USA Rest Stops

3.3 (200)
25.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovative Software Technology, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for USA Rest Stops

3.26 out of 5
200 Ratings
3 years ago, LAN7565
Decent App-Map Needs Work!
TLDR: Half the app works great! The app is good for locating rest stops on your route from the state/highway searches on the HOME screen. The MAP is a hot mess! It’s slow, it skips and stutters, it doesn’t respond well to pinch to zoom, and eventually just locks up completely and forces a restart of the app. And don’t even try switching between standard and satellite view! I thought that maybe loading the ads was causing some issues with lag inside the app, but unfortunately paying for the full version didn’t help with the map issues. Let my $2 save you the trouble. I would recommend the free app in general, but I wouldn’t recommend paying for it until the map is addressed.
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5 years ago, AskLifeCoach
One of a kind App
I’ve not found another app that does what this does. While the developer was rebuilding this app, I really tried to find a replacement and couldn’t. This new version is pretty awesome. You can route on major highways although I’m not sure it gives you a route option. But once you get on the route you’re taking it will show where the rest stops are. You can FILTER to make a route and for requirements. Do you need an RV Dump?? Or wifi? There are tons of things you can filter for. It doesn’t give you exact mileage between rests so you have to do some simple math to subtract one mileage from another to figure that out. I highly recommend everyone download this before you head out on a road trip. It’s very helpful!
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4 years ago, Sue72256
Great app but keep getting a white screen
I would give this app five stars all day long if it hadn’t started giving me a blank white screen every few times I use it. The info on it has always been good, reliable, and up to date and it’s super easy to use. I love it. But now I’m getting really frustrated and when I try to go to app support I get “page not found” so I may have to look for a new app.
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4 years ago, Donthavenick
Tried to use on my most recent trip, but was disappointed that the app just did not work. Could not tell where the next rest stop was. Tried to go to maps, but only got blank screens. What in the world is up with this app? Wish I had not updated. Changing from eastbound to westbound doesn’t change order of listing. It still shows easternmost stop on i40 in NC at the top, instead of westernmost that you would expect going west. On my earlier version you could change this with the little arrows. Stops should be ordered in direction of travel. Going back to app store to see if there is another rest stop app to try!
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4 years ago, Okiesaurus
Open Rest Areas
With so many rest areas closed and other apps not showing whether they are open it is wonderful having this app. It shows which rest areas are open and gave a time period for the currentness of the information. It is so disheartening to count on a rest area then arrive to find it closed.
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7 years ago, Dave Cortight
Super useful
I just left on a road trip today, and after failing to easily find rest areas in Google maps and Waze, I downloaded this app. It’s definitely useful. When you tap on a rest area, don’t miss the “share“ button in the upper right. That lets you push the location in to the navigation app of your choice.
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5 years ago, roodboinboston
I really appreciate this app
Just moved to Atlanta and I’ve been driving down to miami to visit family. Never had to do long road trips before. This app is EXTREMELY helpful for timing out stops and knowing when you’ll have another chance to pee! I use it for every trip. It’s awesome. It’s easy to read. Easy to use. Very very helpful. A+!
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9 months ago, Dor1951
More Roads Required
This App doesn’t help if you are not on an Inteerstste Highway. Quite often we are not on Interstates but we still need to find rest stops
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5 years ago, mikelambert2
Excellent Aid to the highway
We are retired and travel the highways with our trailer in tow. Our service dog travels with us and it is nice to see what areas are ahead for him to stretch his legs. Very helpful in determining which route to take because convenance is now of more importance than time.
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4 years ago, A Better Supdup
Failed Me When I Needed It
I used to love this app. On a couple trips this year, however, it has failed to open the state I select & show me ANY highways or interstates to be able to see when the next rest areas are. It’s recently updated for “big fixes” but we’ll see if it actually loads all the information it should so it’s available when needed.
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3 years ago, May1620al
It’s really accurate and it goes the extra mile but updating the distance to the rest-stop as you drive so you don’t miss it! A must have for road trips, couldn’t recommend this app more. Great stuff.
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4 years ago, Passinthru72
Loved it.
Been great till yesterday. Used it almost daily. Now i just get a white screen when i try to use it. Loaded a different rest stop app but don’t like it anywhere as well as i did this one. Hope they fix it.
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6 years ago, Bbcregular
Uh oh you don’t have Internet!!!
This could be ok while at home but I wanted a travel app to show me where rest areas are. The silliest thing keeps happening. It says “uh oh you don’t have Internet” then something like please check your connection. I am using phone data not WiFi in my vehicle. WHAAAT!!! Why would you develop a phone app that needs Internet?? Just silly.
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5 years ago, dobby729
Used this for a trip about a year and a half ago and loved it. They have changed it and I don’t like the new setup at all still very good. I just personally liked the old setup much better.
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5 years ago, Islandrushlisa
Love this!
Love this AP. We drive an eighteen wheeler and this ap has helped us plan bathroom ,puppy exercise, and required safety breaks. I use it daily. Thank you for putting together such a helpful tool for us professional highway warriors!!
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4 years ago, Marymillicent
Love it!
I love this app - it’s saved me many times over and makes it so much easier to plan my trips! I haven’t actually interacted with the app but I just may start!
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5 years ago, pregul
Great for pets.
We use this app many times while traveling. We take our pets with us while we travel. This app is great for finding pee stops for our guys. eat for pets.
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3 years ago, Puglife9980
This app is definitely a lifesaver... It always comes through when needed!
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7 years ago, Loisski
Super helpful when literally driving cross country, trying to find rest stops that are open and not closed!!! Super frustrating!! Thanks yall!
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6 years ago, Bayou10
This App is Trash
To small to see this app is useless who made this crap you need a magnifying glass to see this crap come on man what is this I’m very disappointed in you guys for creating something so poor in quality I can’t give you a star for this unless I can’t post without giving you something plz people bypass this crap poor poor poor quality ...
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7 years ago, MGWS2002
Useful App
Great app! We travel interstates frequently, and are always looking for rest stops with the kids. This is a very user friendly app.
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7 years ago, spltfinger
Pro Driver
Excellent free app, update information added quickly. As long as patrons help with updating, it will remain a #1 rest area map.
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5 years ago, Kzkzzzzz
Love it!!
Love this app- fast and easy to see nearest rest stop both directions (ie northbound/southbound) highly recommend!!!
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5 years ago, whydoineed to fillthis in
Needs updating
Info on rest stops needs updating. It’s now October 2019. Info says rest stop closes until December 2015. Comments from 2017 mentioned this also.
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4 years ago, pauly46
Don’t travel without this app!!!!!
WOW!!!!! What a fantastic app!!!!! As the old American Express commercial would say...... ”Don’t leave home without it”
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4 years ago, My Name Here 002
Add this app to your phone. Thank me later.
Good app, a definite must for road trips. A great add for trucking finding parking and knowing what type of services you can expect. A definite keeper on my phone.
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4 years ago, xyz traveler
Use to be good
The app use to be good. When you select maps it would go directly to your current location. Now when you select maps it shows you the map of United States. There is no way to select current location.
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5 years ago, alisha65
This was a great app
This used to be a great app and we used it for all of our travels. Since your latest update I can no longer access it. When I click on the app it just shows a white screen. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. Still nothing. Please fix this!!!
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4 years ago, Noway mk
Worse since “upgrading”
Unfortunately, I decided to “upgrade” my app. No it will not do anything! The only thing I get are the ads at the top. Says it cannot get states from the server, won’t show any rest areas on a map. Cannot enter route. Absolutely worthless
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5 years ago, Jenni smalls :)
Thumbs up
Have been using this app for years! Love it and recommended.
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2 years ago, khrispee
Used to Love CRASHES
I loved this app a few years ago. Now when I open and select in state view more app CRASHES. Trying to look at any state nothing loads. Disappointing as i really did love knowing options for safe stopping.
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4 years ago, Cinder-_ella
Great app, I only wish I knew what each of the symbols mean, i.e., what’s the moon and stars symbol mean?
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4 years ago, amyw423
Very helpful
I have used this app for years. Always use it on road trips!! Great app!!
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7 years ago, JerryHatrick513
Very nicely done.
On the road again? Must have app.
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4 years ago, RN4VETS
Poor app
The app did not allow you to submit a rating for a rest stop using the app. Hit the submit button but nothing happened. Also unable to email the app developer as it says “error” everytime i tried.
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3 years ago, kayewhs01
Maybe needs an update. App was working this morning. This afternoon it won’t open. Tries to, but then goes to a blank screen. I have deleted and reinstalled it, but no luck.
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3 years ago, PinkTart4432
I do not recommend this app!! I’ve tried to use it several times while on my trip and it never works. The screen freezes and makes it impossible to actually use it.
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6 years ago, StuManFu28711
App failing
This app used to work good but in the last couple months I get nothing but Network not available when I click on the rest area for info
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4 years ago, chasboyer
Loved this app until today. Just get a white screen. Really need it now bc we are on the road in motor home pulling our Jeep. Worked great going out to Colorado 2 weeks ago and now heading home to Texas It just crashes.
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5 years ago, epotereiko13
Used only on 2 trips and so far flawless.
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6 years ago, Dr jelly finger
closed/open Status wrong
Many rest areas say closed that are actually open! Even months after people post in the comments that it is open. Crappy.
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6 years ago, cfubar
Rest Stop App
This app is useless to me. It keeps saying server is either too slow or I don’t have internet connection. I have full bars on my phone and can’t get this to work. Very disappointing.
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6 years ago, Rmakhija
Never finds my location
I relied on this for a road trip and made a huge mistake. It always keeps saying cannot find location or server took too long to respond.
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3 years ago, hhfrryggjird
Doesn’t work
Worked great for a day and now it’s just a blank screen. Turned phone off and back on. Still doesn’t work.
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7 years ago, MikeDe79
Great App!
Works flawlessly, real-time info. Great help on our RV trips. Thank you!
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6 years ago, LogHomeFool
Awesome for RV ers and their animals!
App keeps getting better, and useful.
Show more
7 years ago, BasicJeff
The best rest stop app I have found....
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5 years ago, GrandMagnolia
It use to be better
What happened to the feature that tells how many miles to a rest stop? Now there is just the mile marker. Who want to do math?
Show more
5 years ago, lbmattson
Love this app!! Essential for any roadtrip. It’s saved me so many times!!
Show more
5 years ago, ###bill###
Cannot get the app to recognize Wi-Fi, therefore the app does not work. Too bad it doesn’t work off of phone data, at least my app does not.
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