VarageSale: Buy & Sell

4.6 (64.8K)
81.6 MB
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Current version
VarageSale, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for VarageSale: Buy & Sell

4.6 out of 5
64.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Penelope54
Great, but still some big user issues
I’ve been using the app, and I’ve definitely seen improvement! One major thing, please make it possible to click through to someone’s book from a transaction page! I can’t even click to their page from an item reserved for me if I get there through transactions. This is so frustrating, I have to actually search the person’s name to keep browsing their page, or scroll through notifications to find a non-transaction one. I also hate the new layout because our group had a lot of ‘discussion’ posts, which just come through as big speech bubbles. It’s visually overcomplicated. Maybe the discussions are a different color, with no image? Thanks, I’ll continue to use this app!
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2 years ago, Bamagurl76
Some fixes
All in all, a decent app. It would be nice to be able to “hide” items that are marked as sold and be able to fine tune search results. I also think that you should be able to give feedback more than once. It should be feedback on the items you have purchased per transaction rather that just a once time rating and that’s all. I’ve had this app for several years and over the last couple of years I’ve found that the ads are rather annoying. I would rather have to pay maybe $5 for an ad free app. It slows everything down and freezes sometimes and that’s irritating. The main fix I recommend is that items that are posted more than 6 months should be automatically deleted or marked inactive where buyers can’t see them. Maybe send the seller a notice to renew the listing or it will be deleted or made inactive within 7 days. There are so many inactive sellers with stuff that’s been on here for years. It’s maddening to have to weed through all the “dead” listings to find legit active sellers. Other than that it’s a decent app I suppose, so I give it 3 stars until the developers can actually update it with useful updates that could make this a lot more user friendly.
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7 years ago, starryrg
Worst managed app I’ve ever used
I only use the app because it is what everyone over here uses to sell their stuff in the military. You cannot copy addresses or phone numbers out of the messages almost ever. You have to pick single pictures to post in Messages and cannot pick albums or multiple pictures at a time. The application crashes constantly. Half the time you don’t even get notifications properly if at all. It is the same on iPads and iPhones alike. The app used to notify you when your items would get removed or we’re about to get removed and no longer does. Active conversations continually don’t show up or in active conversations get sorted back into the active conversations at random. And for some reason every time they get new admin’s they seem to be power-hungry military spouses who have no authority in the military but seem to want to dictate to everybody whatever they choose. They continually make up new rules since I’ve been on this program based on their emotional experiences and their frustration with customers they are supposed to support. They seem to constantly post rules that existed no other yard sale type site. Overall the site needs complete overhaul and they need to hire or have admin‘s that are there to help people with issues not be mafia dictators.
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5 years ago, burgergril69
Absolutely useless
This app is horrible in every way. Unlike every other app, this app doesn’t allow you to search within a location radius or anything like that. You have to join a ‘community’ and you can only buy and sell and search for stuff within that community. The problem with that: There’s like 30 communities in my town. So in order to see all the offers in my town I would have to join all 30 communities. Here’s issue two: you can’t just ‘join’. You have to apply. I was waiting TWO WEEKS for my application to be reviewed. In the end, I got denied because I didn’t want to use a public profile picture of myself. Fun fact: The community manager who denied me doesn’t have one either. I really wanted to buy something on that app, but couldn’t. No idea why this app is a thing and managed like that. Even if I had a profile picture, the whole community thing is ridiculous. Imagine you wanna look in another area for items because you travel there, guess what, you have to apply to a community there first. And unless you wanna do it 30 times it’s basically a gamble. Terrible concept, big waste of time. By the way: Changing your community deletes all your listings.. use offerup instead, they’re amazing.
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2 years ago, Ellie Girard
Used to be awesome…
Like other people are saying, the new pop-up video ads have made this app a nightmare. This was our favorite platform to buy and sell (or give away) items locally, and I used it at LEAST twice per week. Now, when you scroll, you can make it about 8 listings before a video ad pops up, takes over the whole app, and stops everything. If you were quietly scrolling, get ready for sound to come blasting out of your phone—awkward and annoying! And then if you’re lucky, the app will crash too. Oh man. And I can tell it’s irritating and deterring other users, too, because the responsiveness of everyone has gone WAY down. Once these video ads happened, it seems like we all just stopped using the app, messaging about items, responding to notifications or messages, etc… I can’t even move free items anymore. I check the app sometimes to see if they’ve changed their mind on this ad format, but alas, it looks like it might be here to stay. Bummer!
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6 years ago, swills14490
Pros and Cons
I have been with garage sale prior to its beginning here, on FB Exchange. I like how you can upload up to 5 pictures, but often find that sellers do not post that many. Usually just one. Then we all ask for them to post more. Sometimes the quality of pics aren’t that great either, or the pictures lack descriptions which include measurements, age of item and condition. I try to include all these things in my descriptions so I dont have to answer a ton of questions. I also post pics I know are pleasing to make it an easy sell. I work hard to earn praises! But I agree with others, the CON would be that there are some not so nice sellers, who fail to communicate in a timely manner. We should be able to rate for bad transactions too! Like a thumbs up and thumbs down, and allow the person to provide a feedback. Other than that, please update the system so we dont get multiple notifications!!
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3 years ago, lauritaGarcia
Great but should show the date of a posted listing
I use this app all the time, the only thing I really don’t like about it, and don’t see why it’s never been added is.. adding a posted date to listing, because a lot of times you click on a posting and you don’t know how long ago it was posted unless you go to the filter settings and sort them by newest. Too many times I search something in specific and it shows me listings from two years ago, and the only way I’d be able to even tell is if someone commented and it shows how many weeks ago someone commented. It’s annoying because being that old, most of the time if you message someone asking if it’s still available, they don’t respond, so I try to stay away from super old posting and I’d appreciate being able to know MORE EASILY, how long ago a posting was created or last edited.
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3 years ago, Livdub
Claims Safety but Not Safe
Super disappointed in VarageSale’s requirement of having to use your first and last name in order to join an area. Their reasoning is that people feel safer meeting someone who uses their first and last name but I argue that it’s the opposite and that I feel LESS safe meeting someone who knows my first and last name. You could easily google my name and find out where I live or work when on all the other apps I use they only show my last initial and I never give everyone my address. When I expressed concern about my safety in joining with my full name the moderator denied my access and told me it was to make other people feel safer. No other app requires me to give my full name that is then made public for everyone to see. This is very concerning and I’d suggest VarageSale consider how they’re protecting their members and how it’s actually putting people at risk, specifically as a woman I do not feel safe someone being able to google me and find out where I live by my full name.
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5 years ago, Cutenik
Lack of
There is no need for separate communities. And the only ones that are available are all far away from where I live. And they don’t offer a way for me to creat my own community where I live so options to sell and buy are all to far from me. to search stuff there isn’t much detail on how to sort though all post like using a specific brand name. Not really easy and once you remove a community all your post go with it then you have to re post in a new one it’s a lot of extra unnecessary work involved you cant even edit any post after the fact for example you were searching for a jacket and pants found the pants and not the jacket will the photo of the pants can’t be removed from the post you created, it will stay on the post. I will have better luck on offer up and poshmark. Maybe in the future this app will have a better system in which anyone can sell buy and searching easily. Offering shipping would be good too.
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1 year ago, Vdrumpro999
Adds always popping up
Update: will include Nike and Starbucks on that list. Every time I scroll a few pages one or the other pops up trying to get me to download. Update: dear vix dot com: I’ve added you and your loud pop up advertisements to the list of companies I hate thanks to varagesale deceptive ad pushing. Remember, no one who sees the ads you paid for actually wanted to see them. They were instead annoyed by them. Update: dear advertisers I automatically HATE WHATEVER advertisement pops up in the app. I close the app or browser the moment it happens you’re paying them for not only nothing, but for negative perception of your product. I’ve used the app for many years this issue is new and obvious cash grab. ———-original review Every time I scroll ads that I did not click pop up and redirect to my browser. Nice way to get ad revenue, and a great way for me to finally stop bothering with this app. Update: it’s worse. To the point I don’t even really want to browse anymore.
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6 years ago, Kdp43
Good but needs improvement
This is a good way to buy and sell goods. No more garage sales to set up and take down. There are several things that are frustrating. First is not being able to remove "I'm interested" from a listing when the seller changes their mind but doesn't remove their interest. Second, there is no consistency in sellers photos. I was denied membership because my Facebook photo was a palm tree and not a photo of myself. Now there all kinds of things being used instead of self image. Third, the ability to praise. Often I try to praise someone but the app won't let me. I was told to go to that persons home page, click on praises and there would be a button to click on so a praise could be left. No such button.
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3 years ago, Jannnnax3
Stupid rules, rude admins, and not safe at all
Don’t waste your time on this app! In order to sell your items you need to join a community then wait and see if you get accepted or not. Their rules are very very stupid because you have to put you first and last name which as a woman I don’t feel safe having my entire name being public where anyone can google it and find out where I live and what my phone number is and you also gotta put your picture as a profile picture. The admin that talked with me didn’t even their own picture it was a random house. By far the worst app I ever downloaded and used. They kicked me out of the communities I joined because I refused to put my full last name and they were so rude and insulting claiming that my name is not my actual name. I’m still shocked of how they acted/talked with me. Fire that admin (you guys know who I’m talking about) and remove all those stupid rules while you still can or not this app will go downhill!!
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6 years ago, neversitsstill
Best system to sell stuff!
I love varage sale because it's organized so you only have to sort through items you are interested in! Other Apps and systems are cumbersome. It makes buying or selling much easier! Organized to more of a target audience! Easy to follow your items. And you don't have to scroll through items of no interest (An example: if you're looking for furniture you click on that category. You don't have to look at baby clothes or Christmas decorations) And you can set up notifications and get an alert if someone ask a question about something your selling, wants to buy your item, or even on items you're considering purchasing. Love this app!
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3 years ago, ian and maya
Prefer more local
So this app used to be more local, and I wish I could limit the geography of buyers 7-10 miles from my house. I live in a suburb of a big city on the very outskirts. This app used to allow a trading group for my neighborhood. It was great! I was fine when it expanded to my suburb. Recently, I have people from MUCH farther away buying items. Or trying. Now they are having difficulty finding my house, getting lost, and so forth. Ugh! My neighbors have stopped using it and created a Facebook group instead. We had a very active neighborhood group before. I love the format of the app, but I wish that there was away to keep it more localized. If I wanted to reach all of Houston which is 60 miles across, I would use marketplace. I want something small and neighborhood based.
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5 months ago, Because I’m not white
Discrimination- Brazoria County VS
1. I was denied access to VS because of my profile. I was told I could possibly be a scammer and not safe for varage sale. 2. The next day I made a Facebook page with a white lady as my photo and the admin approved the account . The fake Facebook profile only been active for 1 hour. 3 I have a friend that is selling items on varageSale , and a person with a fake profile , (approved by admin) pictured as a white man tried to buy a item from my friend , the person tried to pay with a fake check. He was a real scammer with a fake Facebook profile and he got approved by admin because he have a photo of a white man for his profile. My friend still have the check and the conversation between him and the approved scammer. 3 my Facebook profile clearly shows my location and show pictures on my timeline ,the support I have for my town , my kids riding in the county fair, my son making touch downs for the High School and my daughter soccer team supporting the local police officers. 4. The difference between my profile and the other two profiles that I mentioned is the fact that I’m a black person with a real facebook profile that did not get approved and the other two profile were fake and 1 of them was a scammer. 5 thank you for denying me access to the “Whites Only “ VarageSale app.
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2 months ago, Hippiechick1332
This app USED to be awesome! Not anymore!!!!
I used to LOVE this app!!!! It was my very favorite to buy items from. Used it daily!!! At some point advertising was added for outside companies…cool whatever. Fast forward to current day (2024)…I literally cannot even use this app! What a change! You cannot scroll without accidentally touching any advertisement which you have to just sit through until enough time passes before you can skip, continue scrolling then BAM!!! Within seconds you have accidentally hit yet another conveniently placed ad for a game or whatever stupid stuff they are promoting. Every time I open VarageSale on my phone now…i immediately close it and the memory of why I no longer use it comes flooding back to me. Although there are some nice features to the app, it ends up being a HUGE & pointless waste of time unless you are in to sad advertising! Be better VarageSale!
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3 years ago, 4Witt777
Out of all the resale sites, this is the one I feel safest to use
VarageSale is made up of communities so I’m not seeing items that are 5 states away. I get to see items being sold right in my own city and surrounding areas. This means if I see an item I like I can drive 10 minutes and have it that same day. The HUGE bonus for me is the safety that comes from knowing time was taken to verify every single member. My town’s group even takes extra precautions and extra measures before adding people. My town’s group has a dedicated admin team that is available almost 24 hours a day to answer any questions and quickly handles any concerns.
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4 years ago, r|RaNg3r-85-
All I want to do is browse and shop for a pc mouse. They had a few of the one I was looking for when I searched as a guest. When I clicked to buy it VarageSale prompted to sign up to buy. I started the process of singing up but they ask for so much. They want your email, address, phone number, contacts and they won’t let you proceed until you upload a photo of yourself. I thought they were going to ask what tattoos I have and where if any. All this to buy a mouse. After all that I finally went and searched for Razer mouse and Black Ops 2 with no results in my area even though I saw that mouse few mins prior to signing up. It’s a scam. Bait n switch. They give you bogus search results just so that they get all your personal info to sell to others and then they don’t have what you want after you sign up. OFFERUP is the way to go at least they don’t ask for your pic and contacts to join.
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7 months ago, Frank8281
Ok app, 0 people
App seems to be ok.. fairly easy to use, just one problem.. where are the people? I posted like 5 things and not even so much as a blip, no saves, no spam messages, been like a month and absolutely 0 activity. I’ve heard of people in other areas having great success with varage sale, but in my neck of the woods(wny), it’s like a ghost town. And the stuff I’m selling does have interested people.. have no issues with cl or fb.. wanted to try different sell apps and this is the same deal as OfferUp/let go. Ok app, 0 people. I’ll try it for a bit longer, but prob going to delete it. Had the same issue with let go/offer up. Used to have a lot of activity, but as of late.. seems like nobody is using these smaller sell sites anymore. Shame too, cause there is potential.
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2 years ago, tjdunn66
This is the coolest site ever for buying and selling items!! The people on here selling are your neighbors and that way you know you’re not going to be dealing with people who take advantage of you and do weird things!!I have been on this site for about five years now and I’ve just had the best time meeting and making new friends!! I highly recommend that if you live out here in surprise or near here that you join this group we would love to have you we have a great time buying and selling on here thank you God bless
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5 years ago, SheLikesVintage
Flawed App Terrible Experience
Hands down the worst app I’ve ever used. A google search for a dish set had me discover and install this app. I was ready to buy the set from a VarageSale user, cash in hand. Why did I go through the trouble to verify my account (with personal info) in two different ways and still not get accepted (or at least denied) into my local group? I still don’t know. I reached out to the admin after two weeks of hearing nothing to see if the local group needed any more info to accept or deny me into the group (at least let me know if I was denied) but crickets. App shows the message to the group admin as seen 6 days ago and still nothing. Honestly, I’m too old to play high school clique games. I’ll stick to Facebook marketplace, OfferUp, Letgo, 5miles, Chairish and a slew of other much easier and more accepting platforms. Don’t waste your time on this garbage.
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5 years ago, K sixxer
Love this app but newest update crashing
I absolutely love this app but since the new update yesterday it keeps crashing every time I go to look at my notifications and scroll down on the actual category notifications. It makes it hard because it will totally crash and I will have to go and open again for it to do the same all over. The past updates recently have been freezing a lot to where I’d have to manually close out all the way and bring it back up. I haven’t noticed that yet with this update but the new thing of crashing 5 times within the last 10 min is definitely frustrating, please fix! 😪
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5 years ago, WindySkyWind
Horrible App and Shame on the Varage Sale Owners
I don’t even know where to start, but be leary. *All Communities and Admins are different, hopefully you are in a good community with a good admin, if not: THE ADMINS cannot be removed by the Varage Sale owners/developers even when the admin is a complete hitler with her racism, repetitive verbal abuse to members, mind games, narcissistic tactics and so on. Over 100 people came forward about this particular Admin: Katherine Langner in the Sienna/Missouri City Tx community and yet still nothing could be done. The Sugarland, Tx Group is Dead, non active with 3 admin’s that literally do nothing to help grow or get the group active except to decline new members, left and right. This app is awful now with the ads, admins able to delete all your listings you work hard to post with no notice even when you are following their 100 stupid rules. Glad Marketplace on Fb has grown so much, it’s now so comfortable that we are doing porch pick up’s on there. So many from our Community moved to Let Go, Offer Up and Fb MP. If you have a sucky admin and community too and never hear back from the varage sale people to help you, or they respond with there’s nothing they can do, then head to one of the other apps.
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10 months ago, fratellofive
Absolutely useless
When creating your profile etc the app recommends what “community “ you should be in based on your home location. But then are denied access to post or search in the community because you give individuals who take having authority over a community way too seriously and don’t allow you in that community because “they don’t feel you live within those boundaries” but want you to give out personal information such as a piece of mail so they can “trust” me it’s ridiculous. It’s one thing for the app to request proof of address but not some busy body just waiting for her phone to ding an alert so she can deny someone access. You then search other communities and are told you don’t live there of that community doesn’t exist what’s the point?
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6 years ago, Mark David Zahn
Not allowed to use VarageSale in the city I buy/sell in
I absolutely love VarageSale in theory, much better than other buy/sell apps, but it has one major flaw that keeps me from using it - a broken “vetting” process. Each locality has a local admin that supposedly vets users before they can participate. I live in one city but do most of my buying and selling in another city 25 miles away, where I commute and work five days a week. The admin there refuses to understand the situation and allow me to participate in the city where I am actively buying and selling items already on other platforms. I do it in that city because that’s where I have the time to do it. I explained the situation to the admin and they still refuse my membership in that group. There has to be a better way to vet users than what they are currently doing.
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6 years ago, PeculiarMe
Users make things difficult
The app, itself, is fine, but the app users make a very simple process complicated. They insist on meeting at “swaps” instead of negotiating a mutually acceptable location to make quick transactions. I’ve missed several sales simply because I would not wait around for (or make a special trip to attend) a swap, which is super inconvenient for me because I live outside of the area where the swaps are held. I work, shop, and attend church in the area and have made many efforts to meet around any of those activities, but people have literally refused to meet me anywhere but swap. In this case, the app is only as good as its users because what’s the point in posting all your awesome items or finding awesome things you want to buy if your fellow buyers/sellers are going to be so difficult??
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3 years ago, The road racer
Varage is a fantastic and convenient location to find everything from brand new to vintage and antique items at reasonable prices and from very friendly individuals! I have been a very satisfied member for years now and have never been in any transaction which was not totally straight forward and equitable for both parties. Totally satisfactory so I would strongly recommend it to potential new members without any reservation and being vastly superior to other such sites!
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6 years ago, Clbrew22
Ability to rate bad users
Overall, the app is good. I use it often to sell items & most of the time the transactions are good. However, we need the ability to rate or report “bad” users. If you are able to “praise” good users, there should be a way to counteract the ones who don’t do the right thing. I don’t care how many praises you have, or if you have the medal showing you are a good user, if you will not respond to my messages asking about an item you have for sale. I can see that that you have read my messages...why not send a simple response, even if it is to say you will get back to me later? A user rating system isn’t great if it’s only one-sided.
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5 years ago, not a fan of your stupid app
What the hell?
Downloaded app because we just moved here and need some furniture. A neighbor mentioned varage app and thought I’d give them a try as have had good luck with a couple of other apps like this in the past. App suggested Missouri City and I said ok because they are right next store to the neighborhood where we live. Today, I get an email from some woman in that community stating that it was community based and they only bought and sold to other members of their neighborhood community and that was the whole point of the app?!? Silly me thought it was to sell your old stuff you no longer needed. Really, could this be anymore like high school? You’re not a member of our special group so we’re denying you. By the way, she looked like she still thought she was in high school in terms of her style. Obviously middle aged, but with a big flower tucked behind her ear like she thought that made her look interesting and exotic. I will delete the app and continue with Let It Go and Offer Up. So far, have met very nice people (not from my community....Oh No!!!) and gotten some nice chairs, plants and other items. How ridiculous and silly is this app?
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2 weeks ago, Platinum_Queen7
Load of nonsense!!!
This all is glitchy at best and now it’s FULL ads which one must watch. As I understand, this app was made to be somewhat like Craigslist but geared to facilitate facebook’s local communities and to share a common site where pre-owned or unwanted items could be posted for barter, sales or trades. However, local communities like the BBBS OF BRAZORIA COUNTY but the ADMINS in that community are ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS & RUDELY DEMANDING. Even though nothing is written in their rules about how a picture must be taken and posted, this admin told me I needed to correct my profile picture because she thinks it’s “taken with a filter”; all this attitude for garage sales or buy other people’s unwanted or used stuff? That’s ok they can keep their membership…and I don’t need to buy from them!
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6 years ago, MamaBumbleBree
Loose rules and not what I use to be
I love the VS app and it’s potential. When I started using Varagesale approximately two years ago we had a fun and organized weekly group meet. I could sell enough items to actually contribute to our household income. However, that meet has been cancelled and the admin have basically step down allowing each seller to make their own rules. This causes so many problems that were not an issue before. I’ve had so many no-shows and back out sellers it’s almost more trouble then it’s worth these days. I’ve been slowly transitioning on the items I had on garage sale two other resale sites because of this.
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6 years ago, Trying2BuyHubbyATruck
Good overall but could do a bit better
The Varage Sale is a great app to sell and buy. The main window is great to show pictures and prices for quick glances. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to undo people who express “interested in buying this.” I have had several people express interest by clicking on button but do not follow through but am stuck with that notion on that item page and could be several on that item. Only those “interested” people are able to do, but not the seller. It would be nice to have that extra feature
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7 months ago, a_amb
Too Much Hassle, Waste Of Time
This app is too much of a hassle, the admin makes you jump through hoops and connect your fb or a social media account just to “verify” yourself even after you fill in all the information making your profile. They should just let you make your profile like any other normal site or app, without connecting social media. I know most people don’t like connecting their social media accounts to “creating profiles” on other sites or apps. I’d give this app zero stars if I could, I would highly recommend staying away from this app! Don’t waste your time with it. I’d highly recommend fb marketplace, 5 miles or offer up. Those are wayyy better, easier, and less of a hassle!
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2 years ago, Jessie 200808
Great app but could be better
I love this app and use it often, probably daily but there are some features I would love to see added. It would be great if the date posted would be shown. It’s very frustrating when you are viewing a posting and it ends up being several years old. It would also be great if you could filter the items your watching. Filter options by seller so you could easily see everything you are interested from each seller or by category would also be very helpful.
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3 years ago, Scoutsmommy2020
Use to be better
Idk what the person who gave it five starts says it ignore what other say about it crashing because it’s true. I’ve been on varagesale since it’s been around and within the last year the app crashes and freezes more than I’ve ever seen. They’ll update it and it’ll work for a while and back to crashing. But not only the that people on the site are rude. Show interest first and your still skipped. Admins show favorites. I miss the old site and sellers ! Been trying to get into my account for days and admins nor the help desk will help. Sad what this site had turned into
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4 years ago, blind as a bat77
Great until app crashes
Became a member earlier this year (2019), and the app has crashed three different times already. When trying to get help from the customer service, they take forever to get back with and the most recent issue, I haven’t heard back from them in over a month. I truly enjoyed VarageSale, it was a great way to sell my items and meet great people. However the app and website needs lots of work.
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6 years ago, Lsgendj219
Very disappointing
I had once used this app about a year ago just to check it out. At the time I wasn’t really looking to buy/sell anything, but fast forward to now and I am looking to sell some things. I log in to try to sell with my old account and it says I’m suspended from all my local communities because I don’t have a profile picture. I find this hard to believe because my Facebook profile has always had some sort of picture. When trying to contact my community admin, it’s basically impossible. She has yet to respond and I have yet to sell the items I would like to. I guess I’ll be going back to the classic Facebook trade and sell pages and Craigslist. The apps a great idea, but poorly managed.
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2 years ago, yay it's shay
Rude admin
I wish I could post screenshots here. This admin “Dana Easton” is incredibly rude. First, I receive a message that since I live in sparks, and that is outside of the covered area which is Reno/sparks/Carson city/Fernley/Fallon, I would need to promise to meet in person for all transactions. I guess reading isn’t a requirement for an admin job at VarageSale. I respond with the argument that sparks is literally in the title of the group. After several minutes I sent another message, “hello???” That apparently set her off because she accused me of being rude. She then informed me that I would need a profile picture to be accepted even though she does not have one. VarageSale appears to be run by rude illiterate people. Stay away from this app.
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2 years ago, Medlinda
Wait to get accepted
You have to wait forever to get accepted into a community. I was denied because of my profile photo. Changed it, still waiting. Still waiting on 3 other communities as well. While pending “approval” you can’t message sellers. You can look but don’t touch basically. Don’t waste your time. Stick with Facebook Marketplace. At least you don’t have to wait for admins to check your whole life and judge you to join. Rude. At least 6 sellers could have had a sale in the last 30 minutes but nope!!! I can’t message them. Oh well.
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4 years ago, la83009
I tried a dozen times trying to access the app using Facebook. It didn’t allow me to go further than the login page. So I had to use my business email to create a account when it requested to provide a phone number for verification it’s says that it’s already in use. My number isn’t linked to my Facebook so maybe someone who has previously used my number when they had it? You should offer a option to verify a different way or delete that account that is link to my number that isn’t mine. I never write reviews so to say all this I’m completely disappointed I can’t access it neither through Facebook or Email only guest mode which is just window shopping.
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5 years ago, Judy_chick
Four star rating
I think that this is an awesome way to shop, the only thing I would like to see is the price on the item. Some of the members post items and put $1, and you know it’s not $1. so you have to got find the item again and see what the description says. Why not just put it on the item so if you’re just looking for a price that you don’t have to waste time going through every process and find out it is way out of your range!
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4 years ago, Bionicears2004
Does not put a date on items placed for sale
I placed an item for sale... three years ago. Promptly forgot about it, got no offers on it, so about 6-8 months later it was trashed. Fast forward to today, and I got a notification offering to buy the item. I redownloaded the app and found that there was no date on when I placed the item for sale, so it appeared that it was still available. I had to tell the person offering to buy it that it was no longer available. This service really should put a date on when items are put up for sale and ask sellers after a set period if the item is still available. Not impressed with this app/service at all.
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5 years ago, RubiMoon
Horrible Admins
I love this app and the concept but some of the admins are very rude in the Appleton, Wisconsin group and harass your posts because they don’t read the entire description, and even though they end up being in the wrong, no apology. I was a member for many years and dealing with the post harassment was definitely annoying; but after creating a new Facebook I couldn’t even join a group located in my jobs demographic because it said I was from Oshkosh, a short 10 minutes away.. and when asked why I was denied, I was told it was because Oshkosh people are horrible; what an atrocious thing to say to someone! Get new admins for Appleton, Wisconsin! I won’t be downloading this app again! Go to Facebook marketplace!
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5 years ago, mipsy12345
Awesome but some kinks should be worked out
I love that you can bump your items for free (unlike other local garage sale apps that make you pay). However, you can only bump 10 every 2 hours The only thing I really can’t stand is that you can not rearrange your pictures! If you want to change your cover photo, you have to completely delete the post and remake it, which is super inconvenient. You also cannot edit/crop your cover photo. It’s untouchable for some reason. Admin should really fix this.
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6 years ago, amkreier
Needs bug fixes
I’ve been using garage sale for a while now and I use to get notifications for private messages and others information regarding when I’m interested in buying an item. Now I don’t, and as I result I’ve lost out on items I’ve wanted to buy. And yes I’ve double and triple checked that my settings for mobile notifications are turned on both in the app and on my phone settings. Still haven’t gotten a single notification in a long time. If this problem ever gets fixed, it’s a great way to buy and sell items without paying the cost of shipping.
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6 months ago, GeminiJim78
How is this ranked so high?
Every single message I’ve gotten on here since I signed up a month or two ago have been scammers. EVERY👏SINGLE👏ONE👏. And you can’t even report them in the app itself, you have to email screenshots to their helpdesk - the helpdesk folks I've worked with so far have been the only redeeming quality of this poorly designed app. That said, helpdesk can’t sell my things so I’m going to be removing my items and deleting my account. Even FB Marketplace with all their scam messages is better than this (and that’s not saying much) at least I’ll get a real buyer there every so often, AND more importantly, I can report and block the scammers there.
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3 years ago, Jennifer_Mueller
Pretty ok
VarageSale is ok. I’ve had pretty good experiences with a few communities but one. Midwest community for WI is managed by one old hag. She is pathetic and having her to manage that community needs review. So many potentials to that area and she is OLD! She doesn’t understand the platform and how to incorporate other ideas or what some are trying to do with a post. She is far behind technology that she needs to be gone before I’d ever rejoin that more local area to me. I’ll drive two-three hours to buy something for $10 before joining her community again. I give my review a 4/5 bc they really need to evaluate some of those ppl.
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5 years ago, BIXCHS
every person within in the app is RUDE. The rules to be able to join this app are beyond ridiculous! You have to be a female, you must have a Facebook page for one year and you must live within certain miles of the city limits. Also, they give you they “strikes”. I got one strike for apparently being rude to someone, got one strike because I back out of buying something ???? ( like if you won’t want to buy something that should be your own business) third strike was for the SAME thing. I was gonna buy some shoes from a lady and decided I didn’t like them so she report me to the unrealistic administration. Every have I ever had so much drama within ONE. Apple needs to shut this one down for good!
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6 years ago, LizardSoCa
Easy, but Ads are ANNOYING!
3rd Review (2018) This app went from a 5 to now a 1. Now not only are the ads mixed in the items...a video will play EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO SCROLL!!!! I seriously am ready to stop using this app. 2nd review (2017)App developer changed format and now there are Ads every 4th or 5th item. Can't tell what's an Ad or what is for sale. It is VERY aggravating. I knocked down my review 2 stars for that. :( I HATE ADS! I can only imagine what they are trying to do is get us to pay for app to remove "Ads". Ugh. 1st review (2016)This app is great, I love how everything works seamlessly. Selling is fun! I like how you can find everything quickly. And the smoothness of your particular transaction is dependent upon the page monitors.
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11 months ago, SweetDeeD
Poor design & interrupting Ads
It’s a shame that VS didn’t make the app improve with time as many other apps have. To leave sold item posts for a week and not allow people to select a filtered search of only available items is a HUGE waste of time! I am never wanting to view what is already sold! Commercials and ADs constantly interrupting your searches on VS! Allowing sellers to leave their posts for years instead of timed posts that are removed after inactivity is a very big issue, not removing sellers who are scammers and get reported but the Admin ignores all messages. So aggravating!
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