Universal Orlando Resort

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NBCUniversal Media, LLC
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Universal Orlando Resort

4.81 out of 5
381K Ratings
1 year ago, MariAlice2008
Wallet Error No One Can Fix - Updated due to 5 star response!
I’ve used the app for previous trips to Universal and it has been perfect! Everything in one place. However, I’ve got tickets to go in about a week and the wallet constantly gives the error: “Oops, something went wrong loading your tickets & passes. You may be looking at outdated information. Tap here to try again.” I’ve been “tapping here” for months since I ordered the tickets with no change. I’ve called and chatted and emailed customer support to no avail. No one can help me; they all claim no one has access to the app. They sent me round and round in circles and wound up telling me to just get my tickets printed when I get there. What is the point of having an app then? I’m VERY disappointed as this is my boyfriend’s first time ever going and I wanted this experience to be absolutely magical and perfect. Now we will have to wait in line for someone to send us round in circles just to print off paper tickets. I reached out as instructed via email and today it is fixed!!! Katie in guest communications is fantastic!! Thank you!
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5 months ago, Jess's Dad
Dissatisfied with my Islands of Adventure experience
The Universal app for ordering food doesn’t work properly. I tried it several times and so did your staff. After 20 minutes I asked to pay cash. Most of your associates are rude and don’t pay attention when asked questions. We booked with Hilton a Universal partner hotel and were told we were entitled to EPA. After getting up extra early and finding a bus we arrived at 8:17am and were turned away from entry! We had to wait half an hour to get into the Marvel side of the park only to see select people allowed in and one person actually riding the Hulk by himself. We were first at the barricade but when it was opened the other guests pushed past us!! We finally made it to King Kong at 9 only to find it didn’t open till 9:30. We came from out of state and spent a lot of money for just one day in this park and it was not enjoyable and definitely not worth the price of the tickets to be pushed around by rude foreigners and people who constantly walked in front of us as we were trying to take pictures! The interactive wand experiences did not work either. I used to visit every year and was looking forward to the new Universal Experience, but I will have to think really hard about coming back here again. I definitely did not enjoy the aggravation and stress I was forced to endure today.
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3 years ago, ItzaMotto
Overall love it but Virtual?!?!?
Overall love the app. Used it many times prior to the COVID pandemic and a few times during the pandemic. The Virtual Line worker best in July but in December, the availability is nearly unavailable. One thing I’ve noticed after reserving a late evening ride to the Mummy, upon entering the queue—it was nearly empty—the ride was a n immediate walk on and empty rides were being sent. Getting a reservation for Hagrid & Jimmy Fallon is a job in itself. Fallon was the same experience as the Mummy. Very disappointing to have Virtual queues and literally no wait. Hagrid in line queue moved at approximately 15 mins in the queue line. So the reservation system does work for this ride however the app needs more availability. What I would like to see: -The ability to add a default number of guest to the Virtual Line. By adding this, it reduces the time it takes to reserve a ride and heartache of losing it due to how fast the reservation time is gone. -More times added for higher capacity rides and rides with low wait times. Or simply remove the reservation altogether unless the ride wait times exceed 1 hour. -Food customization options are also a needed option. As a previous reviewer mentioned, usually I ask for certain items to be put on the side or removed. With the pandemic, I had one experience where everything by default was on the sandwich (ribwhich).
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2 years ago, Bricklesmom
I downloaded the app at the beginning of our 6 day trip with 6 adult-aged (according to Universal’s standards) people in order to streamline the process of paying for meals, etc. I was only able to sign in ONE time after setting up the account, then it logged me out and I haven’t been able to sign back in to my account again. It keeps giving me an error message and telling me to “try my action again.” It also only allowed me to scan 5 of our 6 passes into my account, then gave me an error message about too many bad scans (I only scanned each pass once!) and wouldn’t let me scan my son’s pass in at all. I have to be physically present for every food purchase, credit card in hand, running the risk of dropping it or losing it, or handing out cash to 4 different teenagers to run and get what they want to eat or refill their cups. The app is glitchy, the wait times are inaccurate, and I can’t even use the app for the purpose I intended. When I asked an employee about it, I just got a shoulder-shrug. (I definitely prefer the service, cleanliness, and streamlined processes at DW over Universal.) This app is a waste of phone space.
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5 years ago, unhappily advised guest
App glitch
The first time I attempted to make the purchase my account was charged then the transaction was reversed. When I called to get assistance to find out why I was told that it is impossible to find out the decline reason on universals end(I had already contacted my bank to find out if it was on their end). I was told that it is impossible to find out the decline reason because the people who can do that research do not speak with customers and the employee manager(Mike) could not take my care number to provide them with to look the decline reason up. He also said that they(the department that can look up decline reasons that does not speak with customers) could not look up the profile attached to the card to look up the card number find out why my card declined. Their only solution was to a different way of purchasing the tickets or re-download the app. I am lucky that I was able to purchase the tickets after I re-downloaded since they could offer me no help if it hadn’t. I understand that the people who assist with the transactions themselves do not speak with customers but their must be a way for the customer service center to put in a research request.
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5 years ago, SwirlsALot
So Much Fun!
This was our first visit to Universal and Islands of Adventure in Florida and we had a blast! We didn’t want to leave and we can’t wait to visit again! The Express Pass is so worth it! We didn’t have to wait in line a long time and in some instances at all:)! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is amazing even if you are not a fan! I will miss the butter beer so much, frozen and regular:). The two best rides in my seven year old daughter’s opinion and mine is The Forbidden Journey in Hogwarts Castle and The Jurassic River Adventure! So much fun!! I can’t count how many times we rode those two! I recommend staying at a resort on site as you get free shuttle services to and from the parks! We stayed at Cabana Bay in one of their tower rooms and it was great and not as expensive as some of the other on site hotels! We will be back!
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5 years ago, momma bee17
My husband and I really used to like this park. I no longer do. I looked at the ride guide online and saw that many of the rides showed a wheelchair and did not picture a wheelchair going to walking. (Meaning you have to get out of the wheelchair) My son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and fell and broke his leg in May. He did this by standing and attempting to go to the bathroom. That leg is 50% healed. Also after getting off the train to go to Islands of adventure when we got to the elevator the employee motioned for us to keep walking. We did only to come to a STAIR case. How was my son suppose to get DOWN? We go back to the elevator line to be told there are 2 people ahead of us. When we had just been there a couple of minutes ago. I told the lady you sent us down to the end. I was upset! She said I wish there were signs. Then a couple of minutes later she came up to us to say if you go to guest services you could tell them we need signs. REALLY. I was beyond angry. I couldn’t even talk to her because it would not have ended well. We will not be coming back and I would not recommend this app ark to anyone in a motorized wheelchair. The labeling on the rides is misleading.
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2 years ago, libnerd2020
Unable to sign in
I downloaded the app and haven’t been able to sign into my account. It worked once, then just stopped. Did a reinstall, still nothing, just an error of “something went wrong”. That cryptic message is it. On top of it there isn’t any way to request tech support from within the app. Edit: after multiple tried, I was able to sign in; however, now that we are on our vacation anytime we try to do a mobile order the error “oops something went wrong, please try again”. To add insult to injury, the app does charge my credit card so now I have to fight those charges as well. Edit: I was finally able to sign in after multiple days of trying. My internet at work and home isn’t filtered, and runs at atleast 1gbs, and the other parks in the area don’t have this problem with their app. However, not that we are at the parks, the mobile ordering just says “oops there was a problem, please try again”. To add insult to injury, my credit card was charged for the orders, but no confirmation or anything in the app. So now I have to fight those charges as well.
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3 years ago, DayG85
Poor App Experience
The app is extremely frustrating to use and appears to have bugs in every function. When updating my home address it says that it was updated successfully but it never actually makes the changes. I’m actually not able to update my address to make sure the correct one is file. I had a similar experience with updating my card payment info although after 5 attempts it finally went thru. I didn’t change any info each time I tried. It just didn’t want to accept the changes until the 5th try. The most frustrating part tho is I’m Florida resident purchasing tickets at the resident rate. My billing address IS a Florida address however every time I go to purchase the tickets it gives me an error that says my billing address must be a Florida address to qualify for the resident rate... I’ve now been on hold for 1 hour and still waiting just so I can buy tickets. I should have been able to do this in 5 minutes in the app. Please use more of your abundant resources to create a better user experience. It’s the least you can do.
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3 months ago, DealMachine
Park is WORSE than a traveling circus. 🎪 🤡🤹
This is my first and LAST TIME going to Universal Studios Florida! Universal Studios has carnival ball throwing games, to take more of your money away!! Disgustingly cheap! - - - Haven’t been to the park since 2009. Came back on their deal of a 3 park visit for a low price. Currently my AP at DISNEY was set to expire. I gave universal a run for their money. IT WAS A FAILURE! The parks haven’t changed. There’s NO PAPER MAP! So if you don’t have the app downloaded. Or your phone dies. Your screwed. They have carnival rides that are DOUBLE THE PRICE then a traveling circus 🎪 🤡 - - - Universal/NBC/Comcast wants everyone who goes to their parks to look like a clown. 🤡- - - I am going to renew my AP with Disney. And I even added on the 1 year of waterparks for $100 a year. Not a bad deal!! When one trip is $70. They are building a new park… on new land. It will cost them BILLIONS! Disney laughs. They got the land ready to go. They will build a more action based park one day. It’s already on the drawing board. Let Universal do it, then Disney does it BETTER! 🐭🐭🐭
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1 year ago, Sirromyesdnil
The App ISN’T stable during rushes
Yeah so they are doubling down on app use no service and that would be fine if the app always loaded and didn’t have glitches when there is heavy use. Sadly, you can be sitting at a restaurant trying to use it and it won’t connect. Anyway—you can order at the cash stand. 30 minutes of app hades and a sweet hospitality cast member told me. When I went to order they really tried to make us use the app again but knowing it wasn’t saving my credit card and having tried for 30 minutes I insisted they take our order. I’m not paying $170 a day to debug an app or convince anyone they need better servers to run the app so it doesn’t glitch. I’m supposed to be eating junk, drinking butter beer and throwing up as we get off the motorbike ride. Anyway, keep a secondary payment handy and if you try twice and can’t get it to work, go to the cash stand and press for help.
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4 months ago, Realurge
Getting into the park was painful.
Since opening, my wife and I have enjoyed coming to universal at least once a year from our cold weather state. Understanding that the world has changed in that time, getting though ticketing and the the primary gate of the studio continues to take more and more effort on every visit. Today took over a hour from getting in line to buy tickets and then final passing through the entrance. The fact that the que line for tickets was less than 100 total souls in it makes it even more disconcerting. I know we can get tickets on line that might help some but like today we are sitting at breakfast and it was a last minute decision. 20 minutes or even 30 would be acceptable on a busy day but an hour plus is not. In an era where speed of execution is paramount, I feel like universal has failed at their initial point of contact with its guests.
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3 years ago, fmaylett
Back in the oven please
Great idea but incredibly difficult to use. First, every time you change screens it defaults to the title screen when you came back and have to wait. Second, if you’re going to use the app for payment or scanning into lockers, you have to go through numerous screens to pull up your data. Coupled with the default back to the title screen while it loads can make for some uncomfortable waits while people and waiting behind you. The maps are hard to navigate and really find anything. The virtual passes are a great concept but today 4/19 in the park only 2 rides are represented. One is Hagrids and unavailable from the moment we arrived at the parks opening. The second was Jimmy Fallons ride which worked great. No others available. Bottom line, you’re held captive to use this app and they just need to work on the UX and make it really usable. Put it back into the oven and finish what you started.
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6 years ago, Apeyhoehne
Not the best
This app does not allow for proper day planning when you are in the park, or even before you go. It doesn’t show the showtimes for all of the shows, in fact, you have to go to a special page to pull up the showtimes for any of the holiday shows. It also should show the menus for the restaurants in the park, both quick and full service. The Disney World app has this feature and it is very helpful. When you get hungry and want to figure out where to go to eat, it’s much more helpful to be able to pull out the app and find a place suitable for you. It’s a pain when you find a place on the app, walk over and look at the menu and find out there’s nothing there that you want. Also, it could help the lines at the food stands if the guest can look at the app and view the menu to decide what they want before they get to the counter. The only helpful thing with this app is wait times, which don’t always appear to be accurate.
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3 years ago, Divaherself
All Rides Need To Be Open And Working‼️
For the expensive park price, all rides need to be working and none need to be shut down. And the park is too expensive for any rides to be shut down, unless weather related. But to just shut the rides down and or open up the park at 12noon when the park should be open up at 9 am. It is a huge problem. I am visiting in January the second week of January 2022 and I expect for the price I pay for all rides to be running and open. And or I will be suing the park for stress, and loss time . I am catching a plane so I am of course out of town and this will be my son 10 year old birthday celebration and I need all rides open the second week of January 2022.
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5 years ago, A. Busy Mom
Pretty decent.
This app is easy to use and right on track with the wait times for the rides and attractions. It would have been great if the app actually utilized the Notifications as we lost out on one evening in the parks because they closed 3 hours early. I checked notifications several times and even hunted down what event caused the closure, EVEN Universal’s website didn’t have a date noted for the event that we discovered was the reason. It would also be SUPER helpful if app users to post notifications - like tonight would have been great to know that the Spider Man ride was down and they didn’t know when it would be up and running. We discovered that it was a faulty car which was stuck on the track near the end (we saw it as we left without going on the ride). Other than that the app was great to use.
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2 years ago, Yessap
Worst Park App - Biggest Scam Artists
The app is functional. It does show users where rides are located as well as shopping, eating, shows and other services. There are many flaws. The zoom feature on the maps is inconsistent in usability. Ticket purchasing is extremely clunky and basically takes the user to a mobile version of Universal's web pages. Overall, Universal is full of slight of hand scam artists. While picking up express passes purchased for a specific day, I realized that I failed to purchase enough for my whole party. Universal charged me Double per express pass and didn't disclose the individual price for that same day. Price gauging and lack of pricing disclosure is shady and demonstrates the extent to which Universal is trying to take your money!! Buyer beware. Universal's ticketing process is not user friendly to begin with. This creates lack of transparency and thus leads to no trust.
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4 years ago, Service Needed Mom
No Customer Service for Signature Drinks
I made the allegedly forbidden request to have no cream on my Butter Beer. If you know the drink it is a frozen drink with a cream topper. I love the drink but the cream is tough on my stomach. I ordered the drink and requested no cream. I paid with no problem. Then I was told by the drink server “it is a signature drink and changes can’t be made”. When I explained to the server that I have ordered with no cream several times over the years she shrugged her solders. I asked if I could please be accommodated and she said no. She told me to go back to where I paid and ask for a refund. The manager came out and spouted the same nonsense about no changes to signature drinks. I received my refund but... I just don’t understand why I could not receive customer service. The cream is added to top after the drink is dispensed. All they had to do was not put the cream. I am disappointed that I could not get the drink the way I wanted. More importantly, I am disappointed with the lack of customer service.
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8 months ago, AshleyParkHopper
Sign in and mobile order issues
Our family bought year passes and all attempted to download and sign into the app. There were issues from the start with tickets linking then, once they were linked, half of us were logged out and unable to log back in. Eventually we gave up. I tried again a month later and was thankfully able to get back in. The app rarely operates smoothly either reloading pages while in the middle of reading them, then on my most recent trip mobile ordering refused to load. My other major complaint is how clunky the wait time filters feel. Why can’t I just look at one park’s wait times without clicking through 4 to 5 filter options? Sure, you can favorite specific rides, but that doesn’t help when I want to look at the whole park, or plan on riding most of the rides. Other parks do this better and when using both the differences are glaring.
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3 years ago, msjawine
The experience is really good but it got dampened
We have a great time with family but got very disappointed when My phone died. I needed to charge and there’s no place to charge! For this big of a theme park, you should invest in things like this. Other parks have designated areas where you can charge and even have a choice of USB ports or real plug ins! I feel that it should be addressed the soonest and not just point us to buy portable power banks! For me, however fun it wAs at the start, got dampened because I couldnt use my phone to communicate thus limiting us with exploring the park we have to always be together since we have no way to communicate. To me that was a big real failure to deliver!
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2 years ago, Metroca
Unavoidable PIA
When the app works, hooray! It’s the necessary evil to theme parking — tracking your location, eating up battery power, but wait times and mobile food ordering at your fingertips. BUT…the app forgets your password every 24-30 hours. Or maybe it doesn’t, as we can’t view the password we put in. So we try again and again. If security measures encourage everyone to put in “qualified” passwords, it’s a normal expectation to be able to see the password the user enters since they’re long and complex. But the user can’t see them here. The password is always hidden. So, good luck and pray there’s no typo. Again. And again. So the app won’t accept the password…fine…after trying for 30 minutes, the user uses the “forgot password” option. Guess what. The APP doesn’t recognize the email either. And you can see what you’re typing, so the user KNOWS the app is acting up AGAIN. So you try. Again and again. I have a profile. I have purchased passes. I HAVE to get into MY account. So I have to keep trying. Again and again. Usually takes 2-3 hours entering/re-entering/coming out/shutting down, etc..etc…before this PIA finally works. THANK GOD I took a photo of my passes — relying on the app would have been disastrous many times.
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3 months ago, E 31
Such a helpful app
Is Apple was so helpful when my and my family stayed there it was so there we did it to check the times and it was just blessed. It bless his heart and if you guys have never gone to universal, I suggest strongly to do it because it was very cool there’s a lot of themes and yeah, but the app is just the best it tells you the times the food restaurants so I strongly strongly recommend going to universal and getting this app and if you have time but I did and I went to eat so do that if you any time it SeaWorld.
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6 years ago, SonyaSonyae
Not cool. Not cool at all
This is a very nice app. However I did run into a major problem. I decided to buy two park to park tickets through this app. I paid for both together. My transaction went smoothly. No issues. I entered in everything currently. It even asked me to enter in my guest name for her ticket. I did so and received my confirmation number via email. However, one major problem happened. I paid for two tickets but only one ticket showed up 😱. I had to call Universal studios for help. After being on hold for 10 minutes. My issue was resolved. The customer service lady was not sure why this issue happened. But it was fixed. Not cool app. Not cool at all. This issue needs to be resolved. Other than that it’s still a great app that I do recommend.
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1 year ago, Indifferent 1
App broken
The reason for a low rating is the two major flaws… often the app is just plain broken in that when you open the map part of the app it will turn the brightness of your phone all the way down … turn it back up and it goes right back down… not sure why the app wants to change my brightness at all, but super impossible to see in the bright Florida sun… that is the broken part, have to restart app every time that happens Second problem is the wallet. If you add a three broomsticks meal to your wallet you may be tempted to leave your printed ticket back at the room thinking oh yay it’s in here and I can just have them scan it on. My phone… no go, they have no way to scan it, will send you wandering the park to find a place to print it out… found myself asking park janitors how to get my breakfast… if broomsticks can’t scan it, don’t allow me to add it onto my wallet
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2 years ago, Rayburn02703
App Crash and bugs
Several times while entering the park with 2D barcode tickets open, the app would suddenly crash and kick you off the app just as you were next in line. This happened to our family on 3 separate occasions. It taught me to have the paper tickets in hand and not trust the app would work. Second item is bathroom amenities. I’ve noticed the feature is shown at the bottom left, but while at the parks and on the map, the button would disappear and I’d have to dig into the amenities tab in the menu. Why couldn’t this be a feature alongside the dining and rides buttons in the top ribbon? Overall the app is decent, just frustrating when it’s your turn to go through the turnstiles or you need to go #1 while bumping elbows with the crowd.
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4 months ago, playedintheshower
Doesn’t work since the update
Ever since the update, the app does not load past the initial loading screen. Just stays on “universal Orlando resort”. Turned phone off and on, uninstalled and reinstalled, would never load past the first screen. With the app being the only way to order at mobile only locations and all maps being digital, you are restricted in what you can do. Brought this concern to the islands of adventure guest service desk and apparently all physical maps have “disappeared from existence so that we can save the planet” (his words) and we were told to wait in line at places like minions cafe to “hopefully get helped” (again, his words). He then pulled his phone out, said his phone app worked and told me it must just be a problem with my phone. Don’t expect help or solutions if you experience this same issue as I and my entire party experienced.
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6 years ago, TechWifeA1A
Wait times not working
Today was the first time we’ve used the app. As a method of making your way around the park and locating everything, it was great. However, we primarily were concerned with knowing the wait times for rides so that we could plan accordingly and that feature was not working all day. I tried refreshing multiple times throughout the day and made sure it had nothing to do with my WiFi connection. Occasionally, it would give a wait time for a ride or two, but for most of the day, it kept saying that the rides would open at 9:00a or would not give a wait time at all. We have annual passes, so we’ll be coming back soon and hopefully will find that this feature of the app is working as the developers intended. I will be sure to update my review at that time.
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5 years ago, zenbuddy55
This app should not advertise its “virtual line” feature – or make it more explicitly clear that it is only currently available on a few not in demand rides. I would have not purchased tickets if I knew the truth about this feature. Otherwise, the app has practically no useful features that would not be available in a brochure or map, other than the ability to buy add-ons, see wait times and to order food, which is useful enough for an app in development. However, in my opinion, Universal should not deceive its guests by advertising this feature prominently on their website (no matter how many stars or fine print) until it is at least rolled out to a majority of rides – or at least those with the longest wait times... I wonder is universal reluctant to roll out this feature because of possible lost revenue from fast-pass sales? Fine. But at least don’t advertise it on the website.
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3 years ago, Iowa2021
Rides keep breaking down.
We’ve been in line for an unacceptably long time. The Minon ride keeps breaking down. They “fix” it and it breaks down again. Earlier we waited an exceptionally long time during breakdowns on the Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey. We also avoided another ride because we received word that it was down for maintenance. I am not impressed. I realize that machinery breaks occasionally, but three rides in one afternoon that we encountered? Really! At this price?! Also, you are so tight on staffing that we had to stand in line ten minutes or more just to buy a bottle of water or soda each time. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve brought my family to Disney World several times, and I feel that Disney is way ahead of Universal as far as taking care of the customer and providing a more quality product.
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4 years ago, Csm10393
Virtual Line is Awful
The Universal Virtual line system is one of the most broken, frustrating systems I've ever had to deal with. If you want to ride any of the popular rides or attractions you're screwed unless you get in the parks at the time the gates open. It punishes you for not getting up at the crack of dawn to be in the parks. I am an annual passholder. I love going to Universal. And I understand with the pandemic going on things need to change to ensure people don't get sick or spread the virus. But this virtual line system is deeply flawed in its execution. Universal needs to stagger its release of tickets and be clear about when they release them at the very bare minimum. It's getting deeply frustrating to go all the way to the parks, and for those without a pass to pay for parking and admission, to come and not even be able to do the things you wanted to do because the virtual tickets were all snapped up by the first people in the park.
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4 years ago, Lbsheheiejeheb
Mobile Ordering
I wish I could see the nutritional information on the app when ordering. Especially now that we aren’t ordering in person. Other than that I don’t have any complaints about the app. Edit: forgot to mention my experience with the virtual line. Maybe you could have instructions or a tutorial on how to do it for first timers. I didn’t struggle with it like others seem to have. I just noticed the the wait times aren’t always up to date so I have to click all the times until one works. Maybe you could take a page out of Disney’s book when it comes to their fast passes. Although I hate how you can sign up months in advance on their app. Please don’t ever do that. Keep it on property. That is all. :)
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5 years ago, Newsie350
This App is terrible
First off people, this is not the place to review the park. This is for reviews of the app. I would’ve assumed this app would have been up to par with Disney’s App. I don’t understand why you can’t pull up the maps of the parks and see the wait times. You have to push the ride icon to get that info which to me is a waste of time. They only allow you to sort the rides by thrill, water, 3D-4D, and kids. I want to be able to see all rides and wait times at the same time, on the same screen. Also, you cannot add or access hotel reservations. There are no hotel maps. The only thing this app is good for is buying tickets. We are Orlando residents and frequent both Disney and Universal. We’ve stayed at most the resorts because of our Florida discount. By far, Universal is our favorite park and we know it like the back of our hands. But for people who aren’t familiar with the park, they deserve better.
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3 years ago, Book burning1984
Bad experience
I have a prosthetic leg above the knee. When entering the park I stood in line for 40 minutes while one guest service rep assisted the whole line. He told me to go to guest services in the park to get disability access passes. He said to go to customer service by the Superman ride. I first preceded to wait in line for the next 30 minutes to rent a wheelchair. Then went to customer service line. While waiting in line a rep ask me if I was waiting for disability access passes. If so I should sit down until it is my Turn in line. I waited 40 minutes to be told there is no special access passes. So I needed to take wheelchair on all lines. On the Popeyes paradise cruise. Ride shut down for weather when we did not even get rain or lightning alert. I am stuck in the middle of the line on a wheelchair because I can Neither go forward or back due to line congestion.
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3 years ago, Kindly kyle
Lines for rides
Should have explained virtual thing at guest services when we checked in. Long long lines even with fast pass. This has not been very fun for my family and my boys. Wasted a lot of my first of two days here. 👎 ....Got universal app and used virtual pass system and only got offered jimmy fallon ride at 8:00 am each morning. I luckily checked at 6:45 the next morning and got Hagrid’s motorcycle ride. Otherwise I spent my entire time attached to my phone desperately hoping to get into a virtual line. I was hoping to detach from my electronics not be forced to sit on the curb with thousands of other parents trying to get their kids on the “good rides”. I Spent a lot of money on season passes and fast passes for 6 people and still couldn’t get on a number of rides. When we got to the virtual line at our appointed time, it was still a 2 hour wait in the line ......Need a better system 👎
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4 years ago, SkinnyFatHulk
Annoying to Navigate
Excellent graphic performance, excellent graphics. Quick response. Never freezes. BUT, it’s annoying to navigate. You can only surf through one park at a time; if you want to switch parks you have to exit and then choose the other park. They should let you surf multiple parks at one time to help you decide where to go next. Also, instead of showing the wait times on the little attraction icons they show an icon for what type of attraction it is (3D, thrill, etc.) So you have to waste time by clicking on the icon to find the wait time, then to go back to the map it’s even more clicks and navigation. They should make the map configurable to show wait times on the map or attraction type.
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2 years ago, Nauseous one
Too many roller coasters
For a kid, it’s fine. But every ride has warnings about motion sickness or heart conditions except for small childrens rides. How about just entertainment value without the so called “thrills” of turning upside down? And can’t more of Harry Potters shops have experiences rather than more things for sale? Can’t Universal Studios use some of their actors as guides and re-enactors in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade? I heard that used to be the case. Harry Potters World is so beautifully done, it would be enhanced by keeping up the magic instead of the merchandise. I will probably not be returning in years to come with my six other grandchildren. I’ll be taking them to Disney, where I can enjoy the rides as well.
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6 years ago, gnoe77
I purchased a Florida resident annual pass
I called a few times with questions about the premier package, and was told I would receive one ticket per year to Halloween Horror Nights. I was also told that with purchasing the most expensive plan, there would be no black out dates. As I called today to see if I needed to reserve the date for my HHN ticket, I was then informed, after 3 calls of questions, that I could not use it on Thursday, October 11th. I am very disappointed that this was not disclosed to me in earlier calls. I was told No black out dates! I already booked my hotel, and was going to do islands of adventure the 12th. I will no longer be doing that, and I will no longer visit universal studios in the future. I am very disappointed in your customer service representatives giving me false information. Signed, Ex Universal Studios customer from Florida
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6 years ago, Carmen J H
Diss appointed and not scared stole our flashlight
We were very excited to go to Halloween Horror Nights fue the first time. Our expectations where high and we very disappointed. To begin with they confiscated my husbands brand new tact flashlight. No remorse and would not work on returning it to us after the evening was over. The wait to get in was horrible. We had the fast passes and still had to wait minimum of 40 minutes to get in. We were not scared at all. The haunted houses had so many things hanging and touching us and again we were never scared. The money we paid between entry tickets and fast passes where definitely not worth the experience. Very dissatisfied and would not go it again. Oh abc the prices for the beverages and food was ridiculously over priced. They owe us a flashlight we paid $20 for. Won’t do it again.
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6 years ago, Ayesha0825
Very few rides in between multiple gift shops, dining facilities and more places you can spend spend spend. It’s taking consumerism to a new level. Pay a large sum to enter a park and then keep spending as you move alone while you wait hours and hours in long lines. It doesn’t stop there, you can buy an express pass for almost the price of the ticket to enter the park, which only prolongs the lines of ppl who could not afford to pay more for express. Unless the park is spending more money and investing in running a separate ride (portion) for express passers then why ask a regular person to wait longer in line because they need to make room for ppl who get to skip ahead?. Like I said, it’s the consistent distractions where one can spend spend spend. While the parks job is to also make profits, there needs to be a limit as to how far can you go as a business.
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4 years ago, tuffaznails
Frustrated season pass holder
Have season passes but our favorite rides always have too long wait time or don’t have fast pass. I feel like I’m throwing money out the window and thinking twice about keeping the passes. I feel your season pass holders are your greatest asset because it is residual monthly profit for your company and there should be better benefits for us. There really should be some solution for the long wait times. After standing in line for one-two hours for a less than five minute ride is outrageous we’re tired after that and don’t even feel like walking around to enjoy the rest of the park. I am considering getting passes to a different park possibly Disney.
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3 years ago, AmandaConcernedParent
We were on the Harry Potter escape from the gringott- the ride had maintenance issues and stopped working. We were sitting in the ride when this occurred. My daughter pulled the lap bar down to tight on her legs. The ride had not even started yet and there was no emergency release to let us off the ride, she was in tears bc her legs were being squeeze. We were told they had no control over that and we just had to wait. My concern is if someone had a medical emergency they would be stuck in that ride. The people working the ride did not try to help or give us any help. We sat in the ride for > then 10 mins and then let off the ride. My daughter has marks in her legs and pain after she got off the ride. An evaluation of emergency procedures and training is needed for your employees for this ride and probably more rides.
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3 years ago, JuJuTheWulfPup
Not good for finding dining plan food locations
On our last day without a park pass, my group was looking to have a brunch before heading over to the airport. The app lets you filter dining options. I chose that I wanted the quick service meal type, and the filter that says it takes the Universal Dining plan. After these filters, the app shows 25 options to us. I was happy that Panda Express came up and decided to eat there when they open. We get there and they say they don’t take the dining plan and show us a list of places that do take it, which is much shorter than the list in the app, with only 5 places listed. What’s the point of having the app have filters that have the restaurant info saved or filtered incorrectly!??
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1 year ago, Manda681
No Mobile Order Shortcut On Homescreen
Throughout the Universal website, and on the app itself, it says to click on “the side menu” to go to mobile ordering. The side menu is still pictured here in the app description but the side menu is gone. Selections have been moved to the bottom. Shortcut to mobile order has been removed. If a change this big is being made it needs to be updated in the app directions. It is not. It appears you have to search through all of the restaurants and click on them individually to see if there is a mobile ordering option within the restaurant description, then start your order.
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1 year ago, rmctx
Lost useful functionality
Not really happy with the latest version of the app. Overall it has been very useful to navigate the parks, provide helpful info, tickets, contactless payment. But the latest version seems to have eliminated the drop down menu that would provide access to hotels, Citywalk, and event info. Having the most common features on the Home Screen is great, but the extended drop down menu was invaluable for hotel or Citywalk dining reservations (without having to find it in the map or spend time filtering the dining list), event info, etc. it was only visible when you needed it, so not sure why it was removed. App is now less useful.
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3 years ago, Ullork
Would like to see…
Great app, informative while on the go in the park; a vital tool! But as a go too for set ups and planning while at the hotel or home, I’d like to see an iPad version (bigger screen when planning with the family). It’s hard to go back and forth on a small screen when planning your day and settings things up. Also the virtual line is missing for now, having to log in to a separate site makes it hard to manage and track. An all-in-one app would be great! As is, this app has come a long way and I’m sure it will only get better! See you again soon as a UOAP holder.
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3 years ago, Brbull13
Not happy and never returning.
Not happy with our experience. It started with the purchase of 1 park tickets with express passes. Our intention was to go to Universal Studios but we mistakenly entered island of adventure. After a lengthy discussion with guest services we decided to stay in island of adventure. When we attempted to get back n our 2nd ride and use our express pass we were informed that our express pass was only for universal. We have wasted our day. We are now on our third ride and it had a 10 minute wait 30 minutes ago, due to a technical difficulty. We entered the park at 9:30 it’s now 11:55 and we are stuck on a line for a broken ride, and have go to guest services after to follow x my express pass situation, more time wasted. Never coming back.
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2 years ago, WorkoutMom2007
Not useful
This app allows the user to upload tickets but other than that it isn’t very useful. It doesn’t allow you to search for a certain ride with a search function. It allows the user to sort the map by type such as dining or rides, but you cannot make the map bigger to get a good idea of where you have to walk. It is basically an interactive PDF. The descriptions of the rides are short and lack detail. We had several people in our party which led us to have to find out about each ride to see who was going where. I had to search online and look at blogs to find out something as simple as whether or not Poseidon was a show or a ride. Not useful.
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1 year ago, kmauney28
So, I’m a super HP nerd on vacation. I only have limited days I can take vacation as I am in education. The buildings, decor, costumes and all the sites are extremely well-done. I really only have 2 issues: 1st- the signage is very poor- it is difficult to find attractions and food- even with a map. 2nd- in order to get the full HP experience, you have to purchase a 2-park ticket (so it’s a major cash grab for the park). I only came here for the HP worlds- I’m not interested in anything else. I probably would have bought souvenirs but every shop was packed and with only one day, there was little time for that. Also, several of the workers were less than friendly- but that may be indicative of the times.
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2 years ago, Diana Zein
App review
Worst app ever! Been in Disney for many years. First time at Universal and this app is such a disappointment. 1. Gps didn’t work. Try setting it up in the configuration and at the app level. Even allowed all the time. Didn’t get it to work. My husband did and we installed the app at the same time the same way. 2. Even with gps on (my husband) you always have to select the park. It should default to where you are all the time and then allow you to switch if you want to. Many clicks through the day to get to where you want to go. 3. Main menu options constantly change for some reason. Sometimes I am able to see wait times as an icon. Then open the app again 5mins later and it’s gone.
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2 years ago, RachelFire
Good but not as user friendly as it could be
I enjoy the app and it’s really helpful! I love that you can set wait time alerts that’s wonderful. A few things that I think would be helpful is adding a gps feature where you can get directions to the ride or dinning option you are looking for. I also wish I could zoom in more on the app and things were better labeled without having to tap on each thing. Being a first timer those are some things that would be helpful. Overall the app is great compared to a paper map!
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