VDOT 511 Virginia Traffic

3.5 (95)
115.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Iteris, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VDOT 511 Virginia Traffic

3.54 out of 5
95 Ratings
2 years ago, katieboo934
App is shutting down automatically
I loved this app before it was updated. Now the app automatically shuts down when you try to open it. I have already deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still does the same thing.
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6 years ago, Harryw2434
Please fix app so it does not turn off audio
It would be nice if the app would allow background audio to continue playing when looking at the traffic cameras. It doesn’t really make sense as the traffic cameras do not feature any audio. Therefore music, podcast, audiobook, etc should be allowed to continue playing uninterrupted. Additionally on some of the cameras it can hard to figure out the direction of travel the camera is facing. Thank you.
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6 years ago, hgshelby
Perfect job!
I think that this app is extremely useful and has access to all the traffic cameras with most of the time, a good picture. The app is vary well built and a lot of time has been put into it by the busy VDOT. The map concept is well displayed. I just wish other states put as much effort into travel info as the VDOT has!
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2 years ago, Beyfon
What has happened?
What’s up with the fact that the app now repeatedly keeps turning itself on in the background consuming power and data? If this isn’t fixed I will have to uninstall it. This would be unfortunate as access to view the traffic cameras is very handy when weather is bad.
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1 year ago, WorkingNurse76
Csmeras not working
Having issues seeing cameras ,, on west end of state , clicked on in eastern part cameras came on but then went off , none any area will work
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2 years ago, lhoreczko
App keeps crashing
I’ve used this app for quite sometime and never had an issue before the last update. Now the app crashes when you try and open it. The only way around is to download the app again or reboot your phone. But you can only open it once if you close it and try and open it again it crashes.
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5 years ago, jadmo99
Helpful app
I enjoy using this app. One recommendation to Trip Notifications...is it possible to add a date feature and not just days of the week? What if you only go to a location monthly or bi-weekly or just once? How the app is set up now, you will be notified weekly until you remove the notification.
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4 years ago, Trinad85
App Keeps Crashing
I was able to get into the app about 30 minutes ago with no problem. For some reason, now when I try to see what’s going on with the traffic, it opens for a few seconds and then closes on its own. I removed and reinstalled the app and it’s still crashing... it’s a little frustrating...
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2 years ago, want the app fixed
Very Helpful
The app is very helpful. I’m able to use it to find out when the bridge is open or there is a road closed.
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2 years ago, NoVATraveler
Great app for viewing Virginia traffic live cams & checking road conditions
Great app for viewing Virginia traffic live cams & checking road conditions—free, just like on their website. What’s not to like? :)
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6 years ago, sdnelson11
Not sure why DOT is putting out an app
It is unclear to me why the Virginia DOT is spending our tax dollars creating and publishing their own specific app. Stupid strategy. The Google maps and traffic they are using I can get right on my Samsung phone, why do we need this additional app? Just seems like a big waste of tax (millions probably) $$$. Our state gov at work, as usual.
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7 years ago, DJ Rizzo
Best Traffic App for NoVA
I’m seriously impressed with this brand new version. It truly is a new app altogether and far better thought out then any of the previous iterations. It is important to keep in mind that the interface has a lot of small icons and elements that require more concentration than a navigation app; So I strongly recommend no one use it when traveling at normal highway speeds. That being said, when stuck in slow moving traffic where I can look at it safely it has helped me in trying to figure out if I should abandon my current route or stick with it. I strongly recommend setting your home and work destinations and marking your favorite cameras to make your use of the app even safer.
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6 years ago, No remote
VA 511
I remember before the update when the cameras would load. The issue has been addressed. Cameras are functional again.
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4 months ago, jeheigjdk
Cameras aren’t available
Last 2 days cameras haven’t been working. What is going on? There is no update available either.
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2 years ago, Dominosboy
Won’t stop opening on its own
I used to love this app, but after the last update, it won’t stop opening up on its own and reading interstate alerts out loud. No matter what I do. It won’t shut up. If this can’t be stopped, I’m gonna have to delete the app.
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6 years ago, FFDR06
Not working
Cannot open 95 camera section on app. Tried everything including deleting and reinstalling
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2 years ago, Mistergizmo
No longer works.
Crashes immediately when starting on both iPhone and iPad using OS 15.4.1. Restarting phone & iPad doesn’t fix it. For some reason can’t submit problem report using normal process.
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4 years ago, goalieart
Was good....
Was a great app, but now the app will not stay open. Closes itself out EVERY time I try to use it. Needs to be fixed. I have closed out the app, restarted my phone and even deleted the app and reinstalled it, still doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, Pepperw2
Cameras Back
Never Mind. They are back Was a good App. Cameras have been removed so now it serves no purpose.
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5 years ago, Goosem45
Precipitation map in any state!
I love this app. Precipitation map shows up in all states.
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4 years ago, Huntngame
App crashes constantly now.
App used to work good but now crashes before it will completely open. iPhone version.
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9 months ago, Savesalotta$$
The Message/Twitter no longer works. Getting in touch with someone about this is impossible.
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2 weeks ago, Another happy cable customer
Twitter Feed
Twitter feed has not worked for about two years. Info provided is always non-timely. Use Waze for up to date info.
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6 years ago, Lynniej64
Worthless waste of space. Roadwork for 20 miles. Exits closed causing a detour back to point of origin. Had to start over on backroads. Layers set correctly but app gives an all clear.
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4 years ago, too dumb not to listen
App keeps crashing
When it works it’s great! But every time I’ve used it lately it crashes immediately. Time for an app fix.
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10 months ago, Crangoose
Won’t update Twitter
And then you suggest downloading app which really provides no updates. Pointless.
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4 years ago, Rtbnash
No longer works
This app no longer works. It just closes.
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3 months ago, Tester 3.15.24
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4 years ago, Charles W.
Not now compatible with IOS update 13 .3 .1
Feb. 01,2020 After updating my IOS on my Apple IPhone 8+, This app became incompatible. It closes as soon as I try to open it on my IPhone 8+. Please fix it so that it becomes compatible again. I use this app heavily. I depend on it working , completely . CWM ( users initials ) App crashes constantly after updating my IPhone 8+ to IOS 13.3.1 on February 01,2020 Update : February 13,2020... Still the same, top crashes trying to open the app . My phone gets excellent signal strength 4 bars of Att LTE . I am a VDOT employee and require this app to function on my Apple IPhone 8+ . CWM ( Users Initials ) . Get it done , I require this app , used often on my Job . Friday, February 14, will NOT open ... top crashes on my Apple IPhone 8+ which my IOS is kept updated and my VDOT 511 app is kept up to date ! Two updates ago the app worked fine on my Apple device but now your updates on MY phone have made it NON FUNCTIONAL. I am a VDOT employee and need this app functional out in the field , not on WIFI , please ! Wednesday, February 19,2020 While at work , out in the Field of HRBT facility, this app still crashes on MY IPhone . When at home on a WiFi Network , app does NOT crash but it does NOY display video of VDOT 511 cameras on the VDOT facility, other traffic in the area and statewide show up OK. Another IPhone 8+ reacts simarly on this app . WTHeck ? Please fix it February 20,2020 App is still NOT working outdoors where there is no WiFi . I get home from work, this app opens as usual . Outdoors away from WiFi this app still crashes at the open, top crash . I work at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on I-64 and on WiFi I still cannot view the public VDOT -511 traffic cams will not load, however other traffic cams around SE Virginia and state wide load and display properly . Why are the I-64 HRBT cameras not displaying ? But then while I am away from any good WiFi all I get is Top Crashes on my IPhone 8Plus ! Friday, Morning, February 21,2020 The app does NOT top crash now. Best app on my IPhone as long as it functions properly and as a VDOT Employee I rely on VDOT 511 app to function properly . This moment , this morning... this app is a perfect 10 ! Thank you to whom ever fixed it ! Saturday Morning, February 22,2020 Honestly had several hours where this app worked for me just fine, now early Saturday morning it’s gone back to “TOP CRASHES “... who ever had fixed the problem, now they removed the “fix” , why the heck ??? March 15,2020 Specific Camera NOT showing on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Facility...North Island,Mile Marker 269.2/HRBT/North Island Tower NOT SHOWING,just a grey screen , Why ? All other HRBT cameras are turned on, why is this one different ? This camera has NOT been showing since February 01,2020 ...that’s 6 whole weeks. Get VDOT /HRBT to turn this last remaining camera ON !!!!!!
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12 years ago,  BILL 
Needs more work
While the application is not functionally bad, it needs more work. For example it needs user preferences and account information including cams to be loaded from user web account and notification settings. Audio needed to be set to have silence option in the setup. User should be able to set Route preferences Add more routes to tweet and travel time including to DC. Some cameras don't have the correct exit number. It would be nice to be able to copy incident information. This could be helpful in court where you can submit this information for a proof of congestion, or for any other reason. Also it would nice to be able to see exit number on the map. MMS Notification comes from new ID every time, it would be nice if the all come from same ID, so the can be grouped together, instead of flooding the MMS with a newer folder every time you receive a notify. Also if the MMS could include the incident hyperlink where a user can click and lunch app with incident on focus. Female text to speech engine is horrible and needed a better voice. Being said, I am only saying all the above, because this app can make Virginian life much better. However don't be discouraged by my comments, I only said so, because I saw the many potentials this app had. This app still puts many other traffic applications to shame.
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11 years ago, Alpesh P
Tax $$ at work
Thank you VDOT! So far this app is more reliable and informative than competing apps for VA traffic. Live cam access is a godsend...landscape would be worthy of 5 stars. HOV lane status, road sign read outs...all very helpful in planning my 50 mile daily commute! Running on 3GS w/ iOS 5.x works but little sluggish. Hope to see growing use of this functional app as well as further improvements and tweaks!
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8 years ago, CD212to757
Indispensable if you travel.
I can't believe I'm saying this about an app that was designed by any government entity, but this may be one of the best apps I've ever downloaded – definitely the most useful. It is very intuitive and user-friendly and tells you everything you need to know when traveling in Virginia – at least the Hampton Roads area. The video camera feature gives you such good information, that I will never get rid of this app. Good job VDOT!
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7 years ago, LilacBloom
Great idea. Needs work
The design isn't too bad. It doesn't seem to be interactive but it does provide the information. However, it provides the data, say for example about road issues during winter storms, in text/paragraph format so you have to sift through each entry for the roads you are looking for. But most lines of text are overwritten with other lines of text. So it's unreadable. :( On the other hand, you can tap to access traffic cams and see the conditions on 95 or other major roads for yourself. That's a nice feature for the big routes.
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7 years ago, Its Kooby
It's a mobile traffic app
I read some negative reviews and scoffed. I find the app excellent and informative with realtime updates. It includes access to all highway cameras that you can favorite for quick reference later. Yes the zoom levels could be better but it remains more than functional in its current state. The app also includes all twitter messages from VDOT so you don't actually have to follow to get them.
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12 years ago, Threecases
What the heck is she trying to say?!
You have to agree to not drive and use the app. It says to use a hands-free device if you're driving. But the robot lady is so hard to understand that you have to look at the map to figure out what is going on. The app also continues to run on my iPhone in the background and won't allow music to play unless I kill the app. I do like the video of current traffic cams, but it seems like they will only load half the time. Could be a great app, but is very frustrating and less then what you would expect in its current state.
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12 years ago, JWA : )
Great potential!
Great potential and value to travelers in Virginia!! As with many new apps, this one is a little buggy. Cameras do not always display. Sometimes when you select one, the location displays for a moment, then goes away without ever actually displaying the video. Hopefully this will be an easy fix in an update. May have missed them on the map, but showing the location of rest stops would also have value. With a couple of tweaks, VA will have the best Free travel app out there!!
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10 years ago, Gurantu K
Awesome app!
I use this app religiously during the work week. Having a real-time view at the traffic in Northern Virginia is invaluable. Lots of potential to make this app even better. Not to mention, it isn't publicized heavily, I happened to download this just searching for some type of traffic alert app. Definitely needs to be shared with more commuters as it is currently a best kept secret.
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12 years ago, MommyNeedsMoreCoffee
Has potential...
Just downloaded the app today. So far it looks useful. One thing I was looking for and think would be very useful would be push notifications of major incidences. It couldn't include standard rush hour slowdowns (way too annoying) but knowing about events outside the norm in such a timely manner would be really helpful. FYI, for my fellow Hampton Road residents, WAVY TV has an excellent app with push notifications which has saved my husband hours stuck in traffic more than once.
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9 years ago, Seth2685585
Very useful! The best transportation app!!
I absolutely love using the VDot 511 app to help find the quickest route when i come to Virginia!! I love being able to see live traffic cameras to see what the real time traffic is and it shows all the forms of transportation for Northern VA which is very useful when trying to decide if i should drive or take public transit. Very professional app!
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9 years ago, Knows some jack
Very useful
I have had no problems with operating the app. I find it very useful to remain updated on road conditions and closures. I check it before I travel in order to start out on the best route and will have someone check it while I'm driving if I encounter slow traffic.
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7 years ago, Thejml
Cameras a plus, speed a minus
Ever since the update to add secondary roads this app is extremely slow to show traffic data, even on WiFi. I should be able to disable secondaries and only see interstates or at least have that data appear first. The only plus this app has over say, Google or Apple Maps is the addition of cameras. Honestly its faster to look at all the cameras along my route between Norfolk and Williamsburg than to wait for the colored lines to draw.
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7 years ago, Dang Alert
Where are the cameras?
The old version was more user friendly. It is a pain to select the cameras each time. I selected the cameras in the layers, however when I open the app I then have to click on the camera in the vicinity that has a number beside it. ( the number of cameras for the area) that then disperses the cameras. Sometimes you have to do this process a few times to see all cameras in the area. Go back to told old version for camera display PLEASE
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12 years ago, GT40oz
Travel times, cams, no bugs
Just got for iOS 6 on iPhone 4. No issues the travel time is the same as over the highway, but has key routes like Fredericksburg to Beltway, I-395 to DC. All the cams too. Helps you judge when to leave and if that detour is worth it. Only estimates time on major highways but can see alts on cam map
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12 years ago, Rachel Ireland
Best traffic app
Love this app! It uses real time traffic updates including regular Twitter updates on the status of accidents and lane closures. Makes travel around a heavy traffic area much easier especially since it pinpoints my current location so I can see where I am and possible detours.
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12 years ago, VB to Richmond
Crappy App just like 511 phone-in
Good thing it's free. Only a few destinations/ locations are listed and there is no search function to find anywhere else. The announcement function is so quiet it cannot be heard when driving even though my phone volume is set to its highest level. Upon reaching a segment of highway with near-stopped traffic, holding the phones speaker to my ear, I heard "exit closed". What exit? Why? For how long? Isn't this what a traveler would want to know? The cameras mentioned by other users? They don't work. Also, though I know the HRB Tunnel is scheduled for overnight maintenance closures, no where in this app can one find the hours or days of the closure! Don't waste your time on this App. VDOT, go back to the drawing board.
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11 years ago, Dehawk
You just helped my marriage! My husband is quick to get grumpy when traffic is bad and he has no idea what's happening-- this will keep his smile even if we're sitting there not moving. Amazed by the great ideas and tools included in this. Will be used daily!
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9 years ago, RetiredFFphotog
Location, location, location
PLEASE let me select a default location, rather then having the map open in Richmond. Most of the time, I don't need location services on, so having a default of my choice would be great.
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12 years ago, Jim 555-1212
Great app.....camera labels are WRONG in NN and HPT
The application is great. However, many of the camera labels in Newport News and Hampton are not accurate. Several of the images are not in the same location as the icons and descriptions. This camera issue has been a problem well before this application. Whoever is engineering the program needs to calibrate the images, locations and descriptions.
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11 years ago, Lincoln R
Poor app just as bad sailing 511 for info
Disappointing that this public private partnership provides poor interface, does not present all the access to information data appropriately. This looks like is was created by high schooler learning about traffic. VDOT should be ashamed putting this out. This is as bad as the VA 511 automated telephone system is listening for information requests. There are better traffic apps. VDOT needs this release traffic information to other applications.
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12 years ago, iWork Aaron
Daily lifesaver
I use this app everyday, my commute has not been the same since. Ease of use and camera availability along with the map let me see what's going on so I can know if its big or small so I can plan my route accordingly. Love the App!!!
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