U.S. State Capitals! States & Capital Quiz Game

3.3 (135)
9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Quach
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for U.S. State Capitals! States & Capital Quiz Game

3.26 out of 5
135 Ratings
7 years ago, 2arupp
Please read about this horrible game
BORING,BORING,BORING!! I would not download this app. It is the worst!! If you want your kids to be bored then download it but if you want them to be educated don't. You should download "Stack the States". Stack the states is fun and very helpful!! My point is DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😴😴😴💩💩 Merry Christmas!!🙄🙄
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6 years ago, Ventilator74
GREAT GREAT STUFF! This Is truly great
I love this so much. It’s something to help me review what I learned years ago. But whilst I graduated years ago this is important info should be retained as it is something we could require at any time.
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2 years ago, leo gecko de azl
Boring but good
It’s pretty boring to play and there’s a lot of ads but it is pretty good if you want to memorize sooooo yea
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7 years ago, Molly “go tell it on the mt"
I got this app so my daughter could study for a test and it really helped! The favorites helped her and I even took a go at it!
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5 years ago, @kelsey.com
Great for learning not a game
It teaches you a lot of you need to know the capitals. Don’t get for entertainment though.
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4 years ago, gardernslug
Honestly you could just look it up on the Internet I don’t know why in in after this
Honestly you could just look it up on the Internet I don’t know why you would need an app for simple geography
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6 years ago, Tech man 47
Ok 🙃
It’s not fun but it helped me learn the state capitals I guess I could of just made flash cards but it’s free so that’s why I’m using this app, 2018 it’s lit
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6 years ago, calenderqueen
Thank you
This app helped me ace my map test I got a 30/30
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5 years ago, hedgehoglovernamedeli
Pretty good
Definitely reccommend although a lot of ads
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6 years ago, Isleyjenna
Ruled by adds
Fun I need to study for a capital test at school.I think its going to help a lot but so so many adds.
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4 years ago, idon'tcareenymore
Boring 🙄😒
When is read the ratings and one of them said not to get it so I got it and the next week i had to take a test and the app didn’t work so I recommend not to get this app
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2 years ago, SKY 🇺🇸
I know the capitals but why I downloaded this.
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10 months ago, Happypups1285
Helps A lot
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7 years ago, Ranger1506
Great for me
This has refreshed my memory.
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7 years ago, TotiJoe #1
Ruined by ads.
Every few questions you have to watch a video ad. I'm out. I will not stomach the intrusive ads.
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10 years ago, Hjlhjyhcdcxfj
The app should let the player fill in the capital. I understand that it is meant to be a flash card style game, but the colors distract and it does not provide incentive for small students to learn. However, the capitals are correct(one would hope so for every app) and it is great for those reviewing the capitals.
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5 years ago, Mela2008
I hate it
I’m trying to learn the 50 states for school and it’s the worst it should be in alphabetical order
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5 years ago, rggyyruugfgjyjhffg
Worst app ever!!!
doesn’t teach you anything, do not get
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9 years ago, lovebeutj
Simplistic for new learners!
Anyone who has not learned all states and their capitols should grab this free app! I am 53 and have greatly improved my memorization through working within this easy, clean app. Its my go-to game when I have kids in the car. They get very competitive and put some of the adults to shame. It has always been lots of fun! i'd love to see more like it!!!
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9 years ago, Extremely annoyed iPhone user
Great app.
I love this app I downloaded about 4 to figure out which one was the best and by far this one triumphs the rest. I just wish you could shuffle the favorites section because I've noticed that it's always in the same order. But other than that it's literally perfect. It's helped me so much with learning the capitals.
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10 years ago, Could it ever get better!
Awesome yo yo yo was up
I love this app I think the best you should really try I would really recommend it because I have a state capital test tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'm in a get 100% on this game so I really recommend it extra best ever well actually the state capital think that so ya. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)$@&!!!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Nattylightlight
Best capital app
I have used at least 5 apps to learn the state capitals and this is the only one that worked for me. Sometimes i forget and have to go back to the app again but that's just my fault not the apps fault
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11 years ago, I'm nice 101
This app is great because last year I had a states and capitals test and it really helped!!! I hope you get it, because you can star certain ones and have your favorites. I hope you feel the same!!!
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11 years ago, Lollipop123:)
Love it!!!
It is very time consuming it is probably now my favorite game! The only thing is that when you change you character it won't change the voice.:)
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12 years ago, melaclaro
Halfway there
It's a good start. While it does what it says in terms of drilling you on names of state capitals, it really also needs to visually highlight the state as it does so. Also, another enhancement request is to show a star within the state to depict the approximate location of the city within the state.
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8 years ago, Sparkie2121
Doesn't work right
The app works good the first time you set the favorites but when I tried to Change them it worked until you close the app then it sets the favorites back to what they used to be which is really unhelpful. please fix this problem, besides that this is a great app to study states and capitals!
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12 years ago, Gerrycarbajal
The app is very good, however just an idea, why don't you make the states fit in the map when you answer, so make it like a puzzle and identify it by a different color so you not only know capitals but also you know where they are!
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11 years ago, Jackiegoalkeeper118
It's pretty good.
It is a pretty good app, I like how you can 'favorite' the states that you need to learn. The only thing I would change is, it should show you where the state is located. Although I haven't found an app yet that does that.
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11 years ago, Easy A+
This app rocks, I totally recommend it if your taking a states and capitals test at school. This app helped me get an A+ on my test. it can help you too. This app is one of the best, by. I hope you buy it.
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12 years ago, Jtschuman
Ok app
It's a ok app if you just to find out the capital of a state but if you want to check if you are learning them then find another app. There is no quizzes so you can't really test your knowledge.
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10 years ago, Aron130
I had an upcoming states and capitals test and this SAVED MY LIFE. This app is extremely helpful and provides an easy way to learn the states and capitals. I highly recommend it
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10 years ago, SpongeBobGal
Love it
I just started 5 minutes ago. One minute later, I am an expert!!! I love how you can add to favorites so I know which states to study for my state capitals test on Friday! I am so getting100%...
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10 years ago, Me1172
Needs more
This app is ok but I think you should be able to see were on the map the state is . Also I wish that you could study region. Otherwise i love the app
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7 years ago, _catlover ;)
Great for students who are struggling with states & capitals
I learned about 75% of my states and capitals here! I have tests every Thursday on states and capitals and I know a lot of them now
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11 years ago, Dewey R. A.
State capitals
Great... And greatly needed! How easy it is to forget...especially if you were never required in school to learn! Thank you! Brush up almost daily. Sincere thanks, Dewey R Anich
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12 years ago, greenleethekid
Well done
Simple and to the point this app does what it is says it is for and nothing more. A great way to study your capitals. Thanks for delivering!
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9 years ago, 34green
I thought there would be more
This doesn't show the the state location, or allow you to answer. It's just shows you the state and you push the button to see if you guessed correctly. Stack the states is better.
Show more
10 years ago, heynickiyosofine
It's ok
I think they should add a map where you can tap where the state is. But I still think it is good.
Show more
10 years ago, Meme Coop
Great way to review
This is a wonderful app. My grandchild is learning the state capitals and now I can keep up with her and help her. Easy to use!
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12 years ago, chelseabayne
Awesome game ;)
That game helps me with my capitals because I sauce at them at school and I'm not allowed to take my phone to school I wish I could though <3
Show more
12 years ago, Gamma 4
Love the colors, would like to see them relate to location, make a brief statement about the state. Add a little challenge by adding a few letters if an answer is not given in a certain time. This would make it interesting!
Show more
12 years ago, Peace mania
I like it a lot but I think it just needs a little more things to do on it . But it is very helpful and helped me study when nobody could help me.
Show more
13 years ago, KBesanco
Effective Enough
If you are studying for a test, it will get the job done; however the interface is not terribly exciting and will not entice kids to play it.
Show more
11 years ago, Timmy843
it is a good game, but many glitches. also I wish it would tell the capital. please fix, but other than that its good!!! 😄😃😀😊☺😉
Show more
11 years ago, Sup rocker
I love this app. It helped me study for my big test . I recommend it to everyone
Show more
7 years ago, Laura_Lo
When it says the name of a state, you hit the question mark for the answer. That's boring. What it should do: highlight the stage on the map so you see where it is on the map. Have one letter or an option of three cities to guess from for the capital.
Show more
11 years ago, eephus1234
Capital Spelled Correctly
As the snarky review below indicates, this is not a spelling app. However, "state capitals" is spelled correctly. Decent app. Could be better, but its free and does what it says.
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11 years ago, Helpful awesome
Study states
This app helped me study for my test on fri. I bet I am going to at least get an B+ at the least. This app is cra cra cool
Show more
12 years ago, Brainpop fan
Add a button that allows you to switch from showing the states or showing the capitals because it's easier for me to see the capital and guess what state the capital is in. Also add pictures of states
Show more
12 years ago, Itsbenfunlander
Daughter learned all of then shortly after downloading.
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