Universal Studios Hollywood™

4.8 (153.6K)
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NBCUniversal Media, LLC
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Universal Studios Hollywood™

4.84 out of 5
153.6K Ratings
1 year ago, The universal guy
Super Nintendo world in the app
I do love that universal updated the app for the Super Nintendo world section and now that land has officially opened the app is finally useful because of tracking your points changing your power up band name to what you want and more importantly get the highest score in the land which makes it even fun because you can see how much you progress so much and and how much keys or coins you have and check the leaderboard on the app and not have to wait to where the checkpoint flag is to check your progression faster and you can even get more coins by collecting stamps from the app meaning you can get more coins from the app so it makes the Universal Studios Hollywood app worth when you go to Universal Studios Hollywood or more importantly the Super Nintendo world land itself for the experience and you really need a power up band to experience the land too so it’s worth it.
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1 year ago, pointbreak09
One small suggestion
Hello! First of all, I love Universal Studios Hollywood and even more with the new expansion of Super Nintendo World to the park, it’s a literal dream come true. I do have one small suggestion for the app though. I think you should add an option to check what is in stock at each store, including the prices and if certain pieces of merchandise are in or out of stock, sort of like the menu option for restaurants. For example, let’s say the 1-Up Factory. You can check what they have in the store and can also check the prices of merchandise while also being able to see if they are currently in the shop or sold out. That’s all I wanted to suggest, and I think many people who love the merchandise will be happier with this feature so they can plan what to buy, especially if they’re new to the park. Thank you, and please consider this. -Your biggest fan
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5 years ago, Selenan1111111
Universal Studios Hollywood App Review
This app is very easy to use. Up to date showtimes, has an alarm for you to use to set a set a reminder to start walking to the show 20 or 15 minutes prior to the showtime. You can also set an alarm for when a ride wait time dips to your desired wait time. Jurassic World and Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey can have a wait time in the 90 minutes range so just set an alarm for when the wait time goes down to 30. This app is very helpful. As a platinum pass holder, it helps me plan my day accordingly without having to wait for hours and hours for a ride because the app will tell me when it dips down to 20 minutes from a 110 minute wait. If you’re a pass holder or just going for the day, use this app! I know you will find this app helpful! (it also has the tour times for Mandarin and Spanish)
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6 years ago, snotbox17
Silver season pass family experience 2018
We love Universal. But there have been a few things mags that were inconvenient about the passes. It has been somewhat of an inconvenience to schedule at times with black out dates. Particularly having all of July and half of August blocked out. (My only summer vacation time.) and now with 3 Saturday’s in October blocked out when we really wanted to add horror night. Only other difficulty is my size. I’m a large woman and there are 3-4 rides I can’t ride including the 3 new rides in The Harry Potter area. Being new it would have been nice to consider larger people. And it’s a bit embarrassing to try your sample seats right out on display for everyone to watch you fail at closing the security bars. I understand you want people to see so they don’t waste their time in line, but there could be an example and perhaps have the actual practice seat around a screen of some sort. It’s a bit humiliating and shamming.
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3 years ago, cacktie
Always more, more, more.
As a fan I extremely enjoy the sight every time I visit. Adding sounds if possible would be great. Especially when the opening the app and the Universal logo appears. Add the theme song, That would be epic. Or click on a ride wait time and hear sound or characters from the ride, restaurant, etc. Side note. I would love Universal to give up marvel, simpsons etc for more universal themed rides/areas. Bring back E.T. Or Back to the Future. Have a whole land dedicated to Jurassic world or Universal monsters. Or other great Universal themed areas. But that’s just me. Thanks for providing a great app. The app definitely helps in planning out a trip to Universal Studios. Either a year in advance or the day of. Well done.
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2 years ago, Don't need a gd nickname
This App Could be Better
Honestly, where their competitor (the one that uses a mouse) is beating this app and this park is though mobile food ordering and scan and go for souvenirs. I recently visited Universal Studios in Hollywood and had to stand for a long time, in a long line just to place an order for food. At their competitor’s theme park, I was able to use their app place the location and time I wanted my food order then show up, show the attendant my confirmation number and walk away with my order without standing in line. Then at their souvenir shop I was able to scan the items I intended to purchase and then purchase the items all in my app and verify with the door attendant I was leaving with my purchases. I really hope Universal looks into mobile food ordering in the future… seeing as being in California and not doing this puts you way behind the times.
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6 years ago, carriefromthe661
Alot has changed at Universal Studios since I last been (25 years ago!)
Last time I went to Universal Studios I was 16 years ago, now at age 41 I got the chance to go again and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was able to ride all but one ride (Couldnt fit on the Harry Potter ride so that was a bummer!) I loved all the rides I was able to ride; and the food and gift shops are all really cool! We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and that was delicious, and those huge Simpson’s donuts we bought in the park were a perfect dessert to share! I had a bit of anxiety on the Tram Backlot Tour because it was the most packed attraction there, However I really enjoyed it. It’s a MUST! I’m glad we chose to purchase the annual passes rather than just a one day because we definately wanna go back soon!
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5 years ago, Tthsbns
This app has been a nightmare. I am currently on vacation and had downloaded app in order to purchase my tickets. At the end of my transaction (tickets already paid for), the app goes on to tell me that my tickets could take up to 12 hours to process?!?! I thought maybe this was just a standard message they use to be safe and my tickets would be sent to my email prior to that.... Sadly its around 7am and I purchased my tickets last night at 7pm and still no tickets or receipt in my email! Luckily I screenshotted the ending confirmation before it randomly exits out of it on you when you finish transaction. Read through all terms and conditions prior to purchasing tickets on app and NO WHERE does it say anything about a long 12hr wait time.. this has been such an unnecessary problem during my vacation where I should be relaxing and not worried about the wait time of these tickets and the inconvenience of worrying if there is a problem or not.. very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Confused Imagination
Definitely worth EVERYTHING
Let me start with the first impression. Wow, just wow. Once you walk in through the huge arch it’s like wOw. You can hit the whole park in one day! (it kind of depends on the wait times) Next, the rides. The new Jurassic World ride is absolutely amazing very life like and surprising as well! The average wait time is about 120 minutes. All the other rides are amazing too! I definitely recommend Transformers, Harry Potter- The Forbidden Journey, The Simpsons Ride, Despicable Me for daredevil riders. Lastly, the shops and restaurants/food stops. All of the ones we went to were aMaZiNg! No matter where you go the food will be worth it!! Overall I had an absolute blast at this new updated theme park!
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6 years ago, Meeshpants
Love the app - why did I have a hard timing finding it through search?
I've used this app to plan park trips and I love it. The filters on the map are super helpful, and it seemed like the wait estimates were accurate. I've recommended the map to 3 people. After my visit, I deleted the app to save storage. When I tried to find the app to prep for my next visit, I couldn't find the app when I search "universal studios hollywood" in the iTunes Store. I was only able to find the app through the "download app" button on your website. I'd recommend figuring that out in case anyone else has had that issue - I'm using an iPad.
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8 months ago, Ed from the base
The map was useless
We visited the park during daytime hours during Halloween fright night season. The park map was cluttered with symbols for attractions that were only open during fright night. The map size on my phone was too small to identify places visually, and the directional whiskers I’m used to seeing in map programs weren’t displayed. Selecting an attraction on the map brought up an information box that obscured almost half of the map, making it impossible to navigate with it. I was left to wander around looking for signs. The wait time function was very helpful. The reservation function was only available for rides with minimal wait times. The restaurant menu function was very useful, but we didn’t try the pre-ordering function. I’ve already deleted the app.
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2 years ago, Aaradondo
So impressed
We have always been frequent CA theme park goers and I was so impressed by our recent visit to universal studios. We visited Disney and here and all of us agreed that we had a much more enjoyable time at Universal. The workers were fun and engaging, the wait times were minimal and our day was just more relaxed. The workers make a huge difference. They talked and joked with the kids, they smiled and really seemed to enjoy being there much more than we saw at the other parks. Great job Universal. Thank you for making it fun again. We already want to come back.
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6 years ago, Team Adam94
4 straight years with front of the line passes
I can not believe that each year universal charges more each year for express passes. This year they decided to take away the passes WITH lanyards and instead give you a paper ticket that you have to find to use at each attraction. It was a hassle to keep digging in your pockets to find this flimsy piece of paper. Since I was in a bigger group, there was at least one person that had to check multiple locations to find the tickets! It was annoying! It was a relief to leave and not have to worry about misplacing the little piece of paper. What a joke! We were really upset when we priced lanyards and they started at $10 and after spending 180 for tickets for 5 people ... we really felt another $50 was ridiculous next year we might try knotts or Queen Mary!
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4 years ago, dean robson
At first I wasn’t sure but...
They gave us a discount for our youngest and we had just spent a couple days at Disney so I wasn’t expecting much but after going on some of their new rides I was completely amazed and loved it I can’t wait to go again someday. It was also awesome to be in Springfield and eat a homer size donut that fed my entire family LOL the Harry Potter ride was amazing the tour is a must try to sit on the right of the bus if you can. My only complaint and grape that I was bummed about was I’ve wanted to go on the Transformers ride forever and we went by two days after they closed it...
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6 years ago, TennisGal2018
Studio Tour was not good
I really looked forward to the Studio Tour but was unable to clearly hear our tour guide C.J. for almost the entire tour unless we were at a complete stop. I mentioned to her 3 times during tour that we couldn’t hear her but there was very little acknowledgement of the problem. I would’ve rather not had her speak at all and just read subtitles on the video screen, especially during the 50% volume reduction areas during which we could hardly even hear her talking at all. I told the bus driver Rob afterwards that the speaker system was horrible. We are going to try the studio tour one more time today to see if it improves w/ a different guide.
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6 years ago, Estelag6
Best theme park experience!
My husband and I downloaded the app before going. The wait time feature is awesome! You can even put an alert when the wait time gets to a particular time. We were able to plan out our path based on our itinerary that kept us up to date of wait times and upcoming show times. We put our top things in our itinerary and we’re able to get to them all and have extra time to chill, eat and shop. We spent 7 hours at the park on a Saturday and got to do the studio tour, 2 shows, the walking dead experience and 5 rides. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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5 years ago, N🐤M
This is a really good app
This app actually update that time to stand by in each rides those people that said this app doesn’t show where you are in the park it is wrong cuz they are stupid and never pay attention to the request that the app ask you to let the app navigates you in the park . The rides are sometimes broken but why do you blame it on the app the app didn’t do anything wrong if you want to write a 1 star feed back on this good app please think is it legit or not because you can’t blame everything on the app.
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6 years ago, Dg90774
Fantastic app that will make your day easy
This app was the best discovery made before going to the studios. It is all real time so you don’t have to look for signs or look for wait time boards around the park, which are only a couple or maybe just one. It helps you keep track of which rides you have ticked off! You can set a reminder if you don’t want to miss their incredible shows which happens only after couple of hours. Must must must download
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6 years ago, Juan 702
Over priced items
Everything is seriously over priced!! Can’t believe I paid 15 dollars for a burger and 10 fries plus 3 dollars for 1 drink and can’t even get a lid or a refill! Also waited 25min for 2 burgers (krusty burger) This place makes a ton of money and can afford one stupid refill. I’m glad my annual pass it’s almos expired because it’s insane all this prices. I will definitely take my business elsewhere in California. I drive for 4-5hr to this? Forget it.. Also your system on the tickets to hand out peoples food it’s a joke! Guy gets confused with all the tickets. You guys should get a better system with the money you saved with all the refills and lids you do not give!
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5 years ago, CeriseVanille
Bare minimum for a park app
It shows wait times completely fine and is the one good thing the app is used for. The map is sort of confusing. There are no labels when you’re trying to navigate thus making it a bit harder to figure out where you are. The most annoying thing is that no where on the app or website shows the menus of the food establishments. It only gives a brief view of what it is so you HAVE to walk to the restaurant and stare at the menu to see if it’s going to be to your preferences. It’s very inconvenient if you’re trying to plan your visit while in line or beforehand. The app itself feels outdated and uncared for.
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6 years ago, gary gnuu
One and done!
Never coming back here again. Got put together on my online purchase. I have no idea what the heck they are referring to but I bought upgraded tickets off there crap of a website to get in early and have express line. Not the case. Bait and switch. No early entry even though receipt and website say as much. Manager about the front gate was absolutely no help. Kept going in circles. Seriously got put together on these tickets. $450 later I don’t matter. I won’t drop names on managers as they need a job like everyone else but uvs needs to knock this crap off. 14yr old son is really bummed as is my wife and I. One and done. To many other Halloween events. Next step remove self from emails and mailing list.
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6 years ago, DeadsyDoll
Lifesaver and a time saver!!
Use this app!! The interactive map and the attraction wait time listings were the best features. You can also see where the food places are and what's served there. My favorite part is that the map can see which direction I'm facing. This was super helpful for me when meeting up with a friend in an area of the park that I wasn't too familiar with. I was able to figure out where I was quicker because I'm normally terrible with maps, lol.
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5 years ago, skillz5
Finally...but more can be done...
Finally Universal Studios Hollywood gets an app! You can tell this app was made from the same company which built Orlando's app. The challenge is that you cannot navigate Universal Studios Hollywood the same way as other theme parks. Not all attractions with wait times or street shows are listed, but the major information is here. This app is great if you are a frequent visitor. So close Universal...just a little bit more, please. Lots of missing key information needs to be added.
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11 months ago, RJBrian1180
I went to universal so many time it is so good it’s better then Disneyland I went on the mummy juarssic world Moria cart transformers Kunfo panda simsons Harry Potter hippo ride rollercoaster studio tour everthing even the shows the first time I went to universal it was so amazing I’m 11 years old now I went to universal since I was 5 years old so I no where everthing is at thank you universal studios Hollywood thank you for letting me go there.
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6 months ago, 213 313 208 775
Magic and Keys
I love everything about this place! I have been to several surrounding parks, but never this one. It looks so amazing! Especially the Harry Potter Two Worlds! I am excited to finish planning this trip for family and friends. These memories truly last forever, and I hope to revisit at least one a year in the future, until the day I die!
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1 year ago, nickzeo101
Very unintuitive. Should not have to sign up just to get a park map. Finding rides on the map was terrible. Finding bathrooms was difficult. There should be more lockers and more places throughout the park, not just at the entrance and at the lower section of the park. All that said, we did appreciate how on top the staff was to not allow people cutting into the Express Pass line especially having paid over $1,200 for my family’s tickets for Express. However, there should NOT be two levels of Express Pass. It should allow as many times as we want without having to further upgrade.
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5 years ago, DeuceDeuceDeuce
Great time
My family and I had a wonderful time at Universal Studios, it’s truly an amazing place. We loved the rides and also enjoyed meeting the celebrity impersonators throughout the park. We only wish something could be done about the wait on the long lines. The two hour wait for the Jurassic World ride was excessive not to mention that you’re on your feet the entire time, maybe if seating was provided it would make the wait less taxing. Overall, we all had a very good time.
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2 years ago, aaron62628
Best universal studios I EVER BEEN TO
Universal has all kind of rides like minions 3d and transformers 3d also they have meet and greets Even Harry Potter has his own land even minions called super silly fun They should make a grinch ride if they can Also they have food and the Simpsons who doesn’t like the simpsons even have their own land and that’s what I want to say thank you universal studios Hollywood for letting me be here
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4 years ago, tiktok
Needs work
Needs some work. I thought the itinerary feature would be helpful, but it’s basically useless because very few rides/shows are available for selection. The map is not interactive, so it’s also no better than a paper map. Navigation could also be a lot more intuitive. No one wants to spend time hunting through folders within the app for a feature while trying to enjoy the park. It was useful to look up show times. It would be nice if it had wait times for the express line as well as the regular line.
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6 years ago, Poke-master7000
Great app just needs annual pass linked option for pass members
I LOVE this pass but what will make it even more enjoyable will be a feature that can let us the annual pass holders have an option to link our pass or make an account as of what the Disney app has so that we can just have it linked to our phone Incase we might of misplaced our pass or something.
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6 years ago, annexio101
More than I expected, and yet could be so much more!
I was amazed by the full scene themes of every attraction and performance great job in doing so, but I feel some theatrical screen lines could be added to the hogshead eating areas alongside the theme music as well as more cast and characters to the theme park and overall for my first visit it was awesome and will definitely be going again thank you!
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12 months ago, Veterans/1st responder
Veteran and first responder very disappointed
I spent the extra money for early entry to the park and let my family go ahead on the main ride to do child share and then was SO Very Disappointed that I don't have any interest in going on the ride at all and SERIOUSLY just want to get my day back, I sat and waited with my grad-daughter for over an hour and a half also told the times to move to another area to sit, glad that as a veteran and 1st responder for 40 years that driving over a thousand miles and all the money was spent wisely. Please be sure to pass this to
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1 year ago, MIAturnup
App is Okay
I used the app today and it was just okay. I like that it shows you the wait times for rides and offers a park map, but I wish that it offered step by step directions to where I would like to go. Aside from that, the biggest downer was that I could never scan my power up band for Super Nintendo World. I tried no less than 20 times from morning until night and it just continued to spin each time.
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4 years ago, Megagirl2.0
This app is amazing!!!
I am so happy that I found this app on the brochure! It has every thing you need. It shows you the wait time and the location, also were you are. It talks about the latest news and shows you what shows their are and their times! It also tells you were bathrooms are and eating ares! I love it! THANKS
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3 years ago, Sorrin S5
Don’t buy tickets from the app.
I purchased tickets from the app and got no e-mail, no download and no confirmation. What I did get was my credit card charged INSTANTLY along with a message saying it could take up to 12hrs to get my tickets to print. Why not state this BEFORE letting me purchase the tickets. I’m taking my daughter to the park in the morning and now get to worry about if I’ll even have any tickets. I’ll probably have to wait in the ticket purchase while I should be in the park. I feel like this will be my 1st and last visit to Universal. So sad.
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6 years ago, Mr. Straight-Up
Loss Prevention Racial Profiling
Your so-called loss prevention is worse than the Police when it comes to racial profiling. I was followed up and down the stores by “undercover” loss prevention. Made me and my family feel very uncomfortable. When I brought this issue to Customer Relations they apologized and handed us a couple of front of the line tickets. Not good enough. Very disappointed. As if that was suppose to make up for our inconvenience. Nothing like the subpar service from Universal. I knew there was a legitimate reason why my family and I enjoy all our visits to Disneyland a lot more then any other theme park.
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7 years ago, TreeHugger058
I really like this app!
This app makes it easy for me to know what the wait times for the rides instead of trying to locate a wait time sign. I also updated the wait time quickly which is very useful. I do wish that other theme parks had this level of technology that helps people in the park find their way around.
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5 years ago, diane0:)
Very Helpful App!😁
The Universal Studios App is very helpful and really easy to use. It’s so easy to navigate and includes many helpful things like adding an alert when a ride has a shorter wait time. I’ve had nothing but good experience with this app and its definitely more reliable than the Disneyland app. 10 out of 10 recommend!!😁
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2 months ago, RodRez Fam
First time!!
My family and I were there for the first time and absolutely LOVED Universal!!!! So much to do, eat, and so much fun!!! We already want to go back and looking forward to it!🤩 The Tour was wonderful and so fun!! A must activity to do if it’s your first time!!! I will definitely do it again on my next visit!
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2 weeks ago, Roblox jasperandcasper
Hagrid motorbike journey
The ride is supper fun but the line is crazy long and you need a pass for the single line but other than that it is really fun and it said 100 till u get to ride and there was a delay and in the 100 minutes after the ride I still have a 13 minutes
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2 years ago, izzy<_>
love this app 🫶🏻
this app is very helpful, i went for my first time in march and i would continuously look back to see the wait times and when show times were. my family use it all the time when we are at universal studios. this is very helpful and i would recommend it for anyone how doesn’t want to walk to the other side of the park until you know how long you have to wait. it only takes a few seconds to look and you can make a list to see what you have and haven’t done. i love this app a lot and i think you should use it too 🫶🏻
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1 year ago, Chiggenbu
Being able to see both parks on same app
I wish you can switch from Universal California to Florida maps on the same app, and just be able to switch from one to the other. Add the feature please.
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1 year ago, denver ino
Needs some work
There are a few features that I enjoyed but overall not user friendly. Separating the bathrooms from all the other action items on the app was bad call. Many decisions felt very developer based and not user tested. Going from Disney trip to universal the app needs lots of work. It couldn’t tell me where I was on the map, it would glitch and not show rides. I think I should have grabbed a physical map instead.
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3 years ago, SeanB82
Why are passes not stored in-app
The application is missing a significant feature and that is there is no available option to store passes in the application. I’ll change my review once the application is updated with this feature. Also, not app related I know so many local residents who would signup for an annual pass if the hours of the park were extended. The issue for most locals is the park is closed by the time they can get there during the week and the weekend is always crowded of course.
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3 years ago, NinaTab
Pandemic experience
Unfortunately our experience at universal studios was not that pleasant, we paid 90 dollars each for only 2 rides, most our time was spent on waiting on lines, the tour bus didn’t need to have one empty row between people, people had enough space even if they were sitting behind each other, didn’t make sense to me, other thing I didn’t like were 3D everywhere, most rides were using 3D, it was too much,
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3 years ago, Katrina M 😍
Pass holders
We love the park so much we have been pass holders for the past 11 years. Would highly recommend getting a season pass. Also starting from the bottom of the park and working your way back up is the way to go!
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3 months ago, AC 82
Our family had the best time. If you are there for the interactive band make sure you tape at least twice so you can get the stamps and keys or you’ll have to wait in line and do it all over again
Show more
5 years ago, Hay Day Love Bug
No Member Account Option
It would be a million times better if there was a membership feature which contained your pass for easy availability, account updates and other membership info. To be honest it’s quiet surprising and disappointing that it’s not available. We have various memberships to much, much smaller venues and they even offer member apps for easy barcode scanning upon entrance (in addition to ID at some).
Show more
6 years ago, Universalcasucks
Worst park entrance experience
Unorganized entrance with thousands of people in front of us. Some man screaming on an intercom trying to direct people. This was the most stressful experience trying just to get in. Three out of five of our party were given their fast passes two of us were directed to the box office where there was another hundred people in line. I had to cut the line and luckily one of the attendants printed our passes. Apparently they had a “ systemic failure” and boy was this a failure. We have tickets to fright night this evening and I’m already dreading coming back.
Show more
3 months ago, hadukeb
$150 Wasted That I’m Never Getting Back
This is an absolute joke of an amusement park, if you can even call it that. 12 total attractions throughout the entire park, and TWO rollercoasters. And I had to pay $144 for a day. You’re better off just getting a season pass at Six Flags for less than half the price, and you’ll get a heck of a lot more rollercoasters there. Only reason Universal gets a lot of foot traffic is because they’re fricking Universal; they can get away with anything.
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