Venice Travel Guide and Map

4.7 (56)
98.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Venice Travel Guide and Map

4.71 out of 5
56 Ratings
7 years ago, Steph89yogi
This app saved me!
I anticipated being able to connect to wifi more often than I actually did, and many times the wifi that was available was extremely slow! Having this map saved me over and over again when I was lost in the streets of Venice- which even locals admit to! Cell service is not cheap anymore, costing $10/day per phone (with AT&T) so it was great to be able to save points of interest before my trip then have the ability to find it with the offline map!
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5 years ago, Hootymae
We’re going to Venice this summer and I’m hoping the offline map will help. My understanding is that everyone gets lost in Venice! Wish me luck! If I can remember I’ll write another review when I return.
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7 years ago, CCCCope
The best offline map
I used this app consistently for a month while staying in Venice and it did a great job of helping me to orient myself and navigate a complex city. It’s not perfect (hence the 4 stars), but it is better than any other offline map that I tried for comparison and it is far better than trying to get around Venice with an unwieldy foldout paper map that cannot tell you where you actually are.
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5 years ago, ObieGail
Love Ulmon City Apps
So nice to have an offline map and info for places where data use is pricey. My only complaint is the difficulty of navigating through the app. Wish there was a ‘back’ button on each page.
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7 years ago, Dododododdo
Venice travel
PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL VENICE WITHOUT THIS APP. I cannot thank this app enough to make my Venice trip so smooth . It is your walking GPS for Venice , it took away the tension of getting lost in Venice lanes. Must download the maps on your iPhone.
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7 years ago, eat12481
Extremely useful
So very extremely useful app, was invaluable on our trip. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, apogee labs
Greatly helped our ability to see sites
We took a family vacation with ages of kids ranging from 3-22 and this application helped us get around and schedule across our broad interests.
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5 years ago, mhdts
Great app!
Offline features are great when we don’t have internet overseas!
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5 years ago, Haydee Christine
Love this app
I like that I can save places I want to visit-share it with everyone. Love it
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5 years ago, Pao 123fg78:
Great tool
Using for planning trip thanks so much
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4 years ago, Jacqueline 3
Navigation in this magical city made easy with this app.
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6 years ago, Meghal Talati
Awesome app..
Got all info abt European cities and east to travel without any hiccups
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6 years ago, bruski36
The app worked great points of intest,churches all found easy
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1 year ago, Shelli~
Handy App!
I refer to it often.
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6 years ago, mark_prendo
Great help without needing to be online
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7 years ago, dosures
The best application to use in Venezia
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3 years ago, frustrated and naive!!!
I registered and verified my email address and does not recognise it. No intention to share more private information, by registering another address. Scam!!!
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5 years ago, etownroller
Great for Travelers
Very helpful !!
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11 years ago, DaleD
Useful offline GPS maps in side alleys and aboard vaporettos of Venice
We used this app to get around in Venice on a recent weekend trip. We found the off line map with GPS to be very useful -- especially in Venice because you can get turned around so easily in the small winding side alleys. Even though it doesn't calculate turns from point A to B, we were easily able to find the shortest way to get from place to place when we were walking and we used it when we were on the vaporetto (boat-bus) to see where the lines went. The vaporetto lines could have been less faint on the maps -- it was sometimes hard to see where each line went, but once we were aboard, we used the app to see where we were and which direction we were going! On our last day, there was a vaporetto strike and we used the GPS map to guide our walk to Piazzale Roma before dawn to catch an airport bus out of town. This app made our trip more enjoyable and I would recommend it.
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9 years ago, Fraze1987
Would be lost without it
This was one of the best and most useful apps I have ever used. I did not want to carry one of those huge bulky maps in Venice so decided to use the offline map for my trip. This thing was my bible, it shows direction of traffic so you know if your going the right way, has great suggestions for places to see and eat, and has a map of the metro. The offline function still is able to triangulate your location and direction you are facing and walking so it is impossible to get lost with this app. Best part about it is if you set a marker on the map, even without gps you can easily see how you are walking to the set marker. I can only imagine that this app would be even more amazing if I decided to use it online. Really can't imagine it getting better then this app, not one thing I would change about it.
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9 years ago, Marzico
A life saver
Usually don't rate apps but after a trip to Europe using this offline maps, I can asure you, this app will make your trip easier and you won't miss any important spot in the city. I used London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon! In Budapest I felt lost because they don't have a map for this city but Google also doesn't have a map for Budapest offline. I'll put 6 stars but I can't so 5 it's the closest. One more thing, all this is for FREE! And this is not all, also you can download the information about the historic places in the city and then you can get the info offline. You have to try it!!
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8 years ago, Ele_boz
Get it!
Get it, don't hesitate another second! It was a life saver on our trip and helped us enjoy our vacation without getting frustrated with Venice's labyrinth. All the streets there look so beautiful and so alike that I think Venice is nearly impossible to navigate with a paper map - it's extremely confusing. This app can save your vacation!
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14 years ago, bpbenda
Waste of Money = Worthless
Do not buy this app. The information can all be found on Wiki. The map is horrible and has no definition or names. Venice is, honestly, one of the most difficult cities in the world to navigate, and this app makes it even more frustrating. I ended up deleting this app during my trip because it made me mad just seeing it on my phone. On the same trip we went to Paris, and the Paris 2Go app is much better. Again, I think the information provided in the app is worthless, but at least the map in the Paris version is usable. Would love to have my money back on this one. Even if it were free I would advise you not to download this one.
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11 years ago, Cycledoc22
Good start
This app seems quite comprehensive. Has travel wiki info plus an interactive map as well as a directory of hotels, restaurants architecture etc. It could be easily improved, and i am just figuring the app out, by having a overlay on the map of each of the different types of places of interest. It's all there but it does take some figuring. A couple of other issues. The listing of sites in various categories seems random. Not alphabetical, not by geography. Simple a long list of names. Needs better organization. Hopefully will be updated at some point. A guide book with organization seems a better bet for now.
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9 years ago, IteachKids
Made my trip stress free!!
I downloaded the Ulmon app for each city I visited in Italy. It was indispensable!! All information was available offline & I could never be truly lost because of the location feature. The Rome app included transit maps; I wish the Florence & Venice apps included the same. Other than that oversight, they were perfect!
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10 years ago, NightStreaks
Stable/easy to use/uses no data
I love this app. It downloads all of the map/points of interest data to your phone so you don't have to use your data when traveling. It uses the GPS in your phone, so can give great walking directions. You can also store the waypoints that are important to you. :-)
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7 years ago, Jonvathuy
Easy to use, nice features
This app is very easy to use, and the list feature helps build and organize trips. We lost one day in Venice, but I was able to use my list and the map to adjust ur trip and get the most out of the day we had. The Wikipedia functions are ok, but I got great value by combining with my Fodor's guide.
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8 years ago, chris and laura
Love this
I love this app and we haven't traveled yet. I am able to see all the places we want to go. It will help plan what to do at sites that are together. I even found some new sites based on the articles!! I wasn't thrilled with the upgrade. Maps looked different so I downloaded the app for the individual cities. Rome, Venice and Paris.
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11 years ago, JoshB_01
Great app.
Used it everyday while in Venice. It does rely on having a network connection which I was able to acquire with an AT&T data plan. Worked even out on the water. I like that you can pick a category and see all the options near you. I have to figure out how to add a location to the data base.
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13 years ago, Jim in SDCA
Awesome offline guidance
I'm in Venice right now and this has been invaluable! Map works offline and includes info links for many, many local places. Works equally well on iPhone and iPad 2. Every single bridge and museum is in it. All the squares and alleys are labeled as far as I can tell. Just wish they had Florence for next leg of trip!
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10 years ago, martipoo
I wrote a "disappointing " review quite awhile ago. I've changed my mind completely!! I used it to research for a recent trip to Venice. I found places I wanted to see outside the typical tourist areas, and I used it as reference on my phone for directions, etc (one important thing - directions to our hotel!!!).
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8 years ago, Table for One
Love this App
Venice is maze like no other city in the world. This app gets you through it. I love this app. It works great when the phone was off line so it didn't use any of my limited cellular data budget. Accurate and user friendly. Used Ulmon maps in three cities with equally good results in each
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9 years ago, Qvjohn
I down loaded this befor my trip, and was lucky I had. Was off line most of the time while walking around the city. If it wasn't for this app I would still be walking the streets trying to find my way. The city has very poor signs and this was a wonder aid for me to use OFF LINE. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Pepiroo64
Venice Ulmon awesome
The fact that I could download the map to my phone ahead of time was perfect as I did not have international service. I could still use my Venice Ulmon whenever I wanted and not need wifi or to carry a paper map. The direction of travel arrow is also very helpful.
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11 years ago, IT worker
Another awesome map from Ulmon
Spending time in Venice we would have been completely lost without this map. Accurate, interest point details, GPS, and other features make this map a must have if traveling to Venice.
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11 years ago, Mañana Mike
PS 176
Absolutely the best city guide and route map you will ever use, I intend to use when walking driving, or boating (around Venice). Site information covers both history and daily needs . Easy to use,you won't need any other references.
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11 years ago, Cole TD
Ok app-Worked as described
This app was ok. It worked as described, and best of all it worked offline. However, if you have a Garmin GPS, you would be much better served to spend the $10 on a City Map that would give you turn-by-turn routing and distances. There was a lot of jumpiness of position, but that was not because of the app, rather it was the unstable nature of the iPhone positioning.
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11 years ago, AyePang
You'll still get lost in Venice
But at least youll find your way somehow with this app. I used this app many times on my trip to Europe and highly recommend it as you get a city map,
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8 years ago, Co9-G
Better than offline Google maps
Venice is a walking city. Google maps does not support those on foot and lacks detail. This was a great app to get us around the city.
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8 years ago, Awayagain2
Best Venice App
Spent a week in Venice staying in an apartment. Needed a good offline map and information about sights, and the Ulmon Venice information was spot on, used it more than any other Venice app on the trip.
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10 years ago, Games80
Slight disappointment
This app isn't as good as Ulmon's Rome map because the information isn't as comprehensive. In the Rome app, any restaurant or site you search for will show up. But in Venice, we tried to find multiple places that were not in this app. The map is still good, but the search for Venice is lacking.
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11 years ago, Mnihtygfju
Very helpful
Staying in venice for a month and finding this app extremely useful. No one map is perfect, but this one, in conjunction with the removable map from the Eyewitness Venice guidebook, has been valuable. I'd recommend it to anyone trying to plan their sightseeing itineraries.
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13 years ago, Sudpo
This app doesn't even work
I downloaded this app last night to use as a guide for today's trip to Venice. When I opened it today in Venice to locate my location, it talks for ever to locating my position. So I closed it to reopen it, but this time it can't load the whole map. DON'T bother to buy this app, buy a REAL map and ask people around you for location if you don't know where you are exactly.
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12 years ago, JohMK
Not my Venice
This app is not very useful - while in Venice recently, I tried several times to find things and places. Didn't do a very good job. I ended up using a small Lonely Planet map, which was much more useful. I have tried a number of city apps, and have not found one that gave me much of anything. Maybe a city guide is just not meant to be an app.
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8 years ago, waddddddddup
Great app
There are a few things missing for the map for example my hotel but great for finding all the sites
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13 years ago, KinPV
I like this app
The "nearby" feature is great, one click and you find something around the corner you might have missed. And yes the info is wikipedia, but it's quick access. I love it and the Rome one too.
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11 years ago, Neesie D
A Must Have for Venice
So glad to have heard about this app. Made finding our hotel a snap. Can't imagine navigating these streets without it. Highly recommend.
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11 years ago, DMWco
Very helpful
Although the compass/searchlight feature was not always reliable. (This is undoubtedly due to the compass on the iPhone 5, certainly not the fault of the software.)
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8 years ago, anonymous III
Great navigation tool
By any standard, Venice is a difficult city to navigate, but is a great city to get lost in. This app WAS the difference between being "hopelessly lost" and "pleasantly lost". Highly recommend for first time visitors to Venice.
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9 years ago, Sebtran
Your own personal tour guide for Venice!
Excellent offline app with accurate GPS to tour Venice - we never got lost! Great recommendation for restaurants and attractions! Have been downloading this app for every destination that we have traveled to!
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