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Urban Outfitters
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User Reviews for Urban Outfitters

4.87 out of 5
484.6K Ratings
4 years ago, morgan schiafone
My favorite store
I have been shopping at Urban Outfitters for many years. It is my go to store over anything. It’s at a great location and the store is always so presentable. Every single employee is so nice and caring and are always so helpful. For a while, I was going there so much, the employees even knew my name. Urban Outfitters always has the best clothes. I am petite and short in height. This store has really helped me find amazing clothes to fit my physique. The clothing gives me confidence and is so stylish. I always find something in the store even when I am not looking. I also have been using the online store during this pandemic and it is so convenient. It has made my shopping stress free and enjoyable. Not only have I no got my whole wardrobe from Urban, I have also shopped in their home section. My whole bed room is from urban. The amount of love I have for this company is unaccountable. I have been in positions where I spent my last dollar on this store and I will continue to do so. This is my all tome favorite store by far.
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6 years ago, Bryanna1095
A Great Store, But...
Urban Outfitters is a great store, no doubt about it, but this app can be a little sketch. First of all customer service is basically not available through the app. If you have an issue basically the only way to fix it will be to go to a store, which can be a problem for those of us who live 4 hours from the closest one. For this app to be effective it really need a way for us to get in touch with urban through the app, because trying to figure everything out yourself really ain’t it. Also most of there stuff is great, but before buying furniture (especially things like mirrors and jewelry trays) CHECK THE DESCRIPTION. Most of the items look a lot different in the pictures that they really are. This means size, color, and even what is included. I recently saw an item that, according to the reviews, didn't come with a wire. Why, I don't know, but I am not an electrician and I bet most people who shop at Urban are either. Urban really is a great store, but the app lacks important features that would make it so much better.
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3 years ago, lil pinapple
Urban Outfitters Review
This is an overall great app! I have had a lot of fun browsing through the app. It is easy and fast to change sections and the different features are really helpful. I like how you can earn points and rewards. Making purchases is really easy and fast to figure out. I also like how you can check for any previous purchases and look at order history. The wish list feature is one of my favorite things about this app. My birthday was a couple weeks ago and instead of sending people individual pictures if my shopping cart items, I just send them the wishlist and it makes life a lot easier. There are some flaws with app though. Sometimes when trying to click on an item to look and or purchase the app can become glitchy, and it takes a while to load and change colors or sizes. This is just a tiny flaw though and doesn’t ruin the overall experience with the app.
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5 years ago, AGMONET
My love for UO
Urban Outfitters is and will always be my ultimate paradise. There is not one thing in this store that i wouldn’t sell an organ on the black market for. That’s exactly what I’d have to do too for these prices. THEN THE HOLY GRAIL OPENED UP...and I learned that afterpay is an option on UO for $35 and up purchases. While this may not always be the smartest choice especially if you do it for several items at once it is sooooo rewarding to later get these items in the mail even if I’m broke. UO makes me so over the moon happy. I have never been disappointed when making a purchase in store or online. Always satisfied and the products never disappoint. To me UO is me. Everything about there classy, sometimes eccentric, but always different products; whether it’s clothes, jewelry, home decor (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE), makeup, etc completes me and lets people know who I am without talking to anyone. The only thing I’m always upset about...is the fact that they don’t have an urban outfitters in my hometown. 😭
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4 years ago, Erika Canieso
easy access!
This app is great— it’s easily accessible and personally, all the perks that comes with it are amazing. I’m a sucker for clean and contrasting layouts (graphic designer in me) and this is IT. Love love love it! One thing I would add though is maybe a social forum where customers and maybe customer representatives can chat via app. Talk about styles, ask for opinions—basically, making it more sociable for people who struggles finding their niché or for people who ask their friends or family of what they think about this particular product and then they say “I don’t know” (not that it has happened to me of course lol) I think UO has a great influence in today’s culture by which can be utilized in so many ways! There’s a sense of potential connectivity that will nurture longevity of the styles of clothing and lifestyle they promote; and to preserve that, connection amongst others seem to be an element that could influence it. Great job! Love observing everything about anything. Cheers!
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4 years ago, Theartisterez
BOYCOTT LASERSHIP SHIPPING Now since Urban Outfitters uses Lasership. Which has nearly 95% 1 stars on every review site and even the BBB. I will never do business with them again. I’ve Never recieved my package and Urban Outfitters as well as Lasership have been horrible as far as customer service (on both ends) urgency to help me get my money for a package of nearly half a thousand dollars that have gotten lost or stolen. I am very displeased at the customer service because not only do you have to go through a lot to prove you didnt recieve your package and try to claim a refund you’re also required to Wait nearly 3 to 4 weeks might even be a month for some based on a request for a refund for poor decisions they’ve made... I Litterally waited on my porch while doing homework (Because im a college student) for the shipping carrier they use to save money “LASERSHIP” to lie and say my package was delivered when no attempt was made. Horrible. I wont be coming back because Urban Outfitters didnt do there research & if they did. There was no care put behind a big decision for there consumers as well as the moral principle of there business as a whole. I would seriously hold off on Urban Outfitters until they get it together.
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4 years ago, MS123ABC456DEF
Easy to use app
The UO app is so easy to use, and everything is so easy to find! If you sign up for rewards on the app, you get $5 credit every time you earn 100 points. I earn points by: making purchases, browsing the app, signing up for emails and notifications, and so much more! You can redeem your credit on the app, online, or in the store! Even better, you can do it as many times as you want. There is no limit to how many points you can get. If you keep getting 100 points, you will keep getting $5 credit. The credit expires 59 days after you get it, and your points reset every year on January 1st. They have such cute clothes and exclusive giveaways. The higher amount of points you have, the higher ranking you are. The higher ranking you are, the better giveaways you can enter! There are so many exclusive offers and promo codes you get by downloading the app, and I truly recommend getting it!
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3 years ago, ShirReeneBean
Where do I even start with this...
The app crashes all the time. When you try to pull up reviews it tells you that you need internet/WiFi even though you’re connected; as though they just don’t want you to look at them. The colors in the pictures literally -do not- match what’s being ordered. I’ve ordered some things from UO last year and thinking it was a fluke with the way they looked I purchased some more. If and when the reviews get up and running again, pay attention to them. The negative ones - they’re not lying about the quality issues for the most part. The saturation is turned up so that the clothes, duvets, blankets, and sheets look way more vibrant than they are, I promise you. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with the customer service yet and I pray I never will. Not sure what happened between my VERY first order in 2015 and my first order of 2019 but quality has gone completely downhill. Get it together with the app. And if the devs could somehow tell UO that they need to get the store’s quality together too, that would be appreciated as well. Update: reviews are still broken 2 years later (2021)
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11 months ago, mollykitty7204
Lots of glitches
Twice I’ve tried to place an order with items from an “extra 40% off sale items” event. Both times I had things in my cart that were the last ones in stock in my size. I wasn’t able to order them because there was a glitch saying they weren't able to be shipped to my address. I tried contacting support after the first time it happened, and never heard back and most of the things sold out, so I wasn't able to get any of them. This time it happened again and I almost just didn’t even order any of it since the main item I wanted was “unshippable to my address” for no reason. But I decided to order the rest of the stuff anyways. But UO, please fix this because its really disappointing to not be able to buy something at the last second because your website it glitching. Also wanted to note that this has been an issue for over a year, because I tried finding a solution to the problem online, and found Reddit posts from over a year ago of people having the exact same issue. They also supposedly contacted support and were ignored.
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6 years ago, Veggiee
Would prefer to combine my rewards!!
I think overall the app is extremely well built. Works great. Hardly ever glitchy. I saw they recently added being able to review products from the app which is great but gee it took a while. Now urban can get pretty pricey so the rewards points is a really nice touch I just wish we were able to combine our $5 rewards or have point levels in which you can earn more. I shop here almost every 2 weeks and check the app regularly maybe 2-3 time a week I know I’ll always find something I NEED and extra rewards would definitely enable me to buy more. Also, what’s up with the giveaways? I’ve never won and there were times I was entering DAILY every frickin giveaway. Now I hardly do but I always hold hope. That’s as long as it’s not actually a scam.
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6 years ago, this is outrages
I ordered for things from the urban outfitter app. I was so excited to get all of them! I put everything that I wanted in my shopping cart put my billing address and information. I triple checked everything just to make sure it would go through and it did! Here’s the bad part only one thing came and it took about a week. The other three things took a month or I think it might have been two months. I called the people at urban outfitters and even tried to get their attention on Twitter they said that I had made a mistake in the billing address but I double checked and I hadn’t made a mistake at all. My transaction information said that everything shipped separately and were charged at separate times which didn’t make any sense. I bought it all at once. I discovered that they charged everything separate and messed up the billing address it was their fault and I didn’t even get help. I want to the urban outfitter store and this lovely employee health to be out and I got my stuff discounted and it shipped within a week. Aside from that this app is really sketchy
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4 years ago, Langevibe
Overall the app is great
The app makes it super easy to shop all your Urban needs however one thing that I continuously find myself disappointed about is the giveaways. I’ve literally been entering into those giveaways almost every day for the past year and I have yettt to win. There are usually 5-10 different giveaways that happen every day, which is great because it makes you believe you have more chances of winning but no. It honestly makes me wonder if the giveaways are even real, why give your members, and loyal customers a false hope. A few months ago I suggested they posted who the winners were for the giveaway so it didn’t seem like it was all for nothing. I think I saw it once or twice and then they never did it again. Or even on their Instagram if they add to their stories who the winners are, that would make it feel more real. This isn’t a huge deal but it is upsetting given I’ve been a UO app member for years and have yet to see any results from these giveaways.. stop giving us false hope.
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4 years ago, mhods809
If I could give zero stars I would
The customer service is non reachable if they even have a real customer service. I bought a quilt and it said it would take a month, I waited 3 months and I requested a cancelation through their customer service which would even give me a response. Now I put in an order yesterday while there was a big sale and I had reward coupons to use. After placing my order no problem, and checked my confirmation email, I received an email a day later with a cancellation email which I did not request. Now I refuse to buy my items without discount and rewards that are now vanished because it would’ve been an extra $50 I could’ve saved on things I don’t even need to be buying. I would complain to customer service but like I said there isn’t one. Save your money and time, shop somewhere that appreciate their customers and grants service as marketed.
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4 years ago, alexbrielle
Cute clothes bad customer service
I do not like how they don’t charge your card until your item ships. I ordered a pair of shoes back in November while they were on backorder. They tried to ship them to me a few weeks ago and my debit card declined it, so I called customer services and had the card changed. Well, the second card I put on there was lost, so I cancelled that card and my order declined again two days ago. I attempted to do the same thing as the first time and the lady on the phone was a complete b*tch. She wanted some kind of credit card information from me and I was like “no? Can I just change the card on file again please?” She said that they don’t do that. (Even though someone had done it for me before.) She gave me the option to give my credit card info or cancel the order. I went ahead and cancelled and ordered the shoes off Nike. The way they carry out orders and charging your card is unnecessary. The customer service lady was completely awful. I’ll think twice before I ever order online from Urban again.
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5 years ago, Cherokeebat1988
Returned to sender
After making a large purchase on this app I saw that even though I had updated my address on the website to my new home address- the app still has it as my old one. I immediately contacted CS through email to have my address updated- they updated it and assured me that my purchase would ship to my new address. The first part of my shipment was instead returned to sender. CS told me I would have to reorder the first part of my purchase and repay for shipping (even though I was suppose to have free shipping AND 20% off my order CS told me I could only have one or the other). I asked if I could just go to the UPS shipment center and pick it up- I was told no. CS also couldn’t guarantee that my other purchases would go to my new address so now I need to try and intercept my packages from my old address. This is beyond ridiculous and mind boggling that instead of contacting UPS- something that ANYONE can do- this company is apparently incapable of doing that and I can’t even do it has to be done on their end. I’m about to cancel the whole order and take my money elsewhere.
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1 year ago, VenusPrincess
Never received $120+ items TWICE, no refund
Twice I’ve ordered from their app and didn’t get my items delivered. I’ve only had one thing from each order delivered, once a $5 face mask out of a $100+ order. Didn’t receive the clothing and didn’t get a refund either because it was “delivered” even tho I was home? No picture provided either. The second time I took precaution and ordered $120+ worth of candles and gifts to the business I work at where there is a front desk. Marked delivered and never delivered, the only item that was partially delivered was a $4 trinket glass container that came broken. Asked front desk multiple times and they said lasership had never delivered anything. Like you must be joking. Urban outfitters never refunded me over $200 worth of items I never received from them. Fr y’all are greedy and shameful, bad business. Found out owners also donate to anti lgbtqi+ organizations when they are making money off of queer peoples existence with never ending pride merch, so another reason not to support this greedy ignorant company’s
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4 years ago, appugf2257
Online is better first of all and second the rewards program is a complete scan the person who made it should be fired I joined the program and automatically I should have gotten 50 points instead I got 0 it didn’t even count those 50 points in then I downloaded the UO app I was supposed to get 20 points for doing that instead I got 10 points then I enabled notifications which is 15 points I should have 85 points according to the list of things to get points instead I have 35 points are you kidding me right now get your system together and I recommend for no one to download this app or join the rewards program because it is a complete scan you will regret it it’s a pathetic effort on top of all of that this store is way over priced a single t shirt just regular fabric cost 40 dollars that is not a reasonable price at all this is one of the worst stores and it is way over rated it’s pathetic that this store is still in business not everyone can afford buying these clothes way to over priced
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4 years ago, egkim904
Works great
Everything is pretty straight forward and managing your account is simple and easy. Only complaint is the recommended items are pretty inaccurate, but I get that it can be pretty hard to guess someone’s style based on their searches. I think something that might improve the algorithm would be including the option to mark an item as “not interested” because it would narrow down and probably make the recommended items list more accurate. It would be cool if we could favorite brands as well so that we get notifications tailored to that brand and have it advertised more directly to us in the UO app. But yeah, overall I like the point system and your guys’ sales are fantastic and a great marketing ploy considering how much I place orders haha. I’ve had no issues making my payments through Apple Pay so I’d say this is a really optimal app. Nice job.
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6 years ago, •EmmaLuvsYou•
It’s not secret UO is expensive, and i was trying to find a way to save money by shopping here because it has everything i love and all my favorite styles! I couldn’t just give it up, so i got the app to see how much money i could save on my shopping expeditions there. Right off the bat, you can get $5 free to spend, 10% off your next buy, you can enter giveaways, it’ll even find the closest store to you and tell you if it has any special assets like “Vinyl”. Another cool feature is under the discover section, you can look at photos taken by customers and press a button to see what outfit they’re wearing, and if u like it, u can buy it or add it to a wishlist :) If u love UO and are looking to save some money, this app is great!
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5 years ago, yoloswagmaster80000128
Urban Outfitters has really gone downhill. About two months ago they advertised “Spend $150+ and get free TWO-DAY shipping” I purchased about $200 worth of items and didn’t get them until a week later. Flash forward to this month, I placed an order for a medium-sized shirt, and they sent me size 4 pants. Upon speaking to a representative, she refunded me and told me she would replace the shirt. Something seemed off, but I said okay. That’s great customer service. My item never got to me, and after calling to check up, she never placed the order. I’m not complaining about not getting a free shirt, but if you keep making mistakes, then please make up for it. Back in the day when something like this happened, they would send me an offer with 20% off, etc. The other thing that constantly happens, is that I’ll buy something and then they’ll email me a few days later saying that they cancelled it because it was out of stock. Of course they’ll refund me, but it’s just a bit ridiculous. Please get it together.
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3 years ago, Liskejswoosh
Good app, but needs better organization
I love UO and the desktop website crashes like no other so I prefer the mobile app. However, there are a few things that could be adjusted to make the experience better for consumers. They need to figure out a way to remove sold out items from view. It’s quite annoying to see an item you like that’s listed, but no way to know if it’s sold out until you tap on it. Why not just exclude it from viewing altogether? Another issue I have is not being able to select different color options without seeing the entire item page. I just want to see a quickview of the color options. Also, those color options should be condensed into a single item, and not shown as the same item multiple times on the viewing page. Overall, though, I enjoy the app.
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2 months ago, Deny316
Free Shipping
It’s a little confusing when you see free shipping on orders over $50 but I purchase over $50 and I’m still being charged shipping took me a while to figure out not all items are created equal some items I noticed after a while of contacting customer service and thinking I was doing something wrong. After I was like I give up I’ll pay the shipping I noticed under a garment that said doesn’t qualify for any specials so those items you would have to pay shipping I wish it was made more clear bc I would have purchased to avoid shipping fees but I couldn’t figure out why it kept happening oh well lesson learned hopefully I’m not the only one that didn’t get it, or am I. For that reason is why I gave a 3 star bc not the easiest time on the app I had to leave the app to figure it out
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2 years ago, Argo 330
Changed their return policy and lack of transparency.
I used to be a loyal customer. It’s hard for me to find my size as I am size XS for upper body and medium for lower body but I used to order and spend thousands here because of their flexible return policy. Recently, a lot of unreturnable items which is okay by me if there ware warning in my cart that they are unreturnable or final sale but there wasn’t. You have to go open and read for each item details. I don’t have time for that as I ordered big orders. Urban outfitters, if you wanna start to become rigid about returning, you should be transparent. Now I’m stuck with two dresses that don’t fit me. Other stores would put it in RED in your cart that the item is returnable or final sale, especially when we are used of years and years of great customer service and flexible return policy. You shop obliviously. Definitely I’ll place less orders. It ain’t nobody has time for that.
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7 months ago, Ohsnapitsrayne
No, I Am NOT a Bot
Note: This is a review of the functionality of the app itself, not UO. I recently redownloaded the app, wanting the convenience of scrolling through their catalogue in-app as opposed to my phone’s browser. However, I was almost immediately reminded of why I deleted it in the first place. Within minutes of browsing, a “Press and Hold” test popped up to confirm that I was not a bot. That’s fine, no major inconvenience. The problem is what followed. Any time I would click a different listing, the same message would pop up; sometimes incessantly, not allowing me to click out of said listing. Even upon closing and reopening the app, I received the same message as soon as the app loaded. Then the cycle just started over and over again, not allowing me to use the UO app at all. After posting this review, I plan to delete the app, with no plans of redownloading in the near future. Phone browser, it is.
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5 years ago, rachel gravallese
It’s an entertaining app, but has flaws
Honestly I’m just in love with the giveaways (even though I’ve never won even though I set reminders on my phone to enter them everyday!!..) the lookbooks, most popular, most liked, and finding dirt cheap things in clearance. I have way too much fun on this app, it’s kind of bad. It’s not referential in finding orders too well. also at the moment, i entered a gift card to my account which i threw out when i made a purchase, and the information just disappeared and didn’t save...so my money is MISSING. In another instance they sent me the wrong color of an item. Since it generally takes 2 weeks for returns to process I had to annoyingly wait after getting the wrong merchandise.
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6 years ago, ushcbc
Well Made Asf
A lot of the bigger outlet stores have pretty unorganized and glitchy apps that lead to an overall unappealing and annoying experience, but the Urban Outfitters app is literally so amazing. It’s easy to find what you want and easy to use, with a lot of cool things to use. Some store apps resemble websites and are difficult to use (ex pacsun and tillys), but UO is well designed with an appealing layout and easy to use features. It is kind of like a social media app with shopping all in one (awesomeness). Lots of items alternate to clothing (furniture, art, books, music/tech). Countless language and currency options, and reward options galore as well. Cool giveaways, and you can link social media with it. 10/10 would recommend.
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4 years ago, Rose Truth
Hard to Use
This app doesn’t track your orders or tracking. I’ve been trying to cancel an order that was supposed to be DELIVERED in March (it’s now end of June and it hasn’t even shipped!) It would be fine if they would just cancel the order and not charge me, but after contacting UO now 5 times to cancel this late item, they have just charged me for the item, even though it hasn’t shipped!! There is no tracking number, and I’ve tried to cancel for months as it’s shipping so much later than the date that was confirmed when I ordered it!!! And there is NO WAY to track this purchase on the app! That seems crazy to me! I would give zero starts if I could. All my other purchases from UO and returns have been much easier than this, so I understand this is an extreme case (or so I hope!... anyone else having this repeated problem???!) But nonetheless, the app should be able to track my purchases, order numbers and order status.
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5 years ago, Gabsrini
awesome but needs to be more inclusive.
app works fine— this is a bigger issue than the app itself. there are SO many different types of bodies in this world, and don’t get me wrong, the models for UO aren’t all the same in shape and size... but they are so similar. that’s why I ask for you to consider reaching out to people who don’t “fit in” or are subject to scrutiny for not being slim or tall. I love UO’s products and the brand and I know not many other brands have inclusivity but I’d like to suggest this because such a big and popular brand should show everyone what they’ll look like when they wear your clothes. Incorporate (meant in the most respectful way possible) bigger, curvier, and/or bustier people. We all deserve representation.
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5 years ago, greylooooo
I’ve been shopping at Urban Outfitters for 3 years now and it’s still one of my top 3 stores ! I like old looks and old school vibes, however, I don’t like old items if that makes sense. The collection at UO is always fresh from the clothing to the extras. This store activated my interest in vinyl records and I’ve been collecting ever sense. The only downside to shopping here is that it is pricy and with me being a college student, I have to be choosy on what I spend monthly. Thank goodness UO allows shoppers the opportunity to earn reward points ! That’s helped me a lot. I hope to continue shopping here ESPECIALLY for my college apartment and closet. Thank you for the easy to use app and friendly in-store service !
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3 years ago, KTHJGFD
Definitely my favorite store
If I could give it 10 stars I absolutely would UO is my ultimate favorite store!!!! I can always find what I need their. I love how trendy their cloths r and how they have a vintage section Bc I personally love the 90s and have a thing for their clothing and UO provides that kind of cloths. The app is also super super easy to use I’ve never had a trouble with the app or website but I would rather have an app instead of having to search it up online every time. I will admit their stuff is a bit pricy but the QUALITY IS ASTONISHING it’s so worth the price u pay!!! If ur on the edge of buying something from here just buy it you will LOVE IT ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!
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5 months ago, lazyyyy_jj
Urban Outfitters Is The Best
As an avid shopper at Urban Outfitters, I can't help but express my love for their clothing selection. Every visit feels like a treasure hunt, with racks full of unique pieces that perfectly blend style and comfort. From vintage-inspired graphic tees to contemporary statement pieces, Urban Outfitters offers a diverse range of styles that cater to every mood and occasion. The quality of their clothing is consistently impressive, with durable materials and attention to detail that ensure longevity in my wardrobe. Whether I'm browsing for everyday essentials or hunting for that perfect standout piece, Urban Outfitters never fails to exceed my expectations. It's safe to say that my closet is filled with love for the clothes from Urban Outfitters!
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5 years ago, Cat lovers <3
I love this app! I don’t purchase items often for UO or any other store, but it’s so fun to have an app that I can use to just browse and go online window shopping with. The layout, to me, is not confusing and it’s easy to use. They have discounts and giveaways as well. Like other rewards app I’ve used, there isn’t a point system, and the giveaways are free to enter and it’s really just a press of a button. There’s also easy to use wishlists. You can create separate wishlists for certain groups of items (example: a wishlist for makeup and a wishlist for shoes can be separate). If you enjoy what UO sells then I would recommend this app because it makes shopping easier.
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2 years ago, elle everest
Eh lately
I love the store but lately the app has been out of whack and so has customer service. I’ve gotten the wrong item the last two purchases I made and I wasn’t allowed to get my money back for one of them. They said the item was final sale but like I said it wasn’t the item I paid for (the receipt was shown) and the item received happened to be way cheaper than the item I did pay for. Essentially it was a rip off and i never received the correct item or got any of my money back. The other most recent purchase from them came very quickly but one shirt just wasn’t in the package even though online it says it was. Its always so frustrating dealing with their customer service though so I probably wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything online at least.
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3 years ago, Merci Diala
Love the app, customer service- not so much
4 stars for offering points for a variety of things; downloading the app, shopping, leaving reviews on products. Their constant giveaways, early access to new products, promotional offers, and much more are a just a few of what I personally love about the UO app. The lack of access to customer service/support via the app is the only reason I deducted a star, besides that one thing, the UO app offers a refreshing, user-friendly way to shop, gain points to easily earn monetary rewards, along with the endless opportunities to win multiple, amazing gifts with their giveaways. Kuddos UO!!!
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2 years ago, Regina Louise
I’m still waiting on items I ordered in November. I had to cancel two of the Christmas gifts I ordered due to the inefficiency of the app in regards to what is actually in stock. When I ordered the previously mentioned items (which I was super excited to give to my boyfriend) the app said they would be here before Christmas. However, each time I checked the status of the delivery it just said “has yet to ship.” Therefore, I was forced to do last minute Christmas shopping. Not cool… Now 10 months later, I have reached the golden tier of the rewards program. I have never received any coupon for $50 off of $150, nor I have a received the $20 off of $100 for being a silver tier member. I have spoke with 4 different associates, the only answer I have gotten was “it’s not on your account.” Duh it’s not on my account, that’s the reason I’m contacting you guys. Pathetic..
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2 years ago, Myrnanners
Shipping Issues
This is the second time that boxes from the same order have ended up in different locations. It’s been sent to my old address despite being updated in the system and having placed many orders since living there. It’s been sent to the wrong apartment due to the apartment number being misprinted on the label. I don’t understand how this was possible given other parcels from the same order had the correct address printed on the shipping label. I’ve had an item sent to a post office and claimed by another person? Thankfully I get refunds for these mix-ups, but it seems to happen for at least 25% of my items and makes shopping online a game of “Will I actually receive my product?”
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4 years ago, I don’t want a nickname thank
Urban Outfitters review!
Urban outfitters has always been my go to shopping spot! It has great basics,great statements, great dresses, and much more. I’ve been shopping here my whole life (even when it wasn’t trendy)! Urban outfitters also has great home decor and kitchenware! When I bought my first apartment I went to go look on the Urban Outfitters site and I realized that they have amazing home goods as well. I would highly suggest this store for online shopping as well because they have a great app that lets you see all the newest clothes and goods! Urban outfitters also has all different styles packed into one store! All around this store is awesome and I would highly suggest it!
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4 years ago, Kayla RC
Annoying as hell
This app is really good when it comes to maneuvering it and finding the items/clothing you need/want. However, when it goes to check out, it will not accept any of my payments and is always like “there’s been a problem”. It did it to me on a huge sale and I almost missed out because it wouldn’t let me use any of my forms of payment and trust me, I tried EVERYTHING! So I had to call a representative and they had to place the order for me but it didn’t accumulate any of the points so now I have a shortage on points. And now I’m trying to shop for Valentine’s Day and it’s doing it again. It won’t let me check out, on my phone or on my laptop. It keeps glitching on me and it’s been like this for weeks, and the app is updated all the way.
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6 years ago, A-Madi85
I love this store and I like to see what’s new on the app and shop, of course, but I’ve noticed that lately the app logs me off and I have to keep typing my email and password. When I log back in, all my rewards are gone, 0!!! and even my wishlist and shopping bag items are either all gone or it shows the old items that are even currently out of stock or stuff that I had already ordered & received... it’s very annoying and frustrating ‘cause I can’t remember the items I had on my shopping bag and I have no idea why it keeps doing this... is there a bug in the app or something or is it my phone????? Ugh!
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5 years ago, AitanaBalam
In-Store pick-up errors & App sudden shutdown
All Urban Outfitters pick-up locations are listed as Walgreens, when several items I added to cart were marked as available for Pick Up at my local store?? Customer service is also impossible to get ahold of and I've been waiting almost a month for one item. I can't get ahold of anyone to solve these problems. I even had to pay for UPS in store pick up fee when my order was somehow not delivered to my address? UO has not contacted me back at all to remedy any of these issues & the app is glitchy. Beware of ordering through this app. Much better to just go in store.
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2 years ago, Gigi Vitanza
I love shopping at Urban especially online! Online it shows you all the varieties of clothing, they might not even have in store )they mostly have everything). They also have cute accessories including hair stuff, WILDFLOWER phones cases and etc. They also have records of some of your favorite artists! but together the whole store is awesome! Urban also emails you when you have more points and keeps track of it and let’s you know if you have a percentage off or a great deal! I would definitely get this app so you can add more happiness to your online shopping!
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4 years ago, Rave San
Good For A UO Addict
I’m constantly found myself browsing their website so once I found out that their app rewarded points (points that contribute to earning coupons) for browsing I knew I had to get the app. I love the user friendly interface and having wishlists easily accessible makes it really helpful to find my items during a sale when the app sends me a sale notification! Overall, it’s just made my UO shopping experience so much easier because I get coupons, easily find the things I want, and get notified for all the latest sales.🌸🤍
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5 years ago, peach wizard
I really appreciate that the app has the option to track your package. usually I have to get the package number and track it through the postal service. it’s super easy to navigate through the app and I think rewards are earned faster on the app. you pretty much always know when sales are going on too, which is nice. there’s also giveaways for rewards members. I appreciate how easy the app is to use and you can easily search stuff. I really like the app and I recommend it to the people who shop at urban outfitters. it’s super easy to see all the sales that are going on.
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2 years ago, BJM-23
Doesn’t work Properly
I have an account on the app and after two orders, my orders began to disappear. The order would initially go through and I would receive email confirmation; however, the order would disappear without a trace and would not be on the account or order search up. When I contacted and showed proof of purchase, the agents said I’d receive emails from the order processing teams. This; however, never occurred as no emails were sent to me concerning my account. I then made a new account but it was flagged for unknown reasons, probably because I spent too much - I was also told they’d resolve this (nothing happened my orders are still canceled). Now, they told me my first account has nothing visibly wrong with it (in the customer text chat) but my orders never stay.
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5 years ago, the one honest pearson
Rude costumer service
I had this one lady at costumer service and she was really nice (Judy) and I had this other that was simply rude (holly). The problem was that I was a couple of hours away from the 2019 st Patrick’s say sale. The holly girl kept saying that she was that she can only request and never actually answered my question. The customer service is just rude and bad. You can’t even cancel your orders!! (They claim it’s because they work in it right away) (The issue was the same both times I contacted them and Judy was so much nicer about it ) The app is really good and fast most of the time. Stuff is super cute but WAY TOO over expensive. If you are rich then I recommend this app. If you can handle rudeness than I recommend this app
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5 years ago, SEPHORAMVP!!
I legitimately use this app at least three times a month to make purchases, and I’m always on it daily… My only main ‘gripe/concern’ is that I check in to the app daily, I have tons of five dollar off rewards and I enter every sweepstakes/contest 10 times or more and I have yet to win. I would just love to know what a person’s odds are because every single one is different. I also feel like I am not notified when the sweepstakes/contest is over - some sort of a list of winners. Besides that silliness, it’s an awesome app, and I absolutely adore and love all things from urban outfitters!!!
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9 months ago, Macpack❤️
App is mostly user-friendly
The app is mostly user-friendly but I really recommend implementing a filter that allows customers to exclude the Nuuly products from the sale search. If you have a deal like 40% or 50% off sale - I don’t want to get items that aren’t eligible for that to keep popping up. I’ve wasted so much clicking on them just to see they’re excluded from the promotion and they’re not brand new items. Overall, even if you’re not searching sale it remains obnoxious because I generally have little to no interest in purchasing used clothes from UO so it’d be helpful if you could helpful filter them out. Thank you!
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5 years ago, PhotoGal555
UO’s app is well-done
this app in combination with the text/email notifications help me get the best deals at urban outfitters. the app is easy to use, simple, and includes way more clothing options than in stores. i’d suggest checking the reviews because staged photos don’t give the whole picture and reviews can effect your purchases. also, it has the rewards system within the app, and, if you’re in-store, you can scan a barcode on the app to open the item on your phone. overall, if you shop at urban outfitters, i definitely recommend the app.
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5 years ago, Smomkeyssosmi
Effortless Design!
This app is one of the best apps for Online Shopping period. The design and layout of the UO app makes it effortless to find whatever you are looking for in there very large catalogue of things to choose from. They also make it very easy to sync your UO rewards account if you have one and make it quite simple to track your points and other tier related things that have to do with your rewards. In general, this apps layout and East ability to sync with your rewards, makes it one of the best apps for seeing the UO catalogue online and shopping online in general.
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5 years ago, Ari..............
if you love urban outfitters and shop there a lot, or only a bit, this app will really help you. Ok the deals they give aren’t too extraordinary, everything at urban is really expensive, but just downloading the app and entering your email gives you $10 off your next purchase. The more you use the app and make purchases, the closer you get to earning more $5 rewards. The app also provides exclusive deals every now and then like 20% off 30% off etc etc. The app is sleek and easy to use, but I really just like it for the deals. All in all I recommend you download the app because who doesn’t like saving money<3
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