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U-Haul International, Inc.
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User Reviews for U-Haul

4.51 out of 5
216K Ratings
3 years ago, Lizz Tha Bizz
UHaul Contactless PicKup & Return AWESOMESAUCE!!
My experience renting on this particular occasion was nothing less than awesomeness! The customer service superb... I extended like 3 times without any issues 😲and didn’t receive any harassing calls when I ended up having to return late when I was finally finished with the truck. I was also able to return it after hours with their new app and contactless drop off where I just followed the prompts to indicate the mileage and gas level and condition of the vehicle. Snapped some pics🤳 📸 🚚 “viola”🎉👏🏾 Returned U-Haul effortlessly I must say. I paid my bill right in the app and that was that. The only complaint I have is the fact that they charged me for the stupid appliance dolly every day as an itemized additional charge totaling $40 dollars that I actually didn’t even get to use because the truck that I had didn’t even have a ramp to effectively use the dolly. But other than that I paid for it without the complaint because I did intially ask for it. I didn’t think about complaining about the additional charge at the time of return because of the convenience and ease of use. The experience was way to simple easy user friendly and enjoyable that I didn’t have the balls to complain. I definitely would recommend to anyone!
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3 years ago, gwm123!!!
Moon rental.
Was supposed to pick up truck Tuesday 1.00pm. Waited til 5.00 - no truck. Was told no truck for another week. Had flown my family down from Massachusetts to help my daughter move on that day. Obviously after buying everyone a plane ticket we were going to stay in a hotel for a week and wait for a truck. Had to drive 300 mile round-trip to pick up a truck from North Carolina instead of Williamsburg Virginia, which was original truck rental location. Had to buy my own gas for that 300 miles. Got home 10 PM at night and had to leave the following day because we didn’t have enough time to load up the truck and leave on Tuesday. We did not leave till 5 PM on Friday as I had to load 26’ truck on my own in 100 degree heat. I had to buy a hotel for the night at one in the morning and continued the journey the following day. When I asked what else can you do the sales representative said well I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do about it the person didn’t return the truck. That’s what I call great customer service. So here we are five days later putting the stuff in the storage that should’ve been done Wednesday or Thursday. I think you get the picture not a very happy customer. I believe you gave me 200 miles instead of the 300 that I used to pick up the truck that wasn’t in the right location and I probably spent about $80 on gas for that 300 miles that I should’ve had to spend. Feel free to post this on your customer website for feedback. Yours Glen W. Moon.
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3 years ago, FW190-A6
UHaul auto tow dolly is awesome
First time using car dolly or towing a car. Success with no issues at all. We took our time. Cut trip into two days to drive in daylight only (easier to see where trailer body is on the road). Other bad drivers are what stress you. The trailer works well. The trailer’s straps were a bit worn, but still solid on our unit. Used my 2012 V8 Durango to pull a 2008 Saturn Aura comfortably from Pennsylvania to Connecticut. Take your time loading. The wheel straps were very secure , car hardly moves. Backing up loaded is an exercise in advanced theoretical physics, it can be done, but takes a long time, need multiple helpers, because imagine backing up mini tandem trailer semi…. because the mount deck pivots! Trailer goes one way, car another, that can go bad fast and cause damage. Avoid that. Pick places you can take wide generous turns and pick stop locations as if you are driving a huge motor home. Watch it’s fenders in side mirrors, it’s wide, to see how close you are to road lines as you drive, as you want confidence when facing construction and barriers. It pulled snug to my truck. I got 17mpg pulling this car, so lost about 4mpg over 200 miles of driving… not to shabby at all. Great tool to be able to rent.
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4 years ago, JFJohnson
Experience was decent - but improvements are needed
I was able to use the app with some personal aggravation points. The app doesn’t tell you all the required photos needed before you get started. The damage assessment “stickers” are lame, and vague. My vehicle had some minor damage, but the vehicle wrap had moderate tears and cuts. It took me longer to take photos of all the “none” sticker marked areas. So I took a series of them and a video. The app errors while I was checking out, and then I was all done. Didn’t get an opportunity to upload all my photos. - Upon returning my vehicle, rinse and repeat with the software erring on startup. Once I get into the return again had to take a crap load of pictures again. Oh and the fuel.. Make sure you take good pictures of that gauge. I drove this vehicle 10 miles total.. after putting over $5 in gas I thought something was wrong. To my surprise, the gas was not full, and I was not putting more then 3 gallons of gas in that 15 foot vehicle. I know for sure I got more the 3 miles to a gallon. - The app should allow for us to upload a video. And, you will be walking back and forth between the key box and the vehicle. Lastly, it didn’t ask me if I put the key in the return... Asked for a picture of where I parked the truck, and then done... I wonder how many people walked away with the keys after all this steps needed to check the vehicle back in...
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2 months ago, Akimmich
Extremely Poor customer service
Do not rent from u-haul app. I ordered a truck, pads, a dolly and a furniture mover a month before needing it. I completed the on line form to be able to pick it up before hours. The day before I was to fly to Florida to pick it up they called to change the location an hour out of my way. I got to the store on time and the app made me recomplete the form. It required they call 3 people to verify my identity. I had given them my passport number when I completed the on line form but didn’t bring it with me so they had to contact 3 people by phone at 8am on a Saturday morning. Took 45 minutes to get the key. The truck was dirty including inside the cab. Inside windows were very dirty. Looked like previous renters had a dog that slobbered on them. The truck had no fuel in it. When I got to the house I opened the back and none of the items I reserved were in the truck. I had to drive to a local store to pick them up. I sent in a complaint. A person called me back and said there was nothing they would do about it as a reservation does not guarantee a truck, a location or any of the items I added. I was upset and questioned the use of a reservation. He quoted the U-Haul bible about no guarantees and when I said u haul was useless he hung up on me. I’ve tried several times to contact them again however seem to have been blocked from the on line form to file or they just make it very difficult to reach a person.
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4 years ago, Bonanza Jimmy
Blowout on Christmas Eve
I was towing my car on a U-Haul auto transport trailer on I-8 in the desert 15 miles west of El Centro, California when the right rear tire blew, destroying the tire and the rim. I contacted U-Haul roadside assist and Jorge contacted me and said he will be right out and get me on my way. Jorge determined there was more damage than just the blown tire and the trailer could not be repaired at the roadside and could not haul my car. Jorge made arrangements with a local U-Haul facility to replace my broken trailer after hours with one they had on their lot. A few hours later I was back on the road again towing my car behind me. I later found out that when Jorge received my call for help, he was leaving for Mexicali to spend Christmas with his family, who was waiting for him to join them. Jorge didn’t mention this until he got me taken care of and I had asked him what his plans are for Christmas. If there were 10 stars to give him I would certainly give them to him. He went above and beyond what a normal person would be expected. I am truly grateful to him and hope he and his family enjoyed their Christmas. Thanks Jorge!
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3 years ago, Th3 Rich
When entering passwords constant errors and timeout functions when attempting to login. I plus I ordered items at this location but this location does not have. And I was charged for a dolly that they did not have a dolly fee that I did not receive and furniture pads that I also did not receive because this location does not have those items. It seems that this app sells you items that the location doesn’t have and then I am charged for them I’m quite upset I got a charge for three items that I didn’t even get. On top of everything else when I got to the location to pick up my U-Haul the app would not let me pick up there was no person to talk to I had to call U-Haul which had a hour wait for customer service. Attempting to go inside of the place that the U-Haul rents the lounge/bowling alley says they have nothing to do with U-Haul the app tells me to go inside and talk to someone well there was no one there I eventually after 50 minutes of waiting someone showed up and said that they had to check in the U-Haul‘s before I could run it another 20 minutes goes by I asked them about my furniture pads and my dolly they said they didn’t have it I asked him to take it off but they didn’t. They gave me their number stating that they would help me out when I got back it was an incorrect phone number. This whole experience has wasted my time and your company has stolen money out of my pocket absolutely absurd.
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3 years ago, MikeSapp
Self service nightmare
I was notified via email the night before I was scheduled to pick up my rental that my reservation had changed to “24/7 Ride Share” When I arrived I had to download the app, re-enter all of my information and try to follow along in the now digital process to get the rental. The locks that held the keys are antiquated and did not open easily. I can’t imagine how anyone weaker than me(5’11, 210lbs, athletic) would have been able to open it. I ordered 3 pieces of equipment to be part of my rental, none of which were in the vehicle. I called customer service who then told me I had to go across town to the primary location and that they would have the equipment ready when I arrived. Before I left, I was approached by two older couples asking me what was going on with the truck rental and I spent as much time as I could to help them, while customer service is texting them. Sweet Christ, it was awful. I had to leave finally and went to the given location to pick up my equipment. Guess what? No equipment there either. Imagine that? Correction: *no equipment for rent* I needed a dolly for the move, which is why I requested three in the first place. I wound up having to purchase one. This was easily the worst U-Haul experience I’ve ever had. I only rented the U-Haul for 12 hours and wound up burning the first hour and a half trying to just get everything I reserved in the first place. If I could give less than 1 star I would.
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3 years ago, Barey McOckiner
U-Haul has issues
When I initially created my reservation 3 weeks ago, I reserved a 20’ moving truck, as that size is what was recommended for the house my mother had. It would have been the perfect size too but the day before moving I got a call that there was an issue. Fortunately I had called back and checked my reservation because they changed my truck pick up location to an hour out of the way. When I called to fix this, they told me they had no other trucks available and gave me a hard time. Finally I got the woman to reserve a 15’ truck in the middle of my route (which is inconvenient). I also had ordered a furniture dolly and moving blankets which were not included in my truck. After sitting in a call waiting line for 30 minutes, I finally spoke to the only helpful person at all of U-Haul, the lovey Maxine Jones. She helped me and told me exactly what I would need to do to ~ potentially ~ get the extra mileage that I would use by making two trips discounted, and told me that if I brought my truck back late ( because I was making two trips instead of one ) that I would be charged a late fee. I was appalled but fortunately I had overestimated the time that it would take to move and got it back in the nick of time. All I’m saying is if you want your moving day to go smoothly and worry free, do NOT get a U-Haul. I’m gonna be trying to get a refund from these morons for at least 2 days now. You’ve been warned
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4 years ago, 13243546Rick777
Slowwwwwww electronic check-in and poor customer service
From the moment I started check-in, it was a problem. The app froze up and needed to be restarted 4 times. When I finally got to the last piece, I was waiting for someone to make the final approval. I waited for five minutes and finally sent a message...no response. The sweet woman working inside came out to ask if I had any questions about the truck but I was literally at the last bit of approval so I told her I was just waiting for that. I should’ve scrapped the whole thing and had her check me in manually because 9 minutes in and still no response so I sent another message. 10 minutes past and I sent a third message asking if someone could even respond to me. 14 minutes and I sent another asking if I needed to go complete my check-in inside. 16 minutes in and someone popped on the chat and answered saying to give them a moment and they’d have my check-in complete. No apology. No explanation. Literally acted as if I was disturbing their day. Checking back-in was significantly faster but then when it closed out there was a final message that said to return the key to the drop box. This facility has no exterior drop box so I ended up having to go inside to ask. What was the point of me going through the online check-in and check-out if it wasn’t faster or easier AND I had to go in anyway? Next time I’ll pass.
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3 years ago, Linda R in VB
Equipment malfunction led to mileage overcharge
Oddly, this app is not allowing me to see what I am typing, just as the vehicle did not let me see the beginning odometer reading at the beginning of my rental. When I returned, I was unable to check the vehicle in without reporting the odometer reading at the end of the trip. The store was closed and the employees were leaving. I was frustrated because I mentioned there was a problem with the message on the instrument panel and I was concerned about the vehicle malfunctioning when I picked it up. It wasn’t until I returned the van that I realized that I had no way of knowing how many miles I had driven. While I was frustrated that I couldn’t get the data, I appreciated the assistance of one of the staff members, Melvin, who had just locked up and was getting into his car to go home. He helped me get the ending odometer number (which ended up being a problem because I know I did not use the number of miles it said I did) but I was glad Melvin took the time to help me and he stayed with me until I got all the way through the checkin process and got to my car. Although I frustrated that I was overcharged for the mileage, Melvin deserves recognition for his willingness to go out of his way to make sure I got safely checked in and back to my car.
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3 years ago, xzhsyxh
Bad experience
I reserved a 15’’ truck picked up at 6 am with a dolly but one day before the pickup day I was informed no 15’’ truck available so that I can get a 20’’ truck without additional fee. Actually I do not have much stuff and I wanted to move to a place require long driving distance (more than 4-hour driving). The change may cause a much higher fuel costs but I accepted because I have no alternative and no additional costs caused by this change. But at the pickup time, I found no dolly inside and the fuel was not full which may cause more fuel costs. I cannot move without dolly so that I wasted 2 hours (from 6 am to 8 am) for an explanation that where my ordered dolly is and why customer service said my contract never included a dolly. The agent there said there is no dolly available so he removed it from my order at 2pm on yesterday and he just left a note. I cannot believe he can easily change my order without a more clear and direct method such as a phone call. If I knew it on the day before moving day I can order another one at other location instead of waiting an explanation for two hours on the day of moving. I could not finish my moving until midnight, because the leaving time was much later than my plan, crowded traffic wasted my time and fuel. I really don’t want to experience this again and I hope I can get a formal reply with respect to all the problems.
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3 years ago, p0nch044
Very dissatisfied
We had a reservation for a Sunday. Called the local dealer who was assigned to us (on Pleasure Rd in Searcy AR) to change to Saturday. Was told not a problem, he would change the reservation and call him when we were ready to pick up the truck. Called him about 8 times over the course of 2 hours on Saturday with no answer. Drove to the dealership - it was closed with other customers waiting in the parking lot trying to contact the dealer to return their truck. Finally called UHaul to see if we could pick up the truck elsewhere. Waited on hold for 20 minutes, and was then put on hold another 15 minutes for a regional support person. Was finally (rudely) told how to pick up the truck using the app (which the local dealer had said was not possible). Picked up the truck (after a 15 minute search - it was behind a building across a busy street) but the dolly and moving blankets we has reserved we’re not in the truck. After another 40 minutes on hold was very rudely told there was no way to get a refund for the blankets and we would have to call the local dealer (who would not answer his phone) for that to happen. Finally gave up and bought blankets at a local store so we could make our move. We will definitely explore other rental options in the future - neither the local dealer nor Uhaul corporate appear to have any interest in customer service.
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5 years ago, GatorNE
Rental on mobile doesn’t work!
It looks simple and seems simple — did all the work on the app on my phone — license, credit card, distance. Got confirmation that all I needed to do was show up with my phone to get car. Well, that didn’t work, pressed ‘pickup my truck’ and ended up in an endless loop of ‘pickup my truck’ - then a message saying I’d done everything needed for 24/7 mobile pickup and to hit ‘continue’— and itnjust took me back to ‘pickup my truck.’ First person at U-Haul said I could just start from scratch, but I mentioned I had a reservation and a contract number. She refused to answer why there was no truck ready for me or how the app worked. Just, can’t help with that. Finally got someone to help, they asked for my license and credit card again. I thought it was unnecessary, but gave them. Then they realized I was already in the system. Truck had a gasoline smell inside so they tried switching the car. Suddenly my license showed invalid (while it had worked 5 minutes earlier and was newly renewed last month). An hour and a half later, I finally had a truck - and missed all my plans for the evening. The advice from the rep at U-Haul? Don’t use the app next time. Just call. It’s easier. This the bad review. I’m only giving it 2 stars because the interface was great and had it actually worked, I’d have been pretty happy.
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6 years ago, LandonB27
Would not recommend using 24/7 online service
If you’re planning on sticking to any kind of schedule, especially if you have a set time frame for people helping you move, I would not recommend using Uhauls 24/7 or pick up services. Long story short, it took me almost 2 hours past my pick up time to secure my truck. This process included a phone call to the listed help number, who redirected me to the 1800 number, because “We don’t know anything about that app, service, or software”. I was on hold for over 45 minutes with the 1800 number, which never did connect me to a live person. I finally got in contact with someone through the live chat option in the app. She was able to give me access after a lengthy wait for a response from her. When I asked her who I could speak with about the poor customer service I’d received thus far, I was sent a generic link to leave a customer review (which led to an error message), then she abruptly ended the chat session. Will not use this service again, and am seriously considering using a different company altogether for my next move. Side note: because I lost my help yesterday evening, due to the delay, I had to reach out to another friend this morning who only had a small window of time to help me move. Moving then took me two trips, extra time, and mileage and had to be done on July 4th. I guess holiday celebrations can finally start now...
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4 years ago, VADuke18
Location changed for pick up and drop off without my approval.
Reserved a 20 foot truck weeks before our move. The night before the move, I get a call to drive 30 miles over a mountain to pick up the truck, because that was the only location with the truck. Once I arrive for my 8am scheduled pick up, the app tells me I have to wait until 10am for the location to open. Luckily, one of the employees show up, and we spend 15 minutes getting the paperwork in order (I chose truck share because it was said to be contactless). The 20 foot truck was reserved for another customer, so I had to take a 26 foot truck over a windy mountain to begin my move, which I am now late for the movers because of the hassle at obtaining the truck. The employee added 30 miles and took off $30 from the reservation. During my move, I get a voicemail from U-Haul that they have changed my drop off location to about 10 miles further from the original drop off. Some other customer needed the 26 foot. They offered me $50. The new drop off location was not well marked, and there was not an appropriate sized place to drop off the truck. Moving is an extremely stressful situation to start with, and while I will say customer service tried to amend the situations they personally put me in, I cannot recommend renting a U-Haul for a move.
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5 years ago, iHateMoving
Poorly Run Company
I booked a 26’ truck to be picked up at 9am on a Saturday morning. I arrived a few minutes late and went to do the express online check in which is normally pretty easy and straight forward. Once I received notice of which truck was mine and was able to locate it, I noticed that the truck was blocked in. It doesn’t make sense to me how often things like this happens with this company. They either don’t have a truck for you when you’ve made a reservation or it isn’t ready. Why make a reservation if it isn’t going to be ready?! Regardless, I was able to find a very nice representative to help me with this which should have been a non-issue. He got me all set up so that I could take another truck (that wasn’t blocked in) which was the same size and nicer in just a couple of minutes then directed me to go inside and tell a manager that he sent me so that she could just hand me the keys. No big deal right?! Nope! Went inside to see one representative working the desk and 5 people in front of me. What is the point of the express check in?! 30 minutes later waiting in line I was handed the keys and out the door. The employees were nice and helpful but this is just a poorly run company.
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4 years ago, Traffical
Horrible experience all the way around
Let’s see, I reserved a truck and paid in full at order time. Then next day I get text that my pickup location changed, and they don’t have the size I ordered, about 5 miles away from original spot, but adds 40 minutes of driving because Birmingham at 5pm. On the way from out of town to get truck, I get another text, they changed pickup location again, not too far from the last one, but seriously? So get there to pick it up, the check in app won’t let me check out, says I owe $.93 (tax rate change since p/u locale changed) and it won’t let me pay via app, so I have o deal with the one guy trying to run a busy gas station at 5:30pm. Fun. Finally get helped and he says I owe $40 - I ask for what, he says it doesn’t say, just that it’s due. So, call to customer service - 20 min on hold and I talk to someone who says it’s a mistake and she has to get a mangler to fix it...and call get transferred to some other csr rep - I give story, back on hold, a loooong time, she comes back in, still working, back on hold... and The charge is for the safe trip insurance I didn’t order. I told her that, apparently this is a bill padding thing U-Haul does. I just pay because I’ve got crap to do and it’s already wasted too much time. Taking it up with them Monday. Oh, and their own webpage had a link to feedback that was broken. Penske it is from now on.
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6 years ago, OrionEridanus
Self-service feature is beta test level
1) I had to photograph my license 4 times. Picture was clear each time. I did not get an error or further instructions, just kicked back out to the prior screen. 2) partway through the process I was asked to provide a phone number and name do someone who could verify my identity. I understand that, but you can collect that information when the reservation is made. At that time we should let people know this is going to be necessary and that you will be calling them. Most people answer their cell phones about half the time anyway, and when it comes from an unknown number even less frequently so Customers need to give the reference receiving the verification call a heads up. This going to be especially important for an off hours pickup, such as someone picking up at 5 am to beat traffic, etc. Put a reminder about this in the reservation and again in the middle of the check out process. 3) Upon return, no matter how many pictures I took of my dash board, the continue button never became selectable. An employee checked me in. Customer service is good at the El Camino store in Mountain View, CA 🙂 I’ve seen really long wait so you halls, so the app checkout and return is a great idea, but the app needs some work and the process does too.
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4 years ago, worstmoveever
Money well spent (not)
Before I ever arrived to retrieve my reserved truck, the man at the assigned store called me to leave a message that he had no trucks of that size and that he had graciously (sarcasm) upgraded my ride. Let’s be honest, no one wants a bigger rig. It’s hard enough to maneuver a larger vehicle to begin with, let alone needlessly making the truck larger. He did no one favors but himself. But I understand, it’s the cost of having a business such as this. When I arrived, the store wouldn’t allow people to enter (reasonably due to COVID-19) instead of explaining this, the owner laughed at me trying to figure out the cryptic instructions left on their door. I downloaded the app on site, which no one told me was something I would possibly have to do; using data I wish I hadn’t had to. Then technical problems ensued when the application wouldn’t recognize my password I had just created. I had to reset my password and then it remembered nothing about my transaction except my credit card number. Priorities. The cab of the truck I rented, had a directional pamphlet that someone else had left behind. Which really made me feel like the company’s safety measures towards COVID-19 were being taken seriously, not. To top it all off I paid extra for a furniture dolly, and I didn’t receive one. Money well spent! (More sarcasm.) I won’t be using U-Haul ever again.
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5 years ago, Happy UHaul Customer
Excellent Mobile App & Customer Service
U-Haul’s Mobile App is the best thing to happen to U-Haul. Every time I’d step into a U-Haul location, they’d be incredibly busy and understaffed or staffed with employees who are less than eager to help....until I met Kristian at the Neptune Beach, FL location. I was having difficulties with the mobile app the first time I tried to use it. He was friendly, professional and eager to help make the process as seamless as possible. This is the second time I used the mobile app and picked up at this location. Kristian was again eager to help make sure I was all set. He had just arrived as I was pulling in and before he even got settled into the start of his work day, he helped take care of getting me on the road. The mobile app worked seamless this time and with Kristian’s help getting the key from the correct lock box, I was on the road in no time. Upon returning, he was outside and welcomed me in with a wave. I used the app to close out my rental, dropped the key in the drop box and left within 5min. Thanks U-Haul for the excellent app and customer experience!
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5 years ago, Landry’s Daddy
Horrible app and too much human error
From the beginning this journey started horrible. First off the app sent me to the wrong location. I would like to note I had made a change to my reservation by changing locations to allow me to use the app to pickup at an earlier time. Unfortunately the person who I spoke with must have never change the location because when I left at 6:00 am this morning it sent me to the wrong location. I kept trying to work with the app but the location settings would not work. After trying for over an hour I called customer service. They told me I was at wrong location and sent me to a different address. So after losing an hour and half on my journey I finally got the truck. The truck was great and had no issues with it whatsoever. The next problem came when I tried to drop off the truck at the same location I picked it up. The office we closed so I tried to use the app again and it still had me at the previous location. So after calling customer service and pleading with the rep to get a manager to make the the correction I finally we able to drop off the truck another hour and a half later. So I lost three hours time because U-Haul does not have the capability yet to use the technology they pay for. I paid for it and lost. Buyer beware!
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4 years ago, Horrible Service Too
Road side assistance is horrible
Ended up with 2 flat dual tire on rear passenger side of truck. Tires were in poor condition when I left the uhaul center. I used the uhaul app to request road side assistance at 5:00 pm. I waited an hour but the app still only indicated that my request was received. I called the 1-800 number and sat on hold for 27 minutes. Ernest then told me that my request was received but no action had yet been taken to contact anyone to help me. I was told someone would be contacted to assist me within the hour. I texted uhaul assistance an hour later and no one responded. I texted again at 75 minutes. Still no response. I called uhaul assistance again and waited on hold for 34 minutes. I was told they were now attempting to find a provider to assist me and would contact me within an hour. Again no one called me and I had to call them. I was then told no one would be able to assist until "some time" the next day and to contact them the following day. I called after I was done work the next day only to find out they still had not even attempted to contact anyone to assist me. This lack of follow through is inexcusable!!!! No return calls, no return texts and no service!!!!! I want to speak with a road side assistance supervisor and request that you contact me within the next 2 business days.
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4 years ago, nicolemariemueller
Not sure the convenience is worth enduring the terrible pickup process
This is my 3rd or 4th time renting a self-pickup Uhaul, and the only time I have not had to call support when attempting to pick up the van, despite following all their instructions online to a T. They REALLY need to figure out their app and take a cue from Zipcar or Getaround by streamlining the pickup process. While the idea of being able to rent a Uhaul in the neighborhood without having to go to a rental location is great in theory, the pickup and drop off process take about 10-15 minutes each so be aware this will cut into your rental time. You need to arrive at your pickup time ON THE DOT or your rental will be cancelled. AND you’ll be asked to upload multiple photos of the van, yourself, your drivers license, the odometer, etc. every single time so that a physical person on the other end can manually approve it before the van is unlocked. If your connection is spotty or the app can’t identify your location, then you should probably just forget about it or expect to spend 20 minutes waiting on the phone with a customer service representative. It is such a clunky time-consuming process it almost outweighs the convenience of being able to rent a van in your neighborhood.
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6 years ago, AprilMay1987
Pick up was easy. Drop off terrible
We picked up truck - it took a few minutes to confirm the info but it was basically easy. I rated it a 5. We dropped it off at another location 2 hours away. It was a Sunday night. They advertised 24/7 drop off. First of all the place wasn’t where it said. Addresses had been changed and we had to turn around and go several miles in the opposite way. I’m not sure whose fault that was but it cost us an extra 4.00 in mileage. We got to the location and there was no key drop. / anywhere. We went through the whole process on the phone. Completed the information and it closed out. There was nothing stated about where to put the key. We called the 1-800-uhaul number and after being on hold for a very long time- we spoke to a very nice lady named Leshon. We were on the phone with her for 29 minutes. She offered as much help as she could. There was just no drop box and the key would not fit between the space on the front door. We hid the key. She documented where we hid it. We will contact the place in the morning and spend a restless night worried that someone will steal that truck! This is a very bad flaw in the system! There simply must be detailed information about where to leave the key. We will never use this system again.
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4 years ago, Momma Bear 333
Awesome U-Haul Employees
We made our Reservation first of all, confirmed it and everything. I had to change the day of pick up at the end of month weekend and Chris Schaffer accommodated my family & I with more problem! Also further more we ended up loosing all of our moving helpers and needed the truck longer. I called and the phone rang twice literally and Roberto Colon answered. I explained the situation to him in detail and why we were running behind, it took him a while to figure something out that would work for our family and future reservations for other families. He quickly came back to me on the phone and said, “no problem”, I will take care of this and things happen that we can’t control sometimes. I appreciate this location so much for their excellent customer service skills and recommend to anyone moving to use this location and your services that you provide. Thank you again for everything, my family is very blessed!
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2 years ago, NASTY TRUCK
Several problems with this rental!! I asked the rep inside of the truck was clean. Yes ma’am…. The truck appears to be clean until you actually sit in it! Super nasty! The seats…. Dirty! The stirring wheel looked like it had spit on it!! The dash boards, floor and sideboards all dirty. The gas gauge was NOT at 1/4 tank!! It smelled of cigarette smoke! The bed of truck had trash and cigarette debri. I tried to upload that picture to the website and the system timed out. While trying to check in online your site kept asking my location from my iOS browser. It was on however, you NEVER recognized my location. I downloaded the app. That worked! Now I was able to check truck in…. You are asking for more return pictures! GUESSSS WHAT?? I already locked the vehicle and dropped the key in the door, due to frustration, so you won’t see those!!! Your app also asked if the truck was clean! My answer…. NO!! It tried to charge me!!!! Well it wasn’t “clean” when I got it! Again a facade of clean! By far this was the MOST ABSOLUTE WORST RENTAL. I left more gas in it than I got! If you try to charge me for the filth of your last renter, that was apparently somebody’s work truck, we will have very serious problems, even if I just go to the BBB! Very disappointing!!
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4 years ago, tansell7
Cost is misleading
I arrived at the store to pick up the 15 ft truck. It was an older model and the Air conditioning was was out. Was told to take the truck to another U-Haul store which was several miles away. They said they did not have another 15 ft truck. The other store was in the opposite direction. I called that store and was told I would have to take it to another U-Haul store much further away in the opposite direction. I told them I wasn’t taking the truck anywhere to get the AC fixed and I would cancel this order and come get a 15 ft truck from them since they had one. The owner of this store magically came up with another 15 ft truck which was a much newer model with low mileage. I am a 64 yr old woman driving a U-Haul for the first time and had a 250 mile trip ahead of me. Why didn’t they give me the newer safer model in the first place? When I returned the truck to the store there was no one there to confirm I returned the truck. I stood there a long time after a very tiring day. I realized I would have to verify the return online. They didn’t tell me when I picked the truck up that the online return process would be so time consuming. It was a pain. So, they advertised the rental for under $30 for the day. It cost me $307 including gasoline. I am very disappointed in this U-Haul store.
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2 months ago, jeffreytstarr
Annoying irrelevant notifications
Checking out or in with the app is not a quick process, but it’s an alternate method, and most times a better method, to waiting for a person to check a truck in or out. My biggest complaint is the notifications. I had been getting numerous irrelevant notifications from the app so I had turned off Lock Screen and banner, just leaving badges and Notification Center on. My last U-Haul rental was two months or more ago; and the time before that was almost 2 years ago. I don’t have any reservations pending and haven’t searched for any future dates or even opened the app in a couple of months. Well, today, in Notification Center it said “A Haul location is less than a mile. Tap to start pick-up”. The location it was referring to was the one I last used 2 years ago. Again, I have no upcoming reservations, searched, active or cancelled, so I find that interruption annoying. Other than NOT Allow Notifications from U-haul or deleting the app completely I don’t see how it can be stopped whenever I am stopped within a mile of that location.
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5 years ago, Sam Bader
Bade service, bad equipment water leaks
I thought rent an equipment going to be easy like 1,2 , 3 but no! The first rent wasn’t in the the same spot that I received, and when I went there driving 45mints there’s no on can help to attach the trailer, they told me to get smaller ball, I drive back to bring smaller ones and change the pick up location to some place near to me, they told me they need 2” ball the one that I had before, drive back buy it agin and drive it home to load it, in the trip there was a storm lot of water when I finally get there and I want to unload it I found a water and water damages on my stuff, I called the costumer services they told me to call the round assistant to see where the damages are, some random guy come to my drive way try to take the trailer He accused me of lying because it’s 80degre and there’s no rain, he didn’t show any ID or certificate about who is he and what he is doing, I asked him about my stuff he told me it’s not his problem his job to take the trailer, I was confused, I called the costumerservices they told me it’s over due even I rent it on the 21st and he came on the 24th!! They give me 4 days stander. That guy call the police, I make a damages claim and I don’t know what going to happened, but for sure I have the bad experience ever:(
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4 years ago, Ms. Steele
I don't want to create an account!
I was given clear instructions on the rules of renting & returning the truck before I left the premises, however, I was not made aware that the return process would be so tedious. Because I was busy moving, I didn't realize I had been sent a text message with a link to use upon the return of the truck. As instructed by the nice lady at the counter, I took pics of the truck, inside & out, as well as the gas hand & the mileage, however, the link I was provided did not allow me to use the pics from my phone gallery. I was to take the pics once I was inside the app & upload them but the only problem with that was I had already locked the truck & returned the key so I ended up taking random pics of the inside of my car because the app wouldn't allow me to move forward without doing so. I will attempt to call first thing Monday morning & explain, though. BUT!! My biggest issue was having to download the U-Haul app & create an account to even do all of that! What happened to the days where I pick up & return the truck & just drop the keys in the drop box?! GEEZ!!
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9 months ago, HopingYouFix
Buggy app, nice service
Last weekend I tried using the app for two functions. The gas level on the rental paper didn’t match the actual gauge. The person at the outlet shrugged and told us to use the app to correct it. The function seemed nicely designed, but the camera button would not work to take a picture of the gauge. Later I used the return function. I got kicked out back to the Home Screen halfway through several times and had to start over. The last time I got all the way to uploading photos and it happened again, but the rental was no longer found on the Home Screen or Past Orders. However, I called Customer Service. I waited less than 5 minutes and Brittany was very helpful. She confirmed my return was completed and I could just hold the photos on my phone for a few days. It’s now Wednesday and the rental is showing in my Past Orders with no issues. I have used plenty of other apps including camera functions on this phone without such problems, so the app could use some work. But kudos on the service.
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5 years ago, sj_chris
Horrendous experience with drop off
I spent over 2 hours trying to find the location talking with multiple uHaul reps. I would like to say that a rep Carman finally helped me by being in the line with me for about 45 minutes when I finally was able to drop off the truck. I would also like to say the rep at 2920 Governers Blvd in Wilmington refused my drop off there when I could not find the 810 south walnut location. He also proceeded to give me bad directions telling me it was at a BP gas station which was totally inaccurate. I was disconnected multiple times by UHAul while on the phone before reaching Carmen. The rep at Monroeville also tried to help but was limited in what the could do. The roads to the 810 south walnut location were closed so I had to park in a lot across from Glacial Auto yo return it. The location did not appear safe and I was concerned that I may run into junk yard dogs. But I did find the drop box and returned the key. I did my best at the photos for the app drop off but I was walking away and did not want to go back while doing the app return process as the location looked dangerous and I just wanted to get out of there. I will only use UHaul again if it’s an absolute emergency and I have not other reasonable choice.
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2 months ago, Elfuego69
App doesn’t hold reservations and stores don’t honor it
Reviews really do matter and that’s my fault for not checking before using this one or really this company at all. Made a reservation the day BEFORE for a trailer and an appliance dolly. Not only did they not have a clue about my reservation when I walked in THEY DIDNT HAVE ALL OF IT. THE 2nd moron working the desk response was “well it’s been a busy day” really???? That’s what the reservation is for! After the 1st moron thot it was funny she had to call what I can only guess was a manager to see if they could cancel my reservation, like I was still going to pay for a reservation they didn’t fulfill? This is my argument for paying people $15-$20 an hour. Total incompetence and lack of caring. Never mind that I had made accommodations for the afternoon to move stuff AND have other people help me move stuff. They just wasted multiple people’s time and money and probably being paid $15 an hour to sit there and be stupid. AI could replace these idiots no problem. Do your self a favor and read the reviews and don’t do business with this company and store. I’m realizing now you can rent trailers and dollys from a lot of other reputable places.
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3 years ago, AmayZing Nio
U-Haul mobile pickup
I tried the U-Haul mobile pick up and drop off for the first time. It’s a super convenient and relatively easy process IF your signal is good and IF there aren’t any issues with the truck. The first location I tried had a poor cell signal for me so it was a long and strenuous hassle. I ended up canceling the reservation and was fortunate to make it to another one before they closed. I had the owner walk me through the mobile self pickup in case it was user error. I had some issues with the computer accepting my license. It was about 5 different slow attempts. I understand it’s important for the business to ensure nobody is using a fake ID to steal their equipment but the pictures were clear every time and I used different backgrounds with varying angles in case it was a lighting issue. Everything after that was a breeze. It probably helps more if you have the app just because you can easily sign in using Face ID. Returning is much easier and faster than picking up. I would use the service again and hope it’s a quicker process.
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3 years ago, Sinista1
Easiest Interstate Rental EVER!!!
I rented an auto transport to get a vehicle from MS to MA... Under COVID it was a 24-7 Contactless Pickup... The only hiccup was reserving it at the wrong location which was three hours away... I was able to reach a CSR who switched my paid reservation to the correct location... Even though I have a CDL Class A and familiar with towing I checked out the U-Haul walkthrough video for loading & hooking up so I would have things per the contract... The video was PHENOMENAL & during the Dropoff Process the Step by Step with images via the U-Haul App was also PHENOMENAL!!! The only thing I would suggest to U-Haul... I own a Polaris Slingshot with a center third wheel... The Auto Transport would be HUGE to our community for us to transport our vehicles, but it would need the addition of center ramp and bed section the width of the rear tire for transport... This would be an easy add-on to all of your Auto Transports and I would back it fully and promote via the Polaris Slingshot community which is growing daily!
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3 years ago, hhfhdhf
Customer service agent Tiana?? Brooks at time of rental
There is a lot to take in when you are working in customer service for any company, whether they are a small business or a national chain. I want to go above and beyond with my appreciation for the agent who assisted me on the telephone the night I rented this van. It was around 12:30 AM due to a delay getting to the facility because the road coming into the facility was blocked off due to a fire. She could not have been any kinder, professional or patient while she was with me on the telephone. The automated process that U Haul claimed I could use did not work and it took both of us two or three times to get it right. She was an absolute rockstar and I hope she will be given a huge award from a customer who appreciates her very very much. Please let her know how much I appreciate her kindness, patience and help with getting this truck rented! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, HOLLYW1992!
So many things went wrong when renting this U-Haul this time. We were supposed to get the U-Haul at 7 AM and had to wait till almost 10 AM to pick it up. I was on the phone the night before to make sure I can pick up the U-Haul at 7 AM and someone on the U-Haul phone line told me that would be fine. Then I had to call four different people the day of my pick up. One lady put me on hold for over 20 minutes. Another lady was supposed to get me to talk to a manager and I was on hold and then the phone dropped. I expressed my concerns about everything and how behind this put me with all the people trying to help me move, no one cared at all. To top it off I was told that I could just drop the vehicle off at the drop off center after hours and that I would not have to be there and my father-in-law could drop it off for me. Turns out I had to follow him and do it all with my smart phone. This was such an inconvenient thing with U-Haul and I can’t believe that they didn’t make any of this right. I will recommend everyone I work with every friend I know what every family member I have to never use U-Haul and to go with a different company. You lost a really good customer right here.
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6 years ago, newbas113
Self Pickup Nonfunctional
The self pick up feature on this app is so poorly executed it makes me deeply question the longterm viability of U-Haul as a company. On at least 5 or 6 different occasions I was forced to close this app because it became non responsive, continually told me it was “Loading” (like to take a picture), or that it has lost internet connectivity (despite this being obviously false) (I am using in an iPhone 8). The driver license verification “feature” took over 10 minutes to verify. It provided me with 5 or 6 vehicles almost none of which were actually located at the U-Haul facility, one of which was parked in such a way as to make it impossible to drive out. Upon finally finding a vehicle that was actually in this facility, spending 30 minutes opening and closing the app, I finally “completed” the process only to wait another 20 minutes to receive keys from the U-Haul facility. I absolutely guarantee I could have been in and out of the U-Haul location in 10 minutes had I gone into the location versus the nearly an hour I spent using this app. That such an obviously flawed and broken system could be delivered for production use is bafflingly ridiculous to me.
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3 years ago, MalloryTowell
Very Frustrating Experience
We rented a 15 ft truck to pick up at 7:30 AM. The truck was was not there to pick up. I called customer service and wait on the phone for 40 minutes with no response. The dealer finally arrived at the pick up location and was able to get in touch with customer service. The lady we spoke to from customer service had a horrible attitude and took me I could drive to a location 35 minutes away to pick up a truck or I wasn’t going to get one. She refused to allow me to return the truck to the location that I was originally scheduled to return to truck to, unless I wanted to pick up a truck from an even further location and pay $100 more. I ended up having to drive round trip to the location that was 35 minutes away and the best U-Haul could offer was a $50 guaranteed trip, which in reality saved me nothing because I wouldn’t have had to drive so far and rack of mileage if I had gotten the truck I originally reserved. There is no excuse for the insane wait times and rude customer service staff that added to a very frustrating experience, as if moving isn’t enough of a hassle.
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6 years ago, AnnastasiaG
Worst app ever.
I thought using the 24/7 feature would cut out some time waiting in the line at a U-Haul location (even if you have an appointment I’ve always experienced a wait) and I only needed the truck for a few hours. It did perfectly fine doing so, but when the return process happened it was a LITERAL nightmare. The app kept quitting and then I had to try to retake the pictures MULTIPLE TIMES. I live in Arizona which equals my helpers and myself sweating in 109 degree weather for an hour outside because the business where we dropped off was closed, and my plan was to call a Lyft after we dropped the truck off. I ended up cancelling my Lyft due to the app quitting during the drop off process and my panic due to waiting on hold for hours between my Dad and I. We both were hung up on after being nice and level-headed with these people who could care less. I tried the online chat after I got somewhere with WiFi but WHAT A STRUGGLE. I will not use U-Haul ever again for lack of customer service. I finally reached someone and they assured me that they would put that the drop-off happened. So stressful and time consuming, $170 for this nonsense never again.
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5 years ago, genjor48
Pickup and drop off instructions needs clarity
If you’ve never used the service before, there is no instruction/warning on how long or what else to expect. I arrived with no person present for the handoff of pickup/ drop off. I did not know what the next steps were and opened the app and sent a text for what next. Waited 15 min before someone responded. I sent two texts asking what to do with no response. I nearly left the location during the wait time because I had no idea what next. In the return phase, sent my son to drop keys in the drop box while I opened the app for the return. Realized too late that I needed to take photos of the dash with the fuel and mileage. I knew what they should be as I had calculated the mileage before and had just filled the gas tank to the same as when I picked up. The rest of the photos were not a problem as I was still in the truck, but a better understanding of what the expectation were would have been nice. Great using technology, but a better outline of the steps would be nice before hand.
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4 years ago, Steven Jibson
Bait and switch after I signed contract and left
I rented a truck at the Longview store. Signed contract with pick up and drop off locations. I was in a time crunch and had a schedule to keep. At some point they changed drop off location that is completely inconvenient both in location and time. When I called store was transferred to customer service where I explained I was at drop off location that I had picked and handed a signed contract stating so. Told me there was no other option than to take it to downtown Olympia location because my drop off had too many trucks. No help at all. I wouldn’t have rented if I knew I had to drop it off there. So I took it to the new location clean and full of fuel and received a phone call stating now that I left it there and they were closed so i would possibly be charged for more rental if they dint get there and check it in in time. I also used the U-Haul app and went through appropriate drop off procedures and pictures but Candice still says I am responsible. Totally unprofessional with no help solving problem or customer service attributes whatsoever. I am not a frequent renter but do rent a few times a year.
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2 years ago, ThicCountryChic
Neighborhood mini storage in SULPHUR La
I will never rent with this place ever again because the truck having no dash lights is unacceptable. And me having to fight with that back door is also. It did it b4 I left U-Haul and I was gonna just call roadside Ike the lady told me to do but it fixed itself from hitting bumps in the road I guess Soon as I got home with my furniture and opened the door it almost yanked my arm off and now the door stuck again. The lady at mini storage was not trying to help me at all when I rented and she told me the other trucks was rented already and that the people picked up the keys already and that’s not true. I’m here now and those trucks are in the same place. She gave me bad vibes with I walked through the door. She was not nice and helpful. She could careless if I got my rental or not. I had to pick up my furniture at 5 pm and I asked for a newer truck and she refused to let me rent it. I really felt discriminated against . She put me in the worse she had and I knew she would when I walked through the door. I spend to much money with U-Haul to be treated that way. I will be contacting budget on my next rental.
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5 years ago, #Nexttimepenske
Customer Service
I was very dissatisfied because it took two hours to check out the uhaul even though I had a reservation and only two people in front of us. The guy named Carlos was taking a long time and was installing a car onto an auto transport for a different customer for 45 mins when there was people were waiting. When he came back I overheard him mention to the other employee that the previous employee had left his shift an hour early. We requested a certain truck and the lady refused to give the uhaul and said she couldn’t because her boss won’t allow it. I told her, “I am the customer and I can go somewhere else” and she responded, “I had to listen to her manager and not the customer.” I told her I was going to call the manager. She responded, “go ahead she won’t answer.” Then I told her then I would call corporate. Then she changed her mind and gave me the uhaul I wanted. She told me to drop off the uhaul in Pharr 20 miles away from my destination, while there was one located 1.8 miles away. After the 2 hour wait, the U-Haul was dirty. She didn’t offer to clean it. I had to ask her to clean it. If she expected me to return it cleaned. Which I did.
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5 years ago, Bad on you
Little overwhelming
1st the 26’ truck I originally ordered was broke down. Then they sent me 56 miles (one way) to pick up a smaller 20’ truck and a 6x12 trailer. Losing 100 sq ft but charge me the same amount. Well kinda not okay but what made it worse...when I got there they didn’t have a truck for me. Mind you I’m in a bind now cause I have people waiting to help me load. I’ve already driven 2 hours out of my way to pick up an imaginary truck. After an hour and using my “Mom voice” a few times they got me a truck and trailer. The associate was super I will say that he did an amazing job trying to help us. Still charged me the same amount and only gave me $30 off. Mind you I spent gas in my vehicle and used more gas then I should’ve in the UHaul. It was all just pretty overwhelming. Then drop off with the app was easy hard part....locating a good place to park it with out blocking anything. They need to have a more centralized location for drop off then “wherever just not there” type of directions. Still believe for all this trouble we should’ve gotten a little more reimbursement then $30!
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3 years ago, U-Haul fix your software!
Mobile check out
Bless Jaden’s patience and determination! The apps is picky about the photos, found the dark color of the trash can lid to help significantly. How ever I had to got stuck entering my alternate phone number for contact; I have an account with complete profile I always use one of my kids numbers The app repeatedly returned number already in use, we as a family have been using them for 5 years straight, of course the numbers are in use. I felt like now they’re just mining now but could not proceed in the app. So I had to join the line of 11 people only to be told after 45 minute wait that “my” truck needs its battery charged. So another 20 minutes to figure out if they can give me something else and fight with the register to make it happen. Last month I was told at the store of my reservation to go get my truck from a store 35 miles away during afternoon commute. The worker bees are great! U-Haul needs to deal with its software programs!
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6 years ago, TinaG4
App useless and a loss of time
I was told to download this app so i would have been able to return the rental after closing. I did and made a reservation. When i went to pick up my rental instead they would not allow me to return after hours. They sent me to a second place miles away. The app also says you will avoid waiting in line. Not so. In the second place there was a line and i had to do it all!! Then i still had to lose time answering more questions. Finally a get the rental more than 1 hour after the original reservation time. AND, since i had to travel to a more distant place i had to pay for more miles!!! They told me to take picts of the rental before returning it and send them to show there is no damage. So when i returned i took picts. Then i had to use the app to return, instead of just dropping the keys. Took forever. The app made me take picts again to show the rental was clean. However, there was no way to add picts of the outside showing that there was no damage. You would think that should have been the purpose of the picts!! Anyway, the app crashed twice. I used to like uhaul. Thanks to this app i hate it.
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4 years ago, AS810
App Doesn’t Work
I downloaded the app, created an account, then was immediately taken to the login screen, which promptly informed me the password I had -just- created was incorrect, and forced me to create a new one. Finally get my email account verified ( a second time) after changing my password, and the app never loads anything beyond the login screen. I entered in my email and password, for a short “loading” symbol, then nothing happened. I closed the app, reopened it and tried again. Same results. Closed the app, turned off my phone entirely, restarted it, launched the app again, and this time I briefly (for about 1 second) saw a “Welcome” screen that had three options at the bottom, one of which was Dashboard (didn’t have enough time to see the other two), then the login screen showed up again. I entered my credentials, submitted, saw the loading symbol again (a small moving circular shape), then absolutely nothing happened. I tried logging in roughly 25 times, all to no avail. I was never able to access anything beyond the login screen so I finally deleted it. Save yourself the trouble, just call, it’s easier.
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4 years ago, kwebb04272020
I do not like U-Haul
I just rented a vehicle. I was told one price and quoted a different price. When I picked up the vehicle I said I needed to change the drop off location to another place. They took down the new location and said that is okay. I called that evening to confirm an they again said it was okay and that they would send me a drop off location. When I went to the location that I told them o needed to drop it off they had sent me the wrong location. So again I called. They said they would change it. They gave me a new location and I headed that way. Then they said that location could not take the truck. They finally found a location after a total of about a hour on the phone. I concern everything I want to make sure it has no problems. This is not my first rental. I usually use Penske and get a good deal bit this time I wish I did. Penske would have been so much easier and at the end would have been within 5 dollars of what U-Haul finally charged me. I would have saved time and fuel with Penske and had a better vehicle. I will not be going back to U-Haul or even think of trying the again!!!!!!
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