Victoria's Secret PINK Apparel

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Victoria's Secret PINK
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Victoria's Secret PINK Apparel

4.82 out of 5
918.2K Ratings
1 year ago, J_Stud
Annoying check out and card login
Make sure to double check the items in your cart, sometimes it deletes or adds two of an item or shifts the items in your cart gets pretty frustrating. Also, I always have problems finding the login/access my VS credit card account from the app. Am I the only one who has issues with the password as well? Every time it tells me wrong password so I have to change it. Lastly, the quality of clothes has lowered, had new bras that ripped or snagged easily. Most annoying is the bra tags!!! They’re huge, scratchy material and very hard to remove without damaging the bra. Been a customer for over 20 years and it’s been downhill for VS since then. Hope they figure all this out for the prices we pay we deserve better as a consumer. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Rach890
Awful checkout, no support on huge retail holiday.
Tried at least 10-20x to checkout, the only way payment worked was by entering my card manually. Paypal and apple pay BOTH DON’T WORK. Also support phone & chat continuously hung up/ended the chat for me, multiple times. Don’t say you offer 24/7 support, and then don’t allow proper contact. I hope I never have to use this app again. Apple pay - the app tried to use my giftcard and still charge me the full amount even though it said giftcard applied (tried to steal $50 extra than it should’ve), while Paypal kept changing my order total and addresses and sent me in circles over and over. Literally terrible, and super stressful. I just wanted to easily buy some underwear!!! The lack of support during one of the biggest online retail days of the entire year is really not cool. During the already stressful holidays, this is not the experience you want. Its also nearly impossible to review your cart because if you scroll just a little too far in either direction (up or down) it refreshes and displays your items in a whole new order. That logic is wack. I’m on an iphone 12pro that is fully up to date, if your developers care. My app is fully up to date too. It’s very easy to reproduce. I also tried all of this both signed out of pink nation AND signed in. I rarely write reviews, but your app stressed me out so bad, I had to. I hope you see this and I hope you care enough to fix it.
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7 years ago, DG1027
Soooo SLOW!!!
I LOOOOVE VS and PINK but their apps are ridiculously SLOW!! It becomes very frustrating to use the app, trying to scroll and the screen doesn’t move, takes so long to load when u click on something to view, AND a lot of times when I do click on something to view and then click the back button to what should be the point where I left off of to view the item but instead takes me back to the top. Then I have to scroll back to where I was. It makes me not want to view an item n see what other color choices there are bc of it. These thing don’t happen all the time but they do happen more than the times they don’t happen!! There are times where I just want to see what’s new or just scroll through but I end up just closing out of the app bc of how long it takes and the other issues. PLEASE make your app for convenient. For the amount of money we are all willing to pay for clothes that aren’t always the best of quality but yet we still love them and pay the high prices, then some of that money should serve to make an app that is way better than it is. Using this app is what u would expect using some 5 & 10 store app.
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3 years ago, WristBracelet
Frustrating for sure
The same thing happened to me I was Christmas shopping and I was putting everything in my cart and when I go to check out, they say there was no more bags left, and then I had three night shirts that were taken out of my basket as well. So the next day I called them and told them what happened and they told me they couldn’t help me. But right after the weekend they had more bags in but they were different. I didn’t care but I was buying these as gifts and I put them in the bags. So the next time I ordered, What I needed put the bag and checked out and then went back and finish shopping. But yes they need to give you a grace period of 1520 minutes that’s just ridiculous if you’re shopping in the store and you have it in your basket they’re not gonna come and take it out of your basket in the store. There must be a way for them to see that you’re still shopping but they’re taking it out of your basket that’s crazy.
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7 years ago, Dak_Snow
“Snowed In” doesn’t work
The app is very slow, I would probably buy everything on a web browser if buying online. I only downloaded the app because of their “snowed in” promotion, where they are giving away free gift cards. For the promotion you blow on the screen to see if you’ve won, but it hasn’t actually worked. I see on the App Store this feature has only been on the app for 5 days, so there is probably a glitch or something that needs to be worked out. Either way, for the promotion to work your microphone needs to be turned on for the app. I went into settings, did some research via Apple, and the only way to turn on the microphone is if the app requests to use the microphone. The problem is that there was no option ever offered to use the microphone, no way to request to use the microphone, and no way to manually turn on the microphone for the app. The app just says “enable your mic to play,” despite the obvious problem that they didn’t force the app to ask permission to use the mic when adding the feature to the app. TLDR: promotion doesn’t work, app is slow as heck, don’t waste your phone storage on this app.
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6 years ago, penny493
Needs work, but a good app
The app can be EXTREMELY slow and I hate how every time you click on today's offers, you need to sign in again. And most of the time, when you DO type your email and password in and click on the “sign in” button, it loads for a little bit and then goes back to the page to have you sign in again. And it can keep doing it over and over again until the point where I just want to delete the app. If someone would be able to fix this, that would be great. I also wish that this app would add the feature where you could type in the location of your store and set it as your store because it really would be convenient if you could click on an item on the app and see if your local PINK store/ Victoria’s Secret has it in stock. It would just make it easier so that way you know if you should drive down to the mall or just order it online. I would really like this feature because other apps such as the Hollister app has it.
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1 year ago, Jerieshababyy17
There is ALWAYS an issue!!!
There is always an issue every time I try to shop on this app. This time it won’t take my login credentials. Other times it scrambles up my cart, then when I try to edit it moves things and refreshes making it extremely difficult to make sure I am getting what I want in the cart, if there are more than a few items. If you accidentally add an exact duplicate of something to your cart, it will not update to quantity of 2, it leaves the duplicate item as qty 1, then there will be another of the exact same thing somewhere else in the cart, but when you try to scroll thru, it keeps refreshing so you lose your place and can’t check to make sure there is only one. I have had multiple times where I add something to cart, then there will be an unspecified error when I try to check out, and it wasn’t until I called in to customer service, that they let me know it’s because out of stock items are still showing in stock on the app. Please fix this mess!!!
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6 years ago, Pizza pie all names are taken
Slow, Glitches, Can’t Checkout
I love PINK, but this app is just not worth it. For starters, it’s very slow. I wasn’t going to complain about this because I was blaming my WiFi at first, but now that I see other people complaining I know it’s not just me. Second of all, there is an unacceptable amount of glitches that make this app very inconvenient. Items often get stuck in your cart and you can’t remove them. You pretty much have to start all over or wait for the app to function properly. Now, this last thing might just be me, but it’s the most annoying of all. I cant checkout! First you click the checkout button, then do the secure sign in and put in your shipping info. Then you click the button that brings you to delivery. Every time I do this I get sent back to my cart. I’ve tried multiple times and can’t check out. This app is just not worth it. I went through all the trouble of finally getting the right things in my cart but can’t even buy anything. I don’t recommend this at all. Shop online or in stores.
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1 year ago, Boymomma84
I love pink/vs :)
I’ve been buying my clothes from here for the last 15 years I’ve always found something I want or need! Lol 😂 getting a vs credit card was something I told myself I wouldn’t do but I’ve had one for a couple years now🫣, I love having that option if I want to but here lately I’ve not been finding much if anything that I like or think will look okay on me. All the crop tops are cute but not everyone likes to show their belly so a longer version should be available as well. Oh and the campus stuff has always been my favorite until now putting the pockets on the side is okay for some but not having any with kangaroo pockets stinks! I like some with side pockets but getting to choose would be nice! Keep up the great work hope to see some amazing spring,summer stuff! 😊
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5 years ago, RachaelM39
Extremely slow & glitches
My fav store is VS/Pink! Love this place! But they def need to upgrade their app AND website! Making payments on my credit card is hard. My last payment I had to call in to customer service. It’s to the point where I just wanna pay off my balance & not use it due to difficulty making payments. There just aren’t many options are far as the check out process & payments. There are many glitches within the app. It’s very very slow! It will constantly reroute to log in page, etc. There are so many issues within the app that I can’t list them all. Plz plz update this app & also work on your website! Shopping should be easier & more fun. Black Friday was a total nightmare! I almost had a melt down trying to order items. The app just couldn’t keep up. Freezes a lot too.. Shopping, the check out process & making payments takes hours of my much needed time. I feel like this company makes enough money to upgrade their technology services for their customers.
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1 year ago, CosmicQ12
I regret ever shopping here
I regret ever becoming a VS/PINK customer. In case you were wondering or don’t know, yes they are the same company and yes they’re horrible. I recently got an email from VS stating they are no longer accepting orders placed by, or on behalf of me… after I received a pair of what were supposed to be new Birkenstock Arizona Eva sandals in pink. Well, they were not new.. they had already been worn, there were pieces of material hanging off of them, and there was a hole in one of the sandals where there wasn’t supposed to be. I reached out to customer service because they usually replace damaged items and just want you to send the damaged one back. I guess this time they had a problem with it.. so to me it sounds like they grew sour that I had so many returns on my account even though the quality has gone way down while the prices have gone way up, and they no longer want me shopping there. They are refusing to refund me for the sandals as well! So I’m stuck with ugly used damaged sandals and I’m out of the money I spent on them. Thanks VS!!!
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5 years ago, Kenlee Ryan
LOVE THE APP! but...
So far I've been loving the Pink Nation app! It's makes shopping to one of my favorite stores so easy and care free. Sometimes shopping online can be very stressful, but this app everything but that! I love the scratch-off offers it allows members to use when shopping, and the games you can play to try to win store credit. I also love how they offer cute wallpapers and stickers! (You can win more by earning badges in the app! I actually have my wallpaper set to one right now) The only request I have is that you keep your online items in stock!! I could not stress enough that when going for my size, the color or style I really love, isn't in stock. I request that maybe you try to offer more color in more sizes. But other than that, this is a amazing app and I 10/10 recommend!!!
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4 years ago, Jibanyan41
Great app, but could do better 💖
I wished the Pink app is able to have their wish list & mini game back. The wish list made everything simple so that we’re able to see the items we wanted but couldn’t get whenever they were out of stock. The mini game was nice, relaxing, & a fun way to get a discount which I really enjoyed! I do wish you have something like a “save for later” option in the cart, because sometimes I can’t use certain discounts/coupons when I’m about to make a purchase & it’s a hassle for me to look up what I wanted to buy & then adding them back in the cart. Also please make an update of having the item # right under or next to the price of the item. I take screenshots of items I plan to purchase in case they were to be out of stock online. I didn’t realize that I needed the item number to order them when I called the associates to place my order 😅. Everything else is great! 💕💕
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5 years ago, Free_hugs
I used to open this app multiple times a day to play the game, get some cute wallpapers, and buy some lotions and clothes when they had a sale. But now that the game (that I was completely obsessed with) is gone, I’m pretty much done shopping at VS. Like everything is really expensive anyway, why not give customers a chance to have fun and win a lil something if you’re expecting them to buy $60 sweatpants? Ridiculous. Also, the “chill” tab is literally just frustrating, glitchy videos and cliche quotes. I’m all about self care and confidence building but honestly, telling me to “be myself” through really basic statements that you can read on crappy dollar store greeting cards isn’t really my idea of “chilling”. Also, I’m not sure why all of the college hype is necessary. I’m a college student and even I think it’s way too much. Like apparently all VS shoppers live in sororities? Fact: that is not true at all. Some women who are older than college age probably feel pretty uncomfortable right now and honestly, I don’t blame them.
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3 years ago, Baby Milan
So many offers!
I love everything Pink & Victoria’s Secret because they’re always having so many offers. Who wouldn’t wanna purchase when you can get bras for $15 instead of $30+. I can get the same exact bra from pink that has the best quality versus going to Walmart and having not so good quality and pay for the same amount! Plz keep giving out offers. That is the only time I purchase when there’s so many offers to get. I paid less than $32 for 3 good quality under garments. Every women wants to feel comfortable and sexy and that’s what Pink & Victoria’s Secret always make me feel! Thank you for the best feeling under garments! Can’t wait for it to get here and I know I’m gonna love it cuz this is my second time getting the same thing!
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4 years ago, BS this app
Can update and now my app doesn’t work at all
I tried to use my pink app and a box popped up saying update so I don’t miss out on special offers. I tapped update and tried but can’t update due to I have an iPhone 6 and the iOS 13 is not compatible with it. My app worked fine before other than being slow to download but now I can’t even check my offers or anything. The update box pops up and blocks me from being able to click on my account info. Only thing I can click is update which doesn’t work. You have made it impossible for me to use my app. I spend a lot of money at VS and deserve to be able to use my app on my current phone.
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6 years ago, lorikora
Deals not available
I would receive emails about promotions that you would have. I would go to your site and spend my time trying to get the deals and while checking out, it would then state that the merchandise is no longer available. It did this about 3 times, I got so frustrated I decided not to order anything. There were other promotions that the same thing happened where the merchandise was not available. If you going to have these deals please make sure that you have enough merchandise for at least more than a few hours. My daughter really loves your clothing and I really wanted to get her some of these deals for Christmas, but I am disabled and can not go to your store on Black Friday and take the chance of being pushed as my other daughter (who lives in PA) was when she went to your store. We pay a lot of money for your clothing and I think the one time of the year when you have these wonderful promotions we should be able to GET them. Thank you, Lori Eberhart
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5 years ago, Kirsten KU Lover
Needs lots of improvements.
Not very satisfied with any of my visits recently. Everything takes forever to load. It constantly logs me out even if I haven’t left the app, I have to re-enter the coupon deals multiple times because they say they are invalid and they won’t take them, but eventually they do sometimes, but other times they won’t mind and you have I have to re-enter the coupon deals multiple times because they say they are invalid and they won’t take them, but eventually they do sometimes, but already after you’ve entered them so many times you don’t even want to buy the products anymore. And the pages load so slow most of the time so the majority of the time that you are on the app you will just be waiting for the pages to load him staring at a loading sign. The only plus side about the app is there a let you know when deals are going on, but it’s not like they make shopping easy for you.
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7 years ago, Diamanté💎💎💎💎
The deals 😭💦
There are a few little hiccups that I don't like about the app. For example the back button will sometimes take me all the way back to the home button or will clear my filters while I'm shopping, and at times can be slow if you don't constantly update the app... HOWEVER! The extra little sneak peeks that you get to see as a member are literally so worth it! You also get little coupons that can be used both in store and online. If you love pink/Victoria's secret and don't have a store down the street from you this is definitely the app for you. You get to see all the upcoming deals that you would normally miss. Honestly just download it 💁
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1 year ago, Alycat.94
Add a “save for later” feature
I would shop in the app a lot more often if it were more user friendly. When I shop during a sale, I’ll have the discounted total in the shopping cart, but when I go to check out, it refreshes and sets the prices to full price. If I simply use Apple Pay instead of the regular check out button, this won’t happen. It’s definitely some kind of glitch. Also, when I see something I like but need to wait to buy it, I can’t add it to a “Favorites” list or “Save for Later.” With these features, it would be a lot easier to come back, add to cart, and check out when I get paid again. I’m not going to remember everything I wanted to save for later on my own. I want to spend money in this app but y’all make it hard.
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2 years ago, mimioioiiooiiii
Screwed me out of my money
I’ve been a member of Pink nation for years and I am even a card holder. I recently was gifted a $200 gift card for Christmas, I only used it once and had money left over. Upon trying to use it again I was told there was a zero balance. This is mot possible, I’ve been bounced around from online chat, to telephone, I’ve been transferred over 10 times and even told today that I would be emailed the balance. Upon asking for my email the rep. Did not ask for spelling or confirm the e-mail, I never recieved an email. Upon calling back no help, more transfers and now I’m being told they can’t replace lost or stolen gift cards even though it was not lost or stolen. But the pink nation app was hacked. They don’t care about you as a customer. Don’t put your card info on here because they will screw you over. I will be closing my VS credit card line after years of being a loyal customer.
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6 years ago, Brebre111
Worst App EVER
It’s absolutely ridiculous that Victoria Secret being as large as it is doesn’t have a better developed app. It’s absurdly slow, crashes randomly, items get stuck in your cart and you either have to start all over (if you’re even patient enough) or place the order and hope it doesn’t process within the one minute it takes to contact the live chat person to remove the item manually. And if it does happen to process, then pure stuck with having to return the item.... which all could have been avoided if the app simply worked properly. When you look at an item and hit return you start back to the beginning and given the app is SOOOO slow, you have to be patient and wait to scroll back down to where you were before. I’ve written several times before and never hear back which tells me VS doesn’t truly care about the customer or feedback for improvement. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Carlyyy⭐️
Helpful, but...
I love going to pink! Pink is one of my favorite stores to go to and due to the deals I thought why not download the app? After opening the app, and beginning to use it, I noticed that the app was quite slow. I would constantly scroll up or down to look at products and the screen wouldn't move! Any time I'd *lightly* touch the screen to scroll down it would click on a random product I didn't want to view. When I would try to press the back button to get out, it wouldn't move and then the screen would black out and send me to my home screen. Even though this app is quite glitchy, I learned to be a little more patient and just put up with the app being slow. I love shopping at pink, so no matter how slow the app is, I'll still continue shopping there and using the app👍🏻💘
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4 years ago, Azonababy
Broke hearted ex-customer
I tried to call in and was put on hold and left there. I am an AVID shopper with a black forever card and was having trouble using YOUR rewards YOU SEND with orders. When I called back and tried AGAIN ti explain the problem and how each order is missing something when I use the app and I called and was left on hold your NASTY REP SAID (and I quote so you don’t miss the quotation marks) “wwooooo I can see why you wrote left on hold” I plan to cancel my account with you after the experience cash back Visa gets me just as much and I don’t need your NASTY reps who can’t figure out their jobs EVER talking to me like that! The stores with in 100 miles from me have closed due to COVID...I am sure me and my $2200 limit won’t be missed but guaranteed a lot more people then I will give up your card when your rewards can’t be applied and when we have to call in your employees are as nasty as what I just endured!
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6 years ago, Queen Ar
Great but...
I love it! Very useful to view the new clothes but the only thing is I wish they could provide a better way to organize the app so it’s easier to see all the options and know what sale is going on. Bc for example, I saw the 15% sake for college students still on the app, so when I went in the store and asked if they still had the sale going, they told me no that was in the month of May. So I just hope you clarify what’s new and sales going on as well as lower your prices bc it’s very expensive sometimes. But other than that, I love your store as a regular customer and look forward to new exciting great deals! :)
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7 years ago, harmonyskarma
Could have more stars
I like using the app because it can be easy to navigate, and I pre-shop sometimes before going to the store. I like being a member of Pink Nation and getting great deals and rewards-I am also a card holder. However, I can't even count times the app has crashed, it takes forever to load or go between pics and items. When I finally get to the item I want to see, it's sold out or the pic is only one view or one color. There have been so many frustrating times when I want to see both sides to a pair of joggers-front and back, or all the colors to see what it would look like on a person. Pink-VS-i think you can do better. If we are paying $45-60 for a hoodie or a pair of joggers, don't you think we actually want to see what they look like?
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6 years ago, Court💗
Slow and won’t load pages or content
I really love this app because I can see other items that aren’t available at my Victoria’s Secret/ Pink, but when I go to buy something it takes FOREVER for the page to load. Not only that, I’ve cleared out the app from my home screen to restart the app and it still takes forever. I can’t buy anything from this app because the checkout page will not load at all. If I want anything I’ll have to go to my store and see if they can order my items for me. It’s a huge hassle. Please fix the app because I would love to be able to look at everything the store has to offer and order it on my phone instead of driving to my store to order items that I should be able to do on my phone.
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6 years ago, Mimi8708
Can’t Login?
I updated to the latest update and it’s asking me to log into my account. I went ahead and put my email add. and password. DOESN’T WORK. So now I’m thinking to myself.. did I forget my password? So I went ahead, changed the password. Closed the App, opened it back up typed in my email with the new password & it still DOESN’T WORK! What’s going on with this App? It’s HORRIBLE! Not to mention when trying to go on the links in the bottom “Explore” “Fun” “Campus” I get a pop up saying “Whoops, your screen is having trouble loading PLEASE TRY AGAIN” It’s been like this for the last couple of days! Why isn’t anyone fixing this problem? What I ended up doing is just going on the website on my regular browser and my user name and new password worked just fine! At this point what is the point of having this App if I’m not able to use it!!? Deleting it!
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3 years ago, Laurie7176
Awesome sales!
I think the products are way better then Bath and Body Works (I still love them also)! I would never pay full price for either of them. I wait for sales and stock up. Especially the clearance sales! Almost everything I’ve ordered smells and works amazingly! And the bras and undies seem to last forever! Great store! And shipping is quick! It use to take forever with shipping. But now it’s usually only one week! Always check for coupon codes and sometimes you can get free shipping with a $50 minimum order. The app is super simple! I definitely recommend VS!!! :)
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7 years ago, Lillori1988
NO SNOW ❄️ and some more stuff😔
I like a lot of things on the app and actually it's one of my favorite"shopping" apps, but...the app isn't as helpful as I'd hoped. It also isn't very user friendly at times and there are glitches. Cute idea with blowing the snow, but not snowing on my phone!!!! I WANT SNOW AND PRIZES!!! ❄️🎁💸 I thought I would get a lot more discounts and rewards and special offers especially once I reached the ANGEL FOR LIFE level!! I didn't even get my rewards and spent enough to get multiple rewards but they NEVER came!! I reached that level pretty quick by spending a lot of money online shopping!!! I didn't even get the new card. I am a little disappointed PINK 🎀💗💘I feel like I should get the rewards I EARNED!!! C'mon you guys...I love VS, and PINK and my daughter does too!!! We live two hours from the nearest store...We depend on the app for mist all our shopping!!! Thanks!! Still love pink 💗🎀
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5 years ago, chingyxchiong
Ridiculously slow
This would be a good app for Victoria’s Secret and PINK, but it fails to show that by it being slow and laggy. There are sales going on right now so I got on the app to see. At first, there were no problems; I signed in okay and it wasn’t slow/laggy. I lost my place in the app and went back to the explore page and immediately it made me sign in again. I tried to sign in and it let me, but then the sign in page showed up yet again. I try this for about five times and that’s all it will let me do now. About two weeks ago, it kept telling me that my email/password wasn’t right and I had to go to the website to fix it. I wouldn’t be surprised if people stopped using the app because of all its slow/lag/sign-in issues. It’s asinine and a waste of time anymore.
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5 years ago, KatieeKate88
Horrible—Barely Works & ALWAYS Slow!
I’m a HUGE Pink fan and I love the idea of this app, but rarely ever works for me anymore. When it does work, it’s painfully slow. It’s beyond frustrating getting notifications for sales & contests, only to have the app freeze up or tell me to “try again”. The weirdest part is that I have had this same problem with their website lately. I thought it could be my phone, but I’ve tried using both platforms on other devices and I ran into the same problem each time. Such a bummer—it’s pretty much forced me to buy my PINK stuff thru Poshmark & Mercari, so hopefully it gets fixed soon!
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5 years ago, Clds
What’s the point of the app
When it is always crashing! It seems to improv but it does not last very long. One step forward two steps backwards Trying to place an order is incredibly time consuming! I have to reset my password because it will not accept the previous one (this is every single time). After finally logging it will ask me for all my billing info/address as if I was a new customer. The stores do not carry everything that is online, but it is such an inconvenience trying to order that I’m looking at other stores who’s app are more efficient.
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4 years ago, trumpsabutthead
Small things that still haven’t been fixed
I love this app for the special discounts and offers you receive but checking out or even shopping on this app is really disappointing. Everytime I start looking through stuff and adding to my bag it starts glitching and either removes everything from my bag, signs me out, or it will only show like 1/5 items that I JUST added and I will have to go back and re-add everything else! While the Pink Quad and Chill sections of the app are cool, I wish they would focus more on making sure the app actually works 100% of the time instead of adding even more features.😭 The explore page could use some reorganizing so it’s not so confusing and a wishlist feature would be awesome.
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4 years ago, Aimee Lemon
Cute but not worth it. No pickup. Only ships for a high charge. 👎🏻
They don’t offer pick up and charge $8 for shipping. This is the only store I think that doesn’t offer pickup. For a store this successful you would think they would have a pickup side. Mostly everything is overpriced because most of the clothes rip or fall apart easily it’s such thin material. & only offer light makeup nothing like lip liners or dark colors. Also, the perfume is over priced as well and the smells aren’t good (some of them) those are the only ones they put on sale. I got a jacket here an anorak and the zipper fell off after 1 wash and dry. It cost me $90. Thinking of getting rid of my card. Wasting money. Bath and body works offers way better deals for better smells. Also, I can go somewhere else for clothes that won’t just fall apart.
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6 years ago, pink_A_R
The pink nation app is great I love it. It gives you a heads up on sales and it tells you what’s new in stores it’s great. the only thing that really bothers me is that every time I want to go to the pink nation app I have to sign in over and over the thing is I have already created a account and when I leave the app it signs me of my account . each time I want go back into the app I have to sign into the app. I really hope the pink nation app can fix this problem it would be great otherwise the app is amazing and it helps you know when sales are here and some things you can only get with a angel card or pink nation app I love the app that’s my only issue with the app.
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4 years ago, C.B. vet
Came back and never leaving again!!
I thought since I was home I would try another brand (Not mentioning names because brand shaming is wrong and everyone is trying to make ends meet💖) I was very in comfortable in them and could tell right away that that it wasn't a V.S. Bra. With yours I can wear them all day and keep them because I forget they are there other brands have a way of reminding you that they are there and need to be adjusted... At least for us BIG chested girls that's how it is... Anywho I just wanted to say that this girl is back to stay and for lifer now.. I'm not buying my daughter anything else either...❣️#V.S. Lifer
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5 years ago, BibkyBreen
I feel complete!
There’s something about putting on Victoria’s Secret or PINK, no matter what time of day, where I’m going, or what I’m doing, or with whom I’m doing it with, that I always feel so beautiful, clean and classy! I have been a “Forever Angel” card member for the past 6-9 years and a VS shopper for over 15 years and I’ll never ever stop wearing their clothes or underwear! Thank you for ALWAYS making me feel like a beautiful, confident woman! Of course there’s times I’m down, but VS and PINK shopping, and wearing their beautiful clothes, ALWAYS makes me feel whole again ✝️☮️💟 💕💁🏻‍♀️💋
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4 years ago, monica_jones214
Leggings are my fav, but turning my attention elsewhere
I seriously love Pink leggings!! The love the high waste feel. And how crazy confident they make me feel covering my little roll on the bottom of my belly. I have ordered many pairs of their leggings over the years! And I love everyone I’ve ever gotten. But it seems like pink is loosing their leggins that appeal to me. And are going for more of an athletic look. Or a cozy jogging look. I love the plain logo pink leggings. And when I find a pair, that I’m actually interested in, they never have my size. I wear a size Large, and apparently so do many other women. And the looks that a like, a lot of other women must like them too. I wish Pink would make it more easier for me to find the style I like, and in my size.
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1 year ago, 77FrustratedOnlineShopper
Unable to search by color anymore!!
I absolutely love PINK & the PINK app. I don’t know what changed recently but lately I have been unable to look up clothing by color i.e.— If I were to type ‘atomic pink’ , ‘misty lilac’ , ‘cornflower blue’ , ‘teal ice’ etc etc, even ‘butterfly’ ; I get random colored clothing when before that I would just get all one color of what I would search up. This is frustrating and it even occurs on the website. I want and need to be able to see what’s available in all one color line because I like to get specific colors for myself as well as others. I have tried to reset my phone network including deleting the app and reinstalling it. Nothing works. It makes me want to delete the app entirely. JUST PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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11 months ago, jevficka
Most frustrating app I’ve ever used
It logs you out constantly. Requires you to fully type out your email and password, repetitively during a shopping trip. It is NOT an added layer of protection, it is only repetitive inconveniences for the user. On top of that, it requires you to make a lengthy password, and you can’t use one you’ve used before. So you’d better not forget your password like me, or else you will be stuck in an endless loop of having to hit “forgot my password” since I have to CONSTANTLY Re-type it in, and the new one is lengthy with special characters required so of course I forget it and now I’m to the point where I used probably 10 different passwords over the last shopping trip alone because this system is so TERRIBLE. JUST KEEP ME LOGGED IN LIKE EVERY OTHER APP!
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5 years ago, mgmw1305
It’s ok but...
I do not understand how this app is a 4.8 with 600k+ reviews but every review is either 3 stars or is 5 stars and essentially says “deals are great but...” or “I love the brand but...”. I do love shopping at Victoria secret and I do love shopping at Pink. And because I love their clothes, I downloaded the app. And this review doesn’t reflect the brand, it reflects the app. It is slow and unresponsive. Once, I tried looking at sport bras except they wouldn’t load. I ended up not getting one. And the website isn’t much better. The app does have perks, though. Ergo, two stars instead of one. It helps me stay informed about purchases and sales and lists if the deals are redeemable online and/or in stores. However, compared to other shopping apps out there, the Pink Vs app just doesn’t cut it.
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6 years ago, ayla_gator123
Awesome but never rlly updated
I LOVE this app and I love seeing what’s new! But there is a few things that bother me. They never change the wallpapers in the ‘fun’ section. I’ve had the app for almost a year and it’s had the same wallpapers, I check everyday and they are all the same. And the polls are only changed like once a week, I would prefer like every day or every other day. I don’t fine they app is as slow as ppl say, however I usually use it when connected to WiFi but today I tried it in the car and only one thing loaded. So if you want to use this on the go, their insta page is better for you. Then again I LOVE this app but somethings could be changed.💕
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7 years ago, stef2622
VS online and also Pink Nation
I installed apps for Black Friday sales which has been a nightmare since ...I spent 9 hours throughout my day in both apps on Black Friday and had issues due to overwhelming ordering and then items were gone by the time I did get to order which was the next day and I was very disappointed ...since then I have tried to order things that were listed on “today’s offers” and they sell out in my size each time...I was able to get the stocking and Pink beauty things FINALLY but my box was thrown onto my porch which caused it to b smooshed in the corner and it was pouring rain that day so water seeped I and in turn got the boxes of mist spray wet which made have to go and buy two gift boxes for those items...I am just so discouraged from even attempting to order anything anymore
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6 years ago, Karennn014
Frustrating To Shop On This App
I tried to take off items from my shopping cart and it kept adding them back , I kept refreshing and it still kept but eventually it did take it off but then I was trying to login in my account it kept saying the password was wrong which was not, had to change my password like 5 times! and when I got in as I was putting my card in it erased everything! I kept pressing the arrow to complete my purchase it would take me back to put my name , address, email etc! eventually I got so frustrated I just didn’t want to buy anything no more but then I went on the website SOO MUCH BETTER! no trouble! I ordered my items but the website is better than the app.
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6 years ago, Kyliecupcake7
I Love This App!😊
Oh my gosh, this app is SO cool and I love being able to do many awesome things on this app! The IMessage stickers and the wallpapers are super cute and I use them all the time! I also love that you can vote for which thing you like better because that is fun and it helps me decide on which I should get! Overall, this app is really great and super fun! Thank you so much for making this app and putting in all of these cool and awesome features! I love PINK so much and this app makes my want to buy everything PINK has to sell.😊 Once again, thank you for this amazing app!
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3 years ago, april scarlett
Nothing’s Perfect!!!!
I Love Victoria Secret and Victoria Secret Pink! Let me just get that off my chest ,and it’s definitely earning the apps brownie points for that. One of the things I dislike about this new version is the removal of the heart/like button! I used that to help me and serve as an save/ level of importance button!!! It would definitely be brought back in the next level! Overall though it’s a good app. Just needs a few tweaks, and I think we can all say that!!! ~💗~I LOVE VS/PINK~💓~ LOVE, April Scarlett🦄
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6 years ago, SkateboardRaGa
Just shop online
I don’t like the app’s set up. The way that you have to shop on the app is basically the exact same way you would if you shop online. It’s not like how if you shop on the forever 21 app or urban outfitters app or any other app. A browser literally loads whenever you’re trying to shop on this app. If that’s the case I can just shop online. Also if you login online and login on the app you’ll get logged out of one of them depending on which device you’re using which is extremely frustrating. Also it’s very difficult to view your cart on this app as well as online. You can’t get a full overview of the cart. It’s basically a side panel. This app just needs a complete revamp.
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7 years ago, KJRFLS
Amazing PINK
I love PINK! This helps me look and shop for more PINK products. With out this I would never be able to shop for my favorite clothes.💄💄👄👄👅👅💅🏻💅🏻💋💋💃🏼💃🏼👸🏼👸🏼👗👗👙👙🌈🌈💕💕💓💓💗💗💖💖💘💘💝💝💞💞🏐🏐🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🚵🏼‍♀️🚵🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🥇🥇🏆🏆 I love the app because I can look on the app and tell my mom when a sale or when I see something I love. Then I can buy it there or I can go to the store. I also love it because it's not like a website where you have to search it up every time you want to look at something instead you just push the app, and there you go.
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4 years ago, Berto45
I feel seen 🏳️‍🌈mrs VICTORIA
As a long time fan of Victoria’s Secret from seeing my oldest sisters shop for bras and body sprays to watching the fashion shows at home being a young queer boy I really didn’t see any representation for a while but I still kept hope and BEHOLD they even changed the icon this is a huge step forward for pink and Victoria as a brand especially including more plus sizes and skin tones of models and hair types I already loved the clothing since high school and now it’s exceeded my expectations as a fan 💁🏻‍♂️(when are you putting out bed sets tho 🤔)
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