Under Armour

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Under Armour, Inc.
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Under Armour

4.8 out of 5
71.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Mr 50 gym rat
You guys will always win!
I placed an order 12 days ago to get myself some gear for Christmas. This is the only thing I do for myself each year. Outside of this one order I place at Under Armor everything else is done for my wonderful wife and 4 daughters. So the order does not ship. I started a chat on line yesterday asking if I could cancel the order. We were in Vegas and there was a UA store there that I thought about going to. So the employee said it was too late to cancel but I could return the gear if I wanted to. From there UA found my order and shipped it FedEx next day air from Maryland to California! Dang! That was amazing customer service. And to make it even better the gear was way cooler than the way it looked online! All of my gear is UA. I fired Nike 10 years ago. Here is yet another reason why. You guys are the best! Second to NONE!!!! Sincerely, Tim
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1 month ago, MrmannMr
So Far Good.
I am new to the UA app. I have been making all of my purchases from the UA site. I finally decided to get the app after my last purchase hoping I can keep track of items I save in my shopping basket - I always take my time before making a final decision on items to buy. Moreover, I would always lose the items that I saved in my shopping cart and finally became tired of having to shop for the items again once returning to the UA site. I just made my first purchase on the app and my shopping experience was much easier just as I predicted. The one problem that I have with the UA app and my UA shopping experience in general is, Both the app and the website not making it easier to match tops with bottoms. I have been to sites where if you buy one item and if there is another items that can/should go with it, it is available and recommended at the bottom of the page. This makes it easier to add everything to your cart right away without a stressful search for matching products/items. If UA can make that happen, I am sure my experience shopping for gear will always be a “5 Star” experience.
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5 years ago, Angelynn2006
Zero stars isn’t an option
I rarely send reviews. So when I do it’s a genuine concern. I purchased three Christmas presents through the Under Armour app. Long story short, the order was “never received” with no ability to track it down. Money was deducted from my account yet Under Armour wouldn’t refund since they couldn’t find the order despite proof from my bank that the money was sent to them. They stated that they won’t refund money just because I said it came out of my account. I literally felt like they thought I was trying to scam them. In order to get my money back I had to go through my bank to disputed the charges, Cancel my debit card, and spend hours on the phone re-entering debit card numbers for auto pad bills. Two days later I received an email stating that they found the money when my bank disputed the charges and they would issue a refund despite the fact that I had already gotten a refund from my bank in the dispute. Two days after that the money was removed again. I emailed Under Armour several times with several phone calls and even 3 way called with my bank on the phone. I was never even offered an apology for their mistake. Customer service reps were rude during the process. I love UA products but this experience has ruined me and I will no longer be doing business with UA in any way.
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4 years ago, Rileycopperfan14
Issues that should be fixed
The only issue I have with Under Armour is the fact that, there is not a lot of 3XL options or bigger sizes then 40 in pants an shorts. I work for Under Armour, I myself am a big guy I’m built big an I want products that fit me comfortable an vs tight. I’d hate to go get products from anywhere else like Nike to get clothes that are comfortable. I like that some Polos are 3XL an some graphic Ts are 3XL. But I want more choices for stuff for bigger people. Like example I today went to the Under Armour outlet in Vacaville were I work an the Project Rock items aren’t in 3XL or higher so me being a big guy I can’t buy his products. I want to be able to wear his stuff but if it’s to small then I can’t. Like If I could talk to someone at Under Armour head quarters it would be great because I want to buy items that fit me comfortably. I would love for Under Armour to explore the ideas of a Big&Tall area or products or make all of there tops in 3XL an higher. I know that if we have these items at my stores location we will sell more graphic Ts an more polos. The app is easy to operate an get what you want.
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6 months ago, Lovelylibra100780
Cancelled an item on me without me knowing!
I’m not very pleased with this service, pacifically online service. I’ve purchased two items with obvious reasons that there would be a discount and there was. I even paid $15 to get the items in two days. Well, needless to say, I received one of the items today and was wondering where the other item was. I just decided to look at my order history and it showed canceled on one of the items which I would have never known had I not checked. It was a pair of shoes and I’m not sure, but upon going on the website right now, the shoes are out of stock. The combination of shoes and sweatshirt were $80 but apparently they must’ve not had the shoe in the size I wanted last minute and canceled it without my knowledge and I ended up paying 60+ dollars for just a sweatshirt compared to $80 which would’ve been the sweatshirt and the gym shoes had they not canceled them or informed me that they did not have the size. I’m fuming right now…. I would never pay 60+ dollars for the sweatshirt but it was supposed to be discounted along with the gym shoes. I ordered so they canceled the gym shoes without my knowledge and charged me full price. No discount for the sweatshirt. I’m not happy at all.
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4 years ago, Qqqzzzxxx
I ordered on cyber Monday and the minute I sent off order I realized it was going to be sent to an address no longer valid. At that time I called to let them know my mistake. They said no problem adjusted the address and we hung up. Moments later in my email I got a message saying they were unable to change the address. I called back. Told a new person my dilemma and they assured me that once items had been shipped we can change the address. So 5 days later I got a message that it left the warehouse. I called back so we could reroute, the shipping place said because it was free shipping they were unable to reroute. My husband emailed and told them the situation. The email back said they were refunding us and at this time we can replace the order. I called back this time a little angry. I spoke with Zac on the other end. I replaced the order, but this time I had to pay 8.00 more. Zac assured me they would match they price it would just take about 5 days. After a few more calls and hours of wasted time being lied to, they never price matched my previous order for the identical items. I will never be ordering from Under Armour again. It’s a shame to have a website that is not user friendly what so ever and people who lie. Cindy
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2 years ago, FitnessPro
For a company this large to have an app that can not do a simple addition with the items in the cart confuses me. I had a pair of shoes and a shirt in the cart and it states there are 2 items in the cart but my subtotal was almost $400. Then, you order something and it is easier to bench press a car than to get any customer service to help you with a question on your order. I spoke with 2 people and have sent 4 messages and not one time did I get a solid answer from a live person or even receive any acknowledgment for the messages I sent regarding my items. Oh it doesn’t get better. I am still waiting on a refund that is now almost 34 days out. They can take my payment faster than I can blink my eyes but if you have a refund coming, please do not hold your breath because it may never come. And then you’re back to the same issues with trying to follow up and trying to talk to customer service or message the company through email and that will just frustrate you even more. I love UA products but purchasing them through this app is the worst experience you can have with a retailer this big. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Souljah13
Sports Mask
Me and my family find these mask the best out of all the mask we have had during Covid. We find them comfortable to wear for general purpose use, working out, and security duties. They look good, breathable, and easy to maintain. I agree with the reviews about price-a tad bit expensive, but based off the results thus far, I find them worth the price. I have ordered 2 more. The glasses issue, I do not have the fogging issue. It appears the way they have the lining along the nose, that glasses are expected to be worn with them. I would challenge anyone who wears glasses to not have an issue with fogging glasses with any mask. That comes from not having a good fit. Not the mask. As an example, my family consists of a 6 year old, 12, 14, my wife, and myself. We all love them. I wore it on 5 mile bike ride and worked out with it for an hour with weight lifting without issue. Last, I did 5 hour security duties without issue. People say they can hear me talk without sounding muffled. All I’m saying it a good mask and worth buying.
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2 years ago, kpr74
Quality Clothing and Gear
When I first saw Under Armour, I thought it was pricey and didn’t understand the hype. Then I was looking for something comfortable I could wear that was also presentable while working from home and then shift right into my workouts. After I tried the UA heat gear shirts with zip up collars, cold gear fleece shirts and sweats I was hooked! Over the last two years the amount of UA my family wears has increased substantially, my kids even point out their UA gear to me all the time. No one else makes anything comparable. We have the heat gear long and short sleeve shirts, cold gear fleeces, sweat pants, gloves, vests, hooded sweatshirts, basketball shoes, etc. In addition to the design and quality the fit keeps me coming back. It is tight and loose in the right areas. Keep up the great work UA, our family will be life long customers.
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6 years ago, Thor_God_of_Thunder
My Favorite Attire
First Ill say I have not always been an Under Armour fan much less wear the clothes. However, recently the company has made a turn around and I love it. Its all I wear now and it honestly has a lot to do with how easy it is to shop for exactly what a want on the app. Its easy to find and buy things with Apple Pay and easy to favorite items I want to save for later. That being said I have two issues with it. The first being the app notifies you WAY too late for new releases. I missed out on plenty of items that sold out because I wasn’t ready and the app notified me too late. The other problem is you can’t access your ArmourBox profile within the app and this means you have to navigate the actual website (which isnt near as fluent as the app on a smart phone) to manage anything within your subscription which can be a pain so far. Please if anything let manage my ArmourBox subscription within the app.
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1 year ago, mysafewordisdontstop
Order off the site the app doesn’t save your favorites
I’ve had nothing but issues with the app, not only did it not save any of the things I just spent ten to fifteen minutes looking through to add to my favorites to come back to but it added a ton of stuff from other categories almost like I was looking through a category. I logged out and back in navigated to saved items and sure enough nothing I looked at was there just a bunch of other things that I never clicked on. This has been an ongoing thing for awhile now so instead getting gift cards and having to use the app. Go to the store or try the actual website maybe you’ll have better luck but I don’t feel like going back through their catalog and sections for the fifteenth time o it to not have anything saved. Also I love how it says I’m not logged in to the app when I can clearly see it say “hey welcome back” and I view my info and it’s already in there. Idk figured a big company like this would have some sort of quality control on their app.
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6 years ago, Z5oman
Why do they still sell other types of clothing?
I have been buying UA for 22 years now and find they meet my every need in clothing. When I first started acquiring UA it was primarily for work and amazed me that it not only stood up to the rigors of my job, but did exactly what it said it would do. I found the advertisement of clothing designed to look like a T-Shirt could keep me warmer or cooler depending on the purchase a little hard to believe. But I tested the items and found they not only kept their word, but were seemingly indestructible. I to this day have 2 T-Shirts bought some 20 years ago that don’t look 20 years old and I still wear from time to time depending on the project. I can’t wait every time I hear you have come out with something new to see what it is. Keep it up UA you have a customer for life! Mark
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1 year ago, Tmillman34
3rd times the charm?
I have had no real big issues with navigating around the app. but after placing a large order i have only received half of my request. After calling customer support and having to file a claim for items never sent, a month has pasted and an order had been placed for the gear I did not receive. After going through my gear that just came in today I am still missing a couple items. I have called customer service who have been very helpful, have issued another order for the remaining missing gear. So after a month and a half of waiting I am still waiting for my order to be fulfilled. I do highly recommend only making in store purchases as there seems to be a major lack of proper communication from the app to those that process and ship orders. If I am incorrect in this communication issue than there is a much larger issue with the warehouse for Under Armour being able to fill order requests.
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6 years ago, B0st0n33
Awesome Experience
I just want to say that I purchased cleats, cold weather long sleeve and compression pants from the UnderArmour app. I love the ease of shopping/ordering, but the best thing about this is...I received those cleats for Christmas, but the day prior the shirt and pants were supposedly delivered to the same place my cleats would end up and someone stole my package. I went to report it and saw wait 3 days with instructions, so once the three days were up I called and reported the items missing. I had the most awesome and friendliest agents help me. She got my items reorder, made me feel like she cared and even changed my delivery address so I can ensure I receive the items. She was apologetic that I wouldn’t receive the items until after Christmas. Thank you. Great experience all around...btw love your products
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2 years ago, Dlyn577421
Products good, Terrible service
I bought something that turned out to be too loose. What should be easy, getting a shipping label to return a product that doesn’t fit, has already taken ninety minutes of my time and I still don’t have a return label. I was sent two links to get the shipping label, they both opened up a blank document. I drove to the shipping store and they tried to open it, again, it was blank. Two long phone calls to customer service and I still don’t have a return label. After one of the calls, I was sent an email on how to return using Canada Post, when my shipping and billing addresses are in the U.S., a fact I confirmed on the phone. I was transferred to a third customer service rep who said it might take 1 to 2 days to get a shipping label. I’m still waiting. Do yourself a favor and get your UA gear elsewhere, unless you know for sure you won’t need to return. (UA also rejected and refused to publish this review!)
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6 years ago, CardCoach
The UA app gives us consumers the ability to browse, shop and purchase all with a simple click on the app. Attaching a PayPal account to the app makes checking out that much easier to complete the transaction! Customers can also create saved bags with their favorite items that they may plan on purchasing, essentially creating a wishlist of items to refer to each time they return to shop. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone that enjoys UA products and makes regular purchases. Thank you UA for making our purchases as seamless and user friendly as possible!! I just lost over 150lbs and I’m so excited about how much inventory I can actually fit in now!!! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning cause I can actually fit n So many new things.
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1 year ago, Justin_Tee
I ordered a pair of shoes July 20th from this app. I ordered the black ones but for some reason when I did my final check out it showed the color was white. I immediately looked on the app to see how I can contact the Under Armour and there was a section to send a message. I sent the message for them to be changed. I’m following up with customer service the next morning and she said they couldn’t change it. She was very rude in her deliberation as to why. The order was still pending shipment. The lady said they couldn’t change the order. Then she said the payment and the order is pending! So I asked her how could you NOT change the order if it’s still in the warehouse to be shipped. The customer service was not willing to help the customer. I am a Under Armour buyer an I’m very disappointed. This has changed the way I look at the company and DEFINITELY changed my mind about me buying this gear in the future! Especially online! VERY DISAPPOINTED!
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7 years ago, Scalliwags
Finally, full, uncompromising, great experience from an app
This app is intuitive and makes using it a great experience rather than a hassle. So often I go to use an app and just end up frustrated and using my desktop instead. The UA app is great though. It does simple things like saves your place when you accidentally back out of the app and integrates the full seamless checkout functionality to add a military discount, Apple Pay, and update billing address all without losing your place requiring duplicate data entry. It’s the little things that matter, and so far they’ve thought of them all. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this company who’s apparel time and again proves to be the most durable, long lasting, and comfortable items in my closet.
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8 months ago, AFG-83
Smooth experience
I thought my first time shopping on the website went very smooth for me. The way the website has been set up with different categories. Made it easy for me to find exactly what I wanted without having to scroll through bunch of pages just to get to the items that I need. My first experience on you guys website went very smooth and I loved it. I will be shopping with you guys through your website and stores from now on. Thank you guys for not supporting Israel. Me and my family will be shopping under armor for all of our sports Necessities. Much love to you guys. Respectfully Ahmad Nasseri
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5 years ago, Ivan40663
Honestly with all due respect. I was never a fan of Under Armour until Dwayne the rock Johnson partnered up with them. I’ve been following this man since he was wrestling years ago. He is an inspiration amongst us all. Under Armor hasn't been out for a long, they are still considered the new kids on the block being that the competition is Adidas and Nike. Under Armor also came along way since they started. Company still growing and has lots of potential. I underestimated UA a lot. But now if you look at my wardrobe, 90% of my outer and underwear is under armor. You guys rock, sorry for doubting you in the beginning. I hope my review was it disrespectful because that was not my intention. Keep it up, can’t wait to see more project rock lines dropping
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6 months ago, Coach Mac 12
1st time app user; LONG TIME UA CUSTOMER!
This review is based on the App, which worked fine……however I am going to speak about UA………I am a LONNNNNGGGG time customer, for my own personal use, as well as a Head Football Coach @ a High School, I also put my Varsity Team in UA Uniforms! I purchased two complete sets, White, and Navy, being the primary colors. I designed them myself, and even purchased two different belts for completely separate Home and Away Uniforms! We also wear NFL style Socks, completely up UNDER KNEE PADS, and by far, we have the sharpest uniforms in the Section! Personally, love everything I have ever purchased from UA, and on the rare occasion I have had an issue, UA HAS QUICKLY RECTIFIED IT TO MY SATISFACTION! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND UA AND THIS APP!
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4 years ago, maxf250air
Great app!
As usual UA Knocks it out of the park. Especially like being able to access a products avail. colors by simply swiping instead of clicking the product itself and opening an additional screen. Once an AVID “Nike only” customer I’m very quickly opening up to UA...already have my clothes business...but the shoes are coming a LOONNNGGGG WAY. I’m still a Nike guy in that department but the more “Sling” shoe products the better. Don’t get overly involved with all the numerous layers. Keep it simple...CLEAN LINES and you will own the market. And stay away from making men’s shoes with a TON OF FEMININE colors. Idk what’s up with Nike but they are FAILING miserably with this whole “pink and teal and purple” concept for men. Hello!!! WE ARE MEN! Not everyone’s a fairy.
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3 years ago, Arcturus7
I do most of my shopping or at least selections on the app and then often complete the sale on my laptop. The customer service interface on the app is horrible. I’m charged for things that had the delivery canceled by the shipper before it started the delivery to me. I had to contact under armour the following week because no one there followed up. UA said they’d resend my order. Part of it is now in transit, but the rest are now “out of stock.” Notice says I will be refunded. When I check the order, yes, they canceled the charged ON THE REORDER! There was no charge because I paid under a different order! That charged is still standing. This was so frustrating that I’m returning 3 pairs of shoes I bought for gifts last month and deleted almost $300 worth of items from my UA shopping cart. Looks like I’ll be taking a time out from UA. What a letdown. They are nowhere near the quality they once stood for.
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2 years ago, Lil Debz
App issues
This app tends to have multiple issues. 1) When looking up order history it only works sometimes. Currently have two new orders and when I click on one order it does not show the order and just a blank screen. Have tried on different days and it does not work. 2) The other day when I was logging in it kept telling me I was putting in the wrong password multiple times and so I logged onto the website and it logged on just fine. 3) I ordered a sweater and paid for the order and a week later I received an email stating the item is no longer available. 4) Yesterday I received a package addressed to me, but the contents inside were not my order and the invoice had someone else’s name and address. I contacted the chat option on the app and the person was not very helpful.
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3 years ago, fishchapo
Can’t change personal info on app. What’s the point of using if it’s gonna refer me to the website to change my personal info? Also I had logged into the app and made a purchase. None of them are showing up in my history. I can’t add purchases I’ve made to my account like I can with the H&M app. Overall good brand but terrible app integration. Customers should be able to: Stay logged into app Edit personal info from app! Be able to apply points from purchases outside of the app (in store) and when not logged into the app or in my case when the app didn’t apply my purchase. Smh Also I paid for an item on Friday the 25th it’s currently the 28th and they haven’t even sent my item yet. I paid for shipping too. Prolly the last time I use the app
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3 years ago, Sniper_911
Easy to shop and navigate!
Under Armour has always been one of my favorite athletic brands. Their items are unmatched when it comes to flexibility and reliability. This app is super user friendly. It is very easy to navigate and shop from. I’m giving it 5 stars, but I wish it had a slight modification. On the website, at the bottom right hand corner, it tells you the size the models wear. However, on the app, it does not have that feature and it would make it easier to see what sizes they wear as an estimation to one’s body. Other than that, amazing app! I’ve spent a decent amount just from “looking around.” Great job!
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6 years ago, LisaLou1989
Very disappointed with this app
If I could give it zero stars I would. I was buying 4 shirts on the app and was using Apple Pay. It kept saying that my payment wasn’t going through. I had the money in my account. So I checked it. Sure enough they had charged my account repeatedly but I had no order confirmation. I called and they said they couldn’t find an order and there was nothing they could do. I would need to call Apple Pay. I did. They said that this happens constantly with this app and that there was nothing I could do. I called the bank and now I have a dispute for a few hundred dollars that could take up to 3 months to resolve. UA was unwilling to help or do anything. So now I’m out a bunch of money and no order. Don’t use the app...go to the store or use the internet. Knowing I’m not the only one who has this issue, and it happens frequently is not a good sign that this app is any good. Very unsatisfied customer.
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4 years ago, Basketball22🏀
Under Armour Review
I am a huge fan of Under Armour, and their athletic wear. I love their clothing, athletic and casual wear. I am a basketball player and I am a huge fan of Steph Curry and his shoes and clothes. I love the Steph Curry 6 shoe in red. I am really hoping to see the Under Armour and Steph Curry brand make an all red Steph Curry 7 shoe. Red is a very powerful color and better way to show your strength on the court. Red stands out and that is my style. Red is such a wearable color and I know that for my basketball team I always love to match my uniform with a red shoe especially a Steph Curry shoe in red because I’m a huge fan of Steph Curry and the Under Armour shoes he has made. Hopefully this happens and the red Steph Curry 7 shoe in red will be created.
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1 year ago, airbnrgr
Not Honor Purchased Price
Terrible experience my orders got cancelled I had purchased 2 long sleeves UA shirts and never got shipped after 2 weeks I contacted customer service they told me that they no longer had the colors for those items and that they will be happy to replace by the same items but different colors and that they will be honoring the price of my first purchase after 2 of not receiving the new order confirmation I called the customer service and inquired about the status of my new order. A different associate told me that they no longer had those items in stock. I asked: I do see them available on the website and he insisted by saying that the web site had not being updated. Now a week later the same items still available for sale with plenty stock in the website. Very disappointed by being lied to.
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4 years ago, Adam Gonzebra
I never used the under Armour app
I never used the under Armour app before, but i started to use the app because the mobile safari browser on my iphone is not so organized as the app. Still has great amazing features which makes it easier to browse or shop and it has more specific options in the app as you can’t find them on the website. I never wear under Armour before. But now i am using mostly for compressions and leggings they are very comfortable material and strong material. I use it for jogging, cardio, and home training i strongly recommend the brand and the app.
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3 years ago, Danimal2682
Great product and price terrible at shipping what you order
We have bought UA for years. My 9 yr olds entire wardrobe is completely UA so this isn’t a 1 and done deal for this review. They used to be great at getting what you order out in a timely manner but my last few orders have been terrible. When an order is placed you go ahead and pay for it it doesn’t charge when it ships so I would expect it to ship quickly or at least in time to get it by the date it tells you you will receive it by. Here it is 2 days past my delivery date and my order is still pending shipment. My last order was well over a week late. Come on UA get it together or your going to lose customers
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2 years ago, AbbeyJKW
Very fluid search
This app seems great. I don’t use it often but the ease of use when I do I certainly appreciate. The only hiccup I noticed is the search isn’t thorough. For example I was searching through clearance and wanted a certain kind of cold gear top. After realizing how much stuff is in the clearance category I went to the filter to narrow down my search. In doing so, only 3 tops resulted - I had already viewed at least half a dozen in the overall clearance, including having put one in my cart… I double checked my filters and that wasn’t the problem.
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5 years ago, Gordon, D
UA Service
I’ve been a loyal UA customer for over 14 years now. Customer service from UA has gotten progressively worse in 2019. Phone wait times have been in excess of 20-30 min the half dozen times I’ve had to call for issues with the app, delays in the delivery of my orders due to extended “pending shipment status” (even with expedited shipments selected). In another instance I noticed the app defaulted to an alternative address for shipping and I called right away to have it changed only to be told by the CSR she couldn’t help me bc it was with ‘shipping,’ and she couldn’t change anything (literally within 30 min of placing the order). Why the app defaulted to that shipping address that was used one time for a gift to a family member, I don’t know. Nonetheless the customer centric nature of UA has been wavering and its beyond unfortunate.
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6 years ago, Zenmasyer
Order sitting at Post office
I placed a couple of orders at end of November. Received an email from UA saying order is on target to arrive on Dec 5th. A few days after Dec 5th no orders have arrived. I contact UA and customer service can’t explain why my orders are sitting at a Post Office not shipping and will call me back later. I received an email from UA a few hours later telling me that I will get my orders in 4-6 weeks. I was shocked cause previous orders with UA only took a couple of weeks and I was not told when ordering it would take 4-6 weeks... If was the case, I would have never ordered. The online experience is supposed to be quick and efficient...UA and their “partnership” with the Postal Service have done just the opposite. What a joke. So UA has my money and the Post Office has my orders sitting there until they see fit to ship during this so called 4-6 week shipping period.
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12 months ago, TagWorm
Great App
I never used the app because I was using I.D. Me for my military discount. I decided to use the app because I received a coupon for a certain percentage off my next order. Upon check out I saw that I could apply my I.D. Me discount to my order. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have been buying way more Under Armor. I do like how you have a place to save things for later so that we won't forget things we intend on buying and can come back to it later at a later date but we do have one problem. Every time I save something for later, it disappears and the lil’ heart save is clear and not filled in red. All my saves are gone and the feature no longer works.
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6 months ago, Daddyyert
Great product. Great price. Easy to navigate and check out.
I shopped here because what I wanted was out of stock where I normally shop. I was surprised to find that I could find what I wanted, and find it very easily. There was also a promo that allowed me to get what I wanted, without paying anymore than the other place that had the items on sale but out of stock. I just placed my order and obviously have not yet received my products. However, to this point, everything has been great and I will definitely be a future customer.
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2 years ago, bkm227
Out of Stock
Unfortunately this has happened to me multiple times. Why give me a confirmation of my order just to tell me 3 weeks later that it is now out of stock??? I tried purchasing all of my 3 boys and husband matching sweatshirts for our Christmas pictures. After the first one said it was out of stock, I reordered in another color. It was taking several weeks so I live chatted on the website to double check on it still coming. The representative told me not to worry, it had just dropped and will be shipping soon. Well, everything in my cart did except the one I needed. After waiting a few weeks, I’m now left with a short time before Christmas to figure out how to dress 1 of 4 boys while the others match.
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6 years ago, Gdoug13
UA is the Slam
Easy to use app. Images are very good. Favorites, filters, sorts, search all function well. Able to setup military ID and easily apply discount to my first purchase. Will see how free returns work out if I have to use it. I purchased a great cold gear jacket several years ago but the zipper broke. Contacted UA and they said return it for a gift card. UA was extremely accommodating by emailing me a gift card for $139 - full purchase price. Downloaded the app and found some gear to replace my jacket. Couldn’t be more pleased in any way throughout their process including this app. Plan to purchase more UA products using this app.
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3 years ago, Ashleyhowley
Hard to find matching outfits
I love UA. The only thing I would like to see is matching sports bras or tops to bottoms. If it’s not offered as a set, I would suggest putting one in the others “You might also like” to make it easier to find. For example: I found the Breathelux Marble Sports Bra. I could see from the picture there was matching leggings. However, they weren’t listed in the “YMAS”, so I hit search to find “marble” since that was the design. But the bottoms didn’t have that word in it. Instead, they were called Breathelux Alkali Leggings. I had the same issue trying to find my son matching leggings to top. I generally get frustrated when I’m in the app and give up. I think this could greatly improve the user experience.
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4 months ago, hsgsusb
Great App even better with discount codes
I’m usually an in person shopper as I’m a tactile kind of guy. But lately I’ve come to the app just to see what’s out that my local sports vendor may not have. But after stumbling onto the discounts for being a member I’ve purchased three pair of shoes and 3 shirts. Would I have purchased those items in store? Probably not but this app seems to get me. Offers me discounts, military discount and has good items that I want. So all in all I can’t say the app has done all the work, but it’s done most of it.
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4 years ago, KendallMarieB
Amazing App!
I love love love this app! So user friends and easy to buy things! Love how it shows outlet prices too! The only thing i wish it had was a list of what the model was wearing in the picture. There are somethings i see on there and i love the entire outfit and would like to buy the entire outfit but i cant! I have to go searching for the shorts or leggings i see in the model. I thought maybe it would show up in the "product you may also like" section but i doesnt! Kind of annoying but its okay. Half the time i find it and favorite it. Love this brand so much!
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1 year ago, DavidJonesJr
Easy to navigate
Under Armour has been my go-to outlet for decades, and I can confidently say that it is one of the best in the market. The quality of their products is unmatched, and their durability is unbeatable. The comfortability of their clothing is something that I cannot stress enough. I have been wearing Under Armour for years, and I have never had a single complaint about the fit or the feel of their clothing. The fashion aspect of Under Armour is something that I also appreciate, and I admire the application just as much. Well done!!
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4 months ago, phdnjs19
Seamless Experience
ChatGPT The Under Armour app proved to be an incredibly seamless tool for finding the exact product I needed. Its intuitive interface made navigating through the vast selection of merchandise a breeze, allowing me to quickly locate my desired item. The checkout process was equally smooth, enabling me to make a purchase swiftly without any hassle. Overall, the app provided a convenient and efficient shopping experience, making it easy to find and buy Under Armour products with just a few taps.
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3 years ago, _Lei09
Simple. Easy Navigation. 5 Stars
Apps is easy to navigation. User friendly functions and shopping categories. Cart and favorites sync with web experience for ease between devices. I also like that UA doesn’t limit the user online experience between app and website shopping. I can read product specs, product dna and reviews on the app … all thing I love about shopping UA online. Performance driven products at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. I love it. Would highly recommend this app.
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11 months ago, Tennis bum1104
Great app when it works
This app is very nice when it is functioning properly. For some reason it seems like it is down all weekend fairly often. When it’s working it has a number of nice features. You can save items you like while you are browsing and then later you can find them easily when you are ready to order. They keep your order history so you can reorder things you like and you can track orders through the history page so you don’t have to enter long order numbers to get the tracking. It also keeps your profile which has sizes and other preferences.
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1 year ago, mydoghank
I love this app. It’s one of the few where if your scrolling and want to view a particular item or put it in your cart, when you hit the back button or return it takes you back to wear you were last. So many other websites start you back to “page 1” when you were on page 9 or something similar. I also like how they show all the colors available and give you the models weight and height and what size they’re wearing for comparison.
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3 years ago, Tampa on the Road
Well organized but inaccurate
It’s well organized and convenient. But, the reason I’m giving it three out of five stars is because the app shows merchandise that is sold out/not in stock. I placed an order for two items that were supposed to arrive yesterday. Today I called in for a status update and was told one of the items is no longer available. Then received an email saying the other item isn’t available, either! And both items are still (right now) listed in the app as available! So that’s annoying. As far as the functionality of the app though, it’s good.
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1 year ago, Awol1226
I’ve been trying to place an order from the app for several days. First, it kept giving me error messages when i’d try to enter my card information. Now it keeps giving me error messages each time I click “place order”. i tried chatting with customer service and they only directed me to call a phone number. I’m probably being petty, but i don’t want to have to go to the website, sign in there, find the same items, and basically complete my order all over again because it’s an inconvenience. Isn’t the whole purpose of downloading your app, to make it convenient for your customers to shop? Please fix your app.
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1 year ago, sleepyheadlong
App needs attention
So many things wrong with this app. I enjoy Under Armour products but ordering from the app has been a real headache. First none of my saved items are there anymore even though it shows the actual number of items saved. Secondly I tried purchasing items and only half came in Under Armour never updated me or their site that the item was sold until 3 weeks after I received the first item. Finally I tried placing an order again and it keeps showing error but the charges kept showing up in credit account. Thank goodness it was pending and came off. Under Armour fix your app still love your products but will never use app again until problems solved.
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3 months ago, Wagginit
Overall ok but sort needs work
Very difficult to find or narrow things down. Even within their own lines of products. Sort will continually show unrelated items. Want sneakers here’s a bunch of shirts, pants, and gloves. Want a specific line of items- here’s a lot of stuff to look at. Maybe some are what you were looking to purchase. Most frustrating is searching for men’s sizing or items and constantly being shown women’s items. Honestly while I don’t care if you show me pink, purple, blue, or black; I do care how its fit is designed chest, waist, hips, crotch. Basically; Don’t show me sports bras when I’m looking for Men’s Tops.
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