Verizon Roadside Assistance

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User Reviews for Verizon Roadside Assistance

4.45 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Bart6950
Tire change
The man that came to change the tire was very courteous and professional. He required my help to lower the tire which was a rather simple operation. The jack handle hit the side of my truck without any visible damage. He found a lug nut that was damaged and didn’t try to put it on, I appreciated that. My only complaint is the excessive amount of time it took for him to get to my house, over 1 hour. Verizon roadside assistant is well worth the monthly fee
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3 years ago, enough of the nickname
I got a flat tire and had to wait 65 minutes for help. I couldn’t get the lug nut off and neither could the guy who came to help. He said it needed towed so a tire place could get it off. He called his employer and they would send a tow truck right away I just had to call the service. I called roadside and told them this service could have a tow truck right away and I wanted to use them. The line got disconnected and I called the towing company and apparently roadside cancelled the tow because they wanted to save a couple bucks! I got a text stating roadside was trying to find someone for me but was having a hard time. I called roadside and asked why they turned down the tow truck that was on the way and the guy hung up in me! So I called back and talked to someone else. They said they didn’t know why it was canceled and would try to get them back and he would call me back. This is two hours gone by on the side of the road! I get another text that they found someone else and it would be another hour and a half to two hour before they could get here. So I was forced to call someone to pick me up and leave my car unlocked with the keys in it on the side of the highway at night or I would have had to stay for 4 hours stranded on the side of the road! I pay for this service every month and should be able to say hey I want to use this towing place if they have one available instead of leaving me in the side of the road to save a couple bucks! Horrible!
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3 years ago, vnzti
Great service
The app is very easy to use. I easily made an appointment, the gentleman who showed up was very friendly and helpful. It was fun watching my car get towed around the building like it was screaming for help. Don’t worry he cradled my car, told it how beautiful it was for a Nissan . On a side note .. I noticed that I’m only able to get my car towed 4 times ? Does that mean 4 times a year or month or week? If someone can clarify that cause I don’t want to wait on the phone . If it’s only 4 times a year than that makes me sad )-: I’m not trying to drive over all these nails but what if I’m in a car chase 4 days in a row totally trashing my tires each day then next week I hit a deer !? I know that scenario only applies to Florida customers but What if I need my car towed one more time does a team of Verizon people come out and physically lift my car to the destination since I would be out of times I can be towed? Can I request it still ? Please answer me
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6 months ago, Steadydropn em
Verizon Roadside
Okay so yea it’s cheap only like 5$ a month for roadside insurance whether it’s 10 miles towed, dead battery, keys locked inside but the catch is sometimes well most times it’ takes FOREVER for them to find someone to come help you lol😅 if it’s the middle of the night past midnight 1-4am it’s freaking impossible get a Rescuer. Gonna have wait until 6-9am and I’ve had multiple times when either the request will randomly cancel or the person cancels or one time took like 2 hours send someone he tried getting into my car for like 10-15 minutes and just gave up and left so customer service had send new driver which took like another 3 hours but when this person got there they were so prepared and professional correct tools and unlocks my car in literally like less than 2 minutes smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ once the driver went to the wrong place and it clearly had the correct address so took him another 15 get to me. My shortest ever rescue took at least an hour an half lol. It’s cheap roadside but it’s ghetto hahahaha
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6 years ago, Kstnay
Ok, I got my tow but app won’t let me do anything else
I had to get a car towed from my house to the dealership. No big deal. I was advised it would be faster to download the app and do it that way, so I did. While I find the app to be very inconsistently laid out, I managed to muddle through and get a tow ordered and my car was picked up within the hour. So that part worked. Now my question is, if I ever need any other service, there is no way to initiate a new request ticket. Basically the app is locked up on the last screen which says my tow is complete. The button that says to click to let my friends know that I am safe is not necessary because this was not an emergency. And I do not need to cancel the service because my car is already at the dealership. Why is there no way to start from the beginning? Restarting my phone does not clear the app. I guess I will just be deleting the app and if I have to use it again I will have to re-download it or just use the Verizon phone number instead. Pretty darn stupid in my opinion.
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6 years ago, BHunter2889
App Doesn’t Work, Call Service Yourself
After going through the prompts and entering my information and selecting my destination for a tow, the app said it was 10.2 miles (coverage is for 10, you pay extra). Okay that’s fine, so I clicked on the button to send the request and it says “Technical Difficulties, Please call customer service.” I did that (after having called before when the prompt told me it would be faster to download the app) and the last answering responded to my stating the app directed me to her with, “Everyone keeps telling me that.” Anyway, she runs my information through, finds the exact same location it had me on in the app, and she tells me it’s 13.5 miles and a ~$15 charge which was very different from the app. Anyway, she got me taken care of and I’m now sitting in my non-running car in below freezing temps with a 1+ hour wait time and having wasted 15-20 minutes with the useless app. Verizon makes it really difficult (impossible) to trust them with anything in any area of their services.
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3 years ago, christianb88
First time using but everything went extremely smooth and it was super easy
I’ve had Verizon road side assistance on my plan for years now but today used for the first time. Needed a tow and just set pick up location and drop off location. They have repair shops on the app or you can select your own place to take it to. So I selected to get tow and set where I was and said tow truck would be there in 80 min but got there in about 40, driver was great and got car loaded up and just had to sign his phone and it was super easy and went extremely smooth. Great app and super easy to you. Definitely recommend having just incase ever need it
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3 years ago, Tully's Treasures
Triple A - who?
Before Triple A processes that annual subscription - cancel it & add this to your cell phone plan, instead! For 1/60th of the price for AAA you get 150% better service with Verizon’s Road Side assistance. I have never waited longer than 45 minutes for a rescuer to arrive, whereas I would still be on the phone with Triple A explaining the reason I needed them, for the third time. The app itself is great, also. Easy to use and it keeps you informed each step of the way. I have convinced all of my family and friends to switch over to this from any other. ***NOTE: I have not received compensation for this opinion nor will I ever receive compensation for this or any other positive opinion I may post.
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4 years ago, Robs22
Fuel delivery
Everything went perfect guy showed up on time like the app said and was very friendly and efficient thank you Verizon and towing company I had enough gas to go get my groceries before the store closed and came home. I will always trust Verizon to have my back especially during this coronavirus crisis the world is facing. Thank you so much again for everyone’s help really put a smile on my face because I thought I would have to walk 5 miles to go get my groceries and forgot that I had insurance thru Verizon to help me with my car needs. God bless Verizon for offering those special features and it’s only $3 a month you can’t beat that
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4 years ago, beat tow ever
Best experience I’ve had getting a tow
As soon as I had finished putting in my info and hitting the complete button on the app 10 minutes later the tow truck was there. Wow we unfortunately had a little bit of miscommunication in regards to how I wanted my vehicle parked at the destinations we worked it out seamlessly no problems and everything completed without a problem I was impressed best experience I’ve had yet with any tow company The Verizon roadside assistance app is fantastic and I’ll keep it for as long as I have Verizon. Seattle towing did a great job professional they arrived promptly and towed my vehicle to the destination without any injuries to my vehicle or myself and I couldn’t be happier
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4 years ago, TeriAllen
Easy to use app
The Road Side app thru Verizon was so very easy to use. I didn’t have to wait online for someone to talk to. Each step was easy to choose pertaining to type of car, reason for assistance and location. I could see on a map where the rescuer was in proximity to our car. The estimated time of arrival of the rescuer was displayed, however he was 3 hours past that time. I’m not sure if it would have been faster on a weekday during the day because this was a Sunday afternoon. We were grateful to have someone that could come and change the flat tire no matter how long it took. Our rescuer, Joe, was thru H.E.L.P. Services and was very professional and courteous.
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4 years ago, gab_89
Tire change
went outside today and saw my car has a flat. Huge after my fiancée and I exhausted most of our other options I recalled that we had road side assistance through Verizon. Their app was so easy to use after the 1.5 hours we wasted trying to look up numbers on the internet when our other service was closed and unavailable. The rescuer called me to confirm his arrival and gave me an ETA, which turned out to be accurate. He also called to let me know when he had completed the service, it did not take long at all! We appreciate the awesome service provided And how seamless the process was.
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3 years ago, Urkuhh
Bait & Switch!
My saw it on “My Verizon” app & decided to enroll since my AAA lapsed, as a temporary thing, because I was with a friend and they ran out of gas. I was excited and more than willing to pay the 4.99/month, but once I saw the $90 fee for EVERY SERVICE on the Roadside app I was appalled. $90 for a lock out? $90 for bringing a gal of gas. $90 for a jump? F THAT! I assumed once I activated the 4.99 monthly on “My Verizon” these features were included, but nope! Their all extra (& EXPENSIVE) charges! I could understand a tow job. But a lock or bringing gas? Seriously?! Felt very duped. Will be taking Roadside off my add-on’s & just have to get my AAA up to date. Shame on Verizon. I pay enough for the service alone & have literally been a customer (& my family) for decades.
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4 years ago, Rockypointmomma
Very disappointed
When I tried to use it before this event ... it locked up on me during the process and wouldn’t reset. I had to delete the app. This time I tried twice to use it. The Dodge options are wrong. Dodge truck option doesn’t have a dodge truck to choose from only SUVs. I closed the app -redid the choices and it still wouldn’t work. The customer service operator has heard of that issue before. Not efficient to attempt to use an app for speed and it’s simple errors that completely make this useless! If I could rate it ZERO I WOULD.
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5 years ago, Ecally09
Not great for tracking
You can submit your request but the app will now allow you to track your request or confirm that a request was actually put it if you close the app. If you keep the app open you can track your service and the information. If you close the app you are out of luck. I ended up putting in two requests thinking I did something wrong. I had to call customer service to confirm. I later received notifications that a person was assigned but when I clicked the notification it took me back to the home screen in the additional information was available. The app is good for submitting your service request but not great for much else.
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3 years ago, CandyKisses432
Fast with the Verizon app
Just put my information of my vehicle and the location and they were on their way. (They didn’t have many Chevy options to choose, so I chose another model) It also gives u updates on where the rescuer is lol. Just not min to min updates. I had to keep checking and when he was at the location he called to let me know. But the app did not show he was at the vehicle. I’m still satisfied with the service! Thank u.
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6 years ago, Notnick1962
Read reviews, it's a huge waste of time.
First, it's a big lie when V Road assist says you will "get help 10 min faster" by using the app. You won't, it will take you 20 to just wade through this app where NOTHING IS intuitive and there are zero instructions. It just keeps going back to home screen. When I tried to list my vehicle, only 4 Ford products came up, none were mine. Clue: Ford sells more trucks in North America than anyone else. No Ranger listed, no F-150. I gave up on it. I see this app has something to do with Allstate insurance. Glad I use State Farm. If the biggest cell provider cannot get this little app together, it's because they don't care to. Definitely time for Triple A, maybe time for Straight Talk. This was just stupid bad. It wasted my time and I resent it.
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7 years ago, JRMlaw
Service is Fine, App is Useless
After entering/confirming all of my service-call details, the app displays a “request summary” screen, but there is no “submitted” or “done” or “okay” or “send request” button, so the user has no confirmation that the request has been entered and help is on the way — the only options were to go back to a previous screen or to edit the info you entered. And when I called to check, I was told that the request was NOT submitted. The summary screen said it would be 45-90 minutes before service would arrive, so I might’ve waited two hours before calling and finding out that the service-request was never actually submitted. If I need to call in anyway, why bother having an app??
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3 years ago, Midnightangel121
1st: Blue Sky Towing after instruction my son to give all of my keys to the driver he decided to only take one key. My mechanic needed ALL keys to be able to determine if it was a worn key or the cylinders in my ignition. Since ALL keys were not taken my car stayed there all day and my mechanic could not do a full analysis. I contacted Blue Sky to have the driver complete the tow transaction & deliver the rest of the keys but was told they were too busy. I am highly upset that the driver did not take all of the keys and chose himself to take only one key. I wanted my mechanic to have everything to make his analysis. Again, very upset.
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4 years ago, Maatdeityofjustice
Horrible Horrible
So, I gave this well deserved one star rating, because of the following: 1. When I first had to use the service, I was told to use it by requesting service via application. It acted as if it had scheduled the Jump start service, and after waiting one hour, because the app continued to say the driver was completing another job close by. After 30 more minutes pasted I said this is crazy, I stated in the application I had to go to work. I called and to my surprise appointment was never scheduled; because you have to wait 24 hours after getting service added to us it UGH AHHHHH. 2. I requested service for a friend to have his car towed about 10 blocks and was wait wasn’t that long but when the person arrived. He had his wife a child and a new baby in the car and was unable to give my friend a ride with him where his car was being dropped Off. I think the man felt sorry so he offered a ride but the Catch was he had to hold a kid on his lap!!! NO NO THERE IS SO MANY THINGS UNSAFE AND AGAINST THE LAW 😝 3. The app is stuck on the detailed page showing the steps!!! Lol
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3 years ago, RDakin85
Worked great for a flat tire!
Ended up getting a flat tire today which normally I can take care of myself however injury has me in a walking boot and makes it very difficult for me to do it. Service was quick and painless. The driver did get a little lost but I can’t blame him I was in a confusing area even with the map. I hope I never have to use this app again but I’m glad it’s there when I need it the most!
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4 years ago, Eulronda
Delayed and unhappy
I called for service at 4 o’clock a tow truck did not arrive until 9 o’clock. When they arrived they were skeptical about the tow. They shared with me what the company was wanting to pay them, it was pennies to the dollar and what was requested by them was not even what I requested. The tow company did the job out of the kindness of there heart because I was waiting for so long. Every time I use the tow service on this plan it takes for ever for a truck to arrive and now I know why. What they pay them to tow is way less than other companies so the tow company will tow those cars first before yours even if you called in first. It’s a money thing with the towing company and the service provider. Unhappy
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3 years ago, Tntxcarl
Verizon Roadside to the rescue!
I have used this service and app several times in the years that I’ve had it and not had a bad experience yet. Most recently, I and my family were returning from a long car trip and broke down. The rescue team was great! The best thing is that you don’t have to stay with the car. And we were able to secure a Lyft right through the Verizon app. Everything worked perfectly!
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3 years ago, Gunnar70
Great service, great app
I’m not going to lie, for a very long time this app was total crap lol but it seems they have finally worked all the bugs out over the years and I’m glad they have because just in the past 3 months I’ve had to use it a few times. Works flawlessly! Very easy to put in an order for service and so far the service providers they use have been great as well.
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3 years ago, Tw€lv€
Easy and fast!
My car wouldnt start so I used my first service with Roadside assistance app. It was so simple & easy to use! I dislike calling and being put on hold. Nothing like that. As long as you answer every question and select or input your address, there is no hassle. I was able to track the location of help being sent too so I more or less know the distance from me. Great app!!
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4 years ago, That_dudeee
Totally worth $3 a month!
So I got this when I joined Verizon and obviously never used it. Just when I was beginning to thinking about removing it from my monthly bill I had a flat tire in the middle of the far side of town from where I live. So i decided to use it and not even 30 minutes the guy had come to my salvation, changed my tire to my spare tire and I was on my way to getting new tire. Perfect service from Verizon.
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5 years ago, Sarahxkne dosa
This app is so much better than AAA. I called AAA and was given an ETA of two hours, they told me I had to wait with the car. The car doesn’t turn on, it’s 100 degrees outside and I’m expected to wait there??? I used this app and didn’t have to wait with the car, the car was picked up within less than a half hour of making the claim. Absolutely insane, I wish I knew about this feature sooner.
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2 months ago, Webberto
2 hour wait
First time needing the app, in the middle of town, it said 2 hours before someone could help. 2 hours. I thought maybe there was a location error and verified everything. Tried again, 2 hours. I was stuck in the middle of the lane near a busy intersection. I searched Google, found a tow service, they showed up in 20 minutes. $160 down the drain because using Verizon roadside would take 2 hours. I would have signed up with another service had I known this ahead of time. I’d like to say I was giving it another shot, but don’t want to take the chance.
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4 years ago, momofbubbas
Excellent Service
I found myself with a sick truck that needed a tow to the shop this morning. I was able to get on the app, set up service and the tow driver called within 10 minutes stating he would be right there. He came and put truck upon another and towed it to the shop for me. I was able to get on with my day. Thank you for the quick and friendly service.
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3 years ago, RichelleSeamster
Not for emergencies
When I signed up under the understanding that I would be paying $4.99 a month for roadside assistance then when I go to use it it tells me I have to pay $90 for a tow or any other service is extremely misleading. I am on the side of the road with a flat tire missing all of my appointments and when I called in the woman informed me that it takes 48 hours before my account can even be seen she ran my number and I don’t even exist in their account but I’m already paying them. I am going to sign up for a different roadside assistance and this right here makes me not even wanna work with Verizon.
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5 years ago, FunkStank
Amazing Update!!
The app was once a clunky mess riddled with bugs, but since they have renovated the app (from the bottom up, it seems) the quality and user-friendliness is off the charts! I use this app once a month at most, but when I need it I NEED it. Stability and speed are essential in any roadside service, and this app delivers those with a clean user interface with a built-in map that will locate you even when you don’t know the address. I once dreaded using the Verizon Roadside Assistance app, but now I have no issues whatsoever and actually prefer to use the online ticket submission within the app instead of finding the phone number in my stack of papers. TLDR: App was bad, now it’s awesome. Thank you!
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4 years ago, shannon3kh
Verizon roadside assistance
Used the service for the first time today. It was seriously the easiest and quickest roadside help I’ve gotten. I didn’t even have to call anyone. I just went to verizon page instructions to download the app..put in the info...then they showed up! My family wouldn’t even have shown up that quickly.
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5 years ago, bmstokes
I requested a tow around 2pm and they never arrived. When I called customer service, they said the tow company never received the order. Waited another 90 minutes and called back and was told the same thing, that the company never received the order. The third time the driver arrived and said he couldn’t tow the car becuz it was parallel parked. And now they have sent out a 4th order to tow the car. I have literally been waiting for almost 7 hours and the next tow truck company isn’t expected to arrive for another hour and 20 minutes. Terrible app and terrible service by Verizon roadside assistance.
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4 years ago, Levi Reno
the best roadside app ive ever had!
I was kind of sketchy at first to pay for the service but I’m so glad I did the service is awesome the providers are awesome and I would’ve literally been screwed countless times without their help Verizon is awesome for the service and the providers are even better because they’re fast to the point and the care thank you guys
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4 years ago, l25heffron
Flat Tire
I added this service to my Verizon account months ago, just in case anything were to happen. This morning I had a flat tire and remembered my roadside assistance. I simply got on the app, selected the service I needed assistance with and in less than an hour my spare was on. Above and beyond my expectations and extremely happy with these services!
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3 years ago, The#one#1
Roadside Assist
Found myself with a dead battery after shopping on an extremely warm day. The app was very user friendly with problems to choose from. App kept me up to date with ETA. RESCUER arrived in a very short time and took care of problem swiftly. Sure glad I have this assistance!
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3 years ago, Nicholasmassey
Quick, easy to use, to track.
Everything you want in a app. Easy to use, good communication, quick results. Needed a battery jump. From the moment I open the app. To the minute I got on the road was less than an hour. Can't ask for anything better than that.
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4 years ago, Single Female in Tampa
Amazing. Easy. Fast. Friendly!
I would recommend! I can change a tire, but it was raining and my tire stuck bc it was rusted on. He was able to safely remove my tire with his professional sized Jack and expertise. He called to give me an eta, arrived and got to work quickly. Jeff was so friendly - I would always recommend the app
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3 years ago, Natbabie72
Very good experience
Had a very good experience. They came out to help me really fast. I’m surprised. The guy that came out was really nice despite me coming outside late (I fell asleep and didn’t hear my phone ring at all). Great and fast service! They knew what they were doing too!
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4 years ago, MissCam
App easy to use but not up to date
I used the app to order a tow. I was keeping up with theProgress using the follow your request Button. It did not update in a timely manner, don’t know if it was the app or the towing company not completing their status. The towing company arrived prior To estimated time, which was good but unexpected. The tow went well and the app caught up once the tow was finished, but it didn’t allow me to request a ride once the tow was complete.
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4 years ago, Donnabsmd
Very helpful
Using the Verizon Roadside Service really helped me when I had a dead battery today. The provider was fast, efficient and he made me feel so much better. He really helped me when we had to push my car out of its parking spot to get it jump started. I was so happy and thankful.
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3 years ago, Sunluvr65
Excellent Service
I’ve had to use this app twice in the last two days and I’ve gotten very kind, trustworthy and knowledgeable helpers. They were both very quick at arriving. Grateful to have this app on hand, so easy to navigate as well, thanks!
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3 years ago, Dyri77
Great until moved out of app
For the most part having roadside assistance with Verizon has been ok. Have had to use it twice. First time was a good experience. But the second time the wait time was excessive and I ended up calling a friend. Now about the move from the app to website. It’s simply an additional thing to deal with during what is probably an already stressful matter having to request assistance.
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4 years ago, R&r-momma
The Verizon Roadside Assistance App is awesome!
This app is easy to use and the technician was great! Very knowledgeable and he gave me a few pointers to try! He was super nice, wore his mask and got my car up and running quickly! If you’re not using the Verizon Roadside Assistance App, you’re missing out! It is very affordable and you get your money recouped with one use! *****
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3 years ago, Sls22
Verizon Roadside Assistance was Great!
Super easy and great communication from beginning to end! Being able to track in the app was super helpful. Thanks to Roy from the tow company (sorry I don’t remember the name) - would highly recommend adding this service to any phone plan!
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3 years ago, MBP1950
Best Roadside Assistance Ever!!!!
So fast and nice! I opened the app and submitted the request for a flat tire repair. The rescuer arrived at my house in less than 15 minutes and even was so nice to call and let me know his color and type of vehicle that he would be arriving in. Would highly recommend!!!!!
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4 years ago, RMThatp
I recommend this service to everyone!
For less than three dollars a month this app pays for itself time and time again. Better than motor clubs or insurance related roadside, it follows you in any vehicle you drive or ride in, best option out there
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4 years ago, jlaymon
Needs editing function
For some reason, it initially had the end destination the same as the beginning and unable to edit it. Would be nice to be able to edit the request.
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6 years ago, gabeyho
Worked great!
I was not expecting a positive experience, but this actually worked perfectly exactly the way it was supposed to. We needed a tow and the first tow company couldn’t come out to us and called me and then the app immediately assigned a new company who arrived in half the quoted time. I love when things work!
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4 years ago, FitGabzz
Easy and Reliable!!
I never leave app reviews but this was a great experience during a super sucky time. I remembered I had VRA and found this app on google. Downloaded, entered my info, and got assistance! Super easy!! As a crappy millennial who never wants to talk about my issues, it was great handling everything through the app.
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