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User Reviews for UNIQLO US

4.75 out of 5
81.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Mr.Gmaer
Overdue for update
I love working and shopping at Uniqlo but I’m going to be honest customers would really like to use the app more if it was more “up to date” if you will with online shopping. Whenever you have to pull up your membership ID on the app it always sign me out whenever I get back on the app. And whenever I click an item that I would like to buy it takes me onto the website within the app instead of me actually shopping in the app instead of being redirected to another link. You understand what I’m trying to say here? But yeah it’s a cool app just need to modernize it a bit and maybe the app will be more memorable for customers
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4 years ago, UnhappyCamper574903
Slowww, errors, and underwhelming
I love Uniqlo! But I hate this app. I saw the “get a $3 coupon if you download the Uniqlo app” (turns out there was a $30 minimum that wasn’t mentioned but that’s a different tangent) and thought why not? The website is a little glitchy sometimes on mobile view (desktop is fine!) so I thought maybe the app is their solution to that. Turns out that most of the things you tap on in the app just send you back to the mobile site which would have been fine if it wasn’t WORSE than the normal mobile view. Half the time I just see part of the page loaded and the rest of the page is just blank. Despite this, after finding a few items that I liked and successfully added to my cart, guess what happened—I gave up after my cart wouldn’t load after a good five minutes (no, it’s not my internet connection since I can stream movies perfectly fine yet this doesn’t work). It was so frustrating that I decided to take the time to write this review. Uniqlo is a big and successful company, and there are many, many smaller stores with significantly better apps. I’m a little shocked they haven’t seen the need to address this issue. So I’m going to stick to shopping in-person or using the desktop site until this app is completely revamped.
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4 years ago, Soft stool
Website superior
TLDR: If you want a frustrating shopping experience this app is perfect for you! I really love Uniqlo, I had high expectations for the app. The app was beyond disappointing, but unusable. I attempted to make a purchase through the app. Browsing was agonizing. Like other reviewers have mentioned it’s basically a web wrapper, I don’t mind web wrappers I use an app called simple. But it doesn’t have issues like this disaster that Uniqlo calls an app. But back to my shopping experience. I eventually find everything I need, time to check out. I’m not about to input my cc on such a flawed app, so I try to check out with paypal. The app becomes stuck. I thought maybe my internet is slow. I walk away from the app, come back to my order the next day and get an error screen. So I hit back and attempt to check out again, same thing happens. If this purchase was for me I would take it as a message from the powers that be to not spend. But it’s not for me, it’s a present, so I’m determined to make this purchase. I give up on the app and purchase through the website without issue, which I should have done the moment I noticed how bad the app was.
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4 years ago, secrethungryperson
Very badly designed app - a waste of time
UNIQLO you lost a customer with this app. I was so excited to download it and do my first purchase but then the app experience ended up horrible exactly at the time when you want to convert people to buy. Unless this is done on purpose to avoid paying Apple the purchase royalties which may be the case but then please don’t waste my time as a customer and user at the expense of making money. Specifically, First they tell you you will get a $10 reward upon your initial purchase, that disappears after you fill your cart and try to find the coupon, instead you see a $3 coupon!! Second, I spent an hour picking products into my cart and then the whole thing disappeared and instead it defaulted into the website. There is no way for me to go back to the original app view, when I open the app it now takes me to the website and worse when I login to the website I don’t see my cart....I just wasted an hour picking merchandise. So frustrated, this should be banned from the Apple store, Apple please use more scrutiny, this kind of vicious behavior should not be allowed on your stores. Thank you.
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6 months ago, thatgirlnyc
New App Layout
While I applaud Uniqlo for re-designing their app and providing a combo of video and still photos to demonstrate clothing fit, I find the main menu, which is railroading me into gifts and sale items, rather than their classic website main menu (with collabs and non-seasonal items). They should also display when something is sold out on the thumbnail scroll of items. I’ve never been “notified” of something re-stocked, and while I appreciate the exercise of asking for notifications I’d simply like to see something’s sold out in all colors and sizes at a glance—either by the thumbnail photo or by making in-stock items appear first in the scroll. And when they offer a unisex item, it would be better to label something as such, plainly!
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6 years ago, Silversome
People tend to leave review for bad comment and they are right
Jesus cris. Uniqlo, I’m a loyal consumer to your brands and can pulled at least 35 pieces of uniqlo clothing from my closet, but this app is legitimately the worst and cheap-work app I’ve ever used from such a recognizable brand. It’s simply a web wrapper and loads so slow under a stable connection. So I don’t even expect the app would keep me logged in everytime I open it (bc it’s simply a wrapper of its sub par website). I was told that app users would receive exclusive discount earlier than everyone, but fact was that the discount notification comes half day behind their email. I heard your online e-commerce sales made it to the first place in China e-commerce festival for several years in a row. I’m sure you can hire some engineers from that team to help you revamp this app, which is lack of sincerity and slowly killing my liking and loyalty to your brand. So disappointed that I had to write this review.
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2 years ago, THep7
Website/App sold out glitch
Love the clothing quality however using their app or website has been problematic. Quantities that show in stock are represented as available and go to your cart once added. However, when you go to purchase items by “checking out” a red message appears next to the items that are not in stock. You just remove those items until you’re able to check out. When I removed these items but went back to the original webpage of these items the image would again show they were in stock instead of updating inventory correctly. Its hard to shop online when many items are out of stock but are allowing you to add them to your cart. Very disappointing and made the experience to purchase items challenging.
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4 years ago, SUNNNY808
Do not recommend to Hawaii/Alaskan residents
As you know, Uniqlo has ads on their website and in their emails to download their app for special promotions and sales, so I downloaded it. A little while later, I received an offer via email and the app to visit a local Uniqlo store to get a free 3-pack of masks! Well, come to find out, this promotion, which was issued directly from Uniqlo, does not apply to store locations in Hawaii or Alaska. Unfortunately now, this app is completely useless for me, as the Uniqlo Hawaii location will not honor any sales from the app, so why should I still keep the app? Felt slightly scammed as Uniqlo kept pushing me to download their app for sales and promotions, which do not even apply to their stores in Hawaii. Will be deleting as it is useless to me. Otherwise, the app works okay, although it has several mapping issues (just re-directs you to the website instead of having an in-app page).
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3 months ago, Melissa dog mom of four!
Best Clothing Ever
While I was in the Navy and on a deployment to Korea I found my favorite, most comfortable clothing line and I have never looked back! While I was there I loaded up… not realizing that they do have stores all over the world and that it wasn’t really a brand based strictly out of Korea… it was just that it was the first place I had seen it. As I digress, I’m glad I am able to order online because the closest store is Disney Springs… and I try to stay away from there. So thank you!!! UNIQLO you have designed and constructed the most comfortable clothing line ever!
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3 years ago, Uniqlo Dylan
Recent update ruined Uniqlo for me
I’m an avid buyer of Uniqlo products and have an eye for low-priced deadstock, but as of the most recent update to the site an app, I haven’t been able to purchase anything without receiving an error message that due to low stock, the item has been removed from my cart. The item is then removed from the site, and I find this extremely irritating to have to go through. It shouldn’t be a hassle to allow me to purchase items that are updated to be in-stock on the site. The update has also made searching items worse as keywords “jw” don’t lead to the actual collaboration items and will instead lead to nothing. On the day of the update, every item I added to my cart promptly disappeared due to low stock. Please fix this Uniqlo.
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7 years ago, Ten27
Great app
I really like the quality of your clothes (but that's not the whole reason I'm writing a review). I downloaded your alarm clock app a couple of years ago, and really liked the gradual wake up instead of the abrupt alarm of other apps, I saw your store in Washington D.C., and thought to my self, hey I have their app and got curious as to what's in your store (I later bought some clothes, but that's besides the point). Apple released iOS 11 to iPhones and your app got deleted. I really liked it, and hope you will bring it back.
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2 years ago, nothingmakesthiswork
very bad
the new app update seems to have been engineered to make it even harder to shop. it wasnt great before, where i had to go into the menu and choose a subsection to get to the shopable area. now i have to scroll past your blog posts and scroll and scroll and scroll some more but we arent done yet, keep scrolling OH FINALLY at the bottom of like 6 pages is the menu. do you actually want us shopping in the app? i’m starting to doubt it. i dont want to read your magazine articles about yourself. if i wanted to see something like “new collection” i would look for it under say a sub menu category called “new collections”. i dont get what you’re trying to do with this. but i do know it’s stupid and annoying.
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1 year ago, arshkash
Love the brand but…
Hate their return policy! They should change it to accept returns of the items bought on-line in the store! All other stores - at least many - manage to do it, why not Uniqlo?! It limits what I buy, limits significantly. I need to try everything- not a very standard figure - and my side is often not available in my nearby store. I wound order / shop online with pleasure if I were able to return items in the store. It is really a ridiculous restriction and you should be abject to figure out how to organise it. Look at any reputable brand/store like MACYS, Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Nordstrom, Marshalls and the list goes on and on.
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6 months ago, ayfine
Great Clothes, App still Insufferable
This iteration of the Uniqlo app and website (written Dec 2023) is probably the best in a long time, and the user interface and experience is still atrocious. I have been shopping at Uniqlo since they opened their first US store in NYC and love their clothes. But they have bucked all somewhat standard conventions in UI design for clothing retailers: their app is confusing and difficult to use, seems to make no sense (some product categories are windows that get X’d out, others can swipe backwards, where they will return you to is a complete crapshoot) navigation is the opposite of intuitive. I would love just once to not get a headache from making a purchase.
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6 years ago, Mini_luke
Terrible app that needs lots of improvements
The promo going on in-store says you get $3 when you download app, it didnt happen. You have search each item by name not barcode scan like other stores. And on top of that you must re-sign in each time and connect and connect to online profile taking up alot of time, not smooth at all. The worst part is the uniqlo stores not having service so if you get signed out of your app you’ll need to put your items somewhere go outside to sign in or just forgo the coupons/scanning barcodes. This app is so crappy it’s basically useless and just a scam to make people download. Dont cause the hassle is so not worth it. Fire your designer get a new one or make your designer take more classes and make something useful.
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4 months ago, Sir Sarlaac
No choice but to use. Inconvenient at every turn
I received a coupon for $10 off, so I went to a store to use it, but was told after the fact that I could only use it online. I re-downloaded the app but it couldn’t recognize the email address I have with my account. So I was forced to make a new one with a second email. Then when I tried checking out, it couldn’t load the next screen. After changing some things with my order I realized it wasn’t accepting ApplePay as a payment method. So I had to manually enter my card information. The app is not optimized well and needs to be more intuitive in its UI instead of focusing all its effort on making sure I know the strict return policy
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6 years ago, Jacob Devera
Please make a proper native app
I really enjoy Uniqlo clothing, but this app is literally a web wrapper, which would be bearable if the mobile website worked reliably. Often pages will be very slow, or fail to load even on a stable internet connection, forcing me to use the desktop website (which has its own problems, but at least loads). This often makes me seek alternative brands while on-the-go and seeking a particular piece of clothing, because they have a functioning app, or at least a usable mobile website. With the popularity of Uniqlo, I'm sure there's more than enough software engineering talent around who would love to be hired to make the app properly native—make it happen!
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7 months ago, penbot
App Review and a Company Review
I don’t know where’s to start. First of all way too many notifications. Like more notifications than any other app. I also didn’t see the return policies have changed. While I understand a store can’t stock everything due to limited space, what I can’t understand is you can do in store returns. I’m now stuck with a pair of pants that I can’t use and can’t return. About the return date, it should be based on when the time was received NOT when the order is placed due to shipping times and possible delays. Overall, I’m no longer happy Uniqlo and deleting the app. You aren’t size inclusive at all and your app is horribly laid out and difficult to navigate.
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2 years ago, Ooonion
Low effort
The kind of low effort app where after you order and they provide tracking links, the links go to a general page where you’re expected to type in the tracking number. Lol. They dont even provide a feedback option /bug report because they just dont care. At least its an actual app now and not just a wrapper for their dysfunctional website? Regardless, Uniqlo is an extremely arrogant company and they are quickly reaching the point where their prices are becoming too high to be worth dealing with their poor customer service.
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6 years ago, Allmightgamer
Uniqlo App Review - Verdict so far!
I prefer Uniqlo website over this app, because the website has better navigation. Haven’t encountered any problems, but it needs work. I'm curious about the coupons will we have clipable coupons in the app to use upon check out like the Walgreens app? It might be helpful to add a barcode scanner function in the search bar. The Walgreens app has that function which by scanning the product it brings up information, reviews, inventory at other etc. Which I use often while shopping at a Walgreens location. It's helpful when it comes to making purchase decisions.
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8 months ago, ellarrrrrrrr
Not a smooth experience
It’s sometimes jump to a web page whenever it is the new arrivals. And whenever I click a new page, it will open a new tab and hard to go back to previous page. The main page of the app has too many information that actually makes me hard to find items faster…and bigger item picture would be easier to read. And I don’t really like that whenever I choose specific color of the product, it will show other colors of the product. And it would be nice to show different model in different size with the product.
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2 years ago, tj9payne
Needs Improvement
I bought clothes and had to return it to the store for a different size which they did not have. So they gave me a store gift card Which you can’t use / redeem on their store app. I was able to find the items I needed in my size online and had to use my CC. I’m sure I’ll use the store gift card at some point BUT I’m just saying they need a better system that will allow you to pay for your items from their app using their store gift card. I was Inconvenienced and lost out on 3 sale items that were sold out by the time I tried to work something and found out it wasn’t possible.
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2 years ago, yuuuuuuuuuuuupp
Love love this store.
I love that I can get pretty affordable unisex clothes. Not only that, it's not some cheesy style & the clothes are durable. Some of these styles are more expensive in other places. Only a few other shops have around the same price range. Clothing stores around me cheap out on their quality and their style. Not to mention they still follow the stereotypical boy or girl style. Same old same old. I feel more comfortable and more like myself. Thank you 💙
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2 years ago, sizzlemd
no store locator?!
literally cannot find one other shopping app with no store locator. the app is functional (1 star for that), i like that i have detailed purchase history (another star for that), but the navigation is counterintuitive. the checkout experience is also muddled when you walk up to self checkout, the first question is “do you have the app.” naturally you want to click on the coupons to use, DON’T DO THAT, you have to do it on the register, otherwise there will be a whole complicated process to release the coupon for use. such a small step that is a colossal waste of time for everyone. not a fan uniqlo.
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5 years ago, Healthcare MA
Very unpredictable
I have been using the app for quite awhile when I am logged in it logs me out while shopping inside the store. It seems to have issues with switching between the app and the desktop webpage. The apps interface has a clean look, but being logged out of my account and getting a glitchy desktop page.. makes the app a little annoying.. todays example I had item(s) in my cart for checkout then had to log back in after it logged me out then by the time I could log back in my item that was in my cart was sold out. I really like UNIQLO I hope they fix these issues.
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4 years ago, Ruawit
Clothes for all seasons
The technology and beauty fused in one amazing product. I can say I will even tell a complete stranger about your amazing products. I have been in the phone with someone in customer service and the are on the east coast or the Midwest. I will sing your praises. Because they will really help them. And they can go on line, even if your stores are not near them. Thank you for helping me with Heat tech through my coldest weather ever in CA. Then also my hottest summer with arism. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Awshit
Payment is a hassle
Before the year 2023, shopping online at Uniqlo was easy as a click of a button. Now, every time I log on to make a purchase, there is a time frame in which I continuously have to keep clicking place order and being prompted with an error message. Uniqlos customer care response is, “there is unfortunately a system error, keep trying”. Are you kidding? This needs to get fixed as soon as possible. The online shopping experience needs fixing. It’s your system that fails and it’s making it hard to place a simple order. Whatever changes you guys made go back to the old way. This is not working.
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4 years ago, tmonkeypunch
Keep me signed in
I don't like the fact that I have to sign in every time I open the app, just to see my wishlist. Also, why isn't there an option to just quickly go to your wishlist, search bar, and your cart right when you open the app? I have to click on a product first for a pop up (as though it's a browser) to come up, THEN I see those options on the bottom. I mean I can navigate through the app just fine, and maybe I'm just neurotic, but I feel like they could have done a better job designing the app. Love Uniqlo and their products though.
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4 years ago, Kingppee
Needs major UX design update
This app feels more like a website, but honestly, the Uniqlo website is easier to use than this app. When you download an app, you download it for an easier consumer experience along with perks. You won’t really get anything special on this app and will most definitely get pretty frustrated. It always logs you out and opens everything as if you were opening a separate browser. It’s actually really disappointing for a company as modern as Uniqlo to be okay with releasing an app with such below average UX design. The consumer does not benefit from this app in any way. I love the Uniqlo brand, but this app tarnishes Uniqlo’s image. I have been on this app for about a year and have seen so significant changes.
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4 years ago, CocoLopez28
Surely Uniqlo has the resources to create a functional native app. I’m suspicious of any high ratings for this. I can’t even connect my account (and I’m a tech-literate young person). If I could use this app, I’d definitely make purchases regularly. However, the fact that such a big company green-lit an app that is this dysfunctional leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like this app was developed with a stingy budget, miscommunication, poor leadership, and arbitrary time crunches. Understandable for smaller businesses that lack resources, but unacceptable for a global brand like Uniqlo. Why big companies try to cut costs with something as important as app usability is beyond me, but I feel sorry for the designers and developers. This project was likely grossly mismanaged.
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2 months ago, H4Ck3R M8 XD
Honest Review-ACE
UNIQLO is a brand that consistently delivers on quality and style. Their clothing stands out for its durability, comfort, and timeless designs. The pricing is fair, considering the longevity of their items. Their customer support, particularly through discount codes and coupons, is commendable, although I do wish they offered more coupons for even better savings. Overall, UNIQLO is a go-to for those seeking reliable, long-lasting apparel without breaking the bank.
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2 years ago, merinan
Love this site
Love this. But on new updated app , I couldn’t find the checkout button. Also said I have no purchase history , but i have about 10,000 Uniqlo items . If not more . So I don’t know what s up with that. My drawers are filled with heatech and Airism everything! The BEST T shirts and camisoles Please please make the heatech long or short sleeve T shirt in pure white. (Not off white ) Been asking for years 🙏
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7 months ago, 7Bella777
No Receipt History
I give this app a low rating because store apps are supposed to make shopping simpler and that includes for exchanges and returns. The fact that this app doesn’t include receipts for all purchases is the problem. Every other store app I have includes a history of purchases WITH the receipt. If I need to I can return items easily. Even though the Uniqlo app shows my recent purchases and price paid, it will not allow returns unless you have the paper receipt. You can only exchange for the same item-different color or size. This is frustrating. This is the most basic purpose for an app and Uniqlo doesn’t have it.
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2 years ago, s5383759
Order confirmation lack details
I love Uniqlo and miss their old daily or weekly deals. Now not only did the return policy change into an inconvenient and ancient policy, your order confirmations are no longer useful and detailed. You can't even see what you bought unless you go into the app which seem to have gone technologically backwards instead of advancing. The app itself has improved slightly recently but still very weird navigations.
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2 years ago, VPVA
It’s so frustrating to order. It won’t say it’s out of stock until you check out. Some items would say low stock but when you check out it will say out of stock. Then, even after it says out of stock when you check out, when you go back to the menu, that same item still doesn’t say it’s out of stock so you think it’s available again but it’s not. Please correct this issue or else, customers like me will stop ordering from your store online. Thanks!
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4 years ago, goalball
Very bad design
The number of 5 star ratings is unbelievable! The app has several fundamental issues. First, it's not much of an app. It's simply the same web version enclosed in an app container. There is nothing special about the app. Second, after I logged in to my account, it continues to tell me I need to login to see my shopping cart. Clearly something is not working correctly. Last, not least, the layout of the app & the embeded multimedia interfere with my iPhone's accessibility tools. Clearly Uniqlo did not check the app against any QA process. Very disappointed. But you will be better off & have a more accessible experience with the website. Uniqlo, please fix these issues.
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5 years ago, nahidp
App shopping nightmare
I don’t get it- I was purchasing through the app but somehow it was ordering online. It didn’t pick up my correct email. Somehow it got the wrong email for my order and I have not been able to correct it. It’s grayed out. How the hell am I supposed to correct it. Placed a whole order with the wrong email address. PayPal button doesn’t work- when you select PayPal- the button to place order doesn’t appear but if I put cc number it does. Why would you offer PayPal when in fact doesn’t really want you to use it. The ordering nightmare. Possibly the worst app I have seen. A high school kid could put together a better workflow for purchasing.
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3 years ago, spookymarena
The app is confusing
I really like Uniqlo and the clothing very very much ! But the app is reaaaalyyy difficult and frustrating to use. There’s so many collections to hunt down, I click on a product and when I want to return to the other products, I somehow click the wrong X and it get rid of the whole page then I have to go back to one of the home pages and look for the sections I was looking at. I feel like I’m less likely to use the search bar for anything because looking the inventory isn’t very complete. Great clothing though!
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1 year ago, Catherine001777
It was good until now
It has been a pretty good app which is super convenient to use. I made a big purchase yesterday. However, when I open it today, it crashes, and can’t be opened. I tried restarting the app multiple times, doesn’t work. Then I tried restarting my iphone, doesn’t work. Then I tried updating the app, doesn’t work still. I am thinking to uninstall and reinstall back, but it says it will delete the data as well. Now I don’t know how to proceed.
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4 years ago, fatasiankid
The second greatest app of all time
I love the uniqlo app, it got me $3 off my purchase of $10 or more in store and from time to time, free heattech products! It is only second to the McDonald’s app which gets me deals on things I can eat, and from time to time, free fries on Friday... anyway don’t be caught shopping without this app in a uniqlo store in the contiguous states (because apparently Hawaii Uniqlo doesn’t count and there’s no Uniqlo in Alaska).
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5 years ago, SuziQ92
I was so excited when I found out UNIQLO had an app. But unlike many other store apps meant to make your shopping easier, this completely fails to deliver. Every time I open the app to shop, it shows that I am logged in and I can look at my member number when I hit Member Account, but try to actually shop or look at the items you have in you cart? It sends you to the website where you have to re-login. Then he site doesn’t redirect to the app, so you basically have it just to look pretty on you home screen. Irritating and not worth fussing with.
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5 years ago, Alina Arefeva
Nice app but with room to grow
I like ability to buy from the app, app-only promotions and in-app store coupons. The app is a bit weird: it seems to be a web wrapper. You need to spend some time to figure out the best way to navigate it — it gets tricky if you click left menu, it does not do anything, so you have to select things from main screen. But I love having app at all vs no app. May be improvements are coming to make it easier to navigate?
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3 years ago, guiagee
Thumbs down on this app
Dont get me wrong. I love uniqlo. Though i know the price is a bit much but the quality is good. You get what you paid for. The app however, its a lot of hassle to use. Keeps logging me off and redirecting me to the website not like the other shopping apps where it allows you to shop right there and then. Im honestly uninstalling the app and just continue using the website instead coz the app is no use other than when you shop in store which is not i normally do these days.
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4 years ago, __sera__
Fine, but I would just use the website
What’s the point of using a mobile app if it has less functionality/is basically using the mobile website? Everything basically loops through the mobile website and you can’t access your favorited items via your linked account. I wanted to save the hassle of logging in every time to check my favorited items, and the app couldn’t do that for me. It works, but I see no point using the app over their website.
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4 years ago, CamCYB
Horrible. Clunky. Unusable. Disappointing.
I’ve had bad experiences in the past with this app and have since deleted it. However, because I love Uniqlo’s clothes, I decided to give it another chance. I was quickly reminded by how terrible the app is. It takes 20 minutes to find something remotely close to what you like. I tried to search, but that function doesn’t work. Ideally ordering through the app would be nice, but I don’t think I would ever trust it in fear that something would go wrong. It’s disappointing that one of the world’s leading brands has an app that is terribly uninviting and unusable. Uniqlo desperately needs to fix their app.
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5 years ago, ShibbyFresh
Waste of data. Don’t even bother.
I don’t know why I keep wasting my time re-downloading this trash app (oh yeah that’s right, I was told in the uniqlo store by staff if I download the app and sign up I’ll get a Black Friday discount at the counter.. received an “Access Denied” error after trying to log in of course) which is just a badly coded shell for their website. You’re better off using Safari but even then the site works half the time. I’m annoyed I even have to leave a review like this but nothings going to get done if no one says anything I guess. This is probably the third time I’ve had a bad experience with their services. Sorry Uniqlo.
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5 years ago, Bastet429
The app is ok
My biggest problem with Uniqlo has been returns. They take a very long time to process. God help you if the post office loses your package. I’ve been waiting three weeks to resolve a return that was seemingly lost by the post office. I still don’t have my money back. I’ve emailed Uniqlo numerous times, was told I had to wait repeatedly to see if the post office would ever deliver the returned package, and when they didn’t I had to go through a process of filing a claim. All this to try to recover $50 for a coat that didn’t fit. I guess you get what you pay for. Cheap prices=poor customer service. I won’t be shopping at Uniqlo ever again.
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5 years ago, Imhapachick
I just got this app So I could buy shorts for my son online because they did not have them at the store and they have no resources to ship from stores that have it to the store that is closest to me. I ordered the shorts online via the app and put in my credit card information and everything and then it froze. The contact us people on the website were no help whatsoever they even admitted to not knowing anything about the app and how it works. So I cannot order the shorts that I needed for school for my son it’s too bad because their products are so good they’re web design and apps are horrible and no help to anyone!!
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5 years ago, GingahSnap1015
Can’t do anything!
First time really doing anything online with this company so it asked me to create an account. After I entered my name and picked a password it said some info was incorrect. I think I know my name and the only requirements for creating a password was that it had to have numbers and letters, which I did. Got frustrated and tried to just skip it but it just gave me some error/not authorized message for everything I tried clicking on. If this was an app just for looking at pictures it would still be trash. Beyond awful excuse for a “shopping app”. So sad cause I was really looking forward to shopping :( 0/10!
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4 years ago, jvel0518
App Issue
Lately as I start shopping and scrolling down using there app within minutes it start freezing up and glitching I’ll tried reinstalling I’ve tried closing the app and reopen still same issues. I have a iPhone 11 and plenty of space. I even went to apple thinking maybe my iPhone they check no issue they even replace my iPhone with a new one and I still have same issue using there app. It will just freeze up with in minutes. Gets frustrated keep me from actually buying because too much of a hassle.
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