Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Twenty-Four Hours a Day

4.93 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
11 months ago, fitforalifetime
Must have for any AA person
I used to have the small softcover but would give it away to people and never see them again and have to buy a new one. This app version is fantastic. I have used it for 22 years and the best 10 dollar investment I’ve made. It has three components. A thought for the day, a meditation for the day and a prayer for the day. In the thought portion is an ending contemplative question which is often the topic of an AA meeting. The nice thing is that I can open this app anytime and read the reading in the morning and start my day right. It mentions god but not reason to freak out. You can use your definition of God, even the term good will orderly direction. The meditations are usually excellent and I often send them to my non AA friends
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5 years ago, BTCbrady
Spiritual not religious
Whoever wrote the review on the one reading in this book which talks about atheism completely missed the point. They do not care what your higher power is as long as it works for you. The fact is if you are an addict or alcoholic like me you can not recover on your own. Hence needing a power greater than yourself. This could be your AA/NA group or whatever you want to help point your life in the right direction. Again this book absolutely does not push a certain religion. It focuses on repairing the spiritual disconnect we face with this disease. Where our actions and behaviors don’t line up with our morals and values.
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4 years ago, Espanol Seeker
Reading this book every morning changed my life
In early recover and well in, I experienced depression and anxiety. I now know many do. Reading this book every morning changes the chemistry in my brain, I am convinced. My great-grandsponser, my grandsponser, my sponser, my self, all my sponsees, have read and read this book daily. The positivity and perspective has forever changed my life and the life of millions of AA’s over the day at a time. Bonus is the slow drip,drip,drip of explanation of AA life and living. I need it every day. Thanks for this book.
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4 years ago, Midge2200%
Peaceful daily reading
I have been reading this book for 24 years as a matter of fact since I have lost so much of my vision I just bought the book with large print. This book was written for anyone to read it’s not just for alcoholics it’s a book to help you understand and live a better life, and it is meant to be read everyday for inspiration to live a better life. I take it every where I go
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3 years ago, Will be Kate
My favorite app
I’ve been reading the 24 Hour since 1978. Of course my book is a treasure with notations but sometimes those notations bring back sad memories. It is so wonderful to pick up my phone and right in front of my eyes find the daily reading, brand new and clear of memories and my own “wisdom”, from my beloved 24 hour book. Thank you Hazelden for making this possible. easybreezy48
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5 years ago, ts damle
Not affiliated with AA, extremely christian reflections
I would encourage anyone to explore other apps. The reflections seem highly subjective. I am tolerant and accepting of others beliefs, but to scorn actual modern theory and scientific knowledge is troublesome. Especially when most of us are trying to live a more truthful life. And struggle with a concept of a power greater than ourselves. Below is an actual “reflection” from the daily reflections: “Some people find it hard to believe in a Power greater than themselves. But not to believe in such a Power forces us to atheism. It has been said that atheism is blind faith in the strange proposition that this universe originated in a cipher and aimlessly rushes nowhere. That’s practically impossible to believe.” How is this helpful?
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7 years ago, TheoSavesCubs!
Fantastic mobile version
Naturally, I love the instant access. What addict wouldn't? Sometime I get obsessed by my phone gadgets, but this gives me a choice to get some reading and meditation in when I'd otherwise just distract myself. I also share readings easily with my family on devices, because let's face it, they come out at family meals and such. Offering a recovery alternative in a sea of mindless apps and business that now follows us wherever we go.
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4 years ago, RedStar Raider
Excellent way to start your day!
I have been using this app for more than two years, and I find it a valuable tool to use each morning to help me stay on track and get my mind straight to face each day’s challenges. I use parts of it to carry the message to my sponsees each day. I have used others but like this one best. I HIGHLY Recommend this daily devotion to anyone seeking to stay the course in one’s sobriety.
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8 months ago, captain 13
My 24 hrs a day
I use this every day. My program depends on my 24 hour reading. I am sober today because I have books like this to share as well as to use. I was out of the country and was able to obtain readings to keep my sobriety on a ship that was loaded with booze, met fellow alcoholics and shared my experience strength and hope. So thank you.
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2 years ago, Nycshane
Great way to start my day
I love this app and getting a new motivation each day just helps me get through the day. Nothing major on here except the daily reflections, but it is so worth it if you are struggling with addiction and want to feel great each day and motivated! I also enjoy that I can go back and look at past days as well!
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6 years ago, Tobate3666
A Sobriety Must Have!
This app is amazing and a go to for me every morning. Let's face it, if your working your sobriety or just want some great insight, this app is a must have. The interface is easy to you and it even has a calendar where you can read past or future readings. It's worth every penny and I never leave home without it!
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4 years ago, Evopanhead
Having it pop up every morning is great
Bad habits seem so easy to form while building good habits seems impossible sometimes. The app allows me to set a time when this pops up on my phone. I get a meditation / reading that pops up at 7am everyday. Going on five years without missing my suggested habit of morning prayer and meditation. This app was a big help!
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4 years ago, podman955
24 hours
This app has been essential to my recovery. It is always with me when the book is not. I have shared it with many others. I would suggest adding a highlight feature to the app. I pick up on different things each time I read it. It would be nice to see those impactful statements year to year.
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2 years ago, sonpau67
Very helpful in spiritual Journey!
I would recommend this to anybody who gets sober and really wants to take steps in spiritual growth. I have been reading this almost everyday in my 11 years of uninterrupted sobriety. I am still in awe how the words resonate and touch my soul. It is a great way to start or finish your day in my opinion.
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4 years ago, anon021480
Constant Companion
This book has been my constant companion for over 40 years of continuous sobriety. Although I have revised my morning meditations over the years, this little treasure remains in my top few “must reads”. In its pages — or on my cell phone — I always find inspiration to get me through another day. Thank you, Susan.
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7 years ago, Richard Parmelee
24 Hours A Day
I have the 24 Hours A Day book but I sure like being able to read the daily message on my Smart Phone any time I want a lift. Great recovery tool. There are times when I don't have access to my 24 Hours A Day book, but I'm seldom without my phone. Great way to start the day with a meaningful thought.
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2 years ago, CCTWB
I love the little book
And I love the app. Every single time I open it, the correct day shows up like it should. I use to carry the book with me everywhere but now with the app I can review the daily reading anytime and anywhere. Being in recovery, it’s my go too tool.
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2 years ago, JOEAR5
Words of Hope
These words guide me daily thrythe the tough road of recovery. I have been here many times before, the first ninety days. In fours days, I will have ninety days . The difference this time is I am willing to do the work, to find myself through these words and the steps.
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6 years ago, misterbassman
Great content, functionality so-so
I love being able to have the meditations here readily available at all times. My one complaint about the app is that if you move it to the background and then come back to it, it goes through the whole startup process again which is a small inconvenience but still a little annoying.
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7 years ago, Big bizns
I can never have too many reminders
Great app. Easy to use. I can read the 24 Hour reflection anywhere and anytime. My short term memory paired with my condition can have me forget my primary purpose quite often. Sometimes just seeing the icon on my home page helps me to remember who I am.
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3 years ago, Zr36i
Why read?
As a child my grandmother encouraged me to read my children’s Bible which was hard to understand. As an adult, I began to see that abstract thinking wasn’t what the Scriptures was about either. It was simple yet profound. To apply and to love the author. These writings from AA are not complex, they say, you need support.
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7 years ago, Funny bunny5648
Must Have
This was recommended to me by my sponsor as a tool to use in my beginning stages of sobriety. I've read it everyday and it really has helped. Great reminders for your day to day living. Whether it is related directly to you or not. The readings always will touch base with you. I'm glad I have this.
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3 years ago, Tem4lar
Spiritual Insightfulness
For more than 30 thirty years this like book has been a true gift in my life. Later, when the digital format was released, it meant I could carry it with me on my devices(extremely convenient).
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1 year ago, Miz91
A must have
What an incredible inspirational book that is now readily available in the app format. The book that gives you motivation, inspiration and encouragement. A great daily living tool for all but especially those in recovery.
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2 years ago, 12345;::/-
Daily Self Care
As a newcomer to AA i really enjoy starting my day with 24 hours. I’ve made it the first step in my daily self care routine. It really allows me to stay on track with daily thoughts . The app allows me to set reminders and save my favorite daily passages.
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3 years ago, Sita Eve
Thank you
This daily reading on my phone is so convenient. The 24 hours a day book is filled with great readings that include spirituality, sobriety, and hope. I really do love having this so much. Thanks for making it available to us.
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3 years ago, DT in CA
Great Starter them to be able to sit and have the notification come up every day at a specific time
This is a great daily tool to start your day and focus on principles. It's awesome to have this material is really organized at your fingertips and able to share with these
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4 years ago, KayPGS
In a world that is caught up in self and with a disease that always wants its own way 24 Hours is a perfect way to start a day remembering that I need to ASK God to do for me what I cannot do for myself and then offer that gift to others as the key to keeping it. I love 24 Hours!
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3 years ago, Pancake2002
This is one of the deepest, most spiritually enriching daily meditation books I’ve ever read. It is great that I can access it on my phone, especially when I travel and don’t want to bring my hard copy. Thank you so much for creating this app.
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4 years ago, Theonlytrurose
I want the original devotions back.
This is not the same book I have been reading for 25 years of uninterrupted sobriety. I started reading the 24 hour book the first day I came into AA and my dad hand me the book. I noticed something changed with this app a couple weeks ago. I don’t like what you have done to it. You have taken the liberty to change the Tex and make judge mental remarks about a book that was written through Devine direction. I want the original book but on this app.
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3 years ago, Scor Pat Pio
17 years of alcohol free and exuberant life!!
The 24 Hours follows the God’s Calling text and I love that. The presentation of Godly principles is carefully woven into the AA 12 Step program in an attractive manner which is not offensive to those who might have an aversion to religion of any kind. A must read for any who truly want to commit to the AA program.
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2 years ago, Barbershop Mike
Nice Book
I just love reading this book everyday. It seems to hit home. I’d definitely gives me something to think about and makes me want to become a better person.
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3 years ago, 124anan
Long range part of sobriety
I’ve read this book for my 31 years of today sobriety. To have the ap right on my phone is wonderful. And it comes up to the day. More often than not I read something very appropriate for the day.
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6 years ago, 777deb
For 28 years
I was given this book in treatment 28 years ago, and because it still works, I still use it. It is so applicable in life. Now I have the ap and can read it anytime anywhere. A good spiritual tool for daily living that has been laid at my feet.
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1 year ago, BCamp7
Grateful for this book
These reading’s have gotten me through so much in my life and I am so grateful that I was able to be connected with it. Thanks to everyone that put this book together.
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2 years ago, LTR71nKY
Finding hope
In my journey toward true freedom for my soul. This app has help me find a lot of hope & inspiration. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to find a hope that does not disappoint.
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4 years ago, Little bitty iPad ?
A wisdom “nugget” a day.......ODAT
I’ve been reading for over a year and, along with other Program actions I’ve taken, I’m a more evolved human being. Many days I have fresh life insights from the reading, which also tells me I am growing. Highly suggest downloading this free resource- for anyone.
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3 years ago, mike_watt
Relax and take it easy
My first spiritual advisor suggested this… ‘Relax and take it easy’. At 57 years of age I’m still working on this. Taking this time and reading a devotional first thing in the morning helps slow the nascar race down in my mind.
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3 years ago, ChristianCounselor
Always uplifting guidance
I thoroughly enjoy this daily guidance and meditation. Constant reminder of the spiritual solution to this physical problem… reliance on my Higher Power and living under His direction brings freedom and a good life and power over addiction.
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8 months ago, HERKENG1964
Not working with iOS 17.0.3
Great app. The 24 hour a day book has been a constant in my program over the last 29 years. Sadly, the last update apple did to iOS (17.0.3) has made the app unusable.
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2 years ago, Pslm18
I’m recovering. Some 935 or so days into a new, peaceful, rewarding life. Reading this almost everyday has been so helpful. The daily reflection and thought for the day has been, and will be, a peaceful place to go and be thankful for a new life.
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4 years ago, ScooterA768
Wonderful! Must have devotional
This has been such a fantastic help to me. I highly recommend to everyone. We are all struggling with something. Some of us with many things. Please try it!
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7 years ago, giannipaisani
Serves its purpose exactly as intended.
I read it just about every morning and it helps me to start the day with a prayer, good intentions and focus for positive action. It give me the option to text it to another person. My sponsee gets it after I read it.
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5 years ago, Intorecyclebin
start the day right
no better way to start your day. gets me right sized. let's face it, in the past there would be days when I was in such a rush I would forget my readings before leaving home. now it's with me 24/7.
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3 years ago, 6/1/2011
I am so blessed to have found a program that saved my life. But for the grace of God! 24 Hours a Day - Gives me the much needed Path to open the door of my heart and spirit To start a fresh day🙏🏻. Trust God, Clean House, and Help Others!! Four Left ☘️
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3 years ago, Big Brad SR
This is it!
I’ve been reading this book for 25 years. If I could only pick one book to keep and read it would be this one! Loaded with thought provoking wisdom and encouragement along the recovery path!
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4 years ago, FA journey
Incredible app
24 hours a day is one of my very favorite things to read every day. I am blown away with the wisdom and inspiration contained in these thoughts. I am so grateful to whoever put this together because it is filled with truth and resonates with me so much.
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2 years ago, Alyssa @ Nerve
Happy AA member
So glad that my outpatient director put me on to this app. I pray & meditate each day, and my morning prayer and meditation is comprised mostly of the info on this simple & easy-to-use app, and 2 others. Thanks for making this for us AA-ers!
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3 years ago, Oldhead Overcomer
From me to you
Have always enjoyed the 24 hour book my dad used to carry around like a Bible when she was one or two years old to keep me grounded I love it
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4 years ago, Anartic
Great daily spiritual blueprint
I read in the morning, along with Daily Reflections. Has a daily Thought for the day, a Meditation for the day and a Prayer for the day. For me, A form of the Alcoholics Anonymous 11th step, that I love to read, absorb, and try to apply every morning.
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