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User Reviews for

4.41 out of 5
556 Ratings
8 years ago, soto_bianca
Love the App!
This is my go to app when I'm going to Vegas! It's so efficient and easy to book a room. The only downside about the app is when I'm looking for a room I wish there was an option where I can search a room by popularity, pricing, naming, or location. I usually have to go to my web search and get that option. If they can put that on the app it will make it so easier to search. I have OCD so I have to see the most cheapest rooms first and work my way down. Lol. Other then that I don't have any other issue with it. :)
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4 years ago, worx33angel
Skip these guys
Huge thumbs down. I knew in advance I needed to cancel my reservation, and have been trying for days on end to get a hold of someone there and after numerous emails, phone calls, voice mails left, NO ONE has responded. Now, we are nearly at the 48 hour prior mark where I can’t get all of my money back. Yet still can not get a hold of anyone there for two full days now. Phone just rings busy all day. And the two times I did get through, I left my place in line to have a call back - no one called. I also left a voice mail for a call back - no one called. I sent emails to their “customer service” - yup. NO ONE CALLS or replies to the email. Very poor customer service. I won’t use this app again. Deal straight with the hotel, people - they DID answer their phone but unfortunately couldn’t help me because I used a third party. Never again.
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7 years ago, DSLTUL
Great resource
I use the app every time I plan a Vegas vacation, or when friends ask for recommendations. This app has everything organized and easy to access. We have found fun adventures to try that we may not have known about without this app. Or, without searching several different sites and spending more time and effort to get the same results. Highly recommend this app. Plus, you get discount codes for booking through them. Sale prices are listed and you get notifications for good deals. Thumbs up!
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9 years ago, Nikcx
Made my vacation that much better!
My friend and I couldn't decide on what show to watch from the vast array of possible shows in Vegas but we ultimately decided the day of to watch Zumanity at New York New York. The Vegas app made buying tickets so easy and painless, did I mention extremely fast? Within seconds we bought our tickets and within hours we picked up our tickets and next thing you know we are waiting in the theatre to watch the show! Great app for recommendations and a must have for a Vegas vacation!
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9 years ago, Crjarvis
Lots of good ideas, some unexpected!
This all has lots of cool ideas, and helpful information - presented clearly, with nice pictures - about things you've probably heard about Vegas (like Cirque du Soleil), and also things you probably haven't (like desert ATV rides). You can put in your dates, see what's available, and even create an account and make reservations / buy tickets within the app. Proving and review information is available; adding sort / filter functionality would push this app to a solid five stars.
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9 years ago, Rich Silfver
Great looking and feature rich app
This app has a very striking visual appearance - all the various events are represented as attractive panels that you can easily scroll through. I also really liked how granular the categories were defined as that really helps to find an attraction that is right for me. The app even allows you to select seating and book the tickets from within it. If you're planning a vacation - or just visiting Las Vegas this is the app you need! Very much recommended.
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8 years ago, Hanannorama
Easy, great deals, better prices
Lots of good promo codes, quick customer service (I was called literally 3 mins after emailing them), nice reps, better prices than if booked through a travel site or directly through the hotel. I just wish there was a sort feature on the hotels page so I can filter out certain areas and prices.
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3 years ago, omrico17
I’ve been looking for a good deal on the big familiar apps and webs, i experienced higher prices and not the flight im looking for , I literally looking for a week, At the moment im in a uber on a ride thinking how to spend time, I remember that a friend told me about this App, I looked the wishful dates and hotel. Price was %25 less, flights was on point, processing to the actual confirmation was quick, Im really happy.
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3 years ago, The Real Angry D
Do not waste your time in Vegas.
What a total waste of $2,000 this trip was. Absurd covid restrictions everywhere. Have to wear a mask in 104 degree heat. Have to wear a mask “unless actively eating” in buffets and restaurants. Masked for all shows and exhibits. Apathetic MGM employees at the Excalibur claiming to follow CDC guidelines while wearing masks that themselves don’t follow them. Women wearing see through clothing are considered “dressed” since they have a mask on. Smokers in every casino and by every entrance— but you have to wear a mask to walk through the lobby. Vegas is an armpit and I’m never coming back. I’d demand my money back if I could. Don’t take that vacation; nonsense covid rules will ruin it.
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7 years ago, Vmangona
Don't use app to pay when in Las Vegas
I've tried 3 separate times to pay for tickets in Las Vegas. My card keeps getting rejected. However the charges still get put onto my card. Person on phone said don't use wifi. Still didn't work over cellular. She said not to order tickets in Vegas. I tried to use PayPal to get around the payment issue, but the app doesn't allow me to scroll down to choose to pay with my credit card. Really? No scrolling? Each time I try to buy a ticket I spend 30 minutes on the phone trying to get my other charge cancelled and my new tickets placed. Fix your app!!!!
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6 years ago, Clynn58
Awesome app!
I have been trying to find out what shows and concerts were available for my dates in Vegas. Couldn’t get to any shows or concerts that interest me. Then I found this app and it opened a whole new world for me. I found several shows and concerts that never showed up on my internet search. This app is the bomb! Highly recommend!
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8 years ago, Izaya!(:
Makes it so easy to review and book a show!
This app does an excellent job of describing the shows that are taking place during your planned visit. Once you decide which show you want to see it is very easy to decide on seating and order your tickets. I will definitely use this app again!
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8 years ago, Sydney219
Great app but...
The app is great and perfect for planning a trip. You can manage everything right there. However, I wish they would add a search feature and what a lot of these 5 star reviews don't mention is that they sell your email address. Ever since I got this app I get all kinds of spam email from random businesses in Vegas and other parts of Nevada. Literally daily I have to unsubscribe from another email list that I never signed up for.
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9 years ago, DMC$@FL
Vegas Baby
This app saves you time deciding what fun things you are going to do so you can just go do them! categorizes activities and sad categorizes by interest, and your social experience desires! search, read, book activities very quickly. Hit a button to call the concierge for information. Has what's new and hot and staff pics. Very helpful.
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7 years ago, Dougieboy88
I suggest buying anything through this app the day of the event, because if someone gets sick, nothing is refundable. If I didn't have such an awful experience with the customer service representative, this app would have more stars. It's a good resource to find something to do. However, in my experience, I will not be using this service again. I did not read anywhere about a non refundable ticket. So, buyer beware, once your money is out of your wallet, you won't be getting it back.
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9 years ago, V Rox
Helpful & Convenient
Good app to get quick info and book a last minute hotel. Plenty of info on sites, shows, events, and other activities. Wish it had more information on prices. Had to visit the external websites to get that, but overall a great app.
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2 years ago, Yardjrm
Customer service A+++
I mis booked one of my events, they promptly took care of it and even upgraded me to better seats! On another occasion, an attraction was closed due to maintenance and they promptly refunded my money! I am very happy with this company. I would definitely recommend using them!
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8 years ago, MILovesVegas
Great app!
This app has been very useful for us for our Vegas trip last year and just recently this year. My only suggestion is that you don't request buyers print their passes - all the vendors that you have on your site should accept the electronic confirmation (the email you send). Otherwise, awesome app!
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2 years ago, fuialala80
Can’t get a hold of no one to answer questions. Emails sent no auto reply to know they’ve received any email. So I sent two emails to cancel. No reply nothing. Frustrating. STAY AWAY. Their site has good deals. You get instant email when you purchase and create account. But when you heed help on anything…. You start to worry cause no one answers the phone. Hold for over an hour. And auto reply’s on emails. I’m still trying to get a hold of anyone from this company.
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8 years ago, Wayne Zell
So Easy
This app made planning my entire vacation a breeze. Create an account with a credit card and then just search for and buy what you want. Excellent app with a great design. So nice to have my hotel, shows and dinner reservations done before I get there. One of my favorite apps!
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8 years ago, kayeschwartz
Highly Recommend
I got several discounted show and a meal tickets and it even helped me find the bathroom faster while walking The restaurant part was also helpful If your going to Vegas you need this app. I have already recommended it to one friend who will be here in Oct
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6 years ago, Mike20A
Easy to find activities and book them
It’s easy to browse everything to do in the area and when you find something you can schedule and book it right in the app. Convenient.
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9 years ago, FlashOver13
Must have app for your Vegas trip...
This app helped make my latest trip to Vegas an absolute success. It made finding and buying show tickets effortless, I got tickets for Cirque Du Soleil (front row) and Zombie Burlesque (VIP), in less than 5 minutes, and never had to leave the the lounge we were relaxing at...A MUST HAVE APP.
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6 years ago, Un87
When trying to scroll through “All Dining” to find a specific restaurant to add to my wish list, the app crashes every time I scroll down to the “D’s”. Search function would be helpful so I can search Hofbrauhaus instead of scrolling all the way through every restaurant in Vegas. Shows section was helpful. Other than that haven’t used to much as I was getting frustrated with crashes...
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9 years ago, Cassiek49
Great Booking App for Shows
We booked Jersey Boy tickets through this app. Our tickets were in the same price range as those Tix4Tonight stands. Only we didn't have to stand in line in 100+ weather and we got middle seats five rows back! Awesome experience, with excellent seats at a good low price!
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9 years ago, shubhh
One stop shop for Vegas planning!
In just 10 mins of browsing this app and exploring all the activities listed in it, I can tell that I would not need any other app to plan my trip to Vegas. I would however like to see an map overview option as well.
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8 years ago, Lobo39
First page movement!
This app was buried on the 3rd page of my iPhone. A gross injustice!!! I've used it 3 times now and have had marvelous results. It just got promoted to first page status and will be used more frequently from now on. Love the app, you should too
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9 years ago, Jac001@~
Great App!
This app has it all. No need to go to multiple sites to research hotels, restaurants, shows, or clubs. This app takes care of that. Plus, you can book your flight and hotel. You can take care of your entire trip to Vegas with this one app. Thumbs up!
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8 years ago, Chris D A
Extremely easy to use and helpful
I pretty much planned my whole trip with the app. The steakhouse recommendations were phenomenal as well as the descriptions of the shows. I will definitely use this again next time I come back.
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9 years ago, ladyvoisin
Easy to use and helpful app
Comprehensive app with modern and sleek design. Easy to use and made me aware of events and shows I didn't know existed in Vegas. Would be helpful to use for a family vacation, bachelor party or a work event. Definitely something for everyone.
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9 years ago, Gdubayou
Great app!!
I felt this was perfect for planning a trip. I felt this could help me get a head start on planning what shows and activities I would like to go to. It had tickets for sale and it was a one stop shop. I could even plan activities for my kids. Great app!!!!!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, ratchet2321
Great Deals! All About That Action!
We have used the app now for multiple transactions and it has been a great experience. The hotel room for the price is tough to beat any other way. Great way to experience different sides of the strip!
Show more
9 years ago, D86B
Great way to get around
This app was perfect for our first trip out to Vegas showed us all the cool spots prices seemed to be pretty accurate same with the pictures and descriptions of locations I would recommend this app to help plan out your trip
Show more
9 years ago, ClarizB
Quick way to book a room
Prices were affordable. I booked a room the same day and I had no problems when I checked in at the hotel. I recommended using this app for your next Vegas trip!
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9 years ago, Arams4712
Good app, but don't know if it has everything "Vegas"
It was helpful in finding attractions for me to plan my time here, but I wish it organized attractions by hotel or restaurants by hotel so that you can set up a dinner and show together more easily. Overall a great app!
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9 years ago, Nods abit
What if????
Great app but it could be the best...I"d like to see this app expand on all its information. I want to never have to pick up and read through a magazine again. I want it all available on this app. Can you do that?
Show more
8 years ago, heffay56
Makes me lazy
With this app its makes me lazy but I love it. I book my room and show from here in a few minutes and didn't have to worry if when I arrive they wouldn't have everything ready.
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7 years ago, Katrosemartini
Very helpful
We've been to Vegas twice in a month ( work and play) and this app helps find fun things to do, easily. I just got cheaper than box office tickets for the sharks aquarium and I love saving wishlist to do items.
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7 years ago, Riding silver
Great app
I enjoy a visit to Vegas several times a year. This app has been the most helpful in finding things to do on the fly or while planning. Easy to use and purchase what you want.
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9 years ago, Nasser-QATAR
Very good deal and money saving. Need to change the way if I want to cancel my tickets or change the date. Because if you buy the ticket you can't change or cancel it
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8 years ago, Xo477777
Easy to Use! Great Rates!
App is easy to use and straightforward. The rates they offer are great. They also send you promo codes for extra savings. I've never had an issue at check-in for my bookings. App recommended.
Show more
3 years ago, KR820
Practically zero pictures of the rooms
How you can have an app like this which is 90% about finding awesome Vegas hotel rooms and NOT have literally ANY photos of the different room types is BEYOND me. As far as I’m concerned this renders this app completely useless. App makers: hire an army of room image uploaders and revamp your app to MAJOR in photos, and you’ll 10x your usership. Guaranteed. People need visuals. I will NEVER reserve a room that I can’t even see pics of. Forget it.
Show more
7 years ago, Texustar
Where's the search button
It would be 5 stars but I don't see a place to type in what you are looking for. Therefore I have to go through tons of crap by guessing what it would be listed under.
Show more
4 years ago, sab411
Flight and hotel
This app used to offer the option of flight and hotel and with this updated version I cannot find that option anywhere. That deal was the best. Should definitely bring that offer back.
Show more
6 years ago, Lexie5025
Search bar
Well it’s convenient except that it doesn’t have a search bar so I couldn’t find a show I wanted (despite searching through several categories) without going to google and then using the website instead of the app.
Show more
8 years ago, gdburn
Great App but needs refinement
I found this app the other day looking for information on a trip to Vegas. It helped me to be able to find shows and hotels and I'm gratefully appreciative of this app. Thank you
Show more
9 years ago, Evah77
Everything Vegas
This app is a must for every Vegas trip! It's super easy to use. I booked a hotel and a few shows in just minutes. You can find anything from bars to the nearest restrooms.
Show more
9 years ago, Snowsnow123456
Excellent Vegas app.
This is the app that if you're visiting for first time and you want to see a show and get discounts please make sure to check this app out has everything on there.
Show more
9 years ago, Miller3 Vegas vacation
Best app ever
Very helpful app, made our vacation that much better. I wished I knew about the app prior to our vacation. We took a taxi the first day and saw your advertisement in the taxi. Can't thank you enough!
Show more
9 years ago, Summitbum
Way Better Than Yelp
App has real insight and recommendations. Bonus you can buy show tickets, book hotels, and find where the bathrooms are in every casino.
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