Universal Studios Japan

4.7 (1.2K)
214.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Universal Studios Japan

4.67 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 months ago, Sean1214a
Great app!
This app helped me through my two day stay at Universal in Japan. It was the best experience I ever had because of this app. It showed us all the rides so we didn’t have to search for them. Waiting on line was hard but I couldn’t blame the app. This made walking in the hot sun fun instead, because USJ made it possible for us to have extremely lots of fun. It really came up to my expectations.
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12 months ago, pizza_dough
Insanely convoluted and confusing
Regular tickets, express passes, timed entry, “standby” situations, in-app physical ticket registration, physical entrance lottery registration booths in the park, etc. Terrible experience. You go to Osaka only to find a multi-tier, multi-step purchase process for entering the park and your area of interest. You may not be able to enter your area in the end because those tickets are “sold out”, meaning you’ll find yourself walking around unable to do much in the park after you’ve paid for entry. Looking to buy tickets in the app on the fly? Sorry, the app loads a heavy, extremely slow ticketing web site instead of giving you lightweight, low-bandwidth purchase options—thus defeating the purpose of having an app at all. In addition, the functionality in English is different from Japanese. For example you can buy an express pass separately in Japanese, while you can only buy them coupled with tickets in English. Makes the experience infuriating when trying to figure things out with a multilingual family. Wifi coverage in the park is spotty, not that wifi helps the ticketing site load anyway. In general the experience was terrible for my family of 7 in the summer heat.
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1 year ago, AnCaOlb
Worst app ever!
I cannot finish my order. I have been trying for an hour to buy tickets and it keeps failing. It won’t accept any of my American credit cards (and this is freaking Universal Studios, an American company) nor Apple Pay. And every time I have to restart and fill up again the information all over again! It’s the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced when it comes to purchasing tickets online. It also doesn’t work on the website. Plus the express pass time slots are ridiculous! There’s barely enough time to enjoy the different areas because they schedule them so close.
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3 years ago, margate Ford
Nintendo world is the coolest
You wonder why I put the title up because it’s Nintendo world I were talking about here I’m so hyped to go here because I’ve never gone to Japan before so yeah I’m so proud of this app because I really like Japan and stuff so yeah
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1 year ago, vsid87
Wasted a vacation day on this
Full of bugs. The button names change making it difficult to read during navigation. Restarting doesn’t help. Everyone at the park just blankly stared at the app with no clue how to help. The whole thing is convoluted and a pain to use when you’re just trying to enjoy the day. Couldn’t buy any express tickets and entry wasn’t guaranteed to Nintendo world and was put into a lottery system which we couldn’t make sense of.
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3 years ago, Slamalot007
No Map?
Just wish when you selected park map it brought up a map of the park instead of listing the attractions or shops making you select one. Then only gives you where that place is without relation to where you are. If they pulled up a full map (like when you go into Super Nintendo land) I think it would be better.
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4 years ago, Fernando Play good and smart
Love this app and hope the park opens soon
Download this on tablet because it will be on English and it tells you the map and it even has the Super Nintendo world game. Download it please.
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11 months ago, anthonyjoe4
missing information from app
There is so much information missing that could easily be included. Is the waiting area temperature controlled or not? How long is the ride? Is the audio for theatre attractions only in japanese? (even though the info and sign is in english)
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10 months ago, Miss-Claudia
Cannot purchase with American credit cards
The ticket purchasing process was impossible using American credit cards. It took a long time to figure out it just wasn’t going to work. Apple Pay and manually entering your visa or master card information just completely doesn’t work. Don’t spend your time. Book using Klook if you’re not Japanese, although then you don’t get to choose the specific expresss pass that you want. We give up, we’re not coming. You’re missing out on our $400 in revenue just because your app is horrible and we’ll spend it on Disney or sushi or something instead 😂
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3 years ago, SuperTonioYT
Super Nintendo world love
I was so excited to see the new Super Nintendo World theme park I got the app to be ready to go to Japan to see this park and be Mario 😁
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9 months ago, time waster &glitchy
Waste of time and full of bugs.
I have wasted days trying to get my tickets. The payment method doesn’t work, it glitches all the time now I’m stuck wondering if payments are going to hit my card. The process for the tickets is also super ridiculous and overly complicated. Super disappointed.
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3 weeks ago, Deal search
Worst app ever
Can’t even buy the tickets with this app as it uses a third party website that cannot finish your payment order even with the correct credit card info. Does Universal Studio even reading some of these reviews who are having the same problems?
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11 months ago, KaiserWorks
I get that it’s Japan, but…
Not everything is English friendly. It’s better to use their website. For an app downloaded from an English App Store, would just make sense that everything has been translated into English. Not the case here.
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1 year ago, dtyokoy
App is confusing, not user friendly
The app is as confusing and bad as their online site and customer service… explanation is poor on how timed entry works and everything. I’m quite surprised to be honest.
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1 year ago, xxhris
Enjoying our time
It is not fair we don’t get a chance to enter the specific park when ppl have $ get to go first. We have kids and seniors paid a lot of money and get to go to 2 rides.
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4 years ago, Maybe this name will work28
Love your land and you guys are amazing!
See you soon
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1 year ago, 🦄🩰😆😊
Love it! I really like it!
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2 years ago, Jswlim.au
Language support
Hard to use unless you read Japanese
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3 years ago, js56113
Needs more English support
The app needs more English support
Show more
12 months ago, Guest 459
Request Language Help
Needs English-language instructions on how to buy Area Timed Entry tickets for Super Nintendo World
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4 years ago, newmbur
Wait Times - Broken
The most crucial functionality from the users' perspective, attraction wait time, is broken. Please fix.
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3 months ago, A ex-loyal customer
Not user friendly
This app is not very good. It was made by minions and therefore cannot service humans in a way.
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8 months ago, FDotLeo
Horrible App
Waste of time. Doesn't let you do Super Mario World until late
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3 years ago, DocTPepper
I love turtles
So this is the best app ever!!!
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2 years ago, ztzgzy
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9 months ago, ACautionaryTale
Spooky: Guaranteed to torture you for hours!
I made the simple mistake of wanting to to go to USJ with my spouse during their Halloween event and attempting to give them hundreds of dollars of my hard earned cash. Little did I know that this would be the scariest Halloween experience ever! Simply trying to purchase tickets was a nightmare. Originally I tried to buy on their website (Firefox) but whenever I tried to pay, the screen would refresh until it turned black. I looked online and found so many others expressing all the forms of grief over this very problem. Like a cult trying to troubleshoot a demonic summoning, these hapless ancestors managed to cobble together a winning solution: download the app, use Apple Pay with a Mastercard or Amex. Because apparently the USJ ticket demon took umbrage with foreign issued visas, the most commonly used credit card worldwide. Our foreign currency is not worthy enough to summon it, despite the currently plummeting Japanese yen exchange rate. Thankfully after a few frantic moments of searching desperately for a non-visa card in our household, I found one and loaded it up in Apple Pay, thinking my troubles over. Dear reader, my troubles had only begun. The app would now reject my attempts with a large red “FAILED” banner. The only advice given online was “keep trying.” On top everything, every attempt would deplete the inventory of the selected express pass until I would no longer be able to buy that timed entry. But all was not lost! I was able to select a worse timed entry, and then a worse one, and an even worse one! All while fiddling with my phone # entry in a vague sense of hope. Even though USJ would not give me a single a ticket, I would deplete 3 of their time slots and attempt to buy 14 times before it inexplicably confirmed my purchase. At this point, it had been nearly 3 hours and I was weary and numb. An email confirmation merely arrived 10 minutes after this, a scant 9 minutes after I started to doubt my sanity and whether I had hallucinated everything. Of course none of the tickets loaded into the app where I purchased tickets from in the first place. I still have no idea how to get them on there, but that is for future me to worry about. I am done with this demonic app for today. I ask only that you save yourself dear reader! It is too late for me, but perhaps you can save yourself from this terrifying Halloween madness! Boo!
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4 months ago, Macarioleyva
Trash app
This is most Comoplicated app I've ever used.
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5 years ago, XandraLee03
Perfect for What We Needed
Every other review of this app is negative because it isn’t in English, but newflash: the park is in Japan. On the map (which has a GPS dot that follows you), all attraction logos are shown IN ENGLISH. Knowing how to read Katakana or downloading Google Translate will help non-natives like myself, but the app works great.
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5 years ago, Mizasquare
Good guide
I lied
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11 years ago, Wwrh
Not in English!
The details for this app say the language is in English, but what appears on my iPhone is clearly NOT English. Visiting the park in February and would really like to be able to use this app to find out wait times for rides and restaurants!
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6 years ago, Reporter001_
Useless, no English
I would have given this app -1 star for dumb implementation. Guys, the world is a village, Universal is a global company and yet you can’t even roll out apps for all you locales that at least provide English? Go back to bed! You have no idea about IT.
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6 years ago, John Dykema
Seriously?? Get at least the English option if you’re going to roll out an app...I get it’s in Japan but people visit from the US to see their favorites overseas..
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9 years ago, Chicagooark2
No English support
Everything is Japanese except for section titles. Useless for me who cannot read any Japanese
Show more
5 years ago, an angry mike
totally unless,no english
Totally unless for non-Japanese speakers. Come On! It has been 9102. Cannot imagine a global resort without an English version APP!
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5 years ago, T. Hooker
No English option? What year is this? Come on guys....
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6 years ago, tellabella
Not in English
Not very helpful considering the wait times.
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7 years ago, Magic Kyle
No language option for english?
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5 years ago, Wluk99
Japanese only.
Consider adding english support.
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7 years ago, 伊森来了
本来想用英语写评价,但是想想有需要迁就环球吗? 没有! 作为一个跨国公司来说,开发者一款只有日语的软件也是非常不尊重全球的使用者了。 而且还在不停的使用我的GPS定位信息。 有用信息看不懂,还耗光了我的电池, 娜就杰样吧! 手动呵呵! 手动滑稽!
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