UNiDAYS: Student Discount App

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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for UNiDAYS: Student Discount App

4.85 out of 5
143.9K Ratings
3 years ago, 1day.U2willpay.4awl.Udun.2Me
Pretty Dank
Another perk of the .edu, UNiDAYS is one of the legit sources of real and substantial discounts and savings for the student , up there with student beans. They are a little more general and have one foot in the marketing spam side of retail , having hundreds of retailers and some “deals” at 5% (think the “special offers” menu on a credit card website or that section of GroupOn that has nothing to do with your local businesses or unique , weekly deals) However they make it worth putting up with that by allowing access to ACTUAL DEALS , specifically geared EXCLUSIVELY to students, 25% off or more , or curated offers from tech to subscriptions , HP to Oakley to The Financial Times…and easy to join and verify, not total a holes , making you upload a picture of ur brand from epsilon delta delta or whatever…
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2 years ago, MegaMonsfer
Love the discounts
It’s very hard being a student, we all know this. The cost sometimes can really get you, especially when you are still in the beginning stages of your career. So you have to be way more conscious when it comes to how you spend money. I love this app because it has provided me with deals that I did not know were available to me. So I am grateful and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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8 months ago, Astro Orbiters 1996
Needs better customer service and verification forms
First of all I get it that Unidays has to make sure that all accounts are still active in student status. So I get that. So then I re-verify and it ONLY asked for my student ID which I submit the front and the back. Ok cool it was sent and process than I get an email saying that they can’t verify the account because of Name College university name Current academic year Well duh of course my ID doesn’t have the current academic year. So if that’s the case why did you only ask for my student ID. My ID has my name and the college I’m attending. Then I submit my class schedule and academic plan that has the current academic year and everything that should verify my student eligibility. Then I get email again saying they can’t verify because of the same situation. So now I’m really frustrated and confused because all three documents have all the information they need to know. Then it’s a back and forth email in between understanding what they actually need. Than the last email stated that now they want an admission forms now. It’s now really frustrating about now they want more information and forms. I even ask for a phone number and they wouldn’t even provide me one. So now I’m just so over them so congrats once my account subscription ends you lost a customer. Stop using bots and let’s get really helpful customer service. I’m very disappointed with Unidays.
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3 years ago, Distillers86
Littered with forced pop up videos
I’m not reviewing the student discounts provided with this app because the UNiDAYS app is a way to facilitate access to them. What I’m reviewing is the usability and functionality of the app. IMHO I’ve never used a more annoying app. The pattern goes 4 small tiles representing a business that provides a student discount that you can click on. Then two long tiles that span the width of the screen taking up the equivalent of 2 smaller tiles each. These videos forcefully pop up full screen and take over with audio unless you’re quick enough to scroll past being careful not to scroll too far to the next cluster of videos waiting to forcefully pop up. These really break the experience and make this app totally frustrating and annoying to use.
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3 years ago, f'ing u g h
Okay so I go to a trade school, (cosmo), I graduated from college with a bachelors years ago and once I realized it was useless I decided to do a trade. that said, this website definitely doesn’t think trade school is a real school. I send my ID and all the necessary verification and they circled around and around continuously asking me for verification until I finally said I have no idea what else you guys want from me, and I got an email that I was confirmed. Alrighty I guess??? But then I’m not even eligible for half the stuff because my school is not considered “higher” education. Which the principal of is just offensive, like this is why everyone feels like they have to get a bachelors because trades are considered lesser education. Just saying, please be nicer to trade school students. I still have massive student debt from cosmo school and can use the help. 🤷‍♀️
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4 years ago, Itssarahg
For the record I am only giving it one star because Apple Review requires me to rate the least but IT DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE A ONE STAR Here’s the thing, when you go to their website AT FIRST, it’s really nice and well made. Colorful banners with lots of brands and discounts BUT THE SECOND YOU SIGN UP & LOG IN, literally EVERY PAGE is “Page not found” or “No results” or “We can’t find what you’re looking for. You may find it added to our site in the future” and ends with “Check back soon!” The same goes for the app!! It’s LITERALLY the biggest scam of all. Even when you try to delete your account on their page by going under Menu>Support>My Account>How Do I Delete My Account>Delete Account Form and you merely enter your password.. the page itself freezes. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT FOR AN HOUR NOW.
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3 years ago, Vicv74
The worst app and customer service
The hassle to try and renew with myunidays for Apple Music and other perks is not worth the discount. Recently tried to renew. Sent a email to customer service who requested specific documents to prove I was a student. Proceeded to sent those. Get another email stating that it is not enough and they were looking for certifying documents. Around that time I had been waiting for over a week. I got fed up and decided to close my account. The company needs to fix its processes. When deleting my account with them it’s titled “Your right to be forgotten request is all done” this is not a very business like way to tell someone their account is deleted. I would not recommend this to any student.
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4 years ago, samaniz93
This is really terrible
I am a student at northern virginia community college. I was asked to verify my account to renew my student plan. My student ID only shows an issue date and does not have expiration, so I contacted them and they told me that an enrollment verification would be accepted. I sent them all those documents, and they told me my account was verified, but it was not. I followed up a week later, and sent everything they had asked for other than Student ID card, because mine did not include an expire date, and I could not goto college in person to get a new one due to COVID-19, but they did not renew my account despite all the documents and even an official transcript that I submitted. They are ruining Apple's name as well. Stay away from them. Really disappointed
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3 years ago, Bfabzzz
A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
I love this app because as we all know, being a college student isn't cheap; the discounts may seem small, but they're actually super helpful. I frequent the Aerie/American Eagle discount. I can't forget about "Student Prime" or the "Apple Music" discounts either!! Unfortunately, I don't remember how I came across this app, however it should be advertised more! I told some class mates about it and they've never heard!
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5 years ago, Alianna G
Worst customer service and refuses to fix this.
I have had my student Apple subscription for about a year now and they needed me to verify I’m still a student- okay cool that’s fine. But what’s not cool is when I try to log in they say my student email is invalid. This is an email that Georgia State University gave me and it worked last year- whats the issue? I am still a student here. When I try to reach out to the customer service- I hear squat. I have been trying for a month now and at the end of December I’m going to be charged double for my music because y’all can’t get your crap together. Such a headache. Don’t recommend this at all. I’ve worked in customer service before and this is NOT how you handle things.
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3 years ago, @JT98
Can’t verify without student ID.
You can’t even verify yourself without a student ID. It clearly says in the description you can verify with either a student ID( if you have it), a student portal number or a student email account and yet every time I try to verify, it takes me to a student ID verification with no other options. Who designed your app and your website? It makes no sense.
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7 years ago, AnnaX'Ø
Don’t know what you’re waiting for! Do it!
Honestly this app is a lifesaver. I go to a community College too. You have to type in your email correctly and check your school email too. This app lets me purchase stuff for myself and still be able to be on a budget and buy my text books. I really hope more stores join in the future. Saving $1-5 may seem small but for a student like me it’s pretty big!
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5 years ago, sav_luv465
Definitely recommend
For any college students I definitely recommend using this app for any type of purchase that allows you to use a student discount, saving every penny is worth it especially when you’re a college student. Even though there isn’t a lot of stores that offer student discounts on this app hopefully in the near future they add more stores. But I STRONGLY recommend using this app.
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5 years ago, C_Neis
Need To Fix...Always an Error
I downloaded this app to get the student benefits that it claims it has. I have yet to seen these benefits because after I created my account, I no longer have access to it. Every time I open the app, it loads & loads. I can’t even get the student membership for iTunes because when it opens in the browser, it just says “Cannot open page: Too many redirections”. I left the app downloaded on my phone because I figured maybe the app would update & Unidays would get rid of the glitches, but a year later, I’m still waiting. I don’t know why Apple would even use this to verify student eligibility 🤦🏾‍♀️
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6 years ago, Reilly1234545
Loading to open app
I got my student membership for iTunes music earlier today and it was through UNiDAYS so I decided to get the app. When I launched the app it just kept loading. No buttons to click. No login. Just loading. So I went to google to sign up online and not on the app. That worked. It was a very short process. Then it immediately sent me a verification email. When I clicked on the verify button it launched the app. And then it loaded. And loaded. I haven’t been able to open the app yet. I hope that it works eventually because I feel like it will be useful to me.
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5 months ago, ReaderBeeX
Doesn’t work?
Idk clearly a lot of people love this app but it just continues to ask me to verify my account over and over again but tells me that I can’t because my email is already in use… yes I know it’s because I created an account and now you want me to verify that account but I can’t because the email I created the account with is in use by me in that account. It’s paradoxically stupid. Actually after looking through a lot of reviews I’m convinced that it’s mostly reviewed by bots bc most of them are negative for similar reasons. Yeah the Spotify/Apple discount works but other than that it’s a trash app.
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5 years ago, Husskylovr:D
It keeps kicking me off the app??
I really like how they interact with you and the deals are pretty great. I saved a lot of money during Black Friday and they’ve always got give aways from the companies on the app. However lately I’ve been having an issue where it keeps logging me out and I’m not sure why. If there’s an update coming out to fix that I’d appreciate it. I’ve had this app and I even reinstalled it. Still, would recommend it to any college student
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7 years ago, go-lions
I cant believe this is real!
Seriously, I was sort of hesitant to go through the student verification process but it literally took 2 minutes. I’m so happy I did, this company has student discount codes that work site wide at urban, AEO, Apple, adidas. I had no ideas these companies even offered student discounts and now I get them in one place. Come xmas, I’m going here first to figure where I can save the most!
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6 years ago, Ellis30
This app is trash
I found out about this app cause I was trying to get the student discount for Apple Music. So I downloaded the App in hopes that I would get the Apple Music discount went through the process and sent them a picture of my student Id and the support team said that my school doesn’t meet their requirements cause it wasn’t a higher level education (Degrees),which it’s a technical school. At the end of the day, I’m still a student and it’s still a school. I wouldn’t recommend this app to a dog their full of it. So if I could’ve given them no stars I would’ve, a very distasteful app so guys you shouldn’t even bother wasting your time with this trash app👎
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6 years ago, Spazzamistic Mango
Incorrect location, no help from support
I am a college student from SoCal, but according to unidays I live in Canada. I have never even been to Canada but my account is registered there somehow despite the fact that I am verified as a student through my California community college. Because of this I am unable to take advantage of any of the unidays offers. I am ineligible for US offers and cannot use Canadian offers because they will not let me use them outside of Canada. I contacted the unidays support and got a generic answer that was not even directed towards my problem. I would just make a new account but it won’t let me, so I’m here leaving this annoyed review instead.
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2 years ago, 😄✨🤦🏾‍♀️👌🏾😬🙄
As a college student, I got this app to have some perks of having discounted things. Which is nice, but the app is filled with things that are WAY TOO inappropriate. Why would college students need discounts on lingerie and see subtitles such as “positions of the week” ugh disgusting!!!! I just want a discount on coffee and books, that’s all I need as a college student. Some people may use it but there are other websites for that, not this one. Anyway, I’m deleting my account TODAY and I also reported them as well. Also their so called discounts are not worth it, very sketchy app, I hope it soon gets banned FOR LIFE
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5 years ago, Imagine_Ang
No response/no way to get ahold of them
I literally have sent them dozens of emails with no response back. I seriously can’t believe there is no way to get ahold of them other then through support that never responds. Literally dozens of emails and support tickets for weeks and no replies. Nothing!!!! I can’t believe Apple makes you do this but what are you suppose to do when no one replies to your emails and you reach out to support. Seriously it’s the worst!!! I’m going to try to get ahold of Apple and see if I can show them all the emails and support tickets I’ve saved in order to prove I’ve tried to get ahold of them. This is beyond ridiculous!!!!
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7 years ago, Ciccioci
Really good app
I thought it was some kind of scam before, but I used the codes and they worked. I read that there are some problems with some institutions, but for me was very simple to validate my school. I'm took the time to write this even though I never do these types of things because I see future in this app. I hope the best!
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3 years ago, Pandalessons101
Great when it works
I use the app religiously. But lately have been having lots of issues. In-store coupons barely work and getting a discount override depends on how the manager of the store I’m shopping at feels for the day. I can only find coupons if I see them on the opening page in the app. Everytime I go to search for a store, the entire app freezes. Can’t click on anything, can’t refresh, etc. If I force quit the app is still doesn’t work. The app is basically useless at this point Issue needs to be fixed.
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8 months ago, knwdwidnn
I hate it, it just crashes
Hate it, it wont even let me log in. Everytime i try to, the website and the app crash and then proceed to ask me to delete my cookies on chrome for it to log but everytime i do it does the same thing again. Ive tried different emails and different wifi connections to see if it it makes the problem go away but every time i try again it wont even let me get to the email verification step before it crashes again and says “ website unavailable “ or “ couldn’t load”.
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4 years ago, u got game
Lack of support accessibility
Although this app in theory maybe something I would have been interested in; the fact that you cannot update, change or remove info in your own account is frustrating. For example, I entered my school email incorrectly and, wait for it. Have no way of verifying my account now. Wonderful!! Emailed support and wait for it... no response. I have been waiting for a response for weeks. Is it really worth the aggravation just to save a few dollars, NOPE!!! Tech support is lacking on this app. Get with the program and hire some students to correct the issues.
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5 years ago, FritzTheWolf
Had Some Issues at First
The studying country I was put on by default prevented me from actually getting discounts, but that was cleared up almost immediately by the customer support people. Overall it’s a good app with decent discounts. Would like it if it supported landscape modes for the iPad Pros though. I tend to use the smart folio keyboard a lot which means that the app always opens sideways when I wanna browse products on a bigger screen.
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5 years ago, shaikee
Apple Music
NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE THE STUDENT MEMBERSHIP WITH APPLE MUSIC!!! I have wrote UNiDAYS several times and apple twice! I’m a verified student I have downloaded the UNiDAYS app and logged in. I search for “Apple Music” on the app and click the link for the student membership for 4.99 vs the 9.99 charged for the individual membership but I keep receiving a pop up message stating “you are unable to be verified as a student” it’s been two weeks now and I still haven’t received anything back from apple nor UNiDAYS and I was told a ticket would need to be put in and I would hear back in 7 days and still have not.
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2 years ago, jenny from da block 1
Waste of time
I was recommended this app from a friend and decided to download it since I finally was able to receive a college ID. I sent in my ID and the support services replied to me saying that I needed additional documents to prove I was a student. So I sent in my offer letter and class schedule with my college name, my full name, and term. They responded to me again saying that I needed more documents. Honestly very disappointed that this app is directed towards students, but is very difficult for students to get verified. Please don’t waste your time like I did.
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4 years ago, Mindless girl Princeton
Get it together
The concept of UNiDAYS is fantastic, but y’all need to get it together. When I had to renew my account, it was making me go to the moon and back because my school ID card doesn’t say the year on it and i had to send in multiple documents and they kept saying they were invalid and most of them don’t even say my school since it’s in a district. Now the app is constantly logging me out this isn’t cool fix your app and your customer service. Also why does it take so long for your customer service to reply. It took me a week to reverify my account
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5 years ago, Aizko12
Listen, we’re all broke college student. Like we’ve know this. BUT UNiDAYS give you discounts on like almost every place I shop at. I’m a college athlete so like the other day I needed running shoes right?!? And I only wear brooks brand and if you know brooks you know they’re EXPENSIVE. The pair I wanted were originally $120 and with the UNiDAYS discount I got them for $80!!!! Yo girl is saving some COIN🤪
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4 years ago, open ambush
Feels like a scam
You can enter as winner to their gift promotions but after the deadline you scroll to check to see if you’re a winner and if it doesn’t exist. Also that 6 month student discount promo was a lie. It only shows up under 3 months. When tried to reach customer service they couldn’t even resolve the issue of something they promoted. After tirelessly reaching to Apple support I have a case opened that after 3 months if I get charged I’ll reach out, but for now it still shows up as a 3 month trial. Disappointing and looks like scam.
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6 years ago, Maddyvolleyball#1
I am a high school student. And i was able to successfully sign up. There are just a few discounts that I couldn’t get. Some high school students have to pay for everything including their bills. I think that high school students should also have access to these deals. Not everyone gets everything paid by their parents
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6 years ago, Friedoreo22
Best app for any college student
UNIDAYS gives you instant discounts for anything you could possibly need to buy, and the app makes them very easy to use. As an online shopping junkie, this app is a true lifesaver. I would 100% recommend getting this app, it will help you save a lot of money in the long run.
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5 years ago, Sara Bautista
Nothing works
This is the worst app and website. I have tried to verify my email for about a month and the app keeps crashing and the website just loads. Nothing is consistent with this app and it just makes you frustrated. Support is no help, they never respond, or they do respond and give incorrect information. Also, it is a hassle trying to send a ticket, you can’t open support on their website and on the app it never sends your ticket. I hate that apple makes you go through UNIDAYS for student verification.
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7 years ago, TaraAnnB
Total BS.
No stars for this app. My institution doesn't qualify because it's strictly online and I wasnt issued an student ID or student email. A student is a student regardless of what school you go to. I pay 254 a month to go to school and I don't qualify as a student in this companies eyes. I even emailed them my enrollment agreement to show proof that I'm a student and haven't heard back yet. Also don't waste your time if you want the Apple music discount you have to go to a higher education school to qualify. Which I thought college in general was a higher education school. Oops my bad
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5 years ago, Le Flama
This is my first time ever signing up for this app and already I have been deactivated and “throttled”. I’ve just recently even heard of this app and yet I can’t access it even though my credentials as a student do check out??? I knew this was a scam from the get go and now I don’t stop getting spam mail from these people. Don’t get your hopes up. I know I won’t, I knew this was too good to be true when even ASOS stared I couldn’t sign up for a student discount even when I’ve been attending this college for a whole month now
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3 years ago, Akellobetty
Forget about negative reviews coming from people who can't follow directions correctly. It really feels good to know that there are people out there going extra miles to cheer us up. Thanks to whoever thought of this idea.
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4 years ago, INeedNoNickname
Too much targeting towards women
I like the app in theory but rarely ever open it. Everything is tailored towards women although it asks for gender on your profile. I’m not interested in wedding dresses and “cute date night” polls. I feel like I can never actually find good deals for men because it’s buried behind women’s brands. If they ask for gender, they may as well be using it for something and changing what they show to you.
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6 years ago, Tierra Monique
I’m sooo in love with this app,, iLike to shop a lot but some stuff from different brands are really good and also really expensive,, and with the student discounts make my dreams come true even more!! How doesn’t like getting good quality clothes for have price just going to school 😃😃
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4 years ago, Yxrivas
If I could give 0 stars I would.
As a high school student I wasn’t sure if the app would work for me but I decided to try it out anyways. My high school is available for selection on the app which was cool but then I inserted my email and it said to confirm the email account but I NEVER received my confirmation link. On the app it says if you don’t receive the confirmation email to send an email to the address provided from your school email. I have done that twice and nothing. Horrible customer service.
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6 years ago, Linalina227
Extremely disappointed
As a student from EUROPE, the supporting documents that they need/want from you to create an account are unbelievable! Just so you know- they want a student card with an expiration date on it, and/or a letter from your school stating with dates that you’re a student! It’s absurd! I have never ever saw in my life a student from Europe with a “ student card with and expiration date”. Some people take longer in school than other- but that doesn’t mean they’re not students or not currently enrolled!
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5 years ago, coolrojo
Doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time
I’ve been trying to sign up for the past few days now and beyond letting me set up an account I cannot access any other page on the Unidays website. And this is with multiple comps and phones so I know it’s not on my end. The app is a complete joke as it continues to tell me error messages everytime I attempt to verify my account. I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling and clearing cookies and nothing. I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional site/app before.
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3 years ago, beeroll12
This app just has A LOT of issues may it be verify my student Id or just the app program itself, it’s very frustrating, It sent me a link to my email, wants me to open it and I did a lot of times, but nothing is happening…. Wack app
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6 years ago, odalisssg
Love it but needs more discounts and expand.
I love having some discounts but unidays lacks that. The only discount I have used once is for Hollister. I wish Unidays could add more companies for discounts like food discounts and stuff that we would actually be able to afford.
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1 year ago, ItsCupquakee
Soooo cluttered.
To start, it has a lot of great deals and discounts. The main issue I have is the UI/UX; it’s absolutely atrocious. Everything is way, way too cluttered and when I’m scrolling there’s ad’s, polls, posts tossed in and it’s really irritating when I’m just looking for discounts. I seriously hate using this app, as it’s a total pain to navigate. Please think about a redesign and toning things down by a lot.
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2 years ago, MasterTvizz
Deals deals deals
I have nothing bad to say about this app. I get discounts on a lot of different products and services I use. If you’re a student in college, then you have nothing to lose here.
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1 year ago, brokeguy1
App does not work
Created an account, but the app doesn’t work. Every time I try to verify my account, check the terms of services, check the cookies policy, enter the support page or anything else, it says “an error has ocurred we’re working on fixing it, try again later”. This has been going on for months now. I can’t even delete my account, because when I try to it also says an error has occured.
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6 years ago, masakomiyasaka
Fix this issue please.
I loooove this app, but I always seem to have a problem with US websites jumping into UK websites. I’m shopping at the US website and next thing I know when I press checkout I’m placing an order all the way across the world. I don’t know if it’s you or the websites, but it’s happened with 3 different ones.
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2 years ago, nickname1429
Dead app. Please update and fix so I can use it lol
The app is unusable. I haven’t been able to use the app to get my discounts for at least 2 years. Every time, it asks me to verify my account again, sends me the email with a link, and when I press the link it takes me back to the app saying an error has occurred and that they’re working to get it fixed. Mhm ok
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