Ubigi: eSIM & Mobile Internet

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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ubigi: eSIM & Mobile Internet

4.62 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 months ago, MintL0ver9
Worked Like a Charm
My experience is based on using Ubigi on a 3 week trip to Japan on an iPhone 15. Following the instructions were easy. I made sure to prep my phone a few days before my departure. Before my flight took off from the States, I made sure to turn AT&T off. By off, I mean everything possible set to off. If you don’t, your cell provider will likely rack up ludicrous daily charges on your bill. When I arrived in Japan, I switched to the Ubigi eSIM in settings and turned on data roaming for it. After a minute, I was connected and was able to use the internet. I bought 10 gigs of data which more than lasted my trip with relatively high use. I played Pokémon GO often and used Maps and Google, but made sure to reserve video streaming for when I was on WiFi. Please remember you won’t be able to make calls or texts while using this, so use an app like Facebook Messenger or Snapchat to communicate with people if you have to. I also got signal just about anywhere! Connection was mostly good in the mountains of Yamaguchi. I also got great service out in the boonies of Gunma. Naturally, connection was also flawless in Tokyo. I did have a hiccup where I couldn’t connect to anything while I was in Yokohama, but I slept on it and it worked in the morning. I will be using this again for my next trip to Japan!
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8 months ago, Fishiepower
I’ve been told this works great if there are no mishaps. But when there’s issues, there doesn’t seem much effort to help troubleshoot beyond the standard basic screenshots already listed on the site. I bought an esim for Japan and it’s been installed but I ran into issues with the connectivity and being stuck on the “resume account creation” most likely due to the lack of connectivity. I have restarted, switched every possible combination of sim/esim/Wi-Fi on and off and submitted an email detailing this complete with screenshots of my esim details to show to double check the details. The reply back I received was the same screenshots used to show a user to how to create an account by installing the esim. When I replied back that I have done this & if it can’t be fixed further then I would like a refund and I got hit back with “ we invite you to reboot your device and check again the steps on the previous email” with no mention of starting a refund process either. I’ve wasted two days of my trip in the beginning trying to figure this out with nothing resolved and now I’ll have to spend more money to get something else. Rating it for 2 stars because I actually got a reply back and it was at least within 24 hours each time.
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11 months ago, VijayMRao
Simple, high speed cellular data plan for Europe travel
I wanted an affordable high speed data plan during a trip to UK and Italy. I was planning to buy a physical SIM but saw an article about Ubigi in the WSJ and decided to try it. Got great coverage and speed in UK (London, Oxford and Stonehenge), and in Italy (Rome and Venice). It was particularly useful since I used maps a lot while walking around Rome and Venice and when I was using public transport in London. It also worked well when I used my phone as a hotspot for another phone. The setup of eSIM, selection and payment of the plan in the US before my trip was very simple. The price was reasonable. So I was able to use it as soon as I landed in London. Much more convenient than having to use a physical SIM.
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2 months ago, Liz1Red
Great way to get extra data while traveling
I compared all the options and feel Ubigi is the best value and I was thrilled at how easy it was to install while already traveling in a foreign country. My US plan has roaming but only 5GB before throttling the bandwidth to nearly unusable. This is enough on a 10-14 day trip, but not for long trips. Adding 10GB from Ubigi was perfect.
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3 months ago, michael46372
Super useful!
We use it currently on our trip in Japan. The rates are inexpensive and to get the eSIM it’s pretty straightforward. We use it a lot and it works great! However, don’t expect it to be fast. If it shows a connectivity strength of about 2 out of 4 bars then you may wait a moment until you have the connection established. For a business trip you will need to connect to a wired WiFi or get another solution. Tip: If you use Google Maps to navigate the public transportation (super useful in Japan!!), load the area you are in as an Offline Map (google it how to do it) and then it gets way better. I will use it again whenever I’m abroad.
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2 years ago, LarryCL
Convoluted account creation process
To create an account, you must first install the esim, then connect to the Ubigi data network, and then through the app you can create an account. But the account creation process is painful: for some strange unknown reason, it won’t let you paste data into the password field. Hello??? I use a password generator app to create a very complex password. This is best practice! No way am I going to type that complex password. I don’t understand why the app is blocking paste — the implication being, you’ll just end up using (and typing) a weak password.
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2 months ago, xQuicKSilv3rGX
Affordable and reliable!
I love it. It’s one of the most affordable out there as far as esim (data only) goes. Used it in Japan and Canada. Good amount of coverage unlike the pocket wifi I used to have. Sometimes I just want to do a quick top off or check my data, but the app itself logs me out every 2 or 3 days, so I have to re-login when that happens—hence giving it a 4 star. If it allows for a Face ID/biometrics login, that would be great instead of punching in my email/password.
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11 months ago, TrishanaOs
Horrible and worst data provider ever
I ordered a Esim data plan to use in the UK. I didn’t receive any confirmation email to install the plan or payment receipt. However the payment was successfully deducted from my bank account. I sent a customer service message to receive an automated message. I’m still haven’t gotten any response from the customer service. I’m questioning the legitimacy of this business. Strangely that they need 15 days to give a refund. I will stick to the Airalo. This is rubbish. I will strongly advise to vet those reviews on here. There are people out there who will go the extend to create fake reviews. Never again. Horrible service
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1 year ago, Mr Alarm
Not ready for prime time
This was recommended by a Silicon Valley acquaintance for a trip to Japan. It’s a bit of a process to install- and only then did I get to the unworkable instructions. Specifically I was directed to find the “mobile data list” setting. My iPhone 11, supposedly supported, has no such setting. Moreover, the signal bars got turned to exclamations points. To this user that means WARNING so I hastily deleted the app. I now know this is benign, but is a failure to troubleshoot by developers who are unable to dumb themselves down to my level. May be great for tech people but not ready for the average idiot.
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8 months ago, owomida?
Ubigi stole my money.
I paid for the service when I traveled overseas. The service never connected. I sent them an email with the details and a request for a refund. That was four months ago…so far. I have not received even a response to my email or an excuse. They continue to ignore me. Ubigi is trash. You tell me what you would call somebody who took your money but did not provide you any service or response whatsoever? Finally they responded when I put them on blast and told me they responded into my spam folder. I checked! There’s nothing in the spam folder! Ubigi is trash! I still want my money back!
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8 months ago, Whyttin
App gets stuck at ‘waiting for cellular connection’ — never loads.
I fell into the hype on Reddit where people love this company, but after trying two separate times to get this connected, it’s failed both times on my 15 PM. App is definitely not ready for prime time like another reviewer said and if you go out on a limb and try and buy an eSIM through them, make sure you do it on a credit card you can charge back on, since, the ‘contact us’ form is down anyways, and even if you can I’ve heard it’s a 2 week+ response time.
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1 year ago, Mm189764mm
Easy to explain
My son was traveling and I had to explain setting this up over text with him. It was fairly simple and an excellent deal compared to what our cell carrier offered. I highly recommend using Ubigi for travel. It’s also helpful that you can get the free eSim before buying a plan. It makes set up less complicated.
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5 years ago, Joxes
Fantastic App to cut your roaming fee
Ubigi is a great App to cut your data roaming fees. You don't have to purchase anymore a prepaid SIM at the airport. If you have a phone that supports eSim (Iphone Xs, Xr). You install the App, you select the country where you are (my case was Spain for a business trip) and you select a data plan. I picked 3GB for $9.00. For payment I used my Paypal account from the Ubigi App. Payment was accepted and my account was activated with the plan I selected. Then you go in the cellular menu and you select with data plan you want to use. That way you can easily save a lot of money by not using your home data plan (in my case Verizon) and their crazy data roaming rates. The technical support team is very responsive.
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2 years ago, ~coffeebreath~
Unreliable, false advertising. Terrible support.
The promise of this service is good. And when it works, it’s fine. The problem is the rest of the time. The service promised was simply not available - I did my research to ensure I’d be covered in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (probably one of the BIGGEST tourist attractions in the area). Ubigi offers coverage via Telecel, great, their service maps all include that area. But of course, I get there and … zero coverage. I even walked right by a Telecel storefront… and somehow, Ubigi could not deliver. Support sent me a line about “the coverage depends on their partners in each area”. No crap, that’s why I checked out the coverage before I bought. The second I pushed back, support ghosted me. No response. Do yourself a favor and don’t give this product a penny. Local SIM cards are easy to come by in most parts of the world. Companies that refuse to stand by their products don’t deserve our money.
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7 months ago, ifeignit
Fast, affordable, reliable - what else could you want from a mobile carrier?
I’ve been using Ubigi on my trip to Japan. Setup was painless - anyone familiar with eSIMs will be right at home. Service has been extremely reliable and I’ve been getting 5G coverage on most of my trip. Will definitely be using Ubigi again on future trips!
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9 months ago, Riesersp
I never write reviews but really, this app is phenomenal. I needed a data plan for Ukraine and those offered by Airolo, etc were all wildly expensive. How in the world does Ubigi manage to keep their rates so much lower? This is not a country I would want to be without internet access in, and the moment I crossed in, it started working perfectly.
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3 months ago, DaleD
We Love Ubigi!
I have used UBIGI’s eSIM service for multiple trips to Europe (UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece) and every time the service was very good. The best part, UBIGI does it all on one eSIM — no need to fiddle with new eSIMs on subsequent trips like other brands. I just add service for the new country or region and I’m good to go. Easy to use and I had great coverage, even in small towns and countryside. Thanks Ubigi!
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4 years ago, Babou1989
Welcome to the future of roaming!
Traveled from the US to France. Downloaded the app. A few clicks later my eSIM & data plan were ready to go for a very attractive price. Much better experience than with classical more expensive and cumbersome prepaid sims. Definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, JBGuzman
Don’t get this app
If you like wasting your money, go ahead and get this app. It has not worked for me once since I left the states. Every time I leave a secure Wi-Fi it disconnects and when you try to log back in, you’ll get an error message stating that the app is unable to love you in or that your credentials are incorrect. The sad thing is that I will probably not be able to get my money back. This is a waste of money. The people that have provided good reviews must be employees of the company that created this.
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2 years ago, bluewolf84
Horrible support
Very confusing to even start using Ubigi. The app takes you through obstacles and loopholes just to find out what the prices are. Account management and support is non existent to the point of just ‘hey, do this and it will work’ but it does not.
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2 months ago, Add11050202
Amazing E Sim for Tokyo
I am currently on my first trip to Japan, and I’m staying in Tokyo. This E Sim has worked amazingly since I have been here, no slow days, no weird no service spots. This is truly the E Sim app for your Tokyo experience. Thank you to the people who run this app.
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11 months ago, Brando #68
Easy, speedy and reliable
Was easy to install and get setup and the connection was much faster than what my provider could offer abroad. Have recommended to my friends who also travel :)
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3 years ago, Don Why
Bad app. Bad service. Bad support
I paid for a data plan that only work from the airport to the hotel. After that it didn't work again. I was unable to browse the internet. I wrote to support and received a basic email half a day later ... Looking at the comments in the app store they are answer several days later with a copy paste answer. I still unable to browse the internet. The app only show a message that says "unexpected error"
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3 years ago, vespaboynyc
Great in France
Used the esim card on my last trip to France. Speed was amazing and this is by far the cheapest options available is you don’t want to deal with switching SIM card. The app itself could be improved.
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1 year ago, Alperion
Great option for travel
Traveled to Japan and needed to get data service. Read online reviews that this was a great option since it had good signal and data was fast. I’m very happy with the speeds and pricing. Great alternative over airalo
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1 year ago, BLDNIGHTOWL
Problems installing and support awful
On two different iPhone SE’s, I couldn’t get the app to install the eSIM. They both stalled in different places. And their support is only open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM UTC +1 time zone. And that support is awful — they couldn’t answer any questions and had to escalate to tier 2 support that only communicates via email. I only kept trying, because they seem to be the only eSIM that claims to support 5G. Simply unacceptable for something as critical as an eSIM.
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3 years ago, ZaIINN
Much cheaper than AT&T IDP
Currently using it in France after using AT&T’s international data plan for a previous trip & part of the current trip. So far it works quite well and is much cheaper. Using iPhone 13 Pro Max
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6 months ago, Snuffles Bear888
Simple and does the job
I have used this for travel to Japan and Italy and will continue to do so when traveling outside the USA. This works just fine and simple to setup. They do not overmarket at all to your email box and no pressure or trickery to try to make you go into a recurring plan unless you want to. Works so good that I just get separate one off plans for my wife and kid also. It does let you tether but I don’t want them to have to be near me. Recommend this for work or vacation travels.
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5 months ago, TikioCatLover!1!
Best free cellular data app 🤩
This is a very good high-speed internet to use and gives you a free hotspot that ACTUALLY works and tbh I would recommend you downloading this app instead of paying monthly at a high price Thanks to the creator 😊
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2 years ago, HelloWorldiOS
Simple Affordable Revolutionary
Takes so much stress off of your trip! Just Apple Pay and boom you have instant affordable data at your destination! Almost feels too easy to be true!!
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10 months ago, sandypaug2023
Data disappearing way too fast
I have only had this service for 1 week with I believe 10gb of data and have sent maybe 30 photos via Wi-Fi, have not watched any videos, etc only used my voice memos for dictation, notes for writing, etc. the Amsterdam film school / met Berlin arw appearing on draining data.
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1 year ago, skwingwin
Must-have app for travelling
Enjoyed this app and the comforts it provides a lot. The prices are affordable as well and just removes the necessity to micro-manage all those sim cards based on where you are.
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1 month ago, theblackbanshee
Do this.
Simple, easy top up process, and great connectivity. I’ve been using it since I’ve gotten the 15 and needed an international eSIM. Works like a charm.
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5 months ago, Deka 19
Customer service non existent
Purchase an eSIM and set it up prior to my travel so I could land and just be on the go but the data wasn’t working. I tried all their faqs and guide and nothing seems to connect my phone to their servers. Reached out to customer service but it’s been 4 days and I haven’t heard back to my request. I just went with a big competitor of theirs for much cheaper with no issues.
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1 year ago, Disappointedmore
Doesn’t Always Work! WASTE OF MONEY
Plans don’t always cover all the countries they say they do and when you land in a country where you thought you were covered only to find out your not, there is no way to get in touch with customer service other than submitting a help request where someone will get back to you in 3 days. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON UBIGI! Many other esims out there work much better!
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5 years ago, tekpro
Took me a while to figure it out but very happy
I dowloaded this app a few weeks ago but couldn’t set it up. But as I traveled to Portugal I tried it once more and it worked. Very happy with conexion. Tomorrow I will travel to Israel and will update if it doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, BlueMoneySniper
Worked Great!
Worked Like A Charm During my time in Japan Ubigi worked great! The app made installing my eSIM super easy and straight to the point. I recommend Ubigi eSIM if you’re traveling abroad.
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8 months ago, elee212
This is what I wanted
Easy and simple process when I use celluar data on my iPad.
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6 months ago, The Evil Microwizard
Worked well but hotspot often drops
Great to have data service on arrival in Japan, but the hotspot keeps disconnecting and becoming invisible. Toggling its visibility seems to fix this temporarily.
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2 years ago, Fiiiiiq
Good service
Very impressed with the coverage of data throughout Portugal and Spain. Got coverage in big cities, as well as islands of Madeira and Palma. Would be 5/5 if speeds were a bit faster.
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2 weeks ago, Scooter 82
Macau and Hong Kong, Not
Got the Macau and Hong Kong package and it was basically useless in Macau. I could not load google maps for navigation, thanks. Hong Kong was supposed to be 5g but I saw 5g exactly zero times. Misleading product. I’ll try another provider next time.
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1 year ago, SikMeme
Doesn’t work on IPhone 14 Pro Max
The app doesn’t let me log in or make an account because it says my phone is not compatible. Despite the phone being on the compatibility list. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and updating the latest IOS. Still no solve for my issue.
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4 years ago, AppConsumer
Excellent connectivity in Africa
The app and usability is a bit different than other e-sim Apps, but it works reliably and they have *very* good plans for Africa. I was very surprised to see it works even in a super remote corner of Madagascar.
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2 years ago, D Tubales
Great app for flexible and cheaper international roaming
This was my first time using an eSIM (device is an iPhone 12) and Ubigi worked great on a recent month-long trip to Italy. I was able to set it up be while already abroad (in Serbia) without any issues, the step by step instructions Ubigi offered worked as written. I bought a country specific 10GB/30day plan. Reception in Italy was solid - LTE in nearly all places except when truly out in the boonies and even there it was usually 3G instead of no reception at all, overall performing as well as I would have expected a locally bought physical SIM to have done. Given how expensive US carrier roaming rates have become (I have AT&T) and not wanting to waste time looking for a local SIM provider, etc, I’m very glad to have found Ubigi and look forward to using their services on future trips abroad as well. One caveat is that this is a data only plan and while WhatsApp text and calling worked just fine, I had issues trying to call local numbers via Skype. Not sure if that’s specifically a limitation on this kind of data plan but I wasn’t able to find a good explanation otherwise. IMessage would also sometimes work via the data network and other times try to send as SMS and therefore fail. A few texts I only received when I reactivated my primary SIM stateside but that wasn’t an issue for my needs. I also didn’t bother with trying WiFi activating my primary US cell number as Id read some issues that are carrier (AT&T) specific and may still trigger roaming charges that I wanted to avoid, and so iI can’t comment on how that specific feature works on an eSIM like Ubigi.
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2 years ago, Kaoticbbw
App does have some issues
If you removed the esim from your device, then the app may mess with the APN settings for your main carrier.
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5 months ago, Brian020765
Customer service doesn’t get back to you
I’m trying to get a refund for a service that I will not be using. But instead of customer service refunding me the 58 dollars and having me as happy customer they would rather not. Do the right thing!
Show more
4 months ago, MGeorges
Not fully functional
Worked for 24 hours then stopped. What's going on?
Show more
9 months ago, acom1993
Doesn’t work
I got stuck on the activation screen and the app will not move me to the sign up screen. My SIM is downloaded but I cannot create my account because the app froze and it will not advance me to the sign up page.
Show more
2 years ago, Emkai
Blame their partners for issues
Hard to get things sorted as Customer Service go back & forth, continuing to blame their partners (EE in UK) when there’s service issues. For me, no service at all. Kept going round in circles to get a refund.
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7 months ago, WotsOnSecond
Says my device is not eSim compatible despite my device literally having the option in my settings and being on their own list of compatible devices
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