Vinted: Sell vintage clothes

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Vinted Limited
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2 weeks ago
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14.3 or later
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User Reviews for Vinted: Sell vintage clothes

4.79 out of 5
24.1K Ratings
2 years ago, pranceswithfoxes
RUN AS FAST AS YOU can away!!
I have used this app for over a year. I have a Uk bank. I have a Uk phone number. I have Uk address. Yet some how they have decided to not accept visa even though they have it not stated anywhere. I find it interesting once I made £88 an try to withdraw it to my account and that doesn’t work. So I figured fine I will just use my balance of £88 to buy family stuff. They no longer took my card. I had wasted of the course of several days talking to several different “people” one even suggested to check my bank. Then one finally said oh “we stopped accepting visa.” Do not waste your time or do. I mean if that sounds like a fun time. I had made an Apple Pay account, a PayPal account. I even went so far as sending a picture of my passport to show who I was and I passed their “background check.” Guys run listen to the reviews I wasted a year of my life on this site. If you don’t want to waste hours of your life selling stuff. I even had a highly rated profile based on y sales. How much more can I say. At this point this is cathartic for me to rant about how much I loath this company. What’s worse is I had even expressed to coworkers how much I was selling and loved . So again I say run, don’t waste your time, money resources, stress and entire year I will never get back. By the way. They can keep the money at this point because there is no way of getting back it’s the principle at this point.
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2 years ago, Hdudhendkduwgwbw
Bad service
I have been selling on here for months with no problem and then all of a sudden they started removing my bumped items. At first it was for it being ‘dangerous’ and so I tried to contact the app and got no luck. Then it was a “copyright violation” they said that I got my image from the internet instead of taking it myself. I contacted them because I did take it myself and instead of helping they told me if they have to keep deleting my items that they will block my account. After that I contemplated switching apps but decided to give Vinted another chance. I spotlighted my closet to give it a try since my sells were going down. The next day I get a message saying that I was selling with the intent of making a steady income. I tried contacting them and got the same message as before. I’m starting to think that they are just taking my money at this point. Anyways I am really disappointed in the way vinted handled the situation and after ready many reviews I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one.
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2 years ago, beckydeeee
Poor customer support
There are a number of aspects of Vinted that I like on the selling side, but unfortunately customer support leaves a lot to be desired. I am unable to spotlight my closet or bump my items because it keeps saying my credit card is not authorized. There is enough money in the account and it has been entered correctly. I have been having this issue for weeks and have contacted Vinted several times but it has not been resolved. The last person I spoke to told me to verify my identity by uploading an ID to a link they sent me, but there was no where to upload the ID. When I explained this, they said “just follow the process on the website” even though there was no process. They then resolved the ticket even though the issue was not resolved. It’s strange that they are making it so difficult for me to essentially purchase a product from them. I was able to bump a couple of items the first week I had my account, but then this started happening and like I said, I’ve tried numerous times in the past month to get it resolved to no avail. They are quick to flag an item if your photo doesn’t satisfy the algorithm yet they aren’t there to help with technical issues. With Depop (one of their competitors), customer service can be tricky to reach but at least they respond to Facebook messages. I thought it was bad when Depop took a week to fix a problem I was having, but Vinted has taken a month.
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4 months ago, power moves ic
Lack of communication
The lack of user support is horrible. All you get is automated messages and then you are ignored. Their artificial intelligence mistakes items for something they are not, such as a candle holder. You get a message in regards to your listening being deleted and prohibited, they send u a list of items that are ok to sell and it will list candle holder as an ok item. You appeal the decision and get yet another automatic response with a persons name on the bottom stating it’s a prohibited item. Totally disregarding the fact it’s a picture of candle holders, u state it’s a candle holder and then they call u a liar and delete it. The id verification is a scam. They ask you to up load your drivers license, they verify it with a confirmation message stating it’s successful . Then two weeks later they send you a message banding your ability to withdraw your money from your wallet due to not verifying your identity. You message them and they send you automatic reply stating you didn’t verify your identity correctly. If that’s the case then why send a confirmation message saying it’s successful. To me it seems like they are scamming people and selling the personal information on the black market if they are continuing to ask for your id and social security number. I used to love this app. Now I’m going to contact lifelock and make sure they aren’t stealing my identity. I suggest anyone else being told to constantly re-verify their identity do the same.
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1 year ago, viv4248
Terrible customer service
I’ve lost so much money to vinted. I had a seller suspend their order because they sent me the wrong item. We tried to resolve the issue ourselves as she was trying to get my item back from the other girl she accidentally shipped it to(which go out surprise that girl decided to not ship it back. Love that for us) and I had already shipped back the wrong item that was sent to me. It’s be approximately 20 days and nothing has been resolved and vinted immediately released those funds to the seller without the issue having been resolved. When I asked for help about my money that I just lost they told me it was basically my fault for not clicking the “everything is not okay button” within the two day period. The reason why I didn’t is because the seller had already suspended the order and there wasn’t a BUTTON TO PRESS. The seller wants to refund me the full amount but vinted refused. They’re customer service is terrible. They give attitude and on top of all this they also keep deleting my posts saying it’s not allowed and I’m using pictures from outside sources. Which I’m not at all. It’s my bedroom floor. It’s annoying how this has not happened one. Not twice. But minimum 7 times. I wish there was a help center we could complain to because that’s how frustrated this app makes me. And this is the only review I have ever written for an app
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11 months ago, EmoKid1102
please beware of monster high skullector resellers
so I made the mistake of buying an elvira skullector doll for $80 since that’s the cheapest I could find her secondhand atm, but that should’ve been a red flag- but I was too hopeful to see it. i thought I was actually going to receive it because I know people purposely price cheaper on here than other resale sites. man was I wrong. first my package was returned to the seller due to “addressee not being found” even though I used my correct address that I’ve used for many orders. I then asked the seller to relist because I believed it was an error on the post office’s side, but they we’re probably trying to protect me. when they relisted and shipped, what I got was not elvira, but some stupid halfway opens box with c0vid protectors!!!!! wish usps would’ve resent again. now the seller is unresponsive and I can’t get my refund unless I PAY for the reshipment! It’s not my fault this seller scammed me and why should I have to pay more money for their evil. they would be charged the return label or vinted should give me one. so much for the buyer protection fee if it doesn’t protect the buyer from scams. beware the seller laikjaok5188 and don’t buy from any other my reseller if they have no reviews. also vinted please update policies on buyer protection and help side with buyers so we don’t waste our hard earned money. I won’t change my review until it’s solved.
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1 year ago, caffeinenymph
If I could give this god awful app 0 stars I would in a heartbeat. I was so excited to use this app in order to clean the clothing clutter out of my room in a fast and efficient way while getting money back with no seller fees. Everything was going great until they decided to BLOCK me PERMANENTLY for selling an item I made an innocent mistake of listing as a “jaded London inspired” Ali express dress. I honestly had no idea that they would do this because every other clothing resale platform doesn’t seem to have issues with people noting knockoff or cheaper items as similar to brand name pieces. When I tried to reach out to customer services apologizing for my innocent mistake and that I would never make it again, they simply said they could not unblock me because the app is primarily run by AI and non human servers, so it’s not reversible unless the item is recognized as “authentic” by a LITERAL NON-SENTIENT ROBOT. I cannot log in without a phone number, and they have been obviously now been programmed to automatically block any account making or login attempts with my phone number, and obviously I can’t make an entire new phone number just to make a whole new Vinted account. Don’t bother even trying this app. You’ll most likely just be extremely disappointed and frustrated in the end :) thank you for coming to my Ted talk
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2 years ago, Pupdino
Deleting the app
The one positive thing I can say about this app is I do actually like that the fees are paid for by the buyer and not the seller, which to me makes the most logical sense. So my one star can be attributed to that. However, after a month of buying items on vinted suddenly my card is not being accepted. I’ve deleted and tried to reauthorize, tried a completely different card, still nothing. Mind you, I have a vinted balance from selling so the card shouldn’t even be a factor. Anyways, I reach out to customer service and two days later as expected I’m just met with perfunctory responses and platitudes that do not relate to my issue in any sense. I understand if there’s glitches, no app is perfect however none of this makes sense to me why I’m suddenly unable to buy items on this app, with no resolution. I’ve read other people having this same issue with no response from customer service as well. I’ve withdrawn my funds and as soon as it hits (which I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t because this is some sort of scam) I will be deleting this app. If you do decide to download this, do yourself a favor and go to your cookie settings on the app and turn of all unnecessary cookies so your private information (i.e precise geolocation data) is not sold to thousands of companies.
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12 months ago, Maggsivith
Terribly coded and frustrating app
I’ve had more problems with this app than any app I’ve ever used. More so than any clothing app for sure. The app is terribly coded, the keyboard cursor randomly jumps to different lines when trying to type listings, notifications remain for hours when you’ve already clicked on them, automated support issues are frequent and incredibly hard to work with, contacting support is near impossible and always unhelpful. They withhold money from the seller inconsistently and withhold shipping labels making it extremely hard to comply with their shipping policy. Their automated “authenticity checks” take hours instead of minutes like the app claims. Their copyright policies are the worst. I can’t upload pictures with backgrounds removed or they get taken down DESPITE ALL THE PHOTOS BEING ORIGINAL PICTURES TAKEN BY MYSELF!! I’ve tried to explain to support I do this for my own comfort and safety and they gleefully told me it didn’t matter, they would to continue to take down my listings, and tell me I would be banned. You will frequently be cited for copyrighting yourself and threatened with being banned on the regular. Support is determined to make the seller’s job as difficult as possible. This app is not beginner friendly and not for anyone looking for little to no hassle.
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2 years ago, vt4610
Discriminatory practices?
EDIT: I now have learned that this wasn’t a bug. They are being discriminatory and giving random people higher or lower rates. So many people are deleting their accounts, and that’s just the people who post about it in the forum. Then another response from someone else is that all the prices will change to be the most expensive. I understand about fluctuating USPS prices, but this is ridiculous. I ship through USPS often because of my small business. Up to 1 pound, first class, should never be over $6. There are no seller fees, but it’s being made up in overpriced shipping. No one is going to buy a used item for $1-$5 if they have to pay $6 for shipping. Which means items over one pound, like a bundle, will be $9 and a large bundle would be $11. I’d rather have the seller fee and lower shipping rates. Original post: Some people see shipping rates as .99 and some people see 2.49, 3.99, and even over $6 for the same item. It’s not consistent, and they don’t even know about this glitch even when people tried to reach out via feedback. The app has other bugs too and it’s almost not worth selling for a couple dollars and deal with this app. It was much better in 2013, when there was a 10% fee. Less bugs. More buyers.
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1 year ago, Desiree Ciara
New glitch
Hey! I’ve used this app for literally 9 years. However, the past couple of days while scrolling for items; the app pretty much pops me back to the top of my options when it’s trying to load the rest of the products available. Therefore I can’t really look for anything right now. Beyond this temporary hiccup - here’s my raving review! 🫶🏼 I think Vinted IS the best thrifting app out there! Most everyone is kind, fast to respond, everything is always at an amazing price, and transactions are consistently smooth! This thrift app somehow feels like a community and I absolutely adore! I tell all my friends to download! You should too! Use your keywords wisely and you will find some stunning statement pieces! Find timeless, quality fits to add to any wardrobe! For men, women, kids, home & pets! So much to discover! Thank you to the creators and those that manage this app! Y’all are the real MVP’s! 🗣🎉🍾🪩
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2 years ago, eddgyg
Unable to see my account postings
I have been on Vinted for I would guess around five possibly six years and have loved it but for the past few days for some reason, I cannot see my closet any of the clothes in my closet I can’t adjust prices I can’t see what I’m posting I get messages etc. etc. however after going through many automated messages telling me what to try to look for to fix I had done all that and it wasn’t any of those problems. I check the iOS my phone has been updated. I checked chrome Safari everything signed everything’s fine. Apparently it’s just a glitch when I finally got to talk to a person which was probably 10 contact us messages later, which has been quite frustrating, and I do really well on the sides however, the past two days I am unable to do anything have this problem fixed I’ve done everything on my end and it’s not on my end and I have that verified from a person from Vinted that it is not with my phone so please help me because if I can’t see my closet in accounts and work with it and communicate with buyers and other Venti‘s soon I would just hate to leave and it’s coming to that
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2 years ago, Keys1986!
Long term user…But lots of BUTS!
So I’ve been using this app for over 7 years, first resell app I’ve sold from. I love that they don’t take out anything from your sales, decent shipping prices, let you add as many hashtags as you want and create/reserve bundles. What I absolutely hate about this app is that at any given time if they feel that you “violated” any of their terms they’ll just delete your post, so many times I’ve uploaded an item (beauty specifically they tend to do this the most on) and they’ll just delete it even though the item isn’t opened or swatched and then you end up seeing someone post the same exact item with same descriptions but their post won’t get deleted. I also had a time where a Coach wristlet was deleted just because they thought it was imitation when it was authentic. Contacting support when they do this is pointless because once they delete your item you can’t create a help ticket about it to even state your case on the matter. I really enjoyed this app for many years but I’ve had much more success selling on Mercari.
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3 years ago, jjs2341
Asks for social security number!
First, I have sold with Vinted for over a year. Initially loved the app as there are no selling fees and transactions are completed quickly. However, they randomly decided to move to a new app. Now all my old sales and messages are gone. A few days ago, I made my first sale on the new app and it will not let me print out my shipping label unless I provide my social security number. I am not giving out my ss for $7 sale. I have sold on Mercari, poshmark, depop, and eBay for years now and have never once been asked for my social security. I do not trust Vinted security and I am certain in no time they will have a data breach where people’s social security number will be hacked and sold on the dark web. I attempted to reach out to Vinted customer service but the help form will not submit and keeps saying “denied access” each time I attempt to send a message. Deleting this app and my account. I know they have been ramping up their advertising efforts but they don’t even treat their existing sellers well, have no customer service available or accessible, and are asking for precious data. Please avoid at all cost and try any of the other selling apps available!
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3 years ago, iihatevinted
small businesses are suffering.
my account was deleted after a year of having it. i shared handmade jewelry at affordable prices, not “looking to generate a steady income” as stated in their message. the unprofessionalism that was represented today is disturbing. this app does not support small businesses whatsoever, does not support people who have hobbies, and is only looking to generate money for themselves. you should be thankful to have users of this despicable app, who PAY to have their listings seen. within an hour of switching to this, “new app”, my account and every listing was deleted. I was excited to see such an affordable shipping option presented. but this app has no care or concern for its users, both buying and selling. with the outdated, overpriced clothes for sale on this app, you should be thankful that small businesses and people who share their hobbies with people even listed any items in the first place. the algorithm doesn’t exist, if you pay, your listings MAY get a few views. it is heartbreaking to have had this app for so long, while just now having my account be deleted. i am appalled that this app is striving for the death of small businesses.
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2 years ago, Hunteretddghgfd
Do better.
I am very disappointed with customer support. A member of the community just had everything on her account removed for possible “Commercial Activity.” Which is absolutely ridiculous. She is a popular member with 640 reviews rated 5 stars. (@fun78fiesty) The first thing that is wrong with your decision is that you have 0 proof that she actually committed this “Commercial Activity” how could you even possibly prove this? And secondly, even if she was, you should be thanking her for bringing so much money through the app. I personally know that people on the app do buy with the intent to resell and that is 100% their decision. They should not be penalized for making you money. I know that Vinted Week has been happening for years. So I’m not sure as to why the thread for this month was removed. Care to explain? You should be thanking each and every one of us in the community for creating the same sales that keep your app running. I honestly am so upset with customer support that not only members of the community has received, but also me personally. Part of me wants to just delete the app completely and go to a different one. Do better.
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2 years ago, Valwong
Crooked scam artists
I have used this app for many years. It was much simpler when there weren’t any fees. Now as a seller they allow you to keep your entire sale price which is amazing-however… as a buyer you are charged a buyer fee, the fee is sketchy at best and does not offer anything. This app is the worst absolute worst to buy from because if item received is not as described support will not only deny your claim but also close the ticket so you aren’t able to reply to them. I have been spending around $400-$500 a month to buy on here and had a pair of $10 pants that came to me almost torn and after submitting over ten photos the claim was denied and closed. The fee and the app offer no protection as a buyer, I do NOT recommend purchasing on here and seeing as they don’t care about my business I will be searching for another Avenue to spend my money. No support you can’t say I didn’t reach out to support and you can’t say anything because you left a customer in the dust and your greed will be your downfall. Goodbye Vinted I’ve brought you a lot of business including family members but you have burned me for the last time.
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6 months ago, Tabatha Gracie
Thrift vs. Shipping
I really like this site this is really the first time I have used it. Navigating the site is a bit difficult for you not so tech savvy, like me. I love vintage clothes, anything that’s different, it doesn’t have to be designer either. This site does just that! Every seller that I have dealt with has been amazing, helpful and fair. 👍🏼👍🏼 2 thumbs up. However, the shipping system is terrible, extremely expensive. Especially if your ordering 1 maybe 2 items for a special occasion, and have a strict budget. I can only speak for myself, but I realize every single person either seller or buyer has their own interests in mind. I don’t have an issue paying for what I wanted but more often then not shipping cost more than whatever I purchased. I would like to continue using this site but the shipping cost are some thing that needs revamping. That is my only complaint. Other than that my experience has been a positive one. The clothing I bought were more than accurately described and fit beautifully. I have to replace an entire wardrobe due to a fire earlier this year and relocated from NC to Massachusetts! And it’s chilly! This month I spent my entire budget here on this site. And shipping costs were almost 1/2 of what spent. There has to be a better way! Sincerely a pretty happy customer Tabatha
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1 month ago, Any book
Great app if you can get over some annoying parts
As someone based in the US, I believe I have had less issues than those based in other countries. I like the app, it’s easy to navigate once you get the hang of it and it’s VERY cheap (I have no idea what makes everyone on here sell their stuff for <5 but I am not complaining). My suggestions: 1. Please please please give us the ability to filter on individual sellers’ page the same way we can on the standard search. Or at the very least, include a filter for size. “Category” and “Sort by” are helpful but searching through 300+ items that aren’t in my size is very inconvenient. 2. Let us switch our locations. I don’t know why we can’t. International shipping can be a hassle but that’s up for the buyer and seller to risk. The majority of Vinted’s users seem to be based in Europe and I’m not sure how it works over there, but limiting users to just one country is a major hinderance. 3. Bundles are cool, I just wish I could see how much an offer would cost without it being sent out to the seller, because it’s a waste of both of our times. Not expecting much, just thought I’d mention it. Overall, Vinted is really good (at least on the buying end) and I highly recommend it, I just wish it was a tad bit more accommodating. Only Ogs remember when standard shipping was either $3.99 and 6.99 though, I do miss that.
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1 year ago, Foofer11
Vinted profits off fake items!!! AVOID
I received a counterfeit purse from an account that had already been suspended by Vinted for selling fakes. I received two items the same day and accidentally marked the fake one as “received” instead of the first parcel I’d opened. But upon opening the purse seconds later, I realized it was fake and that in fact, VINTED HAD ALREADY SUSPENDED THE SELLER’S ACOUNT. Vinted’s customer service is terrible, you can only contact support via messaging in the app, and you receive mostly automated responses. I have explained the situation countless times and they refuse to even continue the conversation with me, saying simply that the payment has already been released to the seller. Obviously this is not possible because the account was already suspended by Vinted. This means that Vinted is pocketing the $100 I was just ripped off and keeping it for themselves! I keep asking them to amend their refund policy for this type of situation and they won’t even respond! In other words, Vinted is knowingly profiting off the sale of counterfeit items on the app. Completely unethical and counter to all of Vinted’s other policies
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3 years ago, Lyssa773!
Better for a reason they haven’t mentioned
I’ve been wanting the people who are inactive on Vinted to be completely kicked off the app forever, because there’s so many people with the “on vacation” thing they did to inactive members a few years back, but they still clog up the system. Making everyone move over will get rid of all of them. And the new home category is something they’ve been missing forever! The limited time shipping discount is insane. 99 cents for up to 1 pound? That’s awesome. So far I think this is a big improvement and I hope Vinted continues to grow back to what they used to be way back when I started using it in 2014. However, If they ever get rid of the no selling fee, I think I might actually cry lol
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2 years ago, Yo mama is 2362433
-5 would be better
Vinted used to be pretty good,USED to be! I’ve gotten some decent deals as a buyer on here..but they charge a “buyer protection fee”…which is just their way of scamming some money because there’s no buyer protection bc you can’t get ahold of customer service and when you do..chalk it up to you lost your money !! As a seller….forget about the rules and guidelines that they have on their site to protect you in case of lost or damaged mail (even tho it’s out of your hands after you ship)…oh YOU are still responsible! They cancelled my order (as a seller) bc Usps delivered to wrong address,tracking was provided,trips to get printouts from Usps etc..doesn’t matter! They cancelled order and said nothing they can do so I’m out $ AND my items I sold! They tell me to stop contacting about this because I’m congestinf the system !! Really?? Absolute worst by far customer service ,generic responses and not a single rep bothers to read anything you send which I think they do it on purpose so you’ll just say H3LL with it! I will be making my experiences known as much as I can so everyone can see how they are!
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3 years ago, im kinda angry honestly
Removes items for “commercial use” with 0 evidence
Removed hundreds of items from my account and threatened to ban me within 7 days for listing items for “commercial use” despite every single item in my closet being purchased by myself or given to me by close relatives (for free for me to casually resell). I have a large family that likes to shop so of course I have a large amount of listings, but not a single item in my account was purchase with the intent to resell. Their algorithm is terrible and even with the old app the algorithm would randomly pick up and hide my items incorrectly that were not breaking any rules and used my own images and would falsely accuse me of stealing them. Also this app has the lowest traffic of any I sell on so it’s not a major loss if they ban my account, but I seriously can’t believe how terrible this app is run. I would give negative 5 stars if I could, I really don’t have anything positive to say other than it’s nice the seller doesn’t pay the fee but it’s not like it’s a big difference when the buyer is required to forcing you to lower your price anyways.
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2 years ago, where it could be better
Control Freak app
This app used to be awesome when it first came out, but as of right now it passed so many rules that it basically turned itself into a dollar tree app. You can’t post anything of real value on here because if a buyer makes any kind of claim against you they give the money back no questions asked and you have no money and no item. I had several listings taken down because someone reported them as web photos when they were not. I had to jump hoops to get a real response back and then they were put back up, taken down and then put back up again. later on, more were taken down. they claimed I was selling for commercial purposes. apparently they didn’t like my tags . and then I had listings taken down AGAIN because they don’t have size XL in women’s I listed as 1X even when the listing description says XL. it just goes on and on. i’m currently shopping around for another app to sell on. there is very little traffic on here since they scared all the good sellers away. it was once a really cool app- you could find cool sellers with cool stuff. Now it’s a Dollar Tree.
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11 months ago, Allie Kuc
I enjoyed this app for about 4 months. Was easy to use and liked that they didn’t take a percentage of sales out like every other site. And shipping prices were the best I had seen which made it seem like it’d be a very popular app. Personally haven’t had any problems ordering items or selling and getting my money. Then out of nowhere the prices for shipping basically DOUBLED without warning or given reason. It was sneaky and not noticed at first since nothing was said about it. Makes it completely undesirable for me now as most of my items were listed at $5 or less, and every shipping option costs more than that. Small items shipping went from $3.99 to $6.92. And medium is now nearly $13, JUST TO SHIP. That doesn’t include any envelopes, boxes, tape or other packaging materials you have to buy. Nobody is going to want to buy a $3 shirt and pay nearly $7 just to receive it. Price gouging the heck out of customers AND sellers. Super disappointed in the time and effort spent listing items etc since I’ll likely be switching to something else 🙁
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1 year ago, ToniHernandez
Needs a better algorithm
I started on this app at the start of March 2022 and already made some great money! Sending an offer to each like had really helped boost sales. I managed to get a lot of traction when I posted a lot at once but when that died down I got close to no traction on my items. The whole thing of having to PAY to “bump” your items is crazy. They should just have a refresh button like on Depop etc or share your items like Poshmark. Also I can never post my coach bag that’s authentic bc they’ve taken it down every time like what more is needed??? And they should make bundles and offers be paid/sold right after accepting the offer. It’s annoying to have notifications about bundles and literally only one has ever wanted to actually buy. And even when I go a list a bunch a once I get nothing sold. It’s like the app was only golden for the first month and that was it.
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2 years ago, Gatsby2016
Don’t use this app. I have lost two sales on this app and two is enough not to use it anymore. 1st sale was lost because the app never emailed me the shipping label and they said to cancel the order and re upload it and have the buyer buy it again. How does that make sense? Why can’t they just send me a brand new shipping label like other apps do? Of course the buyer didn’t buy it again because they thought it was my problem, but it was the app problem. Second sale was lost because they email the label, but when I printed the label it only printed half it. I know it wasn’t my printers/computer problem because I sell on other apps and I printed their labels throughout the day and when it came to print out his app label it came out bad. I told them and they emailed me another the label in a different way and when i tried printing it again it didn’t work and then they blamed me for it. This app is just a waste of time. The support messenger in the app has nothing but 1 stars reviews, so don’t bother using this app they’ll mess up your orders in all types of way.
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2 years ago, ;4;5
Very bad app and concept
The app and their concept is so bad that I deleted the app and don’t plan to come back ever again. There are so many things done in a wrong way on this platform that I would need a book to write it all. Comparing to the competition I couldn’t find one thing done better here. True, they don’t take the selling fee, but what they can take, when the only thing they sell on the platform are things worth $1 or max $4!? Every time you try to post NEW things with the tags the system will tell you that similar things sold on this platform were $1!? So if you want to sell things for $1 go ahead, this is your place. What they don’t take from your $1 item, they will take in advance for promoting your closet and the items you want to sell if you decide to promote it. So every item is not treated the same unless you pay upfront and you would pay for something that there is no guarantee that it will be sold!? Who would do that!? So wrong on so many levels! No wonder there are very few people on this platform comparing to the others!
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6 months ago, Lina loves turtles
Worst selling app
I use multiple selling apps to enhance my sales. This app is the worst one of all. Literally the slowest sales. Everyone is super cheap and items I post here are already like $5-10 and even some $2 just to get rid of. The uploading process is not that great. I reallllly dislike the fact that buyers send you an offer and then I accept just to get rid of the item and then I must wait for them to accept my acceptance. That’s so dumb! Like getting your hopes up because they don’t often buy them after offering so why offer on the first place. The only thing I like is that the price that you sell it for is what you will make so it’s easy to see. But right now I finally had a $2.50 sale last night but the label is no where! I’ve emailed support for help this morning, it’s been 10 hours already and they haven’t gotten back. It’s ridiculous. I do not add new items because of the slow sales and cheapskates on here. I’m just waiting to see if I can sell the rest of whatever is on here then delete it. I don’t recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Pokemasterofalltime124
The worst app iv ever used
I sell and buy on a lot of sites this site takes the cake in horrible customer service, uploading items, authentication, everything.. I just uploaded an item that they deleted because I uploaded the certificate of authenticity which you should do but they consider it as a “not a photo that belongs to you” umm ya it does belong to me🙄. Then I try re listing it without the certificate and then they delete it for not being authentic… like how stupid can you get… especially when they have hundreds of obvious fake items they allow to be listed.. another stupid situation, a buyer purchased an item and the shipping label wouldn’t upload customer service told me well if the shipping label won’t load you should cancel the order.. wow what a solution but that explains how awful their customer service & company is.. another situation, I bought a few items and when they arrived they were all ripped, stained and smelled.. the BUYER pays return shipping 😂 trust me save your frustration from using this app! Mercari & curtsey hands down a million times better!
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2 years ago, Creatinine
Vinted doesnt follow its own rules
Im fairly new to the app. My first purchase went great. The second not so well. The problem was when the seller did not ship for 10 days. Based on what i read on the app, after 5 weekdays vinted should have automatically canceled the purchased . (Or i could have canceled and received a automatic negative feedback). But after 10 days of no shipping vinted still didnt cancel the purchase! There was no way to bring it to vinteds attention. They really need to have a way to flag vinted to look into these types of issues. (Other apps such as wish, ebay, etsy etc all have a way to contact customer service when there is an issue…). If your not going to give an easy way to flag there is a problem to customer service and your not going to follow your own listed guidelines… then i likely wont continue to use the app.
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1 year ago, indibini14
Terrible customer service!! I’d leave a negative 10 star review if I could.
My account glitched and logged me out, and I can’t get back in. The app and the website are not allowing me to verify my phone number when I try to login in with my Google account. When I try to use the email login method, it says that the info is wrong. I tried to reset my password, but the link they sent is like some sadistic joke that does literally nothing. I submitted an issue claim through their help center expressing that I couldn’t login and they responded within the platform where I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t login. I reached out to all their service emails and the one reply I got was accusing on me having two accounts and telling me to delete. I do not have two accounts, and even if I did, I can’t get into the platform to delete as they asked. There is no phone number to call either. This problem has persisted for two days now, and I have orders waiting on me that I cannot complete without getting into the app.
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1 year ago, Rachie ❤
One thing I do like about this app is that it’s easy to list things, and that there’s no fees for the seller. However, being a seller, there are some really frustrating aspects of this app. My listings are constantly being flagged and taken down for no reason. One of my listings were taken down because I “copyrighted” my own image that I took? And another one of my listings was hidden because my description was “wrong”, when I wasn’t violating any of their terms at all. But if I keep violating these rules my account is going to be deleted. It’s very frustrating and controlling because although things are easy to list, I’m wondering if it’s going to be taken down every time for some little thing that I haven’t even violated. You also can’t list, for example, a two piece set and then individually list the other items. You can’t have multiple quantities of anything. Super frustrating and disappointing because I keep having to reach out for support with nothing resolved :(.
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2 years ago, BashayBashay
Can’t change my country
For some reason they’ve changed my country to England and my currency to the pound. I’ve tried all their recommendations to rectify this to no avail. The app used to be great, but now it’s pretty crap. Hello. Thanks for sharing your review and we're sorry to hear that your country was changed. Unfortunately it's not possible to change the account country if it has a different currency. You need to create a separate account for that country. We're sorry for the inconveniences! Team Vinted" Thanks for responding, but the response was not helpful. I’ve never lived in England and have never used the pound as currency. To send me an email stating that I live in one country (US) and I’m unable to use the US dollar doesn’t rectify the problem. I should also point out this problem is recent, so whatever changes have been made to the app have left me in this bind. From a marketing standpoint, placing the blame on the customer is never a good look with resale app like yours popping up every day.
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10 months ago, Hattiehathat
Huge shipping price increase
i’ve been using Vinted for a few years now. It was my favorite thrifting app at first! They used to have $1 shipping on nearly everything, and $3 for heavier items. They raised shipping prices early this year, but it was still reasonable, like $3-$6 for any given item. But randomly a couple months ago, and without any notice, they’ve doubled all the shipping prices! Even if someone is listing something for $1 you’ll end up paying $20 because of their ridiculous snipping costs and fees. It was NOT like this when I first started using this app. I was buying things quite frequently, but now I rarely buy at all because it’s so expensive. I would switch to Depop or some other app instead, where at least the user can decide the pricing for shipping and it’s typically much cheaper. It’s a shame because I love everything about Vinted other than this. I hope they change their model in the future.
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12 months ago, Holly-0312
Generally good
I’ve sold things on Vinted and found lots of good deals too. However, there is a major problem with people wanting to make sales through PayPal instead. This is such an easy way to get your money stolen, I cannot send money to a stranger on PayPal friends and just trust that they will send my order without anyway to get a refund. I tolerated this until someone stole 20€ from me and deleted their Vinted account. If I buy something through the Vinted system, there is a high chance that the seller will cancel my order and tell me that I have to buy through PayPal. Even as a seller, people refuse to buy through the app and they want to make an informal sale through PayPal as well. On apps like Mercari, you get banned for mentioning PayPal sales, and Vinted needs to do this. There needs to be real consequences for PayPal sales, because it is allowing people to easily get scammed.
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9 months ago, ArtieDomi
Shipping fees spiked with no warning beforehand
The only advantage that Vinted had over its competitors is that it would let sellers see how much they’d be paying for an item with the buying fee (whatever you’d like to call it) included. They didn’t just spring it at you during the final steps at checkout. Unlike Etsy, Mercari, and eBay, sellers didn’t have to worry about Vinted taking a huge bite out of their profits after selling an item either. Unfortunately that’s about all the good things I can say about Vinted. Unlike their competitors eBay and Mercari, who encourage users to list as many items as possible, Vinted actively DISCOURAGES this. They’ll arbitrarily claim you’re selling for profit (duh?) and threaten to suspend your account. Then to make things infinitely worse, they suddenly raised the shipping fees with little to no warning beforehand. Small parcels used to be $0.99; now it’s $6.92. Larger parcels faired worse with medium parcels being about $13 and large parcels being about $24 to send now. Simply absurd.
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2 years ago, BLKJEWL
One of my favorites!! HOWEVER……
This website is amazing!! It’s actually the only one I use now due to shipping prices. If the shipping prices don’t change I will be a customer forever. However the return policy really needs a big adjustment. I believe that the seller should be held responsible to pay for any returns necessary if their add is misleading, false, or they forgot to disclose any information withheld from the customer. If a customer purchases something and it arrives damaged, fake or anything undisclosed in their description it should NOT be the paying customers responsibility to pay for any returns, the SELLER needs to be held responsible. That’s a HUGE problem because I’m all about great customer service and making sure all my customers are 100% pleased!
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1 year ago, Feedback4Real
So, your used personal item should be simple and enjoyable. Not on Vinted, where you're treated like a criminal. I'm sure you've read it before, your post gets deleted, you get warnings that your account will get blocked for certain items you posted, and when you search you find many other sellers have similar posts, when you report this they basically tell you to do their jobs "you can report that post," withdrawing your money becomes a hassle because you have to provide your ID or else they keep it for themselves. Don't they already have your bank account? So you sell your items and they question your integrity? Vinted is pretty shady, especially when you can never get anyone on the phone or have a friendly exchange of communication. The attitude is hostile do what we say or you can leave. I decided to eventually cancel my account and find me a friendlier app that allows one to sell while having fun with it. Absolutely NOT worth it.
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8 months ago, Mehahndjsornbrbjao
Could be great!
I have used this app for a year now. You can keep pricing cheaper but the shipping is OUTRAGEOUS. I buy a lot on these type of apps. Like 3-4 weekly. Vinted doesn’t get my business as much as I would like it to. Sellers have no window for shipping. I ordered and after 2 weeks of not being shipped and getting the run around by the help team I still didn’t get refunded. Luckily the seller shipped it eventually. Help team said after 5 BUSINESS days I would be refunded and the item canceled. Wrote back in after 10 business days with no refund to be told I had to still wait. Again this app could be great. Create terms for sellers to ship by a certain amount of days (3 would be amazing) and figure out something in shipping because at no point in time should a tshirt or smaller cost $3 to buy but $15 to ship.
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2 years ago, Nickiiii23
Please be advised this app has no customer service
I downloaded the app and forgot about it for a while, upon opening the app to make listings after awhile, I was notified that my account was blocked, mind you I never made a purchase on the account. I attempted to contact support or open the chat and was greeted with “blocked”…so you’re telling me that I can’t even contact support once I’ve been blocked for absolutely no reason? I decide to make a new account since I could literally not access the account from before. A day passes by after I make 2 sales and a purchase, then my account is “blocked” for attempting to make more than one account! LOL! Like the sole reason of the new account was because I couldn’t access my previous account, payment states it’s pending for more than a day and again I can no longer contact support. Super unhelpful and no explanation as to what is going on. I’ll stick with other selling platforms.
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2 years ago, Yazthespaz1
Terrible return policy !!!! Watch out !!
In general, this app is great. You buy what you want, it’s sent, and there are no issues. But every once in awhile, the seller in accurately describes the size, condition, or brand of the article, and you receive something two sizes smaller or not at all n good condition, etc. In a case like this, If you want to be reimbursed (since your item was clearly falsely advertised), Vinted agrees to reimburse you but ONLY if You (the buyer) pay for the postage fees for the return. This is absolutely ridiculous given you already paid the postage fees to buy and receive the product,on top of a “Vinted Insurance” which supposedly meant to cover you in cases such as this. Why wouldn’t the seller, who incorrectly marketed their product, be responsable for paying the return postage fee ?! This makes no sense. After numerous messages with both the seller and Vinted team, I was told to essentially just deal with it and pay the seller the return fee. So I end up losing about 5 dollars while she pays nothing, even though she sold me an XS jacket when it was supposed to be a small , and she said the brand was a totally different brand than what I received. So buyers beware - if the smallest mishap happens, no one here is on your side ! I am literally shocked at the lack of customer service Vinted offers and am beyond disappointed with how I was treated
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8 months ago, AP Cali
Almost impossible to contact customer service!
Several times now, a listing of mine has been removed for unapplicable reasons, and there’s almost no way to get a hold of anyone to resolve it. The first time I had two similar items posted that they said were duplicate, even though they were different sizes, and it stated so in the descriptions. This last time they removed my listing saying, I violated copyright regarding photos. I took the photos myself! I have the before pictures with background, and the ones I posted without. It is almost impossible to find how to contact them and let them know that they removed my listing in error, and that I didn’t violate catalog rules! They threaten to remove you from the platform if you continually violate the rules… But there’s no way to get them to correct that you never violated rules in the first place!
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1 year ago, Gierzy
They’re clueless on authenticity. I’ve been selling/buying on vinted for almost 10 years. Never once posted an item that wasn’t authentic. They keep taking down my authentic items and say that I’m posting fake items. Why don’t they consider my history or make sure they’re NOT authentic before blocking my account. I made a sale that I can’t even ship out now cause they blocked my account. They need better customer support and find someone that knows the difference between real and fake items. I was just sold a fake Fendi and they did nothing about it. People Make a living off of these apps and they’re screwing with my income because they’re clueless… Poshmark is so much better. They actually know what they’re doing. they should really make sure they know what they’re doing before they mess with peoples livelihood. They’ve taken down so many items that I sold somewhere else. So they’re actually losing…
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2 years ago, Angelise Q
No Direct Customer Service
As a seller, the worst issue is that Vinted will automatically delete my listing if someone reports it. I used a photo to help from a photoshoot i did three years ago. It was deleted for copyright even though I have current pictures of me modelling it along with an older picture where it looks nicer. I cannot appel this vinted just went ahead and deleted it. They dont give you any option to appeal any report a user makes. It will count against you and if too many you will bw kicked from the app. I think it’s terrible I now am closer to being booted when I did nothing wrong and I cannot talk to any customer support about this issue and my listing being wrongfully deleted. Mind you this listing has been up for two weeks and there was no issue until this morning.
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2 years ago, jenn_ro
Report Vinted to Apple!
The customer service is abysmal!! So bad that I have reported Vinted to Apple. If you are experiencing this type of customer service, as many of the reviewers have stated, I implore you to report Vinted to Apple too. As a seller, I did not receive any protection from their CS team over a package not delivering to a customer. Like another reviewer stated, I can attest to the perfunctory replies and platitudes by their CS team. Vinted offered me no guidance and put the whole burden on me when I have the slightest clue on how to do it. They provide the labels and have all the records I need to file a claim with the postal service. This shipping process is a primary and CRITICAL FUNCTION of Vinted, yet I got zero support. I too have had past issues with bumps like some of the other reviewers. Once I sort out this USPS nightmare all BY MYSELF, I am deleting this app once and for all. Depop is the only reselling app you need folks!!!! They seem to care for their buyers AND SELLERS.
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1 year ago, Ashalita2133
Delete Listings With False Claims Of Why
I have recently been having all of my medical scrub tops removed because (and here is the funny part) one day it was because of “ Unsafe Items: Items that do not comply with hygiene standards, or may pose health or safety risks” and today was “ Armed Forces, police or other emergency services official uniforms, badges, accessories or other objects.” Vinted will grasp at anything they can to delete posts. Mind you in just one week over 100 different listings were posted of medical scrubs. I went back even further and one from 5 months ago is still posted. Let’s not get started on their shipping fees which are ridiculous. Even with items priced at a dollar they don’t sell because who wants to pay $1 plus fees plus shipping. I have done much much better selling on Mercari and Poshmark with having sellers fees. Don’t try and communicate with the company either because there isn’t an option.
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2 years ago, cindynbrady
Ridiculous people running this site
I was new to the site, I started posting my listings. I sell on multiple platforms. In the middle of listing items, they blocked me while posting a authentic highly name-brand purse. Sending me a message that the items I am listing are fake. I have never had a issue selling any of my items that I have paid a lot of money for and resold for a third or half the price because the quality is still very good and well taken care of. I would give them zero stars if I could and tell people definitely do not use them. There are plenty of sites so much better and won’t give you any crap. Those sites also, if they have questions will contact you first. Also mentioned my photos were copyrighted, when you can clearly tell they are taken on a blanket laying on my bed. If they were copyrighted or not taken by me, they would have looked more professional.
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2 years ago, AlyRae---
I’ve been selling from my personal closet for almost 10 years. I started on a different popular app that starts with a “P”. This app is the ONLY one I’ve ever had issues with as a seller. My items were constantly deleted without good reason or my consent. I got a message saying they were deleted after the fact. So I stopped using stock photos, no big deal. Today I got 15 items deleted because they accused me of “selling commercially” because some of my items have tags. uhhh yeah??? I sell things I can’t RETURN or that don’t fit me anymore. That’s literally the point of RESELL APPS. Their customer service is a joke and they have no empathy for their users. As a stay at home parent this is my only form of income and it’s not like it pays the bills. To have my hard work and time (and it takes a lot of time to list well) just erased is infuriating. You will have a much smoother experience elsewhere I promise.
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2 years ago, medievalminiskirt
Taking Down Listings
I like to use PhotoRoom to make sure my listings look nice and clean w a white background when I post them, as I’ve found that appeals to me and usually others when shopping. I got a pair of aerie underwear that I’m trying to sell taken down because I laid out two (separately sold pairs) of underwear on a white background and god forbid it looked too professional, now this app thinks I’m stealing images from the internet. The worst part is that the underwear isn’t sold as a pair so there is no way they even checked this, or even reverse image searched my photo. I wanna support this app because it seems very seller friendly with the whole no fee thing, but not everything can be automated. Even their first few responses to my contact about this issue has been automated. What a nightmare. And not to mention, I JUST got this app. I moved over from Depop only a few weeks ago!
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