Virgin Atlantic

4.8 (47.3K)
172.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Virgin Atlantic

4.75 out of 5
47.3K Ratings
8 months ago, Traveler20231108
Fix the entry field for birth date
The entry for birthdate is terrible. The default value is current date. Then you have to press back button on the calendar for every month, ie hundreds of times! Instead, you should allow text entry. Did anyone even review this screen or try it out?
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2 years ago, OlympicGoldMedalist
keeps getting worse
This airline keeps getting worse. It’s now as bad as the worst airlines in the US. My flight from LAX-LHR was one of the least comfortable I’ve ever had. I’m convinced whoever designed the interior with the giant bars under the seat, leaving no room for your legs, and the huge gap between the seat and window so you can’t lean against the wall to sleep, has never flown in an airline. It is insane that, after paying close to $1,000 for a flight, I can’t get in touch with customer service. Instead, I can *attempt to* chat, which means I message and am repeatedly told that someone will be right with me. If I look away from the messages for a moment (imagine! I might possibly have other things to do than wait for hours for a response!) the “rep” (bot) is gone and I’m AGAIN prompted to wait. I hope everyone at every airline has diarrhea for the rest of your sad lives. I’m so tired of getting jerked around by airlines but I have no choice as I am not a bird and cannot fly myself to work. I honestly don’t know why I’m wasting my time writing any of this, as no one there could possibly care, otherwise none of these issues would exist to begin with
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1 year ago, drtimhill
Terrible app
The entire checkin process is the worst i have experienced. First it takes you to a page to complete docs .. fine but the page makes you re-enter travel info .. even though i had just done it!!! The page is not designed for phones (even though its a phone app) so the text is TINY. Then you choose to manage docs snd you get bumped back to the ffirst page again. garbage! WORSE was i DONT EVEN NEED the docs!! And THEY SENT ME NOTICE of that. The entire ticketing and checkin experience is a total joke. Dont fly these guys unless you enjoy an absurd fight just to check in.
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2 years ago, sweetiedarlingfr
Shockingly inefficient website and app!
I have spent all afternoon and most of the evening trying to upload COVID-19 a vaccination certificate to no avail. I have 22 emails saying that they were unable to be verified with no explanation whatsoever. We should be enjoying our last day not stuck inside trying repeatedly to upload Also when going through your website I was told that my name, Maria, was incorrectly spelt: I know how to spell my first name. Also we have had received many “an error occurred” messages. Many times, pages that we were in the middle of uploading were refreshed to blankAnd I had to start again, and trying to work out how to write my own name so that the app would accept it was extremely time consuming What’s more we have never been able to become members of the flying club because every single time we tried it, and that must be at least 20 times, we were told that an error had occurred.
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1 year ago, ssssssssiqq
Giving trouble
The app keeps giving me trouble like for one I can’t even seen the lefts I’m typing right now because it’s whole and so is the screen so if I miss spell a word I’m sorry It keeps giving me errors throughout the whole process of me just simply trying to check in Also one more thing can you be a little more descriptive about what are we aloud to bring in our check in bags and out carry on bags that would life so much more easier instead of having to call Virgin Atlantic’s multiple times while picking bc I’m not sure what EXACTLY I can or can not bring Thank you
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2 years ago, jcol16
Virgin Atlantic All The Way
We love flying Virgin Atlantic Airlines and have been doing so for ten plus years. Their online e-ticket booking system via their app plus following through with online early check-in is easy to use and stress free. All personnel are helpful and customer friendly. Thank you Virgin Atlantic AIrlines!
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6 months ago, Böhme417
Why is the rating so high?
…and why is the app so bad? Despite appearing to be nearly identical to Delta’s app, this app can’t accomplish the simplest things. Too many things open as a link—if they open at all. I keep getting error messages. I am literally searching the same flight I just found in the Delta app but keep getting a message saying, “We are unable to find a flight with Delta or our partner airlines servicing this route.” What? I also keep getting some “SkyMiles data error” message that pops up.
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9 months ago, oswag4
Great interface
Much better than other apps I’ve used for airline travel. British airways was really clunky, and Ryanair is not as simple or intuitive. Really grateful that it remembered my info even though I didn’t register. Thank you Virgin Atlantic!
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2 months ago, Jaded with flying
Flown with. Virgin since 1992. Never again
Unable to get hold of anyone to talk to A death in the family meant I needed to change flight. Went to the customer service website on Facebook and they wanted me to enter my credit card details at western union to prove it was me flying. This was a scam website trying to steal my details. No one to talk to, unable to check in on the website. Never, never again. Had to book with another airline to fly home. It never used to be this bad
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2 years ago, _Indie_vibes_
Legit won’t work
Every time I open the app it crashes. It literally does not work, I deleted and re-downloaded and still the same problem. I love this airline’s inflight service, the best I’ve seen so far but their online/phone customer service leaves so much to be desired (terrible app, hours long wait to speak with a representative just for them to tell you should have gone to fb or twitter like…🤔). Why can’t they just replicate their good service all across the board, they’d be close to perfect :(
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3 days ago, flcounsel
Horrendous app. Kept failing. Maybe booked me twice.
This was a horrendous experience. Repeatedly failed to load. Completely confusing. Here I am trying to pay money, and it won’t let me. I will never use it again. Delta confirmed when I came to the airport to check in that maybe I was charged twice. Looks like that’s true. What a nice surprise. Finding that out before I leave for the United States. at the last minute. Couldn’t dial the number they had for customers support.
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2 years ago, Vic0092
Very easy app to use , I love it.. better than most airline apps out there. I can do just everything through the app instead of going through the full website.
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3 years ago, Lizzy joe❤️
An outstanding check in experience
My experience this money during my check In prompted me to write this review. The details was outlined for the passanger and the process was smooth and easy to follow. I will give Virgin Atlantic an A plus.
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7 years ago, cdr1225
Fantastisch app and easy check-in
It is snowing hard, traffic is bad, I’m in a total panic that I’m going to miss my flight and remote check in is usually a disaster for me. Not with Virgin Atlantic, quick and easy. If the flight goes just as swimmingly, I’ll be a new and loyal returning customer.
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4 years ago, kychdyjhghj
Loses my flight data and it’s slow
Very slow to load and won’t retain my flight information. Have had to enter it each time I open the app.
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10 months ago, h_gough
Forced to Download an App
Other airlines allow you to view your boarding pass and even add it to your Apple Wallet straight from an email. If you want to add your Virgin Atlantic boarding pass to your Apple Wallet, Virgin forces you to download their app to access your boarding pass in the first place. THEN you can add it to your wallet. This is a sleazy practice and I’m sure they’re just doing this to increase the number of downloads they can brag about having.
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2 years ago, Fozza0
Surprisingly bad
A surprisingly bad app from a company that historically does most things well. It’s very basic, crashes all the time, rarely updates with most recent booking information, and can’t be trusted to be accurate. The Virgin Atlantic website is a little clunky and this app does nothing to improve or enhance the digital experience with Virgin Atlantic. Very disappointing.
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7 years ago, Contacts_Jones
Straight forward
Simple interface supports pre-check which is awesome. Love that I can select and pay for seats in app. Looks exactly like the Delta app which is t a surprise. Just don’t like that I can’t use my airmiles in the app to book a flight.
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5 years ago, Brown-Lee
Great App for Check-In
Great app for check-in ... I tried three times to check in online only to have it fail each time ... I finally decided to try the app and it worked easily and perfectly the first time! Thank you!
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3 years ago, sellin xmas
Relaxed Travel
Flown Virgin Atlantic Airlines many times to UK -mostly been a pleasure! The staff is wonderful and accommodating- I always enjoy flying with Virgin Airlines! Will fly again hopefully next year! Thanks for the staff for making a wonderful experience ♥️♥️🥂
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4 months ago, jkha4
One of the most useless apps I have ever used
Tried to login to my Frequent Flyer account. Error. Technical difficulties. I mean seriously these guys favorite word is Error. Can’t print or see boarding passes. Miles don’t load. You’re better off printing your boarding passes or getting them printed at the airport. Terrible app and support is nonexistent. Not sure why the app’s rating is so high because this is pure incompetence. Waste of time.
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5 months ago, JohnFromPDX
Buggiest app ever
If I did not need this app to get my boarding card I would not have downloaded it. It requires repeating everything previously entered via web, gives error codes when trying to create an account and more error codes when trying to add to boarding card to Apple Wallet. Same experience with everyone in my group affecting 4 different iPhone models with up to date iOS. Just garbage.
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2 years ago, pvillejack
Always easy to check in.
I have been flying Virgin Atlantic for over ten years and checking in has never been easy.
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2 years ago, ummmm uhhhh orrrr
Virgin’s web tech makes me worry about their sanity
Virgin makes the easy process of online check in difficult due to the illogical and incomprehensible hierarchy of their website. The interface asks for your booking reference over and over again, even when you’re logged in and all that information is listed everywhere on your account.
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1 year ago, Russell0214
Wonky connection
Even when I have a very good connection It took multiple times to try to check in even if informations were entered manually. Need to fix your end of the computer.
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6 years ago, formerdev'r
Horrible experience
This app is not written to be responsive to an iPad — will not turn and will not create page information to fit on the screen. It does not allow Meal selection in the Meal and Wheelchair access — it only displays wheelchair options. Does not create any good feeling about app dev competence. The website on iPad safari is also very restricted and not written with responsive architecture — even gives a warning to that effect. So 1990’s!
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1 year ago, ralamh
Shockingly terrible app
This app surprisingly terrible. It won’t let me log in even after multiple attempts. I was logged in. I don’t get why it would log me out I’m the first place and then won’t let me log back in. It’s frustrating especially few hours before flight when you’re trying to check in and choose seats and stuff. Absolutely terrible.
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5 years ago, Sarrin2019
Virgin Atlantic Airline customer concerns
When originally booked our flights, our seats together. Once we arrived to depart our seats were no longer together! This happened on our way from New York to Heathrow. Now we are leaving in the morning to head back to JFK, And the same thing has happened! Food was not as good as it was when we took your airline to India 3years ago.
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3 months ago, In2spprts12
I have tried for days to select a gluten free meal for the flight and the App sends me in circles. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed. I have purchased my own gluten free meal to bring with me because I don’t want to travel 10 hours without eating. I attempted to call Virgin Atlantic and the phone system would not allow me to communicate with a human. If I could give Virgin Atlantic a ZERO I would!
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2 months ago, GanSankran
Virgin Atlantic iPhone Mobile App - checkin
Checkin experience was very seamless and easy. Hope to use it through out the trip , looking ahead for deals. Thanks
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2 years ago, Hoosier Nurse
2nd Trip on Virgin Atlantic
This is our 2nd transatlantic trip on Virgin Atlantic Airways and it has been as been as great as the first. We have flown other airlines….they just don’t measure up to the Virgin Atlantic experience.
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6 years ago, tiac211
Inappropriate Reminder
While selecting a seat at exactly 24 hours before checkin, I find my desired seat. Then, the annoying “rate this app” pops up, and in that moment, my desired seat is lost. There’s a reason why there is a thing called pop up blocker, and because the programmer thought it would be great opportunity for a rating, it destroyed any chance of my being a fan of the app. Great job (sarcasm added).
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5 years ago, Necker51
Virgin App
The text is far too light and barely visible highlighted when it uses darker color for various selection windows such a Country / Residence etc
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6 years ago, santa cruz family
Works great, but...
The app worked great for most things, but fell short when it came time to input passport and TSA information. I input these multiple times and was given confirmation that the information was saved only to discover later that they were not.
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2 years ago, sjkdhsd
Easy as easy comes
I’m 65 years old, not a computer pro, this app made me feel respected! This app is my friend! Bravo Virgin for making traveling such a pleasure!!!!
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1 year ago, Ada Ugoji
Would be nice to be able to type in the fist letter of the country selection
Decent app otherwise.
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6 years ago, phduber
Needs a lot of improvement!! Very poor
The app is poorly designed. No login page except if you want to be flying rewards member. Well, .... I don’t. You have to remember your booking # to find your flight details. I can’t add the boarding passes to my wallet on iOS. And if you decide to go to their full web page, good luck with that.!
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2 months ago, Angry_Dragon
“Add to wallet” BROKEN
“Add to apple wallet“ button is broken; always returns an error, so need to use the app itself to present the boarding pass. But then the app keeps refreshing and greying out the screen, including right when the airline staff is trying to scan the boarding pass. Good thing I manually took a screenshot of my boarding pass as a backup.
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6 years ago, goldhill bc
Easy app.
This 1st time I checked in via my phone. I found it very easy to do and speedy process as it remembered my traveling documents and flight information. Good job!
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3 years ago, L-o-Annie
Cannot Log In
Can only log in one time on the app. After that it won’t remember your log in info, it also won’t let you do Face ID. If you input all your log in credentials, it will tell you it’s wrong. However, those same credentials will work on the website. So, you can log in from the website, but not the app.
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2 years ago, Opwernby
Fine when it works
…but half the time it refuses to log in, or forgets who you are. Really annoying when you’re AT THE AIRPORT.
Show more
5 years ago, Windmillwendy
Oh so easy!
All our details populated with our flight reservation. Checked in in less than five minutes.
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3 years ago, mmmmmtom
Can’t change bookings online
One of the most common things users need to do is change bookings. Can do this with every other airline online or on their app. Virgin Atlantic? You have to call them up, wait an hour to speak to someone, chat with them for 30 mins, and then it’ll take 7-10 days for a new ticket.
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11 months ago, DDDDIANANAN
This airline is by far the best experience I’ve had. Will definitely fly again with. Exceptional service!
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5 years ago, O&Ro
O our flight to Manchester from Boston both Lynn and Simon were amazing. They took amazing care of me and my husband. They made the start of our vacation a key point of the entire trip.
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5 years ago, socdoc82
Worked well but...
Extremely easy to use, but asked how many bags we had and wouldn’t allow us to enter them.
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6 years ago, flyer-idlewild
Terrible airline. Flight attendants flew through cabin smacking cart into every other chair. Baggage fees charged when flight selected included them. Crew at JFK said complain to Heathrow, Heathrow said it’s not their problem. Seats on flight were barely padded. Walk in bar offerings - for upper class only, should not be flouted as being available for everyone when it’s not. Gratuitously rude. Never flying again.
Show more
12 months ago, Nev the Tub Thumper
Many features don’t work. The feature to check your account mileage and status never works.
Can’t check mileage balance Can’t check flights taken or points earned Can’t see current tier status / card
Show more
2 years ago, iPhoneUnited
App doesn’t work all the time
I have tried 3-4 times to check in through app yesterday night but it was down with message, sorry please try again. It was quite frustrating to keep entering all the information 3-4 times. Finally I gave up. Only this morning it started working.
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2 years ago, Sheriff48
Difficult website
This is by far the most difficult website of any airline I ever had to log into and navigate around.
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