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Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.
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User Reviews for Valpak Local Coupons

3 out of 5
47 Ratings
10 months ago, tr83ca
Same coupons as in the mail, which is great
They provide the same coupons that come in the mail (snail mail), which is great. But this app has some bugs to work out and it looks like it hasn’t been updated in years by Valpak.
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4 years ago, Skiierguy1
Worthless App
ValPak’s apps, both regular and 3D, are absolutely worthless. When you try to get local ValPak coupons for area businesses, BOTH of the apps (sometimes) give you “coupon” offers that for the most part are not even in your local area! What is the point? Besides being difficult to navigate, not being able to see truncated fields to tailor your searches by city, zip, etc. (which really doesn’t matter because results still won’t pull up on those parameters entered). Don’t even waste your time downloading this “dog” of an app’. It’s just plain JUNK! If ValPack paid someone to design and implement these, they got ripped-off and the designer should be sacked.
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6 years ago, OriginalCaroline
Easy to use and love it!
Now I don’t have to wait for the monthly Valpak in the mail. Everything I’ve searched for comes up so I’m guessing the other reviews might be a little older. It’s seriously so easy to use and now I check it everyday or before I go out for awesome deals!!
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8 years ago, Ashflk6785
Doesn't work
The categories do not display when you click on Categories. Does not offer grocery coupons even though their website does. When you click on Join, the pop up box does not display correctly: parts of the screen are not visible, so you cannot find the Join button to click on it.
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7 years ago, jonathank520
Vendor Gave Me Trouble Over Coupon on Phone
I just went to a Popeyes which takes ValPak Coupons. They however do not honor the coupon on the app. If that is the case, I understand that's the vendor's prerogative. Just don't display it on the app
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5 years ago, Eagle locksmith md
Don’t pay to this company never
Don’t pay to this company never They are so expensive and you no get even no one customer We advertise for air duct cleaning and we got for $2900 only 5 customer in 3 months They are say the go to send for us for 13 zone it’s mean 130,000 customers and we no get any call anymore we are going to take this company the the court the are scams the promise us customers and a lot never use him again
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6 years ago, Flyby777
I installed the app and attempted to open it on numerous occasions and it just refreshed for 5-6 minutes and never did open. The only thing that changed from the homescreen is a request for an app review. There's NO APP!!! It never opens. I've tried reinstalling this 3 or 4 times (I'm a glutton for punishment) and I never did see anything, well except for the begging for an app review. is the review. The app is useless! Don't bother!
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9 months ago, Blackmount 44
The coupons are not same
Just downloaded this App to check it out and the coupons that are mailed, are not the same as the ones that are offered in the App. This is disappointing from the start.
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9 months ago, A pulley
So much better than carrying around paper, I wish I had known about this earlier!
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8 years ago, AlexandriaMichele
Haven't used it that much so far
But I'm always willing to sign up with anything that can give me a good discount like this app. Plus I like how you can get coupons emailed to you in the mail for free!
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11 years ago, KevinJEdwards
Good, but could be better. Worth checking.
I've already saved over $100 with this app. Contrary to others, I've never had a location turn away the mobile coupon. I think I would blame the retailer and go somewhere else if they did. I hate coupons, but his makes it really easy to simply check if the place you're going to has a discount or if there's someplace in the area that does. It just needs more businesses to be listed.
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8 years ago, sheeda234564
Love It!
This made it so simple to pay for valet services. I recommend it to other people to use!
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7 years ago, Barrel77
Don't download this
Complete waste of time. After I told the app not to use my location, it spent the next ten minutes trying to find my location, rendering the whole thing inoperable. Completely useless.
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6 years ago, Ritaa226699
Love it!
Love searching for nearby coupons :)
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3 years ago, Mlou823
When you point the camera at the envelope as directed it jumps all over the place. No info if you won or not Deleted it almost immediately.
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6 years ago, Chiraj yogiraj
Augemented reality
I like the augmented reality feature. Thats a cool and unique feature!
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6 years ago, LaTriciam40
Valpak app is a waste of time. Coupon for Salvation Army is NOT there! App takes you to their site ; coupon there either. You save nothing with valpak. The offers are bogus. Good luck
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3 years ago, Jiggypop Pop
Can’t add coupons to wallet
Used to work, but can’t add coupons to Apple Sallet anymore - always get error.
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7 years ago, Purple sistah
Even though I deleted this app, it continues to show on my lock screen. I hate this app.
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15 years ago, tammy711
Valpak on my husbands hip!
My husband is a saver. He hates debt which is good in this day and age that we don't have any other than the mortgage. He often refuses to eat out unless we have a discount (preferably a buy one / get one). When we are out and about we usually don't think to bring our Valpak blue envelope - now we don't have to! We use this app! I know restaurant owners aren't reading these comments, but often times we decide where we are going to eat based on the best deal. :-) We used the buy-one-get-one coupon for Thirsty Marlin yesterday. They accepted it for our meal and our neighbor's meal too.
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14 years ago, E Motley
Great app!!
With this economy I'm always trung to save $$, aren't we all? I get the envelope which I go through everytime month hoping there's something new. I came across the app and now I'm always clicking on the maplopkong tk see what's near me and was pretty surprised here in the DC area. I just showed the guy my phone coupon, he wrote down some number that's on the app, he said that's how they track it, and I got my 25% discount on my food check thank you very much! Ahhhhh technology!!!
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13 years ago, LightCat
Nice, very convenient
This solves my biggest frustration with coupons - having them on hand when I need them. They always end up on top of my fridge or on my desk which is super not helpful when I'm at a store saying "Argh I have a coupon for this. Oh it's on top of my fridge." The statement on these coupons "business reserves the right to decline digital coupon" does make me a bit nervous. Would it be so hard for Valpak to ask the business when they sign up for coupons if they'll accept digital coupons? I'll try it out and leave the 5 stars if businesses tend to accept them. Otherwise... As far as other reviews of the app crashing, it works really well for me and I've had no technical problems.
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12 years ago, DCKPapa
Works well. Great selection of coupons!
I've heard that this app doesn't work in some cities, but I also know Valpak doesn't have a presence in every city. I know in Phoenix,where I live, there is an awesome selection and the GPS feature works great. Have had no trouble with businesses accepting them so I don't know what the other reviews are talking about.
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12 years ago, Cassandra Snyder
Loving it!
This new app is so user-friendly, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and all-around a definite improvement on the previous Valpak app. It is fantastic! Love that it allows you to mark as favorite and share so easily with friends, not to mention showing coupons that are closer, links to the websites, and general information about the business. Love it!!! Thanks, Valpak!
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15 years ago, Lertie
Unbelievably useless
Good grief! For as much junk mail and brand establishment that Valpak has made visible, I had high hopes of finally having a solid app for coupons, but this app is a joke. While the app development and interface do appear to be well designed, they clearly forgot the oldage that "content is king." I live in Sacramento, the freakin' capital of California, and this app brought up a whopping selection of only TEN coupons - and, except for DirecTV, they're for places I've never heard of before. Deleted after a whopping ten seconds!
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9 years ago, Fuzzy44455689
Coupons on the go
Great coupon source for those who are always leaving coupons at home. Would be perfect if there was an option to have the app access location "only when open". I keep my setting on "never" and switch to "always" when I want to look for coupons.
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9 years ago, Cocoa Lax Nut
Great app if you like coupons and saving $$$
I think this is a great app! Love how the local coupons I want pop up on my phone when I'm near one of the stores/ restaurants. Love getting the envelope in the mail still, but this is nice when you are in a surrounding area, as you get their coupons / "envelopes" also! And this hasn't crashed at all for me- I love it!!!!
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11 years ago, Jonathon Mah
Where's the "3D"?
I just downloaded this because I received a new envelope in the mail today, and it had on it: "1. Open Valpak app. 2. Tap 3D glasses. 3. Scan here." So usually I wouldn't bother with marketing stuff, but this sounded possibly worth spending 5 mins to check out. But after 2 minutes with the app, "3D glasses" weren't evident. (Also, I'm not sure what I'm looking for! "Tap 3D glasses" makes it sound like a button, but it's not clear.) App was updated July 26 so I don't think the feature has been held up in review, but maybe…?
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12 years ago, AlexanderAF
I like it
The app is very straightforward and loading coupons onto Passbook is easy. I found coupons to a number of local places I frequent. They don't have major companies, but not a big deal to me. It'll be fun to pull out my phone and scan a coupon at a restaurant! I am using an iPhone 5 and have not had any issues.
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14 years ago, Jacqui2006
Tons of offers
The other reviewers said there weren't many offers and most were online/mail in. Not me!! There are a TON of offers. I live in Cincinnati. There are about 5 restaurants near me with buy one get one offers, etc. It's free too. Download it, and if you don't like it, delete it! It's worth your time for sure.
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12 years ago, kl163g
Just for the Passbook adoption
Man I read on TUAW about this app being one of the best to adopt the passbook tech from Apple and lo and behold it not only does that but provides GPS location deals. And with Passbook integration I'm saving faster than I'm searching for coupons. Now if only Groupon, AMZN Local Deals, & all the rest can integrate with passbook...
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14 years ago, MichaelC817
Local offers? Four in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area.
I figured this would be a great app since the ValPaks we receive in the mail have so many coupons. Not so. Despite the name being "Valpak Local Coupons", virtually all of them are for mail order or Internet companies. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (with over 6 million people), there are a total of FOUR local offers. One for a Firestone in Mansfield. One for ExpertTire in Cleburne. One for Brunswick Zone in Watauga. And one for Omaha Steaks in Dallas (which is probably mail order). Not a single restaurant.
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12 years ago, tpabayguy
After I tested this app with passbook I realize Apple is sitting on a pile of gold. This passbook app really will kill the wallet. As more companies sign up for this I see how this can just take off. Is cool is useful n it looks so cool. It makes me want to go buy stuff. Headed to Starbucks to try it out n to use this valpak coupon just to see people's reaction
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11 years ago, djdmzjdnxjdnanagag-_-
3D Savings
The only reason I downloaded this app was because of the 3D savings on the envelope. 😂 That being said, it does work. Pretty simple too. If it didn't work for you maybe you don't have the greatest connection? I could see why it wouldn't work without a strong signal.
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12 years ago, Bmlacl
Love it!!!
I love this app. It is great. It find coupons in the area you are in for different establishments. You don't have to print. Just show the coupon on your phone . Dibella's sub shop initially refuse to take the coupon because they said I had to print. So be prepared to pay full price just in case!
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12 years ago, denied9000
Great use of passbook.
A++ for showing us how advertising should be done. The app is simple. Shows you coupons near you, if they're interesting you add them. Don't have to create any accounts, confirm an email, or any of that nonsense. Just a discount IF you ask for it and no more. Well done, guys.
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8 years ago, New-woohoo
Very handy!
Last time when I need to smog my car, I just use the app and located the perfect place to do the deed. They accepted the coupon on my iPad without question. Very easy to use, gives location and direction, and info on how to apply for the coupon. Love this app.
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12 years ago, Mimi4015
I don't have to remember to print a coupon or save a coupon. Also the app is location specific so if I am in another area of town it will enable me to try a restaurant that I may not have otherwise tried....very user friendly!
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12 years ago, Just call me DC
New age savings
This app is awesome. You get coupon saving without the paper cuts and it is location based to show what's near by and relevant. It definitely takes the hassle out of using coupons. The interface is ok, actually its great for a coupon app.
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11 years ago, lnet66
Get the get the savings!
For all of you that love a good deal and a coupon,Valpak is the way to go! Get the app, get the savings! Coming soon, 3D searching. Look for the envelope with the 3D guy and glasses, scan him, hold up your phone and watch the closest ads float across your screen! Too Cool!
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12 years ago, CurlySailor
Pretty slick
The variety and sheer numbers of coupons is impressive and very useful. Some of my fav places and o don't have to remember to bring the coupon from home. Wish the search feature worked.
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9 years ago, Krenee Itunes
We love using Valpak and the app makes it even easier! No matter where we are the Valpak app pulls up local coupons near us. We love using the coupons at our favorite places or using the coupons to try new places!
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10 years ago, KeithFraley
Best for local coupons
Valpak doesn't have coupons in every city but the cities that do have coupons have great coupons. Never paying full price at pizza, dry cleaners, oil changes,or at other local places now.
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14 years ago, New Hampshire Mom
Lots o savings in NH
This is a great app. I think it is designed well and tons of deals in my area! I saw some other reviews about not enough content but in southern NH there's lots of businesses offering coupons. Pizza, Home Improvement, Retail, T-Bones, Lottery, coffee shop, bowling...
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12 years ago, JohnnyA007
Old app bad - new app GREAT!
Don't let the low rating scare you. It's based on a lot of bad reviews for the earliest version. A LOT has been improved. Highly recommend this because its only going to get better as more people see the value and use it!!!
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8 years ago, Angry Customer x3
Vendors won't accept!
I am very disappointed that the 2 businesses I have tried to use the app with recently refused to accept the coupons on phone and said they would only accept the paper copy. I know this is so they do not have to redeem as many coupons but if your are going to have an app vendors should contractually have to honor them- at this point the app has zero value to me if no one actually accepts it. Stop killing trees- the app is better!
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10 years ago, Margaret Nye
Elegantly designed, easy to use. It even alerts you when you're near a vendor that has a coupon so you never miss a deal. Sweet! Wish all my apps worked this well. :-). The augmented reality (3d) is an amazing feature.
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12 years ago, Chris Gryniewicz
Great Savings for Local Businesses!
I use it everyday. Easy to navigate and tons of coupons. I've never had a problem with businesses refusing coupons
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10 years ago, SheriGal
Local Coupon Deals
Great app. I love the location finder. No matter where I am in the city I can use this app to find great deals nearby. It has made me try a lot of places I never would have. Highly recommend this app! Works great.
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11 years ago, Bgiese
Works great - love passbook integration
App saved me $3 on lunch today. I had put coupon in my passbook and forgot. Looked at my phone during meal and passbook app used my location to alert me to a coupon.
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