Upside: Cash Back - Gas & Food

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Upside Services Inc
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User Reviews for Upside: Cash Back - Gas & Food

4.78 out of 5
529.1K Ratings
2 weeks ago, jamescarl3922
Loved it❤️
𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒚 𝑼𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒐 𝑪𝒐𝒅𝒆 “𝟔𝑸𝑽𝑷𝑽” 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏𝒖𝒑 𝒕𝒐 𝒈𝒆𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒇𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒂𝒍 𝒃𝒐𝒏𝒖𝒔. It does what it says it does. I've saved $40 on gas so far, and this app is free. So that's very nice. But it's a very frustrating app to use. The app works fine until it's time to actually prove to it that you filled up at the gas station with the offer you “claimed”. The app instructs you to tap a button that doesn't exist on the screen in order to “arrive" at the gas station. So I looked it up online and people say you have to log out and log back in. Then it prompts you with the option to "upload receipt” which is what I do. But now the scanning technology which scans your receipt on the app doesn't work anymore! So I have to upload a pic instead. Logging out and logging back in after you've claimed your offer is what makes it eventually work, but not every time. Sometimes I have to wait a few hours after I've completed the transaction before logging out and logging back in will prompt the option to "upload receipt", which appears to be the only way I can prove to Upside I completed the transaction. It always works eventually, and I've saved $40 so far so that really is nice, but the app is buggy and has these issues. I really hope they fix it, it would be a dream to have this app finally just be smooth throughout the whole experience. But as of now it is a chore, they do make you work a bit for the savings.
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2 weeks ago, Fetch ReferralCode- 3JQJYJ
Loved upside❤️
𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒚 𝑼𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒐 𝑪𝒐𝒅𝒆 “𝒀𝟔𝑬𝑲𝑫𝟖” 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏𝒖𝒑 𝒕𝒐 𝒈𝒆𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒇𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒂𝒍 𝒃𝒐𝒏𝒖𝒔. It does what it says it does. I've saved $40 on gas so far, and this app is free. So that's very nice. But it's a very frustrating app to use. The app works fine until it's time to actually prove to it that you filled up at the gas station with the offer you “claimed”. The app instructs you to tap a button that doesn't exist on the screen in order to “arrive" at the gas station. So I looked it up online and people say you have to log out and log back in. Then it prompts you with the option to "upload receipt” which is what I do. But now the scanning technology which scans your receipt on the app doesn't work anymore! So I have to upload a pic instead. Logging out and logging back in after you've claimed your offer is what makes it eventually work, but not every time. Sometimes I have to wait a few hours after I've completed the transaction before logging out and logging back in will prompt the option to "upload receipt", which appears to be the only way I can prove to Upside I completed the transaction. It always works eventually, and I've saved $40 so far so that really is nice, but the app is buggy and has these issues. I really hope they fix it, it would be a dream to have this app finally just be smooth throughout the whole experience. But as of now it is a chore, they do make you work a bit for the savings.
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3 years ago, Who cares 0998
Poor Customer Service
There were 2 offers at the same station. However, the LOWER offer (4 cents) was visible ONLY if I zoomed in on the map while the HIGHER offer (8 cents) was visible in a plain search. This is a deceptive practice. I only realized this because when I saw the payout it was much lower than the offer. So I went back to the app to make sure and the 8 cent offer was still there. However, there was also a hidden offer at the same station only visible if you zoomed in as far as possible on the map. If that’s not clear then imagine if I put up a large sign that says “8 cents back on every gallon!” Then you fill your tank only to realize the next day that you only received 4 cents back. You come back to check the sign and indeed it says 8 cents. However, when you closely inspect it you see a tiny little sign that says 4 cents back—two offers at the same station, one plainly visible and another hidden from view. This is EXACTLY what happened with the app and it’s deceptive. However, I wasn’t even paid 4 cents, it was 3 cents. This is extremely deceptive. When I contacted customer service about it they blew me off and told me that the payment (of 3 cents) was made and if I had additional questions go to the FAQ page. Nice.
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1 year ago, Shlar47
Saves You Money, But Very Frustrating App
It does what it says it does. I’ve saved $40 on gas so far, and this app is free. So that’s very nice. But it’s a very frustrating app to use. The app works fine until it’s time to actually prove to it that you filled up at the gas station with the offer you “claimed”. The app instructs you to tap a button that doesn’t exist on the screen in order to “arrive” at the gas station. So I looked it up online and people say you have to log out and log back in. Then it prompts you with the option to “upload receipt” which is what I do. But now the scanning technology which scans your receipt on the app doesn’t work anymore! So I have to upload a pic instead. Logging out and logging back in after you’ve claimed your offer is what makes it eventually work, but not every time. Sometimes I have to wait a few hours after I’ve completed the transaction before logging out and logging back in will prompt the option to “upload receipt”, which appears to be the only way I can prove to Upside I completed the transaction. It always works eventually, and I’ve saved $40 so far so that really is nice, but the app is buggy and has these issues. I really hope they fix it, it would be a dream to have this app finally just be smooth throughout the whole experience. But as of now it is a chore, they do make you work a bit for the savings.
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11 months ago, MARTINCAM
Potential problems using Apple ID
First of all, I really like the Upside app. I recommend it to others. I’ve maybe earned about $20 so far using it, but have also lost out on about $10 because I can’t get back into the app using my Apple ID to log in. It’s not really the apps fault, but only rated 4 stars because of this circumstance. Here is what happened… I initially created a login with my email address and a strong password and everything was fine for 9 months maybe. Then I started to have to enter my password every time I accessed the app. Apple’s password manager wouldn’t work. I became frustrated finding where I had recorded the password and entering it manually every time I wanted to use the app so I logged out of the app and created. New account using my Apple ID to log in. After three uses and accumulating about $10 in rebates, I would get an error when trying to log in using the Apple ID. Upside support isn’t able to help because they don’t get passed the actual email address Apple uses and passes to the app (I know I’m probably not explaining it right). I tried deleting an reinstalling the app, changing my Apple ID password, but I still get the same error. As far as i know, the account using the Apple ID is gone for good and I no longer can use Apple ID to login to the app at all. Now I’m using Google to log in. Hopefully I don’t encounter something similar with that ID.
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7 months ago, Sucka Mí Dikk
Poor Management
Let me state that I have used Upside for about 2 years straight. And there’s a few negative points I want to make; - Most of the gas stations are in poor, not so safe areas. - Upside will some times ask for a picture of a receipt. - Gas stations in poor areas usually only print receipts inside. - Now you have to go inside and possibly wait in line for just a receipt. - And this is the worst; After everything you’ve done, you 9/10 will get handed a receipt that says you paid in cash. I’ve even had an incident where the guy literally told me he can’t print any receipts. I just want to know why Upside doesn’t have someone verifying we can even get receipts. You put my family’s safety on the line with these sketchy stations, and then I’m required to jump through hoops to “possibly” get cash back that I was offered. When something goes wrong (like printers not working, system down, etc.), the customer gets the poopy end of the stick. Upside puts more into begging customers for 5 star reviews, than they do insuring the safety and efficiency of their own system. If this doesn’t change, and I keep getting sent to sketchy places that can’t print receipts…. well I won’t be waisting my time anymore. My families lives are worth more that $1.00 cash back. I don’t need your article about why I didn’t earn cash either, it’s not my fault, it’s y’all’s 😊 I don’t have a personal receipt printer, sorry
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4 months ago, SugarMonkey_728
Great App
I love Upside! I get cash back on most of my gas purchases, and it does add up - not like they claim in the commercial but still. They also have cash back inside gas stations and other stores. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost me anything. I gave it 4 stars only because half the time (lately), the app doesn’t select a payment method, and I end up having to upload a receipt. I wouldn’t normally have a problem with that except one of the gas stations I go to is chronically out of paper and the receipts don’t print. I get gas on my way to work in the mornings and don’t have time to run in and wait for them to print a receipt. I expect if it’s gonna tell me it will print a receipt, that I should get a receipt. While that is not Upside’s fault, it could be avoided if the app selected a card each and every time so that I didn’t have to upload a receipt. The other issue I’ve had is that when it does select a payment method, it usually selects my backup method. I go in and manually change it to my other card, but if I have to switch apps, it goes back to the former payment method it selected instead of the one that I selected. I have not been awarded cashback because of that. However, that didn’t only happen once because now I’m diligent in making sure that the correct payment method is showing before I complete the transaction.
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2 years ago, Thelmaime
Love the new name upgraded!
I love the app! Had it ever since 2018 don’t regret it at all whatsoevr 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s free money building up for me! I only given it a 4 ⭐️ outta 5 bc I can’t update my email address. I contacted support & was told atm we r not updating email addresses but I can update anything else 🙄🫤 thts super annoying when apps do this. I love to c my history etc since I had it since 2018 & for me to jst deactivate & start ovr baffles me bc I don’t like starting ovr when I had this app long enough. I understand if I forgot my login info which tht doesn’t happens bc u can always click on “forgot password” link. So now I still have to use my old email for this particular app since I can’t update my email but hopefully which am wishing in the near future tht it changes bc y can’t we loyal customers change/update email address. Esp now since they’re making major changes to the app but we Upside customers can’t update ours 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 I don’t like tht! But overall love the app love the new name but w/all these new updates the app now loss up slower when am at locations trying to checkin/lid up receipts. Like whts rlly up w/tht! Unless it’s the 5G bc I don’t have a phone tht already comes w/ 5G all I did was update my SIM card not my iPhone yet but unfortunately I will soon. B even when am at home using my food WiFi the GetUpside/Upside app still loads up slower.
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2 years ago, NicknameCuzItWasRequired
Deceiving (edited)
I chose to fill up my Jeep at a Casey’s on June 9th. The Walmart gas station was about $.40/gal cheaper, but Upside showed Casey’s having an offer of something around $.40/gal cash back (I can’t remember the exact amounts, but it was close to this). I put 17 gallons in my Jeep. Today, on June 15th, 6 days later, Upside finally processed the offer. Except it was processed at Casey’s current offer of $.06/gal cash back. The only reason I chose Casey’s over Walmart with that price difference was for the cash back because it made it worth it. What an absolute scam that was. When we use this app it makes us scan our receipt to include the time and date of the purchase. I would expect part of that to mean we are locked in at the offer that was valid at the time of our purchase. When I tried to find a way to contact Upside about this, all I found was the useless FAQ section that never actually answers the question. I even tried chatting with the bot that answers automatically and the bot didn’t have an answer either. This was only my second time using this app and it may be my last if this is how it deceives you. Especially with no customer service. EDIT I was finally able to reach customer service. After a few emails back and forth, they agreed to fix my issue and the proper amount was added to my account.
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1 year ago, Vbshel4
Worth it!
In 2 years and 3 months, I have gotten $519 cask back. We travel the country pulling a THOW with a diesel truck and Upside participating gas stations have been found at about 90% of our stops and along our routes. We’ve also used Upside at some restaurants and grocery stores with 98% success. Had one issue where a restaurant used online receipts and it didn’t have all of the info Upside requires to process the receipt properly. So make sure restaurant uses in-store receipts or your charge is automatically looked up by Upside in the restaurant’s system (blue pentagon symbol with a lightning bolt in it on the opportunity listing in the app). There are restrictions/limitations with each kind of cash back opportunity, but they are easily found in the app for each establishment for you to read and assess for yourself if the opportunity is worth it or not. It’s a free app so it’s not like you are losing money if the opportunity isn’t right for you. Using the establishments where Upside automatically finds your charge makes this the most user friendly, free cash back app I have ever used and fortunately the number of establishments where that occurs has increased dramatically in the 2 years I have been using it. Totally worth the effort!
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2 years ago, aeh1331
The app is so bad and glitchy
The cash back options for gas are nice, I definitely think they could give a higher ¢ amount back per gallon though. However truly the worst thing is how glitchy and crappy the app is. It is so user unfriendly and glitchy that it is honestly my least favorite app, however it’s the only gas cashback program I know of. If the app itself was better, I don’t think that using Upside would be so stressful, time-consuming and tedious. The app consistently has gas station locations wrong, and will drop me off a mile away from the actual gas station. The screen that reloads with the map of gas stations participating in Upside takes a very long time, and will constantly zoom away from your physical location to areas behind where you have traveled. The app does not stay on the same page, so when you click to get directions to a gas station and then click back to try to verify that it’s right or claim the cash back, the entire app refreshes and you have to find the station again. It’s also very frustrating that the app takes about 30 seconds to load, went off and you’re trying to find a gas station on the fly and by the time that you can see an actual station and claim some thing, you’ve already missed the exit. Overall, upside could really revamp this app and make it better, but right now it is just absolutely lacking and quite frustrating to use.
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1 year ago, R2D2manbot
Excellent Customer Service from personal experience
It’s like a free fill up every now and then. Works great ! Now a bit of warning from personal experience. When having to upload receipts, just upload it and click attach receipt then a few days later you get the cash back without any issues. Where i went wrong was when I decided to review my receipts after the upload. This is where I checked boxes to questions if the receipt had time, location, address, etc. I checked some boxes but couldn’t check the box about time because my receipt didn’t have time on it and because of that I didn’t get cash back for that receipt. It created a issue of receipt not matched. But if you just upload the receipt then click attach receipt, EVERYTHING works out perfectly. Don’t try to do more than that like I did and then caused more headaches for myself blaming the software or the company for the issues when it was my fault from the beginning….oops my bad! (I say excellent customer service from personal experience because through out the whole time of trying to figure out my issues, the customer service team was very helpful, kind, and courtesy to me)
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1 year ago, jhodson
Almost perfect. Great value.
I’ve been using Upside for a few months now. I started using it for gas and that’s a really good deal. Then when I bought my electric car, I didn’t need the gas feature anymore. Now I use Upside for the great deals at restaurants. There’s some that pay really high percentage back. My only reservation with giving it five stars is that sometimes the deals are hard to find on the map. There should be a preference for whether you want to search for gas or restaurants. Most of the time Upside is suggesting gas stations when I don’t need that option anymore. When I tap on the map, I want to look for restaurants by default. Another glitch that sometimes happens is I see a deal on the map for cashback at a restaurant and then when I get to the restaurant sometimes it has disappeared. A pinch and zoom on the map to look for it and it’s nowhere to be found. Sometimes it comes back later after I’ve left the restaurant. That’s happened at least once. Sometimes restaurants will discontinue offering cash back through Upside. But there are some restaurants that offer it consistently every single week. So this app is almost perfect with a few fixes. I’ve earned at least $100 back already. Pretty amazing! More places should offer deals with Upside.
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4 weeks ago, Mrs. Petoskey
Reason why and why not
I like this app but the things that I don’t like about it is how slow you earn money. I’ve been doing this since January and I’ve only made $29 now I fill up once a week maybe even twice a week because I can’t get somebody to download the app. I don’t make money as fast as other people, which I think is just unfair. It would be nice if they added like grocery stores to it but it’s only gas and some fast food places not all the same fast food places like we have seven Taco Bell in my city and it only allows one Taco Bell on this app, which doesn’t make sense to me, I know that the franchise through other people, but I feel like it should be for all but the reason to get it is you do get a little bit of change back I mean you get more money the first month you sign up for it then all the other months and if you can get somebody to download the app you get money every single time and they make a purchase it is nice to get something back, but it was being nicer if it was something more like some places are only two cents off and other places are $.10 off I’ve been going to the $.10 off because it makes it worth it so make sure you where you get gas at and how much sense off it is because the sense is what you get back how much is taken off of your gas prices when you fill up
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4 years ago, ShifterFromAlabama
Looks like it’s stopped paying... again 🙄
I’ve been using this app almost daily since February. I drive almost 200 miles a day so I buy a lot of gas and always use this app when I do so. For the most part it works great. I get gas and usually within a day I’ve got my reward. However, sometimes the payments stop coming. They will back up for days on end. Usually when this happens I’ll eventually get some lame excuse on why my payment cannot be processed. I’ve noticed this problem has gotten worse since they’ve added more stations where you “check in” instead of uploading your receipt. Right now it’s Aug. 22. I have three “processing” transactions from the 20th, 19th, and 17th. And before a reply comes to this review, I want to say that whenever I claim a deal, I sync the GetUpside map to my phone map and have it direct me to the exact station that is supposed to be the one I’ve claimed according to your own app. I check in and select my card as soon as I arrive before I pump my fuel. And I only have one card on file. This is getting frustrating and I hope the developers fix whatever is going on. I’m starting to lose faith in this app.
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5 years ago, ben9109
Cheap and slow
They charge you a whole dollar to cash out to PayPal unless you are cashing out $15 or more or getting a gift card. Then when you do cash out they give to a notification that states it will take 24-48 hours to transfer your money to PayPal. First of all I know it doesn’t cost them a dollar to cash out small amounts. They say they’re passing SOME of that cost on to us, so they would have us believe that it costs them more than a dollar to transfer funds. Second, if they’re going to charge a whole dollar to transfer to PayPal then they could at least do it quicker than 24-48 hours after you cash out. PayPal only takes 2% and they transfer immediately (30 minutes tops). Lastly, this app is full of bugs. The first time I claimed an offer the app told me I had 4 hours to upload a receipt from the gas station I selected. Once I got to the gas station and pumped my gas the app suddenly crashed and logged me out. I’ve had this app for months before I actually used it and it had never logged me out before. When I tried to log back in it told me my info was incorrect. So now I had to play the log in game. Once I finally got logged back on I uploaded my receipt and the app told me I should see what my cash back would be in 24-48 hours. Then it told me 3 different discount amounts that I would be getting. This app needs A LOT of work.
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8 months ago, cpuaggie
Useful…for some gas stations
I’ve been using Upside for quite a few years now. Biggest problem I have is finding gas stations that actually participate. One thing they don’t mention is it only works at “certain” gas stations. They make it sound like you can get cash back at every gas station. You could be driving on the interstate and there might be one or two gas stations within 40 miles that are on Upside, but to get to them, you have to exit and drive 10 miles off the interstate to get to one of them. Literally more often than not, the gas prices on Upside are wrong. You’ll drive passed 3-4 gas stations that are $3.49/Gal. and not on Upside. Then you finally get to the one gas station Upside “does” have a cash back offer on that’s supposed to be $3.45 plus a $0.10/Gal. cash back offer only to find out when you get there, it’s $3.65 plus a $0.10/Gal. cash back offer. So you might as well have filled-up at one of the gas stations that weren’t on Upside. Also, the radio commercials we’ve all heard about getting $200+ cash back quickly is bull. I drive a lot for work and over the course of ~5 years, I’ve made maybe $200...maybe. Still, that is money back in your pocket, but it’s not as good as they make it out to be.
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4 months ago, 00Chelle00
I shared this app with everyone, unfortunately!
The offer I clicked on and claimed was that I will receive .23 cash back on fuel at BP gas station so I went and filled up. After submitting my receipt for the gas I went into the store and made a purchase as well which was also cash back but your supposed to submit both receipts at the same time so that has caused an issue I’m not sure how to resolve because now it looks like I’ve submitted 2 receipts for gas and one for in store in which I didn’t mean to do but hopefully they will see it’s the same gas receipt…. Surely!!! Back to my .23 cent cash back I thought I was getting… HUGE LIE! It shows after submitting the receipts, I’m only getting 10 cents back per gallon so where I thought I was getting such a good deal on gas I did NOT! You do not get the offer you actually claim and then in extremely light print it says if you don’t receive your cash back within 10 days you will not receive it. Most receive theirs in 3-4 days. It’s been 6 days and I’ve received nothing so far so it’s not looking good for me to even get the the 10 cents much less the 23 cents offer I actually claimed. So this app is false information and you don’t know what you’ll receive IF ANYTHING AT ALL!!!! 😡
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8 months ago, Unhappy app user, MW
Upside refuses to let me have the money I supposedly saved. It’s a big rip off.
I tried several times to cash out. I followed the instructions on the site, linked it to my bank account and was told that I’d receive a confirmation email, and that I would need to click on the link in there to activate the transfer. I clicked on the link in the email as instructed and, it stated that I could only do this on a mobile device. Well, I was doing it on mobile device! I tried it several times, always on a mobile device. There was nothing to click on after getting that error message. I navigated to the help section on the app, and wrote in about my problem and asked for help and no one ever got back to me. It’s such a freaking waste… Going out of your way to save a few pennies per gallon and then you can’t even get your money that they say you’ve accumulated. Not only that, but I get these promotions saying that if I buy X amount of times in one month, I will get $.12or $.15 off per gallon on my next Phillip and guess what… I fill up 15 gallons of gas and then I earn a whole freaking $.42 from Upside for it. Bunch of liars. I hope somebody from Upside reads this and can tell me how to how I can get my money. I can’t find a phone number anywhere on the Internet for Upside customer service and obviously no one’s reading the messages that come in to the Support site. I would get this zero stars if I could.
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2 years ago, Fastback66
Hopeful but still some glitches but better.
Update, I have since given this a second chance. It has paid me on several transactions. However, the last two offers claimed that I would receive a 20 cent a gallon bonus. That didn’t happen on the first transaction and the second transaction is pending, we’ll see. I drive a lot and thought that getting cash back would be beneficial. I filled up twice in two days. I followed the directions and the app history says both are processing. One was six days ago and the other was four days ago. The app states that normally the cash back will post in four days. I even received a email from the app stating that it was taking longer than expected. However the app also states that after ten days it will be impossible to process the payment. Needless to say, my first experiences with this app has been a bit disappointing. Update, I never received confirmation that I bought fuel on my first two transactions. I contacted the app help line. Then I received two emails stating that I would not get credit for ether transaction. I will be deleting this app and going back to GasBuddy. I consider this a case of classic bait and switch. Stay away unless you want to jump through hoops.
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6 months ago, Focusonyour biz
Keep getting ‘Expired’
Update: If you like to use an app that doesn’t work well and like to troubleshoot it for them and like to try and work with customer service to fix things, then this is the app for you ! I received a reply from the developer. That was nice, at least they’re paying attention. However, they pointed me to an article about why something might be declined or expired, and also said I could contact customer service. I’ve done this before, maybe I should try again, but contacting them has never proven to be worth my time. If the app tells me that I don’t need to upload anything, then what is there for me to do? I used the credit card on file, like it said. All of my recent incidents have said I don’t need to upload anything. What else do you expect from a “free“ app that makes their money off of selling users’ information and probably something with the merchant? Original: I follow the instructions and i have several where i didn’t have to do anything, it would automatically do whatever it does. Of the 8 times I have used this so far since November. 3 have expired somehow and two are still processing (dec 2nd). They shouldn’t say there is no need to upload receipts if they don’t have the process figured out. Even when I do have to upload and all the info is there, it often doesn’t work. More and more I feel like it is some version of Bait and Switch.
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3 years ago, amoicani
Used to be good til it stopped working! Updated
Just like the title says. It was good at first but hasn’t worked since October of last year. They keep doing updates but failing to fix the issue of their instant check in. There is no other way to upload a receipt so since November the app has failed to work. Wish they would at least allow us to upload a receipt manually since the instant check in doesn’t work. So it’s a pointless app now. Waste of space on my phone. Too bad. —-updated—- Okay so they updated FINALLY and digital purchases are able to print a receipt and upload - only took them 8 months - but they refused to honor the credit card statements I sent them - at the request of their customer service - from Oct 2020 to May 2021. I was initially told that even the old receipts would be honored if I sent the credit card statements but then when I did send them they said it’s too late - those were old purchases. Which was EXACTLY why I sent them (& was told to send them). Clearly their customer service people aren’t communicating properly to public OR within their own org. So their customer service is less than poor but when the automated app works as it should - at least it works as it should.
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4 years ago, cjustunrun
I REALLY wanted to like this app.
I commute 700 mile per week. So believe me when I say that I really wanted to like this app. I just tried my third attempt at using the app....1/3 attempts worked great but I have learned a little so I thought share a review.I gave it two stars because the concept and the ease-of-use for the app is really exceptional. The app is not too bulky and very straight forward. I love that you don’t have to give them all this personal info just to use the app. However, that’s pretty much where the benefit stops. With a little home work you can find out which gas stations will offer some savings. Not all the one listed will actually save you money. The problem is that so many of the gas stations that I see listed on this app are seriously depleted businesses. I’m not talking about cleanliness. I mean the pumps are broken, printers don’t work, gas is awful and causes your car to run rough... Today (for example) the only station that would offer me an actual savings only had 2 out of the 12 pumps that were operating. And they both had people parked at them while they stood inside talking and doing whatever. Not worth the $1.00 total savings to try to convince them to let me pump my gas. In the end.....they have plenty of credit cards that earn points that will convert into gift cards. Get one of those, be responsible with it, and get your gas wherever you feel like.
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1 year ago, Jordan41084
Good luck getting paid more than 50% of the time.
Seven days I will get my cash back within 24 hours, but only if it is like $2. I’ve been using this app for close to a year now and one time they owed me $14 and said they could not find the card that I used even though it was in my wallet. Now they owe me like $9 and it has been 10 days with no processing. Customer Service said it will take 7 to 10 days even though the app says 2 to 4 days and I think it happens to be a strong coincidence that they have no problem giving you pocket change, but anything over two dollars will take a tremendous amount of time or they won’t pay you at all. My last response from Customer Service was that we are still tracking the transactions. I have no idea what that means because I used the cards in my wallet that are stored on the app. The truth about this company is that they don’t want to give you any real money and I think it is a joke that they said I’ve saved $36 this year that’s a half a tank of gas. And what economy 1989? Cost over $100 to fill up a pick up truck. Beware because the second time I tried to contact customer support, and I got no response as they do not care about their consumers. All they care about is their advertising which they have obviously dumped a bunch of money into where the woman saying she saves $200. I doubt it because they don’t even give out over two dollars.
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1 year ago, acanakattack
Don’t waste your time!
I got this application and signed up with my Facebook account. After earning about $20 I couldn’t cash out until I confirmed a received email and unfortunately my email address associated with my Facebook was a school email address I no longer had access to. They do not have the option to update or change the email address on file, fine, that’s my bad. So they tell me the only way is to open a new account with the correct email address so they can transfer the rewards. I did that. Then they keep asking for more account information. I send them what they ask for. Then they say the card on file is different than the new one and I explain that card was compromised and the account was closed and I had to open a new bank account. They can’t transfer. Fine. I change so that both accounts have the same card on file. Then the continue to ask me for proof of my previous card and account which I no longer have access to because the account was compromised which I mention multiple times- account is closed and card has been cut up and thrown away, no records left on it. They still can’t transfer my reward money I earned to me, it’s been weeks going back and forth just for me to get the $20 I earned using their application! Huge hassle, never got reward money, horrible customer service! Don’t waste your time, not worth it.
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4 years ago, Little blue 91123
Used to love this app but not anymore
This used to be an amazing app. I was saving so much money on gas and the process was flawless. However, they implemented the “check in” process whereby you skip taking a picture of your receipt and the cash back is supposed to be verified based on the credit card you have on file being used at the pump once you hit check in. Nope!!! It has never worked for me. EVERY single time I have to email the company because I don’t get the gas credit. This is also happening to my referrals. Which means I’m not getting my referral credits. This app needs to eliminate the “check in” process and go back to taking a picture of the receipt for verification. There was NEVER an issue with that method. I’m seriously considering deleting this app because I'm buying gas at stations which have higher prices, but will be lower with the credit, however if I’m not getting the credit then I’m better off getting my gas at stations with cheaper gas prices, no app needed!!!! Horrible customer service too! When I emailed them it took me a month of emailing back and forth to get the credit from just once transaction.
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2 years ago, Jwlehman
Obviously no user centered design by product management
It only takes 2 minutes using the app to realize how pathetic the design process is for produxt development. And that’s after you have to wait from 15 to 25 seconds for the stupid app to even load. Then you presented with everything under the sun for gas AND restaurants AND groceries. I only want gas, don’t show me all the other crap that clutters the screen and list. Simply remember my last choice and stick with that until I change or, crazy idea, let default to only what I want instead have loading everything and then me having to select gas to remove the clutter. Hint: might help with load time? You think? And the text is pathetic. It’s either so clutter we all the garbage or the map details hide/clutter the info you need to determine if you want to click on it for details. AND, for gods sake, remember where I am when I have to switch apps for some reason and come right back instead I have to go through the entire horrible load time and then remove all the pointless items and then go find that station/business AGAIN 3 minutes later. How about you simply figure the UI and UA from GasBuddy…. then maybe you’ll have an app that doesn’t act like it was built in 2010. It’s not that hard if you do basic 101 Product Design/Build and proper UAT.
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2 years ago, RedRallyRacer
Falsely advertising a Product that isn’t being Honored - FRAUD ALERT
I have been a long time GetUpside customer but just recently I have been getting really short changed on Cashback after the transaction- Just recently I had a Cashback offer of .46 cents off per gallon for 29 gallons but only received .14 cents off a gallon— Then the next day since I was traveling I had a offer for .16 cents off a gallon but only received .9 cents off a gallon so you can see a trend I plan my trips out to get the best Cashback offer also I travel a lot so I’m getting Cashback daily. So after around 4 transactions I was short changed quite a lot I started taking screenshots right before the purchase so the times match my receipts since this deceptive practices recently I have forwarded all my receipts and screenshots to my local state attorney general office which will be conducting an investigation on gas fraud and falsely advertising a product that isn’t being offered I encourage everyone to do this as well so maybe they will get a hint when they try to save 6-7 dollars here and there maybe some fines will stop them — On top of that I have forwarded all my pictures and receipts to the Federal trade commission since they are falsely advertising something that isn’t being honored please please if this happens to you or anyone you know do exactly this every time and this will stop! A loyal customer with over 10+ referrals
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1 year ago, creepperklr2
Great when it’s working. Horrible when it’s not.
I’ve been using Upside on and off for a couple of years. When it’s working, it does exactly what it should do. Exactly what it advertises to do. However, whenever there’s issues, the app is completely useless for long periods. There is nowhere in the app to submit a bug report, so I guess I’m doing it here. I also can’t seem to get a hold of representatives in the app. But the useless chat bot is there! My current issue that I’ve been dealing with for several weeks now, is when I attempt to claim an offer, and therefore it pulls up the menu, asking which card I used for the transaction. I select the card, that menu disappears, and….nothing happens. No confirmation, no nothing. But I’ll get notifications for the next few hours, begging me to finish claiming my offer, which means it never went through. There’s nothing more I can do when this happens. I probably lost quite a bit of change simply because it will never finish claiming it. Like I said, finding customer support of any kind besides “FAQ” in the app seems to be a lost cause. Because address, issues in the app persist for weeks or longer before they’re fixed, if they are fixed. TLDR: when it’s working, great, it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. If you have a bug or issue, God help you.
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1 year ago, JohnnyDubstarWhite
Zero Cash Back coming through!!
I switched from Gas Buddy to Upside because it potentially had better deals. I made the switch and started earning cash back in my account which is great…..until I tried to cash out. I haven’t received a dollar of my cash back. I continued to use the app with NONE of the cash back showing up in my account. I started a new profile with another email and NONE of my cash back is showing up and neither is my initial cash out. Not to mention you took grocery stores off the app too. I WANT MY CASH BACK! I am an Uber driver and have to fill up multiple times a week. I could’ve used Gas Buddy that just gives me the discount on the spot instead of waiting for the cash back to process and then having to cash out and wait for money that never comes. This app started great but turned out to be terrible considering I am getting none of the discount that I could’ve already gotten somewhere else with so many opportunities wasted on these tank fillups. You should also have customer support to call. Not just a bot chat app. 💬 Please fix what has potential to be a good app.
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2 years ago, PyromamaK
Seriously TRASH!
This app is a complete waste of time! I have had problems with every single transaction and “no proof of purchase” every time, even when providing the seller’s printed receipts! I have had to provide a copy of my billing statement each time, showing the place, date and time of purchase, along with the amount. It takes so long to process (more than 7 days) I’m guessing you hope we’ll just get frustrated and give up so you don’t have to pay. Well that works! Upside is a joke and so is customer service. I should’ve listened to the reviews in the AppStore, many of which I feel are fake good reviews. When customer service decides to answer, it reads like a comedy script. The app tells me I’ve successfully completed check-in and has even asked for an uploaded receipt right at the point of sale. I’m either told the offer timed out because your stupid bots don’t process receipts in time; told offers don’t work with my Fleet card (which I don’t even HAVE a Fleet card); told by customer service that they’ll process my transaction “at the back end so I won’t see it in the app”) which is deceptive and sketchy as all get out, and then don’t even receive what I was told I would get; and then charges me $1 to cash out via PayPal! What a freaking joke. I won’t be using this “service” anymore and will tell my friends and family the same.
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4 months ago, EOD90S92
Garbage App
Response from developer of this app to my review was to open a support ticket. Already did that and was told we can’t refund your money. Garbage app and not so bright developers. That explains a lot. This app is complete garbage. It doesn’t work about 2/3 of the time. Says it couldn’t match purchase up. When you clam an offer and then select the card the purchase is going to be made on you have to keep the app active or it will automatically change back to the first card in your list and not give you the cash back. Me and a co-worker were sitting in the truck at the gas station and looking at cash back rewards. It was offering me 1 cent and offering him 12 cents a gallon so they are doing something on the back end to adjust prices per person. Only thing I can think of is that I have been using the app more than he has and it’s offering him more to try and lure him in. I have definitely noticed offers going down the more I use it. Lastly, I used this at a restaurant and ended up getting charged twice. Once from the restaurant and once from upside and neither will refund my money so gonna have to just eat the loss of that money. It’s not much but just the fact that they don’t warn you that a double charge can happen and then won’t do anything about it. Once again, nothing but trouble and not worth the effort.
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3 years ago, Elvite
Only a Couple Problems, Otherwise Amazing
I would give this five stars but there are a couple things that are annoying that I just wanted to bring to the attention of the developers. As of a few months ago, my Google login seems to only be good for a few days before I am required to sign in again to the app. So basically, every time I want to fill my car up about once every 4 to 7 days, I have to sign in with my Google credentials. It used to not be like this and it’s annoying that I have to do that now. The only other thing that bugs me a bit is that (just before filling up the tank) the list of previously used credit cards are extremely small and it is easy to accidentally click on the wrong credit card. I have my work card and I have a few personal cards that I use. If I accidentally clicked on the wrong card, then I have to use that card or forfeit the claim. For that matter, I also wish that I could edit the list of cards and or just assign names to them such as work, Capitals One, or Chase, etc. The list currently just shows numbers and whether it is Visa or Mastercard and it is sometimes hard to figure out among all my Visas.
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5 years ago, LSG_2017
😡😡 Updated*** 😡😡
My mom recommended this app to me, so I thought I’d download it and check it out. Unfortunately it does not work at all in the state I live in, not a big deal. I wanted to delete the account, because I had only downloaded it, never once used it. I have had to jump through a million hoops to gets this account deleted. There is a part that says delete account, it doesn’t delete the account it makes you send them an email. Ok no big deal until it turned into 4, emails I finally get reply. The reply now has me emailing them again, because they need it confirmed. One would think the 4 previous emails would have pretty much confirmed I indeed want this account deleted. I have never had to do all of this just to delete an account it’s ridiculous. ***You can’t make up the nonsense that I have had to go through to delete this account. It was finally deleted, I hope, I refuse to re-download it to see. After all of hoops I jumped through, they still keep emailing me!! I made very sure to make sure I would not receive any emails, I made sure to unsubscribe from them, yet they still keep showing up. Then they sent me a survey email, ok fair enough. However if this small start up trying to get off the ground, actually cared, or read emails, they would know all the answers with out still pestering me, even after I took the blasted survey. Seriously leave me alone please.
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2 years ago, Mayoqueen
Just read and followed directions….
I had been frustrated the past couple of weeks when my Upside app wouldn’t load so I took to reading the reviews to see if anyone else had experienced similar. Read a few replies from their customer service to uninstall and reinstall the app and lo and behold it worked! Now my app loads up fine and I’m able to see all my past money earned. ($40) Very happy! I also never thanked you guys for extending to my city! (So thanks!!!) After hearing about it on the radio I ended up waiting a whole year before they came. Ecstatic it finally did! Saving on gas these days is more important now than ever, a lot of people could benefit if they only knew about it. Be patient, you will get your money! The app works better now than it did before. Now it just recognizes the card I use when I check in at the gas station I want to use. No more sending pictures of receipts! I love it! I will note that if a live gas price doesn’t match the one listed in the app you have to update it on the app. If you don’t you - you will likely lose your cash back! Very important!
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2 years ago, Zinom576
When it works!?! 2.5 Stars
When it works it’s great and easy to use, but that’s only about 1 in 5 purchases (I’ve only used it a gas stations so far). The rest of the time I get emails saying my cash back couldn’t be processed because they can’t find record of the transaction. I missed out on a handful of cash backs, before I learned to print and keep a receipt for each transaction so I can respond to the rejection email with a picture of the receipt. I get gas 2-3 times a week so it’s a bit of a hassle and waste of paper. They will usually process the cash back once I send them a copy of the receipt (not sure why they don’t just let you upload it from the start to save time)…but even then it’s done outside the app history so it’s hard to tell if they really do it and it’s usually after you’ve already waited about 3 weeks. I’ve also had one transaction that I’ve emailed them about 6 different times over the last 2 weeks and have yet to get any response to any of the emails. I’d like to give this more stars because the cash back is great, but there is too much extra work done on my part just to make each transaction process when the app has the ability to make it easy if it worked properly.
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2 years ago, laura8282
Lov love
Absolutely love this app it has saved me money at gas and restaurants we had a huge or would’ve had a huge bill at my son’s birthday party at a restaurant but we split it into a couple of bills and we saved money… The gas station and savings are great in my house sometimes it’s only two or three cents sometimes it’s $.50 it’s really awesome and when Stop & Shop has a deal and I use my Stop & Shop card I get my gas points plus upsides cash back which is great that’s how I recommend doing itGet your gas from Stop & Shop and use the gas points I also only have one complaint and that is I haven’t been able to get on the app for a few days I don’t know I tried to update it but it doesn’t need an update so I don’t know if they’re just doing bug worker maintenance work but I don’t wanna uninstall the app because I don’t remember all my information so I’m hoping they can fix this soon problem since I got it and I got it when it first came out so this has been really good I’ve saved over $200 since I got it so hopefully they fix the bug and I can actually get into the app this week
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2 years ago, andy199765
Wording error
So the app is pretty much straight forward and fairly easy to use. The first time I used it I didn’t have any trouble but today, my second attempt, I got an email saying that my offer didn’t go through and started looking closer. Okay, so on the app it clearly says “tap check in once you make your purchase”; this direction would imply you to “check in” once the transaction has been completed…since now you’ve made your purchase. However, the email states ,in its troubleshoot list, that you must “claim your offer before you pay.” Since that is the case, that particular phrasing needs to be used in the app to give better understanding to the apps users. My first use I didn’t really understand and accidentally checked in twice once before and after my purchase which explains why it went through. Slightly annoyed but I’ll know better in the future. So with that the only other complaint is the limited gas stations listed for offers. I haven’t tried to claim any of the cash back; hopefully that’s a smooth process. I liked that you don’t have to give a bunch of info to get started though which is a plus. Gave three stars, hopefully things improve in the next update.
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5 years ago, dealetdeale
Good app but chance to be great
The app has been fantastic and I had given it 5 stars in the past but ever since the update a few months ago where the app allowed location check in via GPS at a station and no upload of receipt and they search for your card number in a transaction with that station it hasn’t worked in those instances and no money back is earned and have to weeks later submit the receipt to the support team. It still works flawlessly and quickly if you do it the old way of uploading a receipt. Only issue is when you check in at a station that does it that way you have to do it that way and no option to upload receipt is ever given. So for now I try to avoid stations that use the check in option but point is I shouldn’t have to avoid those and unfortunately those stations tend to be the higher cash back amounts. If the team fixes this issue or at least allow the user to choose the way they would like to do it (either check in or upload receipt) regardless if the station is a check in station, the app would be back to 5 stars. Otherwise stick with the non check in stations and you will be ok and the app will work good for you.
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2 years ago, Crash5437
Don’t waste your time
So, this app sounded really good. Who doesn’t want to pay less for gas? My first purchase didn’t work properly. The Sam’s club didn’t print their address on the receipt, so there was an issue getting credit for the purchase. Eventually I was able to prove that I did indeed get gas at the correct location, and customer service told me that the correction would be made. It wasn’t. To avoid that problem on my next fill up I went to a station that had the blue check so the receipt shouldn’t be a problem. Nope. All it ever said was processing, and eventually it changed to expired because they weren’t able to give me credit for that purchase. So I lost out on saving money yet again. Out of 5 purchases I should have received money back on, only 2 actually happened. Even then the amount on the second purchase wasn’t correct. The offer I claimed was for .14 or .16 cents a gallon discount, but when it finally went through they only gave me 5 cents a gallon discount. So yeah, I’m done. I would rate it at less than 1 star if that was possible. I would say just look for the cheapest gas you can find and avoid the hassle and disappointment of using this app. While this app may not be a scam, it is deceptive making you think you’ll get more money back on your purchases than they actually give you.
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1 year ago, jesus hates us all
Didn’t work for me, I don’t recommend
So I figured I’d give this app a shot. I imagine we’re all being tracked anyways for marketing purposes, so we might as try and get a little discount out of it. When I finally went to use it, I noticed that the Circle K by my house was around 4 cents/gallon cheaper than other stations IF I were to use the app promotional rebate. Without the app rebate it was around 20 cents/gallon more than a few of the other surrounding stations. That was fine by me because I had the magical upside app. So I submitted everything and jumped through their little hoops then played the waiting game. It’s been a little over two weeks now and it looks like I’m getting no rebate. They didn’t provide a reason why I may not have qualified, or even a denial. Under the historical claim it says “processing” which it’s said from the beginning. Only now they’ve added “If after 10 days we cannot find your transaction in partner provided data, we unfortunately cannot provide cash back.” Which pretty much translates into “get bent.” SMH, First time using it and I get burnt. I can’t find an option to delete my account so now they’re another company out there with my info. I absolutely do not recommend this app. I recommend you do your own research to find better prices, rather than relying on unreliable rebates.
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2 years ago, NWALori
Deceptive business practices
We claimed an offer for $.23 per gallon at a gas station while traveling, and they denied it stating the station doesn’t actually have an offer for the type of gas we purchased. According to the app, the station DID have the offer. I have learned from past experience with them, it is a good idea to have a screenshot of the offer you are redeeming, to make sure you get what you were promised. We screenshot it at time of purchase and sent it, along with the receipt, in a reply email to support. They replied stating there was a glitch in their app and the station did not actually have an offer, even though the app showed it did. WHAT?! Their solution was to provide us $.01 per gallon in a manual cash back and a $.05 per gallon bonus on the next completed offer. They refused to give us the $.23 per gallon credit, as their app advertised. Very deceptive business practices. Any business owner knows the right thing to do is honor the advertised offer… it’s the cost of doing business, not to mention an incentive to get your staff to fix the glitch asap. How is the consumer to know which offers are valid and which are ‘glitches’ that won’t be honored? We won’t be going out of our way any more to purchase fuel at a station recommended by this app; it’s just not worth the hassle since the app is not reliable.
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1 year ago, Hdchg
Issues and no response from email
I got a new phone early last week, and transferred all my info and apps to the new phone. I was not surprised to be logged out when i went to check my upside account. I tried to log in with my email, it told me that i used facebook. So i logged on to it with facebook, and it told me i used email. It went back and forth like that a few times. So i deleted the app, made sure that the app AND my phone were on the latest version, reinstalled it, and still the same issue. I just checked it again today after waiting 2 days and its still giving me issues. I sent an email out days ago and it told me they should get back to me around 24 hours. I gave it days. I have checked all my folder’s including spam but there is no reply. Im about to delete the app entirely. I would just cave and make a new account but i was a little over $8 out of the $10 needed to cash out. Im giving it until the end of the week, it’s Tuesday today, and then I’ll probably just delete my app. If i havent received a response by then i never will. Pretty bummed because i loved this app until this.
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2 years ago, Rose02181222
Too frustrating to bother with
App does not work like it used to. You have to claim an offer before you can upload your receipt, drive to the gas station you claimed the offer at which is a lot of the times not the gas station you would have chosen to go to without the promise of those sweet few penny's you’ll save IF the app works, and btw you’ll probably waste more time and miles going out of your way to reach said gas station. Then you have to check in when at the gas station, but the app does not remember claimed offer, so you try again to claim offer and check in with the same result, then you try one more time with no luck. Then you just get the gas and hope the printer works so you can get your receipt (sometimes it doesn’t print the receipt so you have to go inside to get the receipt, but sometimes for those of us who get out of work late at night the doors are locked and you can’t get a receipt at all) and you think maybe it’ll work now, only to find out you have reached the maximum amount of claimed offers. So you search the app for your “claimed offers” and it says 0 claimed offers. At that point you have no way to upload your receipt at all. And the “help” option doesn’t offer any actual help, it’s just a bunch of answers to questions that someone thought would be common.
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2 years ago, MaverickUSA19
Terrible! Do not download.
The app worked fine my first few purchases. Then the app sent offers for the week of Valentine’s Day, offering $2.14 on top of every gas purchase made at that time. I never received payment from those fill ups even though they’re dated during the promo period. Fast forward to the next two times I filled up. I took offers for .20/gl one day and another day took an offer for .34/gl. The payments came back in the form of .04/gl and .17/gl. Sorry but when you search for the best deals and go out of your way to get them, the offer should be reflected correctly. When taking the issues up with “customer service,” I was told the initial Valentine’s Day offer was expired and they had “no way” of looking up the reason they were denied. Absolute joke of an app. If you decide to go with the garbage app I would take screen shots of all the offers you’re claiming and save your receipts, even then it’s your word and proof of purchase against theirs. After all these issues, I had yet again a THIRD purchase of gasoline where I was told I purchased premium and not the regular unleaded and received .08 back instead of .25 a gallon back. Issue was submitted and waiting for a response. DONT GET!
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3 months ago, Dbwhitt
Good app… But…
Updated review. The developer sent a response with a link that I can use to report missing cash back - not mentioned anywhere in my original review. There is a buried link on down their page that gives the same instructions I’ve been following to try to get logged back in… changing the password. I’ve literally done that process a dozen times and still nothing. Come on folks. I’d better!! — This is a good app, and I love the idea of cash back. It’s relatively simple to operate and the cash back methods are pretty straightforward. However, it seems that every time the app upgrades, there is a MAJOR problem getting back into the newer version. The upgrades tends to logout the user (me) and logging back in just doesn’t happen. I’ve been trying for two days now and it will NOT accept me email or password. There is a link to have them email me a link to reset the password, but even that often does not work, and when it does work, I never receive an email link. And, yes, I’ve checked my junk folder. There is simply no response. Experience with this app has taught me to wait for them to issue an update to the newest version… typically within a week. This sort of annoyance should be worked out BEFORE the release.
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3 years ago, scootsmcgoots238
Be careful they switch offers after you claimed one
Update: still reaching out to customer service and will update what I hear back. My hunch is now that the one offer is gone off the site completely and it was taken off between when I claimed and submitted receipts so my offer defaulted to a nearby place. Just a guess. I had been doing well and getting cash back for gas and restaurant purchases. However, I went to get a restaurant purchase cash back and claimed the offer at spot A. I submit receipts for the same spot, A. The next day they say I went to the wrong spot and now my history has a restaurant listed that I have never heard of or claimed. They switched the restaurant in my history. Trust me I searched for the spot I wanted and selected it and submitted receipts all for spot A with no question. When I requested help, they reference a gas station and give me 3 cents back but this was a restaurant deal for 7 dollars back. They did not read my request. Previously I received 0.67 back for a restaurant that was supposed to be 21% with a max of 7 dollars. You really need to watch them to be sure it is correct. I think lots of people don’t pay attention and get ripped off. It also seems like a bait and switch that may need to be investigated. Good luck.
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2 years ago, Bartolololo
If Only Prices We’re Correct
Thought I’d give this a shot after seeing an ad. First 3 stations I tried all had prices dramatically higher than those posted on the GetUpside App ($.25 to $.29), which combined with the rebates made them more expensive than the station closest to my house. I noticed the disclaimer that prices may not be correct “due to limitations in data reporting.” At the third station (RaceTrac), the GetUpside price was listed as $2.71, so I used the “update” feature to enter the current price ($3.00). The app price then changed to $2.90 (why?). So I updated it again to $3.00 - still advertised at $2.90. After filling up at my regular station (no rebate, but still cheaper), I noticed that the RaceTrac I just updated was then advertised at $2.75. Writing this review about 30 min. later it now says $2.71. Just checked Google maps, which accurately puts it at $3. Safe to say the prices in GetUpside are unreliable, to put it generously, which means it’s useless for me. I would have paid more had I used the rebate offers. May try again in case today is an aberration, but gas in DFW hasn’t been below $2.80 in over a month, so I kinda doubt it. Cool idea if they can get beyond their “limitations in data reporting”… perhaps by using the Internet?
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1 year ago, DragonSoldierGJ
Worst Step-by-Step App
Hear about this App on the radio all week. Tried it out. I create an account, opened the app, click on claim for gas to fill up, chose premium, it told me which gas station to go, went completely out of my way backwards from where I live to go to the ONLY gas station available in my area, add card to “mywallet” as the app instructed, clicked on claim when I arrived, it tells me to select card, and then that’s it… nothing else… so, what do I do? I get out and pump gas into my vehicle. Get home and decide to read more about it and to make sure I got my $0.25 per gallon… my account balance says $0.00 and that I have 4 hours to claim gas. Well, I mess around on the app and nothing is EXPLAINING anything. I check my email and of course I’m the stupid email is where they describe that I have to do all these “in-app” things at the pump. But the app didn’t do that for me. Instead it said I already claimed and that I need to “Tap” the “I-Paid” button which isn’t available. Whatever, completely worthless and not user friendly for first timers. Also, they do not use gas stations on military installations so yeah, I was fooled by this app and spent $7 more in gas fees to try to save $2.50 from this app. When I could’ve gotten $7.00 instead total using the gas station on the military installation. Never again.
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2 years ago, Abc123_nicknames
Missing cash back, offer is not honored, no legit customer service
I got this app through Instacart because I do gig apps for a living it offered me an extra $.25 off a gallon my first two purchases I wish I paid attention my first purchase I ended up getting only $.19 off a gallon there was no extra $.25 added my second purchase I paid a little more attention I took a screenshot of the offer that I excepted it was supposed to be $.32 off a gallon with the extra $.25 off a gallon since it was my second purchase they paid me for $.11 a gallon huge difference when we’re talking about gas! All in all there’s about six dollars worth of cash bag just off my first two purchases alone missing seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth I could’ve save that by going to a cheaper gas station versus waiting and not getting the cash back and being out the money up frontier When they replied they tried to explain the breakdown but they don’t know how to math 🙄 I sent them screenshots showing them what I was missing and even gave them the total amount that was missing and they still didn’t make it right and then they replied to this bad review and said they didn’t see any extra bonuses even though I sent them a screenshot showing them the extra promotion that they didn’t give me
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