Vacation Countdown App

4.7 (15.2K)
66.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulana Media Productions LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vacation Countdown App

4.75 out of 5
15.2K Ratings
3 years ago, KEN KEN 2
I love this app 🏝🌊
I love this app because I’m always so excited for my vacation (even if it a months away). But with this app I can know exactly when my vacay is down to the seconds. I also love it because it is totally customizable for your vacation. You can make the background whatever you want, change the color of the text, and change the format. There is something for everyone. I would 100% recommended this to anyone, even if your vacation is a year away. I will always use this app.
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3 years ago, Dave804
This app has a beautiful design, unfortunately it will not do nonlinear accounting. It will only do linear counting meaning that ….say you want to set up a countdown. You only want to count the days that you work not days that you were off or on vacation. This app can’t do that. It will only count the days from one date to the next. It has no calendar to eliminate days you do not want counted. **Despite the developers Knee-jerk defensive response, just because an app doesn’t advertise a feature doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have that feature. In all fairness, if it doesn’t have something then it is limited. If you don’t want to appeal to more people and have features that would appeal to even more people that’s completely up to you. It’s an honest and fair review. ** in addition to the developers latest comment, you are 100% correct. It is not called retirement app it’s called a vacation countdown app …counting the work days down until your vacation. Not everyone has a Monday through Friday work week and there are certainly days within that scope that need to be omitted from a countdown. You have proved my own point.
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3 years ago, WildWinterRose
Almost perfect
I like this app a lot, but it has one feature that bugs me. It is constantly throwing up the notification flag for no reason. I am one of those people who can’t stand to have that little red dot on her icons, so I open the app and then have to click on screen after screen until it clears. I’ve yet to figure out what I’m being notified about unless it’s to watch another ad for Facebook (which I already have anyway). EDIT: Looks like they fixed that bug. Yay for that, but there is just one more thing - I wish I could copy my packing list from one trip to the next. It’s great to have the option of three packing lists, but when I am planning multiple cruises or trips to see my sister, etc. It would be nice if I didn’t have to manually enter everything again. Maybe just a list of staples that automatically appear? Socks, PJs, etc.
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3 years ago, Ace3ddie646873674673574
I like the app - but have a suggestion!
I love the timer itself. For some vacations I’ve put in the date/time I get off work before leaving, for others I’ve put the time the flight leaves. It’s fun. It keeps things exciting seeing the days get closer. But I’m disappointed that the packing list is not vacation specific & is for all vacations - so I just don’t use it. I don’t need to be reminded to pack snorkeling gear for a trip to the mountains or hiking boots for a trip to the beach. Having 1 packing list for all 3 vacations being timed makes it worthless, so I just don’t use it. How hard would it be to have a packing list for each vacations being timed?
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3 months ago, good good .
This is awesome
I’m using this app to track how many days until I go to Paris I’m excited for when I go to Paris and die but I might die when I go, so it’ll be fun I guess and a few days to my brother’s birthday maybe then he’ll find out the actual truth about his adoption who knows and until my I’m right here I’m right hereoh, well, I guess I spill the beans about what mom and dad were supposed to tell you anyways, this app is great so if you have any oh my God Jacob Lewis Misen shut up you’re not that bad so whatever
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3 years ago, ThisIsLizM
Cute and useful
This is app is super cool. It’s free and easy to use. You can countdown to multiple events at a time. Its easy to navigate. There are other cool features besides a clock that counts the days, hours, minutes, and seconds, like a packing list, a quote of the day, and some fun games and traveling news. You can also choose the background for your countdown and share the live countdown with others (even if they don’t have the app!). I like the app. It’s simple and neat.
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4 years ago, byffghbfbbhdgfbgrg
This App Is Amazing Because It’s Free
This app is really awesome. you track when your vacation is coming. Ot can hold up to 3 vacations at a time. It even counts the seconds. It still counts it down even when your not on the app. I you get choice of text Color. You can change the format of text plus you can pick between different themes like beach,city,country etc and it showed and cool pic of the theme. It it amazing that it is FREE. I have been using this app for 2 years and I love it it’s amazing.
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3 years ago, Minireaktor1
Great App
We always look forward to our family vacations. This app is fantastic to count the days. I share it with our other family members who will be joining us. Everyone gets so excited to watch the numbers days left until our next family vacation especially this year since the pandemic started. It is great to have something to look forward to.
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2 years ago, Yessi0122
Love it!
I love this app.. I use it every time I’m going on a vacation.. really makes me look forward to it.. and my kids get so excited when I show them how many days there’s left to our vacation.. lol. I love that you have an option of choosing backgrounds to include with your countdown.. and I especially love the daily quote notifications the app sends you. Get the app you won’t be disappointed. ✅🔥♥️
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1 month ago, Shortdogg7241
Just can’t wait
I freaking love this app ! The moment we come back from Vacation I put in the next vacation and it’s amazing how 365 days go so quickly then it’s vacation time all over again ! I have one complaint I just wish it was more screens to chose from ! Example palm trees, beaches just more to chose from other than that this is a wonderful app to have
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3 years ago, Honneylynn
Truly love all the post, this group have been more than helpful. Having never been to Aruba b4, at least I know a bit more than I did when I singed up for the trip. We done leave till 2/22, but sometimes I feel like am there already. Just from all of the stories, and post. Looking forward to making memories in Aruba
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1 year ago, Dbarton
It’s ok
But you can only set up three vacations at any given time. Would love for it to be unlimited. Doubt it would be that hard for them to do either to just incorporate an add more button. Also wish it showed your actual vacation dates (maybe up with the destination) in the “modern” view. Had I known I could only have three vacations I know I wouldn’t have paid the premium price for this. Otherwise it does what it says it will do. Please add more screens!! I would definitely change my rating if that happened.
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2 years ago, Jmhnc
Awesome App
I’ve been using this app for many years now.. I love it! It’s exciting to see the days count down to vacation day.. I like to be able to look at one of my clients and say I’m going on vacation in Xdays, and Xhours and Xminutes ! I always get a screen shot of the final minute..thank you for an awesome app! It helps the final days leading up to my vacation pass by faster.
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2 years ago, kinkie34
Perfect travel companion
This App is like your best friend who’s so excited to see you go on your vacation. They send you reminders, give tips on the best side trips, let you know how many days there are left before you go and even help you pack. I look forward to the reminders and appreciate the effort put into this. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Tourism professor
Fun Anticipation
I’ve used Countdown App for several trips now. One within a few weeks several almost a year away. Each time it was super exciting to watch the countdown and anticipate my upcoming trip. Also I used the packing list for my 26 day repositioning cruise that started in Tokyo and took me through Alaska it was invaluable. I recommend this app on my travel podcast every week
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4 years ago, Mildog_66
Best vacation app (In my opinion)
I love this app there’s so many things I like about it. I love how it counts sown to the very last second and each day I get a bit more excited for my trip. I recommend this for anyone who can’t keep track of how many days till there trip because there’s so many things this app can help U with to get ready for the big trip.
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11 months ago, s easdfbnkoh
love this
i wanted an app where i would have a thing show me how many days until my vacation and I got that i also got games and a packing list and many other things too yes u might have to pay for some pictures but you don’t have to pay and have other fun things
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3 years ago, smgfirefam5
This app is fun to use. It counts down the hours, minutes, seconds until your vacation, or really whatever you want to count down. Takes the finger guess work out. The fun pics you can choose as your background are great! The app is easy to use and will definitely keep using!!
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3 years ago, Jaylene M
My opinion on the app
I absolutely love it. It’s so helpful te keep up to day with your events. I would totally recommend if your going on vacation or for an event or a birthday it would be perfect to count the days. It’s a life saver used it to countdown days until my trip to Mexico and it was motivational for me to keep going until the day
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5 years ago, Jess7796000203
Wonderful app
Love this app! It is very easy to use. I set the date we are leaving & I can see the days I have left before they wonderful day I get to leave! Great to have on your phone, I’m very busy Monday through Friday with my work & hectic after work schedule! I click on this app & get to see that in just a few days or weeks I will get to relax on the beach!!!
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3 months ago, rfoley74
Love Looking Forward
My husband and I both love this app because it helps us enjoy looking forward to our vacation even though it's many months away and we absolutely love the quotes they keep us motivated to continue doing all of our planning, which can get tedious.
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10 months ago, 904Hope
Love this app
I absolutely love this app! It’s so cool you get a countdown to the second! When you get closer to your vacation it sends you notifications! You can make a packing list on it! Can load up to 3 different vacation countdowns! It’s pretty cool! Also sends you some really interesting facts about places around the world!!!
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3 years ago, JenDMM51
This is my favorite app! I love having regular updates about how many days or weeks until my vacation and it keeps me excited about my coming trips. I also love the other features like the daily quotes about travel and the shopping links for items I may need on a trip! So fun.
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2 years ago, prohitter
Great App! Does exactly what the name implies and more.
This is great. As soon as you get back from a great vacation set this one a year or so in the future and start counting down the days to paradise 2.0. Enjoy the matching games and trivia as well. If this app included some language lessons I think it would be even better.
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4 years ago, Gigi13168
Great vacay app
The free version is nice but the paid version gives you access to everything without all of the ads. I gave it a 4 star because every day I get a notification on the app but I open the app, I can’t stand to have unread notifications, and it doesn’t show what I’m being notified about so I have to click on each item to try and clear the notification 🙄.
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3 weeks ago, amazing vacation count down
Amazing app
This app is amazing I put my packing list there’s quotes and it tells you the days,hours and even seconds. Good app would recommend if you have a vacation coming up. But unfortunately it tells you how long you have till vacation reminds you you have a while. LOL 😆😅
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2 years ago, KaiBunni
Probably the best free countdown app I’ve used.
Unlike other countdown apps, even for one countdown, there is no subscription needed. Sure there are ads but so far they have not gotten in my way. Very customizable and it comes with matching games as well (didn’t expect that). Thank you for this app!
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6 years ago, zihan.78
Good app
Vacation countdown app is a awesome app. It is very useful for when we will plan to go vacation in any beautiful place. We can set our vacation date and time on this app. This app will reminder us of our vacation time and then we can do our packing list and can start our packing. On this app the countdown themes are so nice. I liked this app very much.
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5 months ago, leas52
I’ve used this so several times in the past and I think it’s great! It’s fun to just open ap and see how many days I have until my vaca. After reading some of the reviews all I can say is you can’t please all the people all the time. Keep up the good work guys!!
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6 years ago, Me the math nut
Something to forward to.
With my hectic life I like to plan a trip far ahead. It gives me something exciting to look forward to. This App is fun. You can customize it in several ways and checking and seeing the seconds count down makes looking forward to vacation even more exciting.
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3 years ago, Seasidetraveler38
LOVE this app!
I love the Vacation Countdown App! The app provides: a countdown of days until your vacation as soon as you open it, a section to make an itemized list of what you want to bring and a daily quote about vacationing to keep you motivated! It kept me excited as I was counting down for 6 months from r a MUCH NEEDED VACATION!
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4 years ago, Kllh260
Easy and Fun to use!
I use this app with all my vacations! It’s so fun to be able to look at it in the middle of the day or night and see how close you are or send a screenshot to your travel buddies to celebrate your upcoming trip. There are lots of background pics for free and many more to to pick from that you can buy.
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4 years ago, Chorale group
This was so nice to have for our group. We are singing (?) from Amsterdam to Switzerland and it gave us idea of where we were with our practices. Our director would laugh when I gave the update and said it made her nervous. But we all loved it. Guess we may not make it unless a miracle happens but we are singing hymns so prayers work.
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4 years ago, New momma 2012
Worth it or not?
I’ve been using this app since March to countdown to an anniversary trip for just my husband and myself. It is great... except the notification that constantly comes up. You can go through every single spot in the app and never be able to find out WHAT is causing it. Kind of annoying if you’re like me and hate having that.
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4 months ago, Tarayne
Loving Vacation Time 🌴
This app keeps me very excited . Find myself cking it constantly, makes me smile just knowing there is something to look forward , especially when you may have a day that isn’t going well . A reminder to your Vaca countdown and Wooooo La . Instant smile 😎
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3 years ago, Dawn865
Love this app!!
I set this app for my vacations, special events anything that is sort of a ways away! I like that you can see the seconds move and it’s set in “ real time”… there are great tidbits as well for vacationing, fun facts about different parts of the world you are looking to go!!! Great app!
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2 years ago, Ticked off 1313
Zero Stars
This app was not what I thought it to be. I wanted a simple widget for counting down a va action. In the process of trying to figure the app out I tried upgrading to premium to get rid of the ads. Next thing I know it charged me 17$ and never got rid of the ads, just let me have pictures. Worse yet I can’t challenge the purchase via Apple App Store since it does not show being bought thru the store (just via the app.) This is why I rarely deal with paid apps. Total rip off!
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3 months ago, Lexie🍵🍦
It is ok
This app is fine, great countdown and all but I thought there would be a widget and was very disappointed when I couldn’t ad one. Also I couldn’t find anyway, to remind me like the day before or like the day that it happened but idk. I will change my rating to 5 stars if you just add the widgets! It would make it so much better. Well that is all….
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2 weeks ago, sempmmwrm
Every Vacation Starts Somewhere
As soon as I book a vacation anywhere short or long. The minute I have a beginning & end time for a vacation I click on the AP and put in all the pertinent information that is needed!
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2 months ago, kimbathree
Keeps me motivated
Keeps me motivated to get things done before vacation so I am not rushing around at the last minute to get things well said and true..It’s always a busy busy time before any vacation but this app keeps me on track…
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3 years ago, G-ma for Brendan
Hawaii 2020
We had a vacation planned in Hawaii 2020 for my 65th birthday! Well, we all know what happened to that!😡😡 So we rescheduled for this year, 2021, and leave in 29 days!! So excited! But this app kept me on track, and I love reading up on all the info! Definitely will use it for future trips!!
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2 years ago, Dissatisfied x2
A little disappointed
I really like this app and have been using it for a few years. I’m a little disappointed now because when I first downloaded it you could use your photos, you still can but now you have to pay for them.🙁
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3 years ago, stepin1719
App is amazing
You can change the things so he can be only weeks only days only hours only minutes only seconds in any combination between. Also the packing list really helped me and my mother pack for my vacation
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3 years ago, My802
Some of the features could be improved and the ones that are free could be more user friendly. I really like uploading my own photo for my countdown, but I can modify how the photo fits, so the banner tends to cut off some of the image. I have also had some photos upload sideways and was unable to rotate them. Seems very basic to me.
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6 years ago, Anonymous123567😎
Great App
This is app is so helpful. I can keep track of how many days I have till my vacation. And my younger siblings and cousins are always asking to see the app and every time they see the minutes and seconds they go, "one second closer", " two seconds closer", and so on. It always cracks me up. Love this app it is great.
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10 months ago, FBCSO
I like this little vacation app. We use it, send screenshots to each other for the number of days left until we get together. Love the quotes, I have e saved them and included some in a photo album. Glad I found this.
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2 months ago, Rosebudts
Almost perfect!
The only things I don’t like is that you can only go out to 3 trips. It will not allow more. It should also go according to time frame. We plan way ahead. Sometimes you just can’t do it , so it would be nice to not have to change it all around.
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3 years ago, itsgantzfam
Anxiety Relief
This app helps to calm me knowing vacation (I also use it for special events like family coming or upcoming weddings) is drawing nearer! I love it! A checklist of important tasks which could be tied into the countdown would be helpful just so I have everything all in one place.
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6 years ago, TommyHardy919
Sooo Cool
This countdown app is so cool. It allows me to set the countdown for a vacation that I am planning months ahead. It actually makes the waiting time more exciting. As every seconds pass by, like I am getting closer to the destination. Most importantly the background pictures for each destination is so relevant and beautiful. Love this app.
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1 year ago, Khaat
Love it, but…
I do love the app, and I did pay for premium. Having said that, you are limited to 3 vacations in date order. Makes sense, right? If you schedule another vacation before the first or in the middle, you have to re-jig everything, PITA. I’d love for the app to basically let me activate (10?) and manage the order for me based on the date.
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