100% real and honest, im not being paid or influenced by incentives; apps like this are created to help create a business and earn income from nothing into something and because of that, I want to make sure this review helps other people like me who want/need the extra income to support their family.
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3 years ago, Lje25
Turo mean less hassle!!
I have used Turo a few times now for family trips and when traveling with kids, ease of travel accommodations is essential. The entire process with Turo is user friendly from the beginning. The search, and selecting a car is step 1 and the details regarding specifics of each vehicle is user friendly. Fees and cost are up front and available to see, not hundreds of fees added at checkout. Prior to the trip a few minor steps to upload drivers license, etc is quick and can be done in a matter of minutes from your phone. Obtaining the car varies depending on location and host. I have been picked up and baggage claim or walked to shuttle and dropped at car. Both were seamless and zero hassle. Way less waiting and hassle than any car rental company I have ever dealt with. Beginning the trip requires documenting a few photos, again phone friendly steps and drive away! The return is as easy as returning to the prior spot and handing off the keys, and again a few pics. I typically pay for the cleaning service $20-25, I know I don’t want to wash and vacuum the car so much easier. That doesn’t mean leave trash!! Be respectful. Throw away your trash. Also, prior to each of these steps the host will send you written and often video instructions so nothing is confusing.
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3 months ago, saucy no 1
Bad updates ruin great apps!
Starting March 26th this app is requiring every host to automatically accept EVERY request. This app is NOT my primary job and I only have one vehicle on here. I might have to stop listing it since I can’t make this side income a primary one. I have mentioned great updates in the past that could fix this issue. I have been ignored. I already drive this vehicle over 100 miles on my days off (ONE WAY) to make a little extra money to help make the payments. I mentioned giving a minimum and maximum miles from my “home” delivery location. I have also mentioned limiting the drive time to drop off this unit. Ex: I get lots of requests from Columbus, Ohio. This drive time is a couple minutes short of THREE HOURS away from me one way (6 hours to drop off and another 6 hours to pick up). I live 1 hour from Charleston, WV and only have two drop off locations to choose from. Parkersburg, WV is also an hour away and they have no drop off locations, so anyone renting there would have to pay the same $120 delivery fee. Having an address or pinpointing it on a map would be a couple of great alternatives. Having a maximum delivery distance and delivery time would also be great! Neither of these features have come to fruition. TURO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! This isn’t making this easier on me or many others trying to use this app that used to be pretty good. I also think their fees are much higher than they should be. A flat fee with awesome coverage would help out.
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4 years ago, kccp110
What is not to love?
I absolutely love Turo, so much that this review won’t do it justice. Not only is this a genius idea for a host, but it’s unbelievably convenient for a guest! We were over paying for subpar rental vehicles through Expedia and car rental companies for years until we found an unexpected need to search elsewhere. We thought we would be stranded without a car because we waited too long to book a vehicle, but Turo came to our rescue with a better deal than we could have asked for. I must admit I was skeptical during our first use, afraid of an unknown first experience. But that all changed after our first trip using Turo and we will never go back to the way we were renting previously! We had 24/7 communication with our host, pick up and drop off were so easy and convenient, and we didn’t wait in any lines after we picked up our luggage! We went straight to the airport parking lot and drove off in our beautiful, affordable rental- we felt like locals! If you are new to this app and considering using it, please do yourself a favor and go for it. You will not be disappointed- I have recommended using Turo to all of my friends and family already and encourage you to do so as well!
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7 months ago, Fujrdbjuxc
Horrible customer service
I never write poor reviews, I think it’s unfair to judge an app so harshly over something that can be talked about with customer service. That being said, I went through Turo’s customer service THREE times before I had to move onto another app. While Turo has some great features, it’s customer service line member did nothing to help. I provided all of my valid information and was not yet approved to rent a car for some reason. I talked to customer service and was told I would get an email in about an hour resolving the issue but it might be a little longer. I totally understand things needing to take longer, it’s a delicate process. However two hours later and I was getting anxious because I needed a car that day. I messaged agin asking for an update. All I was told was that they will “expedite further”. I messaged back after thirty minutes to a third member and asked if I could get a status check and how much longer it would be. She told me another HOUR. Right now it’s been FIVE HOURS since my first time reaching out and I still haven’t heard anything back. Not to mention customer service had typos and seemed all around impersonal and unprofessional. Treated me like I just needed to be shut up. I wish I could add pictures of the conversation but I was so shocked how I was being treated after being so patient. I wish I could say better things as I heard highly of this app. I hope other have a better experience than me.
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11 months ago, mach2don
Request an explanation
Some body help me out here in case I misunderstood something. Im a fair person and try hard to write true and factual reviews according to my experiences. Im all for supporting the locally owned businesses and prefer doing business with them. So In searching for a van rental for an upcoming trip I responded to a Turo add advising me to compare the lower prices and availability on car rentals through Turo. So after getting the prices from the major auto rental company’s I down loaded the app and started my search. My shock and confusion is all the higher prices and for much older vehicles the Turo results came back to me in respect to the rental companies. I don’t get it? Why should I pay more for an older van than the cheaper prices offered by the auto rental company’s for 2023 and newer? This is not to include all the hassle Turo requires preparing a user account with selfies holding your DL and such which I wouldn’t mind complying to ….but where’s the deal? From the results I got it sure isn’t in the price and product. I gotta be missing something here. So please some body needs to help show me whats the big benefit here using Turo before I rewrite and explain this more clearly for everyone’s benefit in a 1 star review and over social media. In the mean time I guess I’ll rent from one of the rental companies.
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2 years ago, price wreck
Don’t waste your time!
Although the ending result was being able to get a replacement vehicle, the steps to get there were absolutely insane! It took me seven hours to get a replacement vehicle after the original host became unresponsive when a light on the dashboard came on, there was a burning oil smaell coming from underneath the hood and the vehicle wouldn’t get up to speed! Turo expected me to download and create an account with Uber, in order to get around after I was informed that I’d get a replacement vehicle. I did not do this and informed them I was told they’d get me a replacement from a different host—not have to go through Uber! This drained our last night in Orlando by working on this problem for seven hours, including dealing with a third party company that Turo uses to tow the first vehicle. The host would not respond to provide me an address to share w/ the towing company on where to take his vehicle to. Our first time going to Disney during the holidays was supposed to be stress free and it was far from that after the host became unresponsive. The second host that offered their vehicle was misinformed about which airport I needed to leave the vehicle at, in order to fly home; therefore almost backed out to let me use it, up until Turo paid the extra cost. For this being my first time using Turo, I do not feel confident nor trust using the services again! Delayed time, sleep, unhappy family during our Christmas Disney vacation!!
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2 years ago, Nate H.
Turo does not care when you get scammed
I took a trip with Turo renting a very specific electric vehicle. The listing was ambiguous, so I followed up immediately after booking confirming it was the exact model with extended battery. When I picked up the car it was the standard battery which affects both range and performance numbers, lowering horsepower and acceleration. The range is what I was most insulted over, I specifically mentioned I was road tripping and the loss of 20kwh battery space made us charge more often and limited the use of the vehicle at destination. We went to a place that only had level 2 charging but if we had the extra capacity this would not have been a difficulty. Instead we had to take taxis while we let the car sit to charge at 7kw/h. Turo didn’t care, at all. They refused to even engage with me until I combed their terms and conditions and found the very specific way you have to complain to them to get a response. They told me that because the vehicle was a premium model that it didn’t matter I was lied to over the battery size. They offered me $25 future credit. Like I would ever rent through them again. Told me I could pre-pay $375 to arbitrate, pro-tip: when you sign up for Turo send them an email saying you opt out of forced arbitration so when you get screwed you can just file small claims. All in all, Turo and Michael Dennis the owner of the standard battery Ford Mustang Mach E are scum who scam. Do not recommend. Use at your own risk.
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9 months ago, User#28373829
Scammed by Turo Host
Rented a car for a 4 day trip. Took pictures of the ext and int of the car as instructed by Turo. About 15 minutes into the drive the engine light came on, so I pulled over, messaged the host, and called Turo. Turo support said that this was likely an emissions light and I could either continue to drive the car, or I could return it. They also said that because the engine light came on at the beginning of my trip that I would not be held liable for it, since the issue would have occurred before I picked up the vehicle. I continued the trip, but two days after I returned the car I was hit with a damage claim, stating that the muffler assembly had been damaged and that repairs would cost thousands of dollars. I repeatedly messaged Turo support, getting a new agent every single time, asking them to reference the call with their support team, which they refused to do, and refused to provide me with the recording of that call. When they finally sent over the repair bill I noticed drastic up charges for the parts that the host claimed needed repairing, and sent over multiple listing from the car manufacturer with cheaper costs, which would save well over $1,000. Turo basically emailed back and said this wasn’t their problem and they used a third party assessor and wouldn’t adjust claims unless contacted by an attorney. Go rent with an actual rental car service that has integrity and isn’t looking to support hosts who are scamming users to fix their cars.
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3 months ago, j716263
I am a host
I am a turo host who has 3 cars and has been on the platform for a year and a half. I love the idea of this app and the opportunities it gives people. So why a 1 star? Because Turo doesn’t care about their hosts. One of my cars were involved in a minor accident and turo has been giving me issues the entire time. This isn’t the first time either, but this time is by far the worst. I have been waiting for over a month with not one word about when they are going to be sending the money to fix my car per their insurance agreement. Not a single word from them. I have called them 50 times, each time being told I will receive a call back that I never get. I have emailed them over 100 times about this. I have called and spoken to multiple managers who all tell me they are putting me on priority to get this situation resolved but yet nothing ever gets done. Still no emails, still no word. I am currently losing money on an investment I made simply because this company cannot look at an email and send the funds to do what they promised. They don’t even have a claims department phone number for their hosts, only guests! I am very seriously considering closing down my turo business and selling my cars because I refuse to do business with an organization that doesn’t even respect their partners enough to stand by what they say and to do it in a timely manner. I’m sick and tired of how this company mistreats their hosts, as I’m sure other hosts are.
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2 years ago, Mrs Woode
Worst car rental service ever
I tried using TURO for the first time last weekend. Being my first time renting there was a lot of information I didn’t have as a first time renter. My first booking was a no show. No response. I gave Turo a second chance and booked another car same day. TURO has so far charged my card over $1000 days after I returned the vehicle. This is for a weekend. There is no Live agent to talk to with billing disputes. Imagine the frustration I have been going through the whole week. Host can accuse you of every violation days after your trip is over. Plant stuff in the car. Take pictures and TURO will honor what they said based on pictures received days later. As a user I have been exploited and not heard. All the chat agents I have messaged asked for before pictures of every inch of the car. Which I only took 3 pictures per the live agent I was talking to at time of pickup. I was charged a smoking violation 72hours after returning the car. I have never smoked a day in my life. I have no way of proving that the host is lying to get money from me. I was also charged for cleaning violations when I received the car dirty from Host(RED) Before you have a chance to review or dispute a violation they automatically debit your account. I am currently waiting to hear back from all the emails i have sent. Being a person that rented from traditional rentals this App has so far been my worst nightmare. I need to talk to someone to that will listen.
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3 years ago, MAX GERHARD
Absolutely Terrible EVERYTHING!
Terrible company! They will say you did damage to the car when pictures clearly show otherwise! I had the worst experience with this company!! And still dealing with it as I’m writing this. I’ve rented hundreds of times in my life and I want to make sure no one else has to go through what I did. The host controls everything and you have no rights as the renter/guest. My host changed the pickup location right when I landed. The location was at a haunted house parking lot in a dark, muddy in the middle of no where location. Couldn’t take any before pictures because it was so dark. I drove the car for 3 days and basically had it parked most of the tine away from other cars because I was working in a small town in Indiana. I returned the car at the original location and took my pictures of the car that clearly shows nothing wrong with the car! Here’s the best part, the host messages me and asks me if I hit the car on anything in the whole driver side of the car? I said no, look at the pictures I took. Well it doesn’t matter what pictures I took, the host has all the power to make a claim and say I did it. That’s what she did! I got the basic coverage and it states I am liable even if it’s not my fault!!! I would have to pay 3k out of pocket for something I didn’t even do! I’m still dealing with this and just want to make sure you watch out for this company, they will screw you over big time!!!
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11 months ago, ac1192
Much less Stressful than a rental agency!
I was a little concerned about using Turo because not everyone is professional. Fortunately my first experience was wonderful and will plan to use Turo in the future. They encourage you to take multiple pictures of the vehicle before driving away for your protection. I would recommend taking the same pictures up PRN turning in your vehicle. That will prevent the "he said- she said." Record your mileage as well for good measure. It was just so very nice not having to deal with rental agencies and working with just one person. I was able to quickly pick up and return my vehicle at the airport. This was important to me. The person I rented the car from was so very kind and professional. He responded promptly to any questions. The vehicle was in excellent condition and very clean. I was able to secure a vehicle and have it at the airport in less than 24hrs to my arrival for much less than a rental company would charge for the same type of vehicle. I also liked picking who I would work with and knew exactly what vehicle I was getting. I have shared my experience with friends and family. They plan to also use Turo for their next vacation!
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1 year ago, James Vondo
Turo “super host” scammed my girlfriend’s elderly Asian American mother
I’ve used Turo in the past and have had mixed experiences. However I will never use this company again due to the recent experience my girlfriend’s elderly Asian American Mom had being scammed on the app and taken advantage of by a complete jerk. They thought they rented a Mercedes Benz by a super host user named Vidas J. The car had decent ratings when they picked the car up at the airport on Christmas Eve the car had severe exterior damage that looked like rust. It looked like a drug dealer’s car and nothing like the photos. The super host mentioned “sun damage” in the footnote of the posting but they had no idea it would look the way it did based on the windshield. There were cracks on the windshield and the tire sensor was out. Since it was Christmas Eve they had no choice but to take the car in order to get to their family. They took a ton of pictures of all the damage on the car to ensure they wouldn’t be blamed. To make matters worse the “super host” tried to intimidate them and shake them down for new “cracks on the windshield” and the tire sensor being broken. Can you imagine! I will never use Turo again and will tell everyone I know not to use Turo again. Turo support did nothing to help and didn’t have a person to contact. The super host was able to call and prevent us from eating the experience and gave my girlfriend’s Mom a 1 star. They felt threatened and taken advantage. Never use Turo
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5 months ago, pepsi cola ;]
Don’t be a host!
I loved Turo for over a year and recommended it to so many people. After four months as a host I know the truth. Rent out your junky extra car but not your personal vehicle. Guests can be hit or miss like anything but the Turo customer support will screw over the host every time. Reimbursements have been impossible to get and I’ve lost out on over $200 for mileage driven, tolls, and empty fuel tank. Had all the appropriate pictures taken through the app and still get denied. How is this legal? Car returned dirty inside and out with dents in my leather seats on a 24 hour rental and the company denied any compensation. Pictures showed it was just detailed and washed. If you care about your car don’t rent it out on Turo. Turo will side with the guest every time. And if they don’t respond you don’t get paid. Why am I assumed to be lying and the party who won’t respond is sided with? I’m the one with photographic evidence. Update: Turo did not respond to the email I sent after their reply here. They also never reviewed the escalation. Clearly just trying to save face and not serious about fixing anything. Guest chose to pay after I took matters into my own hands. Thanks for nothing. I shouldn’t have to harass guests to receive payments. Being told very nicely that “we don’t believe you and think you are a liar” was a wonderful experience that I will look forward to never having again. Hope your company goes out of business you jerks.
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12 months ago, lovable___33
Worst car rental
UPDATE: To think that these people wrote back on the review to say I should email them to solve the problem, I really thought they were going to but like I said they just did that to save face and didn’t even bother responding back to my email. Save your money, because company like this love to act like they care when truly they ware unwilling to do anything to help the customer in need. This is truly the worst car rental company ever. I had a friend who even told me not to use them but I didn’t listen. I had a rental that I was going to get for my birthday in which my host canceled whiles I had a thirty minute grace period. I was LIVID due to being in another state with no way of getting to my destination. All I received was a notification stating the I CANCELLED so that it looks better for the company. I called them because they took a cancellation fee from my account when I WASN’T the one that cancelled. I decided to give them a call in WHICH they all claimed that I will receive my refund but now all of a sudden it’s not going through. They decided to tell me in two business days I’m supposed to receive an email, in which I haven’t received any email or call of any sort about my refund and issues I encountered with this company. This is the worst thing one can do to a valuable customer. Please don’t waste your time on a company like this because they truly don’t care about the wrongs that they do.
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2 years ago, Clearlyamyr
Worst Customer Service
My first (and last) rental with Turo I was charged $150 cleaning fee for having an animal in the car, which we did not. I was charged the fee without my knowledge. I was then emailed after they charged me, but never contacted about whether I actually had an animal in the car. When I tried to dispute the fee, I found you can only email or “chat” with what may or may not be a real person. I was summarily dismissed every time I tried to present my side and after 3 exchanges told my emails would not be responded to. I was told next time to contact the company “as soon as an issue arises” and provide evidence. How do I prove there was no animal in the car? How do I know there’s an issue, if they don’t let me know? The host waited until I left a 5-star review to charge me the fee. When I asked to change my review, I was told it could only be removed, but not changed. Clearly, he was covering what should have been his business expense by charging me and Turo never gave me a chance to defend myself. They just sided with him. This host came with a 5-star rating and was an “All-Star Host.” Who knows how many other people couldn’t change their positive rating to a negative one, like me. This company has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with! Do your research on this company. The more I started digging around online, the more I found many other people in similar situations to mine. Rent at your own risk!
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11 months ago, QuietCastle1984
My 1st bad experience with Turo.
Good morning! My name is Brandon and I recently rented a Jeep Compass through Turo. I’ve used Turo previously and have never had any issues until this latest rental. Upon getting the car, I was met by the owner’s next door neighbor because the owner was out of town on business. Before he handed me the keys, he notified me that the tire sensors on the front tires were inoperable. The owner never said anything to me about this. Strike one! After driving it for about a day or so, I noticed that the brakes were seriously overdue to be changed. The whole vehicle shook when I had to slow down or come to a complete stop. Strike two. On top of all of this, the rear tires kept losing tire pressure. I’m assuming that there’s a nail in the driver’s side rear tire because we had to put air in it on 5 different occasions. Strike three. I was under the assumption that vehicles rented through Turo had to go through an inspection before being rented. The owner of the Jeep Compass seems to be a nice guy, but is slacking on the upkeep of his automobile. Every time that I encountered a problem, I alerted him of the situation through the Turo app. He told me that he made an appointment to get it looked at and I hope that he is able to get everything taken care of before anyone else can rent it due to safety concerns. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Orlando(;
I am an All Star Host to prove my credentials & I am writing my review so all other hosts are aware of this. My car was recently stolen from the airport and Turo did not cover the damages made to my vehicle. Obviously I informed my personal insurance about my car and they automatically denied my claim due to it being parked at the airport for “commercial purposes- Turo”, therefor if it was parked at the airport for Turo, they should be the ones to cover my vehicle. I have emailed & called Turo and every time I inform them about my case, they make an excuse about “Oh let me look into your claim and I’ll give you a phone call back” & never hear from them again. All they want to do is push me away. I have paid my dues for their insurance, Liberty Mutual, and they still don’t want to cover my vehicle. It blows my mind that a company like Turo has profited so much money during the Pandemic in Hawaii, but when I comes down to coverage, it only proves my point of big corporations taking advantage of the little man. I’m still questioning as to why Turo won’t cover my vehicle’s damages made when it was stolen when Turo makes it an option to leave the car at the airport with a lockbox. Don’t give hosts the option to leave the car unattended with a lock box and not have a back up plan for when a thief comes and takes your car. Over all, poor customer service and if you want to be taken advantage of, then Turo is for you,
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9 months ago, Azazel Grey
I love Turo
Turo was a blessing in disguise several years ago when I was traveling back home to NYC from Los Angeles. I flew into Newark airport to pickup my rental from a well known car rental company. I was a Preferred Member, paid for the rental in full and in advance, and as usual I would just walk to my rental, keys inside and drive off. Not that time. For some reason they tried to get another $500 out of me, although I already paid $600 for the rental during my stay in NYC. Told them to you know what…lol. Cancelled my rental, wrote the company and demanded my refund (and got that back). I remembered hearing about Turo, downloaded the app, and booked a vehicle for the same amount of days, for only half of what I paid for the other rental, and got a better vehicle anyway 😎👍🏽 I’ve been using Turo for several years now and by far, definitely the best rental car service out there. The rental car companies that have been around for decades are my very very very last option, and that’s if Turo isn’t available in a certain areas I’m traveling to, all the Turo cars are booked during my travel and the buses/trains are all shut down…lol. Thank you Turo. Highly recommended and FIVE STARS baby!!
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2 years ago, Ruined my trip
Nice idea but still have lots for improvement
Had my first Turo experience and was hoping it’d go great but instead it ruined the trip. I don’t understand why Im responsible for the airport parking garage exit fee, when the host did not specify anywhere that delivery to the airport will cause me to pay a $32 exit fee. The host parked the car in the garage around 3-4AM and my pickup wasn’t until 2pm so I had to pay a full day fee. Turo website even specifies in quotations that this information must be listed in the “Description” field of the listing and I don’t see it listed there. I contacted Customer support and they initially said they will give me a refund and to send them a photo of the receipt, which I did. But they ended up saying I still need to pay for the fee even though I’m unable to locate this information in the host’s listing. Turo is basically saying one thing online but going back on their word, essentially lying to customers. The host also lost the parking garage ticket when I dropped off the car. I ended up having to pay a $38 “lost parking garage ticket” fee because the host claimed I lost it. How do I lose a parking ticket from time of getting in the garage and getting out the car. I left the ticket in plain sight under the dash and even made sure prior to leaving the vehicle. This was my first experience, and will be my last. I definitely won’t recommend Turo to any of my friends and family.
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3 years ago, do not work wirh them
Terrible customer service
The worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I made an account and everything was good to go. I ended up adding gm gf’s card on the payment information because she was paying for it and after I added her info the app said I wasn’t approved to drive. I contacted their chat team and it was so difficult to get a normal answer they just kept telling me I’m wasn’t approved and reason why I wouldn’t but they couldn’t tell me exactly why and how to fix it. I called customer service and the person I spoke with told me to contact the same chat room so I tried again and they asked me for certain documents as far as my license and a picture of me holding it. I needed up changing back the payment info (cuz I assumed that’s what it was) to my card in my name but they still needed verification on the last card even tho I changed it. Still sent in everything they needed and I got approved an hour later then 30 minutes later I wasn’t approved again. I called customer service AGAIN and the gentleman was not helpful he just kept telling me to contact the chat but nobody could tell me why it keep not approving me and when I asked to speak to a supervisor he said “he’s not going to be able to help” what kind of customer service is that?? This is the first time and last time I’ll be trying to work with them because the process of getting a rental car should not be that difficult.
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10 months ago, Jay636278
Poor service
I've had a few trips on Turo, and this one is the worst experience. I had a flat tire within a short period of time after picking up the Tesla. I parked the car and when I returned, the back tire was completely flat. I had to tow it to a repair shop late at night and had to wait until the morning to repair the tire. The tire was wear down so severely that the repairman couldn't plug it and needed to replace it with a new tire for safety precautions. The tow and tire ended up costing me approximately $300 (which is more than the actual trip is worth) just to maintain the host's vehicle. I was also told during my trip by a Turo customer service rep. that I would be reimbursed for all of the out of pocket cost and compensated for the time invested to maintain the host's vehicle. As of this review (2 weeks after the trip) I have not been reimbursed, and I've been getting charged for late fees/ recharge fees that resulted from the time it took to repair the vehicle. Overall condition of the car when I received it was poor. The interior side panel kept falling off, all the rims were scratched up, interior had stains and the car was due for numerous services. I take pride in taking care of all my previous host's cars with no issues. At this point I'm taking great consideration in terminating my Turo account and never having an issue like this happen again. If the $300 is too much money for them they could keep it.
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1 week ago, Mrs DJH
Great service provider, vehicle
I do want to write a disclaimer upfront that the service and overall experience was great. My husband rented from this provider previously, which is how I was able to learn of their services. The ONLY reason I’m rating it a four and not a five is I did have some challenges with the tire pressure light and/or sensor on this particular vehicle—a gray 2021 Nissan Rogue. I did communicate upfront before leaving and denoted in the retrieval imaging process that the light was on as I picked it up and stayed on the entire trip, even after immediately taking it to the gas station to put air in it. My husband stayed with me an additional few moments to look at all wheels and tires to ensure there was no nail in it as I was driving out of DFW city limits, which was the source of our concern. The great news is, I made it successfully where I needed to and back, and communicated there was still an ongoing issue with either the tire pressure or the sensors. My understanding was the next day the vehicle was to be taken out of service until the issue was resolved. The service received from this provider was responsive, accommodating and understanding, and that deserves high marks as well. I very much plan to rent from them again.
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3 months ago, jon kane
Turo amazing car rental
Someone recommended Turo to me when I was trying to rent a car from an opposite car renting place you know the traditional one and it changed my life to be part of Turo, other companies would say too bad so sad go away, Turo went the extra mile and said we will do whatever it takes to help you out if you are not in the wrong right away my rental perfect and then the second rental not so perfect but with Turo, they made it happen again but once again, the host was not so good and honest about their car and it was like a accident waiting to happen. I let Turo know and they came to my rescue. They didn’t turn a blind eye when they could’ve, they made it right. They did it fast and completely mind blown with the amazing customer service. They provided me. The two host weren’t so good but the last one that I have right now is so phenomenally amazing going above and beyond. Even though car rental companies, the traditional ones mess up, they don’t help to make up for their mistakes, their actual own mistake but Turo is the company to rent from. They have your back definitely can count on them. I will be recommending Turo to anyone.
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2 years ago, hbfyynb
Terrible customer service and be careful who you rent with .
First of all I was new to this. And my flight was delayed I was traveling with my toddler and didn’t even get to the car till almost 3 am. Since I was new to this app. I checked the car out on the outside seen the tires were extremely bald. Didn’t say anything. It was 3 am and everything is closed I’m traveling with my toddler. On top of that I checked the car out on the inside briefly wasn’t aware I had to check under the seats make sure everything was spotless . I mean it’s 3 am I’m with my toddler I skimmed the top interior of the car looked ok. I used the car for 4 days. Was never told I had to take pictures of the inside of the car and under the seats till I dropped off The car . Tbh I’ve used enterprise or Avis etc never had to do that. Only used Turo thinking it would be easier. But they’re not about their customers . Guys when you rent make sure you check everything from the floors to the bottom of the seats. Make sure to take pictures before you drop it off as well. They charged me a 250 fee because UNDER the seats they found particulars of who knows what . I was with my 3 year old toddler and I don’t smoke. And because I was never told BEFOREHAND and BEFORE the check out one of the things should be take pictures of every corner of the outside and inside of the car . Very unprofessional customer service .
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2 years ago, Turo is the worst
Tons of Headaches
I hate to say it but after using this app three times I’ll never be using it again. I have booked three trips on Turo and all three of them cancelled on me last minute leaving me in a tough position as all the rental car companies prices are 4 times what they would have been and Turo prices are also elevated. The third time at least Turo called me and found another vehicle for me to rent. So 4th times the charm I finally have a vehicle! Then I get the vehicle and the windshield is cracked and the tires are bald and I’m in Canada in the winter time. I end up spending $140 on chains just so I can get around and move at 30mph. I live in Colorado and I am accustom to driving in the snow, but if you have bald tires there is only so much you can do. Then to add insult to injury I return the vehicle and get more additional charges from a vindictive host. It’s absurd! I like innovative solutions and don’t particularly love rental car companies but the bottom line is a rental car company is better suited to renting cars than Turo. They have a stock of cars to pull from and they have standards to keep the vehicles in good shape. Turo has none of these things so if your car is cancelled then your are out of luck and then if you do happen to get a vehicle the vehicle I guess you just pray it’s in good condition so you can actually drive it. Then go ahead and expect a bunch of fees to be lobbed your way after the trip.
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9 months ago, Bossuah
So far, so good. The app is mostly self-explanatory.
However, my app is not able to show me a guest’s identity data, so I am not able to verify guest’s identity before a trip. I have already contacted support two times, and each time,I was advised to refresh the app, and or use the website. I have tried that, but the app still doesn’t show me the id data that I may confirm from guest identity card. Also customers are increasingly complaining that the airport pickup location is too far. Some guests who are familiar with the airport want to pickup from the airport short term parking or garage. The three Turo assigned pick up terminals A, B and C appears to be understood by many people, including Turo support and customer service who think that Turo can park at any parking lot at Nashville International Airport. But my understanding is that Turo is prohibited from parking at Parking Garage 1 and 2. This misunderstanding has resulted to the poor ratings and not so good language used on some of us hosts. I suggest that guests reviews regarding inconvenience of picking a vehicle because of distance MUST NOT be regarded by Turo as a complaint against a host; such ratings need to be discarded.
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2 years ago, SethCov
Rental Fraud in Philadelphia
We rented a Turo from the airport in Philly. The rental host was Eduardo. We picked up the keys from a lock box and received no instructions about the key fobs at all. We stopped at a gas station right outside of the airport for a drink and locked the car and took one of the key fobs with us. Evidently only one of the two fobs can be used to unlock the vehicle. That fob and our phones were locked in the vehicle. We had to borrow a phone and call a locksmith. We asked the host to split the $100 locksmith charge with us since he never communicated with us about the fobs. Eduardo was very rude, said it wasn’t his problem, and stopped responding to calls or texts for the remainder of our rental. Even at drop off we couldn’t get ahold of him. We gave him a 1 star review for his lack of communication and for blocking our calls while we were renting his car. We are not smokers and no one who rode with us ever smokes. The car did not smell like smoke before or after our rental. The host Eduardo was so mad about the 1 star review that he claimed we smoked in the car. We were charged a $300 cleaning fee and our account was blocked on Turo. This is not right! The man was running a scam and was mad that we left him a bad review. Up to this point, Turo has been no help. We have had a good experience with Turo in the past, but this experience has been horrible. Again the host was Eduardo in Philadelphia, PA.
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1 month ago, Juanshaw
Turo host
So I currently am a host on Turo have been doing it for about three years now it’s a great platform to get yourself out there and get people running your car. You may have a couple people not treat your car the best but I will say it, majority of the gas to turn out to be good people that Turo customer service is awful. They are neither on the customer side nor the host side. I had trouble even getting claims completed/getting money back on wear and tear from my car that happened during the trip and then I’ve had gas say that they want to modify the trip and they go to Turo Support to get help and they can’t help them either, which makes it difficult for me because they come to me as I am Turo Support but I am just a host that Turo is a good platform. Just get better customer support it feels like they aren’t even in the country Now I’m adding on I just had a guess get a citation in my car there was $40. I did not find the citation in today and I had to pay the late fee. I try to get reimbursed from Turo and they told me that I can’t get it reimbursed because I added the late fee charge, which is very annoying because I wouldn’t have gotten this citation if the guest did not get citation I also did not get informed by the guest, which made me get a late fee will never get reimbursed for late fees, even if it is not my fault is very annoying and support team is the worst
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4 years ago, Buckwheat Magee
With other car sharing services like Zipcar (among others) around here in San Francisco, it seems kind of ridiculous to have to pay such steep “service fees”. As an example, if you’d like to rent a car for $120 a day: You would be expected to pay an additional $30 for the minimum insurance and the an additional $112 as a “service fee” (WHAT?) With an app like Uber you still have to pay a fee however at least you essentially have a “chauffeur” driving you around for a couple days and it’s still not as expensive. On the other hand, most Turo car owners will have a mileage limit and then charge you for every miler you go over. Yes you heard that right. So not only are you driving yourself, but you’re paying per mile to continue to use the vehicle on top of the hundreds you’ve already spent on gas, mileage fees, anywhere you park, and then “service fees” to top it all off. So essentially the price to use the app is almost as much as renting the car alone. 🤦‍♂️ I would say this is a great app if you want to have the opportunity to drive a nicer car for a day. But as a practical car sharing app (the only reason I gave it an extra star), it really doesn’t give you a good bang for your buck. Turo has a great opportunity to have a truly groundbreaking business model but are missing opportunities to really catch on by having such nonsensical fees.
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2 years ago, BF1272
Terrible customer service
So I used Turo for the 1st time in Hawaii & didn’t have a great experience. Within driving from pickup to our hotel we got a nail in one of the tires. The person we rented from was responsive but we didn’t get a replacement car till 11pm that night. We rented a convertible to enjoy a day of driving around the island to different beach locations. We were give a Honda Civic as the replacement car & charged the same exact dollar amount as the convertible. Then we had to change our plans the next day due to not having the car we originally planned on. Once I got done with my vacation I decided to contact Turo to get some type of a refund. For starters Turo doesn’t have any customer service staff you can speak with. It’s all done through a website chat. That chat took 2 hours out of my day compared to a 15 minute conversation. Turo said they would work on getting me some type of refund to accommodate this issue. After waiting 6 days, not the 2 they said it would be, I was offered a whopping $25 credit. This was & still is very frustrating. I highly recommend using car rental companies that take care of their clients compared to 3rd party apps. They have zero customer service & aren’t interested in getting repeat customers from my interactions. Hope this helps everyone from making the same mistake I did.
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7 months ago, Vdubbing
Turo commits fraud
I am a host and have Tesla. A credit card has to be on car for charging or your car can get locked from Tesla station for unpaid service. I rent my Tesla to customers and send a invoice after the trip for charging costs accurate to customer. The customer charges the car at 6pm after credit card companies close the invoice gets sent to me next day after the customer trip. I had 4 charges on my credit card Turo denied the whole trip because the last invoice came next day because I don’t have the ability to print instant invoice. They denied the other charges too with no explanation unless you call in they denied the last invoice because it came next day not instant. This is a form of fraud they allow customers to charge your credit card and deny payment based on when a credit card company issued the invoice. This is a massive loophole for customers because basically as long as you charge the host during non business hours and the invoice cannot possibly match cause the credit card company is closed till next day they have access to charging your credit card as much as they want and Turo helps in the act by making excuses for fraud. When someone has access to your credit card for charging and the agreement is Turo issues refund for charges and they don’t they are a accountable for fraud with the customer.
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1 year ago, Big BAD isaac
Turo & upper management
Don’t waste your time I had 7 vehicles listed. My 2021 Benz c300 was totaled in a fraudulent insurance claim by a Turo customer. I proved it to them and did everything I was suppose to. A month after the incident Isaac from San Francisco some manager/ employee calls me making threats saying I’m seconds away from not being able to use Turo. I said buddy you don’t have to take me off I want nothing to do with Turo. Terrible managers terrible customer service. I had a 50k car totaled and couldn’t even get a call back except when this guy wanted to power trip and prove how important his job at Turo is. Isaac is a pathetic excuse of a employee. Rent your cars at your own risk. They will come back late damaged or might not even come back. You can guarantee they will call your insurance also when it’s suppose to be covered by travelers. I promise you after a year of renting 7 cars there is almost no profit . By the time their customers burn your Tires, run tolls, red lights etc im still paying off things that pop up daily in the mail from my one year experiences with Turo. I would recommend save your self the stress and problems it is totally not worth it to rent your vehicle on this app. They barely check people’s background until your car is wrapped around a pole. Then you can wait on hold to get in touch with India where they outsource all there calls.
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4 years ago, Alan Travels
Extremely disappointing customer service
I’ve rented from Turo about 10 times across various states when traveling; usually it’s just for running errands or a quick day trip, but recently I rented for a longer period of time to do a bunch of jobs around the city I was working in. I took a bit of a longer weekend trip and experienced some car issues. The condition was pre-existing (risk of renting personally owned vehicles I suppose) and it took me 6 hours on the phone with 3 different departments at Turo to receive a resolution. I lost an entire day just trying to get a vehicle and get home; the final solution ended up costing me an extra $300 and I didn’t even get the same coverage of days with a new vehicle. I lost out on work and valuable time because of the inadequate system they have in place. One person could only place a request to get me roadside assistance, while another could only cancel my existing reservation but not search for a new one. They had terrible rules in place disallowing me from working on a solution while we waited 3 hours on the side of the road in hot desert heat. The first person didn’t even put out claim in correctly so we waited an hour just for their app to start searching for help. In a modern era it’s surprising that it took 3 departments and 6 hours to simply cancel a reservation and book a new one- all at my expense. I would not recommend Turo unless it’s a last resort.
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3 years ago, devisadev
Really depends on the host
As far as the concept of the app goes: awesome. There’s no massive deposits and holds on credit cards as there are with traditional car rental services. The app functions well. Communicating with the host is straight forward. There’s a before-and-after process during which you can provide pictures of the car and any damage that might exist before you pick it up, so you’re not held responsible for it. It’s nice. Well thought out. The downside is availability and consistency. Depending on the area you’re in, there might not be much available, if anything. For example, I’m in Auburn. There’s like. Nothing out here. But 40 miles away, in Columbus, there’s tons. Everything from Corollas to Teslas to high-end sports cars. The quality of hosts varies as well. I’ve had great luck, but I essentially found one good host and stuck to using them. I had another before that was…not great. I’m giving it five stars because the last part isn’t really within Turo’s control. As far as what Turo offers and claims, they hold up their end. I don’t use any other rental service at this point. Highly recommend.
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2 weeks ago, Su Dokai
Censored Reviews
Turo doesn’t post negative reviews about its people or service. Thumb thru reviews and none talkabout hidden fees, not getting rentals paid for, identity thefts, scams, false host info, taking hidden photos, etc. But the law requires them to tell all the truth without being asked and they don’t. Every reviewer before April 2024 wasn’t required to send a pic of their driver’s license to Turo hosts. Don’t believe they can’t easily keep a copy of that pic or save it. It’s absolutely not true. Protect yourself by hiding some info on that license photo that makes it hard to print as real. These hosts are not your family. Your license has all the info needed for identity theft. Next, while you’re taking pics of the car, unknowingly your front camera is taking photos of you. Undisclosed pics and selfies are uploaded to Turo without you knowing and seeing them. Next, they work to force you to pay them even when they don’t provide service. Company policies are their own rules which is not the same as law. Last, their refund, if any, is a credit to rent again and not real money. You have consumer legal rights to get your actual money back. Peer-to-peer is a great Gig to fulfill real needs. But there’s no such thing as a half honest good company. You deserve to know both the good and bad while deciding to rent cars using Turo. I hope this unbiased, unpaid review is helpful.
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3 years ago, Rubbadubinnigga
Turo is the worst run company I’ve ever dealt with.
So I created a account to rent a vehicle through turo. All was going well until somehow I created account for my father using my phone because he was super excited about trying it out later after I rented. somehow my phone number and email were linked to his drivers license and account, even though I already had a account with my info. I showed up to rent the vehicle, and the guy (who was very kind) politely asked where my dad was, seeing his license on file for my account. I explained there must be a misunderstanding and he said to go ahead, take the keys and trusted me to get and figure it out. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with Turo’s useless customer service only to be told that, because the license in the account had been linked to my email and Facebook, they couldn’t do anything about it and basically said to create a new account to. I did that, but they failed to approve my license in a timely manner and get my vehicle re-booked. Imagine having a service where you can’t even update or change the license you have on file. What happens when you move? So you need to create a new account when you move states? My trip was ruined and I ended up having to cancel my trip to the mountains that day because of Turo’s ineptitude. I’ve never used the service again and I never will. Good to riddance.
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7 months ago, JCA1721!
I heard a lot about Turo and thought I’d give it a shot since my car needed to go into the shop due to a recall. I signed up everything was fine and then all of a sudden I couldn’t click on anything with out an error message popping up. I contacted customer support and they told me my account was under review. I thought it might have been due to my email being used listing my last name as my maiden name and my license says my married name so I tried to have them correct it. They would not correct it and told me to wait until the review was done. I was told it would only take a few hours. The next day at around 2pm I finally get an email saying that my account has been closed. I contact customer support again. They offer to resend my application for a second review but refused to tell me why my account was closed to begin with. I have no criminal history nor any traffic violations and I for sure didn’t violate any of their policies as I was only on the app for 5 minutes before it wouldn’t let me do anything. I tried to explain that if they could tell me why my account was closed I could offer other information to help move the review along but was told they would not be disclosing that information to me. I feel that it is very unprofessional for them to take my information and then refuse to tell me why I was denied.
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1 year ago, Always Lyly
Used Turo many times!
Turo is definitely a wonderful and convenient app for anyone trying to rent a car for a short period or long period. The app is very user friendly and super easy to navigate through. You don’t get all of the unexpected fees or security deposit requests as you do with other big name car rentals (Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, etc.). They give you many options to add on if you would like for a decent fee that I can’t complain about. The best feature is that there customer service agents at turo and most of the people that I have rented through are very friendly and helpful, they have sent me coupons to make up for any inconvenience that are always greatly appreciated. I would say the only downfall to Turo is that whoever you rent from can leave reviews about you where they can lie about what kind of a renter you are and turo really doesn’t do anything about it nor even dare to remove a comment that could make you look bad. I thought they would at least look into it and attempt to rectify the situation but nope. Overall, I do recommend Turo app if your in need of a rental. At least give them a try when your looking around and pricing car rentals out.
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2 years ago, carterqweee
Fake reviews terrible customer service check their BBB account where the real reviews are
I used this app last weekend to run some errands while my car was in the shop. Not only did I read that this app is full of fake reviews most likely from paid reps or their own employees. The customer service is awful and they have multiple scam accounts on their app. The car I picked was never available, the owner said he deleted the account months ago yet was messaging me from the app. I had to pay close to $100 upfront just to get no message from the owner, I arrive at the house early in the morning no answer to texts or calls. I call customer service and they can’t do anything but try to call the owner. He forwards the calls from Turo the representative says we can get you another car but it’ll be another $50. This is a complete scam. Now I’m waiting to get my money back if I even do probably will have to report it to my bank as they said it will take up to 10 days to get it back. They took my money up front for a car that hasn’t been available for months wasting my money for an Uber to get there, my time, and my sanity. This app is horrible you’d think they’d have it together being founded in 2009. That’s 13 years to get this app right but it’s all a scam and about money. Don’t use this app you’ll just get stressed out.
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2 years ago, ananagrammar
A viable alternative to conventional rentals
I write this after my first experience using the app. It was a simple and convenient alternative to conventional rental companies in the declining age of those corporate run conglomerates that had successfully pushed out almost any competition. My most recent experience with one of the big-name rental outfits left me scrambling to fit six people and their suitcases into a full-sized SUV after they failed to fulfill my order for a mini van. I had nearly given up on rentals and bought my own mini van when I discovered Turo. I found a few mini vans available in my area that were available in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I chose a Pacifica and was very thankful to find it was well equipped and very clean; unlike any vehicle I had ever rented before. The app guided me through the whole process and I was on my way. Had I needed to extend my trip, the app offered many times to provide that opportunity through the app. The return process was also very easy and everything was documented with pictures to back up any claims that could arise. I’m very satisfied with Turo.
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8 months ago, stayawayfromturo
Turo UNFAIRLY determined that I was responsible for the scratch to the owner's car. I searched the entire car before I left and did not see a SINGLE scratch on the car. I checked inside the car as well and it was clean and there was no garbage or anything inside of the car. Now I am being harassed with emails to pay money for a claim made by the owner saying that I caused the scratch. The scratch could have been photoshopped in the pictures or even made by the owner himself. The pictures that were submitted by the owner also did not show the entire car with the scratch included. It was a piece of metal shown with a scratch. It could have been ANY piece of metal with a scratch. If I were Turo, I would drop the claim since there is no hard evidence that this scratch was made by me during my trip. I am EXTREMELY ANGRY and FRUSTRATED with Turo and will never be using this app again. Next time I need a rental, I will be going through a legitimate business, such as Enterprise and Hertz. I feel like both Turo and the owner are just looking to make money off of their customers. Not only that, Turo charged my card without notifying me that they would do that. Advice for Turo: hire people to come check the car before and after the ride so that the car can be FAIRLY assessed. I feel like I was being scammed. If I could give negative stars for a review, I would.
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2 years ago, Breakthroughr
READ!!! Be warned!!!
I was charged 150 + a 3% adman fee due to my host “claim” that the vehicle was dirtier upon return. Claiming animal fur was in the car, smoke smell and the upholstery was messed up! This is all a blatant lie to get more money, as I do not even smoke AND was the only one in the vehicle - I didn’t even eat food in the vehicle to avoid the smell. I had NOT one animal ever in the vehicle and even had the vehicle thoroughly cleaned inside and out! In fact I took pictures of every spot in and around the vehicle as evidence that it would be returned equal if not better than when I picked it up. Yet TURO did not follow up with me on all my proof, but instead listened to my host outlandish lie and extracted the $150 + from my account! I am flabbergasted to say the least! What kind of cleaning fee is that to begin with AND after I had paid for it cleaned and inspected beforehand. This is just absurd! Where is the accountability??? I will from here forward persuade people NOT to use TURO! I even left a good review when I left and found out later what my host did, then tried to retract that “good review” in order to warn people about this person, but was not even allowed to do this, which is irritating, because I can only imagine how many more person this fellow cons on the regular with his vehicles! TURO, with all the proof I submitted, where is the accountability!?? Return my money
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5 years ago, READ BEFORE USE!!!!!
Terrible experience & policies
This app gives you the capability to scam people out of their money. All you have to do is rent your car out. As long as the person renting the car doesn’t take a picture of EVERY part of the vehicle you can up charge that person for anything. I was scammed on this app for this exact reason. I rented a car for one day and had only a few problems with the app and the renter. It wasn’t until the next day when I was charger with a $70 charge. The policy of the app says that the renter has up to 24 HOURS to upload pictures of the cars condition to the app. I returned the car and I wake up to dirt, spilled drinks, and almost 80 miles of gas missing from the fuel gauge. Because I didnt take a picture of every inch of the car I was charged. I disputed the charges because I had a picture of the fuel gauge when I returned it but it took them 3 days to get back to me. By that time the charges were already taken out of my bank account. All they had to say was that the renter can wait until the next day to take pictures of the quality of the car. He literally drove around in the car and got it dirty just so he could charge me $70. I will never use this app and I hope that whoever is reading this to never use it either. If you happen to use it make sure you take detailed pictures and videos of everything. Keep receipts for refueling.
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2 years ago, Kevin Orlando
Fantastic concept and well delivered
I’ve only used the app once so far but had a fantastic experience! Great concept and well executed. I found everything to be as advertised and the person that I rented from was great to work with. Since I wasn’t renting from a big rental company brand there was some hesitation on what it would be like and how hard it would be to find the vehicle. Obviously, I can imagine every experience will be different since everything is handled remotely so go into the transaction with the mindset of being flexible. Remember these people are letting you use there vehicle at a lower cost than if you were renting from a big name, or at least that should be the case (I wouldn’t be inclined to do it if it were the same cost). I would definitely recommend this service for anyone, business or leisure. If you are renting for business and this is your first time using the service, add an extra 10-15 minutes to your pickup and drop off since there is a learning curve. At least that was my experience but maybe you are a wiz and figuring this stuff out 😁 Happy renting!
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