UDOT Traffic

2.5 (198)
5 MB
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Current version
Utah Department of Transportation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for UDOT Traffic

2.53 out of 5
198 Ratings
4 weeks ago, powdergeek
Useless app
9/9/23. Google maps showed the accident around 3p but this application did not. It kept zooming back to auto dim settings and did not show any detail when I zoomed into the highway. Did not show traffic congestion did not show the accident an alert or delays like the old app. Whoever wrote this app, obviously does not have a car and never leaves the house. The colors of traffic congestion were extremely in accurate, and the lack of any information on why we were sitting in a parking lot on northbound I 15 we’re left to chance When we came upon the accident site with the emergency vehicles, the application showed nothing despite having all the settings turned on. Came across the accident site with multiple emergency vehicles, I destroyed car, tow truck, people on the interstate, and debris, and no mention of any of it on the app. I am going to stick to Google maps.
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4 weeks ago, mid-iron
New app is not convenient
I do like that the new app lets you see what’s in your vicinity rather quickly, however, being able to quickly see what else is going on in the state is no longer available. Are used to use this function all the time as a travel throughout the state, on a daily basis with my job it was nice to see where the issues were ahead of time and avoid those parts
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2 years ago, JackSeventeen76
“App in need of a complete facelift”
This app is outdated and is in need of a transformation. With more drivers and an increase in accidents statewide, having a reliable, consistent, updated information system including cameras is paramount. (App and mobile website collectively). I would argue that some accidents may potentially be avoided with an accurate UDOT system in place; helping to promote more informed citizens who can better plan ahead and make strategic travel plans. Including, forgoing travel. Likewise, it would encourage and positively reinforce more carpooling and “wise” travel. I am sure that is why this app was created in the first place. Please, prioritize and update the system. *Publicly promoting and educating on the updated app/website would be wise too, once you get it up to par. —>In the meantime, this app is of no use or value and the same goes for the online website. The ease of use and use on a mobile device is mutually exclusive.
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4 years ago, NINNY Webster
Daniel Summits camera live
Hi there. Just downloaded Click & Fix app. I went to look at the live cameras for Daniel Summits live camera AND Strawberry Reservoir camera live, they are both completely OUT and NOT WORKING AT ALL so they told me to report it through the click & fix app. Hope it gets done soon only bc I travel back and forth from Duchesne to Salt Lake City and it's great being able to look at the 📷 cameras to see what in going to be running into. Appreciate all the hard work you guys do. Please be safe and Happy Holidays 🎄 to all of you....
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8 years ago, Mark H-L
Great for road conditions
I like each feature of this app. Perhaps my favorite view is the Map view. I switch off the traffic cameras to see the map more clearly. Through the last winter, which was quite snowy, this app provided current and useful information. Easy to use on my iPhone. I always open it before a trip of more than about 20 miles. I also use the WeatherBug app for real time radar images. Using these two apps, I choose the fastest and safest route for my journey
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1 month ago, Mathius1
New version is TOO busy
I liked the old app version. This new one is way too busy and confusing. I like the color theme they did to make the app look more modern but they really screwed up by making the app way to “busy” looking. KSL and UDOT, please simplify this app to be like how it was before you updated it! Cut out all the unneeded visual fluff. Most of us use this app while driving. Do you want to cause an accident or prevent one?? Make the app simple as if everyone was in kindergarten, so we can get the info we need within a fraction of a second instead of making the app so complicated that it takes my eye off the road for nearly 30 seconds to get simple info!
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7 months ago, hyve987💦
Traffic light at 850 East Main, Lehi, Utah
It was so when you came from the north or the south to that light early in the morning you wouldn’t have to sit for a very long and it would change because there’s not a lot of traffic on Main Street. Well now it’s gone back to five minutes. You sit there if you happen to get there just a few minutes after it changes, looked into please and thank you.
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5 years ago, JFyhuhiuyt1gh
Great App
This is a pretty nice app. I like being able to click on the traffic cameras and actually SEE what the situation looks like. Would be nice if there were a “HELP” function. There are blue camera icons, as well as gray. The blue ones seem to be working, for the most part, and will provide a live (still) shot. The gray ones (currently) do nothing at all but return an error message saying that they’re currently not working. Tried a couple dozen of them.
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10 months ago, Stangoc
Constantly freezing
The app is usually pretty helpful but for the last couple weeks it has been freezing just about every time I open it. There are also so many cameras that are out and the same ones have been out for years. I hope UDOT prioritizes fixing the issues because the app has the potential to be extremely helpful to assess the safety of my work commute in winter.
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8 months ago, ArtsyGirl79
This app needs a serious update!
This app has been fantastic until the last 8 months or so. It freezes up. Sometimes the cameras won’t update. Sometimes it won’t keep me up to date if the snow plows are out. I have a commute to work, and it would be nice to have the up to date info on current road conditions for winter like I used to have. Where the accidents are, and construction.
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4 years ago, tom clyde
Some Frustration
The camera on SR248 at Quinns/US40 doesn’t show the actual traffic back up. It’s pointed the wrong way. So it’s not very helpful in planning commute time. With the latest update the Alerts page and Seasonal Roads are all jumbled up and unreadable. Used to work fine. The ability to access the cameras is really useful in term of assessing traffic and weather conditions. I use it a lot and wish cameras were aimed better.
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4 weeks ago, mfj76
No Incidents List
This new version is not helpful when trying to quickly figure out what my commute is going to be like. I used to be able to pull up a list of incidents and check for any on roads I take. Now that list is nowhere to be found. There’s too much going on with this new update and the best parts were taken out. I miss the old map and find this too much of a hassle to use anymore.
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2 years ago, brokenlegman
Camera not working two of the three directions it used to.
The camera on State Road 39 at the Monte Cristo gate is not working. Has not updated for two days. Drove up there only to get stuck in the parking lot that has a foot of snow on it. Can't tell if the lot has been plowed from a two day old picture.
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7 months ago, GR159
Freezing up
While this app can be useful and helpful. It continues to freeze up and then will not reload after closing the app. Someone needs to get their stuff together because this could be a very good app but obviously the developers don’t care too much about it.
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9 months ago, Norm2556
Maps hangs frequently
I like the app overall, but since updating to iOS 16, in January, the map screen hangs frequently and requires closing and opening the app multiple time before it functions. Within a few seconds it hangs again. I’ve disabled several of the app options with no improvement.
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5 years ago, Tbkillz
The cameras are usually always down or blocked and I feel like they’re delayed by a few minutes because on camera it’ll look all clear but in reality it’s horrible. For the most part the app is good. They used to have the feature where you can see the snow plows out. I think they’ve changed it because I can’t see them ever. The app itself I a bit outdated but factual so overall 3/5.
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6 years ago, Groking
Super handy!
I appreciate being able to easily obtain current road conditions. Logged on this morning and could see there is an accident and slowdown and could check out the cameras to see exactly how much snow there is between where I am and where I’m going!
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5 years ago, zeekyme
Great app!
This app is great so far. I was trying to use the website on my iPhone until I discovered the app. It has everything the website has and is really well organized. It’s going to be so useful for many different situations.
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9 months ago, Too Bad
Great App
I have used this app since the beginning. It has evolved into a nice multi information source with weather, cameras, road reports, and more. My only ongoing complaint is both the website and this app can't handle large volumes of traffic when we need it most, like major storms or incidents. Fix that please. Update: sad to see Utah abandon an App that so many use to keep themselves safe. 3years no updates constant freezes.
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3 weeks ago, Eastmarch
Traffic all Green, No Alert List, Useless
The 4.1 update doesn’t address my 4.0 concerns. It’s concerning that the developers glossed over the public outrage over 4.0 by ignoring it completely. The useful text list of alerts is gone, like incidents and construction - please bring it back. Everywhere on the map shows green - not accurate, while the old version 3 right now shows red conditions too. Avoid this beta version.
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8 years ago, A H UT
Love it!
I love being able to check my trip route before I leave for any delays. The incidents section gives me a good idea about how accident prone the day is. The map lets me check where roads are congested and choose another route.
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1 year ago, Pablo_Vilas
Map has icons for cameras, which you can use to see camera views. COOL! But road construction, etc. info is only provided in text lists. List item format isn’t standardized, so SR 191 might also be listed under 191, NB SR 191, Closed lane on NB SR 191, etc. Especially unhelpful if you’re from out of state and trying to plan a road trip.
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6 years ago, Mmmmaaadddmooooo
This saves me every winter
It's so nice that I can use the cameras to see road conditions and traffic in real time! Has saved me from a traffic jam at least twice and makes it easier to decide whether to drive down Weber Canyon or not. Thanks, UDOT!
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1 month ago, Mr Sinilinnin
The update is worthless. When selecting a route it does not advise of road closures, e.g. the highway 6 mudslide closure. It requires more work and attention to see details such as slow slow traffic. The previous version required nothing more than a glance to get a real-time overview. I commute 300 miles weekly to work and used to rely heavily on this. Please bring back the old version!
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1 month ago, disappointedKanab
Removed most functionality with update
Now the app wants to know where you’re going and bothers you with pop ups until you play along. You used to be able to look at the app and find the information you wanted now you have to work with it FOREVER to remove the junk you don’t want to see. Awful update. Please restore prior simple usefulness.
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4 weeks ago, Garrett789
Difficult to see traffic congestion
The previous version of the app clearly showed traffic congestion with bold red, yellow and green colors. The new app version is very difficult to see traffic congestion. Please make the congestion colors bigger and more bold so we can clearly see it. Thanks!
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4 years ago, WTR man 34
Pointing cameras down
Instead of pointing cameras down, just remove the cameras from public view. When executives from other governments are here it might be a good idea to have our cameras on the road. Not the ground. Wow.
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10 months ago, mattsmith0622
Hasn’t functioned properly for weeks
Very helpful app when it worked, but the last at least 4 weeks it’s been crashing on the camera feed map. Fingers crossed someone at UDOT has time to work on the app and get it functioning properly before the coming new year of road projects they’ll start but never finish. Sure would come in handy.
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7 months ago, Ashison
This app is amazing when it’s not freezing. Lately it freezes almost every time I open it. There are features with this app that are extremely helpful for commuting and I hope the issue is resolved.
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4 weeks ago, Suthngal in Utah
UDOT Update
I find the latest version of UDOT to not be helpful. I liked the older version, which allowed me to check incidents statewide. Now, I can not call my daughter to check for trouble on my route while I am driving. I also cannot see problems at a glance, like I am used to having available, so I cannot plan my route around any problems.
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6 months ago, Jmantb
Keeps freezing
If you zoom out to a certain point, the entire app freezes and I can’t do anything. When it works, it’s great though. Hopefully they fix the freezing soon, as it’s very annoying.
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9 months ago, red_rose_baron
Always freezing or freeways grayed out
Seems like anytime I try to check traffic in the mornings the app always freezes up or the freeways grayed out so you can’t tell what to expect when driving. This has been a frustrating on going issue for sometime now.
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5 years ago, Rivajean
Almost useless
It gives a lot of traffic information. What I want is up to date road conditions. Something I can see at a glance. Not have to page through and click through to find out if the roads are snow packed or icy etc. i have never seen anything close to that.
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1 month ago, MidMtn
Ridiculous new version
Deleted it. Not going to use it the way they have it set up now. Can’t get past the screens that want you to allow for the new design of audio updates. I don’t need that! I have always used this app to see traffic flow BEFORE I head en route. Guess I should get the udot camera app instead? This app is now useless…
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9 months ago, UTMan13
Good app when it doesn’t freeze
This was my go-to app to check traffic conditions/backups and see what the roads looked like via the cameras. However, the app has been freezing up almost every time I use it.
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4 weeks ago, Angry Commuter 801
A complete disaster
They took away the simplicity and functionality of the old version. What happened to the list that showed all incidents? It was easy to use and I could quickly glance to see if there were accidents on my route. Also can’t see the traffic speeds along a route without zooming right in.
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1 month ago, j_.c.m
Latest update downgrades usability
This new and “improved” app is anything but. Hard to see, confusing, and way too many options. The old app was easy to use and just plain worked. Very disappointed. Used to always use the road forecast whenever I traveled. It is now just plain unusable.
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2 weeks ago, T Dub 822
What happened?!?
This was my go to app… the new design completely stinks. The icons for the cameras are so big you can’t see anything else. The background color in night mode is the same blueish tint as the roads, you can’t tell the difference between the green roads and the blue background. The app needed an update not a huge step backwards…
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3 weeks ago, sandils55
Why did they change it?
The old app was user friendly and easy to navigate, but the new one is trash. I can’t find anything I want to know, and you now need a login and have contact information verification. I wish there was an option to go back to the previous version!
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4 years ago, 11Roo
What happened to the app???
Not sure what happened to the app all the sudden the text is running together making the app useless. I travel a lot between Salt Lake and Spanish Fork, and rely on the UDOT app. I have an IPhone XR. Also it would be nice if the UDOT app was compatible with Apple CarPlay I’m happy to provide you with screen shots. Thanks for looking into this. ~Marvel
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1 month ago, Ry123yt
Version 4.0
This new version is horrible. The last one was the best app I’d ever used for a state road department. Now it’s maybe the worst. Please go back to the other. It was so easy to sift through a bunch of information fast. Now it’s practically unusable. And I don’t write reviews ever. But was so disappointed I had to.
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9 months ago, Mike Truck driver
Locks up
I have a new iPhone 14 pro. The app locks up when I zoom in and out on the map. I have tried re installing it. Still not working. Very disappointing. I have been regular user of the app in the past and have liked it a lot.
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10 months ago, goosepoop67
Keeps freezing
App was good until the last update now my map constantly freezes when I’m zooming in or out, and when I’m scrolling around the state.
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7 months ago, putzonyou
Just like the weather in Utah in the winter, this app just freezes up. Not a fan because it takes minutes for the app to “reboot”. Even tried deleting and redownloading it and that didn’t work. Also multiple cameras are always out
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9 months ago, JAENGLAND
Freezes constantly
How come there hasn’t been an update to fix the freezing issue?
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4 weeks ago, _ShadyBrady
v4.0 asks for data I'm not willing to give.
I used to use this app frequently, but they recently pushed an update that requires me to consent to allow them to collect my data. I refuse to use any app that won't allow me to restrict them from collecting and using my location or data.
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7 years ago, From All Utah drivers
Really udot......
This app is great if you want to try to look at the traffic cameras and also would like to not see anything, or you can go to the udot web page that hasn't been updated sense 1935 and look at not the live camera views. Glad to see them tax dollars put to good use by having a terrible user interface
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2 weeks ago, Due West Dude
Not even worth one star, you destroyed it when you re-designed it, it’s useless it gives contrary information you can’t find anything even when you create an account and login. the old app was perfect. Bring it back, please!
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8 years ago, Utfisher
What's up with the alert spam?
Like this app and find it pretty useful but today I am getting spammed with winter weather alerts every minute. Won't be turning alerts on until that's fixed!
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8 months ago, LarryC5280
App constantly freezes and after force closing and restarting it is a white screen for 20 seconds or so. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app but it continues to freeze. Also don't see how to provide any feedback via the app hence this review.
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