Victoria’s Secret

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Victoria's Secret
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Victoria’s Secret

4.83 out of 5
150.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Dwssher5868
I’m addicted to shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I have many panties, bras and accessories. They have a wide variety of items to choose from on their site. I only shop online. I love their clearance section. I usually find quite a few things at a great price, especially when their clearance section is discounted. Their end of year sale should not be missed. If I get an item that I’m not happy with I usually just resell it. VS products always sell easily. There’s ways to get around paying the shipping charge. Being a VS cardholder has its benefits too. The website is full of special sales and items that u won’t find in a store. The site is easy to use and has virtually no cliches or bugs. FYI-I use my new iPad for shopping. I’m sure other devices have just as easy a time using this site. I honestly don’t mind shopping online on VS. enjoy!!
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1 year ago, Hixphotography
iOS app 3/7/23
I don’t know what is wrong but it’s been weird and buggy for about the last 6 months. Clicking app support just takes you to VS site but no obvious button to report issues. I have the app downloaded on my iPhone. ( everything is current and updated) for a while it would sign in ok and then pushing the Victoria card account button was also seamless but it’s been a royal pain the past 6 months something always malfunctions for a while it made me put a new checking account number in every time I needed to make a payment now won’t let me edit and delete those. Today I couldn’t get signed in until I hit the “forgot password button” then it decided to sign me in before I had to go to my email and reset a password. Then I’m trying to pay my Victoria card what a hassle that also took a painfully long time to accomplish and just when I’m about to go get the physical card to call and pay by phone it decides to sign in🤬. So I came here thinking I could hit the app support button and tell them how buggy it is. But nope so I left a 1 star review about the app. If I can’t pay my bill easily I’m going to cancel the card when I have a zero balance it shouldn’t be this difficult to pay. Please VS fix the app make it easier to sign in and shop and pay our VS. credit cards. The merchandise and in store personnel are wonderful and online purchases are easy but paying your bill online in this app is an absolute nightmare recently!
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2 years ago, MissMegs702
How can the user experience be this bad?
It absolutely baffles me that a brand like VS has such terrible customer/user experience after so many decades in business. I’ll stick primarily reviewing to the app, which is at best cumbersome to use. Updating items within the cart is not possible, and accidentally or even intentionally put the same item in your cart… it doesn’t merge together quantities… it lists them separately so it’s hard to tell how many of an item you have and you have to click back into the item to change the quantity. This is so stupid. Want to scroll items and skim? Well if click into and click back and you go all the way back to the top. I hate the location of the back and forward down below, Im constantly clicking in the wrong spot and have to start all over. That doesn’t even get into the terrible shopping experience, like severe shortage of available basics and no in way to request in-stock notifications. They discontinue favorite bras and I can see a serious dip in quality of the panties over the last 3-4 years. After 25 years as a customer - not to mention watching my Mom shop at VS my entire life… I think I’m just about done. Give me back the VS of the 80, 90’s and 2000’s when you could count on always finding what you need, a nice variety of basic and sexy stuff, swimsuits and trendy clothes plus excellent customer service.
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1 year ago, LoVe VM#1
Very very unhappy with the app or the website or credit card company but not sure which yet
I have tried to place my order for several hours and use my VS credit card and even had to call and the support even reset my account and called to verify my credit and limit and that there was a 0 balance and all was checking out but when I’d try to place my order it wouldn’t allow me to use my VS card and I missed out on several of my items and I’ve reloaded my card into account multiple times and it’d still say please use a different number or different card to check out with. I finally got my order submitted 5 1/2 hours later after dealing with all of the chaos of trying to find the items that was actually on the sale list of course with all the exclusions obviously and then website would keep deleting items from my cart and I’d have to go back try to reorder or find items. The most frustrating issue was my card issue and made me worry that it’d been used or shut off for no reason or I was supposed to had a new card with a new # and hadn’t received it. This was a huge ordeal and too time consuming and frustrating. This should be fixed and corrected immediately!! If anyone else with a VS card had this issue then they should be rewarding us all with mega rewards and deals because this was a lot of wasted time and stress!!
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1 year ago, Summers03
More and more frustrating
*****updated****** So I had 4 items in my cart and went to check out. One item I really wanted said 1 left in stock. I go to pay and click credit card and guess what…it didn’t save my vs mc that I had added prior and saved. So I had to go get my card and type it all back in. Of course I hit place order and I get an error message that the item I really wanted is no longer available. OF COURSE!!! If it would have saved my info and I didn’t have to go get my card from my wallet and go through that all again I probably would have gotten my item. PLUS while shopping I would try to zoom in on pictures to get closer look at lace on items but the screen would go white and couldn’t hit back then. AND WHY IS THERE STILL NO SAVE OR FAVORITES SECTION!!!!!!! That should just be a given option. Well now since the item I really wanted is no longer available I won’t be making my purchase of the other items because I just don’t feel like waist if time looking through stuff again *****original review******* I just downloaded this app about a month ago and I must say I’m baffled that there is not a way to save items to a favorites list or save them somehow for future purchases. Also it is quite annoying when searching and you click on something and then when you go back it takes you back to the top of the page
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2 years ago, Ntayllor1622
App is weird
The app thinks it's the website - I continuously still get the pop up at the top that says "download the mobile app" even though I am on the app. When you go to your account and try to manage your credit card through the app, it only takes you to the login for the VS credit card (store card) and doesn't allow you to choose to login to the VS/PINK Mastercard account - so you cannot manage your Mastercard account thru the app. Only the store card. On both their app/site some of their items only show up under "frequently bought together" or "customers who viewed this also bought" after clicking on a different item - so it's hard to find a lot of items as they are not listed when you click on the category. I also noticed some bras are only listed under the bra catalog - which I can't figure out how to get to again but I was able to get to it one time and saw stuff I didn't see listed on their site/app. I do still like Victoria's Secret- but I miss their old stuff. They had actual clothes and not just loungewear, and they had way more variety, better collections, and alot more unique pieces.
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11 months ago, Brooklynheart79
So aggravated and almost at the point to never buy again
I can hardly login to the app anymore. It won't let me even tho I have the face id turned on. I've tried numerous times and shut my phone off and reset it but still no luck. Then I try to even reset my password and guess what??? It says there's an error and I can't even do that. On a off chance that I can login and try shopping and I go to checkout with coupons either on the app or ones that were mailed to me, it won't accept any. No error message it just does nothing. I lost out on 30% off my order and $3 underwear if I bought the new bra and I also had a $25 dollar off $100 coupon... But guess what!! Of course it didn't work. I tried everything. I tried to message on the app and had difficulties with that as well. So I lost out BIG TIME. All for issues that apparently have been happening for awhile now. I've been a loyal customer since the 1990's and unfortunately your brand has only been going downhill. Too bad you don't care about your loyal customers.
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6 years ago, LisaIXOYE
Can not get check out to function properly
I have tried to place an order and connect it to my offers that I have received in the mail, the app does not allow more than three offers within it, however it will not accept more than two offers. Then when I’m trying to connect it to make a payment it clears out the offers category and I have to start back over. since I am working off of pieces of paper that have been mailed to me, and printed in a font that is generally illegible unless I take a photo and make notes it becomes quite cumbersome when I have to re-enter information multiple times before it’ll actually go through. The other issue that I have is I have attempted to make a payment on my angel card through the app and have been completely unsuccessful every time. I’ve been sending my payment to VS and they charge me a late fee, when it would have been in time if I could have gotten the app to work properly.
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4 years ago, desperatly seeking ipsy?
Cannot update my app or get into it for a month now
I cannot get into my app or update my app for about a month now I’m getting a little frustrated every time I go to press update it takes me to the app and it says update again and then when I go back to update it loads but then it doesn’t go to the app what is going on with the app and developer getting a little frustrated I am a very avid shopper of Victoria’s Secret and I love that Heavenlee pajamas and I would like to shop but I can’t I have to go to the main websiteHow can I fix this issue? Is there anyway that you can help me out to fix this issue thank you very much hope to hear from someone soon I would hate to stop shopping at Victoria’s Secret just because of an app?
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5 years ago, B12G12D12
Big time fan for over a decade and now not so sure
I have been an avid buyer of products from Victoria’s Secret forever. I have many leggings, tops, bras, undies, and beauty products from them. Half my wardrobe has the VS logo somewhere on it. I do see the sizing and fabric to be a little odd with some orders, so I know quality control isn’t what it’s supposed to be. But the main reason I’m leaving a bad review is because I feel like for the amount of money and support that is shown to your company, the very least you could do for your loyal customers is have a functioning website/app. Today, I was prepared to spend over a $100 and I was unable to sign in, the app wasn’t loading properly at all, and the deals were only available for an hour. I promptly spent almost the whole hour trying to reach customer service to no avail and no purchase was made. What a shame that a company I have always enjoyed buying from has now left such a bad taste in my mouth!
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2 months ago, KJAZCAN
What is going on VS!?
Truly the worst app ever! It just spins & spins & spins! These last few years the app has gone completely downhill & don’t even get me started on the quality of merchandise! Every time I go to check what’s new on the app, I either can’t get it 2 load or it’s says try again later as we are having technical issues! Sometimes I can’t even pull up my orders or log into my credit card. I spend thousands of dollars every year here & I still can’t earn points for rewards & no one can help me! I am so extremely frustrated & I think I’m about done with VS all together! Been shopping here for over 30 years & it’s sad to say everything has gotten worse…in this day & age is that even possible? Please let it be known that I’ve turned my phone off & on constantly, deleted the app numerous times, used other devices & even had 3 new phones/iPads & nothing ever improves so I definitely know the problem is not on my end… Sincerely, a former obsessed VS customer
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7 years ago, Lillori1988
The Victoria’s Secret APP stopped working two days ago while I was trying to place an order and was at the check-out stage trying to apply my discounts I EARNED!!! Lost out on the reward card due to the app going CrAzY, and eventually it went to a black screen that just says VICTORIA’S SECRET in gold letters. I kept trying to re-open so I could get my order completed, but no luck! I lost several items because they sold out while I was trying to check out. Now when I try tap on the APP it goes to the black screen w/Victoria’s Secret in gold on it and after waiting around 30-60 seconds it just closes and goes back to my home screen!!! FIX YOUR APP!!!! I shop online with y’all EVERY WEEK!!! PLEASE GET YOUR APP WORKING!!! And also, work on the Check-out and add you should add a “save for later” feature to the you don’t have to start over just to get to use the offers and rewards!!! Or so you can go ahead and add everything at once and order on two separate days!!! Thank you!!! Please fix it 🤞🛍🛍📦🎀❤️💚❤️💚
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6 years ago, Brooke Clement
Online App
The Victoria’s Secret app and online shopping is 10 times better than the store because it has over 50% more in stock and more collections and it’s a shame that the store doesn’t carry him anything that is short or tall they only carry regular length which is a model size and the people in the store absolutely so rude to me every time I go in and when I called Victoria’s Secret in their great especially recently win couple pairs of my underwear came up missing in my order for Christmas and they made sure to get those sent right out since I am the highest court order I Victoria’s Secret and I spend a lot of money there and when I walk into the store they treat me like crap and it’s very very aggravating thank God for the app and online shopping!
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3 years ago, CGSwimmer
App functions STILL broken
As others have previously stated and VS refuses to fix... When your order is placed and you try to look at order details, it shows ‘part’ of the order ONLY. Clicking the purchase details to see the rest of your order only brings you back to the same screen. If I have to go to a webpage to see my order details anyway, why even have the app in the first place when it’s features do not work. Other features do work fine, so I gave it two stars, the only reason I didn’t go higher is that this issues has been reported in past reviews and VS has not taken the steps to correct it; telling me, they just don’t care to. That’s poor customer service for a company selling bras and outfits which are already priced ridiculously high, even for the nice quality you usually find, but this isn’t about the prices.... it’s about their failure to fix a broken feature
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1 year ago, CrystalRose75
Keeps getting better!
Using the apps to shop VS & Pink is so much simpler than going to the stores for me. Though you don’t know if what you’re purchasing is going to work out, the ease in returning and exchanging through VS & Pink make it worth it to shop this way. Their online catalog is so much more extensive than what they carry in stores also. I wish they had more sizes of models to items they’re wearing, this helps so much in picking the correct sizes (along with reviews!). I love the fact that they are starting to carry larger sizes and that their models are all different sizes! This also helps in seeing how items may fit. All in all, I think VS & Pink are going in the right direction to include women (& men) of all sizes!
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6 years ago, Soares91716
Oh yeah!
Victoria’s Secret Online shopping is so much better then shopping in the stores! Especially when shipping is FREE! Today I went to my local Victoria’s Secret store and I was so bummed out when I found out they were out of my size in the underwear I wanted, especially cause there’s was a wonderful deal on undies! So thinking if I get online they might be out of my size too. But I gave it a shot. And behold. I was able to get the undies in the size I need plus more, cute pajamas and a some cute bras! I punched in my offer codes and was able to save money by buying more! So worth it! But now in order to get my free shipping I just have to wait a little longer for my items to arrive but totally worth it!
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4 months ago, wersiw18
Bad app experience
I really don’t like the current version of the app. If I go to the list / review of the products, then click on something to view and then try to go back to the list it’s almost impossible. Anywhere I click, any arrow or swipe takes me to the home page with all products categories. It is so frustrating after 5th time I gave up trying to view to the full offer of what the products. It’s baffling that they struggle with software so much after major meltdown they had couple of months ago with payment and connect to the bank functionality that made me call them repeatedly for unjustified late fees after I followed whatever message they had posted saying something as to “we are working hard to resolve the issue, hang tight” rather than “please go to the bank’s website directly to make a payment”.
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6 years ago, andiliion
Fix your app
I've been using the app for a while now and it definitely needs some updates. For one it always seems to conveniently stop working when there is a decent sale. There was a flash sale for a few hours a while ago and the app won't even load up/ or I just can't check out. This has happened a few times and I’ve just had to get on the actual website to purchase anything. The app is very laggy when it comes to loading screens and looking at multiple items. It also gives me a message saying 'this page is unavailable' when I go to look at my orders. The most basic of apps should be able to show you your own orders... I also agree with some of the other reviewers, if I'm spending the money let me use all my available offer codes / coupons. Limit of three is kind of cheap.
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2 months ago, .tiff.tiff.
missing out on sales
This is the most frustrating app for such a huge brand. I’ve been trying to adjust my cart and check out for weeks. As sales change and new items launch, here I am.. Ol Faithful, still trying to BUY from you all to no avail. I’ll give up and come back but have missed great sales behind how awful the app is and awesome rewards including my bday reward bc it’s just too glitchy. From paying my bill to trying to ADD more stuff to my cart, deleting things out.. literally anything is the most time consuming, annoying thing ever. Lovely products but this is years of the same stuff so it’s confusing as to what’s being updated. I guess VS makes so much money, who cares that they’ve missed several opportunities to get more of my money, right? 🙄 Seriously about to head to SxF to see what they have to offer..
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5 months ago, aswan89
Login Issues Always
Unable to login with my current password! I have had soo many issues within the last year resetting my password multiple times whenever this app decides not to take it. For this reason, I have kept my most recent reset password close. The app is always glitchy and kicking me out. For example, I’m logged in to view most things UNTIL I want to check out, then I am no longer able to be logged in, and the app then insists I log in! Again! While I’m logged in already! It keeps telling me the password is wrong but it isn’t. I don’t have these issues with any other apps. More password changes than I’ve had in my entire life with this one app. And yes, my phone and software are updated, the app is the janky piece! Such a headache every time I want to shop or pay a bill. Such a waste of time!
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2 years ago, H2o fangirl #1
I got my Victoria’s Secret gift card literally yesterday Christmas Day I downloaded the app redeemed it to the app added some things to my cart, the card said it was applied to my cart and I had a balance left so I added my credit card to finish off the balance tried checking out it said the gift card couldn’t be processed, so I tried removing it from my cart and it said if I remove it it won’t be in my gift cards anymore so I left it on there I tried calling customer service but it was like 1 am so it was closed this morning I woke up and there’s no more gift card, BUT I DIDNT EVEN USE IT, I tried calling customer service multiple times they said they couldn’t do anything I called the gift card number and it keeps hanging up on me because I “have no balance”, I’m sorry I’m being annoying but there’s no way $100 just disappears and no one can help me
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6 years ago, bexthoughts
Good But Needs a Few Tweaks
Positives: Easy to search for and find items. Excellent photos and descriptions of goods. This is especially true of the colors of cosmetics. Checkout is done well, with enough steps to ensure one is given every opportunity to make desired changes, but not so many that it feels burdensome. Negatives: A bit cumbersome and not as user-friendly as I’d like an app to be. I find the print to be clustered and arranged in an odd manner, so I am often searching for things (i.e. description and ratings) that should be more easily accessible. This is especially true of the price, which I have to hunt for more often than I’d like. I think the the use of bold text and larger font would make it easier to maneuver within the app.
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4 years ago, sagittarius42
Always A Satisfied Customer
This my 2nd Time order online from VS & I love it, I ordered some things on 2/26 & got them this morning 2/29. I love VS products, I have lotions, the mist, bags, bras & panties. And oh yeah you must hit up the clearance sale like I did , I saved myself over $100 😁, what woman wouldn’t like that. My young daughter love wearing my stuff so I order her 2 mini lotion & mist sets & she was so excited to have her own🙂. My favorites are the Heavenly lotion & Mist, Bombshell Seduction lotion & mist , Velvet Petals Lotion & Mist, Pure Addiction Lotion & Mist & So much more. Ordering from my iPhone or iPad works wonders for this loyal VS shopper, Happy Customer here always🥰
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1 year ago, Daisy and Violet12345678910
Reward offers
I don’t like that I have to key in my information every time I use the app. That’s the purpose of an app to make more convienant. To make a payment I have to enter my credit card number every time now. I don’t like that you limit how many codes I can use. You send me rewards but I can’t use at the same time.. it’s a way for you to drum up More buisness. To get your customers to spend more money .And I don’t like the fact you don’t have facial recognition. I’ve bought only VS perfume for more than 40 years have spent several thousands of dollars on bras and panties lingerie with your company and you limit how many offers I can get.. inhave 5 offered but I can only use 2.. and as a gold members we should always get free shipping. So I have loved the app before. It this past year it has become to frustration and takes up too much of my time.
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5 years ago, Okay I umm whooa
vs is a very bad app let alone store let alone company. there is no diversity. every single model is at least a size 0 and a double d. i don’t think there are any B’s let alone A’s. yes there are my people (african americans) but sis, there are no darker versions, there are no asians, Latinas, there are no plus sizes, no short people. and you don’t even let my girl rock her natural hair style. further more, Victoria’s Secret is SO transphobic. you are entitled to you own decisions, but sis. my mom said if you do t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. maybe you should let some transgender people be models. last time i checked, they were still humans. I have some things by VS but i did not buy them. they were given to me for my 14th. i’m going to make sure I do not get any VS merchandise for my 15th because i don’t support people who don’t support all or at least include everyone all off race, religion, size, and gender.
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2 months ago, Xtnarusso
App is so buggy and slow
I love love love VS and Pink and have nothing bad to say about the products or prices and they always have great deals/coupons- however I cannot get over how bad the app is. It will randomly close on its own, doesn’t respond to swapping from one product to the next or going from the VS products vs Pink, back button never works, is slow loading and it’s stupidly inconvenient and glitchy when trying to make payments if you are a VS card holder (twice my bill was paid late because the app wasn’t working properly). It genuinely surprises me every time I use the app at how slow and bad it is considering the money I’m assuming the company has. With all that said, I still use the app and purchase stuff all the time, it just shouldn’t be that hard or complicated.
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4 years ago, thescumoftheearth
Needs bug fixes
Everytime I try to check my delivery status in VS app and the PINK app it kicks me back out. Probably to hide the fact that I’m missing several items but cannot see everything I am missing due to this problem. I placed an order MAY 30 and have not received two or more of my items (it shows a few of the items but if I click on the whole order it backs out) it is now JULY 16 and I have not received any type of information on that order (says it was backordered on JUNE 24 but I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation.) I have been shopping with VS since I was a preteen and have spent OVER $1000 there just this year but I don’t think I’ll be shopping with them anymore considering this has happened with two orders I’ve placed AFTER the no show order I mentioned above. Pathetic app and horrible service!!!
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4 years ago, Miss Duncan
I loved Victoria’s Secret
When I first got married we didn’t have much money. I looked forward to my gift card I got every year for Victoria’s Secret. It was the highlight of my year. I can afford it easier these days but I am sorely disappointed in the quality of the products. Somewhere you guys have lost your way. I would keep the same 10 pair of panties and they’d fit great, did not ride, and lasted for years. Not they do the opposite. It is ridiculous really. Please. Go back to the Way they were before. My bras would last forever. It was so nice. No they are tight, the material is rough, and they cost twice as much. Customer service is lacking as well. The people at the stores are not friendly or helpful. They act Like they are better than you are. Just awful all the way around.
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11 months ago, ClaraNormand
Customer Service Representative Noemi is a LIAR
I was trying to do an exchange and to do so i had to talk to a representative. While talking to them i was able to get what i wanted exchanged but found out that they put the wrong address. I called asap to get the address changed but was told they can’t, but can reship only a few items from my order bc the other items were out of stock. After she reordered and gave me a refund for the other items. I looked and seen they were resending the items with the wrong address back to the warehouse or whatever. So i contacted them again asking if i can just get said items routed back to me. She said she can reorder ALL the items in my original order, low and behold i only received a few items that the first lady ordered for me.
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8 months ago, MizzMandy
App will NOT load
I have deleted the app, and reinstalled it. The reason for my deleting the app was because some of the pink beauty items would not load when I selected them actually, all of them wouldn’t load. When I would select an item such as a body spray or lotion, I would get an error, saving that it could not load my selection. Now that I have reinstalled the app, I can’t even login. I get a message saying oops something went wrong. Please try again later and this has been happening for at least three or four days and it’s very very frustrating because I have rewards that I want to use and I don’t want to miss out on the offers. By the way, the website will not load the items mentioned above as well. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Ny🤷🏽‍♀️
Love List gone???
I only give it 4 stars become of this issue...So I recently I just logged back in my account and as I was shopping I noticed that the love list icon was Missing and I assumed maybe it was just missing on my phone specifically so I went on my iPod because that was the last time I actually logged in And when I pulled it up I was logged in and I saw that it said the app needs to be updated becuz my ipod was dead and i hadnt been on the app with my ipod..only my phone which was only today.. so i declined the update and I noticed the love list was on my screen so I’m wondering if I update the app on my iPod will my love list icon disappear???
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6 years ago, Vacherona
I went to specifically look for a red sweater for Christmas and found one with rave reviews. Also, on the off chance, they might offer one I looked for black cross-body purses. It had become necessary to replace my current severely worn out bag. Not only did they have it, but their style can also be worn in two (2) different ways. Which offers versatility my current bag did not. Both items are in stock and I should receive them by the end of the week. Thus, I am extremely pleased that I checked out their app today. I have been a customer since the stores initially opened and even now that I am over age 60 I still find stylish clothes and of course the same quality in lingerie that I have come to depend on for over 40 years! Thank you for your overall consistency in-store, online and through your Comenity Bank partnership. I value all the services you offer so graciously. With My Best Regards, Annemarie V. H.
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1 year ago, 007shawn
VS Card errors
I always have problems with my VS card on the app. My husband and I can both enter it multiple times, it keeps showing an error and tells me to try again or use a different form of payment. This happens every time I place an order. We have to enter the card info 5 or 6 times before it accepts it and yes we make sure that the numbers are correct. It’s very annoying and makes shopping on the Victoria secret app frustrating and takes much longer than it should. Also the pages will randomly go blank and you have to switch to another part of the app and then back to the page you were on so it refreshes. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Vicki N
Can’t shop anymore
I am very saddened that I can no longer use your app bc it requires iOS 13.0 or newer. My iPhone 6 is the most up to date with iOS 12.5 and therefore I can’t do anything on your app bc I can’t open it due to it prompting me to update the app and then I can’t update the app. I have a VS CC which I use a LOT shopping through the app. My 2 daughters were very upset they didn’t get the usual gifts they get every year at Christmas from VS and this was bc I couldn’t shop on my app like I usually do. I haven’t been going in to stores to shop with the virus going on so I am very saddened by your decision to require a certain iOS to use your app. I hope you rethink this decision before more customers are lost by not being able to shop anymore like I am.
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6 years ago, Mom Squaw
Love this app it’s a must have for the holidays. It keeps you up to date on the latest offers. It’s also easy to combine the coupons you receive in your mailers or while shopping in store. The app offers anything one might miss in the smaller stores found in small malls. In my experience the size guide is on point. Over all fully satisfied. The only improvement could be made in the search bar. There aren’t any related suggestions underneath- so you either spell the item correctly or scroll through dozens of related items.
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3 years ago, Milashkamila
App just doesn’t work
I’m getting really mad, I wish I never updated VS app. It’s not working as it used to work. It’s not recognizing my account, password, vs credit card, what is going on?? I tried to uninstall, and install again, no luck. I tried to change password, no luck. It it getting anointing. On top of everything I got my online order( paid by different credit card) all messed up. They sent me wrong items, man, it’s just getting worse. Consider to uninstall for good!
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3 months ago, littleloveprint
Sent to the wrong address and won’t replace or refund
Placed an order and it was delivered to the wrong address. I contacted the shipping carrier per VS, and they told me VS provided them with two addresses. Why? I call VS, they say they can’t replace my order, and it was my fault. There’s literally no option for me to provide two shipping addresses, and I only have one residence. So, I’m out a couple hundred dollars because you made a mistake? If I wouldn’t have to spend more on legal fees than what this order cost me, I would sue. This is illegal and fraudulent, and I want to know who in the back office decided they would have my order shipped to their home instead of to the paying customer. Horrendous! I hope you get sued by someone with deep pockets and go out of business.
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2 years ago, GeminiNYC80
Decent App, Poor Access to paying your VS card.
The app is decent. It does the basic functions needed to operate. There many things that could help improve its user experience. However, my main issue is having access to paying my VS credit card balances. I keep trying to make a payment but for some reason the app brings up a blank screen. I’ve tried all manners of troubleshooting and nothing. You want us to go paperless, but if basic issues like these persist, then the app is next useless. Basic functions alone won’t cut it. I’d at least like to be able to pay my balance off by having actual access and no constant glitches.
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3 years ago, KELLYDoe1234
Never get what I actually order
I ordered 7 pairs of panties and only 3 of them were the ones that I actually ordered. They sent me two of the same pair of something I didn’t even order and two random ones that I never even looked at. Then I called to try and get the ones that I actually ordered and they told me I’d have to pay to return the ones that were wrong and pay for the new ones that I wanted. Every time I order from Victoria’s Secret I never get what I paid for. Absolutely ridiculous. I also recently bought socks from pink and they came the size of clown shoes. I tried going to the pink app to see my order history and it doesn’t even show I ordered them. If I could give them negative stars I would :)
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1 year ago, Rabest
Horrible horrible app
This has got to be the absolute WORST app I’ve ever used. The year is now 2023, there is NO EXCUSE for having such a digitally dysfunctional experience. Searching for items is not straightforward ……after filling your cart , selecting one of the super tiny pictures to be SURE it’s what you want brings you to a picture of a totally different product. Not very reassuring. After MUCH frustration it became apparent that when selecting that one item to check , the app was simply bringing us to the beginning of the entire list that eventually would contain the image I was looking for. WHO thought that was a good idea?!? Spank them and hire a real website designer please. The poor design of this app is definitely costing you sales….
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2 years ago, Lynch11k
App is not up to todays standards
The app is horrible to use. You can view your cart but you can’t make updates or see what you have in there clearly. The items do not merge together to show the quantity you have of multiple items. I will be scrolling through my cart and all of the sudden it just refreshes and moves items around. The app is also just a portal that takes you to their webpage. I think they need to work on having their app more shopper friendly and not just a link to their online site that I can go to through google. I’ve used other apps, like ulta, American eagle, and old navy that have greater user friendly apps for when you are shopping on your mobile device.
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6 years ago, Soul-in GoldenAge
Did all Christmas shopping for the Ladies in my family and my friends. Plus, of course, I had to be Santa for myself 😁, and it took maybe an hour. The offers apply at checkout with a tap, all my information is loaded and CLICK. I’m kicking back stress free. This App has been great for me for years and there’s no running out of what you want, especially the Totes the store never has after the first hour. I get all the deals and points etc as you do in the store with no headaches. I love it!
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1 year ago, MovieEnthusiast92797
Severe Decline in App Quality
I’ve been using this app for around 10 years and it just keeps getting worse. I can no longer pay my VS card by logging into my account through the app. It takes me to a web browser which what’s the point of having the option to login through the app if it’s going to direct me elsewhere anyway and I now have to memorize my login info. I also am no longer able to see my ordering history even though I just placed an order last month. It’s saying I have no order history in the last 13 months and couldn’t even find my order number. This is making the shopping online experience tedious and more trouble than it’s worth.
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7 years ago, AMAZINGappLUVIT!!
What Happened?!
As a Forever Angel cardholder I am on this app at least 3 times a day!! But for the past few days I haven’t been able to get on :( Just a black screen then it kicks off. I’ve tried just going on the website but I can’t check my points or my card balance, I can’t even make a payment online! Hopefully, this issue gets resolved soon. And maybe by some miracle we can use more than 3 Offers at a time!! Lately, this app has been super slow and glitchy and just difficult to navigate overall. So I haven’t even really purchased anything. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise - more money in my pocket!!
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5 months ago, as305809
No way to leave feedback
The app is generally pretty good but this 11.1 update breaks gestures and generally the best part of VS shopping experience (the app). I cannot swipe left to right without going back a whole page (the app never had page swipe gestures) when viewing product images. Devs must exclude image navigation gestures from page navigation gestures for this to work right; did they even bother using the app after making this change?? This just breaks the shopping experience on the app at the moment.
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9 months ago, Skelebear
Comenity bank is awful
Ever since Victoria’s Secret app has switched banks… it just is so…. For lack of a better term , crappy. It looks really unprofessional and sloppy. I’ve honestly stopped shopping Victoria’s Secret as much since the switch because it’s just so annoying to sign in and deal with the horrendous app. I wish they would switch back to the previous bank/look/integrated credit card system. The new look at the app is also tacky and unprofessional looking. Not easy to navigate. Very annoying. I don’t like not having a menu bar at the top left or right that I can pull down and shop category that way. Having to scroll through one obnoxious page of cluster is very cumbersome.
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12 months ago, Alexandrea813
App Glitchss
For the pst few days I have been trying to place an order for items, but any time I select a product it shows it as unavailable. Specifically “It looks like something went wrong there was an issue loading this product” I tried to reach out for support but there is not an option for something like this so it has been very unhelpful. I would prefer to use the app due to certain “app exclusive” offers but the past week it has not been possible. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling hoping it would help, but to no avail. VS is a billion dollar company and for the app to glitch as much as it does is upsetting. Hoping this can be fixed soon.
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5 years ago, Sexprilla
Not easy to login
Trying to login to the app and had to reset my passcode four time. All links showed as “expired” links. This then locked my account and I was not able to reset my passcode. I Had to contact online customer support. The link they sent me also showed as an “expired” link. I’m gonna They suggested I do either: 1.sign in as a guest or 2. have me delete my whole account. I had them delete my whole account and I could just created a new one and started over. This was very frustrating and annoying. I know the passcode I was putting in was correct and it had to be error technically.
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7 years ago, driafrazier
It’s great but...
The app is amazing the only thing I’m really concerned about is will there ever be a time when we can use more than three offers? Like at least four or five offers would be nice there’s a lot of great offers you have plus those rewards we earn makes it a little harder to pick which ones we’d like to use so being able to have at least four or five offers would be very beneficial!! Thank you again and I love your items❤️🙌🏾
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2 years ago, ewwiee
Not only the app itself
When your scrolling and find something you like, tap on it, and tap back, it takes you back to the top, and there is no ‘like’ button. also why doesnt VS have a rewards??? people spend a lot of $$ with you all VS, its at least an easy way for people to track what they buy. and even a free gift every now and then WITHOUT having to make a purchase would be nice. Comparing this company to others, i think you all would have even better business then you do now if you made a rewards program.
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